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H vol. XIII GARLAND, UTAH, SATURDAY, DEC. 7th, 1918 No- 45.
flflB - 1
Must Wear
the Mask
HHH ' o
B Owing to so many of our pco-
B pie as well as people from the
B outside, failing to carry out the
H city ordinance relative to the
B wearing of masks, the City
H Fathers were compeilcd to take
B further action along this line.
B Accordingly, at the meeting of
B Ul Council held Tuesday even-
B Ing, Health Officer G. H. Mow-
B ry was instructed to rigidly in-
B force the mask ordinance and to
B arrest any and all persons who
B failed to comply with the ordln-
Bi ancc. It was further brought
B to the attention of the health
fli officer that many of the masks
H were improvised slnglo strips
HBV , of gauso just slipped across the
BV, mouth as sort of a "blind" and
BB did not fill the bill by any means.
HBfl Also that others slipped the
HBV mask off at every given oppor-
Bw tunlty nnd were not carylng out.
HBW( the ordinance as it was intended
Bm that It should be. Marshal
BBY' Mowry got busy Wednesday
BBT . morning and made several nr-
BHVj rests of persons who were fall-
B lng to comply with the ordln-
fllj ancc. They appeared before
BBV His Honor, Justico John J.
BBV Shumway and were given a
BY severe "curtain" lecture. It
Hi being a first offense with the
fl " "good fellows", no flne was 1m-
HB posed, but look out hereafter as
H thelaw Is going to be Inforccd to
HBYej' fowwfrw , the tottw W-Hfe-tv'
Hi' Some of the masks being
IBS' worn wcro really a Joke and it
BflV wa8 amusing to note how some
Hf sought to avoid the disagreeable
9 "mask wearing" proposition.
HH t
HHJ ' The futuro of the lumber industry
Bj looks exceedingly bright, western
HBl products especially, will be in great
B demand, thus adding largely to the
B prosperity of tho Pacific northwest
HBf For more than four years thera has
HBb been a complete cessation of building
B operations in all parts of tho world,
HH except tho United States, and for
M About two years there havo been no
M -new construction or repairs in this
HBl country.
H Naturally, tho demand for lumber
H In going to bo insistent. Franco and
HH Belgium, whore formerly little lum-
H bcr was used in building, will call for
Hfl, enormous quantities of it for hasty
Hfl' rehabilitation of their war-devastated
HH , regions'. England and Italy also will
H need lumber for rebuilding and ro-
H pal"- With conditlon3 ns t,,oy nro In
H Russia it will bo necessary for the
H United States tn meet this demand
and the timber resources or tnts coun-
H -try will bo stretched to tho limit
K Shipbuilding will- continue for a
HH long time, .and empty bottoms for
HBV over-seas transportation of our for-
Hit cst products will be available. Thus,
BVBj in tho opinion of experienced men, tho
Hflf . lumbering industry of our country
B wi" mnlc preat strIdes durinK th
fl next few years. The labor problem
BB. mny vex for a few months, but that
B situation will be adequately handled.
B The economic and political doctors
B all agreo that there is a great read-
B justment to take placo following cs-
BB tabllshment of , peace and they have
H various theories. The nverage Ainer-
B lean will take good care of himself if
B he has a chance to work for good
B wages and take care of No. 1.
B G. 0. and Ray Hymer went to Og-
H den st Sunday and. returned in tho
BB. evening with n fine Ford Sedan. The
B boys have equipped the car with n
B heater and when you wa"ht a warm,
comfortable drlVc, just hire the Sedan
H and go in tne winter anywhere, and
HI the trip wilt bo as pleasant as a drive
BB In tho springtime. Hymer Bros, pro
BB cured tho car for special rent pMr
B poses for theircustomers and friends.
The Ford Sedan is an ideal winter
The Red Cross
Will Carry On
With tho cessation of hostilities
nnd tho assurance of permanent
world pence nnd democracy, it must
bo realized that the work of tho Amer
ican Red Cross is only begun. As the
soul of tho nation organized for ser
vice, recognized by tho government ns
a 'part of itsolf, its work must go on.
