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Bluefield evening leader. [volume] (Bluefield, W. Va.) 1906-1911, January 18, 1907, Image 4

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• m* m
• bknj.Vmi.v If.
• HILL'S Tltlltl TC •
Of tho many tributes to •
• Genera I*v that of the elo •
quent Hon Benjamin it Hill •
• deserves to rank with the •
• best: •
When the future historian •
• comes to survey the charac- •
• tor of Lee he will find It rising •
• like a huge mountain above •
• the undulating plain „T lot- •
• inanity, and tie will have ?.. *1
• Jiff fils eyes toward heaven * '
• to catch Its summit, lie pos- •
• sessod every virtue or the great •
• commanders, without their vl- •
• ces. He was a foe without •
h-'te, a friend without re- •
• proach. a Christian without •
• Hypocrisy, a man without •
• guilt. He urns a Caesar with- •
• <Hlt h!s ambition, a Frederick •
• ^without bis tyranny, a Najml- •
eon without his selfishness, a •
• Washington without his ro- •
ward. Ho was obedient to •
authority as a servant, and •
• ,Ioyal In authority as a true •
king. He was gentle ns a •
woman In life, modest and •
pure as a virgin In thought. •
wattdiful as a ltoman vestal *
Jn duty, submissive to law as •
• ^ocrntes. and grand In battle •
• as Achilles.** * .
• * • • • •
Go. Glory and forever guard
Our Chleftan’s hallowed dust;
And. honor! keep eternal ward:
And, fame' be this thy trust
Go, with your brightest, emblazon
ed scroll,
And tell the years to be
The first of names that flash your roll
In ours—Great Robert Leo.
Leo wore the Gray' Since then
'TIs right’s and honor’s hue;
He honored It—that man of man—.
And wrapped It round the true
Dead? but his spirit breathes;
Head' but his heart Is ours;
Dead! but his sunny, sad land
His crown with tears for flowers
A statue for h1s tomb*
Mold it of marble white -
For wtong. a specter of death an I
An angel of hope and right
Rut Lee has a thousand graves;
In a thousand hearts., I ween;
And tear-drops fnll from our eyes
1n waves.
That will keep his memory green
Ah! Muse, yon dare not claim
A nobler man than he;
Nor nobler man hath less of blame.
Nor blameless man hath purer name.
Nor purer name hath grander fame.
Nor fame another T.ee,
—Ry Father Ryan.
Mem than two years ago when I
was‘111 In Rome, f called to my relief
a German physician and In the course
of one of our conversations I remark
ed Incidentally that I had served 1b
the army of Lee His face at once
Do you know that rheumatism cm
be relieved? If you doubt this just
try one application of Chamberlain’s I
Pain Halm. It will make rest nnu
aleep poaslble, and that certain 1;
means a great deal to any one af
flicted with rheumatism. For 'Bale
by all druggists.
T. T. Carter,
. .Offlc® <5 and 7 I^zarus Rullding . .
bluefleld, w va.
Keystone, W. Va.
N, A. 'HKIjHON, Manager.
Newly refitted throughout with
earnmodlous sample rooms
EVERYTHING ffiwt-chsh.
Open day and right and run on the
European and American Plan
Your patronage respectfully bo

Embalmer and
PKone 128 Day and Night
KverythinR ri,»*on;il,|r in
l>rice. Offlrfnl un<\< r\-,t k» r for
N. Sr W R’y Co. The mo-t
complete -fork in tin- p,rt of
the State.
6irrF«|ts and Funeral Equipages
lighted up with Interest, and I was
amazed at the ordinal knowledge and
appreciation which he displayed •>!
'*ur Confederate tdiit I Thi name and
fann* of Let Is a wand t«> conjur*
with In foreign land and und< i alien
Ki< .almost as readily a in the home
of liis nativity. Among tit.* great
h-hts of scholarship in Oxford and
* amhi'ldge and Geneva I discovered
a knowledge of hi character and t.
' a in I lint it y with his achievement
i ;it a tonlshed me morn than I am
* Id e |M express. Several summer
Igo I i a tile face to faett in the im
tropoll ■ if Scotland, on Prlnccsii
'•••et, not far lioui the world ro
nowtied statue of Sir Walter Scott.
