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Agitators at Work ■
Vew Pnrer And Flat
"nr til •• llH ItH'fl WV4U|>ltolH<l
*»5 I* > -rilH* umI lit** s«t»-C »n
mitkv o». I *r and n in lit#
in«nlin'",< i lahm inMiMkxa in Pin t
an-1 fabi* «'» «-k*. i* »» iw,» i il.« I *• •»
tmubtn <4 \V- l VirtriHM >»n ♦ * | «
■ritalnn ■ «• iti « tk**M <4 >i
• i •*».- II .!»• I I, kj .1 • * llit
•d ri* had t>r«rtit |»*<* i» tlw uat**
iuuh r< had rHiliMtl in wmk ► I.U.f
(odilitioo* ««v tw»i * «lli li e |»r ip. rt«
Ol l<k*U**t tUll kttlt, ||m- (-Ml
«U»ru»y o| the union lnc«*d ^hr in\«~>t
Italiuti and Vfiirtnr Mm tin* <4 Nr»' Jt
mry n*vr Um* *iM-ialial« tail afiutuni u*a
bofir and pnt cocourafftnurat. Thr ir
Mi't ia I bat a CHimi acrikr m twd
i f>* Ncir Mivfr, Kan»« I I Win
•* it • >ulf r «l h^kl», with i»r»u
laUtoar tin "Appeal Kr*«.," ofraa <4
th* XatMN.*l K mk4 |"UJ. ihmn.lt> r|
ili Flat T-4» «x*I
Ttie inflwiitor) article* ippttt ny |>
the '' Appeal tn Keaeor," with th* ir vi
rion* itud iinnnmaUr itUi lu upt V
Q v> rwit HallMtl a an mtlj make thi
iKi«>raut iiuJ uiilliinklDr muteia M that
th* ] beiu* »u.postd •(«*! by tie opera
lur» -u>l (imiml hj (he 'kivernnr Ii
m not denied that working condition* u
duui) of the real mine* of tin* »iate kh
far tieto* prrfertion; nor i* it denied thai
in many io^am-n the uiiae worker a
not treated fairly, but why should a pw
per ulna* |rfHrt«lr»l niaaon ia to bettei
the n>bdiiM-ii of the laboring man seek
to p»i >u»ii«v hiui by tfta and miainfor
inetiou? Why • to the editor n< "Ap
peal" and hi* corrrapondrut dewooor*
and ahuae (iovernor Hatfield whn Flu
inut V. IW», Victor Bmim and Adoli
tiemar, lir rKOfnind leaders of the
Snriaiirt |*»ty, with the annera who
ware effcIWnfjiaaa
oti m rtiat the paper ia naeeety playing
politic* and «rkinc to bnild ap the So
cialiet party at the expenaa of the men
and their faiutliea who toil.
The miner* nprcn their aatiefaction
at conditiona in the several mining field*.
They are well paid, aril houaad and an
as liberty to buy their food ewppliei
wherever they wish. They can cultivate
gartirne, raiae bogs, chicken*, have oowa,
and even goat*, if tie efforti of Confroa
man Hughee are Mrawful. They have
churrbea, good arbooia and are not op
preaard in any way. Why then thia agi
tattoo'' I<abor Uom« officers muet gH
their salariee and agitator* n-uat be paid,
while the SocialmK party hopea to gain a
foot I told in Weat Virginia.
Thr "United Mine Worker* of Aineri
ra" have for yearn desired to gain Weat
Virginia to the union caaee. VJnietlj
U*eir iirgauKatHtfl has worked for a long
blue but they have had very little ar
cea*, Out of the near 7<»,•<*} miner* in
Weat Virginia not more than lO.uo are
ateniben of the union and only a few of
the operator* recognise the union. Thia
i* £he aor* spot i'tdeaa the operator*
recognize the anion it cannot eiiat, and
wall do tl*e lender* know it. Therefore,
If the union leader* ran forre the opera
lors to recognize the union, lite salaries
of the officer* will be adored becaoae the
operator* will then eollart the duea from
the member* through the offuT and turn
the money over to the uuiun nA.en The
majority of the operators in this state are
oppoaed to tine plan and moat of ti>e
well dunking miner* agree with them.
