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JPamboldt Sells Ranching Interest
to Gey ser Land and Cattle Company
Although a little delayed, lb local
curtain-raining of th baseball
muoi occurred last Sunday at Cali
ent, the Pioche wildcat taking ft
upoa themselves to register a sound
aad unquestioned victory over the
crack team representing Callente.
v After the amok bad Cleared away
follow In a ninth-inning rally by Cal--ulf.
the l'loche boys still Had the
game sewed up and neatly' tied on
their belts, the Itual count revealing
the astonishing fact that the score
stood I to . with 'the miners on the
Ions end. ' '
1'lay was called at 1 o'clock with.
Callente in th Held, and as a result of
the rather remarkable hurling of the
pill by a young gent named Armstead
two of the l'loche lads were the vic
tims of putouts, they being unable to
do anything with the offerings of the
red-headed youth. But, alack and alas.
after two men were down the balloon
went up. somebody mussed up an in
b field drive, threw the ball away and
' another ungrateful Callente ball player
slammed the ball at the pitcher when
he wasn't looking. The pitcher was
struck on the throwing arm and was
- unable to finish the game. Before the
ascension could be stopped by the fran
tic Callente rooters three of the Ptoche
boys Franks, Wilcox and Hames had
romped across the plate, registering
three perfectly good scores. This lead
u'a. navar overcome by the railroaders,
although they made two scores In their
half of the first. - s
No registrations were made at the
home plate by the Ploche team during
tbe second Inning, hangup oaseoan ...
Ing the rule In this Inning, and the
side was retired In professional style
Unwilling to allow anyone to put any
thing over on him, "Spec" Dolan. wn
occupied the slab In the center of tli
diamond for Ploche, proceeded to pu
real stuff on the ball and vanislu
three men, just to show them that h.
could do It. ,
The fireworks started again in the
third Inning, . however, when "Spec"
picked o a two-bagger and scored a
few minutes later on a hit and run
play, Callente mussing up the ball. In
their half of the next inning the Call
ente boys made two runs before their
side was retired.
Nothing further happened to cause
' excitement among the fans until the
ninth Inning, when the score stood 5 to
8 In favor of the visiting team.; With
. no one out a series of rrors on, the
" Ploche infield allowed two of the Cali
ent Dlavers to leave the marks of
their spikes in the home plate, with
the second and third registering sta
tlons saturated with Callenteltes. Here
is where Captain"Dolan of the wildcats
again decided that the affair had pro-'-
ceeded far enough, and allowing one
man to pop an easy fly. caughtby
Catcher Hames -lor an easy out. lit
showed some real stuff and retired the
side with six thrown balls, every one
being a strike and every one being
reached for frantically by the opposing
The result of this battle has con-
vlnced those who were inclined to be
skeptical that there Is material pres
ent in the Ploche lineup to make a
strong ball team. Their fighting qual
ities were forcibly displayed In the
ninth inning of this battle. Not a man
- wavered and everyone was there to do
his part if the test should fall to him.
The Callente team was handicapped
"somewhat by the absence of some of
their regular players, who were on the
V road and could not get home In time
for the game. It Is expected that the
Callente players will come to Ploche
,for the big game on the 3d, and if Cal
lente is able to muBter her full team
those interested a the sport will have
an opportunity to witness a battle
royal, in which both teams will be out
to win.
Without question the most thrilling
play of the game was when In the
'fourth Inning, with the bases .full of
Callenteltes. Alexander Orr made
..hero of himself by a masterful catch
of a long fly that would certainly have
been good for three bases and heaved
a perfect ball to second, doubling a
runner who ventured too far from the
base. The peg was one of the prettiest
ever witnessed and had all the vim,
vla-or and snap of .professional baseball.