'it|i a lift size pot trait of I.ee. an ad
niirahle likeness, <*v< r whieh were
fhe words in large letters, ‘The
Great American General ”
W hen I wa.s In Geneva a foremost
ight of Swiss literature was charmed
'hat I discovered a marked re mm
dame |u the face of an eminent
'Wins scientist to the face of |,ec.
in his great rapture In* ha toned to
• ommunlrate my discovery to a son
of the distinguished scientist Sover
i! years ago | erossed the Atlantic
‘n a S< ;| emher gale The steward
:ime Into my stateroom and t* nderod I
ils s< I V lees, as f vei votie , \eept ni.V
elf was desperately sh k Cpon my
eferrlng Incidentally to Lee and
mentioning that I had served under j
‘ils haulier, lie lighted up with on
huslasm and said: “You can have!
my thing there Is In the ship.” In
■•very i Izllized land the mention of
I.< i tia ik n: ill" e\ i»r< io;i of
rympaihy with li|v • ■ ( a pa —
I'ort ’olt..: ■ ti< 1 i ::lon
11 <*ii r > i: Sh<-ph<rd
I'he • xpressimi ■ > ci lnp 1: .. ^.,ver
1,01 ' •! • 'I to have ail e , ; 1 ;
' ‘I" '• II 'I • te I deal- (|li-|(er •!.
litu 'aIn amt tie elltnlnatl' ri of the
' '»• t Itut I. ai |, sn<1 , |.ei . ,.i a
Ih' e\ ■ I t I V • (III! it,, ... p,|W.
I *i I1 tow In (■ t h . i ; ro.
' 1 r|’ veluiMl. (Jov 111 n * 111 I. .! inov
• (| 1 ' I ' 1 ' ■ I ’! e,
or th. ev ent:-... , h.oah. r And ; „
' ":,,,’t ' —> 1 I ■ ' ‘ ’II. Ill,, holt
i o i of politician Will have to take
Heir chance and their tarn with or
dinary ,t|/cri V rn.i > h,-., )„nj.
le- . With tile > |. . . f . ■ | t (|e 'll. ft
1 •*« ' erlon-! Irttov tfop r,,r tat.-*
Hem in haiclK -|t. • to t Ik ».u la* v
ir he may not whl : . i h, t cat of
Kfe i tin
Tile eat.I | ha le III <11 . -.id t he
h." Iv.mil hav. t.. et, 1,1 hi, ,| all
private 1 , v t., th, h; . ,,, -nt ,
Iran. ■ have h. ,-n . ,|, .| i„ and no
Ivltrli.ii , a hi m i I to lx- l.i rued in
ot d« r (hit t lie V. ot | or lint lit
"•:»> lie . It a i d I.. million t
ho fin > nine in l, a io.t i aSon
mlidii -rna < ed in lin n aii, litm
se|\ts into a poitioti of r 11 roil
« • ale,| ititlin-m e
In tin- meantime Odell ml hi*
man Uaine; 111• < I,at. i liai, i ews
I*|l'< t'K Ini-ail; i publicity |s no rt
I •
sior< the old oid.r. as If there had
I" ‘11 tIO ' •’< I i ' 1 '. \v . • J
i’H M|e I III 1 h o’ for .ill those who
b-* V|* til* he 'I ' ; It 1 hi . two i in
eaunot conceive or our in. tltution*
big worked, |t i t,. In ,,f
dhmen and go-bet w. i And tins
don t rive a rap w h. * the ‘ nflnu nt
e may he on
b»’ K-iIji 11 lli <•> It ton:,, the
> nil in tied, power a. i d r< ad>
I" it ft I on 11 a fin* w • p dir e
ro w hat ext« n
' a on a hi", . i ntr, only
•'ill .how Hat one thin;.' la eertaln
Vr will r A.iya ha\.- It ft, hi:;.
» I • vii
e!e, i • him against tin po|jtMans,
"bo are Itnapahle of !• a njng an.
