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I struck the land and pulled my
little skiff up on the bank and left
it, and I have often wished I had
this litfle skiff, that I might keep
It and preserve U as long as I live
in remembrance of Its kindly service '
in carrying me safely from the land
of my enemies to the homo of my
friends—to t*he land I love.
After leaviug my little bark 1 ,
walked up into an old held to where
there had recently stood a straw
rick, and there I slept until day- ■
light, and from thence made my j
way the next morning to a road
which I followed about five miles 1
which led me fo a nice brick farm
house, in which lived a doctor
(name not recollected). Here I was
treated very nicely, given a good
breakfast and a lunch to cstrry with
me, with directions to get to Howl- ;
ing (Jreeu, about thirty miles away.
I found, ui>on inquiry of this doc
tor, that I had landed in King
(leorgo county, Virginia. 1 told the
doctor w’hefe I had left my skiff and
ho said the would send his wagon
down and get it as he needed one j
about his mill pond.
I was three clays making the trip i
from where I landed to Howling
Grepn in Caroline county, Virginia,
and on my way met tip with several
men belonging to Col. Mosby's com
mand. On my arrival at Howling
Oreen, I" made application to the
provost marshal for transportation
to Richmond, Va., which he gave
me, stating that lie had two Yankee
prisoners to send nml one passport
would do for all.
Wo arrived at Richmond t after
dark, and I went immediately to
the office of Ihe provost marshal
and reported myself as an escaped
prisoner. I was very closely inter- i
•rogatcd as to who I was, where 1
was from, the command to which I
belonged, and who I knew from the
counties of Mercer, (tiles and Taze- |
well and was requested to name
some of the officers from these j
counties, and my answers being sat
isfactory, I was sent to the wayside
hospital, and from thence transfer
red to Chimborazo, which was the
hospital for Virginia, Maryland and
Tennessee soldiers. I there remained
about ter. days. V*o tyard of phy
sicians met every other day to ex
amine sick and wounded, and see
who were able for duty and who
were entitled to furloughs. I at- j
tended each meeting and insisted
that I was entitled to a furlough and
gave my reasons therefor. The doc
tors were all agreed that a man that
had escaped from prison and had
made his way back to ihelp defend
his country, should ’./ive a furlough*
but they failed to recommend it and
I became we&fV and told the officer
In charge, to give me a hospital dis
charge and report me for duty,
at-infch he did. 1 then went over to
the office of the provost marshal
and secured from him a passport to
niy command, then - near Saunton,
Va. While at the office a general
alarm was sounded throughout the
city that the enemy in force were
approaching and all able bodied men
in the city were immediately press
ed into service and rendezvoused in
a large warehouse, called Confeder
ate soldiers’ home, and were kept
there until they would volunteer. |
volunteered in the first company
that catno out, which company con
sisted of sixty men, a mixed lot.
some from the infantry, some from
the artillery and some from the cav
alry, commanded by a general staff
officer from Mississippi. We were
soon fully equipped wltih arms and
ammunition and marched to the
outer line of the city defenses,
where, we spent the night and the
next day trainping in the ditches
and In the mud, but no enemy ap
peared. The second night drew nigh
and we struck camp, thad a big log
fire and were nil standing around
trying to dry our clothes, for we
had had a heavy down pour of rain
that day and our clothes were wet
through and through.
Our company had lost very heav
ily, not In any engagement with the
enemy, but by being worn out, by
being dragged around in the mud
nnd rain until only seven remained,
all belonging to the cavalry, which
led our captain to say that the In
fantry were always throwing up to
the cavalry that they were not
brave men like they were, and now
we had only seven rnen left nnd
these all belonged to the cavalry. |
had but little to say In the mntter,
but just thought on this wise, that
as soon ns if gets a little darker,
there will be but six brave cavalry
men left, and so It turned out.
I made my way to the Chimborazo
hospital, where I sj>ent the night
and left next morning for my com
mand. which I found encamped near
Brown's (lap. and shortly there
after procuring a furlough, I came
home and remained until the spring
bf the year and then started back
to my command and learned on the
way that the army of Northern Vir
ginia was no more. '
Hi* Scruples.
She—Do you believe that kissing is
He—Can’t say that I do. You
know I have conscientious scruples
about kissing.
He—Yes. I feel that I should never
allow an opportunity to go by de
fault.—Chicago News.
Same Old Hold-Up.
“And have you heard the latest?**
•No. What is It?"
“8hure. in Ireland they can’t hang a
cnan with a wooden leg.”
“Never! What do they do then?**
“They just hang him with a rope.”
