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wT »• ^
These Who Fail to Re
cehre Their Crcd'-ts
Wffl be Sadly
< By ^uwdtn B. lioon I
every lan<t where the official* oI
are elective, such nfflriab
have appointive praition* st the*r dispc
eal. IW appointive jni« irr the re
ft arda hauled oat to d<e "faithful," who
hialwt not in the (truffle to via at the
ballot box. IW whorateem themselves
worthy of reward are never • few. hat
are always a h*wt. The jnha are. un
fortunately, never equal either in mmilrr
or fataeas to the number and voracity of
the tfpinati therefor.
TW political cteditor is a (enmi of
■btflew vigilance nod Iwtlldo* tenacity
of purpose. He never shape st his pnst
while awaitinr the passing hie wsy of his
shase of the political dividend He needs
no one to land hie virtues- he does that
himself from the resurrection of the son
till the p4nr down of the same, and then
on into the d**k ho tr* There is no
pier* where his voice is NOT heard and
hie pieaence is NOT W* If he receives
the reward he crasee, he settles down
and becomes a quiet citiaea until h»
"corn" is conenmed, and then the places
which have known hint, will know him
again in hie search for another supply of
the blMiap, which are the birthright of
the political creditor.
The political creditor excites alternate
ly oar contempt and ridicule, but for the
political debtor our hearts are always full
of ctipawiw We pity bun, and thne*
who have been in a predicament like
his, deeply sympathise with him. His
lot la a hard one. It did not occur to
bias when his lellow citizens called him
Iran private liie to take his nrtire, at
to the crown of honor
placed upon hie brow. Had to relate, the
illneiua wears off and in the ciaar light
of unclouded day, he beholds no oooch
of down and aa path strewn with gar
lands. Almost every hour he is remind
ed of the enormous debt which he one*
hie friends, who (ought ao valiantly ia
hie service. The strangest part of the
whole ntuatioa is the abeolute certainty
of each self esteemed political creditor,
that had he not l*en in the l»attle line
victory wuuM mi rely have tieeu achieved
by the enemy. Ah, how thrilling is the
story of the t»rave and marvelous deeds
done by tl>e political cr«*lit»r» in the
campaign f ir the pri«»ry, honor and suc
cess of him to whom they swore undyin?
fealty ami loyalty' All accounts agree
in this one particular: that the fiercest
fight of the war took place on election
day, and that every one o* the grand
army seeking official reward, was upon
that day a hero mightier than "Horatiuel
•t the Bridge."
Tfcose vbo (ail to rereive Uieir due and
proper reward will he disappointed, if
thej are of a mild and resigned deposi
tion ; but thaw in whom the fire of life
burn* fiercely will lie more than dissp
pointed—thfj will I* hopptnfr mad. Vrt
of a troth none of the anrarad for Uironar
ought tu|U- forlorn or utterly aat dosn.
Tbe futnr*- i* lirifbi with promise The
an fad i ne star of hope rrfiMeth not to
shine even upon s disappointed ofho*
bonier Why not be^taUmt and est
brat s the p nanUtu n which faith ina fu
ture day. whirfa shall be a better day,
always offer*"" Why not ha meek ' For
if it he true thst "the aieek shall inherit
ths earth," does not thst nsrrsssrily in
elude all of the oflWws''
(New York Camnum lal |
Nefro rhanffenrs no ka«rr are permit
ted within the pHrol Aaroml prmnra
of tnany of the »#■* r»r»n of Now Ysrt,
and isrb day sses si 11—iuos to the list
of theoe Mdt-Hnrsr planes where the
hrtChar in Mack is not wanted Not
laid. Ths rhanffaor rosy he only a
Irmly by the ads«s. "a merer is s
if yon whitewash Mm.' the
to the
ths white fhanlfeiir* see has
is not Hear, hat rartam it as that fara«v
*er>poalofa are daily « ibn# swtoswnsri
■•lie by the ralsrti brasher, hyfaaant
If, far the North baa eat yet learned that
wnopuHowrHili rn—»rr In Hii i
of MNi; is the aub)ae«ed disttieta aouth
of the Pmmmc mm* the Ohio. In arro
ganei bora ol «ho ipmn hi whirh
hiBrtlni da«* driven of the fWNh hold
hi id, bo t^bkj baa mmmmd that in the
wrutetoir nf inoi ip^wo ho ooaM look
lor aortal equality oataido the Iwtuw
pUtferm end industrial fraaiiluai oC'«er
than freedom to look lor eaother job in
mhw < tber neighborhood ood in we
other Iim nf eedoowur.
