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The quarterly conference of
the Bear River Stake will bo
held next Saturday and Sunday,
August 30th und 31st
On Saturday, at 11 o'clock a.
m., there will be a general
Priesthood meeting and all male
members of the church, bear
ing the Priesthood, are instruct
ed to be present.
I Public meetings will be held
Saturday at 2 o'clock p. in. and
Sunday at 10:30 o' clock a. m.
and 2 o'clock p. in.
Visitors from Salt Lake will
be in attendance.
The saints aro urgently re
quested to bo present at these
meetings and receive instruc
tions from the general authori
ties. Religion Class Convention
will bo held In connection with
the stake conference. All Re
ligion Class workers will meet
In a special meeting at 9 o'
clock a. m. Sunday at the tab
ernacle. P. M. HANSEN,
'j Stake Presidency
V Delos Adams and sons made
t a business trip to Brigham
City, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Brigham God
f froy and Joseph Atkinson and
children visited relatives In
Clarkston Sunday.
Wednesday of last week, Mr.
and Mrs. John W. Larson re
turned from Salt Lake City
where they have been visiting
relatives nnd friends.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Despaln
and children are visiting re
latives In Utah and San Pete
The Bee-Hive Girls met with
Mrs. R. N. Nlelson of Garland
last Wednesday where the re
gular meeting was held. Dainty
refreshments were served and
all enjoyed the afternoon.
I. L. Isaacsen has had his
homo treated to a new coat of
paint which greatly improves
the homo.
Mr. and Mrs. I. L. Isaacsen
and children motored to Brig
ham City Sunday.
Mrs. W. W. Steed and son,
Rulon, Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Rob
erts and boh, Lynn, were guests
of Mr. nnd Mrs. David Larson
one day last week. Mrs. Steed
and Mrs. Roberts aro mother
and sister, respectively, of Mrs.
Larson. They were on their
way to southeastern Idaho.
Lorenzo Peterson, one of our
Soldier Boys, returned from
overseas duty last Saturday. He
"has seen a lot of country but
1 thinks the "old home town" a-
head of all.
O. W. Cheney has sold his
place and will make his future
home in Brigham City.
Miss Vera Schnffer is spend
ing a fow days with her aunt
in Logan.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Holman
and Mrs. R. N. Nlelson motor
ed to Ogden last Friday.
John Oyler, Jr. motored to
Brigham City last Sunday.
Mrr-nnd Mrs. Fr J. Walkev
and son, Earl, of Brigham City,
were East Garland visitors Inst
Two Fine
Ball Games
Two rousing base ball games
are booked for Garland ono
this afternoon and the other
Sunday afternoon. The two
day contest will bo between
Lnyton's famous nine and Gar
land's "Good-Eyes". Botfi
teams are of the league order
and these games will be full
of Interest. The admission
price lias been reduced to 26c
which" should Insure a monster
crowd at Hie Park for both
games. Garland has had a
little bad luck of late in loosing
a few games, but this time wo
feel certain that victory is in
mourn u jjaviuaon oi Logan
aim cumiiu i. x'taemon oi bail
uum city, hotu or wnoin are
ciiiinoycu at uiu west sultf larm
i tno Utah-Idaho Sugar com
pany, which is located near the
r'leiumg siding on the 0. S. L.
railroad, appeared before Jus
tice Figgins yesterday morning
on complaint of Robert Mc
I'rlandha,rjse4jjdUi,i.taklng' his automobile." Tho boys on the
Witness stand, testified that
they took tho car early Sunday
morning from tho north end of
tho Sugar-Company machine
shed whero It was standing, and
drove to Logan to get a supply
of apples, returning in tho after
noon with four sacks of apples
and some cucumbers. They
were met a short distance abovo
Fielding by Sheriff Welling and
Mr. McFarland, as they were
returning homo and upon being
halted tho boys admitted they
took the car without asking the
consentof tho owner and offer
ed to pay him for the use of
it. They also testified that they
Informed him they had brought
two sacks of apples for him.
(Mr. Mc-Farland's wife Is the
cook at tho Sugar Company
boarding house.) The proffer
of pay for the use of tho car
was refused and tho boys were
taken into custody by Sheriff
Welling, who brought them on
to this city and let them go on
their own recognizance with
instruction to appear In Court
yesterday morning. Both boy&
were recently discharged from
tho army and "disclaimed any
criminal Intent in taking tho
Mr. McFarland, the complain
ing witness, testified1" first nnd
practically stated the facts as
sot forth above. It was also
adduced from tho testimony
that Mr. McFarland is not em
ployed by the Sugar company
but resides at tho boarding
house where his wife is em
ployed as cook. Tho car, accord
ing to testimony, is a 1914
model Ford touring car.
