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im sum spent
Pioche BrevitiesiPersonal Mention
n mimic otdccto
i ill r ii ii .in jinn i i.i
i a. i. Jvaowlton was in
i buslnes during the week.
The Virginia Louis mine shipped
twenty car of or last week. Thl
chronicles the release of the produc
tion of the mine from serious fetters
and reports the gratifying news' that
the property can ship a total of S50
tons a day under their contract.
The production of the mine could be
Increased to a much greater degree, as
the limit Is not fixed by the size of the
orebodies but by the amount which can
be used by the smelters.
The Increased production means
much to this big mine. The heavy
overhead expenses, which mutt be car
ried by all mines, are borne at the Vir
ginia Louise, although these are cut by
an efficient management to a mini
mum. The "overhead" remains con
stant, for practical purposes, whether
the production Is halved or doubled.
The opportunity to ship the additional
tonnage means the certainty of In
creased profits, and now for the first
time In the building of this mining en
terprise the way seems clear of ob
stacles. 1
One cloud and a "black and threat
ening cloud It Is hangs over all the
mines, and that Is the Increase of 24
per cent in freight rates which may
result at the hearing at Washington
May 24, when the railroads will ask
for this Increase.
However, it seems fairly assured
that the rate Increase will not be
granted unless the railroads prerent a
compelling argument to show Us need
and unless the railroads can prove
conclusively that the new rates will
benefit. In some degree, the shipper.
The publio service commission of
Nevada has the matter in their strong
hands and last Wednesday Chairman
John F. Shaughnessy wired H. E.
Freudenthal asking what effect the 24
per cent increase would have on the
local mines. It is needles to say that
the Increase would lay the icy hand of
death on some producers, already
wounded by the decline in the price
of silver and sick with the decay In
the efficiency of labor.
. The Virginia Louise Is fortunately In
a stronger position now, and- while the
Increased freight rate would hurt, yet
this increase can do no more than re
duce the profits otherwiR available for
' the stockholders.
The mine is further strengthened by
the discovery of other bodies of rich
ore, and the last strike of silver in the
mine Is responsible for the pleasing
grade of this week's shipments. The
rich ore found in the lower workings
. Is mixed with the regular production
raising the grade and per-mltting larg
er profits.
The cafrtiortaife'ls-no longer being
felt and the shippers of the district are
lending their beHt efforts to expedite
the rapid movement of empty and
loaded cars. The railroad company Is
"on the job,'4 and above both the ship
per and the carrier the ipuhlic , service
commission Is working hard to correct
abuses and Insure service.
Superintendent L. Q. Glllett of the
Virginia Louise continues the usual
development and the tonnage exposed
in the big mine is daily increased.
The work of production Is progress
ing as usual and with the new contract
permitting heavier shipments the fu
ture of the mine looks bright.
Bazaar Reduces
Debt of Church
The grading of the main street In
Pioche, now being accomplished, trill
add greatly to the appearance of the
Ity and it la a work which has long
been needed. The street will be
Leslie Lrtle. with three fine boy
(visited llocoe last Saturday.
F. A. Erhksoa visited Pioche Satur-
rowned with the grader, drawn by the"i'n,e ,n c,mP'
day while on his way from Salt Lake
to Jackrabblt.
Dan Ford was a visitor from Atlanta
Saturday. Intending to remain some
rioche on ' Adeline Christian returned from the
Las Vegas school this week and will
spend the summer In rioche. .
Miss Vera Lee rame up from Panaca
this morning and spent the forenoon
visiting with friends in IMoche.
caterpillar tractor, and given the shape
of a street, the drainage being taken
are of by the curl Ing on each side.
When the grading Is finished the street
will be covered with crushed rock and
that In turn surfaced with the ma
terial from the xlnc waste dumps,
which has proven so solid under heavy
The cost of the curbing will be paid
by the business men and other public
plrlted members of the city, and much
of the cost of the work on the street
Itself will be carried by the residents
of rioche and not out of the county
William Hauflpr, who wept through
:h city soliciting subscriptions tor the
Ivic Improvement, reports! that 'th
in the period of an hour the citizens
iledged over $300. The ;niny can be
left at the Bank of Ploclie.
In addition to this amount the own
ers of the property facing Main street
have been industrious in their efforts
' to help Improve the- highway.
The heavy rain today caused a rush
if water through the city, but the
water did no great damage since the
.n-wntng of the street had progressed
to such a point that the streams were
on lined to their channels along the
uib. The rain, of course, delays fie
work and is regretted by all ovopt
U stockmen and ranchers, who seem
itver satisfied and always wlshl ig for
nore rain.