With miraculous speed tho govern
ment transported overseas nn army of
more than two million men, and vast'
stores of food, clothing, munitions
and other necessaries. These men
cannot bo returned to this country
with tho speed with which. they wro
taken abroad. Besides, many of them
must bo kept In service thero for a
long timo to come.
We havo also thousands of wound
ed, disabled and convalescent soldiers;
as long as thoy need nursing nnd
cheer, tho Red Cross must carry on.
In those allied countries which have
been ravished by Hun hordes, tho very
mnchlncry of lifo hns boon left shat
tered and disorganized; natural re
sources havo been exhausted, homes
destroyed and fields torn up. Until
our last man is brought homo, until
tho normal condition of pence is re
stored, until the blight which hns laid
nearly nil Europo wasto Is removed,
tho Red Cross will sustain, heal and
The Red Cross is founded upon the
ideal which has. been tho heritage of
our nation the inspiration ofpur his-
torythe- aisSi9lU4(?u'''cP-'
'tored"lKfwar to vindicate. "It'is' the
Greatest Mother in tho World, bo
cause it is the embodiment of mercy,
and mercy Is tho test of Brotherhood,
Just as Brotherhood Is the test of
"Not for ourselves, but for all hu
manity," was tho solemn challenge
that brought us to arms. Now that
America has attained that righteous
peace that shall bring to all men tho
right to "life, liberty and the pursuit
of happiness," tho Red Cross, as tho
practical prophet of that peace, can
not and will not abandon tho human
wrcckago strewn along the world's
devastated highways and byways.
Until n redeemed nnd rebuildcd
world rejoices in the Justico, the
Righteousness nnd tho Lasting Fenro
of n self-governed nnd self-governing
Democracy, thero will not be surcenso
of loving ministration by tho Red
So long ns tho distressed children of
men have need, it will feed tho hun
gry, clothe tho naked, enre for tho
sick, shelter tho homeless.
The work of tho Red Cross Is not
finished. It is only begun.
j East Garland
(Too Late for Last Issue)
The farmers are through with
the beet harvest, b"t unless the
frost goes out of tho ground
they cannot do much plowing
this fall.
H. L. Moore 1ms spent tho
greater part of this week in Og
don and vicinity on business.
Mrs. C. Anderson of Ephraim,
has returned home after an ex
tended islt with her daughter,
Mrs. DeloB Adams.
Mr. and Mrs. John Oyler, Sr.,
and their two daughters are
visiting relatives here.
S. W. Oapener, who had his
leg broken, is recovering nicely.
A fine daughter was born Nov.
22 to Mr. and Mrs. Kazujl Wat
anaba, Dr, W. M. Cragun attend
ing the mother. All doing fine.
A nuinder of the Doy Scouts
have been camplig out lately,
fishing and hunting.
School started Monday, but
on account of such a small at
tendance, closed again Tuesday
1 afternoon. -
Results of 1
School Election
O" "
The school held Wednesday,
December 4 th, In the lBt, 3rd
and 5th school precincts of Box
Eider county, resulted In but,
one change In tho present Board
unless precinct No. 1, western,
Box:ider, which has not been
heard from, should ilico an
other man In Member A. M. See-;
ley's place. W. C. Betterldge
of Grouse Creek was nominated
as a candidate for board member
from that district and we under;-'
stand that he Is in tho lead and
may win out
In precinct No. 5, which com
priseBBrigliam City, two. can
didates were up for election, viz:'
Present Member F. W. Fishburn
and Jesse V. Hoopes. Mr.
Hoopes was elected by a major-1
ltyof34. The vote was:
Hoopes 277
Fishburn 243
Two candidates were also in
tho Field In precinct No. 3 which
comprises the districts of Tro
monton, east, west and south to
Corlnne. Tho candidates ht
this precinct were Present Mem-'
bcr P. M. Hansen and K. H. Fri
dal, Sr. Tho vote was:.