Thte paper ie not oppoaed to organised
labor, but it ie oppoaed to the method*
and policy of the Amerieaa Federation
of Labor of which the United Mine
Workers are a part. When the Ameri
can Federation of l^abor and the Tnited
Mine Worker* throughout the country
ceaae ptaying party politic*. causing
hardatiip, atrite, mmf, litrnminabori |
tod wffrTiirf. th-a a* «ill mippnrt theui
Any onrariiMtUoa fnrn*d KW the purpar
c4 the latnm mmI rnaeiH*
|PT)rf>lnittdiUinf> better and <taar< i mi net*
in in) "4 iu »>rar* hr« (tunat *i>) la)«,r
*r beiew u| r..r ieli|(e>ii <1 mm
»4 limerve tl»e mf*p>4t n( lair nuixM
an«l cannot jr»l the aopf»*1 »4 the
Tunes and the msnj l»N.riaf
petifJe tho Inn! to the Tiiimw lor f«Hp
tnd arfnre
II the iitertton art unfair to the b»<
cr« an<] nMlituM are not » hat they
ahoald bt Nil none uaary to eamr auffer
iaf, mate ai><1 MmI ahed to emmet
them. TVj ran be luartr better l.j a
oiuM »fi«rt oa Uw part at the uiiner,
daalinf diffrtl) aith the operator*, with
out the ltd *4 tl»e I'nitH Mine Worker*
lb* Marialiate. aoankala Mad agiuiurt
hare cuant>*ne<l aith the iahor aaaawi in
tba atate ta <«»r effort to tettuj l*aa
neaa, rediwe the nutpot U the W. Va
■bum. daarred* the 4aK eiaiuMraUm
aad fie* — plirfiwet.t *>• th<«* who 90
aroand "artaf «k<ai they .nay 4a
voar/\ J
The atiaara ol ikr W tadm* <Ja* aad
*4 the flat T«f eoai W# aiN Mat he
(Jv-hikI 4;h iplain .\. F :»nd A M , St. Albans.
rW sous <4 toil know that the
w Hrwiii" and nil like it «<tl|
<wk lotintn j Um> |>rnent of
bWMP and puiiiM-w in ord. r to "tvi
awr the ruin* t system of piiiitir»<J Im ir
own, which lliey lnvp divumd «.l for
yeara, and *l#rvvfr il Km Iwmi t«Vd Im
hern proven a nosersl»W-- failure. .Stick
In your work, lutMi >miC to ttM«r who
would tir»Cr>>y y<Mir Ir rral
lam, make WeaC Virginia inrrtcr and
grander than it » and rebuke tbo« who
Wiitikr thr t**t and tr*f«»t »ta(e in Amer
"Wi> roa/ratultUe u»r friend*, Kdltor
M. T. Whitti«-o and Bu*ine«a Minager
T. Uwaril Hill, «»f tin* M«-Oow*-II Tunes,
keystone, W. V*., on the pun-haw by
thein, of a fine new <%>Urell printing
prm, c«atin( sixteen hundred dollar*,
evary rent of whirh Ut** Tiin»** (>n>o«lly
saya, "ia paid." The newapa|ier
naniMl aliove haa always Iwen a top
notch*r along new* and nli|.tnal linn,
and with ita inrrtaatil etjQipment, con
Mating of new iinwn. type. etc , we ex
pert to tee tiie Tnnea grow higgrr, lietter
and grander than erer. By way of a
final word, it might not be ainMi to ttate
that the citiaMiry of aouthern \V«t Vir
ginia have a rml newspaper in thrTiiuea.
and they should support it to a man."
F.iMTua'a N'<«:—We thank our good
friend, Hon. J. K. Clifford, for hw kind
woeda. Coming from they mean more
to na than from aay paper in the coun
try. Aaide from fiiitor Clifford's thirty
two T**ara npeiiMc* a* a newspaper
owner and iditor he has to hi* credit a
repntat on for hownCy, trnthfnln*as and
faarlcaaneaa tiiMnt pans*d?t>y MJ man, and
aay e» pwasi i>n of commendation from
him cai i iea with it the great, broad t»*-art
of the man. We apprwriate what beaays
and we hof* to ever merit the praiae of
such a rare champion a* i. K. Clifford.
