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1 Uopt. of War History
. jt State Capitol Blilg
A irightiul accident occurvu
at about i oclocic 'Aueauuy
auenioon oi this weeK ai inc
Unas Nelson farm, northwest,
ti Tieaionton, whlcu is now
owned by .henry oyler, ox
EaBt Uanand, in which the hi
tie 4-year old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Oyler had the terrible
misfortune of having her leg
. and arm cut off with a mowing
machine which was being oper
ated by the mother of the child.
Owing to labor being scarce and
wages up 'to the high mark, 1
Mrs. Oyler volunteered to as- j
slst her husband in harvesting
the crop, the Oyler family en
deavoring to pay for the farm j
property which they recently
purchased. Mr. Oyler was rak
ing the hay while Mrs. Oylei
was running the mowing mach
ine. Their little daughter had
been riding on the rake with
her father and as they neared
the house, she was permited to
alight and go to the house. How
ever, instead of going to the
house as her father supposed
1 she had done, she went into
i the alfalfa patch which was be
ing mowed by her mother and
as the mowing machine came
round in. its regular ceurse the
child was caught by the ewtter
Xi 'liir.VtlM:iiucfcinVaad.hrrarB
V and leg severed. Mrs. Oyler
was .horrified and terribly sh
ocked by the affair as she
thought her child was either at
r the house or in the care of its
father. The left arm of the
' child was cut off between th
wrist and the elbow and was
left hanging by a piece of skin.
The leg was cut off twice the .
first cut severing the limb Jimi ,
above the ankle and the second
cut taking off a pieco of the
leg about three Or four inches,
higher up, and the piece of the
limb taken off in the second cut.
' could not be found. I.
Doctor J. Edward was nofi
fled of the accident and In com
pany with Dr. T. W. Innes went
direct to the scene where the
Child in her bleeding and suffer
ing condition was rushed to the
Tremonton hospital. Dr. Day
dressed the child's leg and sew
ed the arm back In place which
required quite a number of
stitches. The child spent o
restless night, but the next day
she was in better condition and
as we go to press we were in
formed that every hope is en
tertalned that the arm of the
i little girl will be saved which
i is indeed a mericale..
The sympathie osf the entire
community go out to the Oyler,
family in their affliction.
ount of having been delayed in i
our quorum meeting study of'
the "Problemsof the Age", and
having only two months' more
in which to cover the entire ,
toourse of study, we will have to
take? one half of the subject '
jrfatter at our next regulai
meeting, August 17th. This is
a very busy season, but let w
all put forth an effort to fami
liarize ourselves with Brother
Tanner's ideas as they are vit
ally important. Since this
gaining of intelligence is the
main business in life, we should
slight the material things en
tough to prepare us for what
i iaUkeJy JScom? Janyqfu
any time A Mission. "
Sincerely your brother,
' A". L. COOK,
t' -'" Class Leader
r . v
News From
Sister Towns
Friday of last week, a "Wcl
qoine Homo" party wbb given
in the ward hall to Leland Sand
I ers, returned Soldier Boy, whd
, enlisted in uie Navy over two
. ran ago. Dancing was indulg
ed in and cake and punch were
served. Although Leland and
his parents are living in Trem
onton, we feel that ho is one of
,' Josph Atkinson made a busi
ness trip to Calrkston the fore
our boyB.
part of the week.
' Mrs. Ai-ignam -odtre;1 Is
visiting relatives and friends in
Clarkston. j
f Richard West, formerly a
resident of East Garland, came
up from Ogden last Sunday. H,
informed his friends that he was
' now a member of the Ogden
police force and thinks it a
beller Job than farming.
Miss Nellie Larson is visiting
friends in Syracuse.
Mr. and Mrs. David Cook of
, Liberty, were last Sunday gue
sts at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Moore.
Bishop and Mrs. E. S. Han
sen motored to Brigham City
last Sunday.
The .MteeesyvitgiRia ed.?Ame
LOyleraro visiting "- relatives'
Mr. and Mrs. Showell of
Stone, Idaho, were last Sunday
guests of Mr. and Mrs Lafay
ette Grover.
Mr. and Mrs. John Bates and
children of Brigham City, mot
ored to East Garland last Sun
day and spent the day with Mr.
and Mrs. P. G, Korth. Mrs.
