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VOl'JJS- !9
KCTSrtHf. W-ST f*!D*.V MAT 34, 1913
number 13
Advantages Offered La
Ihfn1 in no ti«n of West Virginia
*ht"F the lal>orer h»»a RK«v and l* tter
ad vartag»*s titan in the Flat Top ('
Fwld. Kvptj man v*ho <toirea t<» ram
a fxxl living c«n r*t work at vingca nju
al t>> thot-e paid lalatrrTM in any part of
tl»e world ami gn *?er than in many
plarvw. The cotulitioua antler which the
m n work, whether in the mine*. uj««r
railroads, farina, at aaw mill* or a h rvver
lahor :* employed in thi* aerlton are good
They are paid well, treated fairly and
given opportunity* which lew of tlair
fellow toilera er»j"y in utla-r section* of
the • ountry. Ilouae* a.-e fairly good,
rent i* reaaonahle, nml ii|«>n ni<*t of the
coal operationa in Men-er and McDowell
fountiea the honai h^hl- r who wi-ln-a to
raiae a gardci »* at htiefty t » naea*much
of the ground near hi* home a» he can
without extra co*t. Tl»e atorea, l*»th
rcntpany and it;dct*ndcnt, supply the
very l»»*t food obtainable at reaaonatde
cost < >nly a (i« of the c< m piuiy r-tore*1
over-chirre f -r supplies. The averace
profit in the nmpcny st«»rc* of t!i« ac
tion is a'»out I » per cent., ahile » me « f
the «t >t^s oi ly make fr<«m 1*> to 1 ~ 1-2
per ce.it. Working days arc from S to
10 h >nrw at d the in -n arc t.i t driven;
miners and emj loyee« in end around tlte
mine* are m t inlerfenii with l»y uiine
guild*, and it is a con m >n thing fur
•ick or injund cmj^'is to remain in
th" company I on* •* f >r niot.th* without
being piea* u. It i* t t:e tut in tonu of
lie mini alien* the m m rs & t paid by
the car, th ;t the enra art- tool \'g*> for tlie
pri.*e paid The rate In thia *e» t:on f>er
ton f >r mining coal is fr. in \ »t >•*>•_> cent*,
or to cent* [cr c ir. It is generally
known th <t tla* rara n]K>n a* at'if tlw
Operations hi 1 more than t*o t Qa and
the oj erat rs nre collecting this condi
tion of th-ir own accord. T1»e writer ww
informed by one of the Wtdir g operator*
in thia fiction that at a very early date
standard can or ecalet would be ewtab
I »hed throigh mt this field.
jne ecsu* 1« are g< *>«i n:nl there are two
or m »re n|*>n alm<«t fvwy operation,
with tliL* he%>t te&cliir» available who re
ceive the hr*t pay of any iMrbm in the
itat»v Tl»e wh'wl t<*rtm run frr.ni mx ti>
nine m Tt'■*. I"» McDowellcounty there
at* only a few »ch » 1j with a thorter
t»rtn tl an *v«j mo- th- The nlucttiov
al ajbtin of thin held m of the tin»t clai**
Vpon every oj eration and in every cum*
inanity there are t *o or m >re » harchr*
part >red by m -n who have the intercet
ol the worker* at lie .it, .. I in quit - a
MBlber of cam th»- pa.-t >r is a miner
him -elf. The c* m|>u;irt lUMst the !<• >
pie in every et.d svor f »r th • general uj»
Th.'* men alio w« rk in th » Flat T«>p
C>al flekla aie pi craily Itappy ami con
tent <1 and a larje numlier of thetn owi.
property in Went Virginia or efoewliere
The maj >iity of tin* laborer* in thi* ftrfcl
are Ncgroe* and they art eirn nj a >oo
living. aiippotfi* g and Ha ataij tkeii
families »nd only want the opportunities
an l pi iwlcjrc* that are accorded « the*
1'oliticjl condition* are / -1. the men
tote for wh<>m they p!ea-e without in
timidation or r erring. Hey are fue
American c.ti/vna, »rp*vjt ulion > civ
they w:»h and do tot fe. r !r -it s the-'r
iobi. If fhe coal tooijaniea and r
fnad* of (he i nti t flat • * i*h t • pfl'V*nt
labor tro .hi a and i.d trial strife, tltey
Will do well t » enip! »*. Y >rr.» L:» .r. 11 v
Nrgro m not ao aorvei tnMe to t e pur
•naaion of the a?itat<>r a* u tV* »hit*
and foreign laborer. Uive the Segrolah r
er go-*i w*ge», a r • d h' nie. mawal l
working condition*, if ■**! who.!* an I
dtarcliea and permit iim to ixe'i ih
right of citl/enoh',* witltort liindnHMt
and there w.ll no ind' «tri».l warfare.
Labor eaitatora, f*r» lai Va d d» n a
gogue* have finer f- «.r■ i it h fa\"
with the Xcgro. Ihif fictd oi'eM a>l. ant
•£ra to tli- Srgro found in ft » t ther *e
tion of th t country.
