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tbr JRrDoiurll iimra.
pia f»>rurn n
M T. WHITTICO. Alitor.
T. EDWARD HILL, Btumew Mfr.
Articles of Uiurv than ten iiun will l**
charged 10 itoli j*r luMf.
Published every Friday in the interest
of the Ne*r Race---His Civil u»d Po
litical Ri|cbt
subscription hates.
On* year in kIvumv. fl.60
Six months in advance "*>
Three mouths in advance. -t~>
One month in advance
Suifrle copy •
Special r*U» to churches, schools and
Subscriber* chanpnfr their Poet Office
add re* must notify the puhii»hen» or elwe
hia subscription wilt I* . ..lie. u^l just the
sain* *» if he hail not.
Entered m Second (/Inn Matter Marrh
Ti, at tl*e h«t Mftic.* at Key at- mm
W. Va.. un«ier act of Congress, March",
Id another column of this is
sue we publish a report ul an el
fort on the part of three police
men of B'uetield to enter th<
home of a helpless, uuprotwted
colored woman and being foiie<*
in their dastardly attempt tbe>.
or one of them shot into th
room through the window. TV
thugs and thieves who con*! its'*
the police force t>f Bluttield.
from chief douu have imposed
upon colored people «.f that c»t>
About long enough. They entei
their homes, places of amuse
ment. insult some of their best
women, heat men, women ant*
children and gene i ally carr>
things with a high hand. The*
sneak up the alleys, enter th
servant's quarters whereto
the? can, eat, get druuk and d<
worse If in their efforts t
make new conquests they are
balked by a fearless woman a*
tbey were last week, then the*
seek re enforcement*, drag tb»
helpless woman to prison, heat
upon her all manner of abu*e an<i
humiliation and attempt to rap«
her while she is defenceless and
ia jail. It may he axked, awh\
not seek redress in the courts?
It is useless. The party irnpo*
ed upon is always alone and th«
cowardly thuga go in two and
threes. They will noi only sweat
to the blackest of Ik s but will
hire and intimidate stool pigeon*
to swear to lies for them Such
is only s very sn ail lecordofon*
Ot the latest crimes of UluetieldV
protected gang of tbsgs who go
by the title of policemen. There
are maiv crimes chaiged up a
gainsi them more revolting and
at the proper time we s*iall mak*
tbem known.
People will not always endure
such treatment, patience will
Cttttr to be s virtue, protest*
which avail nothing will cease,
colored men will protect theii
women and women will defend
themselves Prowling dogs who
prey upon defenceless women
will be shot to desth though the*
arsdressed in the uniform of
Doltcemeu and wear the badge ol
the city of Bluetteld.
6000 ITi JUL
J ark Johnson is in Paria and
aDDonniM that he will new
again return to "the land of th»
free and the home of the brave '
1% ia better so. Jack fought
himself from obscurity to fam»;
from poverty to wealth fie reach
•d the highest run* upon the pu
gllistic ladder but tbe height ai
tainari made him dizzy and by
ittosioff bis inordinate pasaton
coatrol be fall.
Tbs very fact that Jack John
eraahed Jim Jeffrtea, tb»
idol of the white ran*.
, of the white peopte
id kmc to ses blm
Be did not have
to kaap ia the
white ilavt cms«
Johnson's con
1 ft reflection
-nan the
whit* ma
• "are WW II' 1 »• tir*
IMI.U'ltw 1 I III-* l»« \ v r • » '•••
i^oaaifUi and I «iv ir.u»
the best wh»»e •-•ciad.
and politically and uo Csbinet
Ministers attempted to shield
them from lawful prosecution
for (iffencea so revolting as to
make every man with the least
regard for the sac redness of tile
home and virtue of young women
6urn with ludiguati m. Tti>; L*.
S. District Atty admitted that
Johnson was persecuted and the
' facts justify the admission John
son was champion and could noi
be whipped so his enemies de
cided to send him to the pen
Johnson was immoral and d**
serv»d punishment He was se
verely punished. He is uow gon»*
We hope he will slay, ^e hope
the Government will timl itseir
unable to bring hiui t>ack. Tie
white press has harped upon tie
ease until we are sick Thev
have made compariaons between
Johnson and Negroes who are a
credit not only to the race but to
the country, which were odious.