Tbe building of the street c'" a
to U highway from the depot to tne
iumn.lt, and the building of tnis solid
oail marks an Important point In the
trt of roadbuildlng In Lincoln couuiv.
W. 8. Kide-I.lvermore accompanied
Arthur Reall on a trip to the Comet
dUtrlct last Sunday.
James A. Iurnin returned to rioche
last Tuesday from a visit with his
parents In California.
Mrs. A. A. Hall of Salt Lake w nl re
turn to her home tomorrow, f ii:c-f ln
a two weeks" visit with her mother
and sisters In I'ioche.
Joseph Delmue and wife were wel
come guests at the dance last Satur
day evening. They thus combined a
I'.ttle pleasure on a business trip to
A rush of prospectors to a new un
named mining district, on the southern
border line of Churchill county, sixty
Ave milea southeast of Fallon and forty-five
miles northeast of Lunlng,
Nev.. Is In progress. The center of the
K. D. Smiley, president of the Tung
sten Comet Mining Company, made a
brief business trip to IMoche this week.
Gasoline shipped by express into ri
oche last Tuesday by the City Uarage.
When Ploche wants anything the town
gets it. ,
The Commercial Club has plans for
a dance to be given for its members
and its announcement Is expected at
any time.
It. D. Gardner, western superintend
ent of the Walter Fitch Construction
Company, arrived In I'loche Tuesday on
a visit of inspection at the 1'rince
- Miss Effa Francis, retiring Instructor
1.1 the I'ioche schools, expects to leave
within the next few days for Cedar
City. I'tah. where she will visit f.tr an
indefinite time.
The public service commission of the
stata of Nevada has Issued the. follow
ing circular letter relative to the
freight blockade handicapping many
Industries of the state:
Investigation prove that there has
excitement la the Broken Hills sliver been and Is now a notable falling off
mine, located by Sratford and Arthur, in the efforts and accomplishments of
wo prospectors. A shipment of thlr- all concerned covering the expeditious
ty-ltve tons of ore showing 223 ounces movement and release- of railroad
of silver per ton has Just been made equipment and a lowering of service, to
from the .property to the Western Ore the public compared -with prewar
'urc basing Company. To data 400 I times. Unless these condition can
tons shipped to this company from t he I corrected there Is sura to bo further
property has netted more than $50,000, severe lossea and abnormal Increase
or an average for all of the ore thua in the prices of necessities or life, due
John Lynch left Wednesday for Salt
Lake, where he will remain Indefinite
ly. He was contracting at the Black
Metal since September and during his
stay in the district he made many
Ore Shipments ot
the Pioche District
Speedy Walker speeded on his
speeder from Jackrabblt Thursday,
seeking pleasures In rioche and re
turning the next day, to the griefs
and woes of gasoline engines.
W. R. McFadden, representing the
N'evada Industria commission, arrived
In rioche today on one of tho regular
Inspection tr ps during which the mine
payrolls are audited and mntrera per
taining to the protection of tlw miners
mil mine owners are looked uflxr
J. I. Van Vleet went to Las Vegas
today to attend a meeting of the Elks.
This Is the first trip the manager of
the I'ioche I'harmacy has enjoyed
since taking up his responsibilities at
the busy store.
I Mr. and Mrs. W. H. ritts returned
from Salt Lake during the first part ot
the week. Margaret . ritts, who has
Vvn under the care of specialists In
the Utah capital, has now fully recov.
red her usual rugged health.
Ore shipments from rioche for the
veek ending May 20 aggregated 2.300
ons, as follows:
.Mrglnla Louise 1,000
rtnce Consolidated 800
Hack Metal 400
Bristol 100
Pioche Stocks on
Mining Exchanges
Salt Lake Mining Extnange.
O. B. Amsden took a ride. The big
Paige car was being turned around in
the street preparatory to having the
brakes re.ua i red. and while uncontrolled
V by brakes It Went over the high bank
In front of the garage. Mr. Amsden
"stayed with if and brought It to a
stop by running it under the tin shop.
The decline in the price of silver has
hurt many of the lessees who are not
working in ore carrying a wide margin
of profit.- The situation is more sell
oum in the case of the small operator
who must of stern necessity continue
his work than Is the case with the
large producers, who are able to tide
over temposury declines In market
Bid. Asked.
