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voi: 2. NO 3'P_Bl.U Hl'lEl.l >. W LSI V1RC.IN1 A Tll-SIIAY A1TKRNOON. Al'KII. ,4. .goS ~~ pr ig. TW() CFNTS
Harmony Interrupted by a General Row and Free
For All Fight in Which There Were Numerous
Casualties—Hottest Convention Ever Held in
The convention was called to or
der at 2:05 by 1). CJ. hilly, chair
On motion of Judge Sanders the
meeting adjourned to the campus of
the court house.
In an address the chair declared
that the Republican party had made
this country and built the factories
made It pn>6|>orous. etc., and ej o
gired the party for its past history,
but never referred to tile present
The call for the convention was
read by \\\ P. Hawley, secretary.
Chairman l.illcy called Hon. Jo
seph M. Sanders as temporary chair
man. and oYrk Coleman, as tempor
ary secretary.
Judge Sanders addressed the con
ventlon and declared that tlte.ro was
nothing in the city administration
to he ashamed of and eulogised the
party of iho city and admonished It
by saving that there should lie no
difTi rences. for a “house divided
against itself could not stand.'*
l’;>on motion the temporary or
gnnizntton was made permanent.
A motion to appoint committees
on resolution and order or business
was adopted.
The chair appointed ns a commit
tee on resolutions the following:
York Coleman, B. E. Carter. J. H
(lollehan. 11. I. Shott, Hamilton Hal
ter and 1). (1. Lilly.
The chair appointed as a comma
tee on order of business the follow
ing: W. S. Foutz, A. .1. Hear t, A.
floodwyn, J. II. Wright.
The committee, on order of busi
ness reported and the report was
. adopted
(J. SI. Newkirk was appointed ser
Th * committee on resolution* re
1 be committee on resolutions re
reported as follows:
\\ horoag, The Kcpuhlicans of the
city of Uluefleld in mass convention
assembled refer with gratification tc
tli.* fact that every progressive move
ment for th * Improvement of the city
has been due to the public-spirited
effort on the part of Its adherents.
It has opposed no progressive meas
ure, nor voted against any issue of
bonds for public betterment. Its ad
lr rents have adhered to no move
ments to prevent the collection of
public du *s. It has maintained a
fc.vr.teni of accounting adequate to
ascertain and collect through its or
firials what was clue the city. It
has kept all public documents en*
trusted to its care secure, and there
has h‘cn no record which has been
made or taken for the protection of
the citizens lost or misplaced. it*
administration has been fair to ail
interests nnd to all classes.
wnorcAf, Slc>p« have already
be n taken to provide adequate aya
tem of fire protection with the moat
modern, up-to-date equipment and
faellltl >s, together with the eatab
llahment of centrally located ata
tioTiB; and.
"Whereas, Since the Republican*
have come Into control of the school
Full Course Dinners,
12 to .«| p. m.
“Or F. Thompson, Min’.
system of the city and district rapid
slides have b.v*u made in the lnt
pioveasest of the course of study and
the effleency of teachers, and a fund
has been provided by bond Issue
which insures the city of Bluefieki
a system second to none in the stat«
and city; and.
“Whereas, There has been agita
tion of the question of prohibiting
cows being kept within the city
which Is regarded as an Injury and
) detriment to many of our worthy cit
izens. now. therefore, be It
* Resolved, first. That we affirm
allegiance to the party In city. stat<
and nation. contributing thereon
magnificent contributions of th^
paat and our fidelity to its present
policies ami achievements.
"We fuvor the continued paving
• of our streets, begun and procured
I under the Republican ndminietra
i lion, until all the streets have been
paved and macadamized and provld
j cd with sewers and storm drains and
•'We favor the extension and pro
tection of the sanitary sewerage sys
j tema until all portions of the city*
have been provided with this modern
! necessity.
"We favor the provision and
maintenance of an up-to-date flr<
fighting equipment to protect life
and property; the organization of an
! effective department, and the use ol
Are stations located so that all sec
j tlons of the city will be amply pro j
tected, and the installation of an
alarm system that is sifaple and of- l
fectlve, and we favor the immediate
establishment and equipping of these
Are stations and the selectIrib of a
competent paid department to act
! in conjunction with our present
unteer department.
