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hYhh 9HhV
hhVJ hVjhh
b hhYhh
Pjl Audacious Airmen Aid In Fight, Flying
flfl Over German Positions and Using
HH Their Machine Guns With
HH Telling Effect
Pjl London. Tlio French forces of Gen-
HH rral Petuln struck u mighty und unux-
Hjl peeled blow ngiilnst tho Gorman lino
HH northeast of Solssons Tuesday morn
HI - ' Ing and mudo soino of tlio most im-
HI portmit gains of turrnlii since they
Hjl " threw hack the nrmy of tlio German
HjM crown prlncu which was besieging
HjB Verdun.
HI The stroko was nuido over n front of
fljj nliout six miles, from tlio cast of
flfl Vmixulllon to Purgny-Flhtln, mid came
HH uftcr a week of heavy nrtlllery Are.
HI Under rainy nnd generally unfavornhlo
HH weather condltloim, the French pushed
HI forward all nlong the line, aided by
HH audacious aviators who Hew over the
M German iio.ltlons at an nltlttulo of
HH about IM) feet, using their machine
flfl guns and penetrated the German lino
HH at iino point to a depth of two nnd
IH one-llfth miles.
BH Take Many Prisoners.
HH Numerous Important positions foil
HI Into tlio hands of General Pctnln's
BH men nnd, lu addition, more than 7500
BH Germans, an enormous umotiut of war
flfl material and twonty-llvo heavy and
HB Held guns were captured.
flfl The greatest depth of the drive wan
Hjl in tlio center of the line, where the
HI village of Chuvlgiion was captured
HI after u violent struggle, which resulted
HH In the enemy fleeing pell-mell. Some
HI of tlio best troops In the nrmy ot the
HH German crown prince wcro ongnged In
HH endeavoring to hold buck thu on-
HH slnught, but their efforts were unuvull-
HI ing, under tlio enthusiasm of tlio
Hjl French to win positions which would
HI place them more advantageously for
HI mi ndvanco later toward I.aon.
HI Britons Holding Gains.
HI In Flnndcrs both the ltrlt.sh nnd
HI French troops aro holding all the gains
I inadu In Monday's drlvo northeast of
HH Yprcs, except at one place on the
Hjl mmtlicrn fringe of Houtholst fqrost,
HH where tlio Gcrninns, In a furious coun-
HH ter-nttnek, forced u slight retirement
by tho Rrltlsh.
HB Tho latest advices concerning tlio
B naval nctlvlty In tho gulf of Rlgn be-
HI tween tlio Oernmns and tho Russians
T' idiow thuRthough tho Russians, lost
flflflftsV! tholujoHfilp Sluvn and n largo tor-HBIHjWM--'-lPjflHr
destroyer,' tho Germans
HfljHjHH wcro tho losers. Two of
HjHHHjF their dreadnoughts, ouo cruiser, twclvo
HHjflJH torpedo boots, ono transport nnd mini-
HHfl erous initio sweepers wero put out of
HJ action by tho Russlnn fleet. While
BB tho exact futo of theso vessels'hns not
HJ been nscertnlncd by tho l'ctrograd gov-
BB eminent, It Is announced that at least
BB six of tlio German destroyers wcro
BB Further German attempts to land
BB forces on the Ksthonln const to tho
HJ liorth of Werder lmvo been repulsed by
BB Itusslan detachments. ,
BB On tlio other fronts no Important on-
BB gagements uro In progress, except lu
Bfl tho iinturo of boiiibardmeuts. On tlio
Bfl Julian front tho Austro-ltallan theatre,
flfl tho artillery activity again has become
H Intense. An Austrian attack with In-
HB fantry In tho Cadroo region was re-
HH pulsed by tho Italluus with heavy
Hfl losses.
H Settlement of Troubles Announced by
HH Federal Commission.
H Washington. President Wilson's
HI special labor Investigating commission
Hfl reporlod on October 23 n settlement ot
HH the strlko ot moro than f00 copper
H miners in tho Glohe-Mlaml district ot
Arizona on u busts which prnmlsos to
PH set a precedent for composing labor
H disputes elsewhere.
BH My providing for resumption of
BH' work Immodlately, the commission
BH , paved tho way for arbitrating other
H Arizona coppei uiluo strikes, which
H lmvo caused loss of many million
Hi pounds of war metal In tho lust four
PB months and resulted In deportations
flfl. of strikers and other disorders.
