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SUU Ukrary X TTl
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11 mm irnsuinm
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' 1
E Oil JULY 3
mm ehi
Piorh U fully prepared for en of
the largest crowd ta Us history, and tf
the assemblage of representative peo
ple u not present next Saturday. July
J, when the eagle will ncream with all
the ferocity and pep of a typical Amer
k-aa bird, the fault" will be due to
cusa out of the control of mere man.
-Nothing has been left undone or n-
l-ted that would further the success
'of the celebration festivities from any
standpoint. Committees and sutx-om
mttteea made up of representative cltl
sens of Fioche and Lincoln county have
labored tirelessly and Incessantly ill-
In the last two weeks towar I th- i"JC-
ceasful culmination of tho 1)20 inde
pendence Day celebration, an-l .'d.Ting
from preparations already mndrt tnis
will he the biggest, best and mt elab
orate celebration held In this section
of the state In many rears.
The success of the finance committee
has exceeded all expectations and suf
ficient funds are at hand to more than
carry out the original program, mean
ing, of course, that numbers will be
added to the program for the Indul
gence and delight of those who are In
attendance that day.
' The big free dance In the evening
will end the day's pleasure of sport.
' and It will be a dance worthy the peo
' pie of this section and of the commit
tees In charge. The Pioche orchestra
Js In fin fettle for the performance and
Attendants at the Jaxa-er-up are prom
ised some Jaxs music that will make
them wiggle their toes In ecstasy
Paralytics are advised to attend this
hop, as It Is freely predicted that the
affects of the Jaxsy strains will be such
that they will Immediately forget th
paralysis and move about as If noth
Ing had ever happened to them.
Business houses for the most pari
will be cloned, especially In the after
: noon, and all mines In the district n il'
shut down, permitting employes to h
In attendance at all festivities from
early morning until late at night.
The celebration in Callente, to be
held Monday, July 6, Is expected to at
tract many Pioch people. It being the
Intention to motor to the railroad city
In the morning, returning at night
after the day's festivities.
Captain Frank Dolan of the Pioche
baseball club has announced the lineup
for the big gam on Saturday as fol
lows: Carter Hames, catcher: FranJc Do
lan, pitcher; Frank Wilcox, first base;
"Dan W. Franks, Second' base; Charles
' Ronnow, shortstop; Carlyle Wilcox,
third base; Alex Orr, left Meld; Hi 3.
Rutherford, center field; J. W. Chris
tian, right Held; J. D. Van Vleet and
Ernest Neilaon. utility men. The um
pires will be J. Less Denton of Callente
and F. E. Brown of Ploche.
The committee on sports has an
- nounced the following program for tht?
afternoon: .
Free-tor-all footrace, 100-yard dash;
$5. $1.
Qlrls' fifty-yard daBh, ages IS to 20
years; $2, $1.
400-yard three-team relay race; $8
to winning team.
Sack raoe. SO yards, boys under 16,
$1, SO cents. '
Shoe race. 20 yards and return, boys
under 10; $1.
Boys' 50-yard dash, ages 12 to 14
years; $2, fil.
- Boys' 30-yard dash, ages 9 to 12; 111,
50 cents. 1
Girls' 30-yard dash, ages to 12; $1
SO cents.
Boys' 30-yard dash, ages 6 to 9; 76
cents, 50 cents, 25 cents.
Girls' 30-yard dash, ages to 9; 75
cents, 50 cents, 25 cents. -
Boys' 20-yard dash, ages
cents, 25 cents, 10 cents.
Girls' 20-yard dash, ages 4 to 6,
cents, 25 cents, 10 cents.
Boys' potato race, free for all.
yards and return; $1. '
Ladles' nail-driving contest; $1.50.
Barrow race, 300 yards; $2.
Three-legged race, 50 yards, free for
- all; $5.
Ladies' egg race, 30 yards, free for
all: II.
Ladies wheelbarrow race; $1.
Ple-eatlng contest for boys; $1.51.
: Flour-diving contest, free for ull;
. Tug-of-war between married and sin
gle men for a prize of $10.
The ball game will be called at S
o'clock and small boys will be permit
ted to enter a plgtaillng contest, 5
cents a ball to. be paid the retrievers.