Bates is a sister of Mrs. Korth.
Mrs. Lottie Burbank and
children of Preston, Idaho, were
visiting hero a few days this
j Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Dewey and
baby and Mrs. John P. Holmgren
'motored to Bear Lake Saturday
where they will enjoy themselves
for several days.
Miss Anna Heusser remained
over Sunday night with her
brother, Joseph Heusser and
family. On Monday Wanda and
LaVon Heusser accompanied
her to Weston, Idaho, where
they will viBlt their grand par
ents for a few days.
C. J, Dewey left Wednesday
for California, where he will
'spend a month or more in .hopes
of improving his health.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Dewey and
son, Asa, and MiBS Larvel Blon
'quist of Logan, spent Monday,
.Tuesday and Wednesday in Bear
I The Misses Minnie and Mon
ida Gardner gave a surprise
party Tuesday night in honor
of. their brother, .Paul, who was
"fifteen years old on that date.
rTho evening was spent in games
and music, after which dainty
refreshments were served.
I Tom Gardner is visiting re
latives at Aberdeen, Idaho.
Horase Lish is all smiles as
he sits at the steering wheel of
a new Overland touring car.
Tusday morning three touring
cars and a large truck loaded
with twenty-six members of the
Loveland family and plenty of
provisions motored to Bear Lake
7wnere tireyheTOheTrnfnl5than-
mial family reunion Wednesday
;at Pish Haven and the Ideal
Bwteh. ,. n. R.
Meeting of
City Council
The City Council met in re
gular session at the Council
chambers in the Bank of Gar
land, Monday, August 6th.
Mayor L. W. Preston iii tho
chair and the following oonu
cllmen were present: T. W. In
nes, J. W. Chambers, J. W. Gar
rett and It. T. Shaw. City Phy
sician J. Edward Day and Mar
shal G. S. Mowry were also in
attendance. Minutes of meeting
held July 15th, were read and
Communication from City
Attorney Win. J. Lowe to the
! effect that copy of resolution
fixing tax levy for 1919 had been
filed with County Clerk, was
iTead and ordered filed.
A number of claims wero all
owed. The various committees of
the Council reported everything
In good condition.
Marshall G. S. Mowry in
structed to procure plat of old
m'no line, if possible, showing
main line and lnttcrals.
Motion to adjourn carried.
Introducing tho Utah Public
Health association in a plan for
some specialized work, You
folks' all.knownbat' our' general
a'liHs for "'the'" -betterment of
health conditions all over the
state and that we are interested
and want to be allied with every
movement which helps the com
munity health.
But wo are specially interest
ed in the problem of tuberculosis
its cure of course but more
than Its cure and of a great deal
more importance, in its preven
t&ni. And I should spell that
word in capital letters, for It
expresses and sums up tho sen
timent of the entire nation na
regards health work. We are
cognizant in a community 801186
or we are on tho way to cog
nizanceof tho fact that - an
ounce of prevention Is worth a
pound of cure. I'd make it ten
If, by careful supervision of
the growing generation wo can
inculcate habits of health and
hygiene and teach these sub
jects by practice as well as pre
cept, we can reasonably hope for
a now standard of health and a
rising generation of clean mind
ed, sane thinking, alive boys and
Of course the thinking men
and women, the ones who read
their newspapers well and who
find items to interest them on
the sport sheet more power to
H as well as in he editorial,
telegraph, social, financial or
purely local columns, realize
that something must be done
for those who today are afflict
ed with tuberculosis. It is a
disease that is with us. It is
contagious and cjommfc.ilcable,
and only when wo awake de
finitely to tho fact that ths man
or woman who has tuberculosis
and expectorates, coughs and
sneezes promiscuously and with
out care in public places is a
menace to all of us and our
children, will the disease act
ually bo Btamped out.
