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Seven Months Uaceasisg Effort oa
Part of McDowell Briags
Tlt»* i»mi niiititir* f#iirt (tt the Xr*
rw» of MrlktmHI ('•xmtj to •w-ure ti»e
|*o»iti<»n <4 Slut*- Librarian • mm rewanie«i
Mni'diy of thi# *«»k Itf <jioverm>r Hat
tieUl, «hn announced the
«4 Pr»4. W W. Swdera, of Wrt. li
Thi» '** tirwt timrm the history «>l
the »tate tlat a <\4«»rnl man aonth <•)
tk Kanawha ha* lH>»orr<t with at.
uii|»»rtant »tate powiti-m.
The urtuvr* • »# ii»e M> Ifciwe'l County
<\4orv*t hV, 111»ii< an <Hjr • nizatioii tie nfc*<i
* «»n alter the fln iMi last November l>
»-k tl»e t<> »|if«iint a Colon*!
man Id Uw <4 State Librarian
iu ns-u^niii'in «4 the aervi«-ca <»f the Co
lor**! \ • -Urn of Mclkmrll County rvn
dered tike HrpuMk-tn Party durniK t!»•
l«rt sixteen year*. In February, a
n eetinir <»f the «trmuiization »m held ai
this piaiv ami the naam of lour men
pmmitr<l to Got. HatlMil with the tUtc
ment that the appointment of any of th^n>
• uuld be Mtitfactury <4 Ute C!uliir«l vo
tern of tlie C«*inty. It aiM>n lieveiiifieil
that Kanawha, l^ewix. Fayette ami Ohi*
rountiea were mukiiif ■trenivoii* efforts
f» ne«-iirv tin* atfiiinliiMH for favorit
■»n« Mfm-r etitm*! the n»* with two (
• mikIkIbUx and Mingo lia I one, I
Tln> Mrlfciwell Titian tl*n look ftp Uie ,
tight actively on Mtlf oi M< I>owell |
n-nuty ami matte a fj(bt that will long
he ruiiiiiUTHl hy i*vfr«l aapirant* fmo» |
the <4hrr count*** Thin paper did not ,
••'I>fM»rt any individual lait fought out
in the of<en for tin-Comity notwithatand- |
ing tlw fart that along with W. W. San- |
dera, B. K. Carter and K. M. f'ra«head,
T. Edward Mill, of Una paper aaa I
endoread. tin mrh tltr latter did not re
main in die rare to tlw finish
W. W. San<lem ia a native of Henry
county. Va. He waa educated in the
pnhiir and I'natijWMm parot*hai arlool
at MartiiMvill, Va., and went to Lincoln
i'oivrraty at riKtiliva and Urnk the rol
legte i-owrae an.1 The«4<*T
He graln tiisl aifk iln* «.f A M
and h •• la» n p*>-a>-l<ii>v -»i «l lew I'M f I
«ver »iia— I, ft «»-efi he a aa eleetrd
I Mat r t li M. of tie* li I •».«»!
o. »•
Pn>( S til ler* i- a a. holar. a ajaalirr
of no«»* Ita» a ilmrmifh kaoaMfr of
politic-. lie a ill aUy and fitly represent
the (' imd \0--\M- of MrI*o<tell county
Bid • ' to** rfnk* at lar#e
i r.% i: w. iif i
H I'» , \»»r. fl—S»r nn<l
fil h) 11m- «1 . |<« .rin im>» r t |*>|
a^ril «4 ln«<lii(n, fraternity WhI mltfftit
miwnt, nmi^tAr-i in rta htfhm
hf William IVnn, Hnjamin Krankl»n.
ThoMna Xkwiw and Jnhm M'tnamik^
and witliiii Uv ahailow of |rxlr(#n< U-tv-»
Htll, «hm Ml pmriaiami tl +
birth of tlv Aii«nrw Rffnblr. U f Umtr
trrfitii annual awm of U«r NaUtmal
Nffro Hnanna L
•M, It wan pwh*iomHj fittirtf that
U* baa* wa*a«*d. tanoft larval?
and ami pnrfilahl* iralhmnf of th* <
maial tmcM of lh» Nn*m ran* ahnnld
hr Iwld «m th* flfta-th ann'Miw) of nwI
prnf4»'« imwiptUa on tbe apr* wbm
thr antidiwry
Iu >n»i.y u ilw Sumuwr Sch • 4
juaC ciu#«l at W«*t Virginia I'liivm lf
Iim !>*-»• Um* hhmI Otviv'-Wnl em Ih4<I in
lie rUW Siiii(hiU »rrf ,»r%wnt Irrnii
-mjr f m»ly in W. \'» •xr- pC i!* nmit
(h*m «>l Minif i, I.'*r«n. KaW>itfl« an*t *>•
IU-t- 41 1 ln-ir »w U»i t) »tiaW*ntM fr«Mi»
tVlin»ylvania, irvm ir.nn Msirylaikl,
IroNi Virginia. Ui> Inw Ohio, two fnxn
.Miaootiri, « nr fnxn lh*tri.t <if <! 4nin*»a.
an-1 two from I'orto Ki« o. Tl«n* w.-r*
pulJir • ImhiI tra iwri ot «ll hi*h
school |*niMMp«k«, city «uip»-n urntinitu,
c >011(5 auperinUii« It-nt*. n:r>-l un irn,
district auiMTtuUriHlMitn. n-yular ciJIrwi'
«tu*lenU, (mluatf *tu<l»-i.i* a ui iuum'
A aiirnitit ant (*1 iiNuvrniiiK Um» at
LeiiviaiMT- Im in Um* ra|1 >y ui< rvamiiir
a uulwr alio alien*Uii Um* milliner «rhi* '
(or ivpiltr rwlit. Tliia year
Uarre »w TSi i*vular « r*->iit aiinkuU, <•»
*■"> 1-2 per >*-nl of Um* entire enrollment
Ijwt Suuiuht tlitrrv werv Hi'i Thu allow*
i iu<«t gratifying iiwrvw. It h rviileiK**
that Um* opportunities otfrml in tl»e MM
uter m-Ikmm |ii »urk out a » J Wire nmrsf
wv appreciated.