Hansen 182
Fridal 1G4
Hanson's majority 18
Owing to the districts of -jllHU
west being so'far apart,it mayjMsl
6g voral .dayi 'Jo'r,8i4JH;tt)tlfj
from prcclnct"N6T-l"can be -obtained.
The Board of County Commission
ers met In regular session Monday,
December 21, 1018.
J. P. Chrlbtcnscn, Road Supervisor
Elwood, in company with other citi
zens of that district, appeared and
asked for an appropriation to gravel
a plcco of road in that district which
was very much In need of repair. Tho
gentlemen offered to havo gravel for
25c per yard In order to get tho
work dono. After duo consideration,
$250 was appropriated for that work.
A. E. Zundcl nnd Fred Sylvester of
Plymouth appeared rolntlvo to tho
right-of-way for n road from Ply
mouth west through Johnson's Can
yon to White's Valley; the road in
question traverses through their prop
erty; nn agreement was entered into
whorcby Mr. Zundel is to receive
$232.40 "for tho property, furnish tho
material for fence nnd do ,tho work.
Mr. Sylvester is to receive $200,
furnish material nnd do the work In
building n fenco across their prop
erty, whore this road crosses field.
Tho fenco to be three-wire nnd posts
to bo not less than 20 feet apart
David W. Morris, road supervisor
for Portago, appeared relative to a
change in atnto road, which runs by
old Kelly ranch, cast of Portago. Mr.
Nielson, tho owner, is willing for road
to go straight through, instead of
going around; also agreed to build
a good fence on either side of road,
if county would pay for aftor it was
accepted, which offer was accepted
by tho board. Upon motion, $500 was
appropriated from State Rood Fund
to repair road from Portage Lano
north to Idaho Stnto Line.
Upon motion Mrs, Vcrna C. Han3on
was appointed registrar of vital sta
tistics of Boxelder precinct. Mrs.
Maria C. Wellswas appointed regis
trar of vital statistics for Promontory
Communication from Secretary of
Stato relative to tho County Treas
urer handling temporary llccnso plates
was presented. Tho board would be
Willing, providing the regular plates
could be purchased in county.
Communication from J. Bert Nelson
relative to tho Road Supervisor Junc
tion Precinct Action was deferred
until after tho 1st of the year 1019.
Communication from Dr. J. A. King
lity Fathers
Ifeel Justified
jjXSInco our last issue, in which np
jwtrcd an'nrtlclo censuring the City
Ctuncll for appointing a non-resident
ami non-taxpayer as the health of
Jiker of'Garland City, we havo pro
cured somo information thnt gives an
Ifitlrc new nnd different phase to tho
wwstlon and straightens out some
Enters thnt gave rise to misundcr
Windings and misleading informa
1in. In the first place, it was not
Jealth appointee, ns Marshal G. S.
IHwry has been tho health officer
r the past year or.morc. The poti
Man circulated read "health officer,"
raa.in that case was misleading nnd
$3 no bearing upon the situation
wljatcvcr. We feel satisfied that
fhtco-fourths of the signers of said
petition, which hns not ns yet been
grtscntcd to tho Council, did not or
Sojnot understand whnt they wcro
joking for or they never would have
nghed a petition asking the said
Council to appoint n resident taxpayer
M?tho health officer when such is
thl man nlrcndy appointed to the posi-
t'jrho matter was the appointment of
t City Physician, which position can
Kk, bo filled only by n medical doctor
Wkn practicing physician.
Bfho members of the Council thor
Bthlv discussed the proposition nnd
Bkjalmously-camo to the conclusion
TliatHho City'-Physfcfan-mtisrworMn
unison with the Council along tho line
of reporting nil cases of contagious
diseases that exist in the city. The
Council claims that somo of the resi
dent physicians hnve not worked in
co-operation with tho city fathers In
reporting these contagious diseases;
theroforc, tho Board of Health was
always at a loss to know Just whore
contagious diseases existed and,
therefore deemed it wise to appoint
Dr. J. A. King of Tremonton ns the
City Physician of Garland City. The
Council feels Justified in their action
along this lino, because tho members
and nicmbcrs only know tho truo situation.