A "person can have tubercul
osis and having been Instructed
carefully how to act in public,
can go anywhere without dang
er of any infection to anyone. I
And there's the rub. Instruc-'
tion. Beyond the shadow of a
doubt tuTiereulosTs" is curabTeT
.Fresh air, good, plain, whole-'
aome food rightly prepared
plenty of sleep fresh air and
tat Game at
llie Box Elder Journal com
' Melting on tho base ball game
'played at Tremonton last Sun-
ida lmd tuo followi"e to say:
I Vjfhe game of ball played at
TrMnonton yesterday afternoon
between Tremonton-Garland
sSi-tlie Brigham Peaches re
d in a victory for Brigham
l-Ro 7 was the score. Trem
'oigh playB a return game hero
mmk Saturday afternoon.
!$?. Mr. Green of Garland,
catcher for Tremonton, has a
verj peculiar manner of show
ingis displeasure when things
do Mpt go to his likinghe seems
to'$hlnk he is tho ring with
"Jess-Dempscy" instead of Just
Iwjng ball. Ho is in the same
classwith a Mr. Bear, or somo
suclname, who went out on the
dlasfcnd yesterday swinging his
"be" fists in a threatening
maimer and wanted to thresh
thetlmplre a small man about
G5;cf70 years of age. Both of
thef' gentlemen gave a very
poor! exhibition of American
pfcerwi8C the game yerterday
waj5t fine and dandy and the
bajijlns look forward to a good
MfM next Saturday.
aBpit;a)l(iommon sense and a
JMJk&AYv8rew.the advice of 'the
wlie'jpslciaif relative to a)I
these matters. These and in a
great many cases the person
who has only a mild attack of
the disease can bo cured .in the
homo or the back yard.
That is one of tho big func
tions of the Utah Public Health
association. To give specializ
ed advice to the tubercular. We
are at tho service of the comm
unity. We have literature on
the subject and gladly supply It.
The executive will be glad to
see anyone who desires to dis
cuss the subject
And the office is at 120 east
First South Street.
It Isn't Your Town; It's You.
If you want to live hi the kind of
a town
Like the kind of a town you
You needn't slip your clothes in
a grip
And start on a long, long hike,
i'ou'll fiud elsewhere what you
left behind
For there's nothing that's real,
ly new
It's a knock at yourself when
you knock your town
For it isn't your town it's
Real towns are not made by men
Lest somebody else gets ahead
When everyone works and no
body shirks .
You can raise a town from the'
And while you make your per
sonal stake
Your neighbor can make his
too; !
Your town will be what you i
want it to be
By W. T. Denniston. i"
Old gentleman Cregg of Per
ry raised a boy that has been
known in the county as Ray
Cregg. He married a girl from
Tremonton but they have since
peparatecT Now here comes the
Interesting part of tho story:
Yesterday a man approached
Postmaster Tyson and inquired
4 . .
Blue Bell
Grand Opening
The Blue Bell Confectionery,
Shelton and Drlgs, Props., was
the scene of "packed 1oubc" at
jits grand opening last Saturday
night. The management pro-j
cured the services of the Gar-
land Military Band who gave
an open-air concert in front of
the establishment. It kept the
Confectionery force real busy in
taking care of the cilo'wd and
every lady customer was pres
ented a beautiful flower on
leaving tho parlor. Evcrytsing
in and around tho new "Place
of Sweets'' certainly looks neat,
clean and sanitary and tho man
agement intends to keep it this
way. The firm has started out
right and sucess is sure to fol
low in its wake.
of the whereabouts of young
Cregg. Ho said tho boy's grand
father had died in Ireland and
left him an estate valued at $1,
000,000, and ho thought the lad
might be interested in the mat
ter. Wonder If that little Tremon
ton girl won't change her mind
again and bo willing to assume
the name of Mrs. Ray Cregg,
wife of millionaire Cregg.
The gentleman, that was here
yesterday departed for Tremon
ton in Bearch of "tjte .lucky boy.
Box Elder .Journal. .
Additional Local
JJttvu iiobua ana Lelauu
KiUu moiorcu iu bnguam uuy
veunesuay night.
Mrs. Matthew McMurtrie and
(daughter, Miss Thelnia Moore,
vcre Ogden visitors yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Jensen
of Portage spent a day or twe
of tills week with relatives In
this city.
A fine daughter arrived at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Wesloy
Garn of Fielding Wednesday of
tills week.
Mrs. M. J. Rogers and child
ren of Ogden, are here on a
visit as the guests of Mr. Rog
ers' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Goo.