County Attorney W. E. Davis
prosecuted and Attorney W. J.
Lowe defended tho case. After
tho completion of tho taking of
testimony, tho attorneys argued
the case and Justice Flggins
decided there was no cause of
action and dismissed tho de
fendants, Box Elder News
"Dulldlm Tlw Wut"
EaUMUhad mo For tin deTtlopownt ef
Weatern Industrie, agriculture, mining, oil, and
ewnla attraction,. Of intereat to tha Weatern
iaveator, farmer and elchteecr. Printed oo hlik
grade paper with copper half-Una Ulaitratlona.
tiara (or 18o. Sand now, Tha New Wait Mag
aloe, llU'Walker Dank Bid.. Salt Lake OiXt,
Utah) 1004 White Dldg, Baattle, Waah.) 7lt
Woadward Art.. Detroit. Hteh, Addrraa near
mi Wftac. er tt rur iuWerlUoa ttreufc
Two Daily Passenger Trains
Via the Malld Valley Branch
Effective to-morrow (Sunday:
morning) we will have two
dally passenger trains via tho
Malad valley branch which good
news causes, general rejoicing,
among the residents of the Bear
River valley as well as rcceMl
ing the hearty approval of outj
sister town folk of Malad City.
This service has been sought
for by the community genera
lly and wo take pleasure in con
gratulatlng the Oregon Short
Line Railroad Company in
granting the wishes of tho
Many of the residents of tho
valley have business to attend
to in the county seat and the
addition of tho morning train'
south will ennblo them to attend
to said business in tho morning
and return again in the after
noon without "killing" two days
as heretofore hns been tho case.
It also enables people to mako
a "hurry-up" to Ogden and re
; turn, besides saving them the
,liack faro to tho electric lino
Lat Deweyville.
The time of the mid-day
strain is virtually tho same as
it has been, arriving in Garland
(from Brigham City at 10:40 a.
in. and' returning to Garland
tfrpm Malad at 1:35 p. m.
t The morning train leaves
iMalad City at 6 a. in. and leaves
iGarland for Brigham at 7:05 a.
mi. Said train returns to Gar
land enroute for Malad at 3:50
P. m.
In other words, you can go
vto Brigham at 7:05 a. m. nnd
1:35 p. in. Return from Brlg
Tiam at 10:40 a. m. nnd 3:50
p. m.
j If tho afternoon train north
was about three hours later,
Bay about G:B0 p. m., it would
be a little better for those
attending to business In tho
county Bent
I Vo" Are Invited
To mingle.th the jolly throng I
1m4me-eiijcflisfancing-party to' H
, be given at the
Wednesday Evening,
August 27th, 1919
U By the I
M i I i t a r v
Aw, let me mucilage That's w
too! Savirtfs Stomp W paw
I I tastes ood'. licKed ,
J pnee! J
Those who are roguUr buyors of W. S. S. aro entitled to nil the Joys of
Ladies' Self
Gulture Glub
The members of the Ladles'
Self-Culture Club entertained at
the home of Mrs. Geo. O. Nyo
on Factory street, Friday after
noon, August 15th, 1919. Presid
ent Mrs. M. Flested hi the chair.
There were eighteen mem
bers present with tho following
named ladies as guests of the
hostess: Mesdamcs L. C. Christ
ophcrson, Fred Nye, R, S. Ellis,
May Tingey, James Jardine, G.
L. Reed nnd the Misses Ida Day
and Nellie Barnard.
The Program:
By-Laws . . . .Rend by Mrs J.
C. Coombs.
Birds of Utah Mrs. L. W.
Beauty Siwts bf Utah
Prepared by Mrs. M. M.
Rampton and read by Mrs.
O. L. Winters.
Instrumental Solo Miss
Virginia Nye.
Instrumental Solo Mrs. T.
W. Innes.
Tho homo was decorated In
garden flowers.
The hostess was assisted In
serving refreshments by Mrs. C.
,11. Hales and the Misses Tingey,
Virginia and Melba Nye.