IB Tho. commission, headed b) Sucre-
fl tnry Wilson, Is expected to press for
BBV , settlement of many othpr Industrial
flfl' tj controversies during Its western tour,
Bfl " of which tho Arizona agreement Is tlio
flfl' llrst fruit.
Bfl Drive for Recreation Fund.
PH Washington. Plans lmvo been laid
flfl for tho natlon-wldo drlvo during tlio
BB. week of November -1-10 to ralso J3.750,-
flfl 000 for tho war camp community rec-
PH rentlon fund to provldo wholesome en-
HH tertnlnment for tho soldiers and sail-
HJ nrs In tho cities around thu training
HJ ' camps, MtM
i Sixty Killed in Explosion.
H; Snn Jose, Costa Itlca. Sixty per-
IB sons wero killed and ninety seriously
PH', - wounded ns tho 'result of an cxplo-
BH'jf slon which occurred in tho principal
BH4 lmrrncks ljero early Tuesday morning.
k9 The explosion was duo to an uccldent.
BH' Sarah Pernhardt Is 73.
H Davenport, Iowa. Mine. Surah
HH; Hernlinrdt was 73 years old on Octo-
HJi bcr '23. Franco's woman of tho hour,
H " saddened but bravo In tho face of her
Hi ' country's trials, expressed her pro-
BB found ndmlrutlon for Anicricu.
PjHHndlng Her Lines In the East,
HHHHny Has Merely Added to Her
BRldens and Increased Con-
HHHHHHHV firlnrr nf Altlrfl.
var secretary declares It apparent that
ho German high command iilanned the
eccnt expedition against the Russians
n tho Riga sector In order to bolster
up mornle nnd meet Impending In
ternal difficulties. Ry extending her
lines In tho east, he adds, German
has merely ndded to the length of her
line of communications and Increased
conlldencc In the Until allies' victory.
Along tho western front, trench
raids, us well as tho usual artillery
duels, are reported. Isolated counter
attacks were conducted by tho enemy
in such u manner ns to Indicate thnt
no renl success was expected, but
merely servo to keep up tho nggres
slro spirit ot tho troops.
Rumors of an Impending Austrian
offensive directed against Italy have
been current during tho past week.
Reports of concentrations ot Austrian
and German divisions to take part in
this attack are noted. Any ono fa
miliar with tho situation can nt once
dctcrmlno theso rumors nro ex
aggerated. Kvcn should tho season
permit it, tho conccntntlon of the
number of fresh enemy divisions, esti
mated as high iih forty, could not, as n
physical possibility, tako place in tlio
narrow Trentlno valley, fed by a
slnglo rnllrond system.
An Interesting summary of troop
movements In tho Unlti-d States sUows
thnt since tho prifuentlnoblllxntloil'be
fgan 01-1,103 persons lmvo been trims
ported by tlio rallronds for tho war
department, of whom 250,815 wero
transported lu standard or tourist
sleepers, tho remainder In ordlnnry
day coaches. This vast movement 1ms
been conducted by tho railroads with
out n slnglo serious accident nnd the
co-operation between tlio rnilroads
and tlio department has been most
cordial mid effective.
Child Falls Into Canal.
RIackfoot, Idnjio. The body of 3-year-old
Dorothy Norton, duughter of
Thomas W. Norton, who disappeared
from her homo Monday mornlug. was
found Into lu tlio afternoon In n slough
of Snuko river a mllo northwest of
Rhickfoot. Tho child had fallen Into
n canal which runs lu front of the
Norton homo und lind been carried
to the slough.
German Princess Dies.
Amsterdam. Princess Henrlctto
nilzuboth. of Schleswlg-Ilolstelu, aunt
of tlio empress of Germany, is dead
at Kiel. Sho was 81 years old.
HHHHHrs?f ivr 4ZZ ' -
vHHHHk Qv isflMl ,smii .4- , f " a
vBtBLCtf -iih - HHsv
SErflKslA. i
0 BBBBBbasl
A new photograph of Lord Reading,
lord chief Justice of England, who has
taken charge of the financial negotla.
tlons for his government between the
United 8tates and England.
Coast Plans Farm Increase.