We are sick of the whole me**<
ami we bid Jack a lasl farewell
The letter from Hon George
Wolfe, Trtas and G*n. Mgr. ol
the Superior I'ocah >ntas Coal
Co., published in this i«sue ofth*'
Times, speak* for itself. Thisi*
but the b* icinmng of a system
which will be eaUtbl'shed in the
near future by eveiy company in
the Flat Top cost field and will !>•'
rec* iv» d wilh joy by miners and
independent mercloiil.H. The
oper«i«>rs ol this ti> id are fan
and reasonable and sink*** are
not nHen»arj for the iuen to gel
whatih«y are fi.iiiM i«» Th<
spirit of fairness shown by tin
oi»eraiors 111 this ti»'l*l is re*i>on
sibie for the c«<bleotmei,t of th«
miners. Hoth mm i and opera
tor are to be couk* alulaied upm.
the reasonableness eihioited «n.e
towaid another.
Defends Her Hoaor and Home • -
Shoots at Cops.
ll has been known to a few
people throughout this taction
lhat Blu^tieid has the woi he |(an^
of cut throat*. thieves, rapist"
bribe takers, tnurd* r**rH and all
roui.d iniundri-lrt for p>di<*ein«*n
uf any rity in We*i Virginia, bui
nu onf UiuukIiI that they coultl
gel to the very depths of infamy
anil brutiahnes* to which they
decendtd Wednesday night, luly
Mrs. Annette Hoyil, a respect
able colored woman who is rm
ployed as house keeper at th»
t»reenbri* r Club im T*z »weil St..
and who recently ha» l«cn living
in the house* in the r»*ar of the
club wan annoyed at a very late
hour on the night of the 4th ol
July by a knocking on the rear
of U*e bouse. She called out to
I be diaturber to know what w *
wanted Tbe reply came that it
wu a " white man who wished to
see ber and bad money for her."
Sbe ordered him away and Void
tbe prowler that if be did not go
at once sbe would shoot to kill
In tbe meantime ahe pat on a
bath robe and slippers, took ber
piatol and went oat to investigst*
and to her aurpriae ahe aaw
aneaking oat of the alley a po
I ice man. She wan not annoyed
again until Wednesday night,
wben she was awakened by a
noise st the window which wa«
wide open except for arreenn
When she awoke ahe aaw the
raya of a fla*h light being darted
ab*>ut the room. She asked
what was wanted and was told
that "we are officers and want to
oomein." They were ordered
away and told that if they wen
looking for anything in the room
to read their warrant and search,
bat until they produced a war
rant they would enter at the riak
of tbetr lives Tbe? coaxed and
firaily threatened but the brave
little woman would not admit
The room is only about 8 by 12
j feet and has two window* and a
door all on one side and all in
eluding tbe door were open ex
cept for screens. Tbe burly
brutes could see that there was
ally a helpless woman ia tbe
room and tbey becaaie more per
U-r \1 • *. |i.M U Kt.i I er w. ap*-r.
i» i. ii y 4 H'rrio^r <*h ft""***
•■•iv t«o i'miU hn» it *»« «|.e
»• (i*<< -»rd «'•«• <*a« H-i^rn
in«d to u«w tk 10 c*»fen-«-» of le-r
honor and home. She snapped
the pistol hut it refused to tire
Tt* cowardly midnight. would
he rapists and assassins cried
"Su>p snapping that pistol" and
ran into a pa*<*age way between
. the servant s house in ttu* rear
of Mr. C O Wrigot's and the
house occupied by Mrs. Boyd
From that point one of the cow
ardly curs shot through the win
dow, the bullet glaneing a mov
able screen, going through tn»
door which wai open and imbed
dinic itself iq a cheat in the corn
er of the r<»»m and is there v>da*
for the inspection of any wh««ar»
interested. Tn».' tire w*s return
ed by the lirave w^nun on the
side and the worse thaa sue*
egg dogs on the outside ran t
Mrs. Boyd partially dressen
and went to the cluh, awakened
the members, told th *uj of the
oc<-uranee and was advised to r*
turn to the room and they would
pr >tect her, which »he did Ins
f»*w minutes the bestial inisrep
i res* ntativi N of the law returned
reinforced by another cur, more
brutish than they and the bull\
<»f the forte, John Harman b>
name. They proceeded to read h
fake warrant through the screen
and was admitted by the lone wo
man. She told them that she
would accompany theiu hut the>
must gel oil I while «he divswd
They refused tngooutand st*ie«t
that ah*> would dres-* w ih »hen>
in the room or they would take I
her »s sh^ T»»e n« ryy col
ored woman d» ti»-d thom and
•.eated her*e|f on t lie lied untM
they decided to vacate One or
t Ao ua. mIwrs of Uh* club cam*
down and I tea i d all manner o'
tt>»u»e Mud profanity u«M>d by tie
three coyotes of the "law," Har
uitu, Carter ai.d Lilly. Ttie\
carried her to prison and sIm
alleges that two of the burly
(•rut* s attempted to assault bet
there and when they found tha
i ••he w.ts iu.»re than their match
tlai ui«n threatened to tnke hei
oat an*, "stamp her to d» ath
She did uot w»-aaer.
