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Strike Called Off
Investigation Discloses The Fact, That Facts
Have Been Grossly Misrepresented—Ma
jority of Miners Claim to Tired of Agi
Utators And Want to Work
Actaal Statistics Show That Miaer it Earaiaf Mare Mate j Ttiaj Than
Ever Before- -Recesl Visit if Seaatorial CnmhKm Had
Mack to do With ExtesM D~sa»isfactiaa
The much iirmir<i irnl long talked of
"strike" ha* 'call <>tf. and tiimiuiulu
• 1 thoorau I- of in-n, whon«r families
*ool<l have wflVwi by tlie uiuynithtl
euergtes of a special few . ran uo« t>aak
it the of the fact, that each pay
d*y will bring to them the rain h>v nf
promise and the l»etnoua howl of the moll
of fx>vertj ami want will not he heard at
thed<M»r Per ha pa th» moat onvincing
f t •»» ah<nit tin* traueaction ia that the
hea U of the I'niun w« that to call out
tlu uidi for the aake of lite auiltiltona «if
• lew disgruntled would work a haMnhip
upon llhMi<ai)ii« of Innocent person- ami
they used ti* sense ami wiae judeg .a-M
of turn of sound wisdom an«i adjusted
the affair without any of the impending
The Governor of the state and many
other hig hearted men. Interested ia a
public way have labored night and day
to bring about this result, for they fore
aaw »he great amount of ueedlews suffer
iog it would incur.
Much this trouble haa l>een brought
about by the late senatorial investigation
held in Charleston, becauae men from (
outside the state who were paid the |»ri«"e ,
to invade ibf borders and who reidiy did |
not have the interest ot tlie miner at j
heart, more tlian frjm the viewpoint of
dollars and twits, gave tlie miofr to un
derstand that tlie lulled States govern
ment waa supporting theui in anything
which they could cause to be brought
about. It is high time that the miner
should be acquainted with the truth and
not made the tool of rneu and corpora
tion on the state West
Virginia, *l*o here intereA r41
the state at haa ft, but rather, who desire j
to daatroy its industry in order that they
stay produce more coal in their ow n slate
fOV tbic, we shall havetnore to say later )
We have yet to approach an operator
who u op(KSKl to anions, or orgouized
labor, as far as unions ann organized la
bor are concerned. On the other hand,
we have heard tiie expresaiod from a
vaat majority that they are good things
The only contention ia, as Governor Hat
held has put it, and well pit it, that they
go about what they want according to
law and order and to uae his exact words,
"do not break the laws of man and <iod." !
It ^conceded that every man, the miner 1
included, should have every dollar that J
it ia ptnaihle for him to legitimately and 1
honestly earn. It is his by right of his
toil and labor. While this ia true, it be
hooves him to take into conaideration
the safety and welfare of thoae who are
dependant upon him and the debt he
owes tike community. Tbeiv is not a
better claaa of citizens than the miner
anywhere -iVrtamly there ia not a Hass
that does more to brio* pnmpenty to our
state, ami * when you come to consider
the fact that a man is earning from ooe
hundred to one hundred and tifty <iollars
and upward per month, you must con
s»ier that fart that that man is the re
cipient of a salary equal to and rreatrr
than the general tun of men earn. Now
if com 11turns are not all they (Might to lie,
they can le corrected and should be cor
rected ami they will he corrected when
applied for in an orderly and rystematic
way. The moat serious objection we
have in tins matter a the fact that we
are able to adjust our own difference in
this state and do not need to gn outaide
the state to get support in lh-t dirertion.
The miner is aa intelligent as any other
claas (M working men end all he wants
ami all that lie neeils hi to have lite facta
laid before him ami he can conclude lor
h mart and make his own detur-tiona.
Now it is desired juat for the sake of hai
own enlightrnmrat, that every miner
read the fotWmiag for it represents tto
other side a4 Uie qleation. other than
what the agitator lias teen es|»>n»o>g. and
when t»# miner has read theae things he
will think fo. himaelf He will Unnk of
his family, ami certainly he will see the
inconawtency of making a change larfore
be knows he raa gee something letter.
Ttafs tto PiUk umI tbe Miser
0«fkt to Kmv.
There mtr '1 connlM out <4 V» i«i this
Matt in ahaii rati M nnne«i There are
mi bum in rfratmn for all pnrpoan
Tbr total nuoil«r of Um of cost fmoi *11
■dim hi 1*11 warn M403,IW, tkilt m
l#l?, h «h 1,774, an i«rtM» of
i.MtjW tod. IV V4«i ralw of rod
•itbrninn ia I«U vm
whfW ia 11*12, |Aft,«r2,AttA 311. as inrnw
of $rt,7.V), MS3»«. Thf noubrraf arm
ol raai wofkad oat ia Hail ta
83 while ia l*it Ihm vcrr 11,240,*?, aa
inrrcaar oi 4W.974 arna. TV averse*
earnings par year, of earh park txuner in
1911 »aaf*70 *, who* ia 1012 to waa
I per year. There are Awrirtn
luinrn «hiir«n<1 iIkmii I,Mil in r»tiM
numbers N*<gro*r. Thia meat*. that ••
former reeled laat Jr«r $l,44A,7i«..o
more than Uiey nrrit«4 year ».ef.,re laaC.