Black Metal ., $ .OS $ .10
Eastern Trince 00V4 -0i
Hamburg Mines 02 , .03
Home Run .01
Prince Con 38 Vj .39
Pioche Bristol 00 V .01
Metal Quotations
in Eastern Markets
Walker Lee has taken off the big
star which adorned his chest while in
the northern part of the county and he
is no longer the stern deputy sheriff.
His duties expired last week, and he is
now the Keni.lt "Walker' Lee again. And,
by the way is It not about time he
was breaking another arm or two?
Seems a long time since he has been all
together again.
Miss Gladys Pannier, who has been
employed as. Instructor in the I'ioche
Schools (luring the last term, will leave
tomorrow for Salt Lake, where she wlli
remain for a couple of weeks pi lot lo
a trip to Portland and Seattle, wh-tre
sVe plans spending the greatei ,:rt of
her vacation.
Attorney Luke J. McNamee spent
the greater part of this week In Los
Angeles, where he joined his family
and visited with friends. Mr. and Mrs,
McNamee stopped over In Las Vegas
on the return trip, to be present at the
Elk program and entertainment be
ing given there.
A slumber party held at the home
of Mrs. J. I). Van Vleet last evening
included the following guests Mixers
Mamie and Frankle Jacob on, KIT a
frauds and Gladys Pannier, Mrs A
. Hall and Mrs. J. D. Van Vlee'. The
ladies enjoyed an excellent llnmsr at
midnight, following which they re-
'irrd and engaged in con verm lion unt'.l
ini hour of 4 a in., when liin natural
craving for sleep overm-ne all uinb'-
Upr and one by one they allowed
(hg-iifielves to drift into slumh.ti nnJ.
It) report an enjoyable tini-
far shipped of better than $12S per ton.
Within the last fortnight Stratford
and Arthur report that locations have
been made for three square miles sur
rounding the Broken Hills property.
Mining men have poured In from all
directions. Including Austin, Fallon.
Ely and Reno.
The Broken Hilts .property has re
cently been examined and reported on
iy sucn well-known engineers aa
Charles Kaedlng, formerly consulting
to the shortage of transportation facil
ities which will result therefrom.
For the purpose of preventing and
relieving the present shortage of
freight car equipment and the unrea
sonably alow movement of traffic the
public service commission of Nevada
will devote Its organisation to the as
sistance of the carriers and shipper
throughout the state.
The ahlppers are ordered to load car
to maximum capacity Irrespective of
engineer for Captain DeLamar, now I published tariff minima whenever pos-
engineer of the Dome Mine Company sibl to do so, having due regard to
of Porcupine, of the Rochester. Silver I safety.
Corporation and ot the Candelarla Sli
ver Mining Company; Arthur Ferry
Thompson, far-famed consulting geol
ogist, formerly of the Anaconda Cop
per Company, and Governor Emmet D.
Geologist Thompson when Inter-
Load and unload car promptly, fur
nishing necessary billing and switch
ing instructions to agenta promptly.
Place written order for car with
the agent ot the railroad at th point
of shipment, specifying th commod
ity, date, origin and deatlnation of
viewed said that about $200,000 worth shipment and th kind and number of
of ore had been opened up by Stratford car wanted.
and Arthur, working aingle handed. Avoid a far a possible diversion of
down to the 1.600-foot .point in th oar In transit. If diversion la una-
mlne. I voidable give lnstructiona to carrier In
Governor Boyle Is quoted over his I ample time to allow diversion without
own signature to thla effect: "I con-I delaying equipment. Reduc th mln-
ttder the Broken Hills property a re
markably promising prospect. I may
go further and say that it is the best
showing I have seen In any new terri
tory in Nevada for many years.'
Ilmum reconslgnment privileges. Flac
orders so aa to avoli holding train.
Avoid unnecessary us ot cara for
storage, tntra-termlnal switching or
drayage. It I better for a ahlppor to
Eugene Grutt aaid: "I sampled the I do his own drayage by motor truck and
Broken Hills vein at the ISO-foot level
and obtained an average ot $23.00 a
ton for a width of eight feet. This Is
in the sulphide sone. The vein Is ap
proximately fifty feet wide."
The Broken Hills is. not the only
I release cars for us In handling hi and
other shippers' long-haul business
which must be moved by railroad.
