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Hi -w J - - - - - -' - -- - -r Tr '" - - ,rB
H ;l Council of Defense H
JSR stntc Capitol Bldg
H ADVERTISE in the rrAfETTV ? A f Y fA lkTWf Timi f Tf AHf ! DON'T forgot to roao I
H paper that goes into J I W-M g f , MM I Jk I .If I II f 11 Lf tho advertisements In J
I rot,peo' 1 nc UAivLAnM LI 1 r UjUJion slscu mo-5 j I
I Quarterly
I Conference
M Tho opening session of tho
B Stake quarterly conference was
B n meeting of tho prcsthood
H which' convened at tho stake
M tabernacle Saurday morning at
1 10 o'clock. Elders George F.
M . Richards and Andrew Jensen,
1 representing the general auth-
H orities of the church, wero pres-
H cut. Opening song, "0 Say What
H is Truth," by the congregation.
1 Prayer by John J. Shumway.
B Singing, "Come 0 Thow King
H of ICings." Reports wero given
1 by members of tho High Council
M who had visited the various
1 wards of tho stake. The name
M of David Cook was accepted as
1 worthy of advancement In the
M priesthood to tho office of an
M Elder. Elder George F. Richards
H stated that reports showed a
M falling of and spoke of the bene-
H fits of enquiry in tho stimuln-
fl tlon of interest and energy, and
M how neglect creates indiffcr-
M once.. Elder Andrew Jensen
H stated that his mission hero
H was to gather historical data
H for completion of history of
M Garland. Bothwell Elwood, De-
B weyville and Beaver wards,
M Singing, "Doxology." Bencdic-
m tlon by Bishop L. ll. Kcnnard
B Opening song, "0 Ye Mount-
' ains High." Prayer by 0. L.
f,v . .Dcspaln.fSUifrfvrTljwSplflt.
B -, -"ofGod'Llire a -Fire Is Burning."
WjF President P. M. Hansel gavo a
B- brief review of the stake since
B its organization in 1008. Coun-
sclor A. R. Capener spoke of the
Joy he always experienced in
attending the quarterly coii-
fcrenccs. Singing by the choir
and congercgation, "Guide Us
0 Thou Great Jehovah." Elder
Andrew JeiiBcn compared condl-
tlons In the valley at present
with conditions when ho first
came here. SIngtng,"Wo Thank
Thco 0 God for a Profet."
Elder George F. Richards re-
ferred to early Church history
and tho reputation of tho Mor-
mon people. Singing, O Say
I What is Truth." Benediction by
Bishop George C. Dewey.
There were 589 souls prcs-
ent at tho Sunday morning
session of tho conference, which
A convened at 10 :3(f o'clock. Open-
ing song, choir and congrega-
tlon, "Now Let Us Rejoice."
Prayer by Oluf Johnson. Sing--
ing, "If You Could Hie to Kol
I ob." Elder Georgo F. Rlchard3
H was tho first speaker and de
M voted his remarks to 'the bene
B fit of Wednesday night homo
meetingB for Religion Class
workers and tho training of
H children. Tho choir sang tho
I . Anthem "0 My Father," to tho
H tune revealed to Elder Thomas
H Durham, entitled, Nephites and
M Lamanites.
H Bishop L. II. Kcnnard, Jr. who
B h'as been called to preside over
H tho Hawaiian mission, refercd
to his lovo for tho work of tho
H Lord and his crncst desire to
H magniy his calling. Elder Wil-
M ford Ward who recently re-
H turned from a mission to Now
H Zealand gave a report of his
labors. Counselor C. E. Smith
H addressed tho meeting and
M made a strong plea for baints
H to live purer and better lives.
H , Singing by choir, "Insplror of
H Ancient Seers." Benediction by
H Francillo Durfoy. r
I At tho Sunday aftemoon ses-
H sion at 2 o'clock, there was an
attendance of 732 people. Sing
H ing by the choir, "Tho Glorious
Day Haa Rolled On." Prayei'
byJosepTTIi: Watlulls'SilTEF
H ing, "Joseph tho Seer." Tho
H general and stake authorities
H were presented and unanimously
H sustained. Niels Niclson, prcsl-
H dent; Counselors Lewis 0. John-
A terlfic rainslorm and cloud
burst did considerable damage
to the district west of Riverside
and Fielding Monday afternoon.