and Uie latter, the N»tn> lamer, ttrtivnl
last year, ITSfi.iyti more than th»*y r»
inivrd the Tear pravioM. Thia ia aayin?
nothing «»f Uie remaining hmmtv
»»ut of Uw v<>tai 7n,»m, which would ti M*an
that they .eceived $I.o7M,,Ws more in
1*1? than Uiey did in IMl, or in other
words, that Uie 7t),IM miner* in the Mat*
of W«t Virginia received tS,r5J*5,r:t7 7*
uiore in wagea la* year than year l*f.,r*
'a**, all of which would aha* Uie «uperi
only of the W mt \ irmina coal and flu
increased demand fur it on tlie mark.»
tkanfntc amw anrk, Ifaac an.
latt-r wagea to the miner. The st>rar»
|**r rnonUi fur thr miner in mi I
w#* while laat yrir it wax f.'l -VI.
an in.-reae of $4 (W per uuxith jwr man
Taken on the above wale. it would ni«ir
that the white miner received $l»l,37«|
more per month thau in the year pre
vinos, ami that Uie colored miner receiv
ed $t>4,(NMi more per month than the year
pre vioua and the other -'4,Mm m* Bin re
ceived f?»4,aa> more in 11112 tlian in mi |
or id other arorda, the aggregate 7«Mi«4
miner* received in tliia state f:*J,r,7i. |
uiore per month than they did in 1*11
Nota alao in thia connection that tla
miner received in IHII on an average ot |
44 I-.** ceii«a per ton a bile in |te re
<*tved 4» centa per ton na tlie average,
an increaae of 1 1-2 centa per ton.
The agitator haa attempted! to impress
Ibe miner that any other state m U»e
Union pays nore than Weat Vuwunaaod
Aat he (the minef£ can fare so 'nan* l/
lietter by going tnere. Now, there is
nothing to be aaid against tha union a^
long aa it conduct* ita oemanda in a law
ful orderly way, but let are a bat the
ta.'ta are. Illinois ia the banner uuiort
stale iu the United States and here art
the facta and tigure* on the situation
showing that West Virginia actually paid
more in salan~« to iu miners than Illi
nois did unionized though Illinois may
We*t Virginia. Illinois.
Year. Amount Year. Amount
1*6 ISuttOl ltfi5 $*B.H
mt<» 5UI.37 mutt
1*»7 644.(6 Ha>7 Ml.%
1S«W 5€6.H4 1««IH r>4ti.**7
i*® 4hi.i7 i«o» 6 io. ah I
mm 573.W mio 4«7.7i
iyn STo.-m mil 4Mmjm|
The averace aeven years in We«t Vir
ginia shows the amount of *.'i64 26 per
man, while the average seven years lor j
llliaoie Uie banner unionized atate show*
$>>lo.Mf> on Uie average per man, or in
oUier worda. Weat Virgiuia pai>i $-i:t.*<
more per year per man la* year than did
the aC.«e of Illinois
These are amiie of U»e (acta in tlie mat
trr Next aeek, it shall he shown to
ynu, how the outaxie intereata in other
states have attempted to invade onr at at.
and critah out our coal intiiatry, dim Uie
light in every coke oven, clone up Uw
drift mouth and shaft and atop Weat
Virginia from putting her coal on the
•utai.W* mark eta of Uie world, liecama
Uiey know, in Ui*w other states, thatU<e
leas coal shipped out of W««t Virginia
Uie more Uiey wilt lie a!4e to ship and
for Una reaai>n Uiey would eloae erery
mine rhey rare not lor Uie miner nor
U*.*e rife*-ted hy Uie rtoaing of the mines
aid Uiey have Hard methrala to •irreivc
Uie miner m or.ler to vet Una l.rrrtight
alsiut. There m una h to he said on Uim
matter ami from week to it abaJI
he aaid, a*. I Uie miner shall he en light
ened on ta*th aides "4 Uie ^iteaUona ami
Uien be will lw la-Uer a»4e to I# a row>
pet*»nt jivlire of who ia hia real friend and
who .a bis real enemy.
Naahvtltr, Trna.. Jm»e Tl.—t'nlikr
nxart rritfHMH effort® to riw« thr growth
A Ihfir dnmH.inalM>M, thr National Bap
tart Convrabna ahirh w to bold iU an
anal ww< »n in thw crtf, Sqitniitar 17 to
22, plan* to htw • "Jnlnifv < Vtrfcra
ua" ia roaaaetton with thr t'oavra
tion Thr mtiir affair a41 Lr uixirr thr
anpirM o4 thr N»ffo BaMat* at thr
(Jmtod Statn (Vattainl an i rarrfnl
prrparatooo na thr paat at thr larat mm
a»rttrr. imlratM aa inrtm o4 about twra
tj flvr UmhmmH natnn Kr K. C.
Moma, D D.» Prwaairat of thr (Joarra
Uoa, ahra ia thr aty « lr« day* «gn.
