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).*.>} Kfttann
MK£tSft». QL
W. H. Drewry, B E.
Carter ud Will
TV Mr I »o well <%KialT Colored Repub
lican Ikrgtniutton hw been marched
u|K>n hy the enemy within its ranks. and
hardly a tlaj | mi" mi* without Oark
t >«D Minvittrrinn in ita an-hivea an e
s—nt of rliia kind.
TW nttwr of the organization
througtout the cnonty are at pesrc, h:;:
what diffcrnxv don that make in thr
mind* or upon the comment of three lit
tle wnakwtff*. I»rewry. Jailer and Hurt?
Th*» three »Ur men say that they an
raited uj-»n tn start a political war lor
the Hherati-w of the black voCera, and in
thie uncalled for attempt ae certainly
hope that Monaieu Carter will he nmn
MurMfnl than lie waa in hia fiirht for
anpoinrment a» State Librarian, thai
Monimr Orewry will tie inore aa i »aaful
than he waa in hia fight to force hianarit
upon the parent* and t>atrona a* princi
pal of the Alcorn* praded Mhoola, ami
that Monsieur Hurt frill have a much
laifrr following in hia new role than lie
Itad on elect* »• <lay laat June when lie
felt the p< Jitu-al la»h of the Mark Repub
lican# upon hia lw-k when he ittecapted
to b * nominated aa the ouioml candi
date for jiMImv of the peace in KJkhorn
j !if* inim in linn niur irni in muntrr
Irh e 411 run • woatcu toothpick into •
lumber yar«l about m rwilf mm Otej ran
maatrr tm («4lo*er» tpirrr brrr in M<
I>o««il i-onnty, and that baa t«w> ron
i liMifl/ ahown to Utr wiafartmn o! the
blvk rntm here in this nmntj. Th>
two diaappou>t-<d nffiw wrken aod Um
bm with auch a longin* lor that Algo
mt aeh «ol prinri|i«Uu|) h»w all mviml
»n *h hard hlowa acnwa, on top, and a
gainat their political beano, aw to ranar a
■annua uapairuteat of tWii thinking pow
««§. «ad and are would not he attrpeiaed
to find tfMw three little patriotic ihim
ke-Wra organize an army of Mark hoya
ia thia <ounr j to invale Mexico without
delay and protect Kid Snow flake, the
champion hof<o ol the t'nited ~tatea who
ia now in a Mexican jai1, from the pria
on itch. Indeed they do not are*u V>
know jnat what to do with themaelvea
theae day*, but, you know it ia hard for
a man to p-t over defeat.
Will Hurt haa liren calling every col
ored voter in Klkhorn district Squire Sad
dler aince Xovemlier the ">ih, 1»15, and
aomctimea when be ia railed upon to aigri
a check, bond, or other writing of an
official nature ao (frrat haa Income thi»
habit, that l«rhiiwl hi* pen after aigninp
what ahould have law hia name he tind*
to hiaanrpriae written thereon Will Sad
dler, J. P. * *
Hiwi'tt CirH Iim |**veled more than
S,»Wi no ilea < prinri|*Hy on loot ud in
hw imagination) mik* tliat beautiful day
4lovfroof Haxiri<l appointed Rev. San
ikrtHtalr Librarian, and ha ha* pro
dmhmI more than malr<lir
tiona and run#* upon the Krpu biiran
party hiw* Rr . Handera' appointment
rctwiTAi the l*et ray of hope he could en
tertain of rroamng hi* rainbow l#|« in
front of the State Librarian's deak in
Charleston. The at Ik hat he purchased
to wear hia firat d*y on lite jnb haa been
vary thoughtfully pmmtftl to Ool. J ark
Taylor for uae upon the lertnre platform,
and the automobile he had ordered
take him to and from hia work in the j
office <>f tie staft library, ia now being
need by Or. Savero advertising and aell
inf hia famooa revivor for than mfftrin| j
from ahorka orraaioned by aodden ravar
aala in faehnfln after another man landa |
the >nfc yon thought In be your*
Prof I>rewry, lair principal of the Al
gnaaa gradr«l arhool in the meTw.ry of I
tboar who never lirad, naore recently tbr
man with the following f in the other di
rertmn) in North fork diatrv-t ram near
squalling f»r. Tanner'* laatiag atnnt of
4W daya. having "* resafnlly paaaad np
food tn nih«r solid or liqnxl form frovti
Hrppnibw the ??nd u»«tU Qrtohee the |
llth, the day he organised the three lit
tle puakwl ra in Mar ah ail Turner's coal
bona* tn Clarktown.
