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The McDowell times. [volume] (Keystone, W. Va.) 1904-1941, August 29, 1913, Image 4

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fame anJ »rut ana *Jut di«i it
ffehT What have tbcj iloor' What
action could tWy (waiblj tak« other than
la oome aud gv? And now tlx* miner,
aac* he and the operator art* l«i(iiinin£
to understand each other. have l»ynn to
aak lltt tjuertiou : "' W liat La« heroine <•(
Uiat Commute*'' What did it d<>" What
M it foiuff to doT* and tit**? tpieatumn
rtctivt a'bon (or iim»cn<. While tin
jatloa prem wax ravin* and ranting
aaout our Mate- of affair#, a by did it «•<•»
■•k the Committee M rnm*qrafa> **«»*>
thiof cuniMt'Wil lh**rv*ith. Had it nave
tbia iDvntiintioii it mitfht have »»rr
tained that vnator Ki-rn, alto wa* w•
active, u a candidate for re-eiert <*i t<>
thf Swat'* in hia ova »Ule. lVr>- in a
large la<H>r v »U- in Indnana. )it-rlia|n thir
grand aland play «>«Ui •treiurtheii him
in that p*rt»> ular. umrht furtl*-r have a»
certain that Mr l*etm' naiitiK aith
others waa a master stroke U> hmld up *
politic al organization l« r ht» party iatlor
•tale (for oertaiuly tlte S« ialid I'arty
baa no »tr<Miirer plank* in it.. platform in
(avor of Labor than t'ie K**pol4i«-au.« or
the lHmo»-rat» l; might have vrbint^l
that operator* in tlie ntate* of Indiana
Ilhnoirt. Ohio and Mi<-hjiraii wer»* trying
t>< put Weat Virginia <• >*l in a "p« krt"
in order that they might ueWMifx>1 i/e tlx
coal tra«ie on the I i real lakra; might |
[•me of
ilW'wfrT4>*r»au Fi^t Tk^n
have aai-erlaiiird that 11>«■ lYiui»> vaiiia
Railroad ayatem, l'<i tlirl ailh tin- »r«l
thy coal baron* in tit*- h:t*t aill not let
W»t Virginia coal through lu H<a*o«i
and the aea t*»ard on a l<nur haul um
their liuea I Hi I make im lake it down U»
to Norfolk, reload it and tlw-n Ivy i blown
io Burton and other nnUTH }»>rta * h«-re
it cotue» iu ««nn|i»titi..n with Um- i'anadi
111 ootl anil Utf operator liu to Haiul a
loaa of the reload and |»ay tlw extra tr«n
aportatiou rat**. and tit*- *)at»-iii i|i»* all
thia to tbr ttVrt Viryiaia operator la
ctiMr there ar«* \ aat areas and a hie a»-e
ra£t» oi coal land aitaayed Ixil U<«t o|a-n« «l
ill tint raatoru and »•iilii« a.-U-rii part oi
Pennyal vania, which, if the \V»*t Virgi
nia coal were abut out of Um- market,
Would he immediately i>|en«! and iMiwil
and laid doan aloiiif Um* Allan.tic «-»
board white we, tite wn*l nal produ
•log atate IU the I Blow, pay III* e\ell trt
ter wage* than any oilier alale under all
tbeae handicap*. would I*- |««k.U-l a ill.
million* awaiting the miner* pick, hul
unable hu tfet our |tcwlucb to the market
of the world, rniifht have a>- ertain»-«l
that even now to lay our «-oal doan mi
the lU>re« of the «>reat Lake* the o|*-ra
tor umat a hide hy the freight ratea a.