In fact, Fielding was visited by
one of the heaviest down-pours
of rain on record. Tho Illlloldc
Ranch and property adjacent
thereto was terribly washed out
by the cloud-burst and the canal
overflowed Us banks washing
dirt and mud into the Irrigated
fields below, where tho beets
were simply covered over with
mud. Tho water in the canal
was as thick as molasses and
big rocks were carried down in
tho hillside to the fields below.
Meeting of
City Council
The regular meeting of the
Garland City Council was held
Sept. 2, 1919, at 8 p. m. at tho
Council rooms, Bank of Gar
land. Mayor L. W. Preston
presiding and following Council
men present. J, W. Chambers,
John Garrett, R. T. Shaw, also
Marshall G. S. Mowry.j Minu;
Teiurfifid approved. A number
of claims allowed.'- ' '
E. R. Owen of Logan,' Divi
sion Manager of the Utah'Pow
er & Light Co., met with Coun
cil for purpose of hearing any
complaints or suggestions for
bettering light sen-ice In our
city, ulso asked that Council
pass ordinance If deemed neces
sary, allowing Light Company
and Telephone Company to trim
branches from trees within city
limits when same interferes
with lighting or telephone wires.
Mr. Owen also made several
other valuable suggestions for
improvement of our city.
Marshall G. S. Mowry asked
that a new revolver be purchas
ed for use of city Marshall. Mov
ed by Garrett and seconetl by
Shaw that Marshall bo allowed
to purchaso gun.
After hearing tho reports of
the different committees, Coun
cil adjourned. '
son and Geo. A. Llnford, anil
May Wortloy, secretary of the
Religion Class wero honorably
released. J. Q. Adams, who
will soon leave to preside over
tho Samoan mission, outlined
in his opinion what constituted
,n true missionary. A double
mixed quartette from Tremon
ton rendered a pleasing selec
tion. Eider Andrew Jensen re
viewed Missionniy work. "Dau
ghter of Zion", was rendered by
tho choir. Elder George F.
Richards gavo an interesting
report of his labors in presiding
over the European mission from
'1910 to 1919. Alonzo Cook was
sustained 'as a member of the
Y.M.M.I.A Board and Josehplno
Beal as n member of tho stake
Religion Class Board. Closing
remarks by President P. M.
Hanson. "The Palms" was the
closing selection by tho choir
and tho benediction was offered
by James II. Hess. Conference
adjourned for three months.
At the close of tho meeting
tho following were aypointed
and ordained as church work
ers. II. C. Butter as president of
tho Religion Class with Geo. A.
"fctrrfoiTl arohGetr.-A; Beafafs
assistants; Warren Kidman
president of 187th quorum of
seventy; Echo L.. Berg and Re
becca Mortenson to Primary
School Teach-.
rs 1919-20
SupL of Schools C. H. Skld
moro has made tho following
assignment of teachers for the
schools of Box Elder county for
tho school year of 1919-20.
Lincoln School. Alfred L.
Freeman, 0; Victor Bott, G;
Lillio Knudson, 5; Mary Perkins,
5; Ethel Jensen, 4, Ida Jensen,
4; Mary C. Jensen, 3; Guenivete
Kotter, 3; Grace Card, 2; Maur
ino Olsen, 2; Sevena Madsen, 1;
Evelyn Smith, 1.
Central School. Joseph Law,
G; Devon Nielson, G; Myrtle
Dunn, 5; Edvenia Jeppson, 6;
Lulu M. Jones, "4; Maymo Piatt,
4; Sylvia Peterson, 3; Delia
Wright, 3; Mary Wagstaff, 2;
Florence- Kelly, 2 ; Secella Bott,
I ; Irene Nielson, 1.
Whittler. Leona Cuthbert)
principal and 1 ; Virginia Wyss;
3; Arllno Parry, 2; May Jones, 1.'
Willard. A. B. Taylor, 8;
T. Norton Brunker, 7; Delia
Oldham, G; Ellen Zundcl, 4 and
C; Elizabeth Roskclley, 3 and 4;
LoubIo Kunzlcr, 2; Eliza Hub
'bard, 1.