• Prof. (Kerry haa adopted the
* of making one great political apeerh every
year lor the paat year or aa, pator tn leav
l»g lor the rity ftf Washington. to have
tin penfaaaom of Howard University eoaa
filrta a nerting hia TheniogtraJ Haabng
in that portion af hia lanad
•hove hia eem. Wy the pro*—mra
of I lawiii I' niveesaty, and in ita plara
a Legal «im Work*. Ha railed hia
Han and Carter, hod
Brown take their pwtnre
pnaed fur th-t great painting now tintah
ed "paera at Inst'' ami evHainwrf tnke
two daifaka, "hoys I win report the
prw'aedinp of thia grant organinntaon
gbirh I hereby nnae the tfiraa mnakee
kfa, in the Weakly New* at aiy own ea
taaned a prorinmntaon of war far (ho nn*
tTt yeara. nnteas every roloead voter in
lhawn* Oreatt IHniitt signed a
fa in had and atnf ian antal Ur.
m pmtMi the* it
vote Prof. Drewr? to* tonme the colon d
■n^uihrr of wry Board of Kilnntimi in
Mrliowll cooniy. sad will to hiu all
their earthly |iaf miun» ia moaidermtion
of hi* HWfhim their fauerala and aayinc
just what ha pltMMl ao lonf aihfiWlpH
the truth. John Thomas' |>i( fruntrrl
aa»eu, Mam Wade'a donkey Hrkrral and
•II «■ at aa mm! Much ia the hiatory of
that tnoncraoc organisation that threat
«• to rival the |m»a Negro rrganixa
tion ia thw afate, ia the drrame of the
three little m.wkeeteea.
The great following aeamat the Mc
Dowell County Colored Republican tHr
ffanixation that threaferaed to march npon
Clark town 5,u*i aroof October the 11th
waa ihoan to he juet three little inutkee
ten. aad
The thing that drivea governors froai
their chair*.
I» what bother* the three iittle mtiskee
And they will get it when—
Everybody ia dead in old M«'l>owell
Save the three little muakeetet*.
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Morr and more It is hein< made evi
dent that Negroes arp dHnmincil tuhavr
at Ink a miiall altar* >4 r> pr—» ntation in
nuniripal affairs. In the Mat Alderntan
ir dtatrict in Nr* York city Jautea X.
Anderson. editor of the AmHrnlini Nrwn,
ia a raixlMiat#, and in tlw ilat, Jan*-*
M. Koyall ia running. In hoth «4 thcae
diatrvrta the Nrfn> candidate* an* Immiiv
oppoaed l»y Itruiormie and rvmtlar K«*
puhlu-an noniinwa and arp making tlie
rare aa Independent Kepuhlirana. It i»
atated upon Rood authority Uiat both
Nnrro candidates atand • good rhaix-r irt
winning. at Iraat they are throwing a
food arare into caui|M of tl»eir oppo
A lr» comment* <4 leading white pa
pen upon the rwv : Speaking of
An«U»raon'a rhaixvt lite Kvening Tele
ga™ aaya:
"Nitriana in the -lUt AUlermanic
Ifcatrx-t, ahu-titakrM >n the nortltern por
ta*) of Um> :>*h AaaemMy f>i*trM-< are l*»
ffiooinc to aliow atfiw of alariu over the
candidacy of Jainm fl. Anderson,. pro
prirtor <4 AniatrnUm Neva, a week
ly pnbluation. who mi now admitted to
ha leadirg liia whit»* opponent* for a
place in the Hoard <w Alderman. Perci
val K. Nagk and Frank K. Bowrer*,
Democratic and Republican leadera. re
spectively, at first looked upon Ander
aon'a nomination aa a joke."
The Harlem Home Neva, which at
tirat could aee nothing in the efiort of tlw
colored people to aend one of their own
to Oity Hall, now cornea forward with
thia atateinent:
"Kepuhlirana and Tammany leauier*
are •ocnewhat-alarnie<1 over tlie Candida
cy of two colored men in the 21at and
31at Aldermanir I>ietri-ta. At first their
running waa looked upon aa a joke, ft
perially in the Slat, wh«*re Perrival Na
gle'a candidate, Thoniaa Taffe, a aaloon
keeper in the 'Black Belt,' ia trying to
ohtaun enough voire to aaaure him of a
plare at City Hall after Jan. I.
"Jamea H. Anderson and John M.
Koyall are the men, and their Candida -
ry has awakened a deal of enthuaiaam in
thia diatrirt. l:nlesa tlie white voter*
■how mora internet, it ia believed hy old
time politjaaoa, Anderaoo may romp in
aa AWlerman at the close of election d*y.
' U rn known that dw nnmlirr of vo
irr*, Urmnrrattr aod KepnMuan, in the
2lM, M iNiat 4v:MHk. Klarlion rein m«
last ynr ahow tlm fi|una to hp alrrx«t
ewm t. No om drain Ihr aaarrtinn lliat
o4 tkia namhrr nearly 2,|U» voiaa are
eotawd men The fight there ia thrw
otnwnd- -Hjman I'oniaer, Ktfxibiiran,
and Thomaa Taffe. Dfmorrat, (>|>pnw
Aaimca. Tba pmWem ia pnrHj a
•athfvtitral ana there ia no (pttinc
away Ima tftc (aft that if the mJowl
man to * c^n voM for Anderaon Iiia eW
tin* ia MMrf."