ttiMt Itatm < they lhrm»Ur» la-iug < oa
producm* alale* » *r tit to lix and you
may rvat aaanrvd that lite re i* httle if
aay charity in tlie rate tixed Tlie 1". S
Committer helped tia uone ax we < an an
jn. it m jusi mo well u< draw Uie man
tic of charity over the action* of MtN* oi
in utnul«n anil I«rt MM-ml mlnnf I* a
»mim»nt to the aauie for all time t<>
cou*. True airtiie papere »ere caused V <
bs suspended iu publicalk»u for a short
while, bat it a an not uotil aftrr their iw
lumns hail been thrown to the srttrrulons
attacks of the Chief Kxeruti ve an<l the
gsueral administration, and tins, we are
art ad vine. 1, is what icave rise U> the lie
liaf that the Socialist I'artj aa* dealing
aad delving into the strike proposition
lor political adynamic It ceriaiiil)
had that color. In a reeeiit publication,
ia au artM-lt, it •■« said tiiat "<iv*eru< r
Halhehl requested an inter veiw with Mr
lata and later aritli tlie entire earnunttee
Tb* rouiDilUre received the MiliaBir
(run the Governor Uiat he was in favor
of onion tain and Would use tlie power ot
his olfice t<> protect Uie Hiiner in In
n*bts Now, u> lite sooiewhat Ion* a*r>' I
lata with Iter tickle fml>l»w fortunate!)
threw us in contact with tlie prevent * tie
▼arbor and we came to hno* him |mm
singly well and iratliered iuik h <>1 hi*
i4s«s of square deal to men and Ins hi/h
ragard lor order and law. ttovernm
Hatfield niaj have requested mi inter
vtiw witli Mr. L*et« We w«Mi!d not for
one wotneul aay he didn't, Init »<niebuf
wa have a hunch that tins w s* just V
the raverar. Aa to his favoring unionism
wa believe be mk! every aord of it. Isii
we'll waiter our tight hand against a ir->l
4mu guinea Uiat lie qualified it hy «a)iin
"as lonir aa Uiey conform to tlie laws ot
#ad and man" and ae further lelirtt
that Mr. Delia aill ao state In tlieseme
arOcie appeared tlie Mmwing ".M»nit
IN) par cent <>( lltr iitinrni arr >V«r i»l nU
wd thay tlrrail; at work W> <ai>tnrv. n»i
oalj thr ('iMintjf of Kincvtia htit (Im- rti
bn Third (KKHrnwinal lnatn.t It
Iba m Ml an oyn arkaowU*l«ruM-nt awl
whi'>n tiiat Uir fWialwt partf w im
tall u* lalmr •(•wwtMNi bthI atW-mptiiir I"
tmka adikiiUr- n4 Um <h ■iat>afa<tt«.n Uiat
iwy arc at>W> W> < n-1<- an* nir Umr Oiinrio
to aid Ikwr own poiibral aivanmnrni
tm «f havr nrv»»r hrarl a rdnlraam
■aifa But Jimr aUmtmn Uw a mnninil
to tha Mrairfit that UN par crnt of th»
■iwaaa arr Social *U Tbera arr al<«t
70,««» mum •• the stair :*».«•■» arr
aativr whitaa. hatwarn *♦,»■■> an-1 H/iaa>
i an-1 I-'i.iMi Onlofal. Can
l*t that »i prr rrat of Um
Hnrtaliata. as<r(4m*
I bar which rann<>t v«4r
lat II f« ran parforin a» h a n*-nUi
■ad arMiaaix Im a* to narrirr th»
aha**, Ta (Joda, raa you namv» that
ft par ant of Mia CotonU nrnrra arr
l* If yea raw. 4nhirarira aa*i
* look an with y«»w. If
mm m rmmi right down. dyad in
m thr waul, Negro Hoaaa
paa parpaCial mntaoa
•tfl fM aa, kvt if ha raa aiaak
#MI tiaaa foaa havr in j ayrapa :
ir all liw cam !
»r* u*. it Any. r»*i fcwW- ,
M M Mfinc Bolbukg aUtotfr *••">«*
ih# P«rtf inr U bit IU mm*
rifftt u. ih* a.ui M *D» Otto* p*rtv. Ui'
»• do belie'.* it i« volumiM in fa ;
vuruf tin* Ncgru't LoHitu *!