«Utni that thr oAriai aamr o4 thr acta
«na woaki ba • Ttftj Year* <4 frrwiuca '
Cniqaa «a Mb aad piaaa far tha any
I in* «»ut i»l the R • »trn»n« Jnhilw and
txpoaiti n' «ri I t* iu bn»a*liM*« in
aropr, «iiiW it a ill •«* liW.l hi ihderrnt
pirtx «>f li.e «ity H».» National
Ka(>U->t r >«i*enti»n nn»|i»*r. will >•* h**M
in lit*' An litjrinm. while the KtpuMtnm
arill take |»lat <uw <4 the ceiehratml
parks «4 N«-h\itle, m>> at> b> <ilfi>r an «»p
t*»rtunit) l»«rr\rrjr uwuihirr «4 the ra»v
tn take ia tbr " Fifty ywt>o( Jatalee "
t) miiiiMNi<Mi<-r4 Ir«mi t-vify itate in the
niii«»n wv Immj at » >rk ojllfi'tiiw «hil> :
it* fr-m rvrrj fcmianlini; them
».• \anhvtllp. that tl*»y may !»• arrangm!
• ii «nrq a«ty m Uxhtpla) actual creartl
*n«l real <letel'>(>iiient. Hf»l<iuart*-r>
it'k* K |>i«rtiiM-Qt have l*en
(*■ ml. mill «-U-i ka for the <te| .irtiivenc*
■I rtliikil*. togrtkrv aith a <*>tniuiittdi
Kave a'tralj la^ti »rranit**.l an<l neU>«-U*«l
Kr»>ii: tlit way tl» rititrtm ««f Na«hviile
arc a <•> kilty, it m a»*«ire«I that the entire
a 'fcuweiiient guarant***** a iMiii|4ete an<1
MH ivarful K.X|«iaiti<»n.
Officer Beat Up—Policeman Shoots
in Crowd.
Saturday night "f la-t «e*k |>«dice of
ficer S,^.tt Mullin* *«.i into an altervatioi
with a 11tan in a po«J rmmi in tlie lowe-i
part «»f Key ii»- The man pH'tve'le*!
U> l*-at • l < • • Miillina severely ami 11»«
Hi •• r ill. l"" >ti.«( (hiring the melee i»*
.«h liii watch ami sonie other
j r< |>e»ty iMinur Um» fn-iti*
ment otluvr MaimtieUI, aha* "SiJi,"
ili«a "I'll*' U'iiII," ipimvil U|m>ii tii«
* ene au<l |irmi<inl«l t.i empty tti** CW
tents rU Iim mm rea<iy 4-4 in tin' mrmi
* itho.it tli*- i**M>t aim or rrjpiril tor th*
tive» of tli** :!»• «»r more innocent l»y««tan
<Hs. <W n«r«- the r<s>n» wat eui|»tie*l
Mon- tiie smoke ha>i cleared away, with
th«' ri(*|itH»n of tli*- Ir* wIm> irowitnl
umi**r f«H»l ul.li>, chair* ami rak*. Ii
> even M:<f*«.t that <*im- i*l llr "knight*
of tin-cue" httnr si spitoon o\er hin Itra*.!
to shiei*! lih »k>ill Ironi "Tli** WiJf•'
liymg Imllet*. A i*• >t Im-t aoruMsl hi* «a)
over tiie rti"ir ami Ire* up at tlx' kiim
of "Saali," Isvging Ititit not to slioot
«uch an iiims*-ut oJj.han ax If. Matt
K«>g*-r, »j**< lal oHhw, an»i»laut jailor,
jeweler, painter, car|»*iiter ami wneral
han<ly man nisht*l u> the aNiisUim* ol
Vlullrtw but was counted out in W* time
«Hn to t/tofr MansfWrt tr> pall hil piu.
I*epmj ?*to»riff J. K. Parvm < ame to
the m ur of tb*- hatterr.l ami frightened
otfkers, mail** th** arr«*t ami brought
lorth <|U)et without |tiillinr hi* trim ot
raising his vok-e above im soft conver
sational ton**.
OlfU rrs like Mullen* ami Manstietd are
w»rw than iiis-U-wp. On*- cannot take
care of hiiiisell ami tiic ntis r iknn not
know what Unio with a giiu. The latcei
shouM Is* disarmed, h»* in <lanm-ruu*. In
tlllie «>f trouble, W^ieti i dtii-rT* should la*
o«J ami calm, lie get* so * iml tin t lie
shoot* anywlien* tiien-hy endangering
the lives ol peqft-luUriti/ons. K-th.*h<>iiM
he removed from otln-*-. they are a dia
gram to the city.