Needless to say, Alexander is a hero In
his home town now and will continue
- tn be until such time as he, perhaps,
makes an error, when the wonderful
throwing arm may be forgotten for the
moment, ' '
As a result of the victory the Plocl'
team won a purse of $50, besides nu
merous side bets by members of the
team and their backers. -
Fourteen automobiles loaded with
Ploche fans attended the game, many
of whom remained in Callente Until
late hour tn the evening In order to
make the return trip during the cooler
hours. Other parties motored as far
as Newman's ranch, where a-picnic
party was held,' and still others located
shady nooks at Callente ana enjoyea
picnic lunch with their friends and
guests. ,
The lineup of both teams w ! wsa
The lineup of both teams was as fol
lows: " - '
Ploche Van Vleet," Dolan, Franks,
Carlyle Wilcox, Carter Hames, Orr,
Konnow, Christian and Rutherford. -
Callente Barton, Denton, Fleldson,
Cook, Koberts, Forbes, Olson, Arm
. 'stead and Brower.
Service' at Chrlat Chare. Mlssloa
Services will be hltd at Christ church
mission by Rev. Perctval S. Smiths next
Sunday as follows: -.. x.
. . Holy communion, 7:30 a. m.i morn
ing prayer, 11 a. m.; evening praper
and sermon, I p. m. All are cordially
Invited to these services.
Raymond It Carr. on of th owners J Arizona, where he will look after hit
of th Coyser ranch, announced - while 1 "teo-tve business Interests It that
AT 811(01 HILLS
Herman K. Freudehthat. true to th
runt imposed upon him by Judge Wil
liam K. Orr. set about on Monday
morning of this swk to destroy, ac
cording to th dictation of th court.
several hundred dollars' worth of in
toxicating beverage' . the conslgmnt
consist irig of brer, wine and moonshine
whisky. " ' ' .
Tbe scene of devastation Is located
directly across the street from the
cauit house, and there for over an
hour Mr. Kreudenthal ' labored inces
santly, emptying bottle after bottle.
lug after lug and barrel after barrel
f liquor, while many dry persons stood
by and idly watched, with burning
throats and aching hearts.
Four gallons of w hisky were emptied
in this manner, as were 109 quart bot
tles of beer, one pint bottle of beer
ind Si gallons of wine. The whisky
wsa taken from -Tony Martello and J.
B. Franklin and the wine and beer was
found in the Al Emerlck soft drink
arlor by officers of this county, as re.
orted in the Record last week.
The bottles. Jugs and barrels were
not destroyed, these being preserved
'or the edification of future genera
tions. Obsequies are still being held
in the sacred spot where the gurgling
:lquors trickled down the hillside, as It
is possible at any time to see one or
more mourners standing at the scene of
he last rites, where with shaking
heads and trembling hands they are
evidently bemoaning the waste of so.
nuch perfectly good drinking liquor,
ind with a near water famine in Pl-
oche. - .
, No Instance has been reported of the
arth upon .which the liquor was
oured being picked up and carried
Any In this case, as in other cases of
ike nature in the United States, and
ie only evidence remaining of the ex
nence of the valuable beverages Is a
uge pile of Ingredients, the principal
omponent of which is grapes, and at
.east a million flies, the latter being
lermltted to help themselves generous
ly of what remains of the forbidden
fruits. . If Plocha files accumulate a
food Jag and go'4on a spree It will be
.he court's fault.
Pioche Stocks ' on
Mining Exchanges
in l'loche this week that a deal had ,
, What premises to be a bitterly
been concluded June.lt between thttm,, ,u ewuer in the Ueysvr-ranch i ("fought and determined legal controv
tockholdera of th Ueyser Land and ! have never seen it look 1 an 1 i'r,'' between three counties ot Nevada
Cattle Company and J. K. Wamboldt I h v never seen prospex-ts as o l a " 't"dly developing In connection
w hereby th latter disposed of his ex- this .." This statement was made "h location of Broken Hills, No
teuaive land and Mwk interests in that ; Ted. evening l.y Mr. Carr." w ho J vadu's new sliver mining district, slx-
vUlnlly to th Ueyser people for a con- sient the first of the present week In "-hie miles southeast or Fallon and
slderatlon tn the neighborhood of IIS.. ; l'loche on-business tn connection with ''" -ht miles north of tuning. Of
, - Uhe conduct of the ranch. iLiMi of Churchill, Mineral and Nye
Th taniboldt ranch consisted of s Th rramn for better prospects this 1 OI,M claim that the much cov
acres. Included In the deal were a year, according to Mr. Carr, in th Ia-;
number of head of horses and cattle." tht usually th water hus come do
together with the improvements on j from the mountains In the months of
the ranch. Msnh and April, or. in other words.