keelty thuMp tn rooioc -to a pwttj
pon hm in we North. New York City'*
Nog"" population « growing ateodily. ud
am foot m he m dhvoo (root ooo occupa
tion the hi ark io entering thnee fields
orbicb. aether heroes* tbry or* new or
bereaae hitherto they hon beoo occupied
entirely by white*, how Out yet hem
cluaed to biio From the hnuartaiildin*
trwlea and the nMrhaairal fiehle be ia
largely esdokd. The chauffeur io o
development of the pod ten yenin, and it
io only lately thot bo bai becnsno o for
t<>r. Office work tbiw for w limited to
office hoy oad MMfer service, but if
this tiling koepo op be will develop into
o bookkeeper, nAce insofar or eorpo
rofion director, while hia slater will be
seeking employment m o beMgiri or Oe
or^grapher. But the amee of jualire ao
atmngly c-harar tr riatir of the white
brotlier in thia nerk of the woode rill
aoon are to it thot the Nryro wiaa the
pri\i^e of boiling down any pooitinn
which the white man doea not need, pro
viding the Negro aoderotondo thot the
white won m entitled to every ovoiloble
)oh in every line nt work.
The South hondlea the problem io ita
own woy, oud there the down-trodden
blork areuia realty contented wiab the
fact that no proCeot ever ia made thot be
i< invadintr the white man'a fielde. He
keepa to bio own. bnt the aouthern while
baa arrongttl rnattm n> that there ia
work lor every Negro who will work.
The bouooboildiog troha, the mechan
ical balds and occupations of many kinds
are open to biai, while the (ad that so
vetoped o large end growing field of fi
nancial an<l com men ial endeavor in
whirb the iaHter luinda and handa find
profitable employment.
Hut then, everybody kaowa that the
South miatreatii ita Negroes, while the
North rail, him "uiiater" and aympo
C—pmy Mm! DirtiiJ if Race
PrejaAtt4i tyeurA «f Agaia,
Says Prober.
Albany, inly 10.--The rviniUtmnii
■ A riemuel I.ttlioen. formerly • sergeant
iu B Company, Kurty-weoUi Keirimeut.
N. G. S. N. Y., baa Im rerominendcd
to (iovrrnor SjjIim, (oUuaiof Um invest
igation. Ibr latter ordered into Litt
umd'i rtiartm that an anti-aetuitic plot
mruon* iIm* ofhcera mat tad in hie >«ut(
r I tea ted out ol U»e aarond lieutenancy.
The tiixlinai aiao include a renenre lor
CVilonel Harthman, of the repiuent. who,
l.ittman charged, *M rbiefly reeponaihle
for U>e movement affaiiMt him <Governor
Solwr a Mir to approvr tne finding*, it
m <!arlared U*tay
The eiprvea command will he riven,
it ia Mewl today, that the company
Will diahan<led if U<er>- ia »ny furtl>er
diarriniinaboa affainet ita nmilen on
account of race.
Ijttinann declared that theofttcera had
admitted hit record entitled bun to the
vtranry when the ciartaoa mim. Mr
traa the oaly candidate, hot the election
taa pratponed, it «m rhargrO. in ocdar
to keep him not of the lien tenancy
A round robin, declaring that ita
ara «<«M not vote lor l.ittman, had Imd
rirmlatcd anxmg the wen ai«d offtcera,
lot many af ita «gnen m<M at the
Ivarini that they had h*rn Wet red into
•iff"m* the paper under a mirnmWitao
ding of ita content*
IJttman flaally raaigai i from the nf
iment, only to carry ba (nrrame to the
OAmU Mm WmU $2 ttt fm
Pott «f tW illnlj
Otiirtnaoti, July 15 -Two rtnrk.oc
bank* Wrtf of**w»d through th* «l( of
Mkwntrip*! bond* ow* llw wWi at th*
trtj gbditor** oAn, Tomkj, *hn o
eoimH m«a, wry AabKilj inwd, m
KfO* *0 0*C* 0»d 0**«4 t?,«0 m (MM.
i two, ftw Md la-44tr bilk lor iomt of
Ki«.haU, W. Va..
July IS. 1«18.
Editor McDowell Time*,
i. W. V*.
Ufourww ofJalT U. 1*3,
mm yonr tram* pmm m ertlole,
'Botrd ot SdaoMio* lor Bra«M
in vhidi you
to inform the nniinf public oI
mm imiMrtiJ by said board, and in the!
xultitmir of vonk in yonr article, f*m \
had this to My: "Atty. A (i Fnitii
IroJuoM naolotion; *Be it n»u< »«d
no application be roiwiikwd or »»fM |
rant he apiwinled principal of t
■rbnnl in wbw-h hi|h school work ia<
uiilm he hr arniuate ufi
auHege and bold • define.' "
In your comment ou the above
tioaed raaoliaion, yon (tatad tbnt it wae
oppoaed by Or. Hall. Prae., vkoM oppo
sition woe supported by Sj'iite Orider,
which la miaieadinjr and incorrect. 1
•dial I not attempt to apeak here for Dr.