(if freateat t»i|fiuli< aii«v 1a Um* hint*
<4 aork <|.»i>e 111 a'l tiefu*rtiiMMilr> "I
Um* luiverwity Un» mihhim r. TIm* emi
iM-nt Mf «i ml lata from \.«ri<>iai part-* ai tli«
v-«Mintry Iwvt* tivm --fi.'U.u 11 .11 mihI tli**
a-..ik 111 Um ir climtn.. u aeli ax the a..rl
• 1 Um* riiw»K <4 tlx* uvular l'niv«*r»ny
pr. .!<«»■ »r», is * rtliy ot iIm* !«• »t ir «.liti .i -
i) a state university. !Vili*(a> Una -11..»
iM-r, uiore tlian ever h»i.»re, Um* I uivn
• iy Suumirr Sri 1 * J lia* liemomttratetl
Jiat It Dot a I'baiitauqua, but a real
Pretty Little Bessie Traiaor Tell>
of Brutal Attack by John
llmitinftiHi, Aiw.*?.'. — With l»»*r fait
iikW villi tla* hlimh of fmt*arra»aiiaiit,
•rHty little iV-ana- Trauior, to, n-laU-d (<■
«inire T (I Rop-r*. in hia c<>nrt it <ta>
•r no i tin- »t< ry tiri> im attempt i<
• •mi all) a.««aiilt Iter, inwlf l.y J<4ti I
*?kina, a ill knoan young man of (V>w
<«>ii of Ttiofnai KILiim.
Tlie atlHiiplnl a.«Mtiiit. tie- little *if!
aid, had taken plm-e on tlie mirht of
VitKiwt "tli, folloa tntr a MH'ial at a littW
-hurrh near Orw fioada, alters Klkina
tail taken Iter in lit* Uiriry. Site aatd
lint the mx iai ww over aU>ut lO o'rlm k
■ nd that K.I Winn .telayed alarting liome
• ith Iter until exery oilier vehicle la-*r
nf i^mle die knew departed, leaving
in ritr lite I ant one. Tlien inat*-ad ol
akinjr '"er home. Klkitu ilrove Iter out
nti> Un> nMintrj aimiK tlie 1 hi via I'nvk
i«J, aliere lie made continued an-1 re
Ml^l effort* to areotnpliah hio |iur|R<r
-he atated that atie had fought him <!•>
a-rate! y and tiiat atie wan * an-.| aiuiont
o ieatli for Im> a an so nux h atr..n*»r
han ahe that it looked an though Im r
ii<at determined effort nrnkl not |>mtnt
•er honor.
Finally, iIm> told tlif onort, Klk in- a ore
lintaelf out and drove her Inane alter*
itfe relate*I tlie wtory to Iter grandparent*
• ith ah<.in i«|te liven. One of tlie pitiful
eaturew of tlie i-aar In* in the fart that
lie child a* an orphan, l»»Ui of Iter ^a
■enta having l»*n <leail for a.>me tune.
Mr. tini Mm. -leaart. grandparent* of
Kewan- Trninor, aere In*! y in< -enaed,
(ft, Im-anap i>f the n< Cori*4y attached to
my legal art" in, liMUte<l a>ane liute lie- I
• iff making tip Uieir mind* t • pro« eed
tgainat Klkina Finally they <l*- id>du>
*ke U»e inalW-r laM .r»* Sjuire kvnnn I
upon hw advice, riven f»r tiie aake of the
reputation of tiie girf who ia nniMually
pretty, went f adore the pn»»i utim attor
ney who alvMpd them to la«le their time
and rarry tin- raw t»-fore tl** rrand jury
tad hare Klkina imlirtnl, They hail a
frifil to thai i*ourae ami returned lumif,
tart two of Krwif Traimir'a nnlcn, «lm
ire ia Ohio, l«t naif to IfnntingVm
frequently. hear | of the affair ami threat
•»ned to ahoot FJkin* on Mffit
Tha raowd tlw> ifaJ grandparent* of
thr girl In carry the matter Wow "Sjiiirr
Kn«m at narr ia n«Wr to have Klkina
a rr rated ami hy an dninf prof ad >4 y amid
mow wrima Unalilr, involving otliem
than tin me already roaarernad. Ttiey ap
peared lafrm fejnirr H»*er» ami awore
• art a warrant for Klkina charging him aa
aated above ami < * aata>4e (/hikirfu waa
ant after the man a«ntel
Camilla. <>a . Ant- ZV---TW imm
vilkaii a( (inriK«RK, »mi miln aorth
-Mt <m her+, mm tlfMmiM MMiiWtrn}
-«i Iam* mfhl mmnhol infnratsd wkitfo
•ho mntght vpf*0»mfrt Ior U*r tatall om
John Lkarm, ■ ;«m« alnir tx.y of Oiat
•vumMiKty l*j I n»ffo nuwl Kmilry
Davit will V* r»4 Wt • l*iil In mm Hra>IU»y
and wan kanrtwi wkwmtwh with a
CHllinf At night ihf nrpinwl,
•rfitaiMil a Mi ptarva ..i artillery, front
aim* it has imi bopa l»nw«l. «Mt to
UfWHMgti and in* djaamftrd lia Brad*
The Laconic Injuoction of tke Late Mark Han
na: "Let Well Enoafk Alone"
Fittingly Applicable
££ ^^KlitK IS H K A V K N'S
§M HW LAW." Organ
IZatlon i« Um* logical Mf
relarly to thb prupaitioo,
U»**r«*fore organization it inaeprahle front,
ami ruiui luixl umI hand »itti LAW.
