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-Jackson. Ky., Feb. S.— Beech Har
gis is today a cringing object of
misery, with fear tugging at his
heart -string, but *.s yet he lias shown
no remorse for shooting his father.
Judge Hargis.
The young patricide was arraigned
b fore Judge Talubee today for a
preliminary hearing, but was so
choked up that he was unable to lit- |
ter a word. Judge Taluhee remand
ed him to jail without ibond, and no
one will be allowed to see him.
Young Hargis will plea 1 self-de
fense. and will swear that his father
choked him to his knot's, when he
pulled his gun and fired the five fatal
Judge Hargis' remains wer « inter
red in the cemetery at this place to
Richmond. Ya.. Kept. 8.—Evi
dences are now that the Rhea case
and the argument incident thereto
have beeh completed, that the Bris
tol Judge wilT be confirmed as a
member of the state corporation
commission either today or Monday.
It is probable that one or two of the
members, will dissent from the popu
lar committee decision, and in this
event, it is almost assured that a
minority report will be presented to
the general assembly.
About half of the members of the
two house3 of the legislature were
approached in regard to their opin
ion. and those who would talk at all,
seemed to be confident in their con
victions that (»ov. Swanson's nomi
nee would be Vindicated and con
. Yesterday's hearing of witness's
'served to produce nothing of a spec
tacular nature and nothing was ad
duced that, 'had not hitherto been
Senator IN'oel, of Lee, op nod the
argument for the prosecution, the
committee ruling that one hour and
forty-five minutes should be allowed
to each side. Noel consumed thirty
minutes. He spoke until half past
five o’clock and at the end of his
speech the committee adjourned un
til s o'clock. Attorney Irvine, for
Judge Rhea, conducted his argument
in a plain, firm and convincing man
ner, outlining the character or the
man he hatTbeen called upon to de
fend. He did not dwell in extended
detail upon the charges brought by
prove facts w\bich the evidence be
fore this committee do not substanti
There was no applause during the
hearing and as Mr.( Irvine took his
seat there were murmurs through
out the hall that Jtodge Rhea had
be n vindicated. Attorney Bullitt in
opening his argument faced a doubt
ful position. Sentiment was against
him, and no one appreciated it bet
ter than he. His remarks were fiery
and took every oharg • brought as
proven. Some circumstantially and
others by direct testimony.
He underfoot* in his argument to
connect every ;particle of evidence
and wher-* thibre was a missing link
he supplied U and went ahead. Thr
argument d4d not end until nearly
midnight. w*hen the committee stated
that they would weigh tin* evld nee
and report as early as possible. As
today Is Saturday, and many mem
bers of Ihf? general assembly are ab
sent, It I* probable that the matter
will not h- brought up before >fnn
Washington, Fob. 8.— WllUam S.
Rossiter, who, on Wednesday last,
was appointed by President Roose
velt as acting public printer in place
of Public Printer Stillings, who is
under suspicion pending an investi
gation of a trail's of his office, went to
the treasury department to have his
bond approved. The department re
fused to consider the matter, on the
ground that the president bad ex
ceeded liis authority in appointing
Mr. Rossiter. that under the law the
assistant public printer. Captain T.
T. Brian succeeds to the vacancy.
Under the informal ruling Mr.
Rossiter later In the day stepped
aside and bis place was taken by
Captain Brian, who will administer
the government printing office as
acting public printer for the time be
ing. Mr. Rossiter, however, does
not relinquish the work of inquiry
laid out for him by the president.
His position in the government print
ing office heroines that of the presi
dent's personal representative and
he in proceeding with the investiga
tion upon which he is to base his
report to tin* president of conditions
existing here and of the best methods
of putting the big plant on a busl
npsn basis.
Capt. Herbert II. Harbor, whose
critical illness we mentioned in yes
terday's issue, died tills morning at
H o'clock, at bis home two miles
w<«st of Athens.
Capt. Barbor had been suffering
from cancer of the mouth for sev
eral months and visited a Washing
ton hospital last spring in the hope
of being benefltted. hut Hi** surgeons
were unable to relieve him. He re
turned home and patiently awaited
the end. which he knew could not
I be postponed v ry long.
Capt. Harbor was a member of the
Kplscopal church and a devout wor
shipper. The erection of church of
Full Course Dinners,
12 to .1 p. m.