Thursday *. m at 8:30Ihe(-&»«
w»s rtll«d tiefore Uih I'ulii'i
.JudK*'« who staled that "I au<
Kointt to Princeton, I havn'i
Uuae to bother with Ihia." H»
asked: ' Did you shoot in th«
r.tj?" She replied, "yen."
"Two doll>tra and fifty c ents tine
"Did you use profane Ji'intru
at?e?*' She replied, "perhapa I
did curv Um'Ui out. " "Two do)
lars and hfiv cents tin**," and out
th» J udifH went.
TIm" iiic'in^rii of thorloh
in an«i paid lb** Im * Mr*. H >yi*
*• nt Iii um , «nd iti;n • v»*nifiK th
00 wax r« iurn> d lo the rlut
with aitolofri*** hv an . rtu-er.
A I »-pr 11 la live of lh»' Mc- '
Dowelt Tim*** <a:efully invcsti
gated this case and numerous
ether cases in whieh the dogs,
called police of Hlueticld hav.
growled around and we are ainp
h prepared to stand back of eve
ry cha-ge made. We only re
gret that the nrave, nervy he
rone did not have a (food pis U.I
or a Winchester rifle, for th« Se
vro woman must protect herself,
and a few like Annette Boyd
would atop white reprohatea from
classing all colored women as tw
ins alike.
Such wtlic hardship* of a col
ored viimtn who try* t> earn ai>
honent living; «*och in the treat
ment whe munt endure anb>*»
«he yield* to thp h«»a*lly pianto*
of nu<-h brute* m Harmon, Car
trr wid Lt My, who are a* com
mon a* any cur thai ever pot *
hot egg in hia mouth in order t<•
prevent Inm from again nuckiny
«*gg* Tbe city official* who re
tain *uch ignorant,hrutinh d»>gen
prater on the police force ha«»
no renpect for womanhood or re
gard for the fr««od name of their
It in reported that Mr*. Botd
will institute aauit to receder
damage*, In that cane, «vrry
Negro man with any regard for
mother. m*ter or daughter will
come to h* r a«*iet*n<e K»ery
white man who believes in toe
honor of womanhood and fair
treatment for all women will give
aid and encouragement,
Negro men, be real men' de
maod that these brutes be pun
mbed; do not hem tale or aleep.
Han the world over have given
their livee freely (or \mm than
Pocahoptas News
Mr« M ilh»» J hn< m and chil
dr*n ch'i h»*a hwn st»rrtirplh'
»uintit<-r fi- K.h i »ve r*?tu re
ed hou»»*.
J. K Wood is aitenduitf lo
»>uaineH* in Taz**<vi>|| and Gr»
bam. %
Mr. Wrirfbt, of Grahitu. **< a
viaitor in our town last Wrt»k.
Mrs Ida lr**j t*f PrttB
hurir. m vimtiute h*»r mother Mrs.
Dan Young.
K»*». Ca >rd<>o. the State Mia
Hilary for Southw^nt Virginia
i« iu toA-u *nd *iti preach Sui.
Delegate Rath Duff Fol
lows Smith to Con
HVI>4rf SpruiifM, W Va . July l»i—
liath l»urt i>«vh't«l (>xl«)
<>( Itnlvry in cnonn-ti «• with tlw Isl-*
1'iiiu-d StstMi Sfiimt'Hrial a-ain|>Mi*fi in
\Vr»t Vntrinta. l>nlf is tlw tn'oixl iim-ui
Irr <H lh«* Liri^sturi' t<» !•* M-tni
l*-rv hIhtv Um- InsU w»-r»- iwrtnl from
Kanawha «-«mnty lij i rliNiiw «>t vmn**.