Hill, but all who were praaant know theI
utanly manner in wbirh be eta ted baa |
poaition wtth reymid te aebool work.
Now if you will remember correctly what
I bad to My concerning the high arhool,
you asuet admit you naff that yonr quo
tation of the inatttn waa incorrect, and
mi deeding. The thine that really waa
Mid, Dr. Hall taken the poaitiun that it
would he a batter policy for all roneem
to create a high school in the dietrict for
the colored people, the aame aa that
the white*, which would aattle the qi
tioo o4 high school and aa to the qi
cation of principal and teachers,
the aaawia tlxrd by law. And loo,_ if
you will iWiwb your mind a little you
will remember the very worda uaed by
Dr. Hall in support of hie contention.
He aaked the aarrctary if they coold not |
lay a levy witfiriant to meet the extra ex*
penaM wht,h would be inenrrad by the
creation of a biffh aebool, and 1 think the |
secretary said he thought it cooid be done, {
and added, that if the high achooi
aatabliahed the board would be able to
p* aome help from the state. Thia ia }nat
the way the whits people worked their
itheol prntila— oatancortafally, and what
lfcad)kn*bofc»n hoard, wm in
■vppovt mi the aatablnfcment of a high
achnol that would employ a principal and
teachers for that work aa required by
law. And 1 woe oppoood, and I
appeoed to any makeahift or high handled
method that baa at the bottom of it a
deception. Aa I am and have always
been in sympathy with any and every
move pot forth for the betterment of
*onditions for the Negro boys and irirta,
therefore I wiah to correct the statement I
tbove referred to. Pleaer (five thia ar
ticle the same prominent t«*iti<>n that |
fou give Uie other, and greatly oblige,
HAMUEL orider.
We puhliah the above statement from
Squire Cnder of kimltall ss to hie
tiide on the Kroe rm»lut»oo at tl»«* Board
of Education meeting last week.
TW Squire makes a lengthy statement
roncermnir lit* aUiUule ol Dr. Hall and
himself, tint lie does not sh<>» where thr
*tatement in The Tiutee' report of lite
meeting waa either "iororrwt" or "mi»
leadiug." He rives hie praition in. re
gard to the }>rop<«rd hiirb school but he
<loee wit deny the fact thnt he oopoeed |
the resolution.
The Squire knows, ae every other in
telligent man in tlte district knows, that|
we oonld not set a high ar-honl hmlding
this year, and ooe waa not seriously of
fered But the President ot the Board
did say that a room woo id he rented and
a learner with the necMwrr qualifications
hired. The editor of this paper ns4r
the statement to the Board at tl»e time
"litat the rnlorad people of Browne Greek
Ihstrirt were told last year that if they
would accept the present inakeahift, aa
soon as pnasitile the Board would hsild a
new moftern high school with the neree
sary facilitiea and we are content to keep
the makeshift antil we vet a real high
srhool, hot will not change one make
aftitft lor another."
Squire Cnder did oppoee the rwaolotioo
and his sols popnee in oppisiaf it was a
fruitless effort to have W. D. J oh neon
retained as principal, when eeery man
from Kimball except the Hqnire stated
tiiat Mr. Johnaua did not have the ne
cessary qnalittcadoes to teach a high
srhool course. Owe eentlemsn went so
far as to say that the high school coarse
by ooe * Mr.
The i spurt'of the meeting of the Board
m published in The TWee kaat week was
ahantetriy era iaH and Squire knows
it. No one was misted btraw reerj
It knew the f^siw's aaotfee
Ml Mil
Hits Democratic Tariff
Hard Blow
\: >
— 1VIS** aaid the Senator, ,
Mm Hpiiuto. "joa trr
• fWlfcr criuie atfaioat [
m*r than has fw I«m
by Mf political party agaiooi
any cUa of people during au> i*riod o(
recorded bMorj.
"With violent hand. y<»u an? about to
■Hip Mb of mrj admuKv which the
ehaifrf eootiitkm d hotue supply and
limiilij «m» ihoU lo yield to hi ii. You
haw drlaiw) that bo in an ontcwtf iu Uw
land abfcb bo hna nuulc, tl»e only ono of
ail tbo etamen of Amtviii |~opU* wbo w \
•ot —tiriiii lo any 0MM<ieraUm at yoar ]
KukdO. Too have i^anlted hu aeoae 01
fairnoaa. alnpped bis in tl* face and
kicked bin tato tboftlir."