Tho Wilson Lumber Company
of Tremonton recently shipped
to Black Pino, Idaho, a carload
of cement and other material,
where tho people there have be
gun tho erection of a church
building which will cost, when
comnleted. about $8,500.00. Of
this amount the Church con
tributed $3,500.00 and tho peo
ple thero will make up the bal
ance. It is to be a modern struc
ture and will be a blessing to
that community.
relative to Health Officer for District
No. 2 was referred to County Phy
sician Henderson tor approval.
Communication from State Road
Commissioner stating that any mnt
tor pertaining to stato rood work in
futurQ should be done through District
Engineer R. W. Armstrong. Com
munication ordered filed.
Petition from, residents of Boothe
Valley for a change of road around
Poulsen Hill was considered, nnd
upon motion action was deferred for
Resolution was adopted whereby the
clerk was authorized to issuo to Salt
Lake Security & Trust Co. a quit
claim deed for the redemption of prop
erty in Section 25, Township 11 North,
Range 8 West, containing nine acres;
said property was assessed to W. W.
Auditor's Incidental Report for
month of November was approved.
The Clerk's Report of Fees for
month of November was approved.
Sheriff's Report for month of August
was approved. Treasurer's Report
for month of October was approved.
A number of claims were allowed.
Ordered that meeting stand ad
; loomed. f
-l. . -;
Partiality Cer
tainly Shown
The Bear River Leader would
seek to convey the idea or im
pression that ALL information
or authentic news is of little
value unless sanctioned or ap
proved in tho columns of that
sheet. Facts are facts, oven if
the Leader don't accept them.
When the Globe made the state
ment that there never was at
any given time of the epidemic
more than a dozen cases of in
fluenza in tills city, wo knew
whereof wc Bpoke as we had se
cured the information from a
reliable source and hence our
complaint and contradiction of
the "knocker" statements to the
contrary. Tiiere are probably
ten cases of influenza In this city
today (not 22) as tho Leader
would have you believe, while in
wide-open Ticmonton at the
same time there exists Ave or six
cases of tho disease. We cer
tainly feel satisfied that Dr.
llcatty has shown partiality to
our slBtcr town in allowing
everything to run wide open
there and at the same time clos
ing everything up here. The
State Board of Health advises
that where two or more coses
of Influenza exist, that public
gatherings' be prohibited. Not
so iii Tremonton and why the
of one town and the opening of
the other so closely associated
as Garland and Tremonton
should not be general, Is a puz
zling question to us and don't
by any means seem fair. We
were informed thnt Tremonton
only yesterday, held a public
funeral over the remains of a
citizen who had died from the
effects of Influenza. If that Is
a fact, thero is certainly some
thing "out of Joint" In respect
to the way the health regula
tions in thnt city are being ob
served. How can Garland ever
expect to get gid of tho "flu"
with "fluey" Tremonton wide
open and our citizens flocking
there to attend picture shows,
play pool, etc., and do their trad
ing? Oh! it is a flne thing for
Tremonton nnd the Leader,
naturally, would light for the
"open" condition there from the
fact that the closing or the pic
ture show, alone, would cut off a
Bourco of revenue that means
much to that publication thnt
made several attempts to have
tho town "open" long before tho
opening was granted. Wo might
devote column after column
along this line, but what's the
use; it would only annoy tho
"ideal" Bheet hi tho "ldeal"town,
so wo pass up tho prattllngs of
the "perfect" Leader nnd let it
go at that.
- o
Deputy Game Warden James
Cottam complains about the
practice some hunters have
been following, of shooting
ducks in tho evening after sun
down and even after dark. The
law plainly prescribes the hours
which are between sunrise and
sunset of each day. Any wild
game of tho feathery tribo that
is killed before sunrise or after
sunset, is illegally bagged and
Warden Cottam declares ho will
be forced to gather in tho viola
tors if tho practice is preslsted
in. Mr. Cottam lives close
enough and is in touch with all
of the hunting grounds of tho
county so that lie Is not doing
any guess work but Is positive
that tho shooting hours are be
ing violated.