!Mil]fBfD3?c FIEND
Situr>Uj ni^ht ila.ut hi oYlm-k K. M
Well* amJ * fra-ml »i re walking up Main
Sirari mii*I w-i'hl«hily jm4loi Mat Kotnr
»ix1 John Divw. |i«mi< atU*uipU*<l to
make trouble l.ni K >vr»-r Mim-iI to Ukc
f<illo»nl W rlls to tlir MhIkij
jukI ran into him. A M uttk
ami l*a\t* m a I lev'" 1 to haM* -»hot W rlU
in tin'
After Um* ali><ot«ui( l>4VM ra» to ttt*
ll>t»l »nil wax lnuihl 111 a room in Um
• lark h) i l*ii* iw ami t'hi«i id IV
lnv Moor**.
• MtMri- Ifciwna na-lr iIm- arir>l ami
|.»l»r%-.l him mi tlie • ity hakup altii a pr* -
liujinar) liearinx. If »«!• ■••nt to Welch
t>i await tlir iw'Uou oi ihf (iravl Jui)
ami lie «ImJ ih4 haw tony to wait Iweaiiar
Uie tiraml Jnry davmril Moinlay i nil
la** a an anions Ui» iimt iimIh ted.
John I taxi*. alia-> "t'lUM*" wh» *ho(
Well* m altrtfeillo Ir » dope heod ot tlir
aurat t),.-. ta kim«u mm a would-tie had
man ami ha* a criminal muni. '
It la alleged tiiat ao hi* ihm* Hi >nth atf"
lie l«eat up a man aith a Ida kja k. I»a
vm mviiUy a< ted a* • tal Polto-mao
lor a few day a, Un art- |.re*entaUve oi Una
paper inlrrlrml uliru Im* waa heating up
a man whom Im* had urnler arreat ami in
J ail ami he reported tlx fnu to the
Mayor *lm n-lir»Ml |)<ta troin iliity
► r.aii Um* evhIwn* available it areui-<
that l»a\ l* itclila rati'ljf iiniiniai W'rllt Up
the atrtt-i. m»k* tr nihil with tin* intent
<4 •lf«'liiiir linn ami did m>.
Mr. WHI» ta a fireman on Uie N A W.
I'in-nit (Vmft wlfiiornnt lad awk ihrr
having l»<eii in ■ aaum turnlj t«o laj*
at «Iih h U rui <«4 I«*Mirt (Ir Mlu«ini di
xnrrrm were irrtnlnl;
('•tiartew l». ra Clara Hnrrc»,
iHutirl Turner \« IIn* Turner J«aw
••anlner va J. K (>ar<liM-r . Calrnnr Bre
leti v*<iaHmn Kr>irili. I» W Knrk v»
I htsrr Kim k . 4'l»| W iU.n va Hr—w Wil
a<m . Iili* U<irlHli »a J 4*a CurMh . Mi *
itMh ('lieallum va Arthur (Valhun
kV itliam Wilder «a Kllrn WMll; Vic
toria 4»reen w Taylor lirrva, liattw
Miilkey va i I' Mill key, l.ati Kmma ('•
na<ta> va hlkan* Canailaj. W illiani
Annate v* /enia Sli »iualr U H H"W
lea va Malilila B"«l»n kana Itarrw va
Koi*>rt llarria. llatUe Svtt va Charln
lletir) >*i4l. Mer ketley va ke<
ley MaK» • Mien va kn ine xtoiLau.