This property is a valuable addition i"wh'n w don't need It," and "'then In
to the Geyser ranch, as th natural j May and June, when water is really
water facilities located thereon, when needed, there would lw a scarcity of
properly handled, can be made a source ' it.'' This year, how ever, he asserts
of Immense benefit to both properties.-. t bat the water came down from the
fossesaion was given at once and the , mountain during the month of Muy,
property is now under the control and ) when it would do the mol good.
is being operated by. the Geyser Land , "'"Last year we cut and harent-d only
and Cattle Company. 5ft tons of hay. but this year we ex-
Mr. Carr returned to the ranch Wed- ; peet to nt least double that." cotitin-
nesday and expects to leave soon !, : ud Mr. Carr.
Pioche Brevities
William Warren of Camp Valley
spent yesterday in Pioche on business.
F. R. McNamee of Los Angeles, father
of Luke J. McNamee, spent Wednesday
In Pioche.
Mrs. J. D. Van Vleet has been 111 for
the last few days, but Is greatly Im
proved at present.
Tom Harney went to Callente Wed
nesday, where he expects te. visit with
friends for a few days.
I, m
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wadsworth of
the Prince attended the picture show
In Ploche Wednesday evening.
Personal Mention
Mrv John Lew is of the Mendha mine
transacted business In l'loche Tuesday.
Clurence Woodworth and J.ewls Pad
dock of Modena, Utah, spent Tuesday in
Halt Lake fCxehamK. '
... .Bitf.. "f-Asked.
"'.lnck Metal , , ,
Hamburg miues
Home Hun
Prince Con
Pioche Bristol .
. ...02
Joseph Yeomans of Beryl, Utan, wai
a business visitor In Flocue thU week,
returning to his home yesterday.
Jean Wadsworth ef Panaca spent
last week-end with Mr. and . Mrs.
Charles Culverwell . and Carlyle and
Frank Wilcox. " -
A I Larson spent last Saturday and
Sunday in Callente visiting with
William Hammond of Eagle Valley
visited with friends In Ploche the first
of the week. . , "
" B. A, Marshall has gone to Burley,
Idaho, where he expects to be employed
in the future.
fDr. J. H. Hastings was called to Pa
naca on professional business last Sun
day afternoon.
Victor Husbn and Luke J. McNamei
went to Delamar today, where they will
look over some mining properties In
their own interest. ' . "
.ooh '
, Bid.
New York Exehange.
Con. Nevada-Utah. .. ,t .18 V
Ore Shipments ot
the Pioche District
. : r
Ore shipments from the Ploche dis
trict for the jveek ending June 24 lack
lust fifty tons of being double what
hey were for , the previous week, as a
otal of 3,250 tons were shipped from
the Pioche depot the last week. This
Is due partially to the fact that car?
have been available far those who de-
ired them, and also from the fact that
he government guaranty , price oi i
in ounce for silver has gone Into ef
fect, this acting as a strong stimulant
o mining operations. ' The shipments
were as follows:
Prince Consolidated ............. 1.350
Virginia Louise ..;....; .1,300
Bristol Silver Mines
Black Metal'........... I50
Hybla Mining Company B0
Al Psenner, Seth Walker. Mabel Klx
miller and Melba Craw visited the Klx
miller ranch Tuesday, the trip being
Lmade JnthePsejjner J'ord. -, v '
W.- IS, Bailey," mining man who has
spent some -time operating In thla dis
trict, has gone to Los Angeles, where
he expects to interest capital In local
mines. - ,.
' Jack and Claud Cole came In from
Wilson Creek Tuesday and transacted
business tn Ploche.
i Raymond H. Carr of the Geyser dis
trict spent the first of the week In
l'loche .on business. . .
