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fuare »nil Beautiful Animals Which (live
1'leasure to Queen Victoria.
Quoen Victoria loves dogs, and she
bas exactly 55 of them, varying from
it great St. Bernard to a tiny little toy
fbat would go easily into a coat pocket,
tat all of high degree. The lucky ca
nities are royally housed at Windsor
rastle in stone kennels, with pretty tiled
floors, and warmed with hot water.
Each dog has a bedroom with the fresh
IJ™ X?
«« V
p?t of straw, a well ventilated dining
•room and a yard of his own, and con
nected with these are a number of courts,
where they are often turned out to
scamper and frolic.
The queen is well acquainted with
them all and visits them often to look
after their welfare and enjoy their com
panv. Around the kennels is a veranda,
where she walks and admits ln*r canine
friends to a familiarity not accorded to
royal favorites of a superior order of be
ing. They may jump and fawn upon
her and receive in return many a gen
tle pat and caress.
Ono of the queen's prime favorites is
Marco, a tawny old Spit/, said to be
the finest of his kind in England.
Spot, the brightest and liveliest of
white fox terriers, with lemon colored
markings, has long been a pet of her
majesty and i:> one of the favored three
flogs that constantly accompany her to
Scotland and on her travels. Spot has a
record of 23 rats in an hour, liny, a
beautiful collie, and Gin a, a Pomera
siian, usually complete this highly favor
ed trio.
G ilia is a little darling, weighing just
7 ! . ; pounds. Although s ho traces a
proud ancestry back to the crusaders
and is one of the most famous dogs in
:iie world, Gina is as sweet and gentle
as she is tiny.
Another pet of long standing with
tho queen is Jenny, a snow white don
key now 20 years old. Jenny was very
young wheu she first took tho queen's
fancy and was sent to Windsor. After
being properly trained she became a
great favorite with the royal children.
The queen has another donkey, Jacquot,
&i :
• v
hûM^ v ; >
V v/.iv'V- -, . t,' -v-c ;
.-dfi ^
M <
dark brown, with a white nose, which
usually draws her chair and accom
panies her on the continent. A pretty
little Shetland pony, Skewbald, is about
3 feet 0 inches high.
Jessie, tho queen's favorite black rid
ing mare, is now 2? years old. The
queen has also a most beautiful gray
Arab horse, which, with full oriental
trappings, was presented to her by au
eastern potentate.
Five Little Bröthen.
five little brothers s>-t out together
To journey the livelong day.
In a curious carriage all mado of leather
They hurried away, away.
One big brother and three quite small,
And one wee fellow, no size at all.
The carriage was dark and none too roomy,
And they could not move about.
The five little brothers grew very gloomy,
And the wee one began to pout
Till the b iggest one whispered, "What dc ye
Let'a leave the carriage and run away!"
So out they scampered, the five together,
And off and away they sped!
When somebody found that carriage of
Oh, my, how she shook her head!
Twas her little boy's shoe, as every one
And the fivo little brothers were five little
Kun For Indoors.
Boys may bo beguiled into a form of
diversion tho precedent for which was
Ht by no less a pt rsonago than one of
England's uoblo dukes at a country
I-- use. A broomstick is passed through
the handles of a l.ago clothesbasket, its
«ads resting upon the backs of two
airs and there secured by ropes. Thus
suspended the least touch causes the
basket to swing. The young gentlemen
are then invited to climb into it and
•.here balance themselves. If they are
not promptly overturned, they are fur
ther requested to put on a pair of list
•Uppers, a feat requiring the nicest pos
xible adjustment of balance. If this, too,
bo accomplished, they are then to divest
themselves of the slippers, which they
Bsnally try to do by short vigorous
kicks, which infallibly overturn them,
to the great delight of the audience.
Kriss Kringle and His Tree.
Kriss Kringle's boll.s aro jingling,
Tho frosty air is tingling,
All silvery sounds are mingling,
This merry, inerry day.
With many a fleecy feather
The snow tiakes dance together.
Here comes Kriss Kringle's weather,
In good Kriss Kringie's way.
O tree that wearies never!
O tree that charms us ever!
O tree that lives forever!
The blessed Christmas tree!
Whf*re love and kindness blending
Round up tii ■ year's fair ending,
There heaven's ;ivn beauty lending,
He hol 1 Kriss Kringle's tree'
Are Western steers Deteriorating In Sine
and Quality?