.“Or .F. F. Thompson, Mgr.
- ■ ■ — — -.
IF vor SFF IT at ITnKiO'H IT'S WORTH t iik prick.
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale
Five Days Only-Closing Wednesday, Feb. 12.
Not trashy auction ttock, the refuse of othf,r cities, hut our
regular stork, and you know the Pedigo quality. Hard iliuer
have made sales lighter than in previous years. So our storks
are larger nnd our prion lower than ever. This Male sur
passes any ever seen In Minefield in
Ladies’ Suits, Hats, /urn. Coats, Skirts, Shoes, Silk Pet1 •
eoafs. Waists. Hose Sup|*orters. Worden Goods, Cotton
Goods, Ginghams, Remnants, Embroidery Silk,
Men’s Suits, Hats. M^n’s and-Roys’ Overeoats, Roys’ Rain
coats. Men’s and Roys’ Shoes, Men’s F’nderwear, Griffon
E. s. P DICO
H2A-H27 Princeton Avenue, llluefleld. West Virginia
tho Heavenly Rest at Princeton was
due in a large measure to his untir
ing energy and seal in the cause of
tho Master he loved so well.
Capt. Harbor was born in England
eighty years ago. Hi* early man
hood was spent In the English navy,
during which time he visited China
and India. On his return from n
voyage, the late Samuel Killey.
father of Dr. Phil. H. Killey, of Vi
vian, proposeiPa visit to America ami
they came to Prluceton, Mercer
county, where Capt. Harbor fell in
love with a Miss Grigsby, a brilliant
daughter of the famous Virginia
family of that name, and they wer*»
married. Returning to England with
Ills bride, they remained there for
two years and then returned to Mer
cer county, where they have made
their home ever since. To (heir
union was born a large family,
among the children being Mrs. Har
berie. a teacher in tho Bluefletd
schools, Mrs. Meredith, formerly of
this city; A. Halford Bnrbor, of
Washington city, (deputy clerk of
this county from I8f»l to is»7>;
Mrs. Chas. A. Marshall, of Alexan
dria. Va.; Joseph G. and Herbert B.
Harbor, Mrs. Mary H. Pearls and
MIhb Trixie Harbor, of Princeton.
The funeral will be held Monday
afternoon and Capt. Harbor will be
burled with .Masonic honors, which
seems very fitting in view of the
great interest he always manifesto;!
In tho order. Rev. R. \v. Trapnell.
rector of the church, will conduct
the service on behalf of the church.
NVw York, Feb. k.—R <;. Dun &
i’o h weekly Review of Trade today
“Little change appears in the cont
inercial situation, but progress is in
'he right direction so far aB any dif
ference can be discerned. Recent
gains are maintained in utmost every
instance. Wholesale and jobbing
houses are preparing for the future
most conservatively. Mercantile col
lections are irregular, some districts
reporting fairly prompt settlements,
hut at other point payments arc
<>n the whole, the iron and steel
industry Is in a better position than
i week ago, although new contracts
itre placed with .much caution.
Aside from a moderate demand
for prompt shipments of novelties or
special const ructions, the primary
market for cotton goods is dull,
staple lines being almost wholly
neglected. Purchasers continue to
await lower quotations. All lines of
woolens have .been opened without
arousing much interest or giving any
rlevnlte impression regarding the
trend of the market.
New Kngland footwear producers
nre receiving snial linitiaT and sup
plementary orders by mail from
wholesalers who recently inspected
Ba tuples in the lloston market, hut
iota] results are not satisfactory
Khoo manufacturers restrict pur
chases of leather to actual needs.”
Bristol, Va., Feb. H.~ Mrs. Ma
ilnda King Anderson, the venerable
mother of Bristol, whose husband,
• be late Joseph Ft Anderson, found
ed Bristol in 1H.'»3, died at the faint
ly home on Anderson stre**, yester
day, after on illness of two weeks.
Mrs. Anderson was In her K7lh year.
She was a daughter of the Rev. Jns
King, a pioneer minister and erluca
t<»r, and founder of King College,
and also founder of the First 7’res
byterlan rhureh here. Mrs. Ander
son spent her entire life jn Bristol.
The home of her father was the only
one here at the time of her birth,
and the post office name of Bristol in
• hose days was Suppling Grove, th|
office being in the home of Mrs. An
derson's father, who was then pr/t
m as ter. The place afterwards be
came known as King's Meadows.