Aud juat in tin* (xxjittt u<>it tiarr ?*u» ,
I U»r Keru i» «xi ti*- uivntimtii* train t<>;
■ t»r»-«k ii|» Uh* ritf'it" J
• »t tlw riti/nn. O, «lmt a Ii*l <>|> j
i portuuity u atiorilfil bim to •en-l, or
i Ular tu tr wltt illt»» J utatr wMltli ol
I tlw M Mtm >ll ami Ihloll lllH* » Nliklofia
liiNcttti^aliiikT IVimitlw to l>Hik altrr
ttw ri|f|u> <.f K-vrral million
wliM'h haw* tarn uki-ii from 11m*ii* llfif
ik a »i«U- li«*ld for ai'tK>ii hi tin* dir»vtK»n
Ttw i*<mmt Vnator |»anl no attention to
tia-ntiikt* in liw uau -4al» ahi.li » *•»*•»
rnr "*t at lit** mMur Ulu«* *• ttiirs ii->f t"
that ol Nf» . I'taM* »r, tit*
not In- di«-ri*tiaftjvr; with tlx* *-\.t*j»ln.it
■ A'i<4 Virginia, mii iuo-4i^alitiK imn
iintU-t rail Ik- hi rtt-iy *-« ««il It ii
<Uk' t«> :*• 1 \ jli!.«»'•
Where Does Tbe Negro Stand In
The Labor Equation
\V-» have l*i*ii uiiMly ininiiml l>) mi»
>r t»o t<>r <>ur »Imii.I in thin .lire.tiou,tl»e
.laiui lieui)? ma.li' thai l| r »!•».-<I IIm- r*r
«|unrtiuM. We lull U> m**' it I iiere i» m—
•.dor line. It Iota*1* itm-ll at 11»*- drift
inoiuh or ulialt hi lilt* inoriiiiitf, i( lln-n
m any i-erlaiuly .1.»■>» 11■ >C nil <a u|» in tla
ckrtilliK wIm-ii they iiiIim* mil \\ itli *(>■>
l< vy l«> < ■ n-y Me might -ay :
"11* n11n»*r l»iuif»ari| |4<»ln Im km
ry way,
Ainl It-awn lit*- w<»rl«i t«. ilirkiMn ai»<!
to lite.'
neillier «rc «i' oj.jn **■< I to tlie Negro join
ing lite uui>« Imii t.n iIm- •itlirr haul art
ill l«\ur ol it *u>l (»r! j.r.Mi.l that It** cwi
lo #». But juitt lor information »r want
i/< Hnk tin- I iiite.1 Mum- Worker* a hyjni
J win a I .|ii»-nl..ii. Su|i|mm* a Mir.ke i'iniw
t lantn 4 or month*, ail the miner*
'Mil, they rwiiHit £•• t<> tin- farum aid
la>lurie*an they can in Otiio. Imi'.ana, It
inula, Mh lnifaii an<l iVnimylx aula, lor
*e have no laiinn.fr limn uta. turnip • -tal>
llahliietit* to *|**ak ol . »ii|.tin
KNtigii luuicri |>u k iij. ainl • lo i4Ih
.{uarter* on |miUii woikx mm' in .4Ih-i
iiiik» an.I till iIm-iii U|i 11.» it i» a la. I
thai liiere m iihiw «o«l to mine titan mi
m ra to iiiiIm- III Ml|i(«»r IIm'II liial tin
native while uniirr» i m jro to IIm
•Iher nUtro aiuJ till u|* w lial vat'aiarjel
art* an.1 the reaiilur tui.lew*|4..ymem
.u ••ll(**r iiiii.tnn, tor Im* t an join litem all
imi llit'ii hU)»|mk«* that l >,«»»i t'olor< <l
uiiM-ra art* tail ol t*ni|>lo]ruiflit, an.I tlien
alii iff I in lilt- hrit'k inanou'n, tiie 1**1
.-arrtrr'a, lia- alout- man.ui », tin- Irain
uan'a, llit- liotri '*, lilt- riiirum'r'* an.I
lor that matter any oilier uiiioti, I liumh
ijf aak. in that e\eut hIim «iiafn> .itioi.