San Francisco. A movement to in
crenso thy products of Cullfornln farms
nnil orchards ?100,000,000 or moro
yearly was begun hero Monday with
tho formation of tho California Fed
eration of Farmers' Co-operatlvo
Marketing associations.
Fifteen German Airplanes Bagged.
Loudon. Fifteen Gcrmnn ulrplnnes
wero brought down by British nviutors
In recent lighting over tho bnttlo areas
in northern Frnnce, says tho offlclnl
litutemetjt on aviation, Issued Monday.
f The Prompter "
"111 WE MUST - 1 I TOICJWjj
iraousiuiDs die r
"' k
Refusal of Germany to Allow 3afc
Passage of Relief Ships Was Th
Death Sentence of Thousands
of Syrians.
Now York. A thousand deaths n
day from starvation out of u popu
lation of :i."0,000 lu tho Lebanon moun
tains near Relrut, Syria, Is tho toll of
fnmlno conditions thero resulting from
tho war, It was declared hero Sunday
by tho Rev. William II. Hall of the
Syrian Protestant college, who recent
ly returned to this country from relief
work In thnt district.
Continuing Mr. Hall described tho
tragic disappointment of tho peoplo
there, whoso spirits wore kept up for
weeks by tho promised nrrlved last
Christmas tlmo of tho American relict
ship Caesar, which would lmvo meant
llfo to thousands, but which never
arrived owing to tho rofusul. of Ger
many nnd Austria-Hungary to grunt
her snfo passago to Relrut.
Tho Caesar, n navul collier loaned
to tho Red Cross by tho nnvy depart
ment, left Now York months; beforo
tho entry of this country intoXho war,
as nl "Christmas ship" for tliojftedy In
Syrli, canning tnoro .than 'uT('Br
of il million dollars' worth st food, and
clothing contributed in this country.
"Duy after day tho poor, starving
peoplo along tho coast and through Uio
mountains looked nnd prayed for tho
coming of tho 'American ship,' Mr.
Hall said. "Tho country was canvass
ed by well organized committees, tho
needy wero listed, tho work of distribu
tion was thoroughly prepared, offices
wero opened nnd men chosen to direct
tho distribution. Tho peoplo wullcd.
Their hopes wero raised high.
"Week followed week und month fol
lowed month lu suspenso tho peoplu
dally looked out to sen for her, but tho
ship which meant llfo and hopo to
thousands nover appeared. Sho was
held by 'military necessity' whllo thu
people starved."
Tho city of Relrut Is ns sorely nf
rilcted as tlio mountain districts, Mr.
Hall weut on, nnd day or night ono
hears tho cry nlong tho streets, "I am
hungry glvo mo bread." This Is not
from beggars, but from lnborers and
tradesmen, peoplo who lmvo known
the comforts ot life.
Gun Fight Is the Result of Alleged
Cattle Theft.
Idaho Falls, Idaho. Kd. Rogus, fore
man of tho Chirk & Denning Cnttlo
company at Dubois, and Kd Drowns, n
herder for tho company, aro both dead
as tho result of u duel fought ut tho
ranch on Sunday.
The company has been missing
sheep and Rogus had accused Drowns
of stealing them. Drowns sent word
to Rogus that ho would shoot him on
sight. At noun Sunday Rogus left
Dubois for thu ranch lu an auto.
Drowns saw him coming and rodo to
ward him, shooting us lie went. Rogus
was shot through tho uings and chest
as ho was climbing through n wlro
fence. Whllo on thu ground ho turned
over and, drawing ids revolver, shot
Drowns from his horse, killing him
Coastwise Trade Opened.
Washington. America's coastwlso
tradu was formally opened to foreign
shipping Monday, by n resolution of
tho shipping hoard ordering thu li
censing for such trade of both foreign
hullt vessels under tho United Status
Mug and vessels of foreign register.
Ax Slayer Again on Trial.
Red Oak, la. Tho Rov. Lyn G. J.
Kelly, who Is In tho county Jail, prob
ably will bo put on trlnla second tlmo
for tho Yllllson ax shiylngs in 1012,
within threo weeks. Tho first trlnl end
ed .In n disagreement of tho Jury.
Bolo Pasha Pemoved to Cell.
Paris. Tho health of Rolo Pnsha,
under arrest as a German propogundi
Istj lias been restored and ho wan
tranferred on Monday from tho prison
Infirmary cell to a cell In tho Santo
prison In Paris.