Tbo tariff bill, Hmm>f IfcCtmdwr de
clared, ooomod to have bom "i-oocpittd ]
In ■nlinoilf ay a I not ovory Amrruao i
doMry tkat aoodod protation" with lit*
American fanner oa tbo "aperial . *»»>•* 11
of Mb dtabr and b#a."
"lo IS bMBOrflb political affiliation
—nbr $M fowpmiuM dilaoti? Or |
do yon (waidor yourn If to he the inetni
Vbidt Providence la to
bocanae in tfie iaat
be lorpit the faitli of
hia father* and went chaain* after a
nranfi pod, with cloven hoofs and
branching antiero? If be ia to l« paoiah
od for bio haroey, are you Ute proper per
aun to inflict pnabbnent ' Yoa in the
hanoAetnry of tbo ftwr'< inlidoiity to
hia own party Inst tail. Ami for yon now
to bo bk executioner for the offence of I
being nUri by yon atrikea u*e aa being
one of tbo nta oe^d-Wooded propcm
'Thoftemci may be alow, hnt he ia
qnitn •ore," continued the aanator. "Me
inay forgot, but the bard rapa nf poverty
con jog hia n»eu>ory. Once poaa Una ec
rurcod taeaonra, and befoae 1MI4 br will
be fully awake to tin realization of die
offence committed againat bim. 1'aan
tbia bill and nnicn thia cut throat polic?
which annihilated the Republican party
in 1M12 continues therw will not be a I Vni
ucratic atate in tie whole North. It took
the farmer aisteen yeara to fortret iU Iaat
Democratic policy. Pom Una bill and
the generation living will never tor»r»-t
F«> " _* ■
Mcdowell co, building new
I>urinjr the month* <4 June and July
of thiajntr Uwrr haa hm (rmrt activity
in the iuprovcnmit of the rounty rami*
<1I McUwdl rounty The weather has
bmi NiUt>lv for work of this kind u>l
the Ooanty RaglMMT, W. J. Mrdaren.
Wat no tiiur in frttinff the repair work
on the rounty road lUrtid :n full
Three priMMi taiifi htvt hm vorkitif
Two ol lh*w »ff -r>Mlni«-ti nir nr» or
practically ur» rtiab. One m «urkm(
in the vicinity <»f Xorthfork and tl>e oth
er n working a* kimhell (Km* other
iranir '» repairing the r<>a>le in lite vu n.ity
ol Welch. Th • three have el .out <> men
All of the main road* oI thr rounty are
heiog repaired At*xit *» mi lea wrrt re
paired during June In doing thia work
m marh of a permanent nature m pnw
hla ia dom.
TW new ma<W are made of sitrh a
width a* will permit ol thair temg mar at I
iinkal and an that they will have the
proper drainage The percentage nl trraite
M kept aa low aa pnaaibi^ fmt often go
ing aliove lour percent
In the virinity oI Welch thr ruad op
Browne Creek waa repaired lor kmr
•ilea The road leading to Uie Wyori.oi*
county une wm repaired lkr»'i^ u ta
whole kewgth TV priaon rang ia no»
ripairing tl»e Hemphill road.
Dtry, Wart Virginia
July 24, 11*13.
McDovHI Ttmm.
W. Vo.
iiif witti thf Mth nf Ant ,
pmy day «< th» monthly
pay For yran «• haft l«d m oprratinn
HatftM, rta: Ihr maa boor dat *
Mm only Ikuif w» la> M t
gMfovtnor'i rwnoaiMAt
tKNHb tho IVMk'iyayiay,
To«* van .
Him IE6R0
thouaend vi»u.*a will«be ib
NmL\ iIW (rum 17 to f.'nd hi
attand the'Kifty V«*n (.1 KranJoni tnJ1
the "keiiguou* Jultilae" u» b« kwkl ib
ptoiMrtioa with the National Kaptiet
Tim nliuialr ia cuowrvatin, btaal, it
ia aaxl, upon I careful niMUmtwa oI
tbr MtiuialN (rum varitMM iUIm At
tnj rate preparation* (<>r tlie entertain
nadt ol this nooilar ia already »tj by
Ute ravplMM eouiwlttee.
Ku-urauo (arm on all railroada bavr
tmm announced by Prof K B. Hudson
of Haliua, Ala . Secretary of Convention
It ia further Uarn.^1 that it it tha lowest
rate (rented the (^«vmiUoii for a num
ber of yeeia. Thruufii tirkdi will b»
sold (root New Kufland, froui tha West
and in fact from all i*arta of Uf Inilal
Tha exceptionally low rata ia attributed
lo tha fact that it will ha a "Jubilee of
the Kmancipebon of tha Slavaa" and thr
obeervance «>f tha "Fifty Year* of Free
dom" iii connection with tlie Conven
Already arrangements are beinf made
lo han«lte aperial trains that will come
iatn Naahville daring the waek of Um*
Convention. The IIrat aperial train an
annonnced ao far, will arrive in Naahville
how i»m Ma lome Uateway or the Waal
and the far Waal. It ia to come over the
LAN road leaving Hi Louia at H p. ui.