»'fW»F W. L. IUTS
KifKt Wor<mp(iH Oraaid MtnrUrj Ma
a«ir bolfa. ImrmAtrtanm W. ft,'. '
OwHwM, W. Vs.. inw 17- (Mm
■or HfUWd tidmj tormmllj mnr'-nrml
«fea an In' - <4 A. If. o4 Htm
A r»rtt«« »- ti «i«HT U« rtMimki <4 thr
"..Lr jr »*." lii- meaning of which
Mill hf l»«t «|t)>in i«tnl l»y lituM* familiar
• ilii r«4«<litMtiM tniuiiil the t-ouuo mills
iu tilt- sontliern states.
I Hie cartoon depicts a utinii, Mack ur
. «»n, MtliuK un t lerwe hmnly devouring
a Urge aection of a watermelon.
Ketuud biu, on • path Itmlntf to the
mill*, arc the entire families of it* while
workers, on Uieir a ay to the mi£. fatti
er*, mothers, girls and bnya, younger
and ol«ler children, ail showing the ef
led of tl* KriiniiuK, liealth-«iestroyiiig
work in the damp, lint-impregnated at
iinmplien- nf lltew modem ra»-e destroy
ing in fern n«
Tliat lite picture in not overdrawn will
be admitted hy all unbiased olwerver*
tliat have ever had Uie opportunity to in
v«stix«tf condition* in lite Sontliern
StaUw, where only white lal>or is employ
ed in ti* mills, hot wliere there is no
limitation aa to tlie *ge or aei of such
white worker*; w lie re factory iuapection
la a dismal farce: aliere tliere la no rr
atrictiiMi as to Icxira of lalatr for men.
women or children, wliere mothera of
families and tlieir mere t>alaw are work
ing long, dmmal hour*, loth on day
shift* and night ahifta, wliere Uie effect*
of such unhealthy, degrading toil uiay fa»
rtad.ly diai >vered in tlie stooped ahoul
dert, the pal id. paaty facea. tlie general
un«ierfed, de|ecte«i. discouraged appear
ance ot the workers.
Alao, u u* koi>«n lint Um* mortality is
m> Ujpb »nx«nr th unfortunate I wen
iieth urainrv white ilivn of tlx* Suutb
tha» it ha* l«iiiw notMrji for th» null
owiMKtti t© rnirifr employment agent*,
wttu Val tbf tmalifa all (brooirti the *</
riniltnral ilMtnrta of the Njoth for re
rrnita for the mill, offering a« indutw
inroU the prtAium that kwj mem her
of the family ran an iirr employment,
and that they will not be repaired to
notue in rontart with the dw(>iini negro
To return In tlte cartoon. on earh
(MiD'hrd, |«llxl fare ia deputed an ax
premon of aupreme worn, a« they turn
•way from the happy, Hurdy. Mark
child, ailtimr on the fame
The lemon i* ntrt kna. The rav of
white worker* i* rapidly leincdntroyei,
ahfte the n»f". allowed only ia the agri
cultural and domeetir employmenta, ia
building »»p bra vitality
Ttii* article ia not written in the hope
that the' joun&ter on the fence may be
•ddrd to the army of white anemic*. bat
mm a warning In th«w who an heri-ely and
t<nci«Mrt*-ntty ealrtxl that tbe while race
<*h*H and nn«t Miprrme, that tread m
rape fly aapptnir tlte life Mod of tlw
amthern a bite work» ra That •• the
pm»ot mrtlni<la . two ahort <lt
ca<te* will mr* the Mark rmrm m the Month
auprfioe anae vaat nmnhera of tha
whiles are leinj dagraded, i-hyaarally,
mentally, ami to the esient that M
ka*Mtive, unhealthy, urvierpaad iml, br
ainninv at ton »*ariy aa age. thiai pra
rladiu# edt* a»i«*n. ia <fc#»ner*tii»g alw
■aorahy. fnilnl tfine Wo-k eraic" "aai.
- -* Hiyi# . »•
Nifmt Get Part «f TWir Dm.
Birmingham Ala . June Ift. — Korae*
era! far* the Nearmea of Una rily have
heen making i plea lor better arhoota,
M they hntw aifbrai. Take ant aoatk
I am ntMB. on amunt of that* inadequate
10nMw arhool bnjldioga and fa
I The retnlt ia that the city
1tlla'ai« ill
Most Won^fal Grand
Lodge A. P. and A.
