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Bluefield evening leader. [volume] (Bluefield, W. Va.) 1906-1911, October 29, 1907, Image 2

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Hie *>ail>’Leader
1 ’11' ll- ’ •* l *>v< y rvr'nlnjt rxrppt
I’nl I fi" -i. I t’l >*«w inntler
A; ii Mil, lU'it;, at tti* rout OlOoe
Kt M!»u*n. 1 \v. Vtt., undor art of
Ci art .. Man h i s7v*.
srn . itu* i ion •-■sir ■».
. ....
r'a My, • . uif i,- . , , . i * n
f»M)v o’K* a. . . .’.Bf:
11*■ • >■ 1.i . t a 'li' an
•tll ran; flail ft> I I.,1 hill.. I. I,
I ‘ llil hi UK < Ifftnjr
’ i•• s« -. iiff1.•*#■ a.1 '
• ’Mill |{n til, :,n3
A<1 ■ • rt!i-1 • i ’ 'jaili ii in i vii
lilt « < . -j.>t |«i07.
N i ' . I: i*! ’ . i \ • |i J-;
I \
\* II • •* a i I- • U
\ ; n In. mi h*r t in
;! v«*ii in Hu.
a jaihlbhoM
Ml . 1 »[ • )|a
III. II \\ 1 I*
• i U li*
'll' ' i in; In- I nor.till
! • ii i mil i’pin i \• !•> evil, i)i
• ■ ■ »• - *i •' Mil1 i .iiai” roust.i
; i fin la has nraoti. ally
«>1: a' - ,| ;
>v ir ai con lit ion
" ho lint-** In-rot : I , .» lookorl
>:• ’5 1 • : I a I** It. publl
<.iti I*-. <r r-v it11 1 \ 11(> h , <> i. iMuto.
It .< ;>ivtM*itnKan:
i- fruit w'liah U *y a * Coa l
f !»:- <h •* who .s.rv.< 1 n
i "I it ■ a ' I'li--. -i h vV h !ch I hr*.«
I • n ! i:l r t ypo
la I-M -li'ii:« I • . all I f! • ■ .Ida;
T hoi] by tv ha
low v.ii. art* ' n i ' .•> bar ;
Ui’ ** .., ■ 'o ' ,:.>>!< Thor*
Ii it few color*
» \ "i • or i h* -ii
bn till ito the n*>
i •• |iO
b f.o *»
If1 a $3 tV
rr. j-n i -a r< h i
:u«: fr* to thife Uif#* texts.
rf tin
■ •v. Yuli i .a '. * on .1!.,! I 1*1*1 11< u j
In .1 iv .»«. li !• •• 1 , nier « >i'."*r |
1 i'* v tj ruu>ula>luii of 1
.01 .J. ]i>.v 'I -tidy. Ilio
i,< at 1 \ I’ ; 1 •po’oji'li 'll A**sop) 111
■ .. Inf i.in^. h.v- satlo 1 tin*
rnit()i 1 > utiTK of tin* Mississippi,
wI'li t.b “il .nof.Ta'U” vtewu hero.
*'e'»- an I every v*h re to beguile th"
’1 ;,iv 1 i.Miiof rut of Hi*' south and
• . r tin* bell**f that T el -
! I> ..v tin iii'i at Com
. 11 111 Klislia has
, nf Kli Jill without
’ t "• < ' \ n1' ' * ill i I !l Oil 111
1 ».. .ill .1 n ut ! .*•!
• ,|)1 O 1 I *• I in'ill Oil ^.ttll
11 li.) v •• ;i ill’. orlll'ill
fit ilisl fi'otn In* now:
ooliiiuu nf llir pros rfnitio *>l you
*\ ho li :t V * it'iuilciil v own. 111!*- 11. • * 11.
not un * I * a In'.sliOi, put pou to iiii
.«lit tln'tn to
I'm- K 111 <• r.
l.o-i !<-r
’ -i . Il 1 ■ 111111 s 11 !in*m. \Vo floulil
*m* u 11 vi!u hi** l<* mi- will thoro
> h • t;ui !i lil- li will tioni'llt 111*
whole * mi in 11 ul t>
H i ' , oih tlmi rod ou t how
\ :i 11 •• > 1“ I - hi. • • vo I 7 .'»!♦ voles
•ml lot u l It I, • rone** 77<5. out
• ■ mu) vut**s?" ’ •llart
I i’l ••
rfo.ii t 1 li' in familiar. Must
iavo I.* »*n voun* lounly sent romnval
*v around llioso diRKiiifP.—
’lii-li.*:.! I fully Tol* ;r:i pli.