Miss Vera Lee visited with hor par
ents at Panaca Wednesday evenlnr, re
turning later . In the nigrht to l'loche.
where she is employed by Christian &
; William Stevens of California ar
rived In Ploche Tuesdny and expects to
remain here indefinitely. -
i Mr. and Mrs. William L.' Peden- of
ftjr Pine, C.U-. vUsited.wlth friends and
rtrfative in. I'loAe this week."' ' "'
...,., . .... . -
Mr. and Mrs -David Kmpey and little
daughter came in. from Atlanta TVies
day to visit friends In Ploche.
Mrs. Florence Thomson-Vedder will
arrive in Ploche about the first of July
for an Indefinite stay, according to in
formation received here.
Chester Cook came n from the Bristol
mines Sunday anil spent a cou.ple of.
days vtsiliuir with relatives ana Is
many friends In Ploche.
; P.oy Price, w ho is employed at the
Ploche pharmacy, left this morning for
Beaver, Utah, where he will enioy a
The Holdaway house, under the man
agement of Mi's. Karakas, has been
opened for business within the last
week. The dining room Is again in
operation after two months of Idleness.
Mrs, Roy Ellsworth of Panaca has vacation of thirty days with relatives
et.-il new camp ia located within the
'Hiuiid:tiis of their tespectiv counties,
j ml alt ot them have announced their
intention ot establishing their right
thereto. The matter has already been
.akrn up by th surveyor general of
-ml:t and within the next few days
it leiiKt two of the counties Nye and
Miimul will have surveying gangs at
.101 k to definitely establish their boun
ttry lin.es. I
it has been previously supposed that
llroken Hills was located In the south
east section of Churchill county near
its southern boundary line. Among
.hose who have held this belief are
James Stratford and Joseph Arthur,
locators of the now famous Broken
HtlU mine, since taken over by the
Broken Hills Silver Corporation and
which Is the cause of the present
heisira to the camp. . v
According to the calculations of F. C.
Vhrader of Washington, D. C, geologist,
ior the United States geological sur
vey, department of the Interior, whe
has just completed a geological stuce
f the district. Broken Hills Is In "a
wedxe-shaped piece of territory be
longing to Mineral county, adjoining
Churchill county on the north. v
Geologist Schrader fixes the location
of the new camp as about one mile and
1 half south of the Churchill county
line, In the extreme northeast corner of
range 34 eaHt, township 11 north. There
ia no doubt as to the accuracy of his
calculations, but claims are made by
jthors, particularly "Happy Jack" Har
rier, sheriff and assessor of Nye coun
ty, that changes In county boundary
lines have thrown the "wedge" in
question within the boundaries ot Nye
jounty. Mineral county claimant te
the camp dispute thla argument, main
raining that when Mineral county wai
created in 1911 It was given dominion
ver the "wedge.'
Sheriff Barrier of Nye county, wha to
i miner and prospector of many years'
experience, was a vtBltor to Broken
Hills a few days ago. Within a week,
he said, he would "have the Nye county
lurveyor and gang of assistants .visit
Vho'-ditftrtct'afld run, out trio "Mandatfe1
to substantiate his county's claim, to
he new camp, which is already making
new mining history for Nevada." The
sheriff is noted for his dry wit and ex
treme loyalty to Nye county. ..
He said: "No silver came with the
Oiowtngs and future of Broken Hills
ould be located outside of Nye county,
Tonopah Is in Nye county. That makes
It a sure thtng that Broken Hills ts In.
Total tons
Metal Quotations
in Eastern! Markets
Arising from the fact that the world
maritet has been carried below the do
mestic market, there la now, as was
senerally expected, two silver markets
In New York, one for foreign offerings
and the weher for domestic production,
Recently, when silver fell below th
dollar mark, there was only one mar
ket based on current London quotations,
In spite of the standing offer of pur
chase by the United StateB treasury.
This was due to the treasury's require
ment that silver offered should be en
tirely a bona fide, domestic production.