Athenn, W. Va.
The Concord State Normal Is now
in a very prosperous condition. The
general satisfaction on the part of
the pupils and patrons Is evidence
of thorough work lu school.
The faculty is one of the strong
est in the state. 'Pupils taking work
under any one of the faculty know i
that the work will be first class In
every respect.
T here will he review classes
formed next term for all who w ish
to take the teachers’ examination.
All pupils graduating from this
school will receive a number one
certificate, when they receive their
Normal course diploma.
The music department Is strong
Its management is first class. All
pupils taking music will be fur
nished a piano for practice free.
Th<^ department of elocution will
be under the management of one
of the strongest teachers in the state
and the instruction will he first class
Spring term begins March 24.
1908. If you wish to know any
thing about tlie school write to the
C. L. HEM IS, Principal.
Birds Stopped the Clock.
The town clock In Sarnia. OnL,
stopped one morning not long ago,
and ou Investigation the hands wore
found securely tied down by strands
of twine and grass. The mischief had
been done by a pair of sparrows. De
airing to build a nest in the angle of
♦ ho hands, the movement of which In
terfered with their plans, they tied
the bands to each other, and to the
framework, in such a manner that it
took considerable tlmo and labor to
remove the obstructions. The engi
neering skill displayed, and the
amount of industry and perseverance
exhibited, makes the feat quite phe
nomenal In Itiml annals
By virtue of authority vested Jn
me by deed of trust bearing date on
the 12th day of March, 1907, exe
cuted by Q. W. Ruble to the under
signed, Wm. E. Ross, Trustee, to
secure to Susan Harvey. Ailmx., the
payment of certain negotiable notes
therein described, and recorded In
ihe clerks office of the County
Court of Mercer County, West Vir
ginia, in Trust Deed iiook No. 15,
page 105, the undersigned will offer
for sale at public auction to the
highest bidder in front of the City
Hall of Bluefleld, West Virginia, on
the 25th day of March, 190X. at 4
o'clock p. m., the following proper
ty: 1 Black Horse named "Nig,"
and 1 Grey Horee named “George.”
Said sale will be made upon the
following terms: Cash In baud on
day of sale.
WM. E. ROSS, Trustee
The T.augh tlot boy has returned to town.
Ills fcalur<<s are tanned and bis arm are
Bu» bis eyes are as bright as two ej el
may le,
And bis heart is still light and meiry
is he,
And the d<g In the yard and the bird on
the llrnh
Are happy again for the coming of him,
And the breezes blow sweeter than ever
they blew
And the sky seems brighter than ever
And the world is a place In which
troubles are few.
For the iaiughalot boy is at home once
Tho I.aughnlot boy has been out on the
lit lln
And climbing the fences and wading the
He has rolled on the grass, he has
played In the hay.
Ills muscles are strong and his laughter
Is gay;
He has heard the wind passing through
acres of corn.
He has ptueked the sweet ears and is
glad he was born;
And the breezes blow sweeter than sver
they Mew,
And (he sky seems brighter than sver
And the world Is a place In which
troubles are few.
For the I.riughalut boy Is at homa
once more.
— P E. Kiser, In Chicago Record-!*'
Have you neglected your Kidneys?
Have you overlooked your nervous
system and caused trouble with yonr
kidneys and bladder? Have you
pains In loins, side, back, groins and
bladder? Have you a flabby appear
ance of the face, especially under
the eye*. Too requontly a desire
to pass urine? If ao, William's Kid
ney Pill will cure you.
Price 60c.
For sale by The White Pharmacy.
Cor. TPand street and Princeton ave
A little Lobster Sa.ad.
Terrapin, and other things.
And In a very little while
A doctor’s phone bell rings.
The terrapin is on his feet.
The lobster’s found his claw,
And Judging from the Inner man
Thelr's Is the "Unwritten Law."
Thf* case Is quickly diagnosed
As Inside Information,
On how a lobster and terrapin
Can raise so much tarnation.
The trouble found. It was the thing
To furnish quick relief.
And the way of Rydnle’s Stomach
Was Simply beyond belief.
Blbulcus Washingtonians Said to Be
Alarmed at Outlook.
A large |>ari of Washington actually
Is worried over the tear that the pro
hibition wave from the south. In
creased in strength and in volume by
the smaller prohibition wave from tha
west, may engulf the District of Co
lombia. Total abstinence of the f»n
forced kind is bavin* <tc day
In the laud. and it may be
that its day will coniiiuc. Washington
without a drink would be a sad place
for some of the officials and for many
of the visitors, hut as a matter of fact
congress itself would reel the absence
of liquor less than the eochtry seems
to thluk. It is only fair to (ho senators
and representatives to say that they
are not a bibulous lot.