O' m i haps it was iusi a roifti
.11.1 ■ ! v i h*c itm as wo ha vo in
' ll 1 1 in ( • ionally. Wo vonturo
In* as i isp 11 1 hat noli instam*«*s an*
t ■ Mi ot hot* mi roe 1 ha 11 ooun
ty sort 1 ro- • iv-i ' ■
So (, i\'*rii i* Dawson has *loc*Iaro(l
lilin-.-lf in 'ivor of tariff revision,
w iiu'h h" ay Is houml to rotno and
it fin Kopubl an pari> inlfch-t as
"••II -ro I ■«r it. | ii j ms- ihh*
■ < i 10*1 ' i.i v i ■ about to ho
foil v * r t * *; I 'o 1 In* l)i 11 or ratio ld**a on
' a ri ft ?
l li.it 1 r. Hiio i• v«*11 would reftr n
nan! li'i.u - di-iraiiM of 11»«• | •*«»»» 1«* is
!■ t lilc lv. in ilic <• ]• Inion of tin* Phil
i ■ ehi.i Imiuircr. Hut v hilo .1. It
h' and I’. dlumy Stor r remain
’ * !■•••:<• will h<* no unanimous de
u.!. I.mi vilie (’onrier .lournal.
I . .• "luTtifs ni linaiKo " Morgan
• al. who jmt millions in llio niuol
» "f Wall :r<o( and aided in
" ini to panic were n >t actuated
v nn ol:i di no ’ivos. it was done
• a vo t lionis'd v.'s llow \or bonofl
t h i •• -ult \va to he public t he
ivo 'vii "■■If |. ■ ervatlon. Had
• ei ■ ,h Kept fin they too I to los<
toillloti« Parker burg Son
< r* flit to I ’oikelollel*.
'll bmild l.o given where orcd
d mo an ! the more freely when
' i duo to men who have with
a ,'p.ironi :y. In on accused ot
• li hue \\’11• • 11 rail mono'
N'-'V. Vork ook exchange
"ot.' o i mi per eon', on Thursday,
hn I Rockefeller made his first
* ■ 'it' o n Wall street for years,
i 1 ■1 -1*«* ■ ’> 11 i r».■ * i f| i be loans of
:h>’ at r.o ()0 or I On per
i * <• per e.'iit. The Nation*
' an I- '• hieb i stand . • 1 ():.
In: >' i* ot inti loaned million: at t', per
A “ii other banks charged
i t’" it to ten 11m# dps rate.
■ 11 * e | , i, • , a a y f h P
llof o .diet ai.l hi a opiate- In the
•1 i - m a' bad »n stea ly
'< li id et an 1 save them
i here i;i ti time when the
hi v th a lop •. pm o. has « better
'* make 4 profits than a
Pure elfl line s might
ted a I me of to don. quite
i;" 1: mu that token by
ttlfi dotlht that fhf
• 1 ■ n lah"ii by ueh drone
i P k- • « ller, Morgan and
p obahly nothing could
1 ie hoo s of cards built
f Mo -e ami other wild
'»m filially falling down.
a.i overdue, and ttv#- Pu
1 with them, ami tunny
ufferc 1 ha 1 • hi
\ < I l< I \ • n r i |»i j on f iKU l*—
' < f> i »» ) r v vi \r.4 \\ i rif- !
1,1 t \ i hium:
C a Star City, Ini.,
rrhant, Is enthusiast
•ip ani h* hia u
they much fearei the
! v < 'ir». Me hf» > ret om
teni* ani neUhhori
* o har< n t if «r,v * hit * ft f«
t r iTr hjr The White Phar
hftt'y. . * ,*f
AT Ml'.l ro*,v\.”
in ilit in i>.\\
11 d k , * U . Oct *. \ • • nil
M »•*:ii 'll v ;i ■ tin- oiH''ir n: 11>«
*•».> ut l :u .hi i • l< i a’.oil .«
iu* Jam* (i ii < xpo: Hion today. Ad-;
Iro- won* also delivered by fjov. 1
(•'rod Warm r and Senator .f11>111 (' I
Hurrov. . of Michigan. (Jnv. Swanuon
»f Virginia, and President Harry St
Hoot go Tucker, of tho exposition,
company. The program for the day
also Includes a nillitary parade an 1 j
review this afternoon an 1 a c,
t Ion hy t lie Miehr'aii Jamestown i
1 "’ii nilt. .Ion in O'lUTti ir Varner aril
official par*y at th Mlrh . in hulli
itiK ihl- evonltrg luhn T Kl. h of
Hetrolt president of the Michigan
< .iii'n! .i*•»i ini Ided at today's ex
i <’)• •• .