T. Rogers.
A. D. Rhodes of Lehi, is
visiting relatives In this city and
vicinity. Ho is the father of the
Rhodes boys.
Frank Peck and family and
R. L. Bush and family leave
Monday on an outing to the
Bear Lako country.
On Monday of this week, a
fine son was a welcome visitor
it tho homo of Mr. and Mrs
Osey Jensen of Bear River City.
Mrs. Leslie Grover and dau
ghters of Billings, Mont, are
hero on a visit, being guests at
the homo of Dr. and Mrs. T. W.
Doctors Cragun and Waste
operated upon Mrs. David Dor
pa Thursday for an abscess of
.1'ie eye which has caused her
sme trouble of late.
Albert Eskelsen of Thatcher,
p istained two broken ribs Mon
day of this week while wrestl
ing with some bf his compan
'ians. Tho Cornish Baseball team
.tomes here tamorraw (Sunday)
to play a friedly game with pur
County Com- I
missioners I
At uiu nit'uung oi the Itoura
ui uuuiuy ummissiuncrs liciu
mummy Aiigsi -mi, Willnrd a. M
liaiibt-ii or Kiuidmg, representing M
I me UKon Water Compuny as it- U
leu lor a franchise to construct, H
operate and maintain a water H
wqrics system on certain roads U
and bridges iu Box Elder Coun- U
ty. The franchise as then U
itiad iu full and vote was taken U
which resulted as follows: Ayes, H
Wright, Capener, and Sweeten; U
Nayes, none. H
Thomas Huwes, road supervis- H
or ui Plymouth, requested the H
Commissioners to purchase H
more land and enlarge tho Ply-
mouth gravel pit. Matter re- U
fcrrcd to Commissioners Cap- H
ener and Sweeten for investiga-
John Peterson, road super- H
visor requested them to gravel U
a portion of Penrose, met with H
the bpard and reread in his H
district. Mr. Peterson was au- H
thorized to gravel one fourth H
mile or road In question. H
Tho Board of Education sub- U
mittcd au estimate of its finan- H
cial needs for the current year, H
and tho commissioners by re- H
solution fixed tho tax levy for H
school purposes at G miles. An- H
other resolution was -passed . H
fixing ho balance of tho taxlev- - " H
fes as follows i,J- .-- r... .... H
For general County purposes, H
1.8 miles on tho dollar. H
For Indigent sick and other- H
wise dependent poor, .25 mills. H
For dependent mothers .25 H
mills. M
- -For providing and maintcn- H
ance of Stato roads in Box Eld- ;H
er County, 1.5 mills. H
For tho construction uud H
muiutcnanco of County roads in H
the Box Elder County, 1 mill. H
For bounty on certain auim- H
als,5 mills on tho dollar, on all H
sheep and goats in said County H
and 4 mills on the dollar on all H
range horses and cattle in said H
I. J. Frampton, representing H
tho Indestructible Sign com- H
pany of Columbus, Ohio, met H
with the Board and requested B
them to placo signs on all roads H
In Box Elder County. Matter H
taken under advisement. H
Annie Jorgensen was allowed
$20.00 per month from tho in- H
dlgent fund. 1
The ClerksRecorde?s and H
Sherrlf's reports for July wero H
approved. j M
A number of communications
were read and ordered filed. A. H
number of claims wero allowed H
and it was ordered that th4
Board stand adjourned.
local nine. Tho game starts at H
4 o'clock. This gamo promisee
to bo a good ono as both teams '
are in splendid shape for tho H
Last Saturday Mr. and Mrs.
II. S. Rose and children motor-
;ed to North Ogdemin their new
Maxwell and were guests of Mr.
and Mrs. T. F. Berrett. Tho H
Rose family enjoyed an outing H
in Ogden, canyon Saturday and
spent Sunday with tho Barrett H
family. They visited tho North H
'Ogden Sunday school and later
in the day made a trip through
Box Elder canyon to Wcllsville fl
'and on to Smithfield where they fl
visited Mrs. Rose's sister, Mrs.
MmT'cmfiaeTmTl-faTirityrTln?y M
(returned to Garland in tho even- '
Ing having had a very enjoy- H
able trip. j, MM

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