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rue Datiy Leader
PuPushed every evening except
K'uteied an seccud ci&sa matter
April 8th. ;aU6. at the Post Office
-«t Minefield, w. Va., under act of
CduKret**. Mtwcii 3rd, 1878.
Daily "lie year . .. $;t 00
Dally, six months. 1.B0
Dally, one month.26o
Add roes all commuulcatlona aud
ill remittances to Tho Hluestnne
Publishing Company.
Telephone: ItusInesH office and
Editorial Hoorn. DOS.
Advertising rates made knowu on

TI'KSl».\Y, OCT. 15, 11M>7.
The Massachusetts Uepubllcans
.Iiv dissatisfied with the Dingley
tariff law The recent state platform
“We contend for adoption by the
•text national Republican convention
of a resolution calling the congress
to meet in special session to deter
mine upon amendments to the pres
ent tariff laws, or the enactment of a
new measure to meet changed condi
tions, to remove duties needless eith
er for revenue or protection, and
make such modifications as experi
ence may have shown to be neces
This is rather indefinite, but dem
onstrates the dissatisfaction that has
arisen from the Dinglev law even
Irom the Republican cainp. It ap
pears that many Republicans are
convinced that the present tariff law’
!> iniquitous in the extreme.
Colon.-i Henry Watterson. tho
veteran alitor or the Louisville
Courier-Journal, views with alarm
Uu* radical change of party lines. In
a recent interview. Col. Wntterson
I'he old parties are dead. Roose
v* lt has destroyed what was left or
the Republican party."
Hr.van would have changed our
currency In IS96; Roosevelt’s re
election will change the state. "If
is to be kept in the white house,
by all means let it be for life. Make
him king! Do more than that_
make him em|)eror!"
Political alignment has radically
changed within the last four years.
Roosevelt has disclaimed much that
hi- party has stood for. He hu
adopted many of Mr. Bryan’s poll
( ies. and much that is Democratic,
notably the railway rate legislation,
w hich has been a cardinal principle
ot Mr. Bryan s platform. Roosevelt’*
candidate has also declared himself
in favor of an income tax, which was
passed under Cleveland’s last admin
istration but declared unconstitu
teii.a! by the I nlted States supreme
It is Well to view with alarm the
sentiment toward Roosevelt’s re
• lection, as the veteran editor well
Revs, he will Mexicanize the state.”
T:iis would mean a death blow to
local and self-government. He has
even declared that in case the con
stitution was not broad enough fo»
federal authority it should be mark
SO by construction by the court of
last resort, the members of which
arc appointed by the president.
Did ever a president before inti
mate how our court of last report
should construe the constitution?
Nrc they not impartial judges, whose
Judgment u supposed to be above
i»ia and beyond reproach? Our-t is
it Don *k ra11c form of government.
T o* i-'ndo should make the t,, v- -
the people should govern.
A president who suggests that in
« of Insufficient legislation upon
n i'» that we should ■ecure
legislation by construction in .he
h .i.e of judge-made law. cannot witV
xafeiy i„- longer k«*pt in power
Washington declared that no man
should erve - o-esldent m i.-.* th,«n
the second t ro R >o«ev<?lt has de
clared that .11 1< r no const.Jr *atlon
would hr- m u moth-*r term. *VRI
not the pr*o ■ taV * him at his word*
lf not. as (’ r*r«on says make
h m kfntr" * . .. make him rr>
The I
d <>h(t w
Many r
the <n)ti
i] ' *. th*
f\ * if’
build I nr
any pla,
fact. (ha'
on fax »w* are not yet
1 • mat- or r>f history.
* « ere complaining of
■- which thee Jaws have
Here |n Kanawha eoun
r- hoHlnst back'all road
nl viand In the way of
f|n nr|i - the county. The
< county as rich as this
one is forced »o remain in the rl
rt ' '.lions plight that it is, demon*
»h* cruden..^ of the *. Jaws
'I >ie nert t -t hill-' are vet to he seen,
•oo Judr<*4 by result* the taxi*ay
"t of hi county ouajht not to pay
anythin" flat the tax-ticket* will
rail for more money this y<ar than
la f Watch your ticket* and see
Charleston Gazette
Who will be the next Republican
I '.Mi Pdtuv for fo\s/nor to uviim out (
r>i the hu-hev Tnay is*m to b« a
llttlu shy about It durlug the last {
few duy*. Democratic candidate. are
scarcer still. There is sum*? talk of j
out distinguished and venerable m
Sf’^ator Henry <J. Davis. In spity
ol his advanced axe. he would make
a tattling good campaign. as well as
a ”ery popular candidate. --William
son Knterprise.