W«? ttiali tu br iinder»tood in this con
nection, an.I in Uie very onaet, wm lieinir
lifirtlly in favor of i)ty»ntuli<Mi for by i(
*nd Uirourh il, there ia to be attain*!
Ute Bf4t-n.il. 1 lieight iu Um* higher con
ception of thing*. »liit'h *«• could nut,
ami wi«U not reach <»Uierwiae. Kuault*
are uiiUiiird tlial auuUl lie luat and un
d uncovered forever; opportunitiea for Um*
>rtktMN( of humanity and r mdibona
id^intr Itj ami an* buried. (umvr ind
a day, in tl* peculiarly impregnable lini
lio of Um* I'aat. w tth< xil organization Or
<* i»u*« i* not new. It ia a* uld a*
that l>ivine injunction which Ml upon
a chaotic void, "let tlmre I* light" and
die rirat terry blush of a r aerate dawn
kmm\I tl»»* <lM*eka uf an Ui.xMand moun
tain |»*aka an.I Hoi ale I an many vrrtlnit
valley*, m order and by lair. All nature
ung*. of organization an.I law. It run*
through tW v»vul>le and animal life iu
• >!*♦* unbroken iinr, il.m Uiii organ iza
uoo, iMit it rmii to Uk- tun** <>( law It
tiftd* ripft-ai<»ii iu i!m> animal life* from
Um* tlniliirk which atimea u)**n Um* U<
loin «»i Um* mighty iW|> to Um* Mamuial
mouaU-r that «fMmt« hia inU-riiatUnt
stream ironi the iwtwii, fnmi the piatona,
■•tain, na, pollen diMtt ami petals of the
tiny H>>wer through th** Lloryphyl of the
leave*. u> I 1m* trawl *rntM»*4a of Um* wir
Kin loreat and even iu tlic very formation
• >f Um* commodity. whii-li la claiming our
attention and to which w«* art* aiidreMitig
• Mir* Ives, <*ual, ami it» mining, wan put
Ue-re iu Um* <-arttouilero<)» age t»y a pr.»
• of phymcai organization, und**r Um*
formative touch of the I.AW llllillhk.
TIm* a hoi** hiiuun family ia an organi
zation wiUi all of it* diviaions and sub
and yet aulaii visions. Church, Stat**,
politk-a, anriety. one and all arv organi
zations, hut only organizations a* long *•
Ui*-y conform to LAW, which Uiui|r,
wIm-ii tliey iva** to «!«>, Uiey Imimr an
archist* ami mighty honk- tramping Um
highway of a tangent to Um; rirrte of
eivilianl, organized and lawful ma-irtj
Ttiia lieing triM*. Uiere can 1* nothing,
or we take it to he fair to aay Uiat llw-iv
ahould la* nothing raid against the right
•if miner* organizing in a lawful and le
gal way lor they certainly have Um* muim*
right that any otlier branch of tlie world
commercial haa. A man, or aK of men
haa the right to «k> what lie like* ax long
aa what he doca <!•*** not redown to Um*
injury of hia neighlior. ami certainly Um*
proper interpretation of Uiia ia that hia
right craai-ii w lie re Uiat of hia neigbhor
takea np. ami Una ia Uie Uiing Uiatcourta
of Um* land are lor, viz: to place proper
conatnicti »n upon Una line of demarca
tion. Iietween man and man, one organ
ization of aociety and anotlwr ami it
drivea na dirertly hack to Um* original
pro|>naitiofi Uiat organization ia inaeora
I4e Irnra and rnna hand and hand with
law and cannoi he brought ahout aor
> eaafnlly hy rioU. ttkaniahed and iindur
agitation of gravr <|iteationa ami wnghty
matten. hut raUier rmaK find final ao*
lution hy arlMtra'i^n, ami the meeting of
the inirxia of men, not the larlm, how
ever keen theornflk-t to Utr contrary aoi
a ithatanding The liaUle m one of brain
ami not of hrawn Prra^ierity ha crept
l«rk into the Mining < amp a> inaMlnutia
ly that the abort interval nl ita afawnre ia
hanlly rwAwahle The strike (if y«H) «ie
«ire to digniff it by Uiat name) It the
otahiratr atand and reck le*a aggrnaave
neaa Uiat hrmga afiont friction, abrMem
and aometimew M^«iahe«l ia not a atnke
hat a mild form of war. ia over.
