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H " ,T i . ,Vt A?h' '" ' '. J - -V ? i 4 V4jC1BihJ!m r , .. j. . . T '' flk 'Wsvr i H
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1 GARLAND CITY The Metropolis Commercial and Financial Center or the Great Bear Kivcr Valley H
J " s r- - t .
j Advertise in the ; npHTl -? A Fk A IVTFi IHni 7 M "IW ! don't foret to reaA:
H lM.HaMai..ii...HH.R..l V tA .-Am I H
VOL. XII GARLAND, UTAH Thursday, October 25th 1917. H 7 Number 39 -
I Citizens' Party
I Nominees
H Tickets Named for Gar-
. land. Tremonton and
H Brigham City
M According to call the Citizens'
H Party met In primary capacity
H at the ward chapel Monday
H evening and placed In nomlna-
B tlton the nominees for the com-
H ing municipal election to be
H held In this city November (1th,
M The primary was well nttend-
H ed and a harmonious spirit
H prevailed. A number of ladies
H were present. The meeting was
B called to order by Party Clmlr-
H man T. II. Edwards. Mayor
H M. D. Evans was chosen cluilr-
H man and W. F. Persson was
H named as secretary. Chuirman
H ISvuns read the call and asked
H the further pleasure of the pri-
H mary. A motion carried to
m nominate the city officials to be
M voted upon by acclamation.
M In the following order the
M Citizens' Party ticket was
H named:
M For Mayor, L. W. Proston.
B For 4-year Councllmnn, John
M - Richards.
7 For 2-yer Councilman, J. W.
I ,. - Chamber, Jr. : ,.
lh '
T-- For 2-year Councilman, John
' W. Garrett.
M For 2-yoar Councilman, R. T.
M Shaw.
M For City Recordor, Ezra Jen-
M For City Treasurer, Mrs. M.
M D. Evans.
m All the above nominees cx-
M except R. T. Shaw had no op-
M ponents In the primary, but
fl when .Mr. Shaw's name was
H presented, tho names of George
fl Ilenrie und R. V. Daniels were
H placed as candidates for the 2-
fl year-term councilman. Mr.
m Shaw won out in tho balloting
M. and was tho unanimous choice
M of the primary for the 2-year
M councilman.
Tlio matter of an emblem for
M the party was dispensed with
H and tho nominees were given
fl power to All vacancies.
B T. II. Edwards was noml-
m nated to succeed himself as
H chairman of the Citizens' Party
H for the coming two years.
B After a few remarks by Ilold-
over Councilman T. W. Innes
M the primary adjourned.
The town of Tremonton has
M ivnmed its ticket for the Novem-
M ber election, as follows:
m For President of Town
m Board, Chas. McCIure.
H For Trustees, Win. II. Stone,
Matthew Dear, David Holm-
gren, Dr. J. A. King.
Brigham City has named an
H aggregation of "young" men to
look after the affairs of that city
for thq next two years at least.
Tho ticket is a result of a union
of both parties. Tho tlckee fol
M Mayor
Two-year Councilman
Two-year Councilman
Two-year Councilman
Four-year Ciunclhnan
H Recorder
1 Treasurer'
October 15th, In Salt Lake
City, Mr. Jack Palsgrovo, an
employe of the II. Fowler Gar
age, and Miss Marjorie East
inann of Deweyvllio, formerly
of Ogden, were united In mar
riage at the home of the
groom's mother, Mrs. Harriett
Myers of the state capital. The
young couple will make this
city their home for a season, at
leaBt. Both are popular young
people, and the Globe extends
hearty congratulations.
Those who attended the con
cert Monday night, at the stako
tabernacle, given by Miss Lllllo
Shipp, assisted by Miss Crystal
Jeppson of Brigham City, and
Mr. K. M. Pack of Centcrvllle,
were highly entertained and
especially pleased with tho ex
cellent selections of Miss Shipp
who has a wonderful cultured
voice. There Is a bright future
boforo the young lady, who
needs not take a back seat for
the best of them. She is the
daughter of Mrs. Dr. Shipp, who
was injured in a collision In
this city u few years ago. Tho
Mutual organizations deserve
credit In procuring her senicew
and it Is safo to say that on a
return engagement she will be
well received. The pleasing and
Interesting program of the con
cert follows:
1. Aria, "Thou Brilliant Bird"
In French.