The musical program to be held In
Thompson's opera house at 10:30 in tht
forenoon has been perfected during re
cent rehearsals and the choru? has
some excellent selections to render
for the edification of the large crowd
which Is expected to be In attendance
The Ploche orchestra will play several
selections of popula music and pfctrl-
, otic airs and Mrs. J. D. Van Vloet will
favor the audience with a beautiful
rendition of an unusual musical offer.
W wish to express to our friends In
Panaca our heartfelt thanks for their
mlnUterlng kindness during the Illness
, and Anally the death of our daughter,
Viola Hames. We wish also to thank
with deep gratitude our friends, Mr.
and Mrs. J. B. Wheeler, for their kind
ly sympathy and most valuable assist
ance In connection with the funeral
: services.
Pioche BrevitiesPersonal Mention
Jack Fit is raid, formerly of Pioch Led Lytl f Rom Valley wa U II-
but Br f Eureka. Utah, arrived la ,och Uat Sunday.
Ptoche Wednesday and will spend the
at few days visiting with eld friends.
Mining operators of this district have
beea notified by the Amerlc-ma Smelting
aad Reflntag "Company f the fact that
It Is necessary for the smelters t es
tablish by affidavits from the shippers!
that the quantity of silver sold does
not exceed the proportionate part of
'liver product loa representing the
orodiicta of mines located within the
Cnlted States to be delivered to the
imeltera since January' 17. 19H.
This refers to the selling of silver
by the smelters to the United States
.mint under the Plttmaa act. which au
thorlzesuhe purchase of silver produced
from mines located within the United
States at $1 per ounce, adjusted to the
equivalent price for silver t tine and
the cost of delivery from the refinery
to the mint, plus the coat of Insurance.
The smelter point out the tact that
their arrangement with the mint Is
that three-eighths of a cent per ounce
will be sufficient to cover both the ad
justment for fineness and the delivery
cost, subject to change as mints are
designated by the government officials.
or In case of Increase In express or d
livery charge. Including Inaurasce.
This will necessitate that. In making
settlement for all silver purchased by
the smelters, when accompanied by the
proper affidavits to qualify the ship
ment for sal under the Plttmaa act.
the quotation of 5-8c will be used
when that quotation la more than the
Handy ft Harmon quotation provided
for In their contracts.
-This arrangement, according to the
smelting company, will terminate four
months prior to the final cessation f
purchases of silver by the government
inder the Plttman act, and smelters
oint out that in the absence of a spa-
lie objection on the part of the ship
or, being expressed within a reason
le length of time, they will assume
hat he acquiesces to the arrangement.
The smelting companies are confident
hat this arrangement will be In force
for several years.
The form of affidavit to be used has
not yet been approved by government
ifflclals. hut as soon as It can be drawn
to the satisfaction of all concerned
-opies In blank for the us of ship
pers will be forwarded . They should
signed with the signature of the
shipper before a notary public, specify
ing the number of ounces the shipper
has received payment for since Janu
ary 17, 1920, even though settlement
was made at a higher price than that
established by the United Staves mint
Philip Mathews. Daa Mathews aad N.
J. Wads worth of Psaaca aad Jamos
Ryan of Callente attended the monthly
mooting f the Baak ( Ploche last Sat
Bora, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas.
Tuesday afternoon, a girL
Charles Culver ll made a business
trip to Calient last Saturday.
Karl T.
Mr. aad Mrs. John F. Boeder weat to
Callente last evening, where they met
their daughters. Beralc and Mildran.
who are returning to .loch to enjoy
summer vacation.
Attorney Sarah ImOlwrsteg earn
from Callente Saturday afternoon aad
attended to business mstters at the
court aouMu. She waa accompanied by
Mlsa Ida Curtis, also of Callente.
Charles E. Thompson, son of C. A-
Thompson, returned home the first of
the week from Loa Angeles, where he
has been In attendance at school He
will spend the summer vacation her.