Hit miner hw MkH lor certain onn
cvwkmm ami hf kai fndm U»i» aM m
in tttr pttinf. IV ayrrMtn baa
I net him half way and marie thr < •mrmm
hi* tfxl m r>| tally aa Happy in thr mak
in# Artoel aUbrttii show (hat ihffr m
iw»rr rani »*nn* foUen ont ar>« than
Umw waa thia time laat y*tr. TWr up
miff rninai <»|*ne.| than there waa thw
time I art year There m a brtter mark*
than thefe waa thia tone laat year. There
■ an mipfiifnumt over r«mdittnne une
ral in thr rani lumin, ow ehnt the
onrt'iitoom were thw tine l«at year. The
.•prrator and thr miner, aa a rwlr. mm
mm mnlial ium! pro6ta(ite ralatum wh
In Uae «ll<er. Now who is thr ron^an
ant, Uie imhndnaJ. t«*w*en thr now ami
the thm, who like a hnranarla wOi.-atrt.
on In any pnaanff "hip, who like a pnn -
aitr. hanp wbtn br bHa, nwj wborbamt
brnniike, takra ooinr t.l weary orpai
Ifctiiorrata and Su'wlittn tleny any km
ahip with him. Certain il m tli»t In- l»
lotigeth uot to tbf Operator. '11*- l un«-.|
Mine Wurkm (and we lrl*\i> tlul tl»>
are farther muowl from turn than an)
body, and we mean Uie regularly lawful
ly orvaniaol onea) My l»e »4<nn<«t lactone
U> them and yet l»e n»ahr..*.l in the land,
even unto thia day. quietly M.I 1 \ rIN<i.
iuaiduou»Iy attempting to array miner
airainat operator an«l operator amnnat
u t'ler, whiaperiiur one tliii»tr in lite ear
of one ami another in the car <4 the oth
er Skillful, aatute and poam-«»-d aith a
low running he aulaitlize* certain |>nl»li
.-athxi and cauaea certain article** to la*
written alwaya with the tbfeof diaalie
faction aiuoug the miner* in ».me net
Uona. He ia a ciawUnt a*enai-e to tlie
pmv, dignity ami well la-mi: of tlie «tatc
at large. He ia a peaumi«t ol the .iei-|*-Mt
dye He belonga, certainly not in wpirit.
if hie name ia on the nmter to tlie I 'muil
Mine Workera, the Operator'h Ammh ia
tion or any political party, Uit hainf* on
(he ragged <*d|ie of all. Y*m aill find
«onie of Ilia a|Mallien and « I)• I e)e»l o >n
verta in every maaminty. while tliere
are a tew leader* aho <«> il-Mit and pre)
otl' the hard earning «*f Uie miuerw, hy
pretending to le in aympath) a ilh them
alien in tlietr ihiii|*ii) and lilo*w ia*- a itli
the operator alien in liia r«xnpwi). It
•a a little army without a cluclUn aitli
)Uat aiPfiigth euoitgh to keep tlw red I la*
hiirh enouirh alxvc tlie a ail* i tin : -ar
racks of peace to uiaintaiu a »tute of un
real hc*weeu capital and lata*. Now that
ttunga are pn»-jw-r>>»»a, an«ft- ••«*«*»hnf"
time has c«»uie letumi miner ami o|<»
rator aliy atir up, or pertttH daiflb-nat*
wi part leu to atir up fncth«i ami strife''
V\ hy not aMtiaife u, mitiirat • it, eiw Mir
j|ie |rwv ami rolilmoeil ptonperity*
PeraicKMU laflcence of tke Presi
Gov. Hatfield's Solution
U lien (i<ivrin>>r ll.tlli«*M tuMiinifi |Im
reioa U <ioverniiM*tit, matu-rw Men- in
rtK'li ■ i'lianik' •laU- tliat Um* Mention of
-tf Um* Miitf, villi llw aid uf Unw wlao
mi reaadily i«minl biiM, HmidmI all of lit*
ami Uirir aiu-u'ion for man j »m!< Tit*
Cliwf hliri'tilivr, in t-xUMMilium a lw«
operation Irwin wIih-Ii U> im t, la»«I Ittt
foundation witli «mm* <4 Ut»* many |>l• 11<•
wipiiM- aayuiifa of Abraham I<inn4ii, vu:
"I an> not Itound to «iii, I "it I audtonnd
U> Im* lrii»: 1 am not lxMin«l Ut nun ii 'l
ImiI I am laaiuil to live up Ui what li*lit
I have: 1 mnat aland with tnjliolj llitl
■UikId ri|fl»l and |*art wiUi him wln*»i la*
fiim H|«m Una foundation
Im- nm tnl a aaiperalriM -lure, int<> whirh
Im* tinailj irot la»Ui o|a*rator and niarf.
Id caeting altout, a oilier Uiiiiich.Im*
keenly olwrvwj Uial (and of renin*- we
art- not qnoliiiir Um* l*o>«*rnor in any« um
I Kit are merely atatmy Imtm aa aailMeuiaent
rvcnli dia-ltapl Utt-mael vea to 1*1 Um
primary trouMe wa* tliat tlie uiinrr and
Um* operator were ia>t unly ••"tranart-d. Uit
tliat (MitaKif inrt<M*n<-»» »w moving llt-a
v«*n and Hell to k«*jt up tliat eat rai lift
men ta arrf! vitlm Um* limrfa. To hmv-i
Unit lie ioinelialrl) l>r*jtftit]Uif operator
an«l miner fare in fat-*- tliirh artaon < han
ted Um* rv^niem uf Um* fat rviffii of Uie
AdITATUK ami rlM<rknl Uie 'Mtalaiifftit
of Um* foreign intfirmai (or lial ami for
iIm* first tint#* Um* <>|«-ral«>r met an*I rlaap
nl liantia undff Um* Hair of Uie nrw n*
iriiiae, rwtaMiahrd l»y Um* Clnrf Kvn ntiv**
an«l Uten an<l UM-re came In know ea> li
iiUmt tietter, mm* aiUi mor>- patwiH-** Ur
unnm«n)tM nn4akr* of e» h I U>»
(rmo<l work for tlx* apfendad rordial r»*
I latMMi Uiat i« l«*inir knit Mwmi M»*m
[ <ta*ly Nov Uiat Uie I'lCATKIXAM
tiaa Imwi applt««l to the liiUterVt painful
vonnd letami operator ami miner l>y
Uie <etremor, Uiere t rr yet Ueaar wlet
are aerretly Uyinc to tear Um* *«Ii fr.an
the wound ami »t aa Una rlaa Uiat alaMald
I* Ml up to Um sale of the pnhnr for a
jnat and proper verdat While the • to
vernor was eiarntinc Una aptetadal |nei
of aragrly (ami he ran never live km«
ewnngh, and the hope ■ that a rentory
mHWins the apan of Iim life, to execute
a brttrr» (he praaa all over Um* re wintry
•at aMkmv arurrtiU** au« k- on the fair
name of oar etatr and all her riiieta.