"We are opposed to the passage
of any ordiance which prevents the
keeping within the city of cows foi
domestic purposes, or which In any
way burdens the citizens or impairs
i their rights.
"We favor the submitting of al’ J
matters relating to the question of
temperance as well as of all political
and economic questions to the peo
pi > for their decision thereon.
"We favor the enactment by con
greHH of legislation prohibiting Inter- |
Rlrfie shipment of liquor into dry
“To the end that all citizens may
he protected against any abuses that
might arise in th? reading of our’
water and light meters, we favor
the appoint merit of a competent pub
i lie official for the purpose of inspect- I
lng and testing such meters and cor
recting the same.
The chair called for nomlnatlnnr
for mayor. Calls of Carter were1
made. Mr. (Jollehan came forwar 1
nnd placed in nomination B. E. Car
ter. The nomination was seconded
and a motion to close the nomina
tions carried. E. E. Carter was nom
inal *d. One colored ma* said he
should be president of the United
Nominations for recor lor were
called for by the chair and Dr. Mar
tin (dared In nomination W. F. Fai
nter, th<» present Incumber/.. The
nomination was seconded aril mo
tion to close the nominations was
MKANH new outfits for men nr
well as Faster Bonnets and
Faster Frocks for the wom’n,
We have carefully planned for
masculine needs and are show
ing a smart and complete line
of Hart, flehaffner (k Marx
Faster Suits.
Klmchbaum's Raster Sulfa.
Bannister s and Barry's Raster
Oxfords and Shoes
Yecka’s Raster Vests.
Auerbach's Raster Neckwear,
f lueft * Raster Srlts.
f'orllsa At Coon's Easter Collars
Easter Hosiery, Raster Hand
kerchiefs and Eaater Crider
rouman a Enstor Hat*. w**ar.
__ . A
I made and carried, and Mr. Palmer
waa nominated by acclamation.
Nominations for board of aup'r
viHom were called for and isucr
| Wright cauie forward and place.1 in
nomination W. K. Dawson. The mo
tion waa seconded.
W. N L)oAk placed In nomination
IW. T. Hibson for supervisor. The
motion was seconded and the non.
Inatlons for suiiervisor were closed
Dr. Martin wished to place in unm
t inatlon II F. Staley for supervisor.
The motion to clow* nominations wa-t
reconsidered and Df. Martin placed
In nomination 11. F. Staley. The
nominations were tbel closed.
The ciialr called for nominations
for councllman-at-largc
•f. P. Morgan placed In nomlnaMon
for councilman-at-large s. N. Wot
ley. The motion wns seconded and
nominations for counrllmnimt-iarr.u
were closed. Mr. Hearn moved to
make the nomination by acclama
tion and the motion carried.
The chair called for nomln:«tions
for councilman In the First ward.
J. If. Gollehan placed in notilnv
tlon It. B. Ferguson. The nomina
tolns were closed and n motion to
make the nomination by ncclan.a
tlon was carried.
Second Ward —
York Coleman placed In nomina j
tlon J. M. Echols. The nomination j
was seconded, nominations closed ’
and Mr. Echols declared the. canril
dat * by acclamation.
f Third Ward
J. E. lilt/, placed in Domination
J. J. Giles. His nomination was
seconded, the nominations closed and
he was made the candidate by ac
Fourth Ward—
Squire E. I*. God hey placed In
nomination Karl Scheow. and he was
nominated by acclamation.
Fifth Ward —
M. K. Harmon’s natn<» was pre
sented to the convention and his
nominated seconded. A. .1. Il-ar*
placed In nomination J. H. Kahle
The motion for Mr. Ruble's nomina
tlon was seconded by Mr. Morgan
and the nominations closed and
passed up for vote by ballot.
Sixth Ward
J. P. Morgan plac'd In nomina
tion C. I,. Borden. The nominations
were closed and Mr Borden wns i
made the nominee by acclamation.
Seventh Ward
W. J. Borden was placed nomina
tion and his selection was made by
Eighth Ward
J. E. Riley p!ae->d In nomination
W. J, t'pdlke. The name of Georg<
E. Hale was called and placed In
nominations and the nominations
were then closed.
Nominations for cily treasurer
were call *d and .1. H. Oollehan
placed In nomination E. Bond. |,oud
calls for Lilly were made. J. s. Kahle ,
placed In nomination I). O. Lilly and
Mr