2. GroupJ of sacrd songa ..,
' Mlbs Shipp
3. Baritone solo. . . .K. M. Pack
4. Group of Old Melodies
r. Group of Bisd Songs
Miss Shipp
G. Piano solo. .. .MIsS' Jeppson
7. Arls from the Opera1 Mlgnou
(in costume)
Miss Shipp
8. Piano solo.... Miss Jeppson
!). Aries from Mine. Buttcrlly
(in costume) '
Miss Shipp
The attendance was not as
good as tho concert merited.
County of Box Elder,
In tho East Garland Precinct
of said County.
I save In my possession the
following described estray ani
mals which, If not claimed ami
taken away, will be sold at pub
lic auction to the highest casn
bidder at my corral In said Pre
cinct, .on Monday, tho 3rd day
of November, 1917, at tho houi
of 12 o'cIocK noon.
Description of Animals
One black 2-year old mare;
wire cut on front leg. N.0
brands visible.
One black 2-year-old horse.
No brands visible.
Ono brown 2-yeur-old horse.
No brands visible.
Also another brown 2-year-old
horse. No brands visible.
Said animals are held by me
to secure payment of $2.00
damages done by said animals
upon the premises of D. W.
West on the 2 till day of Oc
tober, 1917.
Poundkeeper for East Garland
Doctor and Mrs. W. M. Cra
gun are rejoicing over the ar
rival of ji fine 12-pound daugh
ter that'blessed their homo this
morning .October 25. The
doctor has had tho pleasure of
assisting In bringing into tho
world a dozen or more hoys
during tho past month, and his
little daughter was the first
girl that needed his attention
for a season. Everything lovely.
Religion Class
Well Attended by the
Wards of the Bear
River Stake
A convention of tho tie"ar
River Stako religious classes
was held at the stake tabernacle
In this city last Sunday, Octob
er 21, at 10 a. 111. and2:30 p.m.
The morning meeting was pre
sided over by Superintendent
Niels Nielsen und was given
over to the hearing of reports
of the stako and various wards.
Wm. A. Morton of the general
board gave a most Inspiring
talk on religious class-work.
The atcrnoon services were
presided over by Stako Presi
dent M. 11. Welling. Singing
"America". Prayer by 0. A.
Seugor. Announcements were
made, after which Mayor M. D.
Evans explained the second Lib
erty Loan and encouraged the
people to bo loyul to same.
Elder Morton then illustrated
what joy comes from being
loyal even ut the price of sacri
fice. He encouraged all religion
class workers to be faithful In
their work and promised bless
ings from such work. Prof. J. E.
Hickman of tho B. Y. College
indorsed what had been said
and stated time the religion
clanscB would yet-Vatft'na'VllrsV
Singing, "For the Strength of
tho Hills Yo Bless Thee".
Benediction by Brother Facer.
The convention was a most
spirited and Interesting gathering.
Chas. B. Gunnell had the
misfortune to loso three of his
best horses Sunday night. Th
gate was left open und they got
Into the bishop's grain and
were foundered. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Schrlber were
called to Tremonton Sunday
night to embalm n lady who
died in Garland at the construc
tion camp cast of that city.
Bishop and Mrs. C. E. Gun
nell moved to Logan today to
mako their home. The bishop
will go Imclfwid forth to attend
to the farm here.
Ncphl Nessen has houghe a
homo in Logan, First ward, and
has moved his family.
Elmer Vaughan has sold his
farm to Norman Allen of Welis
vllle. Cyrus Bailey mado a trip to
Gnrland to get his winter's
Hour. lie was tho guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Jas. Georgo while in
that city.
Derlll Rock Is a Howell visit
or. Mrs. Jennie Eliason of Snow
vlllo is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. C. B. Gunnell.
At the Parents' class of the
Garland ward Sunday school
next Sunday, October 28th, an
illustrated lecture on the sub
ject of "Laws of Inheritance"
will be given. A good attend
ance of parents is desired. Sun
day school begins at 10:25.
C. E. SMITH, Instructor.
L. W. Anderson of Brigham
City, who camo here to harvest
his applo crop on his farm, east
of the city, fell from an apple
tree Wednesday and received a
bruised face and had his lips
cut by a bucket upon -which he
fell, Dr. W. M. Cragun cared
for his injuries and ho was
taken to the home of his sister,
Mrs. Lewis O. Johnson.
,3- ,
Jensen Family
Leaves Monday
Have Many Friends
ftHere Who Regret to
vfrSee Them Go
.rfVe gave a brief reporl-of tho
.Bpclals given the Jensen family
labour last issue, but we take
pleasure this week in mention
lnln detail some of them and
iniecording others.