< HW bit fUiiiat which have aa«l that
the Kditar Candidate ran ha Hertfd are
tha Naw YoA Herald and tha Kvavtinf
Sua. Tha Baltimore Afro-Amariran
liadfar naa ainrh apara and foMy points
oni to tha aaiorad people «W Harlem tha
flna opportunity they now haaa a ithin
thaw graap. Tha l#dffraiapbaam Uiai
if tha proper rare Uvyaity ia ahown in tha
.Hal IHatmt there ia no way in foraatall
Amtafwn't alertioa
• '
The tMtnntinoaa taken from the
nary mm at Oinp Uaawfa. Alaafea. ia
the Mntanuaka eoal Aelri, ia tha A neat
thai haa faaan faftnd on tha f*anl> (Vaai
ia ia Iha llnHod *>ta«Fa with tha ana e*
reptuin of Weac Vir*in»a.
Tha *M araaming, orhiarhaatttii. <tal
warf hy tha nary ahooM not mntain
over* pfTnaotaah. and it ia hafiemd
thai a*Mp ran anai ran ha atined in
Alaska which aid fan np to thw atandard
In kan^h anal af a Uawar trade than
that ntnad in A**aka ia anld al Pariftr
Federal Cnmd Jarj Hal Tmfcf,
No UidM^ Agakat Cw
stftMc Qutn.
TT» Orlntvr Imn of the Frdrrtl court
ronvciwH in B'wArld Timda; mnrninf,
with Judge Keller on thr hmch, and the
following jury was rai|*nnHM, rhtrfwl
u<t vnt to their mom: W. W. Whytr,
foreman; J. H. Htnvj, Go* 1 horn ton,
F. K. Morgan, William Collina, John
StrnanjiW, K. W. Boakirk, Mark Crig
(prr, Hamuri Uiulvrt, Wiley W. Bower,
T. W. (iodfrey. F. H. Spangler. E. B.
Lilly. William A. Dodd. Waiter L. Ad
krna, J. T. Bar tier, II. J. (linger, O. A.
Soum? montlia ago Caml>t>lr J«»hn
Ciait w uf the Northlork diatrict waa
ridiDK ou the ootaine of a htfmr car,
going up Noi thfork hollow looking for a
man for whom lie held a warrant. The
baggage maater oniered Mm off and when
he came through the car and altercation
enaoed in which the Conductor and
Brakctnau took part. Claxtoo waa ar
reated and tried hefore Squire Atkinaon
and ai|niitnl. A warrant * a* then
www out alleging inter terrain-e aith rt»e
I*. S mail. He wtm givan a hearing lie
fore the (T. S. Oomtniaaioner who held
him umler $1,111) ln«d for tlie ai-tioo of
tlie grand jury. Bail waa fumiahed and
the matter waa hrcuyht hafore thia term
of tlie Federal court with the reault of n«.
in«li. tmeat rvtarned. Thia ia ginl new*
U» the many friend* of Claston in thin
county, who felt that the whole trouble
waa canned l>y malice and a iWirr on tir
|iart of aeveral persona, • xtw of whom
are member* of tlie Baldwin Felta lleter
live Agency, t<» emharriuM ami »«»••* <hiI
of aervicc colorcd iidhvri who are elected
hy the vote* <4 the people.
Gets Hit Mm
Sheriff J. E. Parana returned
<mni Coluadxia, (Mint, Friday of Im(
week «ith lUUavt SmpaMi, alia* W»i
tor Carter, n>j ftnwt la thin mnn
ty for inanW U UaHfiwi
Rarkadal* <« March Si, 191*.
It m alleged Uiat simpaon Iwranir j«l
o*m of Rartkial# becauae of hia attention
to Sarah Francia at a <iarv* at Elkhorn
on March £ird. and aCahhad Btrkaiali1
with a knife, ilrath reaulting.
Simpaon made hit ear ape an.l I>eputy
Sheriff P»r*xi hail h»n on hia trail ev
er liiMV. Ha located him in CoiomtMia
working at a garage nn«lar th* naute « f
Walter Carter and waa aaiitwi in ma
king the arraat bj IlKrrtivn Gaaton and
J<»ne« of Othi'nhua.
The trial will prohahly rake pi are at
the preaent term of Criminal court
Sim peon la rapraaen ted l»j Attya. Froe
and Caf^iiart.
Still ia Ike Lead -Doiag Btf Bat
frocs W City id Sute.
4 hie of tfw m'Kl tinMr wlen *i ol
the pmfTii ol Our Ne*ro ie the Krjdonf
Supply Co., erf thi» Hty.