* ill lie inatif ol It i ii i Certainly 11 it- In
i.iti »<>uM not waul to minlaiu litem to'
tiree yeara, an.l tilt* Nejfm rn bxi mm h
4 a man to waul it ii tliey tint. It via.
iln»u our )>rop<HiiMiin|C Uiia very .jiiery
«*ur time a«co that iIm- claim to |troli«hle
■ijei tioii oi tlie ran- «^itv»U >n »ia ralat.l
•Ve merely aaktil tla- qiieniion llieii anu
• aiia-iled lite Colore.! miner lo timl ru i
i|<oll hIii. Ii lie Kan IfolliK lo at**|>, la-ion
•e |fot oil I lie one lie wan oil. Wetl-t tin
•Mile Uo« hi.I alille lie la tlotlltf aell ali.l
aruuiic a living, ami al»it- to |*it away
noiiey if lie will only <lo it (even if |mii
u* iijtn |.re\eiiUnl i>a Irmu tilting it I «i
nil turtiier .-..uui'il linn m tlie language
4 ki|tliutf'a Ivn'oaMinal:
Tin* tnuiull an.l Un- aiwaitiuir <lu-n.
I lie t'a|>Uiii« anil tlie Kill** <le|ialt.
Xlll ntan.la tliiue au. ieiil a» riliiv.
An liuiiilde ai tl m «-«Mitrile lit-arl;
l>»r.l lt.nl ol ll.wta, la- witli Vol yet,
I**l VOI forget, Itat Y< K' forget
Iii tlie uieanwliile tlie o|a>rat<»r an.l mi
ter are un.ler »laii.liu^ eat'li otiier I letter
laily, tlie of«eraU>r liettrriiiir litem life ol
lie miner ami tne miner iwvntniiiuiK
imhtv rarely to (>ri>Ua-t tiie uiveaiineut «»•
lie o|a-rator, a >-o-o|a-ralive coaaiitaxi.lie
■elH iaJ to Infill. 'I Itey will *4\e llit
•riflfleui in tlieir own way. Tliey arc
a«|Uaiiilei| Mm. Werr iiitrudufetl to
ear 11 otli«*r l»y tiie «iovt-riior formally ainl
■it eur^nl i^ tirir M« relation, leave
lieui |«-a«"efiill v al.Hie, an.l tiiey, in tlieir
an a ay, a ill raiae tiie atamlanl an tliey
• mhP to kiio« eeeli otiier la-ller, tlie uje
ratffr a ill n«ft o|,|>Me lawful ornam/aUoii
»ii.l tlie inner will not }iro|M«e unlawful
ricam/atiou. al*.I tlie ilawn <4 a new ami
filer day will ronie for Iniili i-apital ainl
ala«r and wlule we await tiie tranaforma
lam, whi.li weraun.it Itelp hut only Ii in
ter l>y aaritatioii, ». I lie re to tiie niotto
4elled Cora id Ton Pocket Cited
as GaiiWhen Arroigoed.
Clixar1. Aiif '.T.-- Krank Morfin I
f<>r ln« |»*iie at 7M7 |N»l«B.n a\e , I
tflrr he livl Iim ilaj'a |
*n tlw r«a>l t<> Iim b-mtr Itr l<wtMj an rar
4 rttrn tml «Urlr<l to JiHI it Thf k«
«4( lie |mt in hw »«lr |«ckH
II# \ —■ I the Ihhi*' of Mrs I inim
-torak, 0I2S MIm avmiie.
Mr*. sv>rak aa* mUiiic on lirr rra«
imerh. mmI ahm ai* Ma all nllirf |irw
l1ffiM*ltli K<» ka Inflow Monratl mtw ■«
•rV-0 turn ni trying l» atrai thrtu. ?*hr
4 r**anK^I aixl M *van I-» k♦-.! al Itrr j
•Vavinc Her htixH Mr* Hfirak «tar%»-.I
■<«r liini, ami M<>r(«n. awf-wHaia >4 hrr I
aanrty, ak» ran
Hut hr rcmlil ik4 l<ar tlw rh« kna or I
Vfra Stnrak. Tlw rarr «a liMOflil to a
■•otiiiea atop l»y tlie i|>|*artnrr of a po
iMTtnan Mr*. H*>mk Mknl that Nbr
«an hr amalnl. ami ha wa*
Krnlay ha n|4ain«H the ma W> Mum
tpnl Jnriflc Halnth
"I think three aat a hoAv in inj pnrk- |
ft an-1 that thr rim-kana am aUrartnJ
».y the e»jra failing oot," ha captained
"I never Ante anjthinf in my Ma."
