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The Leader.
w g WWW »c»g3cgws$s3»<sggvssr»s»s$s:
We have quite a number of 'Isl
tora and strangers In iho cltv. They
are attending United States C.Kiit.
Mr. and Mrs. Erastus Payne. of
Newport, Va. are visitors nt the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Layno, on Bluefleld
avenue. They will remain in the
city several days.
The paving on Bland street Is pro
ceeding with a rush and the first
thiug you know we shall have this
business thoroughfare looking In me
tropolitan shape.
Business was suspended at Car
tersville, Ga., the home of tho late
Rev. Sam P. Jones, when the body of
the evangelist reached there. TV
City Council and about 3.000 per
sons met the body at th^ station.
Why don’t the newspapers of this
region stop publishing so much blood
and thunder about every trivial
fracas that occurs. They hunt i»p
every little petty difficulty and then
try to make a sensational arti :lo cut
of it. Can’t they understand that
such stuff reflects upon our section.
If you do not receive the Daily
Lender regularly every morning, let
us kuow about it at our business
office ou Bland street and we will
see to it that the carrier delivers
the paper more carefully or get one
that will. If you receive your paper in
a mutilated condition report it at this
Do our people observe how quiet
the Bluefleld political boss-ridden
ring Is those days. Watch them,
good people, for they surely have
something up their sleeves. They are
only keeping quiet that they may the
better deceive the voter. A long ser
vice In deception peculiarly tits them
for all kinds of political trickery.
They hope by silence to keep their
past record from the public and gain
another lease of power in their ne
ferlous political domination.
Dr. J. D. McCue desires us to cor
rect a false statement recently pub
lished in these columns in reference
to his leaving this city with the in
tention of getting married. There
was not a word of truth In the re
port and the doctor would like to
know the wise Ike who acted so of
ficiously. In our innocence, and
knowing nothing of the nffai**, we
were imposed upon, and now w<> are
ready to help the doctor wallop tin
fellow- who would dare play such a
malicious trick.
Put men in the State Sena* * who
will represent the people fairly and
honestly on all question-.*. Mr. Jair
us Collins is such a man and posses
ses all the requisites necessary to
command respect and attention on
all public questions. He is not a par
tisan and will represent all alike. He
aspires to the nosit tor. because he
thinks he can Jo the community in
which he is deeply Interested some
good. He knows what the people need
and what they want and he has the
Independence to demand and stand
up for the rights of his people, Send
him as your representative to the
State Senate and he will be a talih
ful and consistent servant >f his
fellow citizens in every way in his
United States Court convened In
tho City Hall, thin city, yesterday.
Judge Dayton presiding. Judge Day
ton arrived a little late nnd ccurt
was not convened until 2 o’clock In
I the afternoon. Ilia charge to tne
I grand Jury 1b spokeu of In the high-j
eat manner and wus complimented
on every hand by those who heard
It. On account of the lato hour of |
1 tho coming of the court there was
but little business transacted, only j
a few unimportant motions being
made. It Is generally thought that
this will bo a short session o? co.'.rt.
ns Judge Dayton has expressed a de
dro to got a little rest .f possible
flrom bis strenuous duties which,
has been Increased by tho absence of
Judge Keller from this circuit
And this Is very dlsagreeab’O
weather wo arc having just new.
it. C. Mustard of McComas. was In
the city yesterday.
J. W. White, of Tazewell, was In i
our city yesterday.
M. C. McCorkle, of Roanoke, was
In town yesterday on business.
James Honaker, of Rocky Gap,
was in town yesterday transacting!
< business.
John Kenny, of Bradshaw, W. Vn.,
was in town yesterday on business. .
L. It. Ford, of Richmond. Va., Is'
registered at the Summit hotel.
R. F. Clapp, of Panther, W. Va.,:
was in town yesterday and will re-1
main a few days.
The flve-year-old hoy of W. M
Wolfe, who has been sick for a long
rime, we are glad to hear Is Improv
ing rapidly.
I James Nunn and David Talbert,1
.of Bland county, were visitors at the
home of Mr. C. It. Wolfe yesterday, i
and while In the city transacted busl-i
ness of importance.
Candidate for the State Senate, H. i
jS. White, made us a friendly visit yea- ,
terday. He was in his usual pood
Cr. M. Millard, Ksq., of William
son is in the city in attendance upon
the sessions of the United States
Court. Tho Judge is one of the lead
ing citizens of Mingo county.
General Store Manager, H. K. Ap
ple, of the Red Jacket operations,
Mingo county, was in the city yesler
Inv in attendance upon the United i
States Court. He is one of the]
staunch business men of that region. J
Attorney S. D. Stokes, of William
son, is in the city attending United
hates Court on professional business.
Mr. Stokt s is now, also editor of the
Mingo News, which is doing much
good in the case of the people
.gainst a corrupt republican ring in
Mingo county. He informs us that,
•he outlook is all right in thut coun- •
fy »nd that the democrats will win. I
He dropped into our offlco and we
vere really glad to see him. We con- j
rratulat** him upon the good news
aper he is editing and wish him all
he success imaginable, politically
and In every other way.