After a pleasant ' social hour,
ihc Club ad jammed to mcct-with
Mrs. G. R. Cole, September 5th,
High Cost
of Living
Washington, D. C, August
20th. Six million members or
Government War Savings Soc
ieties organized throughout the
United States were asked by
tho Treasury Department today
to aid federal food administrat
ors war upon the high cost of
living by helping to establish
and publish fair prices, to dis
cover, check, and prosecute
cases of profiteering. Tho ap
peal was signed by William
Mather Lewis, Director of the
Savings Division of the Treas
ury Department.
xuu suwugd Division oi tne
jii'uaiti'y uvpaiunuiii, JJiruui
L,iwio leiegiapueu 10 ail i'ed-tti-ai
ueserve District Savings
Directors, "appeals to the 0,
uuu.uuu memuers of tho 160,
0U0 war Savings Societies at
present active throughout the
country to enlist in his cam
paign. They can show tho peo
ple of America where, when,
and how to buy. They can
teach how and when to save.
They can assure a larger part
of our national effort to pro
duction of neresslties. Thoy can
aid to bring about increased em
ployment and can prevent the
lowering of tho general stand
ard of living in America, bound
to ensue if prires of food, cloth
ing, and other necessities con
tinue to mount or maintain
their present level. In so doing,
they will perform a patriotic
service to themselves, their in
dustries, their communities, and
the Nation."
Lewis said steps have been
taken in New England already
In this direction by War" Sav
' lugs workers who In many cases
in cities, towns, and vill
acs of the Federal Food Ad-
County Com I
missioners I
The County Commissioners H
of Box Elder County met m H
regular session Monday, Au- H
ust IS, A. R. Cupcnei' Mid G. '.. H
Swcetu present; Brigham 'H
Wright absent. : H
Minutes of Meeting held H
August 4th, 1919, were rend H
and approved. M
Alva D. McCuirc of Treniou-
ton presented a claim to tho
Board of County Commission- ;H
ers for injuries received by Mrs. iM
Martin, Mrs. Yoder and Mr. jH
Fraizer In an accident on tho 'H
County road South fo Trcinon- H
ion. Tho matter was referred :
to the County Attorney. H
Alfred Hansen, road super- M
visor of tho Corinue road dis- M
trict, quested the rBoard to
rcplank the Corinue bridge over M
Bear River. Mr. Hansen was M
authorized to get plank from H
Commissioner Cnpencr and re- .. H
pair the same. M
P. M. Anderson, road super- v i
visor of Bear River City road
district, met with tho Board and !H
requested them to repair some M
bridges in his road district. Mr. 'H
'Anderson was instructed to M
'place all County bridges in good M
condition. M
John McCrary arid Bert Dopp ,H
appeared before tha Board, and H
'requested permission to operate jH
a pool hall at Portage. Their
request was granted upon tho jH
'filing of satisfactory bonds. (H
John Watkins, road super- lH
' visor of Beaver Dam, met with H
'the Board and stated that tho M
bridge a the old dairy in his M
district was in a dangerous H
condition. Matter referred to , M
'the County SuiTcyor for in- H
vcBtlgatlon. H
The qucBtion for malting an M
appropriation to tho Box Elder M
Peach Day Committeo was dc- M
ferrcil until Commissioner M
Wright could bo present. H
The bond of Hyruni Peter- M
sen, constable of Sunset Pre- M
cinct, was approved. H
Treasurer's and Sheriffs re- M
ports for July were pnporved. H
A number of claims wcro M
allowed and it was ordered that H
'the Board stand adjourned. H
minstrntion. "Active, not pass- M
ive work, is demanded," Lewis M
pointed out. "Not only must M
each individual savo rigorously
and invest in conservativo sec-
urltles such as War Savings M
Stamps and Savings Certifi- M
cates to provide capital for in- M
creased production of food and H
other necessities but they must H
wage a campaign to check M
waste in their communities and H
by precept and example in buy- H
ing help tho country shako off H
its present spending lntoxicn- LL
"Finn hold must bo kept on M
the savings accumulated dur- H
ing tho Avar. Prices have been M
forced up by peoplo who aro H
spnding, not from their earn- H
ings but from their savings, H
thus making money cheap." H
Robert E. Smith, director of H
the War Loan Organization in H
the Twelfth Federal Rcscrvo H
District with hadquartera in M
San Francisco, Commending- M
Lewis' appeal, said that the 1
1100 War Savings Societies on LLt
tho Pacific Coast would bo ask-. H
ed to enlist in tho campaign. M
J. W. Chambers, Si, of Ogden fl
father of Dr. J. W. Chambera, H
JiVJWs-hoMua-fsw-days-of-tlrlri M
week as a guest at tho Cham- M
bers home on Factor' street. H

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