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Bluefield Daily Leader.
IIY I'll K
“Kntered m» second-class matt* • April a," 1906. at the post office
*t Bluetield. W ■» under art of C<) ugrehn of March S. 1K79 .**
Undkk tiik Manaobmknt ok
Thos. B. (faknkk
Published Every I >ay in the Year Except Monday.
Fdtir Dollars a Year Two Cents a Copy.
Busioiiss Office: rtlaad Strset. N»xt Door to Postoffice.
Minefield Telephone No. 5(K1.
Advertising Rates Made Known on \pplicatinn
Rate* Reasonable
West Virginia
The hand of Prosperity and
Plenty. Has the < ire.»test
Natural Resource** in th“
Pome to the Hills,
<>! West Virginia,j)Where
Nature Lavishes Her
I he Greatest Among all of the St; ;‘h Varied Resources is the Poca*
hontast'oal Field* jf this V’iciuity.
The PittHburg Gazette-Times an
nounces the* dilution of the f ivel
problem. Without pausing to rend
what our contemporary has to say,
it is a reasonable gucB-i that the plan
Is to shovel the atmosphere Into the
basement and have it handy when
the furnace needs it
The president’s’ message ran so
closely on Bryan that the “Bryan*
Roosevelt merger” quite captivates
such a critic as the New York World.
It thinks the merger almost com
plete. If any one will study the mes
sage In comparison with Bryan’s
Madison square speech there will
appear a parallelism astonishing t<
behold, when it is considered that
the two men are in opposing parties.
Perhaps no man of large meant
In the United States, certainly n<
member of the senate, looks after
so much of the detail of his work as
docs Senator Clark of M.'.r.i • a pc
does the work which most other men
who have accumulated great busi
ness and political responsibilities bin
clerks, secretaries and stenographers
to do. When he is in Washington
he usually goes to his committee
room by !> o'clock every morning
and insists upon opening with bl
own hands the huge mass of letter.'
that litter his desk. Unlike most
other senators, he dictates replies
to every communication which In'
thinks deserves notice and will not
permit any of his empires to do
this. ||<> clooH not even penult the
uso of u rubber stamp in hIkiiIiik
hi't m ine. In I is houajaoM nfli'lru
tho Montana Croesus is just as
watchful and enerKetic as in his
btisinoKH and political matters.
Tlx* accidental meeting In Kansas
• lly a few days ago of two ex-gov* •
unors seems to illustrate the oft
•epeuted statement that “the repub
i( Is opportunity.” Fifty years ago
wo street waifs of New York did
lot seem to have a fair start In the
vorld. John Hrady was. as he says,
a little Mick,” with no home but
he streets, and • Andy” Rurke had
he same home. They were friends
><*tit !lH homeless hoys to an Instl
utlon on ‘'th<» island,” they heurd an
tflidal read a letter from anothei
vaif who had been sent to Indiana,
rite letter told of the wonders of
.‘arm life and impressed them so
leeplv that they clambered aboard
train for the west. Burke reached
\'orth Dakota, where in the course of
years he was elected governor. Bra
dy went to Alaska, where after
‘striking it” he was appointed gov
There are n ore than 1^0 India
•uhber manufacturers In the United
states, employing more than lf»,000
I operatives.
The Daily Leader is the best nd
^ vertisinj? medium in this section.
In 1796 William Take, a Quaker
opened the first national asylum for
the Insane In Yr *k. Knuland. A few
years earlier a French nan named
Plnel had made a similar effort to
restore the ineatally deftelent to the
rank of human below*. PlnelV plan
was that of non-rostralnt, a Ryateni
then unheard of and, of course, to
ridiculed a» a prnporterous her
esy. It Is now heltiK followed every
The Courier-Journal has alwayH
h Id Theodore Roosevelt to be a
at u an and a politician of the
very hrst order of originality, saga
city and courngo. Of his personal
cleanliness It entertains no doubt.
But In a democracy Just such men
become more dangerous when they
let their ambition overleap their
scruples. We do not fear the mil
lions of Hearst. We do fear the
genius of Roosevelt.