MAY THE ai. ltfOO.
To raHh on baud June 1, 190G
. 1k 5170.4 7
To Delinquent Personal Property
Tax for 1904. 871.04
T0 Delinquent sidewalks. . 202.*2
To fines for month of June 1905
. 641.59
To license for month of June
1905. l/oc.r;
To license for month of July
1905. 388.64
To flues for month of July 1905
. 81681
Rent for City Hall, quartor end
ing June 30th. 1905_ 78 00
To sidewalk tax. 170.80
To sidewalk tax. 340.51
To lines for month of August
1905,. 713.02
To license for month of August
1905.* 8 f 4.65
To license for month of Septem
ber, 1905. 158.04
To fines for mouth of September
1905. 701.80
To fines for month of October,
1905. 1116.41
To license for month of Ootober
1905. 109.43
To dog tax. 123.00
To street paving. 1604-1.3J
To personal property tax, 1905
. 7362 92
To cnpltntlon tax. 1800.00
To real estate tax. 0235.0
To rent for City Hall, quarto’
ending Septoniber 30th. . 75.00
To license for month of Novem
ber, 1905. S3.83
To fines for month of November
1905. 10Jl.lt
To voucher N. & W. Ry. Co., 1G 58
To sidewalk tax. 646.96
To sidewalk tax. 8933.43
To fines for month of December.
1905. 947.5?
To dog tax. 140.67
To street paving. 4631.51
To license for Dec. 1905,.. 91.51
To llconse for Jan. 1906.... 19.96
To fines for month of Jan. 1906.
. 472.66
To additional personal property
tax. 527.90
T0 street paving. 477.40
To 10 per cent penalty on taxes
collected after Jan 1st... 23.25
To cash from W. H. Coffman 55.20
To cash from B. M. Cheen. . 55.00
To cash from East River Electric
Company. 48.00
To sidew’alk taxes. 4 56.92
T0 sidewalk taxes,. 508.70
To N. & W. Ry. Co. taxes 1131.93
To Minefield and Hinton Elec’rlc
Railway Company....
To Pullman Palace Car Co.,.. .64
To Bland street M. E. church,
. 1183
T0 rent of City Hall. 7;>.0<)
To license for Feb. March, April
and May. 26295.1 7
To fines for Feb. March, Apul
and May,. 2438.00
To personal property taxes col
lected,. 1.00
To 10 per cent penalty on taxes
To street paving. 167.95
To stone curbing,...;.... S80.00 .
Total.9 183 4.89
By City drafts paid. 78232.80
Ry delinquent personal property
tax returned for 190 4. 806. M
By delinquent tax. 139.28
By Improper charge*, personal
property book. 1905. 72 77
By Improper charges sidewalk
taxes. 25.20
By discount 21 per cent, taxes
collected before Do. 1st. 27 2.61
By Improper charges, real estate
book. 1905. 12.51
By improper charges person'll
property books. 1905,.. 22 f»C
By delinquent list, rent estate .
returned. 107.43
By delinquent, personal property
1905. 852.90
By uncollected sidewalk taxes,
. 3218 98
By uncollected paving assess
ments. 1992.47
By Bland street M. E. church,
. 1) S3
By Commissioner to Treasurer,
. 1626.0°
By rebate sidewalks tax,.. 51.36
Balance in hand of Treasurer,
June the 1st. 1906, $3209.18.
Total amount of drafts issued for
the fiscal year ending May 31st.
1906. covered by the following
charges; $79376.78.
Salaries, . 4329.67
Police. 7021.05
Incidentals. 504 9.53
Fire. 2324.01
Water. 159.88
Lights. 3274.90
Teams. 572.56
Prisoners. 11-71.15
Paupers. 2.387-98
Storm drains. 5790.°4
N. & W. Storm drain. 4 23.70
Scavanger. 22.50
Rebate tax. 136.SO
Sidewalks. 5680.11
Court House. 519.83
Elections. 234.10
Paving. 28630.77
Interests. 4041.51
Black-smith shop. 41.18
Total.. .. 79376.78
Outstanding drafts unpaid, issued
since Juno 1st, 1905 to Juno 1st
1906, $1143.98.
State of West Virginia.
County of Mercer, To-wlt: »
This day J. T. Akers, auditor of
tlio city of Bluefleld, personally ap
peared before me and being by me
llrst duly sworn, says that the above
statement Is correct to the heat of
his knowledge and belief.
Auditor City of Bluefleld.
Taken subscribed and sworn to
before me In my said co inty on this
the 17th, day of October, 1906.
N. P. for Mercer county.
Rooms for rent at No. 24 Pu
laski street, to good par
ties who will keep the
rooms clean and pay the
Prof. T. H. R. Christie
FOR SALE.—A first Class Saw
Mill outfit. For particulars call
on or address the Leader. Blue
fleld. W. Va.
WANTED:—At once. Good
Comissary man. Apply or
Write, Louis vile Coal and
Coke Co., Goodwill, W.