Aluxwt without imralrll for wantonnm*
km lli* uinnirr at Vnkan I ant SihhJi)
■miming of Ihifcf. Kiii«-h. a o4orf<! miner,
t.y <mt€nr Tliompwn juvi John
iitK, white*, (follow tiiK tin* niki Uuiilnl
'l»<nl tl»f 4>tir <rf fori it I tlwir
way mlu lit*? r«Hu <4 Monme
Pieman ukI (Jaring a pMtol at Iiim iwatl.
iltnuuxipil that hf-rriUr hi- «al'«ni and
prm nrv whmkry for tlwm. l.atrr U*-J
rroww-d th*- nyrf te» IWImni an I al»«»
up tlie town, driving »h,- mli ihitanta into
ihnr Imaiq. •
Wl*rn t\ipKal.l«* ~Hiirnh-m attempted
to arrewf thrui U.»*y l > i him otf will,
tfieir |pino llwy rMrrnrlml fhemarlxe*
in a luw mi l 1 M-te> i >. >- l»eW» of the
Halwiti >rlt» Kgrnrj, walfc»«d from Mate
wan to Ulp make tl» arret I mailt
tbr iurn Wfrr indiH-ed to Invf IIm> Ikmiv
In parley with tl»e ilwl IvWW
finally ent th»- <lrr»f• on thmi, They arr
■i»w m jail here.
from report* Ij tf»r anthori
Im it a(>|«m that t)<e r niaii wa*
eating in a rrataurant Fateriaf lite
plait <«* of the white- men wW U> thr
"l>rt'««*y«i run*" 11»ouipaon
j.«il'*.| a run and l**r»n firm* at tin- nr
|fo'» M, the Inilletn •|.lmterin* tlif
t*!4e Afier wv|(a| ateiftp had l«rn li«nl
Brr»lin| trraM»*| Utr gun, rtrltinnnf,
"Caft't y<wl Hif tkiM niw*'"" He tlien
fired at Kinrh, the l*ilW-tt itfikinc him
■i the tldmpen. n»H»* imp a wnnad froni
vkrh <b*th rrnj»tt*>* in • Irw hnnrw
WWiU Mm CmmIi Uccft; Brotk
cr Be if Sw4 ky Sides For
* Svpport «f CkaM.
Harneviile. W, Va., June 27.- -UNe
<4 the Will" < emmrm in tile rmnioaJ an
Ml* nf Wrat VinrialM a nn trial here in
thr nrriut mnrt MtmV ia mn|r
Aim Sm« for the mpport <4 her rMId
TW »«o arr brother aad imteT The
prut cat a • (ini artion The plaa
ttff (M ateo ladictod by «e grand jmrj
« i
(Hi 11 if WtlAiiy 4iulf u |im> c
«ii'l •-outftitiiiful anion* tit** uniura an.I
all <4 ttw «h»* rati-na *rv marking full
\rthur X it- lu ll thf mile- uiafa* tor, Iim
jnat returtif.| fmui that action. an<l rr
I">rf» that ail • * tit** uiiiM>r» art- at work
with the excrpBi n <4 a li*» alio an* U*<
It.iy to work. who ha\f tr>«if «rrf to So
latia, a bare tliey art* living in tenta an I
i'rrtrn<lui(tol«uu« atrilf. At vmr
4 tl»r o|#ratioBaoii Witxlint imll tliriy
« e Hlvantagw that mrr equal to thoaa
>rtt*r»^l in tl# i-tiwo an<l to*Ma. Al all of
thf o|»*rt»ti>»na working conditions are
«iaat. At MrAlpin. thf roller; which ia
tMiiltr niaii«*»i»»f nt of John l.aiii|r. a Y.
\| C. A., haa recently I wen constructed
lor tlx1 »<eiiftit of tin* mintra It ia equip
|«d a ltii • (lii'ture1 allow. |aa4 r«a«u, tall
i>in allley. awimmuir jaa.l «nd readi'if
nM. At TaaM the t iiilf Smokeleaa Oo.
under the nunayi tornt of W P. Tu *
haa hiiilt and eqiiipf<fd a itymnnium,
which ia ia chargf of a rullnr hred train
tr. Titer* ia m|mw4 nmw, ten pin alley,
iwniunii t pnnl, mIiow»t hatlia, reading
iW, an«l tlie trftu pro|«»r. 'Miere art
ila<> lorkera for fa«-h o« thf intfi. Tin*
nodcrh Huh facilities are prat iically free
to all tlif nien, only a am all | •ayiofiit lie I
ins required m doe*. and tlw Imrtitii are
naff III tmi plMvaiit. It ia a late an«t
popular i«lea, and la la*intr adopted in
many coal tifl.la, tlierf la-in? a numtar
•A aoch enterpntag in tln» ei tMi, an«i
t.iere ia urgent net* I for many otliera.
lluntingftDn, W. Va., July 1 —Ttwrv
M no act ^tovrrnor Hatti«*i<l could
perform at tfci* tine vbrb wookl U
morv to tlte f** pie of fahrtl
-ounty uxl MitinfiM tor) to tlte |iHt(>W ,
throughout the »UI« than Um* »p|mW(- i
roent of Mintial Frank 11. Tyr»* to the
aMitt4tn of W'arden of the »tiU- pruton at
Moun«l> ville.