Tueailay, September Irtth, arriving in
Naahville at the Collage Street Station
in tiiue for breakfaat Wednaeday rnorn
It ia underatood that rteltgataa from
Kaiuaa, Nebraaka. Iowa. Oklahoma, Co
lorado and Miaaouri will wake up thia
train. At praaant it ia umlerstood that
tmm of Uit director* of the train will be
Rev. I. H. May of Lu»-oln, Neb., who ia
a former Tenneaaem and who ia now paa
turing in the W«l,
Stat* or New Y«mn
Kiui-nvi Ch4mbk«
Alt*any, Juij f», lMlli.
hliUr .Vfrl*oaeil Times,
Keystone, W. Va.
Uw Sir : —
Thanks (or yonr ixliloritl rouuuMiJiuK
me upon Miffiiiuif tltc Kill lor tt« Negro
Krvinu-nt in the suu- of Nee York; uul
also i!m> Civil KIgclita Mil. I mu i«rl»
in* y<>u a memorandum al»><it Um> latter
wIim h I think jou iltould |>uMi«h. Alan
sritdiiitf yi >u under ■eparaU- rover aome
other data wliM-h I I top* you will look
over at y«»ur Inoirr.
I am Itivinr a hard struggle here try
ing to at-rrunpiieli m great »<>rk of reform.
You have n-j eoocrfitina of (I# ohetarles
put in inj va/. Yoii have do Klea of tite
dilb ullin that l«wet tue. (Mien I am
ae k at Imrt; I Kit then wortia of em our
agemeut route to hami, and I take re
uewed <leteruunatioa to yii forward with
When Ute Ihiwm found out tlw) coul<l
not ruutrol ine, and make a rut>her atamp
of ute. t'tey threatened to lestruj uie
politically. ami have lieeu iloing every
thin* in llirir power to tliat end
However. I have no lear oI Ute ulti
mate result Toe truth will prevail, and
right make* mieht In tite future m in
the paet. you and all our frtrnda ran re
ly <« lue to do my duty to tite people,
refrardteaa of political or personal ronar
HUHw li
(H nmne tite grafters are Imnndci
me. (K rourae Mr. Murphy and ha
hireling* are traducing me They have
had tite raitdMt iletwtivw Mrrhini
high ami low regarding everything I have
ever done of ever said «nre aty Mrth, to
get mud to throw at me.
However, I ran awnre you titrte w very
little in any of ti*w* tinny* M<«t of the
Hut ia liaai lim and pare fa>»nrat*«.
When Murphy told me he wonld de
> stroy ute if I did not do hia Imklino, 1
, defled Itim to do tite woret, while I would
my tie-< The A«lit w on All >«r*4gpa
are Imrned. Willi the help of tite «#od
leanug people of tine atatr I aliall ffo lor
ward, mne what may.
With laat wtaftea l«tieve me aa ever,
Very autraeeiy yonr friend,
a# Urm York,
Kurvdn Chunlrr,
Albany, S Y„ ApnJ 11, l»IT
Mftaorawlwi IM with AaratHy Mil
prwlrd So Ml* IM R# print 140ft )
' Am art to mturn<1 Ihr nvil riibk
Uw, m rviaCMK) lo equal n#Lu * pl»
n« of p«Mr trraai»>rliltuM • »< pru
vwtifHr pmaity lor noi«K« llwfwi."
Tha Nil MMkh thf taw *4 1«M
(Chaf-trr 141 by ■afctag warm itmpii
proraiom ipiMl JMmiMlioM cm at
ai rti», rraad ar color is plam at
of • planiui public accommodation, r*~
aort or tmuraiuHit ahall deny any
uoikk'h anxriUHwialtim, Ac., or pnb
liah, cirrulato, laaur. diaplay. ,« »» or
■Mil auy written or pnulad omiiiumi
rtlKD, Mhviv advrrliaeii>«*ot. U> the
r#W« that any ol lltr a>vouiti»»lati<«i«.
ailran taar and itrivikw of any mn h
piara ahaJI l«a rehiard »r itemed t» any
^iar«on on aivum <4 rare, craiol »>r <>4<>r.
or that Bitch |im»mn arr unwi+twn'.