As It was impossible to comply with
this regulation the Pittmah law became
But the treasury has now modified
Its regulation so that vendors need
only furnish affidavits as regards" gen
uineness of that part of the silver com
tng from American mines. This silver
will be purchased at $1 per ounce, less
about three-eighths of 1 per cent for
mint ' adjustment and costs, tc, and
current price obtained for that part of
silver of foreign "origin.
This Inevitably establishes a dual
market. But as Vng as this arrange
ment Is In force the American miner
will always be able to get 99 5-8 cents
per ounce. The arrangement aiso nas
the effect of stimulating the outside, or
foreign, sliver market. On the, quota
tlon of 99 1-2 cents for domestic silver
ltt New Tork Thursday, foreign silver
was quoted at 90 cents, an advance of
10 cents over Wednesday.
Following are the latest quotation
for metals of local Interest;"" .
Silver, per , ounce, i . . , , . v. . , . . ,1 .lV4
Copper, per hundred .......... 18.75
Lead, per hundred ............ 8.10
Zinc, per hundred f T.50
been quite ill during the last few days,
but is now reported by Dr. J. H. Hast
ings, the attending physician, to be
f really improved.
Mrs. Victor Huson has been In charge
of the Alexander hotel during the-last
ten days while Mrs. Alexander Orr has
been visiting with relatives - and at
tending the Mansir-Orr wedding in
Provo, Utah.
Charles and Clark Horsey, sons of
Judge and Mrs. Charles Lee Horsey,
have returned home from Los Angeles,
where they have been attending school,
Clark has accepted a position with
Christian & Haufler during the summer
acatlon. V
Wats6n S. Slde-Livermore, Arthur
Reall and F. K. Brown motored to the
Stella Mines property. ' which Is being
operated by the Hybla Mining Com
pany, of which" Mr. Reall is manager,
last Sunday morning, later In the day
attending the ball game in Callente.
Subcommittees appointed by the ga
eral committee representing the Amer
ican Legion, especially the Ploche poet.
In connection with their activities for
the Fourth of July celebration here,
have worked hard en their various ap
pointments during the week, and each
commltt reports favorably on the
progress made.
Th entertainment committee has
probably been the busiest of th lot.
they being saddled with the task of
arranging the patriotic: program which
will occur In th opera house la th
afternoon. It being necessary for them
to make a general survey la an efort
to locate the talent necessary tor th
different roles' to be enacted as out
lined by member of th committee.
At this time he part hay all bn
tilled and th first practice waa hultl In
the opera house Tuesday evening. Tit
orchestra has been given some beauti
ful selection to he rendered for' the
The committee on sports announce a
baseball gam between Callente and
Ploche, to occur tn the afternoon. Thero
1 every possibility that there will, bo
some bad horse on hand In order to
test the ability of any who claim hon
ors of being able to stick on and glv
them th rake and quirt. x
No doubt exist regarding th eater-. ,
talnenent ot the guests during, the
evening, and at night. K big fro danoe
la being arranged, to bo preceded by a
grand display ot firework. Th latter
will be touched oft from on of th
mountain top adjoining Ploche. .
The finance commltt re porta satis
factory result from th campaign In
Ploche. They will also mak a oanvasa
of the adjoining mining district In th
ooorse of the next few days... Business
houses of Pioche responded generously-
to the request for funds, and It I be
lieved that a sufficient, sum will b
raised before the end of another weak
tor : th successful celebration of tbe
Fourth. .,
The baseball diamond will be put In
shape before the day of the calibration.
it being the Idea to remove all rock
and debris from the ground and to cut '
down the sagebrush now standing in
the outfield. There has been some con
sideration also of fitting up at least a
temporary grandstand for' us of those
attending the big game on th 3d, Th
attendance at this game, which will b
Uetween Callente and Pioche. will prob
ably be a record-breaker for this coun
ty ana adequate arrangements will e
matfe TiythyTngfiaxgTn.i. turtm-w
fort ot the spectators. .