Hold Biannual Meeting
in Clarksburg
TIm* IhntrMl (ir«it<l I.' \<> lit <«
U't-Mt Virginia lirnxl l uitr*! I►c«Wf <•
• |-#*llo*« iimH in I' «rknta«irif Auifii!*1
l.'t l»i. I ►cit-yuU-" h |>riwiiliiie all IIh
l.xlk"- iii Um* »tat»- *t rc itrcM-nt an<l •
\*"y hIiU- iiM^ttur war* Im-UI 11k
Uvoii V\Vi|imki|ii)i a. n».
tli*- I 'Hi Milh a |H|lill(' 11•»-«-t111kf in tlw
form ill aifl »n«»* '|1##* *»#•!■
«mwm* »ai< iua<l«* l»y llw Mbj.m
• m Um* |>ar| of tlw* city. *lii« li v>v«-ry
inriliil. li. \V. Iliiiftw* r»*t»poii.W*«l. I'
II l>>»#*ry »W«' Hiir<l iliril«'l«vaU> i-» • •*
tialf «»! Ml N»*f«» I^1411*1 wa» rt*|«iii
• l«i Ui l»y A. I*. >traullM*r. Rrv. it.
frm.li llurU*y. I». I» , drlivrmltlM-tvl*
.•ohm- K'lilrt-w hi t»*tialf of tilt* « l»*»uv oi
tin* < ity I'rot \V. VV. SAi •«!♦*«» r»-»|«>iul
>'l Mr* >iii«m* 4'lay arfc-odw*! tli** lloUar
• I• »i«I "I lilltli Mini Minn >;ti|l»* .loll#-, r**
V vrty Im-.hiiiIiiI m»I<» «ji> •unt
•> \|r, Anna
Mitrli iMMtirt* i>( mi|">rt to I I
MUhn vk a> traim* b-<l at tit** Imihimki
«th41. All tli** <J<l <4Kn*rn »«-rv rr
•-Ui-I*-.I riivf4 \V. It It. Irje, |l. l> l».
M. \Vii». W. >itiMk*rx <if Wrtt h,
» js fki lnl It. It It. .M.
11m* llirotitrlnHii M«-n* liartito
iiKHi* it a. I lull <»l intrwaC. TIm* il**Uvui«—
tr-Hii M. |».>w<-ll «•«Mitity |>Im>«'<I an mr
|"rUiil |»art ill all «n lilt* i|flil»-ratio<i*
tla* —fling l'lark'<liiir<i*iib'rtaMHsl lit*'
W-U-val*— am! \a»ttom in a my*l maiuMr.
rtw n*>t iiwvtmir ii| l» it. I., ail) l«
Im*M al Hkl»mi. \|• I >0*1-11 •-••tiuiy. ti
\ntfiiM, I'M i.
■xpoiihon Commission Receives
$100,000 For Semi Centen
nial Celebration.
IViiiik)Ivaiua It-a-U lh«* lint in tin* a|>
>rii|>riati'>n f.ir tin* i-**i**t>ratii»ii of tift>
[Van oi iritiioin ol tli** X« k'ro rait* hi
Vinrrit-a. lln* i-*4**firatioii will la* Iwl.l
m-UI iii l1iil<*>W*l|4iia in N'|iiMnU-r N»*a
VocL a|>|>ro|>riai*^l ■ »» to Itol.l arrl**
>ralioii in New York t'lly; N**a Jcia)
i|>(>ropri.iU*<l for a ••» U*l.ratioii al
tllaiiti«' City; Illinois givt*a an.
Order of Publication.
At Rukra h. Ul in tbr < lrik'a«Mn.r .4 Ihr I tr
i| it • 'Mail iif Mrl*n«i-M I'liialn. i >r Ihr gul
4 mil ay la \iiauil 1*13
4 ilka P« 1 ko» ilc-h.