Tb* production of any attch written
•-oniiuaiiw-aOon. nott«f or ahvrtia^nriil
m praaumptivv in any civil •*
criminal artiou that tiieaame »a» author
A place of |MiMir acconuuodaii< u. re
aort »»r auniaement within ttw ni< aiiitiir
oI Una articla thai I be .teemed l<> inrlialr
any uin, tavvrn or hiitrl. wlwtl»er om
JikleJ (or the entertainment of tranm
rot iruaata or lor ll* accommodation «>i
IhuM Mrkiot health, recreation or rod,
and any watanrant. eating Ihmmw. puhlir
conveyance «h> land or water' halhhon-*'
larlvr ahop. theatre and unitw I tail.
Tlte pmwstooa }a-rmillinv tin* denial of
auch accouimodattona. Ac., l<> any riti
trn rxrwfH lor reaaiurn alike to all « iti
irua of a vary rav, creed, or color, «n I
rnrardlwa of r**, ereed or color ix atrn-k
m nut. Violation *4 tlmr |»ro* noon*
or lite aiding or inciting ol ancb m. J»
turn ahall subject the perform al«>\<- m. ii
tinned to a penalty of no< leaa than «*»e
bund rail dollars or more Uian ti\e linn
dmi dollar* to I* rwwvwl by the |«r«.n
ffnovml or by any reai<leiit ol tiieatat*
to who such caoar or aetion baa ta<eii a*
uftMl to ha irrovtml in any court c(
competent juriailiction in tlte county in
which tha plaintiff or driwiilant ahall re
aide. A violation ia also a in ■ leu wan or.
puuiahahle by fine of uot lew than • de
bit ml red dollar* or more than tlve linn
drad dollar* or by imprtaonuient tor not
leaa titan tlurty day* or more tlian nine
ty daja or both auch tine or impriaon
1 approve Una tall
ISigued i WM slJiy.HH
Tto mwt recoil of AlitiiU I'liivrrai
ty abowa that thcrr baa tam a irrvat <!*•
vciupuMiil in ninrUioii wu<«| colonel
and eaj**ia»ly in tollng* rdura
tiofi Tl# tirat Nnrrii »ho ffra>ltiaU*l
trimi ntlkfe, a* far aa wt> km>», km
from Hoar«loin rttlkv, in Ih^I. Hiaer
that ilny ilirrr liav** la**n luorr Uiau fotir
Uuxittiiil, ail nl nltoiii liav*- pra> hiatal
WillilU tlir paal bflrru ytmr*
Froui prai ttt aily firry lar/r c«4l«v»*
tlir country SivriM litvr lakrii ilnfrn*
Wlulr a Irw yrara aire Uk t%* *»»tv frw
rollntw wliu-h wouM allow N«vr.»t. to j
rutar, tlwy havr aiiu-r not) Iwiimni from
Hnr\nr<l, Yal«*. Ouliiiulxa, (Hi'cifii,
IVniMylvaiua. an.I Um* l**a>luitr *-• >1 «»l j
the Kaat
TIm* lnlloainK (UtifUi of ffra<l
untra mrr takm froni the Atlanta rrf»ort,
aitowihit th** nuutiwr oI roilryr yra.lnaU
up U> !MM:
llnradr liraiioatra
IHV©-1«*V 3
IMi»-iMM 7
INAl»-|M£4t I?
iMttO-lHtM 44
!M7t»-l«7V :ta:t
|ntn»-inHW 73k
i«na» inmm ii'.ii
IMiMtart* im:t
Total mV*
Not only liavr Nryr'm tak»-n tlilr
lfrr>r of Hart trior nI Arte from tftr trxlinr
uni vwaitw*. tnit a rrrmU-r nutnlirr rarli
yrmr arr taking liwlirr ilnrri-n
Ttmre htv> Im>.i inorr tiwn r»w hun
dred Maalrra <4 Art. w!m> lta\i- U-»-n m>
tumoral tij Htrvtnl, Yale «n<l nOvr
U-adin* inatiliitMini, and i)m- Rvutirr <4
lk«ii>n <4 m grr*ditalljr m
crvaaing wh year m> tint tlw time m al
nw Wt Iter*' • Imti it «fll 1x4 \w ■ wiiMtMiti
lor a N'fyrn U> «n-i»r ■ <leirrer nl lira-tor
aI from nor <4 ««tir
irMtitutMiaa. Ni«riini lnvr mvin«l itr
Pti Ii l"*i Hirnnl, Yale, »nn«yl
vania. (Him-ico, SfmiMr •■><!