- ■ !
The vigor recently put Into the
Hughes boom for president has
alarmed the president’s boomers wbo i
ste in this move utter ruin to the
I'ull expectation* aud a hike to the 1
hills for Vorya and Hurtou. This 1
turvement toward Hughes Is self iin :
I Patient. There is nothing pushing
it. and It is absoluleiy repudiated by
i'h gentleman himself. Hughes
trouts to he the rallying name for
everything anti-Roosevelt, though he
is not a candidate. Neither was (Jar- ;
Held In 1XN0. but he was nominated
lost the same. The only way open
ij the prevention of Hughes nomi
nation is for Roosevelt to declare
himself Parkersburg Sentinel.
IPs going to hapiten soon.
Rheumatism is caused by the Ini- :
proper working of the kidneys. The
•rlc acid which should be removed
irom the Mood remains in it. Mol
•Istcr's Rocky Mountain Tea removes
•he cause and drives it from the sys
tem. 3f» cents. Tea or Tablets. For
s'alo by tlie White Pharmacy.
Norfolk. Va.. Oct. 15.—With toe
object of utilizing the many ucresTof
wamp land throughout the country
r the production of a cheap fuel, at
the same time reclaiming it for agrl
'iltural and other uses, a meeting
vas held at t lie Jamestown expo
-iHon Unlay to form an organization
» be known as the American Peat
Association. It is also proposed to
demonstrate tlie manufacture of by
products from pent.
MONITOR Front is If Kill CLASH
muons Jim £rr»w so thin
Me hardly ^_;*de n shadow,
| )ne day a Tried preseatod him
With Rydaie’8 Liver Tablets.
Ie took the hint, began their use.
And this Is what befell him
le grew so fat, neither shoes nor hat
Could be found to fit him
MORAL—Don’t make your wills
But cure your Ills,
! • ’»> using Ttydale’g Liver Pills.
I 50 chocolate coated tablets In a con *
I • eaient box. Price only 25 eeata.
I'asy to lake, pleasant In effects,
afo sure. We guarantee them.
For sale by The White Pharmacy,
or. Rland street and Princeton ave.
f:\chahistic covcrfhs
Pittsburg. Penn., Oct. 15.—A large
number of Catholic blshoim and
priests from various parts of the
I nited States and Canada are gath
ered In Pittsburg today In attend
ance at the fourth eucharlatic con
gress of the Roman Catholic church
1 n America. The meeting will last
through tomorrow and Thursday. All
'»f the sessions will he held in St.
Paul’s cathedral. The Right Rev.
Bishop Maes, of Covington. Ky., who
is the head of the Eucharistic
League in America, recently visited
Europe, where he received the bene
diction and best wishes of Pope
Pius X. for the groat success of the
present congress. The meetings will
he addressed by many prominent
churchmen of this and other conn-i
'lies. Previous sessions of the Eu- !
< harlstlc League have been held In '
Washington. St Louis and New
'ork. the |,,st having been In 1904.1
As every one is liable to catch s
< »ld and rts colds are dangerous be
‘use they may terminate In chronlt '
1’iroat or lung diseases. Every out
• culd be interested in learlng how
> atolil colds The way In simple
w’v,t sleep too cold, never fall
'"P in a cola room, or while nit
tig in u cold draff, never sit or 11(
n a cold room or a cold draft. Nc
me ever catches a cold when the
■ody and mind are active, no mattei
ho-* cOiJ one may get. If you art
B •» *rlng from a cold or Its effects
J vdale’ Cough Elixir Is the quickest
nd best remedy you can use. Ry
t »ies Cough Elixir la sold under *
r 'i a ran to*» 25 and 50 eta n bottle
For sale by The White Pharmacy
< or Hlnnrt strepf and Princeton ave
Mollno. Ill Ort IT,. Grand Tom-'
I U- Pythian Hlateni of Jlllnol*. meet*
in flftront h Annual *pfu<loti hprp to-]
»lay Headquartera havp 1>r*.n ra
tblished at th« Mannfartureni’ Ifo
'<•!. whpfp trading offlrlal* and mrm
I'pr of the order from all parts of i
Mi** *»afr ar** eongreftalpd
Fin VP you neglected your Kidney*?