Kn»f4«»y more >'egr.««*, tr-tin m hiir
ly and inil'Mtrial ware?» v wil! t a-w ii
M'r»t Virginia.
la Hatel Where Le W s f ace a
In th "i. t r I "V 'r-vl'"' «1, r"\rt
ment J rr .\nwnr.«n Maruinr,
Borker T. W« hinjftm nn' -. •» ir V \
Ji»m H ■t»r> w i. . r«- tti • «- t* ■
m<*t eminrt.t •« to-• Dm-ti. I, *!• vai
a »t«' f Mbali I r t llnrvnr !, r n> m
bn of tlx Mrtj
t'irf, r-<1 i C t' . i t !' I I
Att> »v 'HUrri . l-*»k r
. iMton w.i * t L'.cd d , *r\ « : j •
I tin:
"In 1911, whtn he was ^pihUl tn
U.e partition he oonpM wHI rtrwdy,
that <>f AmUnt A»pmty Oiwrtl oI the
Ujailrd state*, the colored mm of Baton
grave hint a l«n<iur. tt one of the lead
in* h<*tela «>f tlie city. At thi« bonquH,
in rt |>ij t» tl»e r<>nffratualati<>nii
e»! i!|axi luni l«y other rprakera, l-t-*n
m»le a HfH*rrh in which he mudc two
rvfc renew that particularly ipiyrtaat 1 mr.
II «• called the fmrt that »n thia aamc ho
tel in *hich he waa aft that moment an
honoiv 1 (uvrt he had oaee trrod in the
<-«|>aritj of a waiter, and is whua# to
the lt«»n.>r xhat had been conferred apon
him, lie declared that he had no fine
i't,-. lie of the fart that he w~ae a Xegro
tlint kwv, lie mmI, that it wm net in
!*5>ite lit* hn<l been honoml litis b»*h |
• ilitv. He H'hied that he tovfiel the
• »j i.-il'ilitK* of tlir pn»iti<fl n<< merely
** u distinction rmtferml ii|»m It m«*'lf.
t o|«»ii lite whole rate *Lirh lie rep
" I h«' rvw n I mention tliia fact if he
••:.n c it in n<«t always comfortable to he
.i :•/•*->i man in this country, and the
iiie ii\• nuT.coa frequently increase aa in
dfvi !■..*!», eitlter hy fortune or through
ilic r i.*ii particular uterita. mcceed in
ri»i;tg t<> u (xiaition above the moana of
tln-ir fellow*.
"One reaaon why I, with moat other
col -re*I j»e»>p!e, beli-ve in, honor and re
;; «i t Mr. l^wia, ia hecanae, in the high
(owtiion in which he baa v*en, be baa
n« it her f<>rp>tten bia own path nor«ought
t > m pirate hintaclf fmn the race to
which lie belonga."—Cbarleatue Gaaette
(Hy 8 B. Mooo.)
The CVifornia anti*alien Iflnd law has
'in? t'p th*> «x>rpae and loosened the ghost
of <-t t rights. Like Bat q w'a, this ghost
i;:i vs'khl t>efore and will not down.
The Federal Constitution aJopfcid la 1787
was a compromise between *be Federa
ls t% led by Washington, H-milton, and
John Martiia.1 and the devotees of state
ritfhtt, who woi t'liped in the ' Teasplaof
Gab," * b*re Patrick Henry was high
prieat and Thomas Jefferson recording
atifvy. 1 be Federal *ts wanted to
f rm a constitution giving the general
K >verntnrnt piers ry powers. The Dem
ocrats {t> ten cal led Itepnl licans) clang
< leaders t el y to the worthlenold "Articles
• >f Confederation," desiring to make the
-tittwt supreme, shaoltifc* and nncontroli*
ablt* and the Federal go\ pmnwnt a pow
«rle*. supplicating figurehead. The con
■aitution aa adopfd was a compromiw
l*>twe«-n the two extreme views. Own
proorars never artde sbj thing. They
■aM> only drug*—temporary panacea*.
Dm- ft tnpromise instrument of 1787,
great tb »t it waa, coold not withstand tl»e
:ti—aiilt* mu>le U|«>n it snd the C'l il War
n-united. It was fondly hoped thst the
• Mtirion of *t; te right* had fonud its fin
«l renting place at Appomattox and that
tb supremacy of tlie Fedepa' govem
in nt would thereafter be onqnrstkmed
*nd nn«j'iet<tionabU'. The hope waa vain
Dual Muereignty of stste snd nation,
each supreme within ita sphere is a fal'a
cy and an in:feasibility not on 1/ in af
fair* »>f government, bnt llkewkw in the
administration of the domestic o>nracns
•f tlie numbleet dtisen. Tliere must hr
s supreme power » ho* decisions s' ft I be
ti-.al awl wh< Se jurisdiction shall he lim
♦^1 only l»y the laws of nature and the
!iv»i of t atjons.
Tt la wo-th tecallmg that tn*n like
Wa*:iiifton snd Hamilton who fonght
in tlie H'v< I. tion. «srneattr r< ntended
n the n>nvt nt <>n for a general goranr
men! with nn;»le f ower*, white Uic la'k
••m nd ~cr bd«. I ke PatH-k Henry and
Thomas JHTeftta* wanted a e t federa*
tion of iml#-p n«lent and sovereign -t*tes
Tne. pr;*f«*-red thirteen Weak republics
to t ne strong one.