Installation of the newly elected of
ficers of the Rebekah lodge occurred
last night In the Odd Fellows halL Re
treah ment a were served end a most
enjoyable evening was spent by all
la attendance.
i "I nai n is probable and that -What a noticeable aamiait I.
sutlne i' t",o" hoard f dl- th mala street of Ploche," exclaim
Oodbe vlMltod th
dltrkt aa hnalneaa veat.rdiiv rwiera o (a iineola county high Rev. rerclval S. Smith ooa Ms
m-nwvi c nave in new nuiiaiava rap nil viait la tnia ettv wh i..
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klx-iwM. h bonds war recently approved by ducted church service la tho mlaatoa
aiiller, Sunday evening. June 27. a boy.
Joe 8andoa. who ha been leaning In
the Cnmet district, la In I'lmhe for a
short tUit with friends.
W. M. Christian has returned to Pi
och following a six-weeks' trip spent
la th Interest of th Odd Fellow'
order, of which he la state grand mu
ter. Mr. Christian ha returned to his
duties at th Hodges-Cook store.
Miss F.dwina Price, who has spent
the last month In Salt Lake attending
summer school, returned to her home
In Ploche Saturday. Miss Edwlna has
many friends here, all of whom are
pleased at her early return.
Arthur Reall motored to the Comet
district last Sunday, visiting th Stella
Mine properties, which are under op
eratton by th Hybla Mining Company,
of which Mr. Reall Is manager. He re
turned to Pioch that evening.
Mrs. E. D. Smiley came In from the
Tungsten Comet mine last Friday and
visited with friends In Ploche during
th week-end. She expects to leave
shortly for Boston to join Mr. Smiley,
who has been In th east for the last
Hubert Clelne has renUiird hit posi
tion as truck driver for Iko Hodaea-
Cook Mercantile Company
E L. Nores of Los Angeles arrived In
Ploche Moiaday and has apt-ni the week
looking after business here
. Professor H. A. Whiteneck, of Panaca
visited with friends and . transacted
business In Pioch Saturday.
Dr. J. 1L Hastings was called to the
Jackrabbit district on professional
business last Saturday evening.
John K. Cook returned Wednesday
from a short business trip to Salt Ijike
in behalf ot his mining interests.
Chester Cook came In from Bristol
ftaturday evening and spent Sunday
with relatives and friend In Pioch.
James Prlnc spent last Sunday in
Ploche visiting with friends. He re
turned to th Jackrabbit the next day.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bowling have
gone to Salt Lake, where Mr. Bowling
mparts to enter a hospital for treat
- voters of th county comDleted and building. Remarks of thla aar ku
ready for occupancy this fall was made not been Infrequent from persons vls-
knvwa In Pioch yesterday by 11 u Itlng Pioch sine th completion of
L. president of th board. th street Improvement work her un-
ir. L Informed a Record reporter der th supervision of Victor Huson.
that there were good prospects for The fact Is. Mala street la Pioch
the early al of th bonds, and that will compare favorably with any uu-
two advance bids were already In the paved thoroughfar In this section of
hand of th board for Us considers- the' country. A a result of th f-
ilun. While It Is not known." said flctent work performed by Mr. Huaon
Mr. 1-e. "whether or not th .bid In and his helpers, th street has been
hand will comply with all th require- treed from rock, th center ha bora
menta of law. It la our belief that w slightly elevated and at ch aid nmt
can nnlsh th technical part of the to the curbing has been created ft dltcks
:uineaa and begin the erection ot the for carrying away watr during- th
new building and th remodeling ot wet season.
the old on soon." This work has demonstrated what
Professor H. A. W) Iteneck of Panaca. can be accomplished In thla country
principal of th high school, waa In with th us of ordinary intUUrnco
Pioch again yesterday and conferred In roadbulldlng. Th material ad
with Mr. Lee on school matters. Thsy
reported that contracts had been closed
with Mis Evelyn La Kamp aa Instruct
or In domestlo science and with E. F.
Ronnow as lnatructor ot English and
history for tho coming term. It la th
Luke J. McName and Victor Huson
motored to Detains r last Friday, where
they Inspected the Mongolia mining
Miss Ada Syphua has returned to her
position at the Lincoln County hospital
after a few days' visit with her par
ents in Panaca.
Mr. and Mrs. Luke J. McNamee will
leave today for Los Angeles, where
they will spend the Fourth with rela
tives aad friends.
was all obtained wlthtn a short dis
tance of th street, and It la well
known that there la aa ampl supply
ot th tailings for us lswhr.