C«4. Tjrw i» in every way fitted for
ill** <iutte» <»l the olh< e. 11 in »ucce«aful
■•hi>ii>i»tratioii of the position of f'hiel
i>< I'oluv of tlr city of liuntinirtoii, hie
ili*tintfui»hed i-arwr in tl»e Secret smut
ax well a» the »;.U-odtd manner in ahich
lie 11a* Um> iluti**m of flitted
-taUti Marahal for tlte diatrw t of W«l
Virginia mark huu ai» a man <A yetnii*
and a natural commander of men.
Tl* naming of Col. Tyree to Una po
sition mill aatiofy thr |«i|4f of tiie tilale,
xirengthen the public■ «cr\ hy ami mUind
to lit** credit and honor of Um* Keput»
Ik an party in Weat Virginia
ClitrMon, W. V».—"('lurfc* Kan
*i»ld. yon are . litrfnJ In thi* indxtiuent
with iiMVNt Are you ruilty or im< iruil
Tit** priannrr l<M>ked toward hi* attor
ney. • !«) n* Iml htm.
"<>nilty'" replied in ihall
"Ii there any rrawm nhj •rntetwr
«h< tild »4 lie |»ron<rtiiM-**d upon yt*T"
aeled Jttdr* Henry K. Bla«k, of the
Kanawha county Intrruinliatr rowt.
\ir«<n Um> prmmfT i attorney nw lird
him, ai»I he im-rrl/ nod<led nryatively.
Iixlffv Hla-k then nilrnrr<l tl»e \>r\m
oner In l<«r y.-ara in the penitentiary.
In tlie ronrt mom Km*<4d «at with
head itmpped A character atwly of hm|
Iratum indicated a ilrfraeralr, uialr a>>
by Um> r*ot of lurt and drink. Ila akin
mm 'ightiy drawn, bia completion ami
low, bia rjfm Minken and bannfr>l lie
ia a tyi«'tl imen <>4 man w|y«<l vi
tality ha« ran U»w. Ilr Inula like Um
'■rm • *1 «4 a (••tent mnlwine "l*f«»rr
taking" pwiarr.
The rrw* f«>r which Kiiiflui<l moat iw>w
m-r\r Unir in thr |«-mtnitiary m in
eraI nj«-»n Iim danflitrr, Marnrrt, l»»
jftr« o I Ilr waa Aral a«• u«h| of hav
in| hail « rtminai relate** with two oth
er danrlifc-f*. **1 10 and I? year* That
waa thr roaalKA in the preliminary
trial heton a |iatKT, Imt he waa <«ly in
| lw ted in liir Intermediate coart lor rrim
Imal relation* with hia rl«M daughter.
Kinroid » a ' .erman
New York, tiibtinf ban! to praerve
ita t raap np>« the manbne trade and to
pre?rat other cities Imm netting more of
ii, |» worried. She aanta the U ailed
•Haifa ainl Europe to keep ncfet « pmj
mow than the rr-« of liun.
A lr» year* «(u I little rtmni oi (old
•hi rnun fiutu the North w eat hagan u>
b>t. klr arraaa the AUant* frmu the S»
U*r«H* n»«. Then Kt«l»u began to
export. Uien \>«puit N«m tod ao uu,
with mi tnnuti |mwUi in ttw volume
(row the St l.a«r<«kT. The owiirn of
thia irrmiu (ouoj they ivukl aavc harbor
i-tuT|w and Mtji by rvadinff New
York. TImmi nthrr iwkW Ikku to follow
•ltd New York herame friihlriMtl. Sttr
liaa not town al>W to atop the leaka.
And now. juat aa the great I nigral., r
lia« touched Um* pier* oi <»ur national
ii>«*tm|>lia, and affain ialW*i attention to
tier maritime irrratneaa, Ne* York has
had another ahork. Itaomeahat npaeta
tier, Slie ia begin uiuf to grow anstoua
ajfain It aeema that the prrailent «d U «•
l.oiig laland railroad, photon* tna o|n«>r
Kinity with i»<eitive cruelty, waited until
llie I m per a tor waa tied tothr>Wk. Titan
he let it tw known that. by 11*111* Mou
tatik p>.wit aa a landing place and I .miff
l»lan<l taat trania aa a Uteana >>l tranafer,
the paarimrn on tlie Iniperator ronld
have Iwomi aavt-d from fourVin to aixtoen
houra 111 reaching tlae city. New Y«»rk
i»ii«-e uiofv area looming up the uienai-r
of Moiitauk, with ita wl«4e upaiu* of
k|p water, ita uuuaeti a«*rea ami ita rail
road connectiona facilities kIik Ii, if aaed,
would aidetrark (iotham aa a t-leamiff
houae (or ahiploa»la nl mervhandiae and
pawugerv. It ia only a .<ueatu»i» of time
before thia happena.