()M wnuM n'.t r*pr«*t to find a dr|«ert
men t at- >rr owned uxl mtnafpd by Nf
groea, (rf anrh |»f«(if»ftKin« in a little ntjr
rrf 2,500 innaKiUnta. It would rather
he espertrd that mtrb a atore ocrupying.
mm it (in* a, two largr brtrk Iwildinvi and
■riling everything in the frorwy, «lry
inrak uxl notion line wont*! he found in
aoroe of the lirfi ritii wheve there arr
thonaarvla of negrnea,
Thn atore ia a mrwiitment to the
growth and lUvrfopmmt ol the negro
along <-ommaerial liw«. Here Uiwiew
ia done on a large arale Ahont ten
peraona ara firen rw^iymrM rrgnlirly
and it* wagrwM are mum up all rrf thr
hoi low a rrwixwita
Thr ant i m rrf tlri» teanea ia ilie to
the nntiring and imrwing fffofu rrf J,
M. I^amkin, partner and Manager, a
?f of Henry rouaty va.. agfi a grwrl
ol the Ooll»|» department of the
V. 5. I. I. ol I'ltaraborg. Va The oth
er three m* mhrra rrf tha firm err A. I..
Calhoun. Dr. O. N. Marahail and Hher
nrian Finney, all laafnl hnaineaa iwn
IV r«*npany hn rmatly edited a
nra ile|«rtaMat whrh ia g an depart
are is in atnewa in tkw anrt*m Thia m
thr aewing •Wpnrtmrwt where two girta
are kef* »«n"y making apeona. honae
dnwn. kitnonm, diiWtra'i rlnthea awf
altering All ol the gnla ma>te are aotd
in the atote
In ail year* thw atner haa grown from
*e little dingy
two large hrirk
ia the rity, with bntid
ft %
Carefully fHwrwr <m (nxrif to
tVTO> of Kk-r Italtlf in Smlh
•en Oofrtii SMtina Itaa-ovrn Thai
Hravc Mulatto llr.ahrni I»m-«1 m Mar
tyra Mm«lin|( the Character ttl C«il
itml Wnanro—Few TrmiU.n.
Mm Ala • Slam t»y Mmly l.mU
( Miixtrnlam NVwi. >
Nafc-hn, Mi« , <H |o.~-K»l«t«»r Tl«e
iMffxtor: YtMir timaai^ railing iijmhi
mf to ft* to thr »Tf* <t| iti«* crim* an.I
irt tha farta a*»out tin- Jmif- lm*h«»e»
mrbfid ui» O. K I at raw •Cartel f.»r
tbf tmr nt ihr Ijin-hiny. Imrim in)
otna I am a it4iiml
man and ka»» Imi« unjiMt tltr >.rv*
wa hj ail* Nbi triif laria mkI lalae l«
my rarr.
Hfre arr f# fa b
n*!* n«a t*fi» h'Iik* mriutioii
inmiti the anlored t-om-eruiuff (lie
• ami tefrkiil • -unduct U white men
lu«inl miofwl women. Thia voU-mm
tntfOin has taken plar* aver ami anon,
n>minc imb; (WatN. It '.Unulr I it
aelf nn in rtw <lark day* of alamy, an<i
inaoj a white nwnwr got hia l>ram>
haafera nut bft-aiar U that white man
iare devil ifHrit to aeek roiored women.
Saturday n*|t» I learned that while
freat rruwtl|ni n-ttai ptrkera were in
town, ehofdMeprra omiMMnI tltr cukiml
|<e>pJe, m<mm$ <4 whoan were a little t«na
lenma, leil% what might happen to
aoaata whito'^en if on the weak following
if they tfXuited one or two of tin* pretty
mulatto women hired l»y them hut • ho
were relatives of the eomplainanU
It i* galling for any kind of a man to
have enacted Iwfnre hia eye* rul|«l>l«
liberties with hia female relative witlMNit
arouaiug tlie leaat aavaaery in him.
Weil, thia talk gathered atrength. and
noise drifted into hoiatertnianeaa. Walter
Jonea. the oldest of the two brothers, re
memhemi tha*, the girl he wanted u>
marry waa in tne Uutrhe* of a white man
and it the \ery hour alerting in hi«
anna He <ietermined to kill every white
man in Harriatown, and to kill Iter whom
lie loved t*it nmld not marry. So lie not
hia brother Will, at shout o'rlof-k Sun
day morning, determined fully |o kill
every white man guilty of having a roi
ored miNtreaa. Theae hoya were not drunk .
their father m a white txiaineaa man Itere.
and tiieir motlier a foml and no!4e wo
man, an«l tiiey were well up on the pnn
riptea of deceney and good liehavior
Thear boya jnalitied to dn aome reforma
tion work on ttia haa* of the unwrittrr
law, and to take the rooer*)itenr* for their
art. aakinc no quarters and giving none.
In ail tt m rrrditrd U> thr loim hr<4h
rr* of killing and nonndnuf '»"» \ir«»ple.