PI. *1 ul iff. j
»« J la Ckaariif
.1 • .>ri tvtkoiilrh.
llrlrikUlll. j
TW iil^ni .4lhi- -Milt i« to ijrfaia fi'Hii tbr
hfritJa Ml bjf Ihr Plaintiff adiv*MC*'
imI it a|>|« 4iiiif limukii tAiiUvit no* on kit
rita tbr H|»'l« III tklKMiv. tli.it tin* Plaintiff
ia* nuMtr ililiffrnt «-»n h li>' thr Hrfrmlalil hi
• i«W*» thai -hr miartit liavr tin |in«m in lki«
w »n«l ill*m him t».it alir ha" tn<rii aaahlr to
itiUiii any infoi mation aa to thr 1 Mrtul«jil i
ikriralnHiti; it ia thrtvfoir oijrirj that th.
liil Ih-frmlant Jo »p|ir»i at thr < Irrk'aIMUt- of
art'irrail ••<•>1 of M. Ii..*. , • ••.mt. witlo
r»r Month IriMM tl»r ilatr <4 thr fll«t publnat Him
Ithiaontri. ami ilo abak Ii um-<ai) to trto
rtknialnrM hrtrta
And it tafuithri orJrinl thai a copy nf thi
iltrl br (MtbliahrJ naor a ar«-k foi foal •mo '»
.r«rrk<M«iwi' nrw«i«aprr iMtbli^hnl la M<
»ow*ll I 'oanty ami thai a cifiv of thr -ant. I
• iUj al Uk lioal ilmn of ltd' « '<Mi?t H'hi* >4
arlki«rlll'iWNt| for twraty day* hr4otr drcirr
. irmlcml „
> I 'i»»j Te *tr •
A. HAMrrtlM.IIKAY. la-i.aty
>i W Hnibmlfr Pay Nr. i Iri k.
ia-at a. n. ri.». p u
At Ratra hrkl in thr I ll& r.4 ilk I 'll
ill < «art i4 Mfl»>«rll 4 imnt). on thr iial Von
lay ia AiNfu-i imi.
•n><#r IVtm, I
»• la < ha»trrry
\aalrlt Mm,
llrfrtklaat. I
Thr nh|M t >4 t hi- awit i« to obtala fiont Ihr ilr
mlaat In thr plaintiff a4l»ww
tin! Ii ftoiuoH aflWIatit mom on |lr
• Itli th> luiro in thn raaar. that Ihr itrfrmt
>'»! la a won ri-atdrM i<f thr -l»a <4 Wrat Vll
iMia it l» thrirfoir otilrirri thai thr a»*J <tr
ftnla.ll it" ap|n ar al thr « Irik'a I Mti. •• 4 Ihr
Inait I oatt of tfilkowrll t'owMty «itkia our
n«lk friMM thr Jalr i«f thr ftrat |rah4» atioa <4
kH iw4rr. aMitiio what la arrr.aiy to |>ioirrt
'«r* mlrir«t hrir*a
Aatl M la farihrr ordrrral that a i~«>t>y '4 tho
•r«trr hr pahli ihi «t nan a Mrrk f a l<ai iam aa
>r «rrk« in aiar Mr a i>a|ir' ialili.hnl ia Mi
i hnaall < oanty. aoJ thai a i-opy >4 thr «amr t»
«r»l4al at thr fr»»nl J«a»r >4 thr rutit har <4
4<-|l<M»rll i oaaty fiMjlwrnty Jay* hrfma Jrrtr*
* rratfriMl
A Myy frakr:
H HAKPTDN, flRAY. la-pnty
'at W kai kriityr Pay nr. t Irrk.
». fl rna. P. 14
Order »f Publication,
,U Kulm lirtd in llr Clprk'n <-l
iW Otw wit l'< wt «4 futility.
»n Itr hr»i M>n-iay in AiwmK I'M".
< ItlVm lilm t
v«, r In Oianrrry
l.nla (ilaaa )
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•ii tilr with Uir |«|rni in Uim nmr, thai
thr b>.wi<lanl » a lw««-r*»*Wtit <4 tin
Hatr id Wmt Viryida; it w thrrrf«»rr <t
.lrrr«l tliat ihr natal iMifxIant • a|>|«m>
at tin- Clrrk'i aI tlw <'in nit ('.mrl
• A Mrlkmrll <-«mnty within <*** nn.nl>
(rom tlir <latr of tlir firat |.nMi. atn^i <M
ihia nr«lrr. an-1 >l«. «hat ia im-nwwry t.
i»r<4n-t hrr mlrrrat Iwmn
Awl it m fnrtWr <.r<l»-r»-«l that a ni|.j
• 4 Una flfilrr la imMalinl «mrr a w
i'tr Umr miiaivr w«*-ki in amir nr«»
l«prr pnMwhnl in Mr|ln«fil rnnntf,
«*1 that a "f the aanw Iw p>aar«l al
Ihr Inmt <!•«* <4 thr nairt Ihnw of Mr
I »>»welI rmntj lor twmty «lay« W»w <lr
-rrr ia rrn*lrml.