As thia country could not • list. half
Vavc and half free, no more can stst
«»vcre'/nty ard national rovervfgnty ex
-t *id* by a;tle without constantly ncur
ring court ct
M • 'i- .n, Wia. M»y O R. M
I.a F i' t'«- mnirifmti"* an iftirW to hi
't ft/a/Kif of thia wrek >in<lrr tlie rapti-*
"Tari.f Muini in the Dark"
"T*rifT tkvWt T> mnrraitr
it ro j rorw I tl / •* n»-«l *r RrpnMirtB
r •ntroT' be •«;« "The anhjert *n<vko be
treat d " in r«oiKin e r»^ l"iri Jtiatn
he the «takr in a partisan fame and the
p»v.ple of *h • t"o»i • I Hit* are V> Buffer
th* tonarq I i f a.
"Tit Pr M-Aldf di I ill rataed the
ra'* r?fullMi <4 tta* Kordrni lot*
\r*m'\on Ute rnnaumar. An-I the coorar
< I th • Demorrat • S natoea indirelee thr
Vr.«lmrood J'imone hill «U1 fl« th»- ratm
r< *.»•<«:< »» of | rodncdon on* arnl th»
ar.«P0> it a.U it fltct o tha ara$ -earner
i»U vti I . il m v uxiuatr.
New Y«>rk City.—A mliito inxn inter
wtil in ibi" •(•'fsn- of tlie niJomf rare
hM ollml a incl*! to lie n'«anlnt
annually to the man »t »< man <•( Ameri
can decent in<l < f American eitin-n*hi|>
• ho shall have ma«ie (Im- in«wt «ii»tir«at-*i
ihnl achievement during the year in any
6*Id n4 honorable hurv.Mti en leavor Thia
t km i» at lite fourth
arnital ccmfr nicc n( tlie National .V*ao
ciali<>n tor the A'lvai tviiirnt o( Potoml
Pmjp*. an organisation conipntni of
mrmhrm ••( both rat", which ni-t at
Thf »lp*ior <4 tlie medal i* prew:.!ent of
the aaancuilion'* New York atate l>rnmh,
Prwf. J. F. Spiriffarti, for twelve year* a
pr»>fe«or in Colunil>ia university an<l on«
of tb<* nx«t anient champion* of tlie civil
rifht* of colonel i«eop!e. He ha* offrni]
to |riee f'00 every year for a g»»l«l meilal
The medal w ill tie aranled by a com -
mittee of five ai>|«»inu<d hy tlie National
Aamciation for the Advancement of C«J
ored People and the announcement made
at the next imvtinx of Um* amoriation in
the Rpring of 1!>H.
OonsirieraMe unrpriae was sprung on
Um> puWI: *hen it tir»| Im imo known
Thursday B»?ht tlmt John A Kheppsrd,
• mftubrr <4 t)•«* Slate Px>*rd of Control,
had handed in Lin n»itmati<«n at* snch to
Govtonor Hatlield. The rv»ijmatw»n war
handed to Governor Hatfield late Thurs
day night, and it is understood that Mr.
Shepparti meant that it take effect at
once, and that he meant to depart for
his home in Huntington jevterday.
Mr. Sbeppard •usifjn*** a» the reaw»n
for hi* resignation, that hia own private
and personal affairs would not permit
him to further hold the position an a
member of the board w ithout great sac
Mr. Hheppard wa« one of the firwt mem
bers of the board which wits appointed
in !90fl, and was appointed for two more
years. At the end of the two ;ear» he
was reappointed to aerve for a mil term
and hence had only aenred two vears
bis term aqd had fonr yrarn more to
aerre. l^je other two member* of the
board arc J. P. Lakln and Dr. K. B.
Johnson. There ia much conj«cture an
to who will be Mr. Stu'ppard'a mu ceaaor
on the board, but no iuK/rmhti< n la yet
obtainable as to who Gove-nor Hitfleld
will appoint.
Debt ud Berber Hid Wrong Im
pression c? W. Va. Executive
Former Will Correct the
Harsh Things Said.
CharWvton, W. V« , May 24.—Engene
V. S ai.ilUt U;t<l«r; former !'<*»
an—man Yirt r lierger and A«l<Jph • ter
mer, oI llltnoia, arcornpaiiied f>y Kev.
Paul I. I'ii.lis ii. member tlw iutrr
national l*>ard <4 i!»«- I'nik-d JliatWorl*
• ra. went into tl*» I'aint and Cal-u
Creek coa! Ii*-!*! tl.i* tnnraioff. It in ex
parted thoy *i!l vi*it the New River fttld
Mr Dergnr in a -tatrment thl* snorn
infaaidi "I have an eat'nly different
impmpiAn |>> the flot I pre*amablv had
ni Wert Virfinia'« »ifratlve «n'l h • at
titude to tl>« aorkifi? man," abile Mr.