Nca York thould worry.—Clrriunati
Tiuiea Star of the '.V>tli mat
Tlie uIKiy <4 Knn«trr of tttr Treaaury,
now l**ld hy Mr. J. (V Nrj»*er, was (airly
riddled Um* pwt »rrk hy the advtre oi
the rotary ..( Uie Tieawiry. I'arnty
reiue of the forty-arveu t-lrrka of lia of
[i«f ww tranaferred to amitiicr bureau,
-titling Mr. Napicr'i lorva >iuwn to Um*
vrry Miiall nui»il*r of 1m people Ttiia
*boleaale rutting down of Xapier'a offo*
»y transferring Um* ruiploytea to other
Mirt-atM in accepted aa Uie lirat atep to
• Imliah IhU ami Uina cut off an
»Uter |ManUon IwrHoiorr filled by a NV
rro. Am Uw iWiatrr'a salary la $.*<■»(
»>er year, lit** Aaaistaut licyabr
and U« cbiH of ■ diviaton ui Um utile*
u iaaut Mirral thai Hanury
kfrAdoo ia going to sanction the expend
iture of 18,700 per annuui to manage 1M
•oiployea. 11»e question *>f a Negro for
ihia odk* haa hern euibarraaaing lor Um*
trim i lustration Iaiimt of Um* office hav
ing Iwrn twld right alone by Um» rate,
*11.1 to dia|M«f ol tlir qnfatuxi. and uiakr
it uii|«aaMl4r to a(i|MHiil a Negro without
ritK taui, Uie administration baa bit upon
Ih»* |>lan of ridding Uie ofht-e wiUi « lerka
Wy aaaigniug Um-iii to other knirraoa, and
llierehy ' lit (Im* office force down U> l«
Inat lief ore Mr. Napier took Ute otb«-e
tht> forre waa rut from 7o to 47, and uo«
it suffers a further rut 'Tt*. This ia l>eni
iA-ratM' simplicity. it m rumored
MimIi iliU-mt l» ta-llig til liie
SiimuM-r N ln*>l n<»* in mmoii at liw W.
Va Color**! Iuatitiitr On June I7Ui,
I I ('..rl.ly )'r»wi<i*-iitul Marahall
«• iWnfrt-l an interesting an«l
Iw-lpful a<Mrr*a On Hone lltUi, H«m
M P. Slutkrj, Stair Hupt. of Krae
nIk^I. Bit.| I»r J \ Ivahl of Uie ^tale
I'niveraity at M<>rgant<>wn. xiaitni tlie
Hammer School, ami id a umm(
lM»l|>ful manner to l)n*r prraent Hopt
-lia*kry r»pn — 'l lumaelf aa very aui
khm Li make InalilnU* W«*k llie l.tnurr
*f*k of llir Hummer vIhkjI. Inatitute
*Wk »ill l»ttn JnlJ "J*. an<! iiuar Aug
I at Anion* thr intrrreting b-atam cI
tin* mrk will lie «i-iHir* of In torrw hy
Um> faiiMMM Mi« Virginia RaiMl»l(ili of
Virgrmia b'm! a ihiwm al <<»orwrt by U»e
faiiHHM Tiakif* l»an<l. < onaiating <m
Thia lawl ia unkinf • tour of
ilf i-ountry, atvl will arrive here in tune
for ti» me in atteixiaiM-e at tlw *»u miner
Si IkhiI In nifrij Uie harmony <»f Ita sweet
I'tiA. Kefly Mille* of Howard L'aiver
ait y will Irfin lua aerwa of l*rtiir«a inly
Teat hera who leaire to have tl»eir rer*
till- ale* renewed ah<»nM n<4 fail to attend
Ui*- Miuiiier *n. I.• -.1. aa II.mi ia a w^nira
mefit on Uie part of lite atate aotlniritiaa
'I lliey are rvH il»r v< atten«l U»e entire
ewH«, they ahnvid pot in at teaat Uirae
or ioor week*
TO MY $6,000
Waahington. June g| —Pmiilut Wil
mm V «lay aeiit a n i aaaa'i In rowgnaa and
nrcwd aa an "art of grara," a aiiUhii
appropriate*) ha wair for the hatrv o(
Anglo AihMo, an Italian aubprt lyaeh
at at Tampa. Ha , on Heaaptanhrr 3i
At the tune of the lynching Aihanc
waa in ruatndy. charged with a crime
A Great Celebration
Tig—I W. M. Wkitt Dm CniK—Tknmit •! People Viiit TW
Gty; Largest Crew4 ii Hut erj W tke Metrepelis.
fti in frout Umf Italian government Utal
kwpakl Um bun udi mtwiiwn
ilatioii tij Svrrwtary Bryan ui»tUii«t<Mirw
tw lollowftl in view of Utr aftnm oI thr
I nitMi Suim in <•—w oI oUtrr lorrifti
vkDim of ax>U iu th»a otmtry
Tbr Kftiml giivrrniuail cltiiiia t«> br
ImivwImi t>> at«>|> lynching or (»tiuk the
<*owanlly |N>r|«trt(i)ni of audi otilraKM
upou law U> jintiiv, l»ut wImni a forrimi
er ia Ijim'ImkI «tw iliitt d<>« n into lirr
imrkft au<l pays Ute pntr .leutau<leU Itjr
Utr goternuMNit ul wlik li Um- party lyiu-lt
rd m I Mlijrct.