It is the opinion of well informed
cattlemen tha^ tho steers of tho western
states have deteriorated in quality with
in recent years. This opinion seoms to
be well founded. Various causes aro as
signed. Prominent among them is tho
changed method of raising calves. Ten
years ago the common method in the
grazing and leading agricultural states
was a calf to a cow, and such a thing
as milk with all of its fat taken out was
unknown in tho list of calf feeds. With
the advent of the creamery separator
calf raising suffered. Many declared
and still maintain that good calves can
not be raised upon separator milk. The
best experience, however, teaches that
the difficulty is mainly in tho methods
omployed rather than in a failure of
the milk to supply the calf's needs.
Fresh separator milk lacks but one
element necessary to a perfect growing
ration for young animals—viz, tho fat
that tho separator removes. Tho prob
lem then lies in getting tho milk to tho
calves under uniform and as nearly nat
ural conditions as possible, with some
good substitute for the fat added. High
priced land and changed conditions have
forced this problem upon us. Believing
this to boa practical and important lino
of investigation, tho Iowa station has
given considerable attention to tho sub
ject. About a year ago six high grade |
Shorthorn steer calves were taken when j
about 10 days old, divided into three j
lots of two each and put into an experi- j
Lot 1 had 3,008 pounds of separator j
milk—from 15 to IS pounds per day— !
250 pounds of hay and 58 pounds of oil- I
meal and gained 275 pounds at a cost !
of 2.1 cents a pound for feed, rating j
skimmilk at 15 cents per hundred and j
grain at prevailing prices. Lot 2 had j
3,008 pounds of separator milk, 249 of
hay and 58 pounds of oatmeal and
gained 301 pounds at a cost of 1.9 cents
a pound. Lot 3 had 3,008 pounds of
separator milk, 253 of hay and 56 of corn
meal and flaxseed, mixed at tho rate of
nine to one by weight, and gained 281
pounds at a cost of 1.9 cents a pound.
These calves were fed on milk supple
mented by grain and hay, as detailed j
above, for 100 days, after which tho ;
milk was gradually taken off and the j
allowance of grain and hay increased.
When a year old, they averaged 700
pounds, having gained (iflO pounds in
305 days. This record shows not only
good gains, but very economical growth.
The feed record shows that tho calves
have made gain in weight for much less
than is required to make it on steers a
year older.
During tho first 90 days' feeding tho
calves gained 857 pounds on 1,090
pounds of dry matter consumed, a
pound of gain for each 1 .97 pounds of
dry matter eaten. During the month of
May these calves at tho ago of 8 mouths
consumed an average of 11 .5 pounds of
dry matter per day and made an aver
age daily gain of 2.5 pounds, or the
equivalent of one pound of gain in live
weight to each 4.6 pounds of dry mat
ter consumed. Five 2-year-old ßteera
fed at the Iowa station from Jan. 4 to
Dec. 1, 1893, ate an average of 25.2
pounds each of dry matter in feed per
day and gained 2.44 pounds each daily,
thus requiring an average of 10.4 pounds
of dry matter in their feed for each
pound of increase in livo weight.—C.
F. Curtiss, Ames, la., in Live Stock
A Methodist church in Lansingburg,
N. Y., leads tho way to tho adoption
of individual cups for communion serv
ice, so as not to spread ditoaso microbes
from mouth to mouth.
The Last of tlie Cantinleres.
To a good many English people it
will bo a surprise to learn that tho eau- :
tiniere, who figures so picturesquely in
French military pictures and on the
stage of comic opera, is nearly as ex
tinct as the dodo. M. Casiniir-Perier
granted an audience lately to almost the
j 1 st specimen of this interesting class,
who is known as Mme. Veuve Bouvier.
In honor of tho occasion tho goddess,
fiir so she was styled in the Fifth cuiras
siers when Louis Philippe was king,
donned her black glazed sailor hat, liei
blue tunic, with its triplo array of gleam
ing buttons, and the rest of the uniform.
A strange figure must this old lady
have cut as she marched through the
village streets to the presidential cha
teau. But they order things better in
France, and instead of laughing the
good country folk were moved to tears,
while the president received his visitor
with respectful emotion.—London Pub
lic Opinion.
st. niary 'S academy
Beer Lodge Montana.
This institution offers to young
ladies every advantage for home and
school comfort. The course of study
embraces all the branches necessary to
the acquisition of a solid and refined
education. Terms moderate. For
catalogue, etc., address as above.8-26t.
Has located in Virginia City and will
contract lor work in all parts ol the county.
He guarantees ürst class work and solicits
Leave orders at City Drug Store, Vir
ginia City, Montana.
Desert Land
Final Proof
-Notioe for Pub
Hozkman . Montana, Fet». Hi, 1*95.
Notice is hereby given that Lillie A.
Storey of Kuuis, Montana, has tiled notice
ol intention to make proot 011 herdesert
land claim No. 510. tor the southeast quar
ter ol southwest quarter section 3 township
8 south range 1 cast betöre the clerk ot the
district court at Virginia City, Montana on
the 1st »lay t>f April. 1895.