A rr»vy Tratr :
H IIAMFIX»N «.RAY. Hrjarty
for Wt-Kwrl.rxlgr t'aynr, Clrrk
A. (i. Kmr. I*. W
Vatoi M Ok*.
man and wila nc innthrr ami arm; wo
man to rook, waah and ima, man urta»y
u> milk «Mt an«l wait om talJr; an tall
fa»tly, >rr mo»th; r»«l moa, light
work , location about '51 mi Ira tram Kcy
T0Ed»Trd"u3l!lMrDoi'aM Tfel"£ito
Losf! Lost!
One Smith & Wesson 32
calibre, pearl handled
with holster, between
Kimball and Keystone
Dr. R. C. Harrison .
The McDowell Times
Worn Onl?
No doubt you are, if
you suffer from any of the
numerous ailments to
which ati women are sub
ject. Headache, back*
ache, sideache, nervous
ness, weak, tired feeling,
are some of the symp
toms, and you-must rid
yourself of tnem in order
to feel well. Thousands
of women, who have
bcrn benefited by this
remedy, urge you to
The Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Sylvania Woods,
ofGiftoa Mills, Ky., says:
" Before taking Cardui,
I was, at times, so weak I
could hardly walk, and
the pain in my back and
head nearly killed me.
After taking three bottles
of Cardui, the pains dis
appeared. Now I feel as
well as I everdki. Every
suffering woman should
try Cardui." Get a bottle
today. E-68
««*ial Cirroit) 0»»un»it>n of M.«
>.»uell, Mercer and Mor.ro*>.
M.»n. Isaiah 1 \ H»*ind<»n, Jndtf*
V'el« h; W. Harbridir* I'av*
T»*rm* or Conrt S«*ci»nd
ty in i<Vhri4*T Jane and S*-p
5KIMIN AI-<X)UUT: lfr.n. Ja*
•Venrli Sin»il)<T, .ludwr* ; W. B
T»'rin« of Court S.f-ond M«»n
iV »»• Jinuary. July ami
COUNTY (MXTUr : James b
lone* I'n'UNlt-nl, SffiU'liltvk.
It K. Ti|>t«»n, Northf«.rk.
Dr. K K. MraKimiHr, K"j
K. M. !<*»rnh* im. clerk, Wflch
Terms of Court. Kirat Mon
lay in January. April, August
tnd <>«-tot»«'r.
Tf>*m, tirat Monday in
I uno.
OCN rv nl'Ph 'KKS
Sheriff. .) I*' Johnwon, Wek'h.
|*r<Mecutintf Attorney K ('
AMrnUnt l'ri« Attorney, (« L
Clerk Cir« attand Crlro Court*.
'{ar^rirfir*1 I'avne
rk*rh(^onty (' mrt, RR Hern I
County Morwjnr, w C Morgan
Sop*. Free S<l»<wd«. W ('aaalua
\mk, KimNtll
Aaw "••nr.f K Ko«mi«#ll
(Vianif H-ttl K-i/io»er, w
^iCItrcn •
CViunty Health OfWrpr \r>6 cor
»ner. Dr. J II Mr-Cnlloch
Commissioner School Lands,
O B Ko-mi*ell, Mr I)..well
Member* Hou^o of Delegate*,
(ieo. Wolfe and C. K. Mar man.
Stair Senator*, Ruth Senato
rial dlatrlct (*o«ntiei» of McDow
.>11, Miniro. Tayne and Wyoming)
Jan A. Strnther Welch; M Z
White. Wji'iim^nn
When you read, read
AotwiMn W orktqtn Fratoratl Iiuuraik-« Go. pay* Su k, .Vccitlcol
•ad DeelL B»-a«H»U Foe fnrti*f i»*rtir«»tar* •** >* wrtU* U. K. V.