Perry. J. Arthur Johnson, 5
and 6; Cleopha Jeppson, 3 and
4; Flora Watkins, 1 nnd 2.
Harper. Mahorni Josephson,r
B-8 Clara Llllywhito, 1-4.
Honoyvllle School LebuMI JW
:WSyWl?HunMkVr, l-$y
Doweyvillo. Mont Harmon;
G-8; Alice J. Harmon, 4-fi; Del
oris Rccb, 1-3. i.
ColllnBton. LaRuo Burnham.
Dcvnr Dam. Emll Nielsen,
-8 ; LIzzio Durfey, 1-4.
Whcelon. Lcora Crompton.
Corinne. Nonnan Watkins,
7-8; Ella McCulloch, 5-G; Eliz
abeth Adams, 3-4; Jennie Cam
bell, 1-2.
Union. Zara Sabin, 4-8;
Amelia Christensen, 1-3.
Tremonton. D. A. Wooton,
7; Florenco Orr, G; Annie O'
Neill, 5; Hortense Olsen, 4;
Naomi Pixton, 3; Mabel D. Alli
son, 2; Bessie M. Hill, 1.
EaBt Tremonton. Don I.
Jensen, 7-8; Ruby Jensen, 4-G;
Lillio Mao Ress, 1-3.
Btar River High and Elemen
tary, School at Garland. Clar
ence E. Smith, principal; Jessie
Hadfield, Earl Walker, Lyman
T. Thorpe, Roscoo Titensor,
Gula Cunningham, G; Pauline
Hubbard, 5; Mary S. Peterson,
4; Lydia Holmgren, 3; Minerva
C. Petersen, 2; Mrs Nina Stay
ner, 1.
Mexican School. Sarah
Riverside. Merrltt L. Poul-son,-G-8;
Blanche Langford, 3-5;
Ruby F. Boulton, 1-2.
Washakie. II. L. E. Young.
Portage Arthur O. Clark,
G-8; Mabel I. Stevenson, 3-5;
Pearl Stratford, 1-2.
Mantua. Nonnan Jeppson,
G-8; Alico Reeder, 3-5; Josie
Jensen, 1-2.
Appledale. Martha Bing
ham. Bear' River City. E.W. Wat
kins, 8; Sophoma Christensen,
G-7; Hazel Jensen,-5-6; Leareda
Folster, 3-4; Deta Peterson, 2;
Ethel C. Stander, 1.
South Elwood. Albert Mel
drum, G-8; Ethel McCullough,
3-5; Cany Larson, 1-2.
East Garland. 0. L. Des
paln, 5-8; Florence Christensen,
Fielding Georgo L. Beal,
7-8; Irene Durfey, 5-G; Donetta
Hansen, 3-4; Dorothea Roy
lance, 1-2.
Plymouth. Douglas Gunoer
son, G-8; Marcn C. Nielsen, 3-5;
Virgia Mortonseri, 1-2.
Thatcher. Claud H. Adams,
5-8 1 Pearl Mortonsen, 1-4.
Schools Open
JtSeptember 8
he first day is important
$&Sy PUPH who expects to
taHnd school should bo at
cSool on time to get his right
.?fgnmentB. As a matter of
convenience, those who have
ttdfched the eight grade and
wh"vish to attend school later,
orwvlio wish to apply for per
VS, may do so during the first'
sWffcV! through tho principal of
!Mi nearest school. Tho new
te requires all over G and un
rd9t 18 years of age to register,
,Tbo Board is required to report
toVthc County Attoreny all those
who ignore this request The
jkiw says the County attorney
shall prosecute such offenders.
TOrho Box Elder High School
wlil register 9th year students
-(tftjdny) Saturday Sept Gth,
;alfc others that find that time
tf, Supt of Schools.
? f flPenroso. Christie Boulton,
SI; Alta Mortcnsen, 1-4.
Howell Aaron S. Home, 5-8;
y B. Toolson, 1-4.
illlue Creek. Beth Hyde,
ranowville. Rovy Cannon
Wftcalf, 6-8; Verna Hansen,
ftiS&ii- Cifcek.uliaHanscn:
Standrod. Elsa Hunsaker.