CVba told th p" ' mor, " Yoo hair bwn
p'areri in a f?*l r I; Jit I haw «« d «erw
hard thirr- of J *» in tlie part bat now I
will correct them."
M'ich «'at i at d i fnrmnti »n «a« laid
bafore the leader* \ry the governor.
1Mb ai d lU-rr>r .tate 1 th«y preferred
that any iifnrinrtion roor^rning the con
ference ahooM r'»r:,r fr m tl»e Governor. j
However, Mr. lv»* mMr n •!»<>rt atatn
ment Miying tl* v wer* wr-11 pVam-d with
the interview an-! :'i»l t!w y *er«» •ut»art*'d
the tioeernor 1 i>| finn tlie minrra fair
a»xl rqnare tn»t.iH :»t and tl*y »wliev»"d
■ II thi labor ti« < i m. i: 'I le natiafart
orily aettled 1' e *».. «• U?*»r «it<iatW>n
«aa none over a* I a I e t» r understand,
in* arrived at all ar- <ind.
The viatnm » re *nj |.! „««1 jn»U r
day at the rrU-»«»• < f tl,«» uiltt pri»-n
er<», im nc tl»rtr. m * a»iH "* < 1i i«f».
In an inter\M vl M lvl*a"d
BV|^lMrm i if, h jerfi »-««l th»-ti -
artr*a an j»!ea*r»l -*ii!i •!»«• r interview
with fJownor llallMd Tt*-y rrit] t!»e
foremor treats I tl<em ai:h *tat evnrf
ay an*l the/ ►!» ram* t a l*it r under
atanding. The >r« wentuv-*r dw> en
tire labor ii wttl. ir-imtfr
lie IT**e tirftii an at<«'-fh«-r ru w in>pn«
aion fA hia artfcm* in enewnme atthUrc
atrika trouMe.
M We wiah to a«j," acUi Mr. Dehe.
"that wa Mm ve 'rrt(m»* HatlM'1
ireate*l the ireti f«-r a».d r-ymre. *>
are aatir»«^i Im* h •<» n .< '} •»
**yr of th -#* t . »•*.• »• ♦ •rw:i»< »!
he »a< n >t r»»|^t - *• ' r!»tfi M
yUMn fh^l wa A# Va %aJ^W|pil
Discuss (he Question of
Calling Convention
to Organize
Executive Committee Will Thresh
Oat the Questions and Pot it
cp to tke National Com
\VAslll\«iT'>N. M«y St.—Ttir lte
puMimn « Jut-utive mmliiittof
whii li itwin lwrv lminrn>w Ht tlM* rail
of Charie* |). IlilUn, chairman < f the
nItktftal OXittnkt*'*-, primarily wilt c»n
nitler the advi<«aMlity «»f calling an early
rwrtinc of the national con nutted to
conaider plan* for «4'» i etlniiin)f |h- i ar
ty linca prepamt -ry t<> lli>'iK>tttxMifro«
iora' campaign.
Before d> terming to nil the rrrnrnktrr
fcylht' it will !<e d**-i«i«-d «hi titer tin
time in ri|>e for flu* l» pin nine of
zation for the fittnre, «»*■ whrlltrr it rr• phi
he twite- to wait until the pnx nt Km •
cratic administration hit* pioo-eded («r
ther on it* way; until iflrr tt*«* opp<«»!
tion tariff law han Uin written Into tl>
atatntca and ita «fhi t on lh.» country an i
Some of 11 k* party lender* art- firmly «►<
tlx' mind thai tin- a:rt.«ti<*i for a re-or
itanixation meeting <•( tin- national rom
inittee tin* fall jir. mature an 1 it would
If chiefly to c**n»i«tcr tin* advi<tal4lity of
wrh a convention that tin ftati >nal com
mittee would Ui'vl
The |»r jrn*»:ve «in*r villi ~tr*»i cly urge
the e*eeuli\t< ■ tt<«- t i— w * rail t<>
tlie natioaal c» ftttmlUe. Tl < «• nciliation
roinniiU*^ iitnol .»>■ a r»«ult<>( tlie re
cent ChU1 » i- nlrri-wv m«ttoday in
Senator Cummin*' »J!'wv and derided U»
I a l«tter t > Uk- rjuimittfv Mkini (hit
the national r .mnntt e tie i and
Mtting I • *»• Kepuhlicana'
viena uh to norganization • f tlie party,
change.* in <lei<ir:>tc r»-j.n-* i»UtinT, meth
od* )f lutHiiuii.' owiW* t-. bm'I oilier mat
tera. The 1 tu r ill U- *ent to tin- exe
cutive eotiitiiitt rddri-w-d t • National
Chairman lliilea a><«1 tlie metn *tm < f the
crnciliation muirnitt-v reject that tln-y
may he tali 1 u|r>n t > aj>|>ear l»f<>re t)>«
ronnnitt e fuit'ier t" ex| I tin the r vicwo.