Sruraa o( Nffynra. moat ot w limn are
iniMiivut of any crime trr lym ltnl muter
Utr Star* ami Sui|«« ea«h year an<l Utnr
'U*l««n<taJiU If ft |wniul«M an«l »iUt<mi
any Mipfiort to Itatilc aiUt («rvjo<lior an.I
tiuutfrr. No iwtrrnut ami Imtrft mil
government, atata or utiitnal. paya one
lYnt <>r rvMi brija Uteut u> otttaiu work.
S«»r)i U Autrrirao jutUv.
Oh, ye nation of hy|Ma*ritr»'
:hjs. h.
At thia f ■■!>»! oI Um* year, hIm tlw
vtrioua inr tit utioiia of learning throughout
Umf rountrj heve uuloaded U**ir annual
••rop of "Savi<Hira ot Um* Nation", m Utr
|jmuit of glowing umI ciulxraut KriJu
tlM, Uum who hivecliui(mi Uie perrijn
u»u ptiii which la now to Ik InMilm hy
*11 army of IrtHkrfcvt. irr now enjoying
tfw Minual «-hu«-kle at Uw.oiiK-Mt wwl M
I) of youth. A (uijly uumljei of ll>ii
proud Array of "fluiahed wiadoui" will,
no donht. nhir\» a ahirht dagran of awv
and a few—a eery few -will nap above
tl»r nwdurre multttmle and ahiimp aa
bright parin-ular otara, hut tiw iui)iiriU
of Ute reincarnated Solomon*, wit) Ijc m>
aurprtaed to find Uiat thr market m full
of hratua superior to tlwir own, that ral
llM-r titan take Uteir pn>(wr pla< *- in Ute
rank* of ordiuary i>l<>ldrni, th»*y will la)
Uteutaeivaa down on Uiertormy aoilalm h
haa lirtrij the mournful rrww <»f thousand
of disappointed liuuiau hipe U in all atm
of Um* world. and wail Uiat Umt aorld la
againat Ummii an>l that Utew in niu* la pur
poaHy overlooked, while Utoae who *ur
i-nd ara uu«leaer\mg lavoriU-a of for
tune. • •
While Um* air taaUes lliat a re Unit on
Ute huoyal* y and hopefulueaa of youUi,
evoke naught hut pulilM- tlrnaiou, yet ae
t-rrUy Um* uxat waltering |>es«iiiiiat huge
ly enjoy* Una p*<lautry and «-oim eit of Um
riiUnaiaitu young grad iate, aud long*
I* a "len«lerf«■<" for a little while into
attain to leel Ute foolish tluafi of 1011*mta
superiority over all Um* world of man
'Tia Mid Uiat Una arrogain-e of Ute
green rraliwtr ta a sensation ao pleasant
to feel Uiat Utr tlirtlla of love alone aur
pasa it ic ruutrihuUng to thr happmeaa
• »f Ute human ra>e No one ought to he
so unkind aa lndariKiraur Dk h glorious
saauranre of eitraor<tiuary and coaat-ioue
power. Nay, let hope dia|M>rt itaelf and
■uakr uterry lor to-morrow it will fofhtw
a <-.>rpae to "Ttie Silent City'',where in
numrrattle imIiim permanently aU'ir
Mimlrrtl. June W.—Jmk Jut naon.
S«rro }"i*il»t, liad today alt
irrinypiimih to anil lor Havra tomorrow
>m Uta linar Gonnthian.
Thar* ia now no danger olJutiMna he
tug mt lark into ita 1'nitad aa an
iiiHiwralitv immigrant Ha atiowad tlia
aoti>ont»w lirat ha liad tioiigtit a through
tu iH lo fr raiw* via Montreal m Chxafu
I rxVr llmr rtKuliUa* la i «an(4 I*
(Jr)orlnl mix tar tha Dominion law, ai
though Ita m un«tar ona year • |*naoti
•pntrmv at Cbraiu Uw alula (UvarjaiHi
(J H. nAt iab trar la uilru«li jiMiipiii*
hi* ImmI ,
Rtrcrncc F«r tW Law.
' I#t rrtffro#* (or tha law* ha liraath
ad bf rmj Anmrtn m<4lar toll* liap
inf lata that ^ettWi on har tap, lat U
ta taught in Ha arh<a>ta. in tha wtuwa
rm, and in < <4ta«i« . lat it ha wrtUan u
pnimw. aprtling bunta, and almnnara
I lat It ha prrarhrti Irnn Ua pnl|»it. pro
rlawKtl in lla leylntiva halb, and an
I iorrad in iwirti u4 jHHr. and »n tint
let it LnruM«a tha polMira! rriigon of tlx
nation. nnd <«W and tha young, tha rirl
and tha yxx, tha «rava and tbr |aj o
, all aamca nnd tonguaa and roiorv and ron
Tiw Diiki prawe oani.ot be givtu rt»r
KTMit W. M. White lor the Mhv^i of tb«
wwki ivMtrtthia. klr uot not only had
chaiyr ul the trrtiiKeu^nU (or Clt« j*uh
lii n4t,,>r»ti'jn »if Uit* Fourth of July, hut
thf b-l'i Mflklul hfcnfthllg «»i U.e Humana*
croud* iiul Um urJrr umoUw
wl lltriHiKiumt thr twk !• due tu bit uu
<-*-a«inir Hforta.