JOKD^N, Ijenffsl iewt for Weat Virginia an I Ky. Ortirv, K.x>ut
t ao«J 4, K of P. Building
First Class Accommodation
and Coke Men
Oan always find
Steady work at.
Crystal Coal & Coke Co.
On Crane Creek 9 23
When in Keystone, Stop at
5\ve fi\\xe^vow\. "V.o\eV
Five mintes walk from Ry. Station.
*Vit.h ni<xl>'rti HPt ommn larion, wlie »• yoii«-oi -i» jc»>
tlie pure siir from the !»**•< of ih«* mil • i«•
£VA ALLEN, Proprietress - MINNIE MUSE M nager
The only Registered Pharmacist ia Anawalt
li»S W)lT»: * Kr>«h Drugs aad Polife Accomodations"
Drift Medicines. Toilet Articles. Sodas, Tobacco and Gfars
Anawalt, W. Va.
W 1 I. (^OlUt'S Dftt< Sure. U> K ilf.fh Street
rn'VAKI) » rtiillJ)iN(i
(rHiij*1*' - l.ine<if IMn M -Uiim, hrii(/Mt<' -> in tni**, ml T-hIw Ar
UrUw Wkim in Blurti«4<J rail lit •* iu. «h»ly lire mmitw H»lk Itmu
tlxr r»ilr •»! tubou >nU at Um* fount.
CUi-WS. Htc., Rfc.
Cru*« I he hrlJ<e, We*l l:nd of Clark.
North fork. W. Va
The henry County Saloon
SHfJlMAN PlNNf.y, PK<*\
[lira |f>u« 1 ■*!*••> »u«l iJ'Mimiu Wbi>liiM, WIdoi. Hrtadx
Q«o«. Rmt Tohtcfn and Ctf»r»
*M>le Owner* of the
l amouH Black Boy Li
enor*: <iootl Old Corn
a.id jit «
Harrison private Hosoitai
Cases Surgical and
Medical Treated at
Reasonable Rates.
Ph«e Excelsior Drn< Company
^Kimball, West Va. |
f. w. m
A Y«Mf Prtfr»WTC Gft
c try Hu, ib ietlcr ia C
(in, Tobacco aad WiHw.
Hh is proprietor of a
first i lass pressing
:in«t • l**.t »ii»k estab
lishment Should
any m want a tirs»
jjuit pt
riot hen made to or
der and to tit rail 011
If. *» . watts. All
work ^UHiantt*«*d or
money lel'unced.
409-11 Hurrey Street
Undertaking and EaSilaii| Ser
Tier by Sinkford and Warren
at Northftork, C H. Rice
Sinkford and Warren under
aker* and emhsliDfrs in theritv
•f Ulu« h-*»«l *r«* u> ftHMfiUi
a tod on Um» »i*» *«»|.M*t»oo of Mr.
H. tt»c»* of N irthfork a* th*»ir
for the territory of North
«>rk and adjoining towna. Any
ime any one should unfortunate
r iimnI tli** •»»" of these
'♦*ntU»m»»n all yi»u have to do in
o noliff O, H vhoiii al«r*vi
Mohnnv on the -not " He «-an
4» found hy railing over any
»h<»n*> m N i ■ and ask for
!. H. Kicp, A for Sinkford A
Varr^n. undertakers. They
uarariu-^ all services rendered
»Ki*»» nli<fa<;(iiin. 10 tf
Tug Rivet
The IJL**:wUnK Fir*
Class, Up to <late Kafc
ing Hoiis«» \Vih*<>«j.
weal** trA«l lier»^
t'i r t. cl tsH. I ^ hI^ihk
SU'OHIl h| i |.»»| ]l il»* f'l
n**.st. iii t.i!•* co intv
J. P. COLES, Prop
P. 0 Box 90. WILCOE, W. VA.
Brown Bros.
Cafe and
H. BROWN. Mtuftr
Niatb St Bd. Gtb 7th Avei.
Huntington, W. Va.
Are You 9 Woman?
m Cardui
The Woman's Tonic
mm a ul mnbts
#hfW i* ^ *
if kid, pbii * write
toanokt Eaptopent Agearj
II*. H IWf*lk Atmmc. ^t.,„
(V4 fkxir from % Jmmim H«*H»
ill Knrwtafc <* ftm *«*W |>Wi *1

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