Senator liillir^r oi N'i«hata|»hirt
ad □i.*te 1 to<l »y ih it he I* longed t» the
"ao-cdl^d reactionaries" in i i«< -nwinff
the nrgett iltmain! of the rnynwivtn
for a national convention, .1 elan* I that
wh<*n tlie tiiiie came f >r reorganization
tlie a:i party would rv«irrpnur
itarlf. _
Cilpiry, AlUrtu, Mwy '.'4 —l.nlli»f
Mrf'artj, rlaitnatt* <4 |Im* whitr Imtj
weight of tin- w<»rl«l, tod J
t •ok (In- count ».( |« it f• fmii Hi fc rH' Kd•
win Sin id i. «4 ('Iliads which mark«*d
him th«* r in hi* ! n>nnd lout with
Arthur lVlk< y, and fcigl t minute I »••
I>ath «r»r>;.«i|bf r«h,»nre hlon
daHvrfi •4 f mm w 1 • rt* ir> th<» r. tfi if» of tln»
a<>lar | k-*n« . fu r » * liy ons- mlnntr and
forty-Ave • <• ij'U >>f I <ht f g time
Artlmr IVU17 tonVht n w ni\
the ch»r^v of niaii»laiiirht«*r >•) tin- north
w«it mount -I | ol"-r and r»k wrl a ihort
tltn • aftrr*ur 1 «>n hti'.
Tber • ha I h »-n ot»*» o t« » mixupa .»f
incor»a»"i»»»-nti il M ttim», th« n rame a
clinch. h»''crtT **»».ith m-\ iritml Ox
men. Bnth cU-arml off in papifUtfr atU
tu«le, tx-itl r m- • r»g t< >, t-.e W'ir^ l-ir*
the rlin< h. Mr('«it/ mm i*rn V*
nj» in a rr< u hm: |n»llimi. T«» ll»*af*e
tat/-r» it a« th"*'/h ! « |'*iti'>r
► imply tw a flgl 'n.7 |» • •**. I!•- 'lr»pfir*l
loner we I Io%er, r*lia»* 1h n
Im> cnUa;** I an4 (**li f-.li i» ". ih «»n th»
flK>r *4 the rin;». Tlw rrfrrcr. wwuHnf
t'<at MiCa'ty ha I l«-»-ii kiol"| ih».
aV">l rryrr him to c.*»i t « tl*
It • tlie final rt :n*t V-r tlv fitfhtrr.
ar«J that «>>rkitirri n ») ait V ffl'ij
trt#d in tl»*-'r la»fii' rirht*. vlirli ha
not hei-Ti tlx* raw in th* ]«*\ rfi
r-ntirr!y <*wt--»»«-4 with th«» 9 v+rlv.r'*
'rwltiK nt *4 »r,'l with tin* nanlt* '4
thj mtrtr-f*. W» k*>k lortaH to a
cornj»W-V «>tiW n* i.t of the entire I*'«nr
trotil «lc»,' *
John W r.r».nn, »ifr •4 l'a
n-li-iwl jrtlrfdey nntmin h the f>*er*
nor, «aa *nli M"«ar#. IH->* and lhr«rr
laat ntfh'.
It i« ur. VrFtooil that V>oth tl»« I ahnt
^*j»r of Ilintinjt' n. and the I^il^rr Ar*
f-f •4 f rr)< v. have >^ru «i\m fwr
I' '0,.o V' iv.mf |u • <«tK<n, hut that
U*7 nti«t t t an. inllamat' r|
nttrr»r.< * -
(ChartotMl (iarette »
|(!«nr*«« Wolff tvlali* with Mirmtirant
pi«t« a dream he had rwfntly "drvam
fd," *aid nr. "that I had d»r*l tml p«m>
t>> Heaven, aa coal nwn aometimea «lo.—
and that I wan pvm a at |tnn«*lj
pay, at running a coal train through to
tin- Kingdom la-low with inatrurtiona t«>
uae my ilinrrHi'Hi alaxtt hauling fit ni
fiery hrin t>t- i>e l«r», the railroad nrn
who were roa*tmg there. I dreamed that
I n^fniirtl in rvrry one of tliem, imn
who ha«i fatkd to |iw me rani when I
cam, oh' an hadly—ami 1 dream*
i ed that 1 ran that train daily fur yeara
ami yeara —and neve. furniahod (rafti^or*
tat ton to a aingle railroad man.*' We
(.aid "aignitirant gnato" for the rr«a«
that ho t-njoya it »> nuirh that you *|*>t
him, at once. aa a coal mint* o|*rat»>r
He ha* nfwratwl a <>.al mine for yeara—
an 1 haa rn wr hail a strike or a laU>r
liaagrventent «»f any kind to contrtid
with IVrha|<a that mill give yju an idea
of what kind of a man he 4a— if itdoean't,
it ought to.
IVlcgate Wolfe i« anme geographical
product- lie waa Imcn at Camdi B, N.
| J., (in 1*74); «ai reared and r<htcated
at lackaonville, Kla., and haa done In*
life'# work, ao far, in Went Virginia. lie
i-n't likely to n ake another n i«r, for
he like* Una at ate and then feeling iamu
tual. lie ia a lover of Work, lot can
p'ay with Eeat and profit—and drea it,
t«»\ for he t*lievoi in naver doing any
slrng hy hw!vca.