Without doubt, now that th hjct
of better roada has ttean aarlaual a.
Intention oth. board, according to sldered by a large majority ot Lincoln
Mr.' Lee, to secure th services ot a county people, there wlU be further
muslo Instructor and a practical agri- I work don on all th mala roada ot
culturlst for th next term, but th I th county. Th Increasing lntrat
contract are not closed at this datof th people of th county la bttr
and applicant for th position ar still I roads might b attributed to several
under th consideration of th board. I causss. On la that nearly all hav
Th housing situation In Panaca Is I become automobile owntri aad drlv-
a handicap to us at th present time," I rs; also th good woajc of th Com
Mid Mr. Lee, "for th reason that w I merctal Club la urging th good-road
ar unabl to furnish stthar students I movement and th publicity (tya th
or teachera with living quarters. Every matter by the newspapers.
hous In Panaca Is occupied at th 1 Beneficial result of th work ar
present time and there la no Immediate now beyond argument and It haa ba
Frank Wilcox, pianist in the Ploche
orchestra, came up from Panaca Wed
nesday for the purpc se of taking part
In a rehearsal of th orchestra on the
program to be rendered during the
Fourth ot July celebration and at the
lance during the evening.
W. H. Hosklng has gone to Los An
geles and San Francisco, where he will
remain for a few days visiting rela
tives and friends.
J. L. Whipple f Sunnyside, who Is
operating the Horn Sliver mine, in the
Jackrabbit district, was in Pioche on
business yesterday.
4 to 5ft
Pioche Stocks on
Mining Exchanges
Salt Lake Exchange. j
Bid. Asked.
Black Metal .. .05Vi ,08 V,
Hamburg Mines 02 1 .02
Home Run .01
Prince Con 31 .32
Ploche Bristol 00 .01
Metal Quotations
in Eastern Markets
Stiver remains steady at 99, hents
per ounce. The following are the east
ern quotations on metals of local in
terest: Silver, per ounce , $ .99
Copper, per hundred , 17.72
Lead, per hundred $.00
Zinc, per hundred 7.60
Ore Shipments ot
the Pioche District
Notlc Is hereby glvea that th fir
Ing of firecrackers will not b per
mitted within a radius of one-halt mil
of any postofflce In Lincoln . county,
particularly on th 3d, 4th or 5th of
-July. , -.
Th hearty cooperation of all oltl
sens in th observanc ot this order Is
respectfully asked.
i- " ' , Shrl&
A total ot 3,900 tons ore wasshtp
ped out of Ploche during the last week.
this total exceeding that of last week
by 650 tons, or thirteen carloads. The
Virginia Louise leads In shipments
this week, with a record of 1,900 tons,
and the Prince is second with 1,450
tons: Shipments for the week ending
July 1 were as follows:
Virginia Louise 1,900
Prince Consolidated 1,460
Black Metal 300
Bristol ... 250
Total tons 3,900
Marriage Home
About August 1
As if in direct answer to the inquiry
In the Record of last week as to the
whereabouts and welfare of one Alpha
betical Marriage, several friends of
the apsayer have informed the Record
of Having received communications
from him, mailed In various parts of
Europe,, all of which conveyed the In
formation that the traveler was happy,
Joyous and In good health, and that he
expects to return to his native 'haunts
about August 1.
On postal addressed to a Pioch
man, who requested that his nam be
withheld, said: "I am both In good
spirits and full of them." Flaunting
Information of this sort In, th faces
of the poor dry Inhabitants of this
country Is like flashing a red flag In
a bull's face, and It Is said that B. C. D.
will be called upon to answer for It
when he returns. Dry, parched throats
In th midst of hot awiemr wather
ar not particularly keen about listen,
ing to tales ot another man's thirst
being quenched to his heart's content,
and without the latter having to sneak
around Ilk a common criminal to ob
tain and consume th "spirits." -
a L, Broadhurst, field manager tor i
th Western Livestock Loan Company
ot Salt Lake, has spent the last few
days In Ploche and vicinity studying
the prospects and conditions of this
section of the country as a basts for
business for his company. '
W. E. Smith, manager of the auto
mobile stage line between Callente and
Pioche, has resumed operations follow
ing a few dayij' layoff, during which
time he visited at Oak Wells looking
over mining property. R. E. Cowan ac
companied Mm to Oak Wells.