She names the following witnesses to prove
the complete irrigation and reclamation ot
said land:
-lohn E. AVoodworth, Elenor E. Avers.
Morris Kilner, James 15. Cameron, all of
Cameron, Montana,
First publication Feb. 2'i, IS'.).'). (18-6)
In the matter of the estate of Minerra
Coggswell. deceased.
Under authority of an order ot sale grant
ed by the district court ot the tilth judicial
district of the State ol Montana in and tor
the County ot Madison, dated February 10,
1 will sell at public sale the following
described real estate, to-wit:
One dwelling house and out buildings
situate on tlie west side of Jackson street
and a short distance south of the Catholic
church and in Warren street (or where
AVarren street crosses Jackson street on
the west side thereof; said house being
known, called and designated as the Coggs
well bouse in the City ot Virginia, County
ot Madison. State of Montana.
The sale will be made on or after March
4. 1S95, and bids in writing will be received
at the office of Lew. L. Callaway, at the
court house, in A r irginia City, State of
Terms ot sale, cash, or ten per cent cash
down with approved security lor the re
mainder. due upon confirmation ot sale by
the court.
Dated February -il. 1805.
ELMER F. JOHNSON, Exeeutor of the
estate ol Alinerva Coggswell, deceased.
No. 3528.
A pplication For a Patent.
Helena , Montana, Feb. 11. 1895.
Notice is hereby given, that Alexander
McKay, whose jxisioiiice address is Vir
ginia City, Madison county, Moniaua, has
Uiis day lileu his application lor a patent
for 137 (5 linear leet ol the Concentrator vein
or lode with surface ground 0iJ2 to 547 feet
in width, anil 1487 linear teet ot the Agi
tator vein or lode with surlace ground 547
leet 111 width, the same being adjoining
claims and situated in Kanishoru, unorga
nized, mining district, Madison county,
Montana, anu designated in the official
field notes aud plat 011 tile in this office, as
surveys Nos. •tùiô aud 4400, embracing a
portion of Twps. 4 and 5 south ot range 4
west ot the principal meridian; said sur
veys Nos. 440Ö aDd 4400 being described as
follows, to-wit.
The Concentrator lode, survey No. 4405;
Beginning at tue southeast location corner,
a granite stone -24x10x8 inches, set 10
inches deep, marked 1-4405, tor corner No.
1, from which the northeast corner of sec
tion 2, in township 5 south range 4 west,
bears north 75 degree» 41 minutes east 837.6
feet «list; thence from said corner No. 1
north 7 degrees 17 minutes east 1379,3 leet
to corner No 2, the northeast location cor
ner; thence 57 degrees 31 minutes west,
532 leet to corner no . 3. the northwest loca
tion corner; thence south 7 degrees 51 min
utes west 1373 teet to corner No. 4, the
southwest location corner; theuce south 57
degrees 31 minutes east 547 t«et to corner
no . 1, the place ol beginuing, embracing an
area ot 15.40 acres.
The Agitator lode.survey No. 4400. Begin
ning at the northeast location corner, which
is also coiner Ko. 1 ot survey No. 4405
above described, and marked 1-4400, for cor
ner No. 1 ot this claim, and runniug theuce
south 24 degri-e* 30 minutes west 1487 feet
to eornei No. 2; thence uorth 57 degrees 31
minutes west 547 teet to eorner No. 3; the
southwest location corner; thence north 24
degrees 30 minutes east 1487 teet to corner
No. 4, the norihwest location corner, which
is also «orner No. 4 of said survey No. 4405;
thence south 57 degrees 31 minutes east
M7 teet to corner No. 1, the place of begin
ning: embracing an area ot 18 49 acres,
total area claimed in botti surveys, 33.95
iteri s, embracing a portion of township» 4
and 5 » juth range 4 west, magnetic varia
tion in all courses at 19 degrees east.
Notices of tlie locatlou ol said mining
claims are rdcorded In the office ot the re
corder ol said Madison couuty at pages 40i
and 480, respectively, of book 28, ot the re
' corder of said county.
The only adjoining and eoufitctiug claim
is survey No. 730, l'lacer. Lot No. 38. cuu
Hicting with said survey No. 440o, the Con
centrator lode, the grouud in uouflict
being claimed by this applicant.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
1 any portiou ot said mining claim» an« «ur
' face ground, are required to file their ad
verse claim» with the register of the U n »fe
ed State» land office at Helena, in the
ol Montana; <1 urine the sixty days punllca
I tiou ot this notice, or they will b« barred
by virtue of the provision» *f the statute».
I Flr»t pub. Feb. 23,1896.