Ladles of the Episcopal church have
announced their Intention of serving
lunch throughout the day in th store
room Vie xt to the post office. In addition
to which tvyo resaurants will be opar
atlnw all day," thus Insuring eating fa
cilities for the visitors. s
''Never Aain"
Says Orchestra
Mr. and Mrs. S. F, Whitney enter
tained friends at their home-Tuesday
evening,- those present being Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Pitts, Miss Mabel Pierpont,,
Miss isabelle Osborne and Messrs. John
J. Janney and Earl T. Godbe. .All re
port a pleasant evening : y
C. E. Cooper, who has been employed
at the Virginia Louise for the las-Jyea'.
has gone to Sallda, Col,, by automobile,
where he will spend the , next two
months enjoying a vacation. M'" Coop-
r expects to return to Ploche and re
sume hi former position.
raaurcefal Attempt at Amputation
Alvah Ewlng Is nursing an injured
ankle as the result of the peculiar an
tics of a phonograph' spring which he
was endeavoring to repair last Sunday
evening. He had assumed a sitting pos
ture on the floor, tallorllke, and was
barefooted at the time-- The spring by
a peculiar twist cut one of his ankles
to sucn an exieni mat iour mmiiw 11
were necessary to remedy the damage, itlvities July 3.
Miss Lucille Buttler returned to her
home at Vnnaca Tuesday morning, fol
lowing a visit of six weeks' duration
with relatives and frlonds In l'loche
and vicinity, ." ' ."
SherltT William Culverwell returned
t- his, home at Callente last Saturday,
after spending most of the week h. 1M
Oihe on business in connection , -with
his duties as sheriff. :
"judge, William E. Orr returned to his
home at Las , Vegas Sunday, the rou
tine of court work for the summer ses
sion,of the Lineoln county district
c'ovrt being completed. ;
William H. Hosklng and John F.
Roeder are planning a fishing trip into
southern Idaho within the next two
wepks. The trip will be made In Mr.
Hosklng's new Overland.
Editor A. A. Sherman will leave for
Salt Lake today, where he will meet
Ms daughter and two grandchildren,
who are coming to l'loche for a sum
mer's visit at the parental home.
The Misses Bernlce and Mildred Itoe
ler ot San Francisco are expected to
arrive In Ploche about July 2 and will
peud their annual Vacation with their
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Roeder.
W. J. Stephens, an old-time miner of
Ploche who recently returned after an
absence of three years, Is nursing a
sprained ankle as the result of a fall
I at the Price lease, where he Is ein
ployed. :,.". " - .. .,; : ,
j William Flinspach of Violet Springs,
Utah, passed through Ploche this week
! on his return trip following a visit in
Salt Lake, where, he -received medical
attention for Injuries received In the
late war.
After the unfortunate fiasco at the
opera house Saturday night It is re
freshing to know that the Jazr. orches.
tra has quietly closed Its tent, like the
Arabs, and silently stolen away. .It Is
safe to say that from Information fctven
Ity members of the orchestra that, they
have received sufficient encouragtem nt
ind emoluments from a long suffering
public to pay for their sheet music and
other expenses Incidental to their per
f unctory performances. Owing !to a
severe case of pedalltls extrlmitls frtg
tditis the orchestra has announced- that
it will not, cannot and dare not give
any more public dances at their own
expense. . ' ', ' '
Sad )eath of
Viola Hames
Liquor Cases Are
All Disposed Of
Al Emerlck, J. B. Franklin and Tony
Martello were sentenced to fine of
$100 and a sixty-day jail sentence each
by Judge William E. Orr last Saturda
evening. In the cases of Emerlck and
Franklin, however, the court granted a
stay of executton 'of the - sentences,
wfclch will enable th two men to ask
for pardons before the state pardon
board ad were give their freedom
in: the meantime.
Tony Martello was not given a stay
of sentence, however, and now lan
guishes In the county Jail, where ho
will be a guest of Jailer Roeder for
the next two months. ,,.:---. .,.
The sentencing of the three men Sat
urday evening. Instead' of allowing a
grand jury to act In their case, a re
ported In the last issue of the Record,
war. due to the fact that all three men
changed their pleas from not guilty to
guilty, thuB doing away with the ne
cessity for a grand jury at this time.
The death of Viola, two-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Hames,
occurred Monday night at 10:30, fol
lowing an .Illness of only a few days.