Though horn, rocked. reared and elec
t« dint lie l« gi»la'.urv in three different
rti.-n- tl.e I'nion. it waa aiwaya aa a
i«e|MiM « u" ».iel lw ex|«t» to dm in llw
v>ne faith Ilia otlier affiliation* are
*.th tin- Kpiai't.pal chunh and lodge of
h'ka. He haa a happy home at Davy,
W. Va., where witli hia wife and two
line boya, he lead* an ideal life, alien
n< I wreatiiug with legislative pr. htema at
CharUwton. lie favora all profreaai>e
l< k*i»lation within ill" rank.* < f tfc lie*
piiLhean part)'.
Nation si Organiser of Negro Etui
nest Leagv i.
Tlw Iloarrf »►! I>in ct ir< « f Ui» National
Nnr.o IttMiww I**«irm* ha*
ll<»n. Ralph W. TyW, Aulit»rf>r llK
Navy, a* National <>r^ani*r «►( lb-- lliwi
»W*t I«fan ir.
Mr. TjUf lia» Iwn Audit >r for the
Navj (or more than four year* and ha«
flMcd the ofTn-e with credit t^> hitikw If and
r* v. He Iihi l*fn tf»e in«*t efficient
Iftrvr whoever filled the oflS« e, aerfrrd
iiitf f> a ataletnent nimlc bj former Se«
r»tary o( tlie Treaaftry McVilgh. Tl>e
Auditor a ho will nhoitiy ff< out to make
• (» >nt (or me of the thoua.md hungry
IH-mnrrat-* i# a journalist l»y |>m(minn,
Itavinf l«en e»*»ner|e«l with tlx* Ohio
Mate Journal, n while daily, (or * nnm
litf o( yvmin laden* hi* a|>|*>intln«'nt a*
»• ditor. II*' i« an al>lr, b'Mrlrw man
.» id will In- of great wrviee t • tlie l«i*i
•Mt« league and tin* Nejrr"» ra<
Thrre mill l*r < ♦ r DiiintiM liir d* rU
ami i *r«»r • * i :ime Hlu*fi*l<l |**t »
• ixi Jm«e 14(li. Some o-iii
• lit n«i<irnl nw*n ahotiW kiW thin rr
aaiiMlinfi aiul try fur anm♦•»>/ tb*> «•»<
It m * '<T>f">rttinity to Wt the fmr
awl riTu mri «.f the civil trr\ ice !»»«.
Tliere are a nnmh-r of »o1otk! n>en in
illuctiel I an-1 \i< inity v»h > are uti.lonht
prl quallfl^! for tit f '*iti >r • an<l it *1)1
do n>» harm t > nia.tr Ui * eflorl taj u> t a
few <4 them.
Vonr t'rwl • *ann>ei <l«HMa|»b* fair
an«l li. j«art »l. that ufily » erit roofito, SO
it m tlie rLlit I rvt-rj Amerwan < ,ti»n
to try an<l r t >*. h* Vnch'* | ay roll
Enforce Fifthtvoth Amendment,
Siyi W, E. (hindler~Pul« Tr»»
to Rep&blictB*— Former Sentlcr
From New Parapikire Gives Cu
Letter Aduretied to Committee
man E«talrcok*~ Poiotl to Pro
filed Pcdoclioa ia Namber of
Soalhera Delegatioa--Seadt
Cc py to Millet

1 l-f.rmrr **»-nal<it William K. (t*a»»»Brr.
nf \«« haa wntt -1 * «if >f*
letfrr t>i I". W. lMal«ff*»ll Rwfuh-r r»r
the *»ranite Mate of Ilia ktv«tl>li< *n Na
tional C-»»nn»itlr*. pMntiftff oat the pr<»
(*-•*•! rrdartkxi in the membership of
the <*onihrm *t«V" in the national ron*
mitlon <4 the party ami at the aim*
tin* ca'.l nj for the »»lnrcen«ent >4 »!*•
••m ii'l nr»it u. t>< Cotolit'itio-). lie hw
«iao traoaltutlad a c- pf ol IfUer* t
to Oiaimuuii t iU-«. of ttw IC*-|m1141. .)
I- vi^ nlnf 1'. i itt«v. Mf. l*l>iin<il«
wiiltK ai» »• »ll«•
"Washington. l» f
t M«) !•». I'M
ll«m. I . W I >t.i?-r«*»k, Nc*
Mrmivr ') |ln* L. ,.uM:,ai: Nuti. n.i
Mj IV Mr. I «ul>r<»>k It mi in" t.