Mrs. Anderson's husband, who died
twenty years ago, was fhe pioneer of
business In Bristol.
There will be a meeting of Mercer
county camp F*. C. V at the city hall,
Blucfleid, on Saturday. February Kth
of 2 p. m , to make arrang inent for
the care of Comrade W B. Smith A
full attendance is earnestly desirel
By order.
ft IF, BAII.F.Y. Col. Corn’d'*.
F S OROVK, AdJt. 2-fi-nt

Following is the full t«Xt of .the prohibition amendment
which ltattled the house \\» dnci da.v;
Resolved, by the legislature of West Virginia, two-th ids of
tho members elected to each bouse agreeing thereto, TN.it the
following be and the name is hereby proposed as an amendment
to the constitution or (ho itnte, to-wlt:
That section 46 of article 6 of said constitution as U now
Is be stricken out and the following be Inserted in lieu thereof:
•16. The manufacture, sale and keeping Tor solo of all intox
icating liquors, drinks, mixtures or preparations, except as here- K
inafter provided, ar** forever prohibited In this state after »
July 1, 1909; and the legislature shall without delay provide by 1
appropriate legislation for tin* stilet enforcement of this pro-' 1
vision. Hut the legislature may provide by law for the mantt [j
facture, sale and keeping tor sale of aicoliol nnd preparations j
thereof for scientific, mechanical and medicinal purposes, an 1 J
of wine for sacramental purposes under sufficient penntth a and *
securities to insure the true execution of such laws as may »>•> jl)
enacted under this section. 3
^i—awnm» , ■r1—m MWi|| n
INf J,
Charleston, Feb. s. It in under
stood on good authority that the II
«|uor men in the city from all part*
of the state held an “all night"
meeting Wednesday for tin* purpose
of raising funds to defeat the prohi
bition amendment which is now be
fore the senate. Before the meeting
dosed, whlnh was just at. break of
day. between $100,000 and $ l.*»t>,
I 000 had been raised.
This money was place] in the
hands of the committee appointed, it
!h now a question of whether this
money can aw ing the vot ; or the
senate, from what <Ih now admitted
to be strongly for prohibit Ion,
• gainst th<» measure when it comes
up* Many of the senators personally
arc opposed to prohibition and are
In favor of local option hilt In the
fact rtf such a strong sentiment for
tirohlbifdon they will not dare oppose
IVomiiM'iit I.jmI.v <f Saltvillr, \*nM
I’a shis Away,
Sallville, Va.. Feb. 7 Mrs. Aga- j
tha Flanagan Mount, wife of \\\ !>
Mount, general superintendent of
the Mat h jetton Alkali Works, of this
place, died very suddenly at her
home here yesterday morning about
*; o'clock of heart failure
Mrs. Mount had been somewhat
Indisposed for several weeks pant,
but nelfher her family physician nor
any of the members of tie house
hold had any serious apprehensions
as to her rondltln.
Liverpool, Fill, k. Chari s W.
Morse will sail for New York on the
liner Ftrtiria this afternoon While
at Queenstown he announced tlmt h<*
would remain In Kngland about a
week, but on arriving her* oday on
th • Campania, he said he had re
ceived a meseago concerning busl
ncss affairs, which derldr I him to
leave immediately for his home, lie
refused, however, to di-e-uss th - no
dure of the Information ■ • v> 1
HF.1,1) FOR fill t\li II 1CV,
•fames MeClanahan, the n gro who
prnf*'ssed to h<* gathering clothes for
a pressing club which he carried
away, was brought bark from Rad
ford last night bv Chief Newkirk. Il<
had a hearing today before .fustier
On.lhey, who h Id him for the *r -ml
I Jury
15 AN’ K.
•Mr. J. V. Snyder, the l.ewishiiri',
W. Vn.. man who registered at t Ik*
Motel Koanoke, on Jan. 2 1, and who
disappeared, apparently as complete
ly though the earth had swal
lowed him up. leaving his baggage j
behind, is not lost alter all. hut he
fall* to show lip to the public.
\\ lien lie panic here It Is believed
that lie had about $100 !u cash on
Ills person. Sine. Mien ho lias re
pleuisTled his <pup.c'e b.v tiring ca ,i
ri om his home hank, an I i hIk <„•
urred no! later ithan We fries lay of
Mils week.