I fa vp you overlooked your nervou*
«v*tpm and caused trouble wltb your
kidney* and bladder? Havp you
pain* In lofna, aide, bark, groin* and
bladdpr? Hava you a flabby appear
anrp of tho faro, eapeelalfr tinder
tho pypp Too requently a desire
to paa* urine? Tf ao. William’* Kid
tipy PI1| will rur« you.
Price f. Op.
For aaie by The Whltp Pharuiacv
Cor, Hland street and Prineeton avp
-* w ^
In Woodhull, New York Stite. Citi
zen* Stand Ready to Trade Any
thing at Any Time—Soma
Sample Doing*.
Woodhull, up Id Steuben county.
New Y'urk, lay* claim to two iliatino
tion*, according to a country doctor,
who wan relating some of his experi
ences to several of hi* old classmates
at a clajs reunion the other ulght. It
boasts of being the largest village In
the state far removed from anv steam
or trolley road, utul It Is the greatest
"swapping** center In the state. If not
In the whole country. Its annual horse
traders’ convention, which is held In
the fall. Is Its pride.
* ( shall never forget my first even
ing In the village." said the doctor.
"A friendly native had volunteered to
Bhow me ’round a bit,* and he led me
tlrsf to the nightly camping ground
of the village gossips, the veranda of
the Lantz House.
'“There’s a crowd fer ye!’ whis
pered iny guide. ‘They Jest set ’round
dolu uawtblu’ ’cept smoke, chaw aud
swup lies. That’s Hank Hump they’re
listenin’ to naow. He’s the greatest
swapper in Woodhull—chiefly boss
swapper, hut he’ll swap anything he’s
cot. Come on, an’ I’ll Intorduce ye.
Might as well git to knowln’ the folks
naow a-i any time.
“ Mr. Hump, shake bunds with th*
new doc.’
'Haow be ye. Doc? Clad to know
ye. Coin’ to locate here, be ye?
Theie’s u big ride ‘raound Woodhull
fer doctors. I was jest tellln’ the
boys haow cheap 1 got thut ere ole
gray mare over there. I traded her
to Bill, here, the same night 1 got her.
I was ’tendin’ an auction sale daown
to Addison a couple o’ year ago. They
sold a buggy an’ a lot o’ truck. When
Andy (that’s the auctioneer) brung
out that ole mare somedody bids 25
cents. Another bids .’50. Then I sings
out ”35 cents," an’ Andy knockB her
daown to me. She’s been a high
hooker In her day, an’ she’s a good
mare yet—Bill knaowg that.*
’Yes,’ said Bill, laking up the
swapping yarn, i ketched up Ut him
coinin’ up from Addison, an’ see ho
was leadin' somethin’.
.What you got there?" I sings
"“‘A trader,” says Hank. "Got
anything ye’ll swap?”
.• got a watch.” says I. "Here,
take a look at It an* put in yer pocket
till we git to the bridge.”
.Well, when we gits to the
bridge,” Hank says, "haow’ll ye
t ougnt to nave a dollar er two
to boot,” says I.
.Can’t do It,” says he.
" ‘Well, I considered Into It a minute
l seen she had a good halter on an’
a new hame strap hitched to it—an'
I needed a new haute strap—so I
«ays, “Well, I’ll trade yer even.”
.It's a go,” says he. and ao wa
W hat kind of a watch did ye get.
Hank?’ someone asked.
\\ ell, It was a pretty good watch
to look at,’ replied Ilank. ‘but It
wouldn t go. One night I came daown
here an’ heerd a feller braggln’ that
he'd s&ap anything at any time er
place. He was one o’ them Brad vs
from Hardscrabble. I ast hint what
time o’ day it was, an' see he had a
watch Just like mine, only It was
^ .Haow’ll ye swap watchos?” says
Kven,” says he, so we swapped.
Yes, an I'll tell ye what the
watch cost ye got o' me,” volunteered
Bill ‘My boy give two liens fer It,
so 1 give him the ole mare ”
To right Fire In Mines.
For lighting Are In Its anthracite
coal mines a chemical Are engine Is
now being used by a company In
Pennsylvania. This engine is built on
a truck which can run upon tracks
throughout the mine. When an alarm
of Are is sounded the engine Is at
'ached to an electric locomotive and
rushed to the scene of trouble at a
high sjieed. Water played upon a
coal Are is almost Instantly convert
od Into steam, which further disin
'ogiates, forming a gas so suffocating
that It drive* away the men Aghtlng
the Are. nine flames which shoot
out when water strikes the hot coal
often set ablaze pockets of gas In
the celling. When a chemical engine
plays upon burning coal the ^„vy
gases evolved cllug to the Kooi and
smother the blaze by excluding the
»lr. Men are not annoyed by the
fumes and can stay close enough to
do effective work.