I*' talt'ii tor _rruiiu->l l>y rv.«»<>ii ot 111*
KOtfiOUr* ot rtiniMtil and IruMol l;«-|•• i*
lit an* tli.it tin • ■ arv to U* luimntiatf««>n
fcfrihv". i I fin t->r rvnviiik'* i •
III IMC tor h in- > mt|>:iiirn ot tin* nut: n
■ I K«f«ll»' i< .'til pal I)
" I!*• V * V»cW Trilmn*- of tin- mIi
ni«tMnt »t it*-- ilmt Cluurnaui llilU* It i
f*IU«l lor *'.ij in Washington, .i
HlfJ lM..' ol 1 Mi lltllh' tNlllllllttll
Kf|>nt>!i. .ti. \iiti"iu| t'• ttiiinitiff mi<l - i\
"1Ikiv w w ni> «■ I) any •(mm-ui Irotu tlx
\n* tliMt tuM' < t n|>m«nuu>u in i <*ii
\vnt>>n« *h.>u<l !*• «LiMiuft hrfort- tt<
irkt li"tuiiiiil - i •mntilliia. • • • |*t,,
iniin*111 itn t ■» i4 lit**|«aitjf mifh a*^ n
ntom U-«'t an . Ciiiw, ot tin* i'liuo \ .i
ti\i- win*. '. .viiiioi |lalU']TMi<lvii
»t«»r t'liiinn:i.f "1 iIh* i-r-^'ifwiM-f an
C >ll\llln^l tl wit l|o«* f till' lillM* to Mt tin
l«rt)' unlit U-lou tin- |«s.|4e.
Smat<>r t*m lion** li«» |4aiuw«l t*> lia\i
t% iiMrrti'14 « i itif |>r.n;riwiv«*lm«lfr»oi tl«
l«rt) in t*1n a_*.» in\t twk.'
<;.\|{l*\i:i. t • • I I I'llAlKMAN
*"lt in ri'i-oiti-l tli.it tHrrmirR^nui ut <1
fonilcit i\f l!i i« .ut rrltMHirf, loj.n
<4-ut«ti\f Anwi'-iii I' tiariltHt, i» to I,
i liairiiijii ol lit ll. |>iiMii'«ii t'-oivrn—i' n
• I I'-omiiiitti •- uti'l to »hI iii Irniitiiii; in .«
tt*.>nt mint I on r*tr»* I- iw I
!• I
During tii
in«n III*'
IMrlil. it'.'
•>•1 timtiy '• * t i
to *lt«i w .• i u
•mccmtl M» II
IK«-4| I'n i .
' it M II.• illtll*. Ml !• I «■
il!in << «»f .
1 I l'til ('••tiirrrwMoti
* •«»•'! Tint** lim «
• I \ »-r I>mI ii*|'iirt<
> <* tin- iHitiiiimtiiiii
If- ;»i««1 mIki tin* Vt
I' i tf« Um* •hi«vi>*< .r «»J
ihf i:t i• i .I > iit.
TV* M l'
*rf tin v.
ti' U- fiii ii.*
»»!m nr«* i.it*
It **« *r»i,
1a-t |>» i <■ y
*iM|ll * t In
nrlf araiii I '
l:iit>H <li-<-»<U--! v> L>nf
V iii«|»iiri«i» it> mi Af
i*l iujornmfi.*tt •»! p||
> ;ihlfi«»t<n» I !*•!• r« tl.
• it 11• .ii .l^t. A. 111.«f I<«'
. r ii Is'lnti' lnMiiivi^llititi
M •• IIm- llltflint i >1 lln- |«
It* .f tl - •' Hi I iii liw» «irii*»K. Ili
l«4tl i < ; ' »i.i «ii Hu^ltt** Ii.i- I < i
f—lit > Ii . t i •• ji'ari* mhI i
'•kh pr«.«u i
IS H tll«. I l<
in ( «>ii^ri
•liirintr tl"
♦ m* M X" til*'
iflltfl ill*
nnKil i- •
• tl hi* J'f-■>.
linr»*l Ii* i"
'**•<1 I*11II • 1
Tit*- I" iiih <
rwi iin ii' -
|rrf •
aIi-i mill fin
nnniln •« tl
♦h.n »ii . ■
i'»w r. - -
r. ■ •
. f.
«i %
i n
»• • iurinff tin* |kihI it m
i • |.rt-««'iita-<l tin* • lifti •
tl.#* I^rt It'll Jt'MI'M .III'
• i» • if lli«' |i»nt 4%-tifcrr*
I'i I'IiMmhii in I' .|.k ii -
• I VVi-fl Viiifiniii III
;tlfl In* lllit'lt' N ■>|>i«H«|l
, - diHirl, l» it l» i :• i •
• ft'I In* Ih hIiIi it i» I*
■' ' nil ulIt'fii|*t to mm
• . I l'i*trnt i« t.)
ultH'il Itl|i I o.tll "
I r*-|.«-*-x*-til hm u« i
i« .it \Vm«*IiMitrt• »n H.
• 1 tin- inb-nvltt • if • i*
' • I -'.lit', AllM.ll/ III
. < t man wii»>. i ■ r
!|--<l Vntlmti «. '
. »!".. )»• tii*' «int«' ft- »i
• ruiMtl
JmMi » |». M«ii< ally tin- I. '
Ntl'l Imi '• r H lf« |<mMh an |H»rtj if
t)ti« m* t i, --t Mfirmm. II" w.
h'j, *»r> . » »'i wli'i ' »»».»■ ut
an' I* | ! » wl»<«Kn<* ii< »I,
tf mrnWli • r j . »t>, i »jit*l «»r l*' *m
Mack <»f ^ ' • »T»t»t, <'afh"l»-* •
4#>«, *»•■. t • > I i ll»r .