Every Registered Man Will Know His
Exact Position and Will Be Able
to Arrange His Affairs Accord
ingly, It Is Announced.
Washington. A sweeping cliungo In
the machinery of the selectho draft,
based on division of tho 0,000,000 re
maining registrants Into live classes In
order of their eligibility for military
service, was announced Sundny by Pro
vost Marshal General Crowdcr. De
tails of tho plan, which has been up
proved by President Wilson, aro not
disclosed. It Is calculated, however, to
do nwny with virtually nil tho com
plicated machinery of tho llrst draft
and to mnko tho operations of tho local
hoards hereafter llttlo moro than rub
ber stnmp progress.
Tho campnlgn was worked out In
conferences with locnl nnd district
board officials and approved by tho va
rious stato authorities. Its chief feat
ures nro that every registered man will
know his exact position nnd bo nblo
to nrrnngo his affairs accordingly nnd
that no mnn deemed neccssnry In any
Important industry or needed nt homo
to Bupport his family will bo called
to tho colors unless tho mllltnry situ
ation is desperate.
Fatally Wounded by Brother While on
Hunting Trip.
Milwaukee, Wis. Accidentally shot
In tho chest whllo hunting nt Rush
Lake, Wis., with his brother, Gustavo.
United States Senator Paul O. Hustlng
was fatally wounded. Ho died Sun
dny night. Tho shot was Jlred by his
brother. Tho chargo of shot toro nway
part of tho senator's left lung. Ho was
carried in nn unconscious condition to
a nearby farm bouso nnd surgeons
from all tho nearby cities wcro rushed
to tho scene, but without avail.
Methodists Levy War Budget.
Atlnntlc City. A war budget ot $10,
000,000 aunuiilly for tho next llvo
years has been fixed upon by tho
board of bishops of thu Methodist
Kplscopol church, which began its
semi-annual session hero Monday. It
Is to lio collected from communicants
throughout tho world nnd placed in
hands, of n special commlttco headed
by ono ot tlio bishops for administration.
? xnflHflfjJ8jtIjMitV HjHjflW
lk. flYivflflWflYflK:BflVflPr'
This Is HJalmar Brantlng, leader of
the socialist party of Sweden.
I. W. W. Plot to Force Strike.
Henrietta, Okla. A plot to force tho
0500 coal miners In this district out
ou n strike, said to havo been direct
ed frpm I, W. .W. headquarters In
Minneapolis, was declared to havo
been uucovered here.
Socialists In Conference.
Vienna. Tho Austrian Socialist par
ty's annual couferencu opened hero
witli a speech by Secretary Skaret,
who emphasized tho lasting effect tho
Russian revolution would lmvo on tho
working classes.
Convoys of Vessel Returning to tho
United States Rush to Scene of
Disaster and Rescue a Number
of Drowning Men.
Washington. Seventy American
sailors nnd soldiers lost their lives Oc
lohor 17, when u German submarine
torpedoed tho army transport An
tilles. News of this first heavy blow struck
against America by Germany reached
the nnvy department from Vlco Ad
miral Sims on October ID. Tho An
tilles was torpedoed while returning
to this country from France. Sho was
under convoy nt tho time, but neither
tho torpedo which sent her to tlio bot
tom nor tlio destroying submarlno was
The men had no chanco for their
lives. Struck abreast the cngtno room,
tho Antilles sank like a plummet, go
ing down hi llvo minutes. There wero
about 237 aboard her and there was
little or no chanco to tako to tho
Of tho 107 saved, many wero report
ed to havo been fished from tho wa
ters by vessels of the convoy.
Three Naval Offl.-.ets Lost.
Tho death list Includes three nnvy
officers, four sailors and sixteen sol
diers. Tho rest of the victims were
members of the merchant crew.
Coming on tho heels of Vlco Ad
miral Sims' report of tho torpedoing of
an American destroyer, the sinking of
thu Antilles caused n distinct shork
to the military and naval establish
ments. Tho Sims dispatch reached tho
bureau of communications ut tho de
partment shortly nfter 3 o'clock Friday
afternoon, at a tlmo when tho presi
dent nnd his cabinet were In session
mid discussing, it Is stated, the report
of Admiral Mayo as to tho real situa
tion abroad.