WMlrrn lUvrvt uni^rwlm
IV report tlei eh«.wa ttial <mr inatitn
Uona iiiMinml Mwl rontnillni Irj <mr <>*n
people are ffradoallj irwr»-a»«nr in rfti
rtetw-j. *rr raiem* Uieir larl, and
Uiminir "Wt • irUrr < Im* <4 men fir
nJlavr lirad S*r" Iw. mwh ma
Un (Km rn*>rt show* that Uw
i i«l>w hml Nnrr.. m <4 |Im» rhief am
• ti of erery eoaniminity II«{m not only
in the (iKifcww. Uit m a lender in in
tiudrw* In ll# lollowiinr IhI '4 nrrn
tiMww >4 nillfr tivwd S»ff« irrloaivl
tfrbltrtl. hwkrn. hart***. t«w>kkrep
rrm, r»wn,mil rtninw-w *<rvemm-*nt
•JfW-iaW. tontwts, 'ImginU rwlitnrn, far
mers, fnwara. inanraaare aavnU, lawyer*,
indjna. nail agent*. real Mate dealem
rtc. TWt were IVI ImVn, V7 mini*
tara. M pbywwM. W aiwl^nta. »i law
jrera, 13 hwnraiw*. Tl in |««ta) aenrira,
47 pram-here at* I tern brri roaibianl.
Froa Una liat <4 aarupaUofM it mil h»
aam that tf» rullii lirwl Nam) m iv
I Amam. mi o—» —rpriaari whan heflrwfc
, that ami c4 tham ara men who hav.
aatnaJly —da fnod in Ur world. a<4
i only in Um> I'terary worl.l tut In Kuan
rial aaaraat Tba anwinlaUm* of nJ
1 Im tir>1 Wy eweragad Ift.MS AS, thr
Of?1 *Hm£iSSm IkmmlF* •U'ouu
Wm. M. 0. Dawson Suc
ceeds to Head of
Board of Con
iniMYtKir 11 aim !• I mailt' |«iMn' ImI
NUiinla) tlif rmiitnatioii <4 Virjril I..
Ilitrhlainl tnmi tit** I'iiMm* Srrvice I'.mii
minHtoti Htt«l tli** :«ji|t«tinUiM'Ol in ItiM
i>l J. S. I.:4km. Iwail hi tla* Mat** lt<iar<t
ttl 4'imitri>l. Mint litt* rt<Mk'mnl Irnin that
K* «in\t*riii>r W. M II. ha««ui la*
okim> t»•*<•«I ttl tli** >taU- Huaril nt C%»n
trul in \|r. I akiii'k |tlatv. ami I«■ Ott.
til Tut-lti-r iiMinty. it a|i|-iiiiti*I mi tin*
Imanl In llll tli«* \ at am y t mrtnl Ity tlw
rt^ikrnaliixi ill \!r. I.akiu.
Tla- lt*riti of | »r. SW*f4wiiann, tla* Ik-m
m rata* im'tiila-r til tlw I'm.iril nl t'niitriJ,
ha* i'%|iinil, I»ut it ia maWrwltaal lw will
la* np-an|a»iiiU<ii.
Tlw W'IUt ttl nttiirnatitiii arnt I., Mr.
Iliirlilanti tti tin- ir«iv»*rntir la*ara ilatr Jiiiw
*-1, ami a an wnt lr»nu In* Ihhiw, I'larka
Uurjr. Mr 11itflilantl •nnurvn tlw ifttvrr
iinr tliat it ia with tfrt-ul nvri'l la- liniln
llilnnt'll IIHatiU* t<l it ill 111M It :»«t it lu«llit*T
ttl Um* I'iiIiIu' S**r\lit* I'lWttmiaiMtm. I»iit
n*aliA*n lli.it tltr work a a- mm It uatrt*
lati nvtliii! ami al«mlanir In Itimlhaii lw
Itaal la*lt**\t*«|, hiiiI wiaiM ukt- **\**ry
tumult* nl lint tint** to alttiiil In it |>rti|>
rrly It wtit111! aimi invnJ w- Inn U-aviii*
I'larkuKnrir ami miMivinr Iii* family In
(MiarU*ati*i anil ih^Mihk ln» IttMiMw
intirint- hi hia Intint' loan. I'or llntn
rrawiltw la* r**liM'talitly muifiit.
Mtv**nt«ir haMam ta at |ir**M*'iit at
Tt rra Alta na*ii|a*ratiii|r hui aUt, it m r**
l«irttiI, ilttiiiif work in ihiiimi tioti aitli
Ilia ntlitv.