Yost lxsroy Edicksen, 5-8;
Manila Ciowther, 1-4.
Junction. DorriB Sorensen.
Woodrow. Bernico Bird.
Grouso Creek. John M. Pet
erson, 7-8-9; Mrs. J. M. Peter
son, 4-5-G; Cleo Nelson, 1-3.
Etna. Grace Chadwlck.
Lucin. Eleanor Baty.
Muddy. Mrs James Ilyland.
Rosette. Edith Fearnloy
Park Valley. Lund D. Met
calf, 5-8; Marba Grover, 1-4.
KoBino. Mrs Joslo B. Long.
Promontory Station Lucllo
.North Promontory Isebella
East Promontory. Afton
Bootho Valley. Ilanna Sclg
fried. Promontory Point Vera
Junior and SeniorlllghSchool
F.A.Hinckly,W. II. Griffiths,
Geo. C. Laney, Orson A. Chris
tensen, Lo Roy B. Young, Ellen
R. Hinckly, Shirley Horsloy, E.
D. Mann, Bervard Nichols, Alvin
G. Twitchell, Margaret Corless,
Fay Cornwall, 'Verne B. Thorpe,
Vera Dewey, James Jensen,
Francis F. Smith, Lavery-Wat-son,
Hortense White, Emily II.
Brlnton, Ester S. Farnsworth,
Lora Bennion, Lionel W. Soren
sen, J. Rolla Mahonoy, N. P.
Nielson, Ernest Wangsgard,
Burton K. Farnsworth, A. M.
Hansen, Alta M. Jensen, Vance
Tlngey, H. E. Grant, Olive M.
McWnloy, T. B. Isaacson, Wil
ford Freeman, Iretta Roylanco
and Laura Mathlas.
Supervisors. Georgo 0. Nye,
Laura E. Lovendale, 0. S. Dunn.
Sessions of Opening Institute.
Thursday, Sept. 4.-10:30 a.
m. For all teachers new In the
Thursday, Sept 4.-2 p. m
General session for all tearh
ers. Thursday, Sept. 48 p. m.
Annual informal reception by
Board of Education.
Friday Sept. 5. 9 a.m. Open
iiurlud for bpucfatiiTCetittgs;
Friday, Sept 5. 10 a. m. De
partmental meetings.
Friday, Sept 5.-1:30 p. m.
Departmental meetings.
15 Lessons
Hon. G. N. Child, State Sup
crlndcnt of Public Instruction,
All Superintendents of schools
in Utah, Mayors of Cities, All
County Directors and Asst.
County Directors of War Sav
ings Secretaries of War Sav
ings Societies and Committees
iNewspapers and Banks Mut
ual Improvement Associations
Relief Societies Bishops of L.
D. S. Churches All Denomina
tional Schools, including L. D.
S., wherever located in Utah:
Dear Friends:
You should familiarize your
Bclf with Superintendent Cliilds
letter Aucust 21st. renuestinc
you to write War Savings Ileud
quarters, Desert Bank Build
ing Salt Lako City, if additional
supplies are needed. Be assured
so far as wo have any printed
matter your request will be
honored on receipt
Tho Treasury Department
will not permit printing for War
Savings or other Government
Loans to bo done, expect at the
Government Printing Office,
Washington, D. C. FIFTEKN
issued at Washington, will be
ready for delivery September
15th; your orders can then be
filled. Meantime please con
tinue the good work started In
March , n 1919, t and continue
educating your pupils and other
in Thrift and In the Savings
Habit Kindly understand that
tho U. S. Government recently
mado a thrift Rcgulaton re
fuirlng all War Savings litera
ture to be printed at Washing
ton. 4
The press of Utah will advise
tho names of tho gentlemen
who, commencing September
1st, will have charge of War
SavingB activities, and other
Land Organizations for the
benefit of our beloved govern
ment, tho United Stites. At
this time tho writer takes great
Ipleasure in thanking you for
, himself and Captain Noyle, of
the law firm of Moylo & Ray,
for tho very loyal support you
have given War Savings since
tho writer received his appoint
ment from Secretary McAdoo
November 17, 1917, nnd through
tho country newspapers nnd the
press in general throughout
Utah, I wish to express thanks
to publicity Director R. T.