fnaie were hired l>y ontetde inlhaem-e*
for Ike purpoar iI>miMImi. oUtem <la| it
(or meroraary r*-a*«oa. ait it kwtknl.Mwt
waar iaoolaa of repiMtera mvadfvf oar atatr
ami painted fteriDf aiMeprearntateana of
the larH, waved Uie red Itaf for the rake
of "a£ akory' who never aaw a^oai
mine and wookl not have known how to
oat if they hail, l*>t with Una rem
the w«tr^l l«
(Xea York Evening
A* l«r aa tlu- Colored people »rv »i»n
ortted, Utey are already deeply alirred
•»y tin* artion of aexeral of Mr. Wilaoii'a
oil u-era in «vnY»Uuit tin* \iyn>«*iu}4oyiw
I within then department* -in w»me rtMK
tliey »rv l^m* rrmifil a»tf in turtM'n a
• I even iltfir km nmUninaliiiR.
Aa iimimI in aoeh r—. tlie n.«r ia. it
nt ail for tl** N>«ru«i* welfare that it ia
lading done. That they are rendered
iiion' naif in tla* |mi>wwi.»n of tlie uttiem
ami are U likto la* fliarriuunated
atfainat. i« (|M. MOrerr I.eliel of Montr who
ave had a part in thiainnovatt«»n Wliat
lltey vlo not aee ia lliat Una («n lit** tirat
time oftti tally i*«tahlialiew u lantf annany
lite ritiMMin and imji|iI<ijn of tlie federal
tniWMH nt; tliat within a aliort tint** tin
Negro aeatioiia will lae pointed .ait mm the
"W*r alepartmenU'' and made tin* u)>
(erta «»f tin- deriaion and hale of aiia-li men
mm Yardaman and Hoke Smith and tlteir
lew* i<oiia|iia'it<Mia imitalun; that tlie"nig
T m^'tioii?" a ill la^ronte aa and
neeWttol *« It** "Jim (W car.
So far lmaW|M| Um* N>gro to retain
• alb-a, it will aooii make it ini|MH»ihl« (or
line and al4e \.yr.«» n(a4l-rv«|«rt t*«*n
ter a *m ii* a ha h la**ina by rlaaaifying
tltem aa infftior, aa neople a ho imiat In*
*«ei off leat mere funtai-t with them mnli
in »mim* kind of moral contamination,
in lite far Sooth every Irewh a> t of diaeri
nnnation, every additional eff.irt to .le
graaUntd humiliate, will alltv** »ta jiiati
ii< ation by thia artion o' the federal go
verument. Needle* u. aay, iImw Calk
net otlM-era alto lave begun thia ahork injr
■egregatta hi i.rovai took rrvat rare not to
appertain in adraner what f£e wlahea ami
feelinga of th'xe to l« "Jim Crowed"
might I*. It «<u the paint of view of
lltone alio had tit* power to art wbit'll
|»rev ailed.
That all «tf thia a ill ga a i tlx ait chal
lenge ia n.»t Ut Irrtpninl. Tlte prourtw
aive aeuaUna are already alive to their
opportunity. Tlte < 'olon-d |a*<»|4e tin-in
«-lvea are laifinmiiir to ir heard from and
tlieir |-»IiIh uI inlhi. m-* ia not to I*
Ii«|iimi|. Ibit a<• do not t»Hteve that
phaae of it a ill eotM-em Mr. Wilmm. We
think that »ilea tli«< matter ia pot la*fore
him in ita troe light lie aill withhold hia
^aiM-tion Ir.Mu it, jutt at ae Mievr hew ill
•n>t |M'rmit any aanitliern rea<*th»nariea,
however intha*utial to<leter him fraan ki
■riviiagr in tlte matter >4 uftra fail |»la> to
a lieavily banda a|>|a-a| rmne.
• »o\ernor II. |». Hatfield announced
tla* a|.|aHlltment of tlie UM«iitm ol Ilia
l<eraoiial «taff Sator<lay night. More
than fifty aerr anieaim-ed, aeveral o|
alehn Were on tlte ntafl of (toVeruora
(tlawa-k ari<I Itaaaon. Ma It,,well niM
ty aaw Ita stored with aeven a bile Mereer
ofily alrea tao. Tlte Ih >n»e eoonty «»f tlte
tfovernor a ill lae well ao^i.tie.! with
"<'a4«ineia and a larae numlrr ol mili
tary titlea a ill la- a>l<led U» tlte atate Tlie
naiiM* o« tlxw from Ma |»..well an.l Mer
a-rr riHintiea fofb>w :
Malt, .well-Hilbam |#rkir. Wrirk,
l»r. J. Ilwaarl Aieleraan. Mary town ;
■lamew l». 11 ami 11 anal W. M Hitter.