In war department circles It was
stated unolTlclnlly that Important
American officials wero on board tho
lll-futed Antilles, returning from mis
sions ot observation nbrond. This may
account for tho fact thnt sho was
"picked out" by tlio submnrlne, but
general opinion Is thnt tho U-boat took
u shot in tho dark, trusting to luck to
bag ono American ship nnd not dur
ing to show herself becnuso of the
Convoys Rush to Rescue.
That tho loss of llfo was not henv
lor, considering the nlmost linmcdinto
sinking of tho Antilles, Is declared by
experts to bo duo solely to tho fact
that sho wob In n licet of ships nnd
thnt tho fast convoying destroyers
could immediately rush to the, rescue
nnd pick up many of tho men from
tho wutcr.
In enso of such nttack it Is the
navy policy for tho other ships under
convoy to scatter ns widely ns possl
hie, steering r.lgzng in order to buvc
themselves. Tho policy lins been es
tablished us tho only sufo ono to pur
sue, despite tho uppnrent brutality of
leaving men to drown.
Thero nro many angles vlslblo to
glvo bnsls to this belief, and officials
of standing point them out. They say
that Germans, by sinking n few trans
ports, expect to "sicken" America and
glvo strength to paclllsts and propa
gandists In this country that sho can
crlpplo America's war preparations in
this way, euuso opposition to furthe
drafts and crento generally an anti
war spirit in America.
They say that tlio recent falling off
in tho loss of Rritlsh tonnngo and the
Increirlng nttneks on American ves
sels Indicates that tho Germnn ndmlr
nlty, now that the closo of activities
lu tlio North sea Is near, 1ms deter
mined upon n winter campaign against
American transports, nnd proposes to
carry on such n campaign on a large
Tho Antilles, a freight and passen
ger steamship of CS78 tons gross, own
ed by the Southern Puelllc Steamship
rompany (Morgan line) was ono of
tlio crack American coast liners. She
piled between Now Orleans nnd New
York and had carried thousands of
persons to tho Mnrdl Grns celebration
In tho southern city. Tho vessel wns
taken over by tho government ns u
transport early lu tho war.
Tho Antilles was built by tho
Cramps at Philadelphia In 1007. Sho
was -121 feet long, with a beam of
f3 feet and a depth of 37 feet.
La Follette Issues Denial.
Washington. Senator Lu Folletto
Issued a statement Sunday denying
and denouncing as "libelous and men
dnclous" charges Jhat ho bus been
nttemptlng to obstruct tho Liberty
bond miIo by circulating certain speech
es mado by him lu thu senate.
Yaquls Threaten Hermoslllo.
El Paso, Texas. An unconfirmed re
port was received hero that 1500
Yomil Indlnns who aro in revolt lu tho
Snsabo district of Sonorn nro organiz
ing un expedition to march on Hermo
slllo, cnpltal of tho state.
Triplets Born on Train.
Denver. Mrs. J. O. Atkinson of So
attlo became tho mother of triplets
aboard a westbound Rock Island train
Friday. Mother und children nro well
and now nro at Colorudo Sprlugs,
whero relatives llvo.