Va., or the Leader ffice.
Head the Daily Leader.
l\JOrr,I#^'lH,f To thosc to whom prices have been quoted:
1 ^1 JL ‘ °v‘ l,>’ u,0,>- Prlces of lots in "Grahamfield, ” South side of Electric Rail
__ ",ay ,n East Grahan and West Bluefield, will he advanced 20 per cent.
and BLU£FIELD improvement CO.,
— .. ...___:_ R. B.WILLIAMSON. Pres.
That Talented, Talkedof and Taking Artiste
In SAM’L LEWIS’ powerful romantic comedy drama,
Tl» easier to avoid a fault than
acquire perfection —From the Ger
Fear not tomorrow s mischance. -
From the Turkish.
A fellow feeling make* us wond
rous kind.—Garrick.
There’s nothing like having the
key of the fields. — From the French.
The first movements are not in the
hands of men.—Don Quixote.
Little fish are sweet. From the
H. C. Crawford, of Hrlstol, was In
town yesterday.
R C. Dangerfleld, of New Hope
Is In the city transacting business.
It Is Actually too disagreeable to
;ot out oven on business and all
outdoor work is virtually suspended
for the present.
The new block of brick building
, on the Red lot are now very near
i 'ornpletion and will |»,. one of the
nisiest portions of our city
It would seem that the renegade
Democrats of Mingo county hn-1
'aken possession of the Hept bllcan
•arty. Every man on the county
'leket Is a recent I*jmo,rrit How
' <e old line Republican stand thlr.
*111 be seen lat jr on
There will be many to sympathise
with the m*T> who remarks: ' When
I went to school a certain blockhead*
of a hoy In by class always spelled
through, t-h-r-u, and the who! ) cl is*
*oiild give him the hors© laugh. Hut
now Roosevelt says that chump, was
ight, and the class owes him An
Do You Want the Best?
Mt. Vernon
Surpasses all other makes. You have only
to try it to L>a convinced.
- {
Sole Distributors,
Bluefield, W. Va.
For all kinds of
Eure Groceries.
You should come to the store of Sublette & Barnes.
Are Toil Going to But a Steel Mn This Pall?
If so. Bear in Mind that the:
Is the best Steel Range on the market and the
Price Is Right
In fact the Anchor ta the only Range on the
market that haa any particularly distinct fea
turea. The manufacturers of thia range have
broken away from the worn out traditions of
range building and have constructed a dur
able and beautiful Range full of efficient,
modern features.
Thia Range ia ao constructed that the Smoke
Flue cornea out at the Back, thereby leaving
both the top of the range aa well as the
arming cloaet without any obstructions.
They are made from I*e“vy Cold Rolled Steel
I late, the bake oven being made of ten gauge
. teel Plate, thia being the heaviest material
ever known in Steel Range construction. The
oven flues are double with thick Asbestos Card
Boards between the two steel plates, therefore
mnking the oven indestructable and a perfect
baker, as the asbestos lining holds the heat in
the oven where it should be and prevents it
radiating out into the room in hot weather
and making it very uncomfortable for the one
doing the cooking.
No one thinking of buying a Steel Range
cun afford to do so without first calling at my
store and making a critical examination «#
• • a 111 v aiiu
” . " ....J ui II nui «>nvemeni io can ui me store request me to
wUM !u * tV" VV'V’ pn<Le9:,und 80 f?rth- Such information will l»e gladly furnished and I am sure if v e
will take trouble to make the examination that you will agree with me that I have the best sTL? y°
the market, and an to “the price in right” I feel confident that I can sell you. ** °
323, Princeton Ave., Opp. Freight Depot
■ _
Buy her a Motor for her Sewing Machine. Makes
sewing a pleasant occupation.
Get our Prices on Sewing Machine Motors and
Motors for Washing Machines and Wringers.
Also Prices on Electrical Irons and
Climax Electrical Supply and Construction Company,
Electrical Contractors and Engineers,
Tho only drawback I. room to dl.pluy then., but wo hope to got
e" 0'"' ""w »“hln tho next two or throe weoko, whore
*° Wl" "“Ve °"e th0 hl'"t •Quipped Clothing Eotabllohmonto In tho
Mate. In the n.o„„tl„,„ drop In at our prouont location and ace tho now
tilings wo have for yon.
r,ie REGAL Shoes are in town awHl be put on sale Just as soon as
wo ran get moved. We have no room here for them, so we can’t put
I hem on snle until we move. The Regal shoe is sold in all the larger
• Ities and is known throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and
in fact they are sold In the most important cities of Europe, and we feel
proud that we are the first merchants In our State to obtain the agency.
Thousands of people from the smaller towns where there are no Regal
stores order them each season from some one of the 123 Regal Stores.
I ho Regal Shoe Is tho only shoe made In 1-4 sixes.
We want every man, woman and child In Rluefleld and surrounding
counties and states to visit us In our now store, this invitation Is to YOU.
Present location 233 Princeton Avo.
New location Corner Princeton and Higginbotham Avenues.

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