Mtln.iiah Michigan was the In?!
H,aii* in make an appropriation for
■ i building and < xhlhlt at the expo
•Itii n. i>- re;,re enfatinn |v; among
Me hest iif the w.' ’em Mites. The
M chican e 11life has proved one of
i he nm i popular on the grounds, and
the hoi i< tiltural, forestry and mln
• »l exhil i' hiiv eattracte 1 much at-1
tention am >n- visitors at the expo
slt loll
'MMloiu Jim grew so thin
He hardly made a shadow.
One day a frl< d presented him
With Itydale's I.lver Tablets.
-to took (lie hint, began their u:>»\
And this is what ! « fell bi;u
fe grew so fat, nelthci alicies nor T.m i
Could he found to fit him
'lollAh—Don't make jour wills
Out cure your ills,
My using Tlydale’s Ll\er Pills,
f.o chocolate coated tablets in a con
venlent box. Price only us cents.
Rasy to take, pleasant In effects.
»nfe sure. We guarantee them.
kor snle hy Tip* White Pharmacy,
or. lilntid street ind Princeton ave.
An American and a Scotchman
a<m(. |ieakiir a:'>nt 'lie i iten.se cold
In the north of Scotland. “Why. it*h
nothing at all ‘oinpaed to the* cold
we have in the States." said the
Vnierif'ju) “I hi rot die: d one wili
er when the site *|i. jiini dng from
a hillock into a field, be nine mid
den] \ froj.on on tin* v.a> and stuck
>n tht air like a mast; of ice."
“Mnt. (rood h* a vent, mail” ex
claimed the Scotsman the law ol
Siavltv wouldn't allow that!”
W * don t do (hint's hy ha 1 von a*
home,-' replied the other. “The law
of gravity wa frozen, too!”- Phll
a leljdiih Ledger.
Several years ngo. an eml&ent nr
1 lie patient survived the operation
'id lived several mcr ha Thf* «r<>
u:i,i had no use for it ydale's Stomach
lablets. lint every one whose
tomach Is diseased cr deranged
does and will find these tablets a
mrfect remedy no matter what form
For sale hy The White Pharmacy
'or Princeton avenue and Bland St
Piedmont. T!ic italtiiuore & Ohio
Ksiiros | Is reported to have let a
°»»raot to V || clement & Co.,
ol Pill in del )>li In to build a line for a
'!> lug .in n ot >n oti ft * ? even teen
mile grade.
• i:i:i»it! M!:\T tiih hint life
I VSi'HA \< Id COMI* \ \V
Ht SIM SS. K. II. i;\s|,KV. ’PHONE
1 1'• 10-24-1 w
I'll ■ pleasant purgative effect ex
• M fenced hy i M who use Chamber
a!n'! ■' 'in .> h and Liver Tablets,
nd the healthy condition of the
n»d mind which they create
,;a’ '•'« on<* red Joyful. Price, 25
ents. Samples free at Tite White
'hanuai y.
I'dts name of who comes into you"
!l Tells the name of who go< .
•If Of voiir life tells who worrle
!ul annoy you; tells what to do for
v°Uf Irnntedlafe happiness; tells r.t
Ifve marriage business separation >.
i'lirnela law Investment and whnf
' do to overcome your present
doubts. Hours, p in morning until
i'. at night. Charg* -t. $i
I 0-29-Jt 021 Princeton avp
» I • ' i \ 'I Ills * 4 11.4 . \ |»\K 4 1\|
\ \\ 4 Mill.