Nobody can dissipate this fear but
Theodore Roosevelt himself, and not
until the proper tlmo arrives. That
will be when the national republican
committee meets In Washington to
prepare for the ensuing national re
publican convention. If the presi
dent, reminded by the ominous and
fatal sllonce of Grover Cleveland on a
similar occasion, will call this for
mative body before him and will say
to them, "Ho who proposes to keep
me here an hour after the 4th of
March, *909, Is my enemy and the
enemy of his country,” or words to
this effect, our Judgment Is that he
may not only name his successor, ns
Jackson did, but have'a life-seat In
Senate, there to do inestimable pub
lic service, going to Valhella clois
ters at last a good third with Wash
ington and Lincoln.
The nltcrnntivo picture, even In
the event that he were elected to
succeed himself, would bo but a kind
of pinchbeck Caesar keeping com
pany with Bolivar and Diaz.
Queen Olga of Greece Ih an admi
ral In the Russian navy. Though the
czar has not yet Invested her with
the command of a squadron, this
does not Imply that Queen Olga is
not capable of tilling such a position.
Sho hns passed a brilliant examina
tion as fleet captain and displays
great competency In naval questions.
•'A just war la In the long run far
better for a nation’a soul than the
mo»t prosperous peace obtained by
aepuiacence in wrong or injustice.
"Not only must we treat all na
tions fairly but we roust treat with
justice and good will all immigrants
wi»o com*) here under the law.
"I ask fair treatment for the Jap
anese as I would ask fair treatment
for Germans, or Kngllsh, or French
men, or Russians or Italians. I ask
It as due to humanity and civilisa
It is unfortunate thnt our pres
ent laws should forbid all combines
Instead of sharply discrimination
between combinations which do good
and thos« which do evlL
“When home ties are loosened,
when men and women cease to re
gard a worthy family life oa the
best life worth living thon evil days
for the commonwealth are at hand.
“In this age of great corporate
and labor combinations neither em
ployers nor employes should be loft
completely at the mercy of the
stronger party to a dispute regard
less of the righteousness of their
“The best way to avert the very
undesirable move for the govern
ment ownership of railways is to se
cure by the government such ade
quate control and regulation of the
common carriers as will do away
with the evils that give rise to the
“Corrupton is never s0 rife as In
communities where the demagogue
and agitator have full sway.
“The most dangerous blow that
can be given popular government
is to elect an. unworthy and sinister
agitator on a platform of violence
and hypocrisy.
“Every Christian patriot In Amer
needs lift up his volco in loud and
earnest protest aganst the mob spir
it that is threatening the Integrity
of thiB republic.
“There must be hesitancy In deal
ing with disorder but there must
likewise bo no such abuse of the In
junctive Jower is ns abuse of the in
bidding laboring men to strive for
their betterment In peaceful ways."
.Senators Burrows says th»t Sena
tor Smoot ought to go. Granted. But
how about Platt and Depew?
Biuefleld. W. Va.. Not. 1, 1906.
Mr. C. W. Mow, jjtstrlct Agent,
The Travelers Insuanse Co.
Biuefleld, W. Va.
— Dear 8lr:—Please accept my thanks for check No. 12191. of the
Travelers Insurance Company for f 1,000. which I have Just receive in
payment of claim under Accident policy No. 2004. written through your
agency on the life of my late husband, Oeorge G. Belcher.
Mr. Belcher *was accidentally killed on the evening of October 23rd.
and I am very grateful indeed, both to you and your Company, for such
prompt adjustment of my claims under said policy. My claim has been
settled Inside of one weeks* time, and the treatment received by me.
both from you and the Travelers Insurance Company, is all that any one
could desire. I thank you most sincerely for your very prompt hand
ling of my interest, and I shall always find pleasure In speaking a good
word for the Travelers Insurance Company.
Respectfully Yours,
«. (Signed,) BERTHA BELCHER.
MORAL: Insure in the Travelers.
OLAUDE W. MOSS, District Agent.
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