M. Held at Hunting
ton June 17-20
McDowell Times UftuinoMly (a*
dorse d as Official Qrgta—
Several Ntv, Tel lapor
part sat M stares
I Im- ri aft «Mriiililr<l *i tl«- I> .11 proni|4
If Ut Tnraday ni->rmi<K lain- 17th.
Krtxn llkr.f the; marrlied l» iIm> Kirat
I*. Ohunli At the ImhIj «m
«lled t<> order hy the K. \V. (iraix)
t..-. turer, J. If. Ta)l«>r in lit*' aiwm-e <>f
thr Ivputj tirund Matter K. A DeHou
ney. Itcvobmul >i«-rr
lnr|.>i| liy It'wmi Clia^ltut. lirt J Wr
t 11 ■ welcome
i kicw v« .» marie l»> Hm> Hon. r.
t-1- >*l ' t, wh«« a- nrnJ tlu
«,.... .1 I.. mIj ami unlimited
iie».|..u, in lltr -I th ir dutiea,
in mich a hitfh toned and |xiUi Denied
way till it gave an<-h enoxiraireiitent to
tbc brethren that it aavttred »-herrlulneaa
and fond will all Utrongh Um* entire mi
aion. Weleoaie adtlre** on tlw part nl
Freeman Lodge, N<». -of the city waa
eloquently and (ontfullj madr by W.
M., O. W. Muflim It «a> a tunWy and
appropriate web-oute ami every n»emt*-r
or (Megate Idt tliat liuftm meant every
word be aaid The raap<>nae by Miiet
Worahipful (irami Matter, A. I'. ^trau*h
ter waa to inlallif tly ouaia and waa au
pregnant with expraaai<>n replete wiUiUie
Int of tetlowahip that it )n»t atarted die
meeting off wiUi atiaointe cheerfulneaa
They rra—> mbled at llr ball at 11 4'> a
in. l'lie < inental opening at Hi*h Twelve
took "lare. Ami aa we mm! in the le
liinuiug, that Deputy tirand Maoter A
A Detlonney Item* abaent, tirand I -ec
turer J. H. Taylor under wImmc an per
viaion Una part «»f the program waa c«»u
du< ted did it witli care and pm iaion.
H* ap|a>inlmeiit of a omimittee <»n cre
dent* aia wan Ur next order and waa dour
liy the Moat Wor*h infill 'irand MaaU-r
Kefreahmenta aerveu at 1 :t*» p in ,
Tlie tiard ludy aeautued laU»r at - p.
in. The Committee <m Credentiala re|iort
e«l. < H.l»er iiminiittm were tiien ap
(minted, alter which the <ir»nd Maater
delivered hia addreaa, and thia a<blrm»
waa admitted to l« a very thojightiiil aa
well an practical addreaa. Many new
idea* were aii/yewUM and rvcotniuenderi
whirh received a hearty aopporthy every
telegale praaent. l-ol lowing Una adilrtaa
there were rej«>rt» luade hy the tirand
secretary, K. I,. Halm, tirand Treasurer,
K H Trent. and < irand Kelwf Secretary
.1 M Kllia. Kach n( thear reporta ahow
ed conawierahle b.t of paina and bard
work. Tlte rrporta gava general aatia
lactMin u> Uie entire i rait. Itefrrahmenta
I at 6 (II p. m
At riirht o'cU k |». ai. Uw Uraixl laxl)
rreou*-d labor. A <li*riMnton of tlx- re
lief depawtnie&t, touching upon it* ad
\»ntm« i»l It* perfec
tion* tod imprrfn tKiM. W by tl« relief
■trteterj J. M KIIm, followed by a (el
low rrattMii«n Irom each diitnrt waa eery
tpwtlel TIim f«rt of the (iro(rani jer
hafe, Hwitoil luoiv attention and pe.hap*
ranlt qiwetentm ner* aefced dnnng the
general diarianion than on any o«l>er nab
jrrt except that on the "I lu/oruiity of