V\eh*h;C5. If. H<i«rdiitan and K. W.
I'attrraon, Vivian; Jantea Kla<aa| JotMw.
Sw itrhtaHk.
Mereer-W. II. TKntnaa ami lt»ib».
ixaalaill. P,ramaell.
iMtk- Willi m I'mw < »)«••»■ Op
|rt>rtunity l««c llim biliain Claim U>
Worit'* in *««a,
Hill 1'iM-anl <■!! nnmal
I 'in *«ii I<•*>#♦• f«l. I<f anjf |«aaHt4r
niMtirr, «rM( U«r mtirUi'm i litdipx*mIii t>
|p<ni Jark ?
THm «|nrry w rtinmt now l#raii» >4
Ur lot that l«n*4»r<lan<I J<4in«>n |>r* -
• trally are Mfnnl l«r ilwrnly rrximl noa
w-at in Parw •rmiftiiw wiliiin lltr pmrnl
IV nart <latr (or U* >at(V Iim ih«I
Ui n at, ImiC i»a Wm>ltn in, rtiarir*
.l affaim of Ur l.<n(f ir<i loftiiiM. amh
woe>t that in all |<f»htlMlitini Ibr rrrat
rob Trot AtftiWrw will get U«rtlirr in So
I lwf« mre a ronyi4* of wiy»<iniwiu (hat
laiHrfoni irtrtxU |c Ml h*4of» faring th*
• haaapton. an Wotdaai «ma, anltW
awe a matrh with oat at
«aa Finiwiii and a «MK> «Hb hi* old
tiwa) tM'ket Ju* Jc«iiiv*-tbr. Dim •>..ut i»
iJuiimnI for L* Aiitf»*J«*i Nfitlwr iint< li
It a* Imen <U»tinife*4/ cl<«r<il a» yet ImiI »
Nnitli haa <*x|>ma»*l a «U»in- to iimvI tin
I'Mmmiiw* ni'ke fr.Hii KmIoii, Mint l*roii»o
l»»r folfiMtli M to tUtfi' tliia hattl<*
tti«-rv amin little cliam- tit Um* liiaU li
tailing through,
I angfoni in tit** enigma ttf tin1 lia'Nxy
i'Iium, an<l not even tlte •hrt'W.lewt
jmlgiw o( lighting form ha\e ever U«en
kldr to aivurM^jf itrtrruiin)' ju-t how
<i<ul a U»x«t Stm really w. It i<* a.hmt
•**«l that for In* weight an<l height. I.ang
for«f i» Um* (nmtckl i>iwv of righting ma
• lunery that liu Iwvti develop!*-.! in a
generation, hilt wliether lie in atrong
enough an<l liai the heart to carry him
through a hittrr I tattle aitli Um- hi ighty
J<4im>ii only tl»e teat of artilal «-onlhct
will <letermine. Tin* • |ii««ti->ii
itself into Una fan a g»«*l little man
(■rat a g» «»1 hi* man king history ana
a«-m fiii|>li«ti< ally, No.
I'nwnt iinlM'ttiiiiw an* that tla* vV.-»t
Virginia Colonel limtitiiW* «ill la* rnmil
«l at Oh* t>|n*mii|f
17, IMI3. K.very availaMt* room aUmi
Uie nintitiitKMi «m taken hi iIm* ••miIj
(wrtitf la»t luit |nv|>aratioiiM are Ir
• 11 If llia'le til Mall MIIIIMn It* l«* a greater lllllll
t* r i4 nlihU-iiU lliin jrc*r. XIm* library
Iimm ln-ell IlioVtuI to 11M* Trtilm Itllllillllg.
mhI llw rutin* ii|i|*t ntory of Wmt Hall
■a Iw-ing put in i»r»t**r lor (In* ai-eommo
lalioii of girla. It ta tin* ilt^iri* of the
a«lmiui»tration to ftrovkl** aeeomuii»ta
tioii for all iWwrx uitf ntililrtitn aim mii
*atmia>i<hi to tli** institution. Sum' of
Uie feature* of the n luvil aln. li an* ea
•iNN ially attrartivr to itmlrnu art* Um
iH-aly <N|iii|>|*^| ihemual lahatory, Um*
i(>U*ii<li<i iiiatriu tioii 111 Ikintfatii' St'iriu^*
and Arta, Um* of i|>ortiitiily aftonWol (or
uiatriK tiimi in Agrieiiltnn*, ami tlteaplen
• lai training given in iIm* Normal l*«*|Mirt
iiMrtit iiiiiUt a |tn>f«*anonally traimal U** It
er. School autlioritu-M throughout the
«tate an' lou.l in th«>ir |>rwaaiil the work
la*ing iW>im* Itj teaeher» alio lia\«* gr*.l
nata l from Um- Weat Virginia t'olonil
Inatitute Kvery effort m being put forth
to make tin- work iiM»rt* thorough eeeli
(Hi Septeiniwr 27, a Imnt <ii Aliraliaiu
l.iiM-oln, <loiiaU' l hy a patriotic rtlt/.eti of
W*ait Virginia, a ill la* unveiled in the
rhap**l. Tlii« huat i« an rxiwt ii»|>) of
Um* our which mark* tl>«- «pot *l*n
Abraham l.inr 4n tirliveretl Inn fmiMMi*
i letfyaburg al.|ri*i. Tin-<lay will l»-oh
wnnl •« KiuaiH'i|«tmn I»*»y. ami a* Um
_'7Ui (iHiit^n on Satnrilay, tliawill give
tin- U'm lirm m the aurrtMiinlitig country
an i*|>|M»rtnnily to atU-inl Una nii|»>rtaiit
XIm* Itoaril of lU*m*nta haa authori/e«l
I*r«-wi<la-tit I'.ynl I'rillerman to aiimMince a
SuiniiM-r SfliiNil at Um* Wmt
Virginia <%4onil Inatitotr. la*gmii g lime
l*i, 1WI4.