\\ ashington on Sunday ns far ns
the places of busiuess are concerned
resembles the city of the day b'fore
the inilux of Europeans brought their
Sunday ideas to this country and
changed the whole nature of things
^ ou can't get shaved tn Washington
on Sunday unless you shave yourself,
and as ordinary language runs this
Isn’t "getting shaved." Every saloon
In Washington is closed on the first
day of tlu* week, and closed tighter
than the proverbial drum, but never* 1
the less It is easy to go; g drink In
the city.
1 here are clubs In Washington
whose sole business It Is to sell
drinks. Membership in them costs a
.'iollar or two a year. The clubs fill
their tills on Sunday. Already ths
liquor interests are pooling to light
prohibition In tho capital.
Marriage Is an eye-openor; nt least
It enables a mail to see his wife us
others see her.
Some girls cultivate the urt of pout
ing because they Imagine it makes
them look cute.
Fortunate is the woman w ho is able :
to mend both lior husband's clothes
and his ways.
The happiest period in a gill's life (
is when she gets her first skirl that
vwiabes when she walks.
A girl thinks It wrong for a man
to attempt to kiss her, and a young
widow thinks It wrong if he doesn’t
The average girl baby Is so fond of
her father that she sleeps during
the day while he is busy so she * an
stay awake all night and enjoy bis
"Johnny, doesn’t your conscience
tel! you that you are doin^ wrong?"
"Yes, mother, but father said I
wasn’t to believe everything I heard."
Mary had a little man.
He took her out to dine.
Hut Mary had no little lamb;
Said she: “No lamb for mlno!*'
Hhc- ordered all from soup to nuts,
And finished up with wine.
If Odors Only Were Nourishing.
‘If one could live on odors alone,*
#ald Mr. Flatdweller, “It wouldn't cost
much to live in a flat.
“For there’s no odor of cooking
known that you can’t smell here. The
dumb-waiter shufts and the various
holes through floors and ceilings for
steam and water plp^-s seem to make
the whole building u sort of universal
smell conductor In which no cooking
odor Is lost, in which all odors corm
to all.
“And go If anybody In the building
has roast turkey wo know that, but
•o, alas! do we know It full well If
anybody hns corned beef and cabhagt
or onions or fish. There Is, indeed, a
surfeit of odors, and as f said, If one
could live on odors what a placo this
would he *o board -such a rjulstjr autf
how cheap1”
Harry s Barber Shop
Sf'Xt il(Kir to \V. I'. THrgrnpIi Co.
First class service at all times
FOU RENT Four office rooms,
centrally located. Apply to C. J.
Kluxer or II. R. Kitts. 1-28-tf
WANTED—Competent and exjterl
vnce salesladies for lad It's’ de
partments. Reference required.
Mall application to The tlrand
Leader, Ilox 616. llluelleld, K. Va.
3-9-2t #
LOST Poclcetbook codtatalni fir
In cash, check for $25 and palters
valuable to owner only. Retain
money and send pocketbook and
contents by mall to F. O. F. llar
baeon. 1*. O. Ilex 706.
FOR RKNT—Four rooms on Car
roll street, near shops. Five room
house South Hluefleld. Apply to
I. K. Morgan, Mall Carrier No. 2.
FOR RKNT Three store-rooms on
Raleigh street. C. O’Leary &
Son. 2 • G-tf
FOR RKNT— Some good ~offlo«
rooms on l’rlnceton avenue. C.
O’Leary & Son. 2-6-tf
FOR RENT - Four rooms with
porches and pantry, No. 222 Rlue
fleld avenue. T. H. It. Christie.
Fresh egg*. 24c. per dozen.
3-1 0-3t GO Hluefleld Ave.
BELTON K- JOHNSON, first door
west of Presbyterian Church,
manufacture to order tables of all
kinds and sizes, build store fix
tures, and do general repair work.
Terms reasonable. 3-9-2t
Spectacles anil artificial
eyoa fitted.
Lenses Matched, Frames
Hops' 'cd.
4 27 Princeton Ave. Rluefleld, W. Va.
JANVARY 12, 1008. 4
I^*avo 8:15 a. in. for Roanoke.
Norfolk and all points on tho Shen
andoah division. rulimnn Sleeper
Roanoke to New York, via Ilagerg
town, Pullman Parlor Car Roanoke
to Norfolk.
& ■ 4 5 a. m. for Roanoke, Rich
mond, Norfolk. Pullman Sleeper.