i 'f SHE
It isn't H
.necessary to jH
know any flH
other jewelry H
store. B
Id iplenJU atti cin-Bulcki, Oldimoblltl, Ni- I BB
llonlll-1150 to 1100. Gmtllitttl lilil cllil SSB
tonnlm cendlilon-fiw ft H
llcht ptillM. WHit tot dtolltl llu D'l deialp- Bfl
llancloll-Doitil Auto Co., Sill Ltke Cllil BB
Border Trouble Between United States, BH
and Canada Threatened for Time, BH
However, to Be Serious. BH
Tho "Caroline war" wns n border BR
trouble between tho United States and BH
Canada, In which n few persons were BH
killed, but tlio trouble did not last
long. In 1830-7 thero was n strong re- BH
publican spirit rlfo lu parts of lower BB
Canada which culminated In Decern- HH
bcr, 1837, In nn unsuccessful Insurrcc- HH
tlon In Toronto. Tho lenders of the- HH
insurrection fled to tho United States, HK
nnd one of tl m, n newspaper mnn HH
named Mnckeiiic, with 25 or 30 men. HH
Including n few from tho American BR
sldo who had Joined him, seized an is- HH
laud In tho Niagara river and set up- fljj
n provisional government. Their navy BJ
consisted ot n steamboat called tho fljj
Caroline, nnd ono dark night whllo sho- fljj
was lying on tho American sldo n party fljj
of Canadians crossed tho river nnd HP
burned tho boat, killing several n.va J
oil board of her. HE
The affair caused great Indlgnntlon. V
President Vnn Ruren Issued proclnmn- BK
tlons demanding obscrvanco of tho neu- flf
trnllty laws. Tho New York mllllla HE
was mltod out nnd placed under com- HK
mand of Gen. Win field Scott Prcsl- HE
dent Van Ruren characterized thw H
burning of tho Carolina In American HJ
waters as "an outrage of a most iiggru-
voted character" nnd concluded by ask- n
Ing congress for "such npproprlntlona
us tho circumstances In which our
country is thus unexpectedly plnccd re- HE
quire." Tho nffalr drugged nlong a H
few yenrs, but wns finally settled with- HJ
out further bloodshed. Bj
Stevenson Planned Much Work. HJ
Considering Robert Louis Steven- H
son's short life, ho wroto n great deal,
but ho planned still more. A writer Bj
who 1ms been delving into his record
offers what ho says is a hlthertoun- H
published list of "two novels nnd HJ
talcs," which Stevenson meant to- H
write, but never did. It runs thus:
Tho Indian Mutiny, Sarannc Lake, HJ
18SS; Cnnnnnmllls, probably Sarauac Bj
Lake, 18S8; Tho Rising Sun, nt Sen. BJ
(Pacific), 1800; Dyco of Ythnn, Samon, H
1801!; Tho Shovels of Nctwon French, H
Samoa, 1802 ; Tho Reach-Combers, Sa- HJ
tnoa, 1893; Sophia Scarlet, Samoa, H
1S03; Tho Owl, Samoa, 1S03; Death In H
tho Pot, Samoa, 1803; Tho Sleeper
Awakened, Samoa, 1803. HJ
Stevenson planned other work not HJ
In thu lino ot Action. They were: A. H
Rlography of tlio Duko of Wellington, H
a Rlogrnphy of Hazlltt, a history or
tho Indian Mutiny, nn English Gram
mar, to ho Illustrated from tho Eng
lish Clnsslcs. Ho also began nnd, for
ono reason or another, nover complet
ed theso stories:
Tho Crent North Road, Rourno
mouth, 1881; Tlio Young Chuvnller,
1803; Heothercat, Samoa, 1803; The.
tio-Retween, Samoa, 1803; St. Ives,
Hiiiihm, 1891; Weir ot Hermlston, Sa
moa, 1804.
One Way Out.
"And now, Ilellu," said llttlo Mary to
ner doll, "you must lay down for a
whllo and go to sleep."
"You should say 'llu down, denr,"
put In little Mury's mother.
"Relln," sold Mary Impressively,
"I'm going to Ho you down, so don't
you cry."
"'Lay you down,' dear," camo the
KTond gentle correction.
Mary was much puzxled. Whatever
Mio said, It seemed to be wrong. Blio
declined to eope longer with tho Intri
cacies of tho English language. "Rellu,"
f,ho unnounccd, "I think you better sit
nnl" J
Cocoanut Rafts.
Coconnut pnlins grow luxurlnntly In
many purts of tho Philippine Islands
and thero Is a largo demand for tho
nuts among the peoplo who llvo In tho
cities und towns. Tho method of bring
ing them to the markef at Manilla Is
both slmplo nnd picturesque. Tlio co
connuts nro brought to tlio banks of
the River Pasig, n rough framework:
ot bamboo poles Is constructed, nnd on
tills the nuts nro piled so as to form a
raft. Threo or four men then polo th
curious craft down stream Into the city
of Munllhi. Philadelphia Record.
A Bit Mixed.
Uncle 'SI (with newspnper) Here'
a man who pnld $7,000 for a Strndl
vnrlus. Farmer Hosklns Somo of then
fancy breeds o' cuttlo cost a powerful
sight of money.
An Approval.
"Your colleague uses a great many
clnsslcal quotations."
"I npprovo of them," commented Sen
ator Sorghum. "They're the only ob
servatloiiB ho mnkes that are In any
degreo relluble."

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