Marrfiall Ki^rrta va Mtrab K->tert*. Klo
rrt*T Kvana va Mat h\ ana I#«m Ro
berta va Fli/aU-tti Holierta. I.nla (h* va
J E (tan
The Mkowtnf ptraona were granted a
licenae to carry about ikni peraoa • pia
to4 or oibar rrroirtt. at tkw term at the
; Ounl! J*
J J ll M M
A O Hutt 'f-l. I. T
William Haruian, J J Nunan. W I s|»r
7, .N It Ctrtvrifht. A I. 1111. M
Woody, J A **tnMitfti«ii. A M >lir-«<
Iaaan- Hunt, A K JHiDiop. K K
■far, W M WLitr. F J II H I n
1-as, W B Bnif. A F lai-kr, J»m« «»'
Gummy. T H HurJ. F M C«k <4 <t»
<*y. W W Whyte, K M iSpaiiirU-r, F A
Francisco, F W tadej, J K koas. J 31
W'hitk-o, W J Besury and CJ. Jaum
Much more IrtMDen was transacted hy
titr Courttt liir term just rioted, »hU-h
we »u»iM be ptinwd to furnish to our
leader*. but liw lat a «»f •|>at r lorhids it
Criminal Court convened on M >inl«)
ot ibis week, an«i Hon. Jaiue-< KrtiKh
MruUier, bruiK uiuble to bp present mi
ih* bi>t day oi the term, tlx* Bar rl« lnl
M. O Lit/ a» Spn ial Ju l^ to p«e»,.M m
the tl«-u<r «>( the regular ju«l,(e
Tbr (iraiid Jury was duly empaneled,
aith l/Oh-f «». Tuiiry, of V.rthlork. as
Foreman. And *»ln-n tdjournmrnt wa»
had, on the mivihI day of tlx* Court, ttw
iiraud Jury h as beard Uv te«tiu. »ny o
two hundred and hlty-enrht «itunt<*»
and Ktu'ned about one uundred and til
ty indictments. The Grard Jury will
likely tie di»> barge I hy the C >urt Wed
nesday rttuing or Tbunalay tnorniuy.
TTie Tillies Reporter is advise 1 by the
officials ot the Court that th.a Hill lie an
unusually busy terui and will likely cou
(inue up to the first day ol
W II. Harris, atrent lor the l'a i&'
Xutuai I.He liisiiratK-e Company ha* re
utovwj In.- oltuv front Bluetield to North -
lork. a hu b is nearer the i-entr- of hi* o,»
eratiou* and more eon vemeut lor the ma
jority of hia poll* ybol<ler»
Mr. Harris 1* d«»inac a hi* insurance
UlaHMM 111 lite ital lields ai-d itHcra tl»e
miners one <>l the l»-*t }»»h< t« s 111 etu
teuce. lie is an liMler aiul lie and bis
luuipsii) can Is- ielie>l uj».n to me* t then
>l>HtraK i* tons.
Ml llalilj ••Iti e l» IM Yt d«s>r t<> the
U'St Nsltooal lisltk ul .'>«>! Ull<xk
Tragedy ia Patrick County Caued
By Oiapite Over Driak of Beer
\ ■» , July 14 J>>hii .!«>y«-»*
*m*d about shot and instantl)
kiltrd l»y Mi*. AUrn CwilW-y. itilumi. n»*r
CriU id Pat/K'k county, ymft nUy.
It WJM >lb^r(i th-t Jdjif Went t<» tilt*
*< ui^n'a hoinw with h i xtupanion who
. ailed toi a |>int • >1 li<|IKtr. l'lie uniuan
i.ai..U-.l out Um' liquor Mini Jojrt- took it
it Miid mvording to ttt«* information ul<
tall led l> Utr otln*T-«. said Ite Wa« dot
*oiiur to pay tor it. The «>hum thAv
upon • rirtt nn<l shot Joy«f drad.it
m alleged
Siir-rirt B<jaz trmbii tin- w oman I at. r
in the allrrnoou, and an It*- wax leaving
with his pri«uf r,tlx-imwhi'i )»*ar old
*>u, mrtitiK a nrte in llir window, ti.ed 4
•bote at llir aitrriH, none ot wha-h took
rtf«t. 11m* boy wMP attested and U lli
ui<4tN*r and »>u wer»» imln^l lu jjiI at
Stuart, Va.
J oyer wa» mari led
1 iiwrptiw*l in (f^ixlor Ma|>pr>M <•
al>le in tiie brilliancy oi Uw />»•••,(i ami
uolqiir in arrvicp wm tiie ivrrpti fl (ivra
by M»laur <HN»rire WimOoii *ik of
<«f oar leading bt>»iom mfn <«n Friday
rvrainf in honor of .'declaim-* Murj M.