Porte, with whom you are so
well acquainted, for the effici
ent service ho rendered War
Should occasion arise for
further information, you better
addressed Robert E. Smith,
Director War Loan Organiza
tion, 315 Battery Street, San
Francisco, California will insure
prompt reply.
Sincerely yours
Geo. T. Odell
State DIrertor War Savings,
President C. W. & M. Co., Salt
Lake City, Utah.
Sugar Campign
We anticipate starting the
Garland factory about Sep
tember 24, and those wishing
to work this campaign, pleaBe
notify mo as soon as possible.
Will work eight hour shifts. We
have made many improvements
in our hotels, nnd can take care
of employees much better than
we have before. Other appli
cations will ho received also
-from thOBo-wfcUlng employment
during tho factury run.
Yours truly,
Chralle Edwards
Additional I
Local News I
FOR SALE Fifty bushels of H
wheat for chicken feed. Apply M
to Earl Hales, Riverside, Utah. M
It adv.
F. L. Schoficld, wife and chil-
dren, of Logan stopped over in H
Garland a few hours last Sun- H
day while passing through in n H
Mr', and Mrs. George B. H
Hughes and children returned H
Monday from n visit to Salt Lako M
and Salt-air where they had a M
pleasant outing. H
Dr. T. W. Inncs and family
moved into their new home on H
Factory street yesterday. It Ih M
one of the most modern bungn- H
lows in tho city and was erected H
at a cost of about ? 1,000. H
O. L. Mosher of Diamond-
villc, Wyo., is the new agent at H
tho Garland depot. A. L. Castle- H
ton, who has been Agent pro- H
tern, returns to his homo in H
Mnlnd City, Idaho, today. H
Mr. and Mrs. John Thorpe
and children of Soda Springs, H
Idaho, were guests of Mr. and H
Mi's. David Dorton a few' days H
this week. They came down M
to lay in a supply of Bear River H
Valley's famous fruit H
The-Garland SugkrGlub,,and "
Military Band took part in a B
Water-melon feast on the Fac- B
tory Hotel lawn last Monday H
evening which proved to be a H
very pleasant nffair. Tho Club H
secretary promised to give us a H
detailed account of the social H
but up to the hour of going to H
press the item failed to come in. H
Mrs. I. Sahara suddenly died H
in Brlghnm City Peach day. H
She was in a car with Mr. Sa- H
ham and near tho depot she H
was suddenly siezed with heart- H
failure and fell forward in the H
seat and passed away. Mr. and H
Mrs Saraha were formerly resi- H
dents of Garland, but had re- H
cently moved to Cornish. They H
went to Brighnm to take in tho H
Peach day celebration. H
The funeral services over the H
remains of Mrs. Charles Inncs, H
inother of Dr. T. W. Innes, who H
l)a3scd away in Ogden Auguf.t H
27th, wero held in the stnko tab- H
ernncle at Paris, Idaho, last H
Sunday, at 4 o'clock p. in. The H
services were veiy Impressive H
nnd well attended. Deceased is H
sun'ived by a husband, four H
daughters and two sons. Dr. and H
Mrs Inncs attended tho ser- H
G. C. Hyrner left yesterday H
for Salt Lake City where ho H
will take up one of several good H
'propositions offered him. "Jack" H
sold his interests in Hymer H
Bros. Garage to Lee Oyler, who H
has been an employee of the M
garage for sonic length of time H
and whoso reputation for square H
dealing and good workmanship M
need no further comment. Ray M
Hymer and Lee Oyler will con- M
duct the garage business here- M
after and earnestly solicit tho M
patronage of the people of tho M
valley, assuring each and all a M
fair and square deal. Rpes., H
Hymer & Oyler, at tho old M
stand. Make the Hymer & Oyl- M
er Garage your headquarters H
when in town. It adv. H
A sample copy ol the Garland M
Globo Is an Invitation to sub- M
scribe. Only $2 per year. You M
-oujrht-XaJjc-a-rehnlar, rf?.dpjof H
the best papers in Box Elder M
county. Let us add your name M
to our big list of readers. M

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