Dining Car to Roanoke. Parlor Cat
Roanoke to Norfolk.
2:65 p. m. for Roanoke and Lynch
burg and intermediate stations and
the Shenandoah Valley. Philadelphia
and New York. Sleeper to Philadel
phia. Cafe Car Gary and Roanoke.
It:38 p. in. for Roanoke, Lynch
burg, Richmond, Norfolk. Pullman
Sleeper to Roanoko and Pullman
Sleeper Roanoke to Norfolk.
Leave Blueeld 8:20 p. m. for Ken
ova, Columbus and all potntB West
and Northwest. Pullman Sleeper Tor
Columbus and Cincinnati. Cafe Cars.
8:55 a. m. Pullman Sleeper for
Columbus. Toledo. Cafe Dining Car.
I>-ae 9:03 a. in. and 2:25 p. in.
daily for Tazewell, Norton nnd nil
stations on Clinch Valley division.
Arrive from Norton and points on
the Clinch Valley division at 2:40 p.
m. and 8:26 p. in.
Leave 0:45 a. m. for Kenovn and
intermediate station? via Wayne.
Leave 5:10 a. m. and 2:40 p. m. 1
for Welch and Intermediate stations, i
Call on agent Norfolk and West- j
ern Railway for tickets, maps and !
additional information.
W. P. RRVILL, G. P. A.,
For SALE and for RENT
Wo have on hand the following
second-hand and rebuilt machines:
'? No. 3 Olivers, with long and short
carriages, $75 and $85.
3 No. 3 Olivers, Regular, very little
used, $55 to $75.
1 No. ft ITnderwood. 7ft,000 serial,
$85 cash, $75 time,
i Rllckcnsderfer, No. 7, almost new,
I Manhattan, "B,” almost new, $25.
I Commercial Visible, $10.
ft Brand New No. ft Oliver#. The
No. ft Oliver Is the king of the
typewriter world today.
More OMVI ICS have been sold In
West Virginia in Ifie past two years
than all other writing machines
Williams & Stewart
Room ftO, State Bank Bldg.
Itl.l KfTFJ/H. W. VA.
Kjre, Bar, Nose and Tlirnnf.
lUucfleld, tV. Va.
Ocmllst for V A W. Railway.
Do Yo Know
We Have Just Completed Our Modern
Woodworking Plant?
Our plant la 75x140. 4-story with u two-story l„ 50x100. Hallway
cars run along aide of the L and direct through the center of main
building. From this track In center of building la a large elevator,
7x1 K, connecting the Tour floors and making them about the same uh
ground floor ns far as the railway track Is concerned. For wagon and
street conveniences, wagon can enter the ground floor and drive all
over It. then as the street grade raises It enables us to drive to each
floor at two or more places, making all floors the same as ground floors
as far as the street Is concerned. This Complete mill was erected on
ground not heretofore used by us In our large building material bus
iness. Combining these two you can readily s«*e It places us In posi
tion to supply anyone with everything necessary lu house-building. Wo
nlso Invito any orders for special work of any kind made of wood.
We would appreciate any Inquiries and extend to you a special In
vltatlon to make us a personal visit.
Saxon Lime and Lumber Co.
Bluefield, West Virginia
HOX 102. IMlONi: 78.
KDW1N MANN, I»rc«ld.«nt.
WAliTKR O. POLLOCK,. Cnnhlor.
li. A. llOOl'KH, Asst. Cashier.
TKe First Na^tiorvaJ Ba^nk
CAPITAL, $100,000.
SURPLUS, $200,000.
UNI>IVII>F.I> ritOl’ITH, $40,000.
7 o the Patrons and Friends
of Kitts Printing Company
We beg to announce that on January ist we consolidated with
the Bluestone Publishing^Company and removed our plant to No. 55
Bland street. By this consolidation we increased our facilities at
least three fold, and with the same force of workmen, added to the
force of the bluestone Publishing Company, we are well prepared to
take care of orders. Mr. Kitts will continue to make estimates and
look after oflice details and Mr. Poland will superintend printing as
heretofore. Any order heretofore given Kitts Printing Company
may be duplicated by giving the date and name of the job, with the
quantity wanted, either by phone ($03), letter or personal call. An
exact duplicate as to style and quality may be had if desired
l hanking you one and all for past favors we solicit a continu
ance of same in our new home.
Very truly,
Bluestone Publishing Co., Successor*
Assets Over . . . $90,000,000
Surplus Over .. 5,000,000
E. H. EASLEY, General Agent,
Bluefield, West Va.

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