Iififimn f . * " •nj'artin! *n t t< .
It«< g- \* t. • M' « el W. \ .1
TltU • 'i tt a »>f« uti.» i« il
r-ii.iih ry f • f I!•- IiM >
futirrtfc .1] :»i • ( ln« fiitI>« r ». it I
it if • "Itf »|*i nl it \r* >>f i •
«tl* r . '1 'J 'I *»«• rilt*
• •< t» .< : ' ' "it ' i ■ 11 ut I
.-e i« i • \ ««<«.| # j- rat
t t t! -i^r* *| '• «li/ i* I
liit • arthf-*#■*•!, !**•«• rtk
I f•* » #•' 1 t'f llllfH** *
i)«* ut« >• L:t if mlorotrli*
•r»«l ■ . .r .• , i rr f rra! «l f» i ,
than • •• •
Tin* »»•»• r ! 4 «:•>» to » aM I .
. * r tifr*) a !*»..
r I1 • * > »ii« nn I r.j
In* »t» ' i. in tn Vinsr with
f*r.n t - r«'nfrri • »• ••
if • ( '«fir he «rtit l<
tla- 4»»*. • t 1 r I'# lr*i* an-l - •
ihr t'.f. i » r-kt-tl Mm,
J >»i p "I r*f4inl t t '
'M i.'t • arr»# h»a btrihl l
ImiM I; a «l "An* m™. i «
»if !»-■' I • 1r *. ttn»* *nt t« !•
•rv Mr. * i li/M »•» In

«Uat if ! i • i, « i I, if !<*• r*«t, I
bKn.'' *1, . . tmi^nt '»f
la?K»rii»i ' ' » ti 11 « f l!i
• I0*»p»»t » ai ilii.j
r*|nt M#<!. < .» mjei bj -r »
•»vl tt- ♦ • t iMtiMrn*, 1 ■
hwa'w I > a m I
j- »n » i*»r h.i< |!i< .i
Jottings of the Wise and
Otherwise, Normal
and Ab rmal
ti:» »;. XV \
i 'Vii
* .«U
ltd- »:ii .< I I
Wit)] ft !l . It
4<'| . tin !•> « ul. .
>t 11< <*i »«i. •» :
j-Uj. t iiii<
.lUllnl ..ul I 4 I II
:•) ti«* ..■•twn:
lu •rilu-lwr) ..r.
|mUK if> li«-r«* .11 • \
tlM' lull H 1.
I 'lit**.)
altitv «»I
'a*' Hilt I
t <• limk
*1 "WfllOU
• t l»>j «t
• mildly
• la-nade
in lata*
litis tliHt
UiiiJ with
* lilt t • • \< i | .
t;u I. t ■♦•nii
M.i) ••!»». mI .
il'i I.I. I al:« . v.
<lt A .if . ■» r
ik*'- al»»-i hi*« .<• •
In t A It* • l« l
l»«lll I I l».V»-t
i gi.h.iml<* ••It'. ! t
>.» •* i' •" *
.,i, (.:■»> mi th
*- |. |.llU.
• i * i i • t.% »
lull If ■ I 'it", .
1.1 V I t »•
II tl. I'.'l»-t.*l.
U 111. •» i .
I hilt *ifli
« \V .lit- r I >«•
III i rllllt ' .li*'l.>
II 1 u» III'
• . > ♦ if'' «l. till
t y at. t ii
■ ill. .»•
|i> I* ii | I
i > W.
• »> taut,
>r mi
11 ■« l>|
' > 'It "111,
. .III. «• at
lit* «u
I'll# I19.
'• I ".llr»|
ii «t
!« • f.
'll la-t
i («*■
• MlI If' wc
• • I^IVI
"Ifl ttlM
ml) Jail
"i jury.
'• I ii> tii
I! 1.1,
i. i> ik,
hi t i;.i •
mI «• Uic
• i i • »« Vi t l •• a»i|li «rt,
y i»l ll c
• ; • II t«M
> i»if«l»
• t<« I *\o
I. I in a
UK tll'HI
, , !• I<i| 111 t
I t .ii :'i 14 I till
r.. .[ 1 i»l if .ii.i
III' nl< ru
• ti i j«r
M ; j
• I« .1*. i
• t.
i'l «|tiiir
i- w»«*k
• .. Dr.
i I >ril|
I inform
" iM ail
.i foi „ . jd£0
• rrwy A
' M
im* I'm
j lliMt >r»
* •• / itr®
•■•I toal*
t * train

r il i •1
gr; — t j»
i t • i .*
(t «
U«c lie*
»i» «n<l
i wtmld
t» *» »rii
V? I ■' »ul«
l»» ifr»
| tri ll •«)
IKt'l i 4
'I'til in*
W >. |
»». «•
*n f*rm
1<I n<4
■rv mrv
I Otf
■ I ""tj m'
tvn in
"I thic
y i*artf
r. (hi*
I ' dh _
1 ■
i I *
T nM*
lh l%«
•• t W» te*l
' • «. ^4*

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