Last Thursday afternoon
-Mra. A- I. Grover entertained
the" stako primary boara, av
which Mrs. Joseph Jensen was
a,fii,.ecally invited guest. Mrs.
Xensen-waB presented a Garland
souvenir pillow top und a very
pleasant afternoon was the out
come. Delicate refreshments
wen? borved.
Thursday evening Mrs Nel
lie Rose entertained the mem
bers of the Ladles' Self-Culture
Club in honor of Mr?, Jensen.
Other special Invited guests
wore Mmes. A. I. Grover, Lewis
Llllywhlte, Sadlo Barnard, D. E.
Miiurilng,J. W. Burns, Moslah
KviinsLof; Spanish Fork, Erastug
ChriflKaHd th. Misses; Nellie,
EterrMfevjkHr joh Hattle.
in and delicious refreshments
were serveih
Friday evening the officers of
the Garland Primary Associa
tion entertained the stake pri
mary officers in honor of Mrs.
Jensen at the home of Mrs.
L. W. Preston. Each local
officer who had labored with
Mrs. Jensen in the primary as
sociation, presented her a beau
tiful handkerchief with the let
cer "M" worked In tho cor
ner. Entertaining games were
played and Ice cream and cake
were served. The affair was a
very pleasant social gathering.
On Saturday evening the
business men and members of
the Commercial Club met at
the directors' room In the Bank
of Garland and sent for Mr.
Jensen, to pay their respects to
him. Speeches were made ex
pi easing regret in Ids leaving,
and P. C. Petterson, In behalf of
the gathering, presented him a
fine gold chain and pen knife
fob. Mr. Jenseij was a director
of tho Commercial Club for a
number of years. Ho express
ed appreciation in a few fitting
The Jensen family were sup
per guests at tho homo of Mr.
and Mrs. James Georgo Satur
day night. Mr. and Mrs. M.
Felseed were also Invited
Mrs. Sarah Jensen entertain
ed tho Jensen family at dinner
Saturday and Mr. and Mrs.
Peter Jensen served dinner In
their home Sunday. They par
took of supper Sunday evening
at the home, of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. King and were breakfast
ed Monday morning at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Niels
Saturday night, October 27th,
at the Palace, the Manila Fili
pino Sextet, with original In
struments, appear in concert
and will present classic and
popular songs and music real
Hawaiian. The Kalmana Sis
ters In hula hula dances prom
ises to be a feature of the show.
It Is the only show of this kind
in America, and is well worth
the prieo of admission askefl.
Friday of last week, Willie
Clayton, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Clayton of Stone, Idaho,
sustained a severely lascerattd
wrist and came nearly losing his
hand by having the member
caught In the engine of af
threshing machine at U16 bfs
field In Blue Creek. He Avas
brought to this city andr later
taken to Salt Iako to Jfavo ttn
X-ray examination. The hand
waB carefully cared.for and at"
last reports tho ladwas backto
work on tho machine. .
Ipotnnt ns tho manufacturing In
dustry hatt nlwnyH bean to tho wel
fare of tho state and nation tho
necessities of tho, world-wldn war
have mdo thin Industry absolutely
.vital to the life of tho atato and na
jtlqnf and muontlnl to tho Buccesa ot
'our army In tho floldit. Tho develop
ment and xtYtoV of our mftnufni
turlj have "VsiC paro' Ilth4,tli6 war'
vcioTis ndvancfltitiiit ' Jiiudir in -other
linen of )ndeavnf throughout this re
public. 1
In tho organization of our national
roHourcc'H for service In tliitt hour o(
noed of the democratic natlontt of
tho world, thn manufacturing Inter
OHtH havn had a most Important part.
Tho call for n ntupindoun IncrciiBo
In thn nation's production lias been
responded to iuoki patriotically by
the manufacturer)).
In Utah nur manufacturing Industry
hatt gronn rapidly In ncent yoivrw
and linn become a most Important
factor in th dtnolopinent of our
llelluvlng that every legitlmuto
moans should bn omployed to foxter
and oncourago manufacturing In our
state, and that a campaign of edun.
Hon pointing out the value of this
Industry and oncoui aging lis support
should bo mado.
I. SIMON IlAMHEU0nit. Go ei nor
f Utah, do hereby proclaim and set
apart tho week of November 1117.
1917, as Utah Products Week
I recommend that dm Ing this
week tho public cooperate with the
Manufacturers' Association of I'tali
and tliu various civic organizations
In giving n state-wido significance to
tho movement to purchaso goods
mado in Utah.