the work rir " Kefreahment*
fceiMimol lalnr at H o'clock Roll call,
kfnliuf, correctMtn and wloplUon of the
minute* >4 Uir (.rtodinf day ■ ■■■■ >m
Konrxl table di* i«*K« led by Hev Wil
li* Brown of «»ary. >« tite *nhjert. "Tie
ner*-n»ity ("f practical Mawmrj and liow
aernreil." THi* wa» amitlier very
important feature and l»r <od>t many to
the tUmrf with wimmnw The commit
Ww on thetirand Master'* addrem re
pfrlr<l \ery favorably «ith •«» timely
Tlie nett on t>r<<r*m mm a diarnaaton
of the rivernnent of lor*J lodge*, led I y
Grand Secretary K ft., kann and follow
Ml hy the M«ter> A nnaler* 17, 7, 1,
.11, l», 1#, an<l <» Refreshment*
The regular pr «ran> lur the afterrvro
waa enepended on aoroont of th* local
committee heinf "nat4e In Mr or/ a park
lor l!» nmiml annual outan* on the la*t
day and the annual <nting which waa
I held at the Cliffa* W» Park, ignite a crowd
attested thw annual on ting « bike many
of the meaaher* natenlnl Utemarna* in
! the city with friend* and bwnea* mew
The local commiUae rrynrvd baring a
eery »w<ta»f»l «ti*( mm! naliml ame
■and money Tht* (aatna* alao tleieerad
• *1 -v
HON. J. M. m is
Elected R. W. Relief Secretary A. K. and A. .M
a-id uutn lml ki tiir tint Ka|4i»t (Miun h,
wIh iv lltrj hrl l memorial exerriaea, af
t*r wIih-Ii tliey reluriml to tlie hall »n«l
rrwiutwt Itlntr iiuti-wl of • hamjuet w hwh
waa Um- urifrintl profrruii. Oonfrnny of
Past Mutrrdrgnvt inmuuiv*! th< hal
anr-t of the evening w hirh » M(l<inr by
(i. W. uadnl lij Kev. J. W.
Thirtmi |«>pfe took On* Jr
per. Hiiirtmi ttrtainljr did itiu* tint
he knew what Mtwuiry ia in iU l>rnU
c«l mm. • «% *
Kaaunwil labor at «;*•. Kraluif, cor
iwtMKi and adoption of uiinutew. He
l»rU of virhiua nmniiitlw, foilovad l»j
report* of (rilrfluil representative. Ad
Jnw, "Maaonry in ito prai'tiral |> mly,"
by brother (too. W. Hufflin
I* in Waa ding niinutcw, final m
porta, diamaaioa - Our widow* Mid or
pham», their im»I, «Mtr r*vpouaihiliti«w,
Hf , led by Krv. Kotunaon in Uw ab
MOt-e of I'rof. Krcd K. Kaim-r.
I.le.-lt»>11 of oftu-era now <a*« llpled Um*
uunda of uwuibrri and everyt»ody l<egan
to iivt hoay making waa in or
der and it waa at tlna »l**e of Um* wwioti
that every lrllu» tikHiKtil tie had u « haiioe
to di*pUy hta oratory and graphically
ph-tiirr lite merita of tin < hoire for ottif**.
It waa lew tliat luiM-h ainiMteuieiit to
gether with much ftiiirty and uiu-aai
new* prevailed among tlnar wlto wanted
office and Ukw who were particularly.
intereati it in tlteir frienda
omcKKs w.KtrrKD.
A. P. Straughter, M.mt Worshipful ti.
M ; Kev Willi* tirown. Kiirht Worahip
ful li. M. , K. S. tiordon, Kight Wor
alupfulU. S. W.; I Scott, Kiirtit Wnr
ahipful U. J. W ; I'rof K I.. Kan".
Right Worshipful <». N. ; K. II. Trent,
Kiirht Worshipful *i. T ;J. N. hilia,
Right Worwhipful K. S.
1 lie nine mem tier a who «-onatltufed
t^ Hoard of Ihrertora werr re elected.