1'ilnrr. a tiny are of forgettng any
ihlne New York Kv nlng Sun
It 'he not eoim wiihln the ratine
of e\ ry nr n . powers or opportuni
ties to do the hip and spectacular
thiii” i ha I In Ip • In world along;
1,111 it ,i’ it'd for you and me nn.l
till lie I' I of Us to he encoiirager I
We imii not have tin cliann.. to reore,
lull We cannot stand oil tin - id lim
••itn! eln er Wlnuo you .a- a good
• tiiti ai; ini ti ll lion t jt. even |f |t
” i v. iln- ot her fellow a little mo
I ; on.im m • l hail >oi|i - If I f It
• t'tie that maledictions conn home t
I'"' t it i also true that boosts have
he ana lialdt You cannot help the
'tiler f« l|ow ’.v lf o ' helping your*
elf at ! .v i to . . g. • ■ •
The man »:nt j nodily brooding •
tils study. Hi, do lay symputht U
illy at his f<_ t. Everything see »
o have g un wrong lat ly. Fate •
1'iyit::- at < V
■ dun."i and I f at Id !lr d
■loomy p! - .- g iiule C. i
dis< onr< ■ . t . n
•‘»r, *"| h n« do .va ,u. ham! d
unit tht c i:ic.''
Just then the dog art , stn
rst If and v. 1 lowly are . •
room. H i in.i ter"; , vf f,,j: A
’iiu-oiiHrlon ly. > .aal! .> ,,r . .
hirio had (< :i l it thro r t
half tit/ t'l blind at.d lay, a !.
yellow • ,. upon t !•■ < arpet
dog ell d It. ‘ ip let It o‘
in in pul • I Mia • If to" the r.
"I hav t
dog." |,«> m I,
a bright .: j
'■'ill go fltid if "
I ha vo no < n v.. t ■,: the >aa n
Who i a iidli loe-a j j
Suoli " ' ight "f (,M, , •; in
I a in v ‘! 1 .ii<; h | 1 a i ;
nut I would : of i ■ I tl. * 1 a
For ! It gold In mount i;.r j• 11 t.
That. 1 it ,e* ii ,ai 11
Of a h: .fa r
I. Z \V. Crockett, Special Rcceiv
• r. b> virtue of I lies authority vested
in me by a ilecroo entered by the
Circuit t ourt of Mercer Comity,
v\ < st Virginia, in the chimccr)
• aiise therein pending in the name of
R Carter Wollford, who etc., vs
I nited Ranking Ai Trust Company,
•vill, on tho 2nd day of February,
IhnT, at In o'clock, a m., at the
n»"t d.. of tile law ofHce of Crock
'll »V CrockHt. in the City of Riuo*
b id, <'oiintj of Mercer and State of
st Virginia, proceed to sell by way
>1 public auction to iIn* highest Idd
lor all that certain lot or parcel of
and situate in the dt> (>f Rluetlcld.
loiiniy of Mercer ami State of West
v'irginin, and more particularly
•ounded and described as follows,
'*-vvit: Eying on the North side of
he Norfolk <V Western Railway and
djoining the lot of tho Rrlck Coin
'any. of Elijah Trigg and tho Win.
v Harris lot, and fronting forty-six
i IG) feet on Reese street, and
notinded up follows; Reginning at a
■take, a corner of tho Win. A. Harris
<»t and a corner of the lot hereby
onveyed; thence North forty ( |0)
e< t to a stake, corner of a lot of VV.
Rusk; thence vvith the line of said
'.usk and Trigg East eighty-nine
si* I feet to a Bta! o in the edge of
tees street; thence South,, vvith
he line of said Rees street, foity
"rtv t Hi) feet to a stake; thence
ho Win. A II mis lot; thence West
orty t l ) feet to a stake; thence*
\orth six (G) feet to a stake
hence West forty-nlno ( ID) feet to
he point of beginning. Reing the
aim* property conveyed to the
nited Ranking A.- Riiilding Compa
ty l afterwards the I'nited Ranking
v Trust Company) by li R Uenoon
tnd Herbert R Hawes, Trustees, by
Iced bearing date on the 2 1st day
>f Jline, In'JT, and recorded in the
'lerk s Office of the County Court
>f Mercer County, in Heed Rook No
■ •>, page 2 10. I veil! also at the same
inie and place proceed to sell the
ollowing Ini (ll strip «.f land, which
idjoins on the South tin* above d<
cribed lot. tills strip having been
'tirchased by the lulled Ranking &
Prust Company from VV. A Harris
md wife, owing to the fact that the
mllding on the above described lot
vas ((instructed partly on the strip
■f land hereinafter described.