Uvan City, X. J., An«. IW.—Kj a
unaniinom tub- of Um* National Sivr»
I'wa Aan>« latioii which l>a<l ita cloving
•naton li#»fv tmlajf Uial Naahivill**, X»*rin.,
will gel tlm* uml aiiit»*r ««i<hi ami a mm
rkanl aitti an atlilrrai l.y l»r llmikfr X.
Wantiunion, prewi.lent of Um* National
Nrfrii Kuainewa I<*-airu*- X1m* iwn iltnii
«-U*ct»-«l the fi4lowing ofl'M-t*m ; John II.
Murphy, Haltiinorv, |>mH>k-nt .h«eph
I.. Jun«a, Cincinnati, Itrnt \hi- |m«h|rtit;
**. J. Join*, l'lula<lel|4iia. «< oiiil tire
(imwh-nt; Henry A. Iloyil. Vialivillr.
• '•MrwfiofMtmir ar* r»-tary . W. II <Vai(
Im-*iI llarrailiurtr. munlmir atrKar j;
Mra M (J Kinm r. **t. I^h-h, a**>iMaiit
wrriary; I,. <i. .Ionian. It. !>., fli'l
alrlfilna, tr^aanrrr . N. K. l*<>U<ifi, Itr
lyn, I'hainnan of rt« nti%#* iiminnUn
Xlie mmmm itlMifi ) I r»*oluti«Mi« r«M»
Iniiiiinf l(«ltaniiiaa rrim** ami lyta lunir
an«l railing ii|«hi Um> •ntlxiritm of tla*
iiHintry to prulrrt lift* ami |im|rrty aial
|o |mli| ii|rn U> all Anirra an riti/rn* U«r
<l>wM of laifa*. IrtmraniT •» i «Mi.lr-mn
nl a« a larnrr !<• ani-rai in A inrra-a an*l
•Wwlarr«l to Itav* <I«mm> iihm** u> Imiw
alvMit fraiaMi iKtwi tla* rt»*» tlian any
>4l>rr raiw It waa tla *iw <4 Um* m
«k latKifi Uiat U«•"*"!■ aliotiM Iw iw> it«4or in
inml im luaiiti'*"!. lait r\rry man •ImhiI.I
la ar-f-rptml f>tf what lw ai worth Uii miI
Httry Smcctit Joka Laiag
Wka HU Rnigvd A
Year Afo
('harlMlnn, Anc '5V- \\mr\ llrnrj. n(
(liftnn, M In hr rttiH v4 Uw HmV- fV
partmrnt ai ininm lie aill ukf nffWv
• 41 Sr|iMnhpr I.
TW mIitj m 1^,1111 prr tnnnrn <rm .
HatfifU annoanml ihM a|>pmntnrnl
laal nifhi Mr. Hmfj m at pnvnt a
Mtl am cinat
Drinking and Smoking
Greatly Enlarge the
Federal Treasury
Wanliiiitrtoii —TIm- *«*alUi of ic> >Ut ami
ml\«*r ami |>a|«'r tioin-y tilling tl»♦* vault*
«»l tin- hfliTKl Ircwiiiry i- ilia- hi ii<»#i-iu»1I
iiHUKiin' to tin* r»n•<»r I l»v<liiiitr drinking
•.in.>kin* liiitl rar.l |»laynnr of ili«- Anicfi
• mii |»>i|Uf .luring tic* lim;il y>*»i of
IS'tlol* of |Im' •IiiHM'* of tin' f •II.IM,
IV! «'oll«i ttnl hi iiitiTii.-*! r>*\finH- Uvra
•luring lit.- yi-ar •*«•• 11n^r <mi Jmim*
tfirtliM 111 Mm- ln-tory ol lli«* country,
w«mv ilininnl t.nUy m a ri |«iri t<> Srfv
Ui>y \|< %•!>■» I>y William II (Mum
CnlNIIIIMilMt <|( lllU*MI*l IC*'\fl|1M*
11m* I sallrni* nl wliinky a:»<l
l>rmi.ly ohkmiiim-.! .luring tli«- yi-arlirouglil
in f |.~i7,.Vi?,i»»i; tin* I»<irn-U <<•
l«i*r. |M»«i**r .in.I alt* ii«*tl**<l tin* I »o\»*rn
iwiit ft»*i,?l-i.Hi); lli«' I4,^T«».7« !,«■*» ri
iTIinHltK nlii.»k •*» I lllrri'tn''I tlw* riArtlltfl")'
|I<,HD>,iiii. tin* r.tWVl/tlS ii«i , ifgr* I*
m-lilti-il I m k' >am |U tlw >4 I'i,
'•I.uii; |li«> . Iif« nig an I -in tknii; • »i
l*i|, |m>iiii<I« <i| IiiIimi > «• trait* Inn.