In Justice court, ot Madison township, be
fore Robert Hedge, justice ot the peace.
State of Montana, County of Madison.
Lewis M. Hawley, plaintiff, vs. D. H. Mc
Donald defendant.
The State of Montana sends greeting: To
D. H. McDonald defendant.
You are hereby summoned to appear be
fore me, at my office at Washington Bar in
said county, on Tuesday the '26th day ot
February. A. D. 1805, at ten o'clock a.m.
to answer to the complaint ot the above
named plaintiff Lewis M. Hawley in a civil
action to recover the sum of one hundred
dollars and interest for money due plaintiff
from defendant according to the terms ot a
promissory note made, executed and deliv
ered by defendant to plaintiff on Jan. 20,
1803, which said note and interest is now
And you are hereby notified that if you
tail to appear and answer said complaint as
above required, said plaintiff will take
judgment against, you for one hundred dol
lars. with interest from and since the - 20th
day of January. A. D. 1803, at the rate ot
six per cent, per month, and the costs ol
this action.
Given under my hand, this 15th day of
January, A. D. 1^95.
justice of the Peace, Madison county, Mon
tana. 14-4t.
Order to Show Cause.
In the district court of the fifth judicial
district of the State ot Montana, in and
for the county ot Madison.
In the matter ol the estate ot
Lockwood M. Todd, deceased.
It appearing to this court by the petition,
this day presented and filed by Julian A.
Knight", administrator ot the estate ot Lock
wood M. Todd deceased, that it isnecesssry
to sell the whole of the real and personal
property of said estate, to pay the debts ot
decedent and the expenses and charges ot
It is therefore ordered by this court that
all persons interested in the estate ol de
ceased. appear before the said court on the
2.'Sd day of February A. D. 1895, at the hour
of ten "o'clock .a.m. ol said day at the court
room ot said court in the Oit}" ot A'irginia.
Couuty of Madison and Slate of Montana,
to show cause why an order should not be
granted to the said administrator to sell all
of the real and personal property ol said es
tate, anil that a copy ot this order be pub
lished lor four successive weeks in the Mad
1sonian, a newspaper printed and publish
ed in said county.
Dated this twenty-fourth day of Janu
arv, A. D. 1895.
P. J. Hagau, M. 1). L. Souttimayd. M. D.
Physicians - and - Surgeons
V irginia C ity , - - M ontana.
Office over Vickers & Co's store, corner of
Walluee and Jackson streets.
Calls will receive proimit attention.
attorney and counsellor at law
county attorney.
Oftice in Court House
Virginia City, Montana.
Physician and Surgeon,
Diseases ot the Eye, Ear, Nose, aud Throat
a specialty.
Virginia City, - - Montana.
Office at residence, two doors above
Court House.
Office one door west
V irginia City,
ot Henry Filing's
- Montana
Of Virginia City, will visit Pony. Sheridan
and Dillon, about every sixty day» given
dales will be noticed in the local column ot
the Madisoman.
J t H. miller,
Physician and Surgeon,
Calls, in city or country
will reoelve prompt
(Member Americau Institute Mining Engineers)
11. s. Dep. Mineral
Covxiity Surveyor,
Virginia City, Montana.
Office at Court House.
j e. callaway,
Attorney and l ounsellor at
Offloe in Masonic Mock
March 1st. It«».
over post
j a. knight,
Attorney at Law.
Virginia City, Montana.
Druggists and Stationers.
Carry in stock a choice
line of Drugs, Chemicals
and Patent Medicines.
Careful attention paid to
the compounding of pre
Our stationery department
includes School Books,
Blank Books, Paper, En
velopes, Magazines, Per
À full line of Wall Paper
and paints. Toilets ar
ticles, Perfumeries, Fancy
Soaps, Etc., Etc.
Virginia City, - - Montana.
If you are in need of a watch,
a piece of jewelry, a piece of
silverware, a clock, or anything
at all in the
Line, or have a watch or a
piece of jewelry that needs re
pairing, send to the
Jewelry estalishment in south
ern Montan«. Our wares and
our work ar« the BEST and our
f. huuer, Manager.
0. d. mm i co.
Dealers Ira
Family Groceries
s ! and : j
Virginia - City, - Mont.
I have opened a first class restaurant op
posite Hickman's store on Wallace street.
Mtals are served at all hours, and a share
of tlie traveling patronage is respectfully
solicited. Special rates by week or month
to regular boarders. When in Virginia
call aud see me. Lodging rooms in conuec
U0D ' ,J. P. PEKRIN.
j ^ -^7-rg^lT STREET,
The Best Eotel I d Sontheru Montana.
First-class Accommodation
tor Traveling Men . . .
rOHN H. DAVIS« Prop.

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