Tlie newt ptar*> of meeting will la* at
(itry, W. Va. Shi* atrong *(«•« Imi
wrff ui»l** nraiairig the merit of aele« tin*
f»ary for tf»e rwtt annual gatl>ering hi
iW.r Whittico, Kev Willia Hrown ami
Jainea Murphy inalr tlir l«oya to la-lieve
that d what tliey aay ia true iiary ia tlie
l«rt pla. in Uie ataCe to have the ne«t
annual cnniii.ufocati'>n I veryt>ody'a
eye* are turn*->i toward «>ary now
A v<»W prevailed to ia»* uniform Ki
tnali and that Ux-y w >ul«l lie purrhaaed
by Uie<*ra»'t l.-iHarmony prevail
ad tlin i.,1. .ul ll» entire nt»-»tiii,'
I'nrtiiant W> ilia r«l*-| tiir (irin<l
M «i>U-r ill lit** junmlM
'tt>n nl W.-»i Virginia. KrjraCiror I
N<*. 71. A. K ar<l A. M mH m Unr
hall l»«t Snidlajr uxl at lU ipfMnlai
bom forii#il linr'aml man lml to Ml
(/(••)•! Hafrfwt Otinrt-li fc# tlir |Niryiw
«4 going lltanki U» our Sijim?* Arrhi
lr> t <4 ll* Imrrfi* lor Ilia |>fi4rrtK«
aixl m#tithmn( Kir <(ra<i W or4njiliil
Mmmtrr I,. V.. J'ltiMun. ia a Ira tml aril
rt>«ii remark • ■talr«l the nhfrt >4 U#
■trrtiuf aixl anmxiiirMi tiir i<f*niiif
byum a bait ai« wing by thr N<irtt»l«irk
cb +r. Aftrr | rmyr t>y ihr (hapiaia.
Br . H T. Hraigrb.il, I'al M—Ur H K
('»»lrr • mm utir «lihr<l ami gav* a atv>«rt
Nil Uotrly aildma <m "Tl«r ilum of a
M*«tn. " Nrnfinf Itj ilif rhmr
I'J a talk l>j B»II, Kr»«lgal«.r.| • *Why
urn tanaa Maann* " A llrr ahtrti ttw
W, M,, I.. K i<4iMna, inin«liiml tbr
mf+ikrr o4 ikr <lay, Hrv. i. I'.. Jcaai, H
D,, a bo pmrbal an Mrrlliat imwa
ll «Mp«m by all that H waa tba
■aoat arbotariy, Ikafcl Nimir ama
lad rm iMiwd to Tb# anMa.
k*« ul by Mm* a bo bnnl 4 ia mm b«b
II*- |*rw U al resumption of Uie uiiim>
strike ill tin- illstlirlied reviolta in Kana
wha raunly i* * j>r»*tty fair illustration
«.( the dangi-i <»l playing with tire. 'If mi
tlie rrt-.rU <>f « iuvrniiir lliltirld a miib
lam e of I in* 1 l«efii Wrought |u Utr
strike region. It must I* Imnw in mind
tiiNl the nun*-* iii thi* Mo tion have uever
Iic*"11 il>*a*d .loan 1'he operators have
ala ay* had men to do Work, men alto
are willing iihI anxious to work. A eon
sideraMe dement maintained hy Uie
funds of Um- I mted Mine Worker* ami
«red by the of agitator* dahhar
ately tamped near the mines, anil both,
tlir«nigh violent and iiitiiuMiation, rraa
U-d m much diaturhem-e that
<>|<eration of tite mine* »**ti»ed to lie im
|»iMil>le. hnveriior llaliteld cure.I Una
luNditM*. Noa a senatorial inv instigat
ing committee, Inl hy a lea lialf-laknl
demagogue* viaitaUie kana «ha strike
n-yi iu ami hy the example of its meiu
lien, am! hy their public ultrriiwra en
courage lawleaaiiena ati<i practically aa
•nre agitatiora of tiieir aetiatance and
■ympaUiy. Aa a result, anoUiar effort
break up pam*efiil coadiUoos ami pre
vent the niutinunacr of aork in tlie Ka
nawha mine* in now lieuix made.
Tlie Senate of tlie I piled SlaUa seem*
to enjoy tlie pieaemv of a niiiularr ol in
dividuaia alio are about aa wall tttlnl for
iiteuilieraliip in a «lelila*rative law making
laxly aa Motlter Jmim ta One of thani
i- John W. Kern, tlie hired atlnrprj of
tlie linted .Mine Worker* of America, a
man aim, apparently, ta iinahle to aepa
rate hia re*|Kin*iUhtie* a* a lawyer In in
Ina duties mm a I wiled states Senator
Another ta Mart me. of New Jeraay, a
noiay ami hlatant tleuiaipfuv, the p>ka
of tlie Senate.