Heartburn and boar 9comacb are
cauaed by an add or aour condition
of the atomach Quirk relief la ob
tained from theae distressing symp
lorna of Indlgeatlon by taklfig one or
two tablet* when needed. Taken
regularly after meala they tone and
strengthen the stomach and enable
t. to dlge«t the food and prevent fer
mentation, which la the cause of
heart-burn and aour atomach Hold
and guaranteed by The White Phar
nacy. Cor Prtncetin ave. and Bland
going to hnpfien aoon.
t'ON \ H\TlOV Of
Norfolk, Va.. Oct. |,*». - Supreme
f'ornmandery of the Knlghta of Mal
ta convened In annual convention
'•t the Jamewtown exposition today
with Supreme Commander Robert
Keenan, of Wilmington, Del., pre
•‘•'ling Members of the order frorr
n>an> aiatea are hare.
AT Tu ViiK.
Norfolk; 'V*., Oct. 15 —Judge
William J. Ouynor. of th« New
York supreme court, wan the ora
tor or the day at the Brooklyn cele
bration at Jamestown exposition to
day. a large number of Cltlfena of
the big borough of Greater New
York wiruesHed the exercises. Utah
duv and Military Surgeons* day was
al.o observed today.
While Fielder Jones, lender of the
■ champion White Sox, has been carry
, lag on his campaign against the spit
i Imll It reuiulns for Manager Jimmy Me
| Aleer, of the 8t. Louis Americans, to
suggest a practical remedy for not
only this, but to Increase the butting
as well. It Is nothing more nor less than ,
Increasing the length of the batters' i
box and giving the batters more room
In which to maneuver.
At present the hatters' box is six
feet long and four feet wide, hulf of it i
being In front of the plate and half he- j
hind. Me A leer thinks that an exten
sion of two or three feet on the front
I end of the box would help the butter
along a lot, without in any way Inter- |
fering with the present arrangement
j of the game. This would give the bat
I ter u chance to run on the ball and 1
I lilt either a spit ball, curve, or breuk
before the latter had a chance to devl
r '
ate from a straight line. Under the
present rules If a batter hits a ball
while out of the batters’ box he Is
called out.
Most of the batters now stand close
into the plate, or on a line with the
center of It, In order to Judge whether
i \ ball is over or not. This gives them
| *nly the part of the box in front of the
| plate In which to move, or less than '
ihree feet. Even a good, long stride
will take a batter over the front line
of the box. The after three feet of
i he box are useless ground for most
With even two feet more added to
the front of the box batter could get
i running start at the ball and hit it
before there was a chance for a break
W c offer One Hundred Dollajs Kewatd lor any
' of Catarrh cannot be cured by nail’* Ca
tarrh Cure F t. CHKNEY & CO . Toledo. O.
" e. the underlined, have known V. J.Cheney tor
the Iasi 15 year', and believe him perfectly honornhte
in all business transactions, and finam ially able to
•*rry out any obligations trade by his firm.
Wholesale I •ruiiicists. li ledo. It.
Walls ( atarrh Cure is taken internally, aetiny di
tectly upon the blood arid mucous sutfaces ol the
system. lestimnniaU sent tree. Price, 7jc* per
hcttle. Sold bv all Itrugglsts.
Take Hall's family Pills tor constipation.
HKPTK.MIIKH 1, 1007.
Leaves Kluettld 8:25 a. n. for Nor
folk. Pullnas Sleepers, Cafe Dining
Car. -
1:40 a. in. dally for Roanoke and •
Intermediate joints. Connects at
iteaneke fsr polata on the Shenan
doak division. Pullman Sleeper Roa
neke to New York, via Hagerstown.
2:f>5 p. iu. for Roanoke and I
>yncbburg and Intermediate stations i
md tha Shenandoah Valley, Phila
delphia and New York. Sleeper to |
i Philadelphia
1:41 p. rs. for Rwanoke. Lynch-j
l>ur*. Richmond. Norfolk. Pullman
fleeper to Norfolk and Lynchbnrg to
Rlehmond. Cafe Car.
Trains arrive at Bluefleld from the
Hast at 8:60 a. m., 2:10 p. no.. 1:10
i md 9:10 p. m.