. tAYtW tMI !Vt. >'♦.•» "»» |«MHl«l«
■ •I -mill amimihUhI t<> f'J.n •..'•• • illi*I tin
-alt* ot iMh'k* til |4a> itnf rartl
.in itk-mkr >>f I .'tti.'.HIiwif ilw pr*-\ oii
yi*ar I >r> »iiwrI • I ^tVi.'JNJl.
Ta\«-» oil f, I7-.**** |MHII|.l* ot artllliial
i-.il.T.-.I ttltnmotrgariltf itiii.>11111.-<l Til.
all.I oil I ;s,'»S«i,IB»l |m Mill. I- ol llll. o
lon-l oU-oniMivariiM- auiointliiik' to t
!«• I. To im»* of :M,7l?,'l#i |n.ini.U ol r»*
iioMiti-il or jiniii-w luitti-i . « iln-riw*1 ol
H,*.*7l».l«»> |n»lll|iU, gnVI* tin- I >o\ t-1 lllll.-llt
'11m* iitnrrrKuU' iiiiiiiIht of rtlioMin ill |Im*
roiintry tliw yi*ar, wmm IHI.iiii, iiU ntM'
.|>*<|Mt** tl»»« vt*ry rvtn»rkal»it* iiirrt*««- I
<*o|IHIIIll|>tlol| of illtoxU-ailtM of _'l ,<"►*.4, U4
i-wiii|>»ml witli tlit* liwal yt*ar lfMJ Th«
wIioU~.hU- li.jiior i|«*al«*rw nunilirrvil »i,4»l
a .lit n am- «»< .'<>• within a year. Total
iiiU*rnal rvvtiiot* rt-*t•»|•!<« of |1*I3 i xiwl
ml tli.- |in*vi«»tin liiirli nvor>l <4 I'M I l>y
('.'I.VI!I,iiii ukI Dm Ilt«<-tioiin for I'M.'
I»y To ntllwt tlit* nuNHKHit
<iiiii it < '«tl tin* IioM-rniiH-iit I*»
1*11in wan at Um* rati* of f lo.lf.' |«-r tlioti
noiM 1 • loll.irn or I .Vl |m*i i-fiit an •*o;n|>ar
i>l witli ♦!».! I (n-r tli'.iin.iii l iii 1.71 |>t*r
■•••IIt in I'll ' ami tin* iri-wral i-<«t <»i . ol
U*rtioii wan f !'».'»'* |a*r Uioutan.l or S.Vi
|a*r i«-iil
Reports For Duty And it Busy
Mao About the Executive
riiarkntoii, Auir. "J»> - Visitor* !<• I In
->UU' rxH'iitivr'ii urttir jr«Kb'r<liijnHiriiiii)(
m ri' im4 atir|>ri«»*>l t>> liinl W itlU-r II4II*
niii *1 tin- iIinIi •>( tltf
nor'* « rrt»rj |i»c lit* *|»|«>int
• I»♦*»«» |o IIIMt llM !««••• IrofiD'llt
Ij |»r»-li. u^l l.y tin* (*;rr. <imrratu
t«ti»tii< In 1)m- I >r 1111 m 1 > t jr<*in«r iww«|»a|*r
mail front 11 < 1 (it 111 hi »*»iv in itnlrr iikwI
•f 1Im> ilajr. .No MiiKDiiHitiiHit in llx
i|»l«>1 titfiM*fit «*< lijIinvrriKirllil
Ml, *lio «nn|.ly l»*W»jilpin*** bitlr llrr
il«l I>m|»*Ii li i>Hh* at lliintuirtofi. wlw-iv
Mr. Ilal'anan a mm at Iim ilnt** an nly
• 'lit<ir lab* Kri< lay miHit i»*>tiii.i| hint
In n-|a»rt for <l*i«y yMrriUy.
Mr. Ilallanan'o tramiiir mm a iH-»-|»a|wr
man jimh turn «|n ial »lr|4ni««< m 'l»*al
in* aitli iwifilr. an<l w valuator in many
<4)M-r rn«|n U in tian<llintf llw •(•it**-** of
trmirnof'ii Mary Tlf a|>j««wtM»»*nt
iinH« until |«i(i*ilar a|>i»r.»\al -<"l»arU*4
lo«l liiMtlr.
Hw f<*intr la>li*«i <»( lir Tainklr >|ar
tlnliiil llraMiwrtl iraTr»irla>»r*li
iiffii pw-nic n»nf"lij nurlit Ia4 «««-k
in tlir HrwnwHI I'-wavl all 1'ark Ptr
trrwxl <U*mI nihI ctixiihIii »»tr trwitilally
Ut..«•■»»-1 with lanlrriM arxl
Ntinrr'a mkI im** •«* lumwhwj
'rj <•! tlw ki-sl |<*inf MR. Thm
• fit Hay« «•< \wk«wi kimln wl wfral
>4 llw |n> iik k«^> ilrixi-l, Mmh Inn wmm
Kwl thm >A llr lnlk« •(
w*fii|4r*l W» <lan>-* tlw "«H«| Virpnit
Mr. K>wr Sini|»nti «m tfw life of the
m i mm>m.
KrfrMliiiirnU, inHivlinf liani tixl
rktrkni MixlnirtM, Irmt. |>nnrh rake
and mv crrani wrrr «ervf«l.
Kliitnr M T. WhitHro m Hi RaltBtoorr
thw t»fk attnMlin« U» Sapnraa Udp,
k of P. which ooavcnnl thm M.iodaj

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