I at i Ml liaa It»***it ati|irriiiti*ii«lf*iit • •! tlw
Wt«U ■ru Marylaml Ct«l (Vttii|M»tiy ami i.«
»ai<l tn la- a ru|iat»W*. t*x|« ru m ttl nttn ial
Aniertra, . il m rlanmtl, i* the iihmI
Iralem iiMintry in tlie nvtli/nl aorlil.
smi# mM'tait*\ii*l if'» lar enough l<> My
that we an- nmrf la«ltw tliau rrwrl
Kiwia. Thi* in <Mir t-uuntry
in anitmUlik- («>r in many way* Siaw
HltnlMiU- it to tin- iMyln l >4 |>arent* t<•
mfcin* iannly RnitniNMrt; mhim* nay it
i« iIin* In (Im- lax a< Inn mat rat ion of |ii«ti«-»*
I»y tin- rourt*, Imt, |**rha|« tin- iihmI
I »l a urn He n nMin I »r tin* i rime aim Ian
le**neaa ahull ilinifrar* mir lain! m tlie
• IIk>n <4 tin* ifovernment to wink
at •rune mImmi Um* N«vr" i" tin- victiiM «4
wriaiir >ioinin< |*rj*'truti-.| l.y tlie la* lew
an<l I>riiti»l• a lute man. Tliere arem ore*
<4 uliitc iimmi win* Wi«r hi (air play lor
i-Tef y<«ne, ami alio wonlil not dart* treat
tlair Mlovmaa nnjn*tJy; ami yH tlrw
men <4 lioiMKty ami honor arr nlow, too
■to* to |i*tniah meml* r* <4 their own
rw r *lw*n thtw lawlmi men trample
•i|««n tlr riiriita <4 Niyni utia-mi Tl*
• li*|»milH>n to a ink at thia rlaM '4 rrinw
11a«< a laanelnl i tln t ii|*m all nHHrriml,
KiN, it rrfat»-« in tin* N»*r» a «hareaf*i t
lor laa ami a *|*rit«4 nwntmeiit alien
tlw* law i« a|»|4i**il to Imu for nimilar <4
IfiM-m, Ami tlien it lead* tin* ahiteman
aim i* «-rilititialIy ih*|«aa<<l to treat tlw
laa a« a hiiife joke -a kin<l <4 wlieel <4
fortune that rat Im tlw unlin k) rather
than llir iriiilty. iCewiltinir from tin*
aefitiment lie »t«>|m at (pithing to iNitiate
In* |«amioii ami iro-e«l. Ile miirler* aifr,
hn>tl* r an.I. even n.< .tiaf ta often Um*
v* Um <4 hi* mnhil |>a>Mioii. Tlr a hot*
•ale mWrfun. imimharmni an<l mnnlrr
aliM-li iwiv)i tlie rountry are <h*it>tlew
tlie (nut «4 tlie la <4 ihartvar<l, <li«
reaf»*-t aif I rofitrmpt for the court* <4
laa • mil ill tlie iihh k trial" Irkl in tla?
teiu| .»■" «.l jilit • • a hert *. .ine a hlte man
aim ha* rohlie«l «mie inoffenaivr \e*r<i
«4 Inn |«ro^a*rty ln« hla-rty, or |a-rha)w,
lua III* a tlw i • ntral H/iire I»>«d thia
fmrmnNiit inea*nre tlie mnw-jiNiwia <4
• inking it rrin.i in n-rtam •fiartrra'—
Tlir Ton hliirlit.
Bryan Says $12,000 a Year if Not
F.oough to Lire om.
WM>ii(ifrt>in, July I ».—f* 0 c r • ti r f
Bryan* ■tiiHrnnvfiw^it that Iim aalarj <4
♦ Ia ynir -im rrimrj n4 >Utf m not
l«.r him l» lirr upon. uvl that hr
mix* Hi** it <«it l»jr pvmr a «mr» ol
l'h«itfaUK|iM Mrior*. ahirh will Itkf
him (mm Iim ult'N ial <lntim (< >r nt «fHi
««r iiMin-. Iiw i-wiimI mn li rnUf—i in
Waahingt «•». Mr. Brym Han l#wnl thr
hn«M uvl rronmlH nanwj »»j Mm lx>
ran. ami not rmrr U»an a
jr#ar lor tlir pmfirrty. wh**h *onU hire
him i a y**ar (or hia nUwr ripm*.
inrlmiinc r^afw jaw* aupplwa. la ad
iliUa to that P»ryan ha an inonow from
thr CVwnmonar. ami it ia alao —11 at J
that hr Ha* jrrmmilalsl a fottnnr (mm
hta hrtnrm and hw*» an wrll aa Imn th«
(Vmnmn r, ami f«o*tit to t« aMr in lira
ia comfort M im4 in laxarj without hia
• rftwiaJ aaiary. Th? aJiarpaat romncat ia
' ia ratard to hia at •andooiDg hia oAnai
dotm ia ortftar to travel enrar tfaa eoanUT
• ^——

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