Unload cara promptly and do not use
them for storage. Even If demurrage
I being paid In such cases, demurrage
property In the vicinity which Is re-I charges do not compensate for the de-
The bazaar held Saturday1 last in
Mrs. Buck's bulldng, located next to
the postofnee for the benefit of the
church was a pleastng social success,
with an additional benefit in the result
ot a generous financial contribution to
"the fund available to pay ofT the In
debtedness against the edifice.
The net receipts were in the neigh
borhood of $420, which will make a
roost substantial payment on the note.
The bazaar was most successful,
however, In bringing the ladies of ri
oche into a harmonious and happy
group engaged In the common Interest
of making this city a better place in
which to live.
The doors opened at 4:30 p. m. for
the sale of home-cooked foods donated
i y the ladles of Pioche, and the display
spoke well of their abilities in the cul
inary art. The foods, were promptly
sold and a hope has been expressed
that other similar sales will be held at
Intervals and permit the purchase, by
those less fortunate, of home-made
During the evening a display of
fancy work reminded the guests of
visit to the art department of some
city store. There were articles, deftly
fashioned, of practical utility. Aprons,
towelling, napkins served as a solid
base for the frillicr frivolous feminine
fancies. And of more interest to the
children there were lions and dogs, el
ephants and tigers on gorgeous, cellu
The popcorn booth was popular and
quickly emptied of its contents. The
fish pond was well stocked and each
and every angler was rewarded with
some prize.
This was the great attraction tor the !
young people, who did so hope to see
some fisherman with the accent heavy
on the last Syllable catch the powder
pug and powder.
The enttre affair was happy and the
financial return marks the least Im-)
portant part. "Everyone was per
fectly lovely," sums up In a few simple
words the gist of the whole gathering.
Th ladies ot I'ioche expressed their
gratitude to all those who worked bo
faithfully in the worthy cause and are
encouraged to further effort.
The financial matters are being han
dled by on ot the prominent and solid
business men of Pioche and the ac
count have that attention which
neana o much In success.
Silver, per ounce $ .99 "(4
Copper, per hundred ... . 11. "'i
'.cad, per hundred k.7
'.Inc. per hundred 7.-10
In a telegram from Senator Fittman
"o the Mine Owners' Association the
father of the silver act gives
igement to the silver .producers and
stays that the situation of sliver is
fundamentally sound.
Germany is selling 8ilv"- -having
nothing else which can be Hold without
tiltter sacrifice and the unloading of
this metal has weakenel the market
The fact that something like $33 was
missing from a cash register in one
of rtoehe's business houses last Sun
day morning created a little excitement
for a short time. Sheriff Culverwelt
it Caliente. was wired, with a request
to apprehend a certain young man who
was said to be headed that way. The
affair has blown over, however, with
the money-ittll missing.
School closes this week in Pioche.
Teachers and children will enjoy a
well-earned vacation. It Is reported
hat Miss Pannier will go to Salt Lake
and that Alias Francis, after visiting
the home ranch, will go to Los Ange
les. The school year just closing has
been one of the most successful vyears
In the school history and the children
have been benefited greatly.
"'A surprise party in honor of the an
niversary of the birth of Mrs. Victor
Huson was held at her home last Fri
day evening when a number of friends
were awaiting her return from, a call
in the neighborhood. A pleasant eve
ning was spent In dancing and marry
making, culminating with a rei'ithhiiin
luncheon at midnght. Those present
were Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Hastings, Mrs.
A. A. Hall of Salt Lake,' Mr and Mrs
J D Van Vleet, Misses Mamie Orr,
Mamie and Frankle Jacobson, Gladys
Pannier and Kffa Francis. Mesirs.
George Snyder, C. L.-Smlth. Alexander
Orr and Mr. and Mrs. Vl.-tor H-iion.
Post of Legion
Duly Organized
The organization meeting of Lincoln
post. No. 21. American Legion, was held
Saturday evening in Pioche by Messrs.
George W. Franks. J. D. Van Vleet,
John W. Christian. Gus Ballas, William
Garrison, W. S. Slde-Livermore, Mau
rice Bowling and Earl Godbe, charter
members, and Roger Cedarstrom, Leo
pold . Fits and C. C. Anderson, ex-service
men, joining.
J. W. Christian, temporary chairman,
and G. W. Franks, temporary secre
tary, presided. At the meeting a gen
erous contribution was given toward
decorating the graves of the soldier oii
Memorial day. A letter from C. M. Ev
ans, congressman, was welcome 1 ait1
answered. Resolutions were adopted
which will lead to strengthen.; tie
local post.
At the election of officers Geo.-fra W.
Franks was chosen as chairman, J. W.