The said strip or lot of land Is
lOiindi d and described as follows,
o wit R. ginning at a point In the
■V e t Iinr* of Rees street. N 15 deg
•’ oiin VV. seven hunderd and twen
■y-fwo (722) feet and six (6) Inch'S
rom the Inter -eetlon of the said
A'est line Of Rf < stre. t. with the
^outh line of Railroad avenue, said
ntersectlon being at the top of the
•mli nl: merit of the Norfolk & West
•rn Railway Company’s yard, and
•inning from aid beginning point, at
iglit angles with the said line of
!{. ep street. S 7j deg 4r> m,n nffy.
'our (51) feet to a point; theme N
’ d - l*i min VV lx (0) feet and
our ( 1 ) Indie t., n point In the line
Tiie Evening Reader Is growing In
popularity with the people.
I ol , i l**t .I, i (!■ -d I \\ A j i a Ik
vS Ifo t«i "ii* .1 K K nv .| ! . 11. r,
<l.i l<(| l lie J.". Ill »|ay ol' An i |S'jr,;
I lienee with tin1 lin< ol a , Killin'
'1 > lot \ li S d< . I l 'll ! I • . ! ) li','1
l«» a point in ml lim , 11 .-n. • s. |;
^ I'* min I' Hill with Hi,, lim
"I : aid In< iiii•'ii\ lot, ix Hi i foot It
a point; III*m , < • >n(inuii with tin
'.'lid Kennedy Iiin X r. deg. K
a i >iii in tin
"’•‘*1 lim ot . id I{< . .i i: t|,oncc
with the -am \\ t lino f itees
’ I S I ' dm: |.. min ... n (7 >
fee) a ml : i\ I li ( ill, lien In I lie point
"<■ heginnii It, ini-. tln> same
properly ( Oily. Yed lo ||,e | r III loll
Matikinr. T* n i (.iiii'ii!', |.\ W. \
Harris and wife, !» d d hearing
dnl< mi I'' Hi day of A i i I. | !*<)(>.
and i oeorded in aid hi i olliee
in I •<a d I took Xo 10, ,.. .■ jo I
I KIt.\lo <)K p \I,l\ (>i, third rash
on d iy o' s: ..ml I h i d,. ,,.I V -
aide in two e<p; il im ’al: nl in six
and I wel v,> mon I h r< • . ': >.a Iy from
day of sale .1 In im I jpg
his two horn]' le riii" int.i, j fnnn
dnl- , v. it ii -in..! , i .. 11 rjiv,
I or I hr d< ferreo ],a y i". n p .
\V. C Ilf Mil I.
special U i\ r
Hy virtue of u Docreo of tlio Cir
• uit Court of .Mercer county, ren
tier* 1 .11 the February Term, i'juj,
l lien *>l . in Hie Chancery cause of
K W Hale, Committee,
John A Hailey, et a).
I In; iiinli : i iieil Ciiuiiiii ; inner, up
pointed fin .he purpose, i\i|| pin
ci i i| tu sell nl the front door of the
• ''•mi I lieu-1• of M'Tci'i' Cimiimy, . t
Vir- inia, by Wiiy of public auction,
'O flic IliKilesI Milder, on tile
-nd Day of February, !!M)7,
Mu followiii;-, ties' rib«*d |{c:i| Cstiite,
situate in aid County, to wit.
A I rad of land situate near tin
City of IIIin-field, in the mdebbor
itooil called “Heaver I’ond" contain
ic ; •'miit tI;ink (Mi r 1100 acres of land
and owned b> the bite Carmack Hai ,
b - in 'I u "U wbicli I i id- 1 in hi;
lit > t line.