George W. Franks, M. L. Lee and
John S. Amsden have returned from
an automobile trip to Muddy Valley.
They returned by way of Las Vegas
and the Pahranagat Valley and "all are
enthusiastic regarding the appearance
ot prosperity In the farming districts.
Joe Clglarl, an employe of the Prince
mine, received a few minor injuries
when a quantity of earth fell upon
him Tuesday afternoon. Dr. J. H. Hast
ings responded to a call and hastily re
paired three smashed toes and some
bruises about the head. Joe will enjoy
short vacation.
Miss Wlnnlfred Cedarstrom, sister of
Roger Cedarstrom, who has been visit
ing at the home of her brother for the
last two months, returned to her home
in Salt Lake Saturday In response to a
message announcing the serious ill
ness of her mother. Miss Cedarstrom
expects to return to Pioch In the near
Mrs. J. D. Van Vl.t has recovered
from a week's illness and wllr take
part In the musical program to be ren
dnred at the Pioche celebration.
prospect for vacant houses. Matters
would not be nearly so complicated for
all concerned If more housing facilities
were available In Panaca."
To th members of the board Is due a
great deal of credit for their aocom-
shown by Mr. Huson. In th capacity
of county road supervisor, that th
pans of road-bulldlng In Nevada, oaa
be kept far bajow th prohibit!
It 1 probabl that othr roada and
plishmants In th past, nd also for I streets In this Immediate vicinity will
their plans for th Improvements which
ar still to com. Professor White
neck, instead ot enjoying an extended
vacation this summer, s he ' had pre
vloiiBly planned, will remain at his
desk In Panaca, according to a state
ment given out Thursday morning.
be subjected to th sam brand ot
treatment as Main straet, during th
months to com, and It Is squally prob
abla that after th completion of th
city streets, work will be xtadd t
all th principal thoroughfares ot th
county. i
Salt Lake Girl Is Bank Directors
an Honor Guest
Mr. and Mrs. A. L Scott are In Salt
Lake, wltere they ar visiting Xiiends.
They made the trip by automobile and
expect to be absent for ten days.
Frank Wilcox, who has been caring
for a band of sheep in this vicinity for
the last threeweeks, returned to l'a
naoa Sunday for a few days' visit.,
airs. Arthur Murphy ot the Ida May
mine spent Monday in Ptoche, return
ing to the Jackrabbit district in the
evening with a truckload of supplies.
Miss Annie Middleton has accepted a
noHltlon iti the Tloche pharmacy, re
lieving Koy Price, who has gone to
Provo, Utah, for a summer vacation.
Neal D. Snyder ot Salt Lake has ar
rived In Ptoche and will remain for the
present, with headquarters at the Black
Metal mine, in the Jackrabbit district.
Miss Eva Cook, who has been attend-
ng school for the last year at Santa
Cruz, Cal., has returned to her home
In Ploche and expects to spent th-
ummer vacation here. ,
Mrs. J. L. Bowman, who Is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Joseph Johnson, in Los
Angeles, reports the arrival of twin
boys at the Johnson horn Tuesday of
last week. Miss Caddie Cook has also
been a visitor at the Johnson home
during her short school vacation. Mrs.
Bowman will- remain In the southern
ctty a month longer.
Philip Dolan received an Injury while
at baseball practice Tuesday evening.
In the act of sliding onto one of the
bases he fell In such a manner that he
dislocated one of his elbows. Aside
from being .Incapacitated for a short
time the injured man will not suffer
any serious results from th accident.
Dr. J. H. Hastings cared for th wound
ed member.
J. B. Wheeler Is
Out for Assesssr
In this Issue of . the Record J. B
Wheeler announces his candidacy for
th nomination for th office of county
assessor of Lincoln county on the dem
ocratio ticket. . V
Mr. Wheeler has served the county
In this capacity for the last two years
and feels that his record of faithful
adherence to duty entitles him to an
other term.