I heae are two of tlie men aent to West
Virginia on a mission of investigation,
ami it is not strange tliat tlie viaita of
aurti men liave had a disturbing rather
Unm a >j meting. influence - Wheeling
InUIhgem a.
CkarWtlM Girl WW Criiutn at
km ArWr Ttiay
Ann Arlaif, Muh , June 4i. — -Auiouir
tlie graduates at llirli Schord Commence
ment tina u»oriiiiiK, aaa Mia Phyllis
Wlwatley Waters of <'harleMon, W Va.
Hlr is Uie val*nlN tonan of Iter class and
Captain of the haaket hall team that wot)
Uie < hampHrfinhlp of Michigan. liar
rwrnrd has Iwen phenomenal, having won
lot Iter a « Imlaralnp in Uie Umvamtj of
Michigan, whu-halte will enter in Uie
fall, slie a the •laughtrr of Phil Waters.
, h.ioaata an alumnua of Uie I', of
VI , who a as a great attiMe while a stn
dent liere. ami. who alao won many or
atufu-al prism
Tit Folly to Expect any
Good to Come oat
of Democracy
(By S. H Mmm )
A» Um* land bill brtriug Uw name of
u»uat illuatrioua r^iinwiUbN*,
»mh1« ita *ty along Uie tortuoua courw
thai ail tariff btfla umat trawl, »c «io not
tinU (tar huata oI lvm«« r»i j luwtl up on
either »hW ol lite atroam tiiat Mow* by
Uie Wilaon Uiruitr, exulting villi unan
i hum is rtultab»n al Um> bread wha-h ibcy
hav»* ran upon Um- wafer* (ha Um* con
trary atriH* an<l tiirUilrnt >ti<« <>r«l li«v«
«Vrnuafa*l Um* rank* that «an/ ao ln»t*
fully an*I |*ra<b*«t ait |miii|«iiM<y «lrii rv
railnl from mlr on Um* -Mb of Marrli.
Tta* ru ki «»f •Itaoatrr mi wlm-li ls-iu>» -
rn y »h nrhinl uioir Utan oii««* art*
t-alluiK again aiUi a rait Uiat m irrrata
UlJ**. "I'm Um* ain»u Iiir»* lu« acll lurri
tnl iliatrik ti«>u ami Um* l*r**»t«l»*iit » aniiot
play the (>art ol Orphroa. The Hoiimc of
Itemn rary ia itivtolad ikbiimi ita*lf.
Tlit coiiUfioii of UMuorrary likr Ute
• ln*M«lr«i pi am ire from whit-li no Ian.I an l
no i*«>|>lr ait* i*imii|iI, at irrririilar iiiIm
vala makM an Pii unimi Uirmiirli Um
I'iiiImI sutm ami «*v«*ry «*»•* •|iialilir<t to
voU* la ill vitrei In no alony «>n a Iri|» t<»
Um* Mium >4 Klyaium. Many liavt* iv
tiirii*«l from Mich tripa biw»-u, <li«ap
pomn*l an. I .liapirtW«l, an l Um* tab** of
•or brought l>a» k arrvr In ilKrr >>tlM*ra
from a like billy tor many yram , but <>o«*
grin-ration ia always naaaiittr ami emptier
mining ioWi ita uiliMiUiiiv I In* rmlul*
ity «j( y«MiUi and Uir unlin-ility of obi n*r
art* Uniiurra y'a tmt an.I ui<«t <-b**riab
e>< aaarta ami youUi aud air* imtiiuiubar
npr maturity. 'Twoa Mly tutriwl any
Kuwl to i>niM* out of Um* Ifiu.n-» i>a
ij nut KMiy iM*\rr am
llw I'lfrlrrwutnl Bill Iim tfoti*- kmii (Im
H>m«p in tlif Smair, »u>l himv rr*ly
iu return In the IImmt, »lieu<r it w ill »ro
again In llw Nntalr M<i finally* to Um>
hvaUrnt, who will lianil) l» aliU to
wiikiuw • lull wliWii iu Umt Iw-Kiuuiu*
waa hia riwliirv Wt m-mll wiUi ■ k1o«
uI ph'Miwt Uw lutlw wortla of tlriiiiiH-ta
tion Mid diaappointuMftit utUml lij Hrr»
mImiI (irum Hlrvrla.nl *limtttr \Vil»>u
BUI km jiwuilwl (or liia aitfuaturr.