On Tuesday he went t > the F|rnt !
National hank, where h ■ had de
|.08it«• | a check on a l,owishiirg, W. i
Va., bank and had the cashier of the j
First. National wire the I^wlsbiirg ,
lotnk to know if his check had been
cashed. A favorable answer was re
C ived. and on Wednesday Mr. Sny
der went to the First National hank,
accompanied by another young man.
and drew his money.
I h<T(. was nothing auipiciouH
ahom iIm* action, and the only thin':
noticeable out of the ordinary van
Hum VI, Snyder dozed on the bench
in t|i • hank lobby while* awaiting to
hear from the telegram
Ml of hIk actions with the bank
"ere of th<- most ordinary nature
and similar to almost everyday oc
ciur<n:*> with stiangers who get
strapped and want to get money |
from horn *.
lie was not seer, about the hank
y* derday and the inference is that
b*‘ bad no bmtfh. ss there a tie ha I
secured ids funds the day previous.
Mr. Snyder is sail to have star* i
that tie Is stock hol ler in t he l.owlo
hnrg hank from which h« drew in's;
The man who accompanied him to
the hank lu re was a fitrang r an I
'vns not. known by the hank cm
The hot el people regard It as
strange that he has not shown up
and claim* I his baggage, which 1 *■
had not done up to lawt ev nlng. hit
there is scarce a doubt but that Mr.
Snydep is Mill in the city Kvenin -r
t lilfago, Feb, H. M* cause fault
was found with hint for failur* to
get Steady employment. Wilhelm
William*, aged 22. shot and Mile!
his father. John Williams, aged
He then turned the weapon on him
self, firing a bullet into hi* own
I’ut money in thy purse by buying
bargains at Pedigo’s S* ml Mutual
Flea ranee sale.
i .oiui on, Feu. s. Frederick
Holmes, millionaire, and hla wife
and daughter, and two women serv
ants were found dead in the Holmes
residence today, death resulting from
hullot wounds.
The police thin there la no doubt
but that they were murdered, but
are at a loss as to tho identity or
the assassins or their motive. Tho
dead man wiih well known in Lon
don business elreloa.
Ilff !_
Mahon, IVIt. s. -The funeral ser- ,
vlet's «»f King Carina and his son, I
Crown Prince I,on la, wo o hold at !
San Vincente cathedral today with
all the Imposing ceremonial of a
Catholic church, and ull Mahon wan
in mourning, ami weeping throngs
linod the at root a through which the
funeral oort«*Ko passed.
~ * " —a
Diplomatic corps, court officials
ami representatives from every coun
t1 > lit 10urope att>>mlod tho obHequIeH
Of the late king and his son. Double
rowa or troops kept bock the crowds
which pack'd tho thoroughfares, an
a strong detachment of police pre
ceded the cortege.
Iteginnlng with thin afternoon the
bodies will lie In Htate for three days
before burial.
Chicago, Feb. 7. Sec res of mein
bora of i he National Association of
llallrond Agents will leave this alt
ernoon on n special train for Los
Angeles, where the twelfth annual
convention will lie held during the
live day* beginning next Saturday, j
Slops for sight-seeing will he made j
at Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Laguna, !
tbo f.iand Canyon of Arizona, lie |
lands, ItiverKide, San Mornardino,
Foul nil itII | Ollier elties In tin- or
iinge ee.ll.Tv ol southern California
Many ndditlonnl pleasure trips will
li • taken t<» po!nta in the vic inity o'
Lot Angole-t.
I In spec in I train will return from
Lo . \ui eJes hy way of New' Orleans |
:md Memphis. where* the tourists will
he elaborately «*nlr i fa in cl by the lo
cal railway officials.
•be* NfClanal Woelatlon of Kail
w;.y Agent* has on its membership
i I Ih a bout son of th« leading rail
way in .li of tie eounitiy. It has held
convent loin u most of the important
ot the t ailed Slates and tie*
mernbe -i have* traveled some ir»,ObO
mil. , on special trains during the
last few years.
it'll mo at \t \im\s\ ili.i:.
Mmrtlnttvllle, Va., Feb. k.. Mr.
•H'f Jones, Hi - n(lo|ittf(l son of Mr.