Christian vice-chairman, Karl T. w d!e
secretary, J. D. Van Vleet treasurer
and Watson 8. Side-Llvermorc histo
rian. , - x
The -big drive for memb-jri, t-egiri-n
I n. c &iay 17 and ending Ma 22, puw
occupies the attention of tho eainett
Ralph Olinghouse. while playing
basket ball at the Los Angeles high
school this week, broke his leg be
tween the knee and. ankle, according
to a letter received Wednesday by his
father, H. I. Olinghouse. Ralph was a
member of this year's graduating class
and. the accident may set him back in
his examinations. He was also a mem
ber of the school team and the acci
dent deprives the basket ball athletes
of one of their best players.
The members of the Floche baseball
nine canvassed the city during the
week for donations and secured over
$100 In cash, besides promises ot add!
tional support. Uniforms will be pur
chased at once, but because the money
is not sufficient for the purpose it has
been suggested that the baseball boys
give a dance in the hope of raising
the needed money. The I'ioche Jazz
Orchestra has volunteered their ser
vices and an announcement Is expected
to be made By the boys within the
near future.
Draughtsmen's and carpenters' pen
cils at the Record office-
Fold Their Tents
and Fade Away
ported to be in high-grade ore. The
Miles claim, adjoining the Broken Hill
on the northeast, is said to boast of a
strong vein traversing the enttre acre
age, with two exposures ot good ore.
The Thompson property, which adjoins
tentlon of car or relieve your neigh
bor who is waiting for car to cover
his shipment.
Report to the commission tor inves
tigation and action all unreasonable
failures, delay and discrimination In
the Broken Hill on the south, has also furnishing cars, switching service to
uncovered a vein of high-grade ore. and from industrial and team track"
The Costello. to the .west, is also re- and the movement of traffic from point
parted to -have, a Ugh-grade showing. of origin-to point of destination. In-
To the north a shaft sunk on the John- I eluding losses due - t unreasonably
son and Harris group of claims is said I slow movement and delivery of traffic.
to have already encountered an exten
sion of the. Broken Hills vein.
Must Be Patient
Says the Agent
Jazz Orchestra
. Showing Good
Another Jazz
Next Week End
The members of the Pioche Jazz Or-
hestra, recently organized, who made
their Initial bow in Pioche last Satur
day night, have decided to give a stm-
lar affair Saturday night. May 29, at
the Thompson opera house.
A cordial Invitation is extended to
the general public by members of the
orchestra to attend this dance, and
those in charge will do everything
possible to make sure that all attend
ants have an excellent time.
Music will start at 9:15 sharp and
will continue until the crowd wearies.
Robbed a Pioneer
of a Neat Roll
Gasoline Hoist
Six horsepower, vertical, Fairbanks
Mors A Co.' Gasoline Hoist, com
pletely overhauled and in good run
nine condition.
fries $350. Terms may be arranged
by responsible parties who will fur
nish proper security. Address Owner,
car of the rioche Record, or speak to
Tom McCormac.
Four undesirables have shaken the
dust of Pioche from their feet during
tho week, this resulting from their no
tiflcation by the authorities that if they
did not leave town they would be ap
prchended and dealt with as vagrants
The latter idea, ot course, failed to
appeal to the Mextcano sensitiveness.
inasmuch as they as prisoners would
be required to labor on the county
roads, and straightway they departed, j
During the time the four undesir-
ablea nestled within the folds of the !
boundary lines of Jftoche a number of
petty thieveries were reported to the'
authorities, and although no direct ev
idence was forthcoming against the
quartet it is believed by those In a po
sition to know that they had something
to do with the disappearance of cer
tain valuables.
It is possible that by the time this
article is spread broadcast the four
wanderers will be In some other city
making themselves as conspicuous as
they did while in P toe ho. '
Ijast week the residence of Charles
Rodeen was burglarized and $200 in
currency stolen. This theft Is one of
the cruel blows of life and has aroused
storm of Indignation in Pioche. A
man may steal from children and be
nothing worse than the Image of the
devil. But the thing the black thing
the empty, sneaking thing who
steals the hard-won savings ot an old
man passes beyond description.
The money was ke.pt in the house so
that It would be available In case of
sickness, rather than in the bank,
which he might not be able to reach.
To this error the loss in part is due.
Mr. Rodeen In his loss has the sympa
thy of the entire community.
Don't borrow the Record. Subscribe.
An appeal has been made by Agent
U D. Edwards of the Caliente express
office in urging shippers to be patient
and to lend their cooperation In better
ing the express service.