From the Weet at 8:15 a. m., 8:30
i. m.. 2:05 p. m., «;16 p. m„ 8:38
f>. -
Leave Bluefleld 8:20 p. no. for
Kenova, Columbus and all points
West and Northwest. Pullman Sleep
ers far Columbus. St. Louis and ChD i
1 ago, Cincinnati, Cafe Cars.
1:65 a. m. Pullman Sleepers for
; ’oluiahus, Toleda and Chicago. Cafe
Dining Car.
f^eave 8:30 a. m. and 2:25 p m. |
daily for Tazewell, Norton and *!1
tatieas on Clinch Valley division.
Arrive from Norton and points on
he Clinch Valley division at 2:40 p.
n and 7:30 p. m,
toave 6:50 a. m. for Kenova and
nterniediate stations via Wayne
Leave « 0K a. m and 2:40 p. m.
or Welch asd Intermediate stations.
For Pocahontas 6:50 a ni., 8 ?R
a aa., 2:41 p. re, and 8.20 p. m.
I Arrive from Pocahontas at 8:28 a.
m , 2:86 p. m , and 8:20 p. ns.
Call on agent Norfolk and West
ern Railway for tickets. ma,is and
nJdliienal infer merlon.
W. B BBViLL. Q P A..
It.<*V'’ glM.wl
October 25, 1907
Rain or shine at your own price, your
price will be cur price. These valua
ble lots located in the very heart of
Bluefleld. lacated only a few hundred
feet South of lot cwned by '‘Uncle
Sam” where an elegant Public Build
ing will be erected, and adjacent to the
test street, Bland, in the whole City.
Ihis property will te positively be
sold to the highest bidder at
by Iwo of the best Auctfcneers in this
or any other Country, both crying
same lot at same time, w hich is equal
to “Ten Nights in a Bar Rccm” to say
nothing of Ihe first, last and only
chance the public has ever had of
buying these choice lots, and at your
own price; don’t be deceived
As a second consideration Refreshments and Lunch will
be furnished Free to all on the day of sale OCTOBER 25
on the grounds, ard the folkwirg kar.dsane and elegant
presents will be given away: One Fine Top Buggy, one
Elegant Organ row on exhibiticn at the sales room of
Ford Music Co., Bland Street of whon same was pur
chased. Take a look at it and ccme out on the 25th and
take it home with you.
One handseme $40 Victor Phonograph to be seen in the
up-tC'dawe store of the Bfuefiefa Book and Stationery
Co., Bland Street.
One large Teddy Bear, new in the forest of Turk’s Depart
ment Store. Princelcn Avenue, Who will shoot him?
/ iso $iOG in gold. Ail of ihe above will be given away on
day of sale, Cctcber 2Elh. Ycur gain; our pleasure
Guaranteed by
\VANTED- for U. S, Army;
able bodied unmarried
men between ages of 21
and 35; citizens of United
States, of good character
and temperate habits who
can speak, read and write
KngUsh. Men wantel now
for Serrice in Cuba. Poi
information apply at Re
cruiting Office Thornton
Building, Bluefield, W
and Steers, also 60 Steer and I!
or Calvea. Lit* ft Smoot, Tljr
FOR RENT -Oood stable. four
stall*. Room for feed. Apply to
L. B. Allen. 2 Roger* street, or
221 Princeton avenue.
WANTED—-Three or four furnished
rooms for housekeeping. Bluefleld
or Graham, "B.” care Leader.
10 12-2t-eod
To owners of Midway lota:
Get ready to build on your lot this
fall, The water main will be laid
and ready for yo* to make non nee
UK rat uow*, H#ir*r«ttoo in the next 30 days. There I* a
•f*on«r '’emand for ho ists at
. Build now as mat. rial
iH>nt wore In the spring, be tide*
ought to be getting the Inc ime.
W. t) ROBBRra Agent
Oraham, Va., Oct. 14. 1 >07.
at go*
rial if
dee jf
' NRtCOHD IN BI/1 F.Fl: ,1,0
• B. F. Undaey and W. H Hltl
erlngton will oj»en to the pnbllj
October 7th. a flrat Haas Rli
smith Shop, corner R >anok|
and Pulaakl atreeta. with Mr.
• V, Brotherton In charge, wbf
ha* had inonty-flve year* a*|
• rlenee In the bualnea* They wl'
• do all kind* of repair vork; far
• oy hor«eahoeing a apeatalgy.

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