A complete assortment of offlc sup.
plies always on hand at th Record
Owt-of-Tw r.aeata at Mesntala View
The following out-of-town guest
were registered at th Mountain View
hotel during the weak: Alex Balrd.
Ely; W. M. Anderson, Los Angeles; J
3. McGaughey. Salt Lake; Perclval S.
Smlthe, Las Vegas; T. H. Franklin, Salt
Lake; R. J. Evans Jr., Salt Lake; Neal
Snyder, Salt Lake; E L. Nores, Los An
geles..,.. . . ' . , . . .. ',
Miss Kmma Wadsworth of Panaca
has accepted a position as cashier in
th City cafe,, vice Miss Annie Middle-
ton. Miss Wadsworth assumed her new
duties Wednesday morning.
George W. Franks motored to Call
ente yesterday, In company with Mrs.
Franks, the latter taking a train from
there for Salt Lake, where she expects
to remain for the next two weeks.
Masdaines S. F. Whitney and W. H
Pitts were hostesses at a house partr
last Saturday evening at the homo of
Mrs. Whitney, the occasion being tro
departure of Miss Mabel Plerpont 'or
her' home In Salt Lake the next day
Miss Plerpont had been visiting in P-
oche for two weeks. The large veranda
at the Whitney home was converted
Into an excellent ballroom, Japanese
lanterns being used for lighting par
poses. Those present danced until
midnight, when an exquisite lun-li was
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. H.
T. Oltnghouse, Mr. and Mrs. Vlotfr Hu
son, Pr. and Mrs. J. H. Hasting, Mr.
and Mrs. A. A. Sherman, Mrs. I. R.
Cook, Mrs, Louise Osborne, Mr. and
Mrs. D. W. Franks, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Christian, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Chris
tian. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hedges, Mr.
and Mrs. R. R. Orr, Mr. and Mrs. H. S.
Rutherford, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Dect,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stindt, Mr. and
Mrs. S. F. Whitney, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Pitts, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Thompson, the
Misses Isabelle Osborne, Frankle Ja
cobson and the guest of honor, Miss
Mabel Plerpont; Messrs. Watson S.
Stde-Llvermore, Arthur Reall, F. E.
Brown, Wilson W. Grubbs, O. J. Gilles
pie, Earl T. Godbe, John J. Janney, J.
L. Bowman, Chester Cook, H. E. Freu
denthal and Rev. Perclval S. Smlthe.
Miss Mabel Plerpont left Mondays
morning for her home in Salt Lake,
following a two-wevks' visit in Pioche
as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Pitts and Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Whitney.
County Assessor J. B. Wheeler has
returned to Pioche following a visit to
the Pahranagat Valley district in con
nection with his official duties. The
trip was made by automobile and Mr.
Wheeler was accompanied by Mrs.
Wheeler. -
Wanted Clean cotton rags .any col
or, with all buttons, hooka, etc., re
moved. Will pay 10 cants per pound,
delivered at th Record offlc.
Cole May Run
For Congress
, That George A. Cole, state controller,
will be a candidate In the primaries
this fall for the democratic nomination
tor representative In congress was the
word that reached here today from San
Francisco, says the Carson City Appeal,
Following receipt of the telegram an
nouncing Cole's candidacy wires were
sent him asking a verification of the
story, but due to the political hubub
existing in the convention city it Is
probable that the telegrams failed to
reach him or will not be delivered until
night, therefore no direct word has
been received from hint.
It was also announced from San
Francisco that L. K. Gregory, former
assemblyman and erstwhile gam war.
den of Washoe county, would be a can
didate for the democratic nomination
for congressman. It was said he would
run on a wet plank. '
George A. Col Is well known In Lin
coin county, where he resided for i
number of years, "also having held ot
itic In this county. His many friends
nr would be glad to hav his candi
dacy confirmed.
Draughtsmen'? and carpsaters' pen
cil at th Record emc.
Popular Pair Wed
at Salt Lake City
Verne Fitzgerald, bookkeeper and as
saver at the Prince mine, and Miss Rita
Keele of Panaca were quietly married
in Salt Lake City last Friday morning,
"having gone there a few days previous
ly from Ploche.