No more than mi colored mm nr»e atmH
by Ihrm. Imii they *tt tlx- rlaaa of um
thai anrak aroiind and hn.l out thmjr»
(or nhitr M<i, m< while thry »»r» at it
the/ railrd >m and killed and woondrd a
few oi thw kind. Later Hiinday mornm*
a/trr Walter Jonea lia<1 armknl vencr
anrr upon it* »h:tf man who atolr hi»
*i(f-|n-ht, by killing them both miriffht.
he and hia hrotlirr Will (lei! U> a n<|on
null arhera tliey l«frira»W Uim«e)\ni
When thrj wrrr attarked at iw»n Son
day, the Sheriff had 'm hwl lie arritr «a# |
r«< .UiiM-iit, and. finding ■ m»t> clamor
ing lor thr M«*«d of the brothera, M
them on.
The altrritf waa Uie ft rat |« I all iB tb»
ft rat general lnailla«tr, (or iixteed. lliry
aay that it arrmrd that thr »rry Honda
opened ami i*illrta rained down upon
their Inrkkw hrada. They alwaya aay
that every amaihlr thine the minml man
doaa. that he naa heaatly drunk Now.
nar ytmr romano^ enn (Vmkl two
drunken <olorert laen hold off a thooaand
bloodthirsty ahitr men lor ton boorr"*
OonM two <1rnnken mioml mm kill eve
ryhndy thry shot at' A man to alxvt
traicht mn( he able In an atraiftit ami
art straight
Tha nikmrl K'fk ahont Ian nerr in
aa mat lear m the whitr penplr Thry
took no part 1a nhat the brothers dwl.
la anrh things our peuplr ilnwa hrre
never are the aagnanw Snmrtm»#e
when they are <»f*preaard to the pr>MM ol
bnaaan endnranre they do like aayhody
rtae-• -peotort themarlvas aa leal thry ran,
hnt in the rear ni W aitrr and Will Joan,
*i yenra and I* yenra, thry had thr white
paayi e am the ran, and nobody lor several
houfa waa bra re raangh to rataa a ma
dow or prer ont at an npan door. They
aay thai the nbnla town tvemhtod lor
their hrra Kverytwdy waa alraid to
«* mrtW they pit word the nri
tact hreUee tragi Storm; Epb
cifal Qargj Diviit Ottt Ne
gri Cfcarck Met.
Sea York, »>%-«. Jfl ---A he»t«-.J iM«h>
ov« the N'np« qiM«ti<iii in tl r South en
Iiv*nri1 tlie Jplil«>ratt»iM >4 tlie Hnnw <>f
l^pUtto* of tlH> !*Mfc«tlDl
churrh tl IihUj'i mwoii of the urtteral
raomilkxi. A majotilj report »>j tlie
Committ**** <41 Kwial Kpwtipair. with
rrrorniiMt i<1ati<uia aeainat the |>rt»|«i*al »<i
MtoMiati »(«retr tliorMe rW-r
gy and hiah<>|« lor Southern Necmra waa
pwnlwl. A minority report, advocat
inn the aeparatKMi of the rrnrvm ami tie
appointment of Negro Uaho|« to a«t in
the Ho«Me n( Ki«h<>i>» with power* rq>»al
to the white*, alat »m pmrnt^l
CllARI.KSTi»N. W. VA.. Ort. til -
Thai it Imm alreody n«w to tlie attention
of lltrf ivrniur an.I public aervn-e mat
iiiuauoii that ttxtrp i» ■ dia|Ma*ition «mi Ute
|>art of (leraoiia to Unat the pmni of rof
rin« a d otlier thmga in rtmiwrtioii with
tin* hnrial of tlie <M
which, not to $7*», ia paid o«it ol
tf te workmen'a co«nprtiaati«Mi fund, «i»
die aiateuient made hy (iovrrvmr Hat
field holajf.
"We »rr gi »ii|f to «»U'h out for jtNrt
mm'Ii thing* aa thia ai>• 1 if any
Imriea • man iaa a I at* cortin. that nwM
la> InMight for flu and piila in a Mil to
tlie atatf lor tin* otthn lor $P> or |.V', we
prop>aa> to it. aa thia ia tlx* only
way »r can Irnpe Im eliminate audi pra>
liwi." aaid tlie governor
"And I l»o|a» that tlie Irala ol lit** dif
ferrnt i-owiianiM will oi-o|*rate with the
administration in making thia law a ain -
••eaa ait that it will I* aa it waa iti(rn«M
—a (nd arnd to Uh* family of the man
whit riaka^iia life in hai^rdoua wnita
lion. 1'iiieaa we an* very rautiooa the
fniMl will he filiaunlMl and tltr aUIr will
C 4 l«> ah>« to I«ay tiie l^nelita to which
tlie ivIattvN of tlw vtrtMWa arr rntitM."
Frankly Made by Bailey
That "GraaJfatker Cliut" ia Ok
lilmwt CiHtitattH it Dtitgi
td lo Restrict Negro Voters
Waabington. < hWrr 17. — Frank ad
miaaion that the "grandfather" Hanae of
tltr Oklahoma conatitutUm waa itniKiwI
U> r^alri-n tltr right of Negr<>*a to voteaa
far aa poaaihle ut*.er th* federal roiiati
tution, Iraluml the arg.iinenta of tlie
•lanae tadore the Supreme Court Unlay
hy former Senator .l<«rpli W Bailey.