^ii l Mrs. YV. .1 Jones, committed
Hulchfe here on Saturday night t»y
shooting himself through the temple
with ;t pistol. The shooting occurred
in Mr fleorge Harrington’s store on
kayctle i tr* el. When the young
in in announce | the intention or kill
ing hliiiself, there was only one per
il0!' present. Harrington, being uri
able to prevent him, started for as
slstance fore Ip* could return the
fatal shot bad been fired. ^so cause
Is known for the rash act The fu
nf,ral took place here on .Monday i
afternoon at o clock from the
I rlmltivo Haptist rhim h.
ni:\ ai'j>. ii. sii \in
rt>\n\t, r.Mn
l(iv licit, k oruart, the south's
greatest evangelist, and who dcllght
C| the people with his feetur* at
t;ra«e elmreh last October, has writ
ten Ifev Thomas Prld Iv Mint he will
lecture for him on Wednesday eyen
ing. March t Hi/. Priddy sai l In
* <• Hally I, .k|ci tint he anj Itev.
•' K Hawk would have the lecture
between them, and that fi would
ako place j„ the stand Street \t k
" put hi wise if you want
real bargain# go to Pedigo's Semi*
»*• n H nt MIIS M WITH \ I» \ % IS.
. Mariha Davis, widow of Yu
li* 1 Davis, died at the home of
her Ter Mrs John Q Spangler, at
Inti ide Wednesday, Mrs. Davis
v . a daughter of John Ttralev, ,1
.donecr of this county, and a sister
ot the bio II. W. Straley, the foun
d r of tin* Princeton Hanking com
pany. She survived her husband
nearly a quarter of a century.
1W1MTUIAI, IX <\%8K OF It. I>.
liV vrmuiuj,
l.vnehburg. Va., Feb 7.- ,Tha
case oi i!h* Commonwealth vs. h. d.
Orlmnlry, tor bctfayal, which wha
ifl*vl lii fh > corporation "court Tliura
day was argued yesterday morning
and given to the Jury. At the time
lor court lo adjourn for lunch, the
Jnry reported that It had been un
nlde to agree upon a verdict and an
adjournment wan taken iintfl :t
1,1 'I"’ afternoon they retired
again to their room and nt ft o'clock,
till not being able lo agree, were
discharged ft |H understood that
• roni the beginning they stood six
lor ac(juittal and six for conviction,
lb - defendant was remanded to |all
niitll he could procure bail, which at
last accounts ho expected fo do.
M<»\0|{ | WASHINGTON Fltllsr.
Washington, !•%•!». 8. Scores of
prominent men, Including Vice
President Fairbanks, Speaker Can
non. Baron von Hengelmuller, the
Austrian ambassador, Secretary
Tart, Secretary (‘ortulyou, Secretary
Bonaparte. Secretary |,oeb, Siirgeon
Heneral O'Reilly. Representative*
•lotin Sharp Williams, Champ (' ark.
Hamad,-ii and Oouldeti and Senator*
Aldrlefi, Beveridge, Carter, Klkln*
aiifl Scott, will torn >rrow give* public
expr'ssion ti the* esteem In which
Hie lafe Father Stafford, rector of
rft Patrick K church, was hill at
Hie national capital.
I>|>rinK III* busy career In Was.li
Ingt on, Father Stafford was the
Mend and conn land of some of the
leading m«n of the nation, and the
memorial meeting tomorrow has en
Mstc-d the attention of people of all
The program will consist of *,c>v
era! short addresses by well-known
ni'm, eulogizing Father Staffc I a*
a citizen and friend, as a prl sf, a
iwtriot, a philanthropist, an orator,
«nd a national character, These ad
dresses will be Inters.Yrxed with
nnisi, by S't Patrick’s choir an I
probably a section of the M ir oe
» l N Fit A I, OF
‘1 c. if loot \ BOTH \ M.
The remains of f c Higglnbch in
will arrive h‘ re tonight on No ;> and
the funeral will fake place tomorrow
a bout 2 o'clock from Bland Street
(hurc I), conducted by the pastor In
terment in the Higginbotham i in
j W alnut Orovc cemetery.
The Charleston .Mall says ludgn
• hank Maynard, rrlmfnal fudge of
Mercer county, was In the City yes
terday. having come to look at"*r
personal matters He is one of the
oalliiK Republicans of hi* county,
and one of the most important cltl
"ns of Minefield, He is well know.l
in Charleston, and is well liked here,

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