Ctnlwell and Annie S. AuaCin.of Hamp
too, Vt The rvrepti<>a waaheld I at*- in
the tilprouoo on the beautiful lawn of
the Winaton bon<r <m kiffhtii Avrniif,
wbilr the klaotmc rays of the arttinr Min
lent Imitj anu grare u> the many
«bariig of tfie m^U aMriuM^i. Only
lalif* were invitnl ami they ranm in
aout* of the linnt rwtiiinn an I thr lieat
<^|Ui| Km in the rity No men were per
nutted U> eater the anrred )*>rtal« of the
(he Win«ti>n Ihjun* until alter thr rereji
tioo wmm o\er After a [ilewant lnKir on
I lie law n where ail the la>lie« ta I k m I at
'im* an.I indulged in an inrxrrnl (laa >1
"atw-kleaa fni*t (mm h' a »piendid re
(••at « on*i-tu»tf *4 Ute all tiie 'Una ie» >4
lite iea»>n waa irrvnl at aniall
mmenientiy arrange* I ai«mt tiie hmgr
l lxar preaent w» re
%r<hM> W<«o*we
T K JukiM
Kmiut WatltiMrbxi
T. K >u.K>»
\. l>. liTWM '
0. V. Hwv«j
tnnw H. Aneiin
V J. Stu»th
«. H Harnrtt
1. A. Tbarat *i
<«*nrgv HsiU-y
Kd Johnson
C. C. Turner
K J. IVrkiim
r. II I'.jnr
i>ii m
Imw TiMirr
Ktrnrd Htnlj
A H llnftw*
Mv| M CWd««N
C. CI. Harrtrtt
Wiilrf Smith
J. B. Hdrhrt
H knlm Whilr
T. W. U itkiiM
J jme Hariteil Jnarpttinr h«rn*tt
Mm Kulh liTWH m VMtiitg K*rh
Mr. Imi Mnitfc. who hw l«*n 41. n
Mw I .Mirt (Hnim kravfe TkarwUy lor
Hiatoa to rwt Mm Imp Trrat
TV Ram* OomiBtarv i rally at the A.
I. F- Oburrh ot f*andmy mm • crwt
M»* HtiiH |« in Ph^ri in—ullii
Vs., vtoiimf her nkflU<«f.
Practices In all the courts in W
Va Atr*>nt fur the sale of choir*
property in Bluetield and Princ*
ton. on easy terms. Office u|
»tairs oppoftite the Keyalon
Supply Co., K<>yfttone, ^ V*.
Martinsville, Va , New.*
ICev. WntkiiiH of Ki> hiii<>n<t, Va , wh«
■ UK* »*• (>a*tor of tlu- A. M. F-. Chun I
lien* in Imtv v ixitititr (riemh
llorii V> Mr. ami Mr* (*>». KanigU-r,!
fine iriri. Kolli iin4Imy «:»l liahy arret
ing well.
M i-* Ohnnine >herti»-l.l <4 Roanoke W
Im ic \ ixitiiiK lirr mxtf r, M r»- Bt
Rev. iVm.k left for Roanoke tit la j
Mr. an<l Mrs. I>eni* llairwtoii, ol W
Va , ant liere vi«itiu>f lit*r iu >ther, Mi>
llhtunl SfifWVf.
Mr* 11.»v-.i«- M<>yle ami dm/htrr, Wil
tie an> \ mttiiiftc Iricii is an«l n lativn a
lri!>liUir'.;. Va
Mi S. *i KU»»i of i>auvili**. Va »pet.
Satili<la> all't - urn Ly with hi» family
t Mi«n MmrcK-Clnrk. of W Mun, N. C
i h viaitinfr her |«arei t«.
Mm. Mnry Alae limi t -u «u<| Iter »>i
ter-m law. Mr* H ft'** II «.r-t n, wI
liatve U*ii vi-«tn te fii- n«fc» a > I relative:
• ill leave |.» Um ir hotue in Cliri«tiai>
I►«.r_r 'IIiuikI*)'.
V*»!—• k tiie liikj i my -u k at .
Itollte oil Fayette M
Mr Ioiht. *tin he i«vti real «*a l
i» lietter.
Born. to Mr. an<l Mr«. ii^irK Beal,'i
irirl l^oth mother ami bai>y are doini
• •••♦ « ' • til *»n»e;
•it* • • . i , .• it u> f>
i icti oiiiwcK* t*!«»♦*. Rf|M>rlcnci
i |ic r»*n »btt a well conducted
iMUi'i . IT th ihf' »pr» I* *t uppor
lunity for th** safe k>*epinff of
jour earninirn that ar#» not iwe*
*ary for personal exjwu^s This
bank is of unavailable integrity
and financial noundn^^*. and of
fers a very attractive rate of in
ter*^ t.