Mr. Bailey, appearing for tlte Oklaho
ma election otticiala, ivmlriMleil thai
while tfie >tate law diarrinuoated againat
Nagroen, it dwl not «k*|»rive tfieni of any
their riJhta guaranUfd hy llie fifteenth
Solicitor-<»eneral havm argued that
tlte rlaiwe which provide* that no one
ahall vote who cannot read and wirte «i
cept tiioae or lineal £<tr*crndania of tlwMe
aho were entitled to vote itti January I,
iHtlt ahould Fie annulled a« an um-onati
tutional at ten 114 Pi abridge the right of
Negr<an pi vote.
lie relied upon thia contention, wnler
tlte fifteenth ametidmefit. al>andoning
the argument uaed in tlie iiklahonia Ked
eral conrta that tlw fiainxntti amend
ment alao had tern violated.
• lie < law "A ttlulr rnen who want tiw
. arth «nd wrj r«4orr«t woo i an it had.
im nrmt ll# hatred rW Wiltrr Jimm, wb<>
*« hin«rl( • line U viking mulatto, !■> !
raiMr it finally leaked <*it tliat Threa.1
iir mjmm riffrt»«l IrwVmi i»w Mm*
AikMi I am »»rrv
to 1hronirte that llie rtilowl men »rr»
ton mvarllj to follow the lend of tlx«r
two martjrm Tl»j ravf np their livtw
pmlntinc aca nat 4 million inhmnan and
ImlJj attarka «ip«»n ll* virtu* U their
m»n 1 hey rould withatand the rtiargr
of rutninl inferiority no kafrr. and <le
trrainel to he ma*le a «*ng of an longer
(N»r fag rr4ore«l men are rtrm k dnmh and
Mitnlj here ran rwn ie the right of free
■perrh n Harrwm. fait the white men
awl the rrijnml wnanen.
All the Inrnidr w eauaed hj I lie wh'tr
Uua irtrrVifUim the men l.y a
frer hand tmoncthemkirel women, who
aotnKiaaw live in Insnry. although it ta
a dMjrrare
P. H.-Thw may l« Wet loaig for y hi hi
print, hwt I have nnrerrd everything aa
we4l m I ran K very colored man kmiwi
what whita |#>»>ir Um* down in Uiew
l>arta and therefore they raa npnw
rvan thr aiightea* ••pinion one way or an
other I helieve that white peo|4e ahouid
ha Im hntd in violating mtorwd men a
hoaiea hy mthieaa Manila npoai hiin
dreda nf th» Ira look hi# women of tl*e
rare, bat it arftw that they have a mania
• hwh they lark the moraJ ftaarmut to
■*nm kind of < hange awt nune. The
rotorwd man w.ll not always tolerate the
wllai maduel whn li a furred upon
NsgTMt ti Pretest
I'riwtrwl Wilwua aill l»-»r |.rut<r'
the pntftrnni mrnvOion in
I thi tiovmtm*nta it WaaMactan oh
I Nov*a»brr fl.
Arrtnimenu |o Jiniiw the matter
wMl the chief Kctcotive were ma>le hj
Keprraentativ* Patera on ttehalf of a del
rfraUori of colored tuen iitoat <4 ah<xu ar»
meolen of the VationaJ Independent
INJiticai league of which I>r. 4iunner i«
Praaident, Knib>r W M Trotter of tl«.
Hoeton iiuardian. liecretarj, and Kdil»»r
M. T. Whittico, nWuler <>| the Kiccn
tive Committee for W. Va.
MmmtmI (• tW Prettiest tf tfcr
UM States hj tk« C«ut>
titMMl letfif.
II..V WooORoW WllW.N,
I'rrakli-nt <4 tit# ( mint SUIl-o,
W BMlnitfrton. 1* 4).
Ilmioml Sir:>"ln 1>m* n«ut» of tin*
t'onalituliou of tlw t'nited SUtr«,
(liMNtrpuralftl), «wu fx 1 >U ('itifrtw
without regard U> Hare. Sri, or Party. I
l«| ■wprnfully tu Biki> rr|imrnutt<>ii»
to yon la rrftnl (■> ttir unfair, huiuihat
tag, and, I think, unlaw tin
(rvtUamil whwh y«»ur iKkifr.lirllt.» Oili
acna are ntviriac nn.lei your A.tmim*
t ration.