"Now that . the American Railway
Express Company is operating under
Its own management," said Agent Ed
Wards, "we are gradually returning to
normal conditions and are Introducing
a great many changes in methods
which we eXpccf will, within a reason
able time, show results satisfactory to
We -have already accomplished much
since the time of the merger In 1918,
arid, the service is generally considered
good. But we do not say It cannot be
improved, and that Is our aim. Tet
we cannot promise immediate Improve
ment, owing to the unsettled condltl -nt
that have to be faced during thetr pe
riod of readjustment. With the im
provement of the railroad service and
with more facilities in cars and ter
minals we believe that we can show
great progress in this dlrecton.
It is out of the question," said the
Caliente agent, "to consider what some
people call the 'unscrambling' of the
American Railway Express without
greatly unsettling the whole express
business and doing more harm than
good to the shipping public. The pres
ent company is an organization that
took over the business of the seven
formerly separate companies and con
solidated thetr working forces into a
unified operating agency, ot 100,000
men." -: -
Jazz Dance
Thompson's Opera House
Sat, May 29
Music by Pioche Jazz Band
Admission $1.00
Per Couple
Extra Ladles 25c
Children Under 1$ Not Admitted.
Activities and Gossip
of the Pioche Schools
its successful term
' The Donohue children have been de
talned at home the last ten days on
account of the Illness of their father.
Ethelyn Ncsbitt is at home with the
School closes
this Friday.
The three-course dinner given by
the seventh and eighth grade cooking
girls last Saturday was a great sue
cess. The color scheme was purple
and orange. Two bowls ot wild sweet
peas ornamented each end of the
table. The place cards, which were
hand painted by Miss Pannier, re
ceived much praise. The mother of
the girls, the trustees and the teach
ers were Invited. -Those present were
Mesdames Middleton, Evans, Nesbttt,
Richard, Boeder. Oibeaut, Miss Thom
as, Miss Pannier and Miss Francla.
Mrs. Gibeaut's small son, Alanson, waa
also present. Dr. t. W. Stockham
came but was called away a few min
utea later. He was not at the table
long enough to fully appreciate th
good thing to eat.
Last Saturday night th Pioche
Ja-double-s orchestra jaxxed even the.
jaded and dejected Into jigs and jlg
gllngs, and young King: Jazs held
swaying sway till dawn. Taken down
In musical shorthand, the captured
music, even Jingled sweetly through
the linotype aa It was cast In singing
bars. But to read It from the blank
white spaces between th lines where
all such realities are printed, the
muslo can best be read through th
rose-colored glasses ot memory re
calling last Saturday evening, or some
Saturday evening or some other eve
ning when on the dancing floor there
was but a single couple and some oth
ers who did not count. When the soft
notes floated through the hapipy hall
and lifted the single coupleand th
others who did not count on the pur-,
pie clouds of symphony through which .
they flew, together beating the way on
wings of music.
Written thus In music, the descrip
tion of the dance can only be read
through the rose-colored glasses and
another report of the dahce Is: The
Pioche Jazs Orchestra gave a dance
last Saturday at which they took in
enough money after paying all ex
penses to almost -pay for the music
bought In Los Angeles for the danc.
Another report, probably sent In by
some flapper: The dance was lovely
and the music was lovely and hi ayes
are lovely and I love to dance.
Another report, probably sent In by
some tired old man on the grim aide of
twenty years: Yep. All right,.. Ain't
it awful.
So, taking all the reports, the dance
waa successful and thoroughly enjoyed.
Arthur Reall. John Hay and Watson S.
Slde-Livermore are entitled to thank
for their generous donation of th re
freshments and the member of the
orchestra for their whole-hearted work
to make the affair aa It was success
Charles Dickens Play Wedaeaay Night
"A Tale of- Two Cities" will be
shown Wednesday night at th Elec
tric Movies." The story Is one of tha
classics from the pen of Charles Dick
ens, whose abounding humor, com
bined with fidelity to cruel reality,
made him one of the world' great nov
elists. He was born February 7. ISIS.
and died June ,. 1870, after writing
sixteen major work. The story in
vividly presented In tho picture and
la educational as well aa Interesting.
It I one of the new pictures.
Blackboard chalk tot scbool" at
the Record office.
Best , wage in Stat. Eight men."
Must be thoroughly competent and
careful Addreaa Record Office Boa Z,
by letter, statins quallAcAtten ad
reference. "" .

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