Mr*. K<am H»r(rr Hr *n, «Ih> hw
Hajint *ith her Bn4hrf at thr Har
\<*r Kirw in Tt'raHl for tlw» pMl month
w \Milinf h»*r an I >wlm tier*
l«"(«»rt» r*4urmac iMitntf
Mm S*Ha (tinier returned lx<nif no
M'>n<laj after an abem«f <it <U «wk« in
V». an.I at tlw W Va ('.>! .red ln«t.t<it
^ mmrr *hoo(.
Mm J. P, t%i4r<« n4 Wilroe »a* >p
pin* in keyafcNir Miadaf.
Kumnna Manae»*r T hl«ar>l Hill mm
thr tntrM nt H*<m K ll»«aH Harper at
!»>•• Harper Kami in Taz-arll V a fr<.mj
Kruiaf until iSitKlaf allfr «m.
Mr* (i«irfp Hi .au m Kimball arrom
panw-d hj her aunt, Ymtrd lri»-n<fei in
thai < ity Wednmday
Rer W II M.t. • *- in h*y»l«>ne|
Twwtay %
k»>\ K I' l atu-n t*> I to
Draa and uuiirrred in th« . ity with ba|
fnetMl* Wrdneai ij iiNirnin(
K.l»v»r M T. W hitUro Mt the rttf
Tluiradaj m<«min« lor V* York Oitf.
Tlte K^lilor wiM i.iwumt the property |
oi th» lawanai K^ltj L'oapaoy on Loaf
lalaad and will write f4 i
Th* woiB%n wbn cooks
v»«d ir •'« M l feeds
you -^n. LODGING
ttt h^«i ohtaio«b)«.
Bjiotoac Jet., W. V*.
Music furriaheH for Suciali
and DuiCfA. Tw hMl sod
greateat munical hit* and
harmonies. T«*ru»a Keaaon
able. Wire or write
Attaracy aad Ci—ilf aft Law
New located io the Whittico Blig.
oa Upper Maia St. Practi
chaf ia aH tke Cosrts at
W. Va, Ya. aad 0.
Kesjstcoe, V. Yi.
J H staples
*ell f^nown. w^ll liked and pal*
ronized by all ih»- i>«»vs joiner,
•« ruintf, «»r Haying. The pla< e
'*» r«ceiw*» the tifhi n( nervire.
Kv. ryihmir Anti*ep»l<*; at
KiVfii *i| I'uitomei*
You dud uj «i«*rii up to d< t:
«t*i vkc wii.i «ii itin<U of
al » r^HUQ III of I tie r* :e < D 1
head at
Staples' Place
19 Norfolk A»*.
"Hettdquai lerrt (or tbt boys '
White oak
Shoe shod
Good work, reasonable
, iH • •», *« •»! I* Kill -i'
H Hi imltb' UHI
We M-h ItuMwr I e *1"
M • I I*1**..* Sour ^ (f
ners, Shoe Lares, But
t«M>- ' * • >.» H- % U)
July 7, 1912, 3mos.
Near Colored Methodist
Only two minuted walk from
mi hrrr-Kjr fivm that thm )im
htfuj with thr uiximwneiJ. lor •>
Uuf» fij Ihf county roart <4 McDowHI
at iU mrnltr wmm in Ihr month
M AnffiMt, 1V11. iM>liration r4 A J. Dtl
b*. w«»<imcr North fork. W. Vt., and
I. TotrtB. IWlVlKf W. V® , to
tn Itellmi A T<>hin • rrrtain H
(w tf< w4l at mail «|*ritu<«a lienor*,
*tnr. portrr. or hfit or any Irink of
lik* nature in a 1»<***• ownrrt by L. Kauf
man in thr town of Kim*>all pinlcH to
I. Tn»«tn by thr county coart of M<Dow
*41 roanty •( iU J nor terra, 19IS
(iirro iiikIh my h*n«l th» «th >lmj of
Jtrty, mis.
f Vrk <Winty fVmrt Mrt>>w«41 County.
7-1 I U -ft.
Thr Brird nf F^oalintioD ami itovit* .
of MrU>«rH roanty will br hi •!
thr r-Hjrt bnnv in thr town nf WHch, on
Jaty 17. IS ud 19, 1912. far thr parpoa*
of hrariaff my in4 all ptrwn ia rqnH
•n any appln^aCineM for oorrertioa or aa
*' u?*? hooka of ftfcl>ow«fl coaaty
for thr mi 1911 ' •

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