1 lir Mrtio|M>litai< Slioat are the Iwl of
lltrir kutd thai Iuh ever l«vu in It. ,
rvrry fMlun hmj aurptMiut the
lurid drarriptiou givm hy Um idvukra
atft-ut Not a Mil trie »<l waa riicgtt
■U-<l in Um* •dvrrtMruNtiU and Um
torn »rre Um ui>«t orderly and houral
rw mvii iMre, while Um* iuaua*rera aad
dirv«-t<>r» are polite an<l <ourteoua and
ahowrd a <lt*ir» U> mm that «\k|um »ai
(•Iraartl a ho iltMiiiwI Umw* aliowa.
It amua U> he Um deaire on the part ol
all rom-vmcd in Una frt*al rwiehratiou to
trval Um viaitora and raaideuU ia aut-h
manner aa will iiMrit pulJir approval
and tlMy have anxwilrd heyoud the
iwat MiiiruiiM expM-tati<»«M
Sw**aiil Whitr, Mayor Hair, Um rex
iilar and B(wvial odWm and 11m utana
tcera ol tlmr (nat allow* are to lie tou
Tkt Fall Tut of tke N«w York
Stat* Law far a Colored la
faatry Rc|iaeit
Ulitptor 7wS
AN ACT to tu»utl tbe military law. iu
relation u> (La urituuMiiia ud equip
iiirut ul a Cul»mi iu Um city
of New York.
(became a law June 2, 1013, wiUi (ha ap
proval of tha Governor PMMtl.UirM
riftlw lairiK pmanlj
n* People of Ilia State «>l New Yurk, re
priwalnl iu s>uate atxi AwuMy, do
riiKl aa follow*
Section I Arth lr l*» ol r barter forty •
one uf Um* law* ol ninetmi hundred and
itiiM* entitled, "Ait art to rdtliiiu to tbe
uiiliUa touetituliuar rhaptrr litirtv mi of
lltr ohj»-4ulatr«l laws'* ia Lrrrl/f aiueu
• Ird hy »klini( at tbe Hid tlwrrul • uaw
<« tKni, t<> I* m-i-tum forty, to read m fol
4<l. ColM(l) KtliltltMT llf hrtRTRY.
Within Uirer tuonU ■ aftrr llna awtioO
Ukra rflwt, tbr a>l]utaiit Keorrtl ah alt
•ritauur mmI eijiiip a t-ulorad rrfiiuMit ot
of infantry iu U« rity ol New York Sut-b
rryiKM-nt, *l*n organised and equipped,
ahall Im iiiim1 a part of tlie natioual guard
A Um* atatr ol New York, and aubyert to
•II Uie ataln»<a, rule* and retfulaUona go
verning Mh'li naboual Kuartl. Tba otft
<*r« ol mm It regiment ahall Imp roiuuiia
kioimiI liy Um- governor, miIijn I to tba
(trovMiona ul tbie chapter, iu relation to
rlitfilMlity an.I eiamiiiatiou. Tlw armory
t»>«rd of lltr «'ity of \rw York atiall pro
tide •|iiartrra lor ao» It rvgliueut
I Ina «l alia 11 take aflr< t ,'uiuadi -
*-HTU or Ni» Yom I
• HI..* of IItf rrtary of Mat* f aa
I have <-ouiparwd llv pmeeding wlib
iIm* original law Boa on It la iu tbia orti «
<11 I |.» l.rrr-t.y «-rrtify U.at U.e aauie .a a
«.rm l trauai ript UierefroOi and ol tba
«t le of Uie aa* I original la*
r*«rrtary ot -lata
I nil* Bernard Wliitthv ia (mm. «Jod
Wituhcd him mm! Iw •Wpl Mm rfltbvd
■re in b-ara All who kim bin ara aad.
A child <iI (-r HiiKr li« paanJ away.
' But who ali«li v( lorn-ail ihr faara.
Ami bml in km a gain to much'
< * rm-b a hand thr<*i«rti uiua W» ralrb
The far «»lf intrrart of •rtnf
Tmnyaxi had Mt the paon u< aorrow
»lira hr auif thr ahove linaa. and Ukw
<4 oa, *Ih) like tha i«*t hav* l«Ui in
• »<»dt rsa Himj in tfae luaa af lorad uoaa a
tmm U> mab >. I iUU> Heri.ar I >• rviaaaad
from t*ain ami mCmaf Ha M Inrmr
Mirnpt Irani tha tnala and raraa of bfta
hr>4hav tdilor wipe away fuar Man
ami riaaf* y««ir hand in <»ud a hand and
in dwa Uma yow will reap tha far-of ta
h i mt at thiaa tear*
Hiutinctin. W. Va.
Krv K H MeKov. > lillwl of tha
ifoldae Kuk HcaaArwl and Eadovnaat
Awnriartue. waa a Twitar to tha Ttaa
oAra Monday H# I toa aarpnaa
bj tha McDovaU Timm to itow *aar

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