CASH ill 11 a tl (] on day of ale.
n \v. I’CNin.irroN’,
Special Comiiii. dmicr.
d-'c at, inon.
I \V. H, IIONAKFU, Clerk of the
Circuit Court of Mercer county, do
h'Ti by certify that Special Comtni -
Try a Want s
j Do You Want the
I Ft
§ Surpasses al od ,r makes. You have only h
to try to be convinced.
§ Sole Distributors,
| Bluefield, W. Va. I
| For all kinds of
I Pure Groceries, J
r Non '.h< - M < of i t< i the store of Sublette iY Barnes. 5
»r • rav*«i‘fr t **#.. ... )M2iiii7Hififiiio(fiii<iitmtitg »*eine?>:
Flat Top National Bank I
Organized IRQ.'j.
Capital Paid in Cash. 100.000.00. f
Total Resources Over Hail V n Dollars
Progressive Conservative. i. • m w\ki r* ■
Accounts Solicited
ior i 1.. \. i ■
illy boild . r d 1 1
}tfm liy d
C'< ::i t in th< i \V. t
Com vs. .J* I: i A. ' < i ;
\V. J>. IP): \Kl.lt, (
< II XMI’.I- It!, \ 1 N l Cl (Ml |;i. II
nv.xsx.!; ':i, im: mh;
1 n leiyii,;' :t < i .i i.. !hii.,
( Ms 111 Im.: I’I. i i • v i : y . ,
is iu> dan.",* r 1 : nil
I ways s in e t < > l.»:..
> d esj < <dally r • . ■ : , • i ;
hooping co i- Ip. :;ri.: i. |,,,
1 r medicine in l 1 i for •
diseases. I* it c. ■ ,|y •
i nre for croup, i(. \v" ■* n iv •
oon as croup < > i i i . > ;;
prevent the ;U k Vit .<•••: • ,
Is not dangerous wli a this in f
is given n. dire- t ! I ‘ r<... * • ■
• Ol
t! ay lie trh -i 'cut ' v t., ;, i
baby as to a: ;e]: I \,r 1 • '
■ VSBJJ1 . ;
Sr'.O'! e- In J r« - t
J Mil 1 i 1 ' ! ; V.
1 *e.i VC Him c : f . .
noke, I.y:
■ *in»,s on t1 ••
Cullman s|
*ioku to .V
• arlor car i
H: 1 5 a. m 1
Inlernn dlati , »,
-:5r» p. m. f.»r : >’ cl i . • !
burg and ii < ri>
• be Khee.ande ■\ :
id Now X c !;
pbla Itoau >’
S : k :? j). f ,
bury. Iti. :
brains , .
e i '. ;tl ; f- <, ■
p m. and !):. o. m.
I’rom the
a. m. 2 •) i p. , a
K< nova, Col
• ;• i i ,
era for Colmr,
Cafe ( ir.
h;OK a. 111. fin
Portsmouth, <'•
T1 rough l’ulln. a
bii3. C to ( r.
daily for Ta,
stations on t'P.n i \
Arrive froii I
on tiie Clinch Valley t! >i b»n l 2: 10
rid 7:55 p. ■
1 cavn f> f»t> i. . • . , |
..'item die' *.
Welrli and intern
l« m, 0:0s a m, _ , > nr and
!>. m
Call on , f
Blwflsld Cig lulaelut
1 ing G. r. -j
| Oar k: '3j
1 Pride of leld |
IW i 11 ) i' | , 11111 , i , 11 j,
; Horn - Pi
It is i:
I liKL x,K. 6
ritOf’HlI ?
tifiininiim m;u
No. 4643. <
V /
| <| 1
) “■ HOOPKK, a**a‘i l'a«h. ♦.
t\ *<
l ♦*
Ak ,____
l The First National Bank <
,♦ !
Capital, Surplus, and UndJvld Profits. |300 000
| _ I
! Deoosi vour Money With the Oldest and Strong-^
est Bank in Town. !$]
> 5
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C Wealth-Laden Coal Region of i
the Flat-Top Section of W.Va.? j
£ Ilyoti <lo, make your wishes known throuirh ♦!
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