CU-vrlau<i »«al lialuu* an«l i«*t Uie t>ill
Im imw a lt» wiU.oot Iiim aiirtrnturr. Wr
an- ruriuua Iu know Imi« I'rrafclrut Wil
mi will taki on wlirn Ui** I'liUrriiiiul
Bill ri<t«IW«i Willi wiwimIiiitiiU rrn lir*
Um* au*uat I'rrtMuv of Ilia K*i*llrtn y.
1W arr iiMlml ilrfitfliUul tiuira for
IImw wImi livnhtl not Um* wiuaoinr wilr*
mi-I luring rtll <»( Um* I H-iilm i atn party,
lor no uiatlrr Imw rough Um- |»a—a«r may
be Umpy ranuot l» <irf>rivt»i of Um- pro
found Mtufn liuu wliu-li llw- i»ro|.li»-i ni
jiij* wlto call rruiimi Im Iraa wia»- Irllo*
rrrtlum Umt "I told jmi mu
Virginia Negroes Lead ia Basking
Kw-hmo««>l. V»., Junr I#.-- Nrgr-owa of
Ihr <Hd UriuiiiMKi Stat* may well M
pr«p4kI <4 lltrir ilu(im in tit* t> wmrw
UhJ (oiuutrnial workl Tina i it) m «-«m
•fiM'iKHMly 111 Uif m%*A !>•(!•( m a Ihwiim*
ittitor. Id l«i>kiii( Ihwm, Virginia Nr
fT> *m mrr iltrad of all lit* oiltrr itoto*
Tl*rr arr *i*ty Uirrr N*irm Itank* in th»
country. Itiry «rt* »|>pi>rtMiiinl wimiD^
Ihr stair* aa follows:
Virginia I*; Mwiaii^ii II. MaKama
M, Nor tli Carol I lis K; Tnan •>, hlurkla
4, Trnnr—u I, Ofclaltotiia .1; < n^rma J;
lllinoM 'I Marian*! t; Arkaimaa I. Km
tii<-k jr I; I'rn nay I van ia I. Ma<«a< lnwtu
I, Waatnn|rt<'ii, l» (J. I.
Tokm, June I*.-- l'<«Crr*railing a maaa
rii**tlnf an>l Imriiif tit* ft*a»lli*»r, "tiivr
uir lilirrty ur p»f nir >U atli I'atr.tk
H*nry" a*rr mO-<I by agitator* <*■ a all*
in tln> % m nuty of tlir I'mlnl SUtm rtn
ha«y and <<U>*r |>iinto in tltr Ja|«an«ar
Thr «>rgain/*ra of tltr ntrrtniK <lrrlarr
tl>nr ofrpvt m to irr ur* a ntorv Irlrr
Btinal )|i|4omati< attitn-l*- a«airi«t tb*
I ■ U-.\ -Hat**
Fried Clifford Sarcastic.
i mm I'n w»iwK WiUim ftKij* ,41 oat
M«<ri»'« hr»l, Mmlnl fij Iim rhrMian
•Hi, m reports »»«vr it, Iim tie m rt
«har|>rfM^l W> firulf »f»<4JiOT. ^ur*»lf
«rb lukm ul drvntH* In Iim Smgm dp
«i4mp will ui«kr all N**r<mm Iwrnltw
Mpimrt Ihr tkwrrrt*' party. Judging
thr fatnrv l»f thr ».»M. tf mriim> Id
linHtl •>»! niaf b«f>|rn tu-witthst he,
Piiitml W»Wh> Ih» ptsjinf chrMtLM
that br m. will Mkc Biahtsfi Wailrm in
torn* KirH itnnt hatowHr i.wwrii,
•i><i J. Milu.t) Wahiru«. First Ar—tout

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