v\ AN I Id >-- tor i . Ann) ,
able bodied unmarried
men between ages of 21
and .*>.">; citizens of United
States, of good rharaetei
and temperate habits \vh
can speak, read and write
Knglisb. \K n want« 1 no a
f«»r Service in Uuba. Foi
infoi mat ion app)\ at l*e
emiting < Mice Tli<»rut<>n
Building, Biuetield, \V
\v\\iki»—dm; is m;i:o
or \\v m\i» or i\srranch to
r u.i, o\ iii. i:\si.»:v. mmionij
14 1. 10-24-1 w
GIRLS WANTED Good wayo .
wookly l av roll. Minefield Pant ,
to Overull Co. 10-2 1 tf
•'OR SALK r.0 fat Cow*. \
and St'.vr , also 50 Steer an I M»-1 f- 1
er Calves. Lltz to Smoot. Tiptop,
_ I
FOR RBNT stable. ' <
da'n Room for food. Apply to
I.. R. Allen, 3 Rogers street, or
221 ITlnonton avenue.
2 io-tr
KOU SALK Pony, two-loafed trap!
and harness. Pony, dark hay, I
weight r.oo pound*. -l years old.
Harness and trap with canopy top. I
both new. Will oil ohcnp f>r
(|Ulok deal, (’all or address last I
er orfloe. lO-lf.-lf
I will not lit* responsible for any
debts coat rue tod by anyone otto'r
than my eir. \\ R. KKRNS.
Oct. 2f,1h. t'inT.
I 0-2C-.rit
Quairty Ratlior Than Pries
w •■■*:» <*m are sick would
you roll your olinnce* lo
Wt w< '! for a few cents?
('<•11 a i ’ not. Our policy
's to ■<> the lied po slide
n»i»ll* <i a reasonable
|d'l- ■ V ' your doctor if
ibis is not a good stare to
bring ills proscription in
lie compounded. We would
bo pleased to liave you try
our prescription service.
I rim clou \%e. mid I'n/ewell St.
For Saie.tiy
the white pharmacy
Corner I’rimetou Ave. and i.land St.
Jfts been used for over SIXTT-FIV*
often* the Kuiiih. nlla/H all PAIN;
C.tJHKs WIND COMO and U the
lost remedy for DlARRTIOJBA. Sold
ty druggist* in every part of th»
world. Be r ire and auk for "Mry
Winslow r Soothing Syrup," ee l
take no O*'ior kind. Twenty-five
rente n bottle Guaranteed under
tbe Food and Drug* Art, June goth,
100ft. Serial Number 1 0«*8 ANOI,F»
voT'cr of j! iiinu sack*.
Pufuant to U ii» • i ee o! the C
**•**t Court of Men • r County \..<%
ini on t1)..
’ \ !i ; a t 1 ‘ >7 In th •
* * «»US r . ■ .1 - * U! ! VilCh e . 1 „ SllOO
Company v* Mary M. TaUwrt. et ala..
I will on Wednesday. the 13th day
of Novefhber, 1307. at the froni floor
of 1 he law office of |>. M tiasley. In
’h«* City of Minefield Mercer County
Wo<t Virginia at \i o'clock p. m
of ’hut >l«i offer f«»i* sale to tb«
lily.I e.| to i*»r. the following dti
• ii »l real In »ald city, to
U* flnf Voir a' a "nke at the tuter
* *■
'*« vruJc .e'. ..iih t he .outl ern
line **f Law: n street. theme .*■ 11 ti
;b< • a fern line of al l alley south
JO eastt forly-fllx feel to it
I'Oiul; the lice It'll lit 71 degree -, 1'
minute • ai* forty-eight f«-et to a
•nVe. then«*o with a line epnraiiug
lot \(». 3. flout I lie hit above de
'liheii north jo tie |... . Vi es I forty
Iv fief to a '■oln* in the southern
I !••• of I.aw on street; thence with
i lie southern Him* of I,aw on «!roc*'
•oiith 7 (lotfre went forty-eight
fee' to th ■ point of beginning.
\ti 1 he:nx tie ;im:o property con
veyed to said Man M Talbert by
\V V Powell and wife, by dee 1 dat
ed Align'd 1 ".th 1-dri, and recorded
in the Clark's Office or flic Coutny
Court of said County. in Deed Book
N’o. 2.1. page IS.
Term* of Sale Cash in ban I on
tile day of .tie.
Special C imniis inner.
I. W H. Ilonuker. Clerk of the
f reuii Court of Moreer County.