C*4or«l men »«rr memla r» oi tl.r <1. .n
vmtiuii wkkt nuaainated you. t'«4ored
(/ilitma wm* pwniwljr admitted to tlie
Ctmvratiua Hall mm! «mim- mi mi tlie
(tUllorui. Y«i were elected to your hi*li
oftue through the nniUkl efforfaand vote*
of both four white and ntloml tallow
('illMH Ttta dtatinniiHlinl griitlMiifii
having rliyp af your < aiit|»aitfii, M*lr
a|*rial appaala la colore.! votrn, and in
ordar tu anrowpUah rraolts, tliey ratal.
liahed i|wrial Hatdqnartrri in KiaWm,
Nrw York. Waabintftou, Chicago end
l<rnv»T, Kvary aanraixr w as given »l
(air, juat, and equal roitauieraUon for
c«tlor*d Oitiaaaw Ni event otjuurvln Uuii.
Tha itimliMt of your rani|«i|n waa vumI
of every aign aftofcen uI .liacriiuiwateai
<>n tHe ground of rare or itA#, There
waatiie IwartWal, iinm) friendly t-<M>|#ra
lion Iwtwara the white an<l colored men
wiio championed your cauae liefora Ibr
American people.
in your I ttrr to the Kt. K«*v Hiai»op
Alexander Walter*, I'mnlent of the Na
tional Colored Democratic league, you,
y<Mir«elf, •peottcally, pledged "jual,"
"lair," and "equal,.' treatment to your
"roloml fell..a rilizet.a " Durina the
prtjgreaa of tlie campaign you gave aiim
lar aaauram-ea to other colored men. It
aeema conrluetve that the elimination of
llie K» f laao* achieved your election
1 l«t reapectfully to may that many
white ami colored citiiana la»lieved, that
mm you were a man <»f SwilVrn hirtli an.I
Nortliern <»pportunitie». p>«Min| the
hroaileat artiolaretiip and culture, with
the rift of atatewrnanalnp, that you would
firing Ui Iwar, on the Kara queation, the
lieat and UMiat patriotic tlmughta of both
Sou It tern ami Nortliern Hfe. Ami a>ao,
Uiat yon were Mieally cirrumatanced to
«i|« out lit# Negro 14 neat ion aa a facto'
in American pollttca by the faithfnl rec
.ignition of tlie man <1 at ra of the Conati
tution of the I'niial State, and hy their
feerUva and iui|>artial eiecution ami en
At It* riMUnmt all aii<»<ild t —
"•jnirt <«n thr h*»nn< I ixH tlunk
it will l« slUfHl^r ■ aurpriar U> yon for
tnr t" u), thai U» < -oiorrd of tlir
Initrd ^UIM mrr nmrr wrought il|> tlxl
iltrniffi, X 0>m liiw, wff thnr righto
iihI IthfrtM than at any \+r*ni mihv
thrir KmaiM-ipalHiti. Ttna a due
I. To llw rrmoval of runpHrnt r»il
orrd inra Irpm in arreral of thr
Sain, whirh thry had flllrd l.y Nation*'
a|>(Kjintinfnt f«* yatn
t. Tt» mnottl <4 r<impftmt rolorrd
mm Irna: oflWva. I»»'d under NaUmtl
a|>|xitnlnif«f>t, in WaadnnrW>n.
* 3. The rrliMt Vo a|>p>nnt <xalorrd nird
to had, ahwh had lor tr»orr
than a |Htrra(i<w »»*n hrl<l ».y rnwil»r»
<4 the K*rr
. V IV i|p|rwlati<in iin|x««a| on rot
orrd n#n and »<Hnrn in arvrral nl tit*
ik>|i«rtiwnli of thrliovrrnnmi, thr mfh
th» |.ra«1»rra of —grrgataon and "Jim
Cniaam." ('.»Jorp»t rirrka hnng Ulm
from iWaka and Imd moma and rff
falnl Oidorrd rirrka hnn* drnrd m«i
al nar ot thn low h f»mn»r», thr torkrr*.
toilrU. rtr.
*irh tlarnviinatKira againat r*|nal r»ti
mm arr riU«awl| huaitlialiiif aail dr
rr»li'>( an<| dawf tarti vr to thr Inarlairn
Ml la* . Thr Mii<r ami aptru of thr (Via
atitntaon of In Mm I "UIm prohibit
darriminatmi on arnnnt of mrr or eal
if iNrriminalion thra, nhrthrr afffoat
whttr or «.4oml m unlawful. Thraa <i*a
rnmmaiK »na and iWfradatcm, an flagrant
ly iniptwrd nn thr Negm pmfir, havr
lironitil thr Kara laaur again lirforr thr
nxintrr in Ma mat vaM lortn. Thr
grrat body of thr pmfdr of thr Nataon
I will not atand for a«arh gr mm m)nMirr
and opprraatnn If rofitaaord, thr Rarr
qaratioa will again hrrowar par amount ta
National poltftaa and rmra thr him i
On Three Articles «|
Impeachment and
Removed Front
il,BASY. NY. Oct 17-Willi**
p u orr ii do longer governor oI New York.
A lew minute* before noon the hifth court
o| impeachment by a vote forty-three to
I? mnuvid Iiiui froui y<n>lor
WmkW bimI Jiklffr Cullra eiriiard the»
»lm tr> >ni voting. The voM on the
propoeiUon to dMMjua'ify luni from hold
inn any position. honor or trust «te loet.