I m
3 VJ
Wc so detest coming out i H
behind time every week,
that wo have decided to , BJ
change our press day to BJ
Saturday again in order 'j -I
to be more up-to-date in iljifl
the future. We changed liffl
to Thursday in order to llPM
give tho local merchants AttflB
an opportunity of offer- , " BJ
Ing special Saturday bar- jBB
gains to draw trade, but j .BJ
only ono or two of tho ' SB
most wide awake ones BJ
grasped the splendid idea, j BB
and were bennefltted by ' r-M
our sacrifice The Satur- BB
day Weekly Globe. i Bpj
4 Every Saturday Hereafter ' j BB
j Bfl
Margaret L. Farrand.
They stopped us on the Rue de Ri- I
voil becauso they saw our Red Cross , iSB
uniforms, n tall, thin private and n vj
middle-sized one. They wanted to 'SB:
know if thero wns any place in Paris 'Bfl
where the Red Cross fed soldiers. .BB
They had landed In the city that ;BVJ
morning nnd they hadn't a cent in BvJ
their pockets. Of course, they didn't BVJ
speak a word of French and, of course, BBJ
they didn't know a thing about Paris. BJ
Tho only thing they did know was iiVAl
that they vcro to take n train at 8:30 11
that evening from tho snmo stntion at , BhJ
which they had como in. They had BhJ
been wnndcring about the city all day, BB
it was 3 o'clock in the nftcrnoon, nnd 'i 'BBg
thoy wcro pretty well starved. They I Bfl
wanted n square meal moro than, any- . JBBb
lWrfgc!sriwio"-orrdrina--thoy- - !
wanted somo kind of food to tako with j BJ
them on their long Journey that night. BJ
Did tho Red Cross do anything for Bfl
soldiers who were up a tree like that? I Bfl
"But, of course," we began, "that's I II
what the Red Cross is for. There are HH
canteens at most of tho stations that 'Bfl
will feed you with pleasure. The best I Bfl
one for you to go to is ," but we j Bfl
didn't get any further. Tho matter V HJ
was taken out of our hands and ef- 1 BB
fectivcly settled by a corporal with a Bfl
bandaged head, who had overheard HJ
our conversation as he sauntered HH
along looking in the shop windows. ( HH
"Do you guys want something to HH
eat?" he asked. "Ill tell you what to i KHJ
do. You get on the 'Metro see? flflj
that's French for subway and you HJ
go up to the 'Gore du Nord that's HHJ
French for a station and when you HH
get thero you'll see a big sign, 'Amer- HH
ican Red Cross Canteen,' and you go ' HH
In there nnd they'll give you all you HH
want to eat for nothing. No, you don't Bfl
need no tickets to ride on tho Metro. Bh
When they come and ask for one I HJ
Just sny that French word, 'blesse' , HH
that means wounded nnd they go ' HH
right nlong and let me rido for noth- HH
ing. They sure do like the Americans. HH
You go on up to that 'Gare du Nord.' HJ
There's real Americans there that can HH
speak English. They fed me there "
when I was broke like you. The Red HHJ
Cross certainly do treat you right." H
-h ' BflVfll
A recent amendment to the .BJ
Naturalization Act provides that HH
no candidate for naturalization HH
may receive his first papers IflflJ
within thirty days of a general HH
election. Where such papers HH
are presented within that time, i HHJ
they will be registered and the HHJ
candidate will be compelled to j HHJ
wait until the election is ovei '' H
before his application will be HH
received by the county clerk. i HJ
Heber B. Haws of Vernal, re- HHJ
cently died of Influenza, leaving HHJ
a wife and two small chL'dren. HHJ
His wife was formerly Miss HHJ
Rowlna Larsen of Tremonton. HJ
Wo aro making special prices H
on Christmas cards to teachers HHJ
whodeslro to remember their HHJ
students. We havo an unusual BVJ
attractive lino to select from. ,
Riter Bros. Drug Co. Tho Rex-
all Store. lt-adY j fl
BflflHMBBflHHHflBsiMiMfcSBBflBflflflBflflfliiiL- """'""iHHHHHHHHHHJl

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