West Virginia, hereby certify that
boml with .security approved by me
a iiflbdent, and In the penalty pro
vide 1 by raid decree, ha . been given
by said special coiiinii*-loner.
\V. 11. H().\ \Is lilt.
10 II 21 2 8 I 1-1
TH Kit 1*2 <W MM ONliV OVK
% V KNT'R. 10-24-1 w
l, ID07.
I .eaves niueflld S:2f. a. in. Tor Nor
folk, Pullman Sleepers. Cafe Dinluji
k: tn a. m. dally for Roanoke and
intermediate points. Connects at
Roanoke for points on the* Shenan
*h»ah division. Pullman Sleeper Roa
noke to New York, via Hagerstown
2:55 p. m. for Roanoke and
Lynchburg and Intermediate stations
and the Shenandoah Valley, Phila
didplila and New York. Sleeper to
k:-iS p. m. for Roanoke, Lyucli
burg, Richmond, Norfolk. Pullman
Sleeper to Norfolk and Lynchburg to
Richmond. Cafe Car.
Trains arrive at Minefield from the
Ki';l at S:50 a in., 2:10 p, m.t 8:10
and 0:10 i». m.
from the West at 8:15 a m . S:3o
a m., 2:05 p. m.. r,:15 p. in . 8:38
p. in.
Leave Rluoflold 8:20 f». m. for
Konovn. Columbus and all points
t and Northwest Pullman Sleep
ers for Columbus. St. Louis and Chi
ago, Cincinnati, Cafe Cars.
8: •**5 a. in. Pullman SlooperH foi
Jolumbus, Toleda and Chicago. Cafe
Dining Car.
Leavo 8:30 a. m. and 2:25 p m
Inlly for Tazewell, Norton and all
rations on Clinch Valley division.
Arrive from Norton and points ou
he Clinch Val! y division at 2:10 p
ii. and 7:30 p. m.
Leave 5:50 a. m. for Kenova and
ntermediate '■♦atlon- y'n Wayne
Leav< n o. n. rn. ir.l 2:40 p m
or Web 1 an 1 Inte; <• t‘.»•»■ s1i *! o n h
For Pocahontas f> a. n' . x-25
a* Bi., 2 10 p. in. and X: ’Q p. xn.
Arrive f**• *ni Pocahontas at x.jr, a
in . 2:0 p in., and S:20 p. rn.
Call on agent Norfolk and West
ern Railway for Delicts. maps and
additional Information.
w. n. moviLL. a. p. a.,
»'I>\VI N MANX, IV’midrnt.
U \ l-Ti:il C. POI.MK’H. Cn
L. llOOl'I'tt, I
• 1 PIT A 1j 91 OO.OOO,
Mi’Ll H 9200 000.
1 \f»!VII»EI> IM’.OFFT* 910.000.
I <Cbc ifirst IMationui J5anft
i. — ..t. ..f. i . . ——
'-'(.W*. ««*i
Total Resources 1 1-3 Millions
39b Interest on Time Deposits
RYDALE’S stt^l^ S:
Gnaranterd by
. < < ’i I-. » k Y
• (>\I.KAk\
C. O’lear:/
& Son
C^n rat Agents for
Phone 518
Higginbotham Avenue.
make a line that
tannotbe beaten
quality and
price. COME
W. H. HARRY 8l CO.
Porters and all Kinds of Liquors.
e.l iia fd f i c ( i . r < < r t < f r i (’ i r
OUT CFTCVf c l i [ f « J h E F e r F f ( l\ F L
EvC, ; tiling Good to E;;t, Wear cr Uie
^l-ONE No. 71
605-€li Princeton Avenua
Biuefieid, - •- W. Va.
We Sell and Recommend
Whra you buy n " Loth's” Store you
ore getting the DM ST. Tin y are 'made of
Pure Pig Iron. Tiny ore Jmi savers and
fine bakers.
The "QUALITY" Ltne. Manufactured by
The W. ). Loth Stove Company,
Our Goods Ah
* uy b
1 lease
•o vor WII,Ii IV ' FIT « \I!1I
if vor r.i v o\r: »>r mi it
\\r. n w i riff- t \im.i «i . m< u
in 'i nr; f i n nut voi n> si;.
i.r< r
50 Styles aid Si/as
f.l 1 O! It I'ltl# I H f. til | \ \ \|>
Eureka Hardware Co.

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