Tl» if eraor wrKnl tlw now* of hie r»
iixxal in ulfiw at iIh» rifi-utiva man
aioe. Martin II. tilynn iM-amr govrr
n«.y»i».l Kuivrt K. Wagurr lieuf laat
Kiivrrnur. No oflk-ial notn-v oI widow
was given, the Sularr court cgtiipljiM
with the legal form by tiling ita UerieM*
* itli the m-rvury of atat*
Alliaiiy, N. Y , «»«-tofier in —lUra waa
rr«J tin, oiinry and hit l»y • >>rw
l«m) uvw it Utr rmiitivc io*uai<>n fc>
illicit when #m«l hnn.lml admirer* ol
William Mnlrer ralhsl t<. prrwiit litin with
• loving rap.
A driving ram Irll alula Utr min<t rr«
»rrr mi nmlr u> Ump Sulwr
lUrlnl lu tliakr liimli aith all nl hi*
••alia** Ini( lir never <-oiu|»leted iImi task.
Tliay cnmiWH ar< mixl him muI rrhi—d
to move. Sihim> «*nr mi<I a lea word* af
oiiMuldiiiti to him only to l« interrupt
ed hy Mra. Mul/er.
' The artion ol thr ronrt * tlia >*at a#
.Hir trouble." *l»e aaid The rrowd be
gan to <-h(jrr "We'll hare you tark
again next year, Mil," on# MM yellad.
Another enthnaiaet cried, "Mamb lac
tha nasi pntLkmH of 0I« l'»l^ taM,"
whr renpon ther* «a mora cheering.
I'haan lor Mra. Suiter followed.
Ohe*tir C. Piatt, Sulaar'a •erraCary,
read a *peerh aainrinr Stilaar that ha had
lawn removed tm au* ha would Dot obay
tha ho«M. Mention nl tlia nanif ol
Oh«ri« F. Murphy brought hUaa*
i'ljnrb him," shouted our dim at tha
mentioning <»| )hr name ol an weerably
Tha rnp (inwntal to Sulier a** In*
rhbnl, "Tb WHIIm Stiar. A virtim
ol rorrii|i( tmiMaiii. October 17, 1VI3."
Mra. Sulier waa presented with a hon
Stilar in i ipaarli reiterated hii aaaer
tion that hi* removal wa* dua to hia die
piraaiDg Tammany Hall.
"Had 1 ()l»yal U>a hiaaas instead ol
my uMk 1 would still I* governor and
tha '<Mp»iiuation' would ha paluug in*
on tha lark ami telling tha paupia that 1
mam an Andraw jai-kaxi," ha aaid.
t'opiae ol aeveral talagrama Nulaar had
received offering him lartura data* war*
given out hy his secretary tonight A
Kansas man hid fl< »,<*■> lor one lecture,
a New Yorker »,<*»» for tan lartara*.
■oot)tar New Yorker for ifty and
a Chicago promoter topped off tha list
with 91<li,im lor a a**r»n A* yak tha
former governor ha* rloaad no contract
f«.r puh'ic addreaaea
Artirlf 1---Making • f*lw (Ulniml d
campaign rerwpt* liulllj 3», MH guilty
Article 3— iVrpiry in wearing that the
-•mp«i|n etatrment *m true <«ullty
1), im4 guiltj IB.
Article A---Hrit»ing »iIdmm to with
hold Iratiiuunj Irntn llif hranley root
rinttre Sot guilty hj inaoihou* voto
Article 4—l'A| threete fc> npynw
teeti nk >n j iImwI by ihf Fravkj ram
niitu* Utility 4-1, n>4 guilty 14.
Arte to «-"lb<aiiartoit Frederick CHwHI
fnmi Inr agnlnet bm Iwfan Um
Frnntoy in veatigatmg i-omwilli i Not
guilty by 'inantmoua vote
Article 4" That to mmmllMl larmy
in tfM'iiltbnt with lun«to cootrifmud U*
hw i Mnpatfii Not ffuilty, by unanufxMM
| vote
A rtK-to 7— Hint to proniiaad and
threatened to -im- tto MBtB of bta
. <»(ftcr to >f«rt the viM of pa Mir of&rera
Not gmlty by unimiami vote.
A rUrle •*- -That to aanf toe ' laf pt*
I I nay venture to any, m raaa of tto
Liberty loving, Chnatian md Patriot*
people of tto topnbltr, t enwlf mot m
| apertfoily tpfe^ to yon, aa tto htoUtot
' of tto ntoto pariple. to into mrt atepa
aa in your gnwl judgment, nnald nnr
dy ttone terrible * ronga tgaial tto Ne
gro panpto. A prop* vtoaa toyal^.
faithfulnaw and aarvtoa to ttoar mall j
I in iVni and hi tto atreae af We# have
Itfa to ainaya «n tto attar of their rnon

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