I would suggest that emphasis bo
laid on thn Importance of encourag
ing and developing tho munufactui
Ing Industry through addresses and
exorcises In tho schools and churches
of tho stnto and at public gatherings.
I would further, suggest that ut
ratctlve displays of Utah-made Roods
be mado by merchants throughout
tho state
I bospeak for tho purposes of 'his
week's observance tho generous co
operation of tho press of tho stm.
eao shidl sl.rdlu mil shrdlti mh !im
e shrdlu' cmfwyp mbh mwy cmfvh
In testimony whereof, I have
hereunto set my hand and caused
to bo affixed iw great Se.il of tlu
State of Utoh.
Done at Salt Lake, tho Capital, this
20th day of October, A. D., 1917.
Dy tho-Governor,
Secretary of State,
Mrs. F. D. Baird attended the
funeral services over the re
mains of Mrs. Peter Baird held
in Brigham City Tuesday ef
this week.
Deattaafms I
H.CWilson I
Efforts BeingMacfi to I
Locate Relatives in H
North Carolina H
Sunday nlghtin his office In M
RIter Bros.' dug store, Attory M
ney H. C. Wilson, who has made M
this city hltf horn" for the jidst M
two ycurs or more, paBscd away H
after a lingering illness of pueu- H
moula and other complications. H
Ho hrid not been well for sev- H
eral months and jlid not seem H
tohuve strength enough to H
overcome the ' first attack of H
pneumonia Jliut seized him in H
the spring Ho was cared for H
by Dr. J. E. Day at the Funis- H
worth Hotel for a season und H
later' spent two weeks ut the H
iarin home of Mr. und Mrs. Alva H
Rhodes of East Garland In H
hopes of regaining his wanted H
health and strength. It was H
finally decided to tuko him to H
tho Merrill Hospital at Tremon- H
ton, where it seemed for a sou- H
son that ho was improving. He H
gradually grew worso and by H
his own request he was rcmov- H
ed from tho hospital to his of- ,H
flco in this city. H
Dr. Day faithfully wuitcd H
upon him and did all in his pow- iH
er to lengthen out his days on ,H
earth, but "Grim Reaper" M
knocked at hlb door, and he an- H
sw'cred the call. HlstaUlUnH TH
were taken to the PHpi!'- H
Stevens undertaking parlors Ut y. " H
1 Tremonton, since when they H
have been embalmed and are H
being held awaiting some infor- a H
matlon concerning relatives. H
County Attorney LeRoy B. H
Young and County Sheriff J. II. H
Zundel and others went H
through till papers und books H
Monday in an effort to find H
some Information that would H
lead up to his Identity or give In- H
formation us to his wife, sou H
and daughter, who ho often H
spoke of to friends here. Noth- H
Mig of any importance wus dis- H
rtnered and the officers are H
now doing all In their power to H
find relatives or friends in H
North Carolina, where ho claim- H
ed his wife,, son and daughter H
resided. A gold watch and H
chain, some money, lots of good H
clothing, linen, etc., and a valu- H
able library and many impor- H
taut papers are among the H
many things loft In his office. H
Notes In a small memorandum H
Indicate that ho has traveled H
und visited many countries. One H
pockctbook contained a card H
bearing the address of Thomas H
B. McMaster of Brigham City, H
with the articles of faith of the H
Church of Jesus Christ on the H
opposite side. From this one H
would presume that Elder Mc- H
Master gavo him this card while H
on his mission In Scotland. H
Mr. Wilson was a well posted, H
refined gentleman and must H
have come from good Southern H
stock. Ho wus about G7 years H
of ugc und notwithstanding his H
peculiar crltlzlsing and some- H
what different nature from tho H
common run of men, ho was H
"well bred" and made some H
good friends here and through- WM
out the county who respected rM
him. We are in hopes that his H
lelatlves may be located. Wo H
have had many pleasant con- H
versutions with Mr. Wilson H
concerning the South and tho H
Southern people, but at no time H
did he over give us the name of H
the city or county In North H
Carolina that he claimed his H
people resided in. He has par- H
taken of dinner at yo editor's H
home n number of times, ut- H
tended the picture houses with H
us und taken trips In our auto- H
mobile, ns well ns mado many H
calls at the Globe office, and H
during all our association with H
him we have always found him H
to he a perfect gentleman. In H
ever' respect, and wo have H
1 conslderaulo regard for him. H

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