Verne, who Is one ot the most popu
lar young men In Lincoln county, left
his home stamping grounds last week
explaining to his many friends here
that he was going to Salt Lake to drive
a new car back here for a purchaser
who was unable to make the trip him
self. And his friends, skeptical though
they may have been, took his word for
it for the reason that the smiling
young Irishman has always been a man
of his word.
' In the Interim, however, word has
reached t'loche that a certain young
lady by the name ot Rita Keele, who
Is also a popular member of Lincoln
county society, joined the violinist on
the road and that the pair proceeded
to Salt Lake, where the ceremony was
performed. , , . .
The young couple have a countless
number of friends, all ot whom sin
cerely join In wishing for them a long
Itte untrammeled by sorrow, and that
their troubles may ever be little ones.
Th bride IS the daughter of Mr., and
Mrs. David Keele of Panaca, the family
being one of the earlier settlers In th
valley, who ar held In high esteem
and regard by all who know them.
Th bride is a charming young lady and
-Ived her education In the Panaca
school, finishing at Salt Lake Ctty. last
spring. "
; i' :;'"!;'-
Plain and fancy sewing, crocheting,
embroidering, tatting. Call on Mrs.
Joha I Edwards, Panaca, Nv.
" An advertisement In Th Record to a
paying investment.
All th directors of the Bank of Pl
oche, Inc., were present at th regular
semi-annual meeting held In th bank
building Saturday last, and each mem
ber of the board has expressed his en
tire satisfaction with th conduct of
the affairs of the Institution and th
excellent prospects for business befor
the bank for the future. ,
A dividend of 8 per cent on th cap
ital stock was declared, following th
disposal of some routine business mat
ters, when the board adJournd until
the next semi-annual meeting, which
will be held in th early part of next
January. - ,. ,
Two Young, Lads
Arrested for Theft
The arrest of two young lads, who
gave Jamestown, N.. D., as their horn
town, for theft, also th arrest of
Andy Richards for alfeged horsesteal
ing. Is the record achieved this weak
by the sheriffs offlc.
Ed Miller and Ernest Miller, who
gave their ages as 19 and 17 years, re
spectively, were arrested near Calient
last Saturday for th alleged theft ot
$58 from the section house at Islen.
Nev. The two boys are being held la
the county jail her awaiting disposi
tion by the juvenile authorities. Both
acknowledge their guilt and hav sig
nified their Intention of pleading guilty
whenl.jrlven an opportunity.
Andy Richards, who Is well known
In Ptoche and vicinity, was brought la
from Flat Nose Monday night by Dep
uty Sheriff Roeder,, a warrant alleg- -
Ing that Andy had stolen a pinto hors
from Ed Mackelprang of Camp Valley,
on or about June 5, having been Ususd.
Andy was brought to Ploche, but th
missing horse has not been located.
Richards claiming that he turned th
horse loose in th sam pastur from
which he waa taken. Preliminary hear
ing has not been held.
Gregorlo Huerta, who was herding a
band of sheen In the vicinity of th
Geyser ranch, was told by Deputy Roe
der Saturday that his camp must b
moved from ground controlled by the
Geyser Land and Cattle Company or '
his arrest would follow. Grgorlo
moved. '" '
Week' Program at Eleetrte MevtM
Friday Fox feature. "Words and
Music," Charles Ray, and th two-reel
comedy, "Oh, What a Knight!" .
Monday Selznio feature, "Country
Cousin," Elaine Hammerstetn, and th
Ford Weekly.
Wednesday Special show, th United
Artist attraction, "When th Cloud
Roll By," Douglas Fairbanks.
A reward ot $5 per head will b paid
for th location or tnformatloa Uadlag
to th recovery ot th following de
scribed hors: On coal black !-yar-old
Percheron stallion, with wlr out
across breast, branded JT (bar ar
neath) on left thigh; on ooa! hCt
3-year-old Percheron staltloa. braarl
JY (bar underneath) on lft thtcX "1
on brewn S-yr-old stallion, bray' -1 ,
JT (bar underneath) on toft tfeJ'V I
tlfy Ed Macklprang. Ploah. fcr.
Typewriter paper,. auiasertJ tz 2
pUln. at th record eSM.

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