The little child had not been In the
best of health for a short time preced
ing her death, but her condition was
not considered as serious until Sunday
"afternoon, when she collapsed and be
came unconscious.. "' ,
, It was necessary to rush the little
patient to Panaca for the reason that
Dr. J. H. Hastings was detained at that
place with a patient whom ha could
not' leave, and an examination by the
doctor revealed the fact that the child
was suffering from an acute attack of
inflammation of the Intestines.
Funeral services Tvere held in Dela
mar, on Wednesday, where Interment
was also made, Bishop Edwards of Pa
naca having charge of the services.
(-The many friends of the bereaved
family extend their deepest sympathy
Verne- Fitzgerald left Wednesday for
Salt Lake, where, h.e expects to remain
for several days on business. He will
return la Tllw he in ailMlle time tO Par
..i.i ho. -nth i tlctnat In the Indetiendente Day fes- to them In their grief. Many kind
teiKituors nave willingly uonui tueu
services which tend to lighten the bur
den of the loss sustained by (he grieved
mother and father.
J vane's 14 -ounce
white bread at
Carbon paper at tbe Record office.
ManyTouriata Fauina; Threaah l'loche
Automobile loads of tourists passing
through Pioche have been common oc
currences this week, as scarcely a day
has passed but what several automo
biles loaded with passengers and lug
srage have ipassed through, bound in all
directions. A number stopped here for
v fsw hours and , replenished their
stocks of supplies'. .
Three Star Cafe Close for Repairs
The Three -Star restaurant has been
closed following, a period of three
weeks' business. 1 he nronrlet its o
I D. Lyon returned to Callente Frl-
ds( evening, where he boarded n train
fov Salt Lake, with the Intentloi of
later returning to the east.;; He sien
two days In Ploche as the gu'st t
Watson S. Slde-Llvermo-e. .
Elton OHnghouse, who ha been at:
tending pxllitary school at Les Angeles,
returned home Monday. His brother
Ralph was unable to travel on account
of his recent accident while playing
basketball and will return home later.
For a complete line of stationery and
oirtce supplies call at the Record office.
A new stock just received.
1 ' '
Nelson Baker returned to his home
at the Golden Prince Monday evening,
llhe place assert that It will be r wpened 1 having completed an automobile trip
as soon its some necessary repairs to
the building have been made.
An advertisement In The Record is
paying Investment.
to Salt Lake and return. His niece,
Miss Leta Baker, accompanied him and
will spend her summer vacation at the
Hoisting Cable
Makx quotation, stating condition,
stxe, length, price wanted and where
delivery can bo made.
Address Box XTZ, Floch Record.
The orchestra expresses Its deep ap
preciation for the Bupport and patron
age which has been accorded It by the
public In the past.
Owing to the withdrawal of some of
the subscribers to the orchestra the
management regretfully announces
that It will be unable to allow th pub
lic to participate In any of Us future
entertainments except by previous ar-,
rangement after Its present contracts
have expired.
The, Orchestra is open for engage
ment for any occasion compatible with
the high standard ot artistic achieve
ment which It has set.. Written re
quests from music lovers will be glad
ly considered by the orchestra. Ad
dress all communications to F. IS.
Brown, Ploche. Nev. ' '
- . NOTICE. '. .
A reward of $3 per head will be paid
for the location or information leading
to the recovery of the following de
scribed horses'. One coal black 3-year-old
Percheron stallion, with wire ut
across breast, branded JY (.bar under
neath) on left thigh; one coal black
3-year-old Percheron stallion, branded
JY (bar underneath) on left thigh, and
one brown 3-year-old stallion, branded
JY (bar underneath) on left thigh. No
tify Ed Mackelprang, Ploche, NT.
Notice Is hereby given .that th fir
ing of firecrackers will not be per
mitted within a radius of one-half mile
of any postoffice In Lincoln county,
particularly on th 3d. 4th or Itu of
The hearty cooperation of all Citi
zens In the observance of this order to
respectfully asked." v
Typewriter, paper,' number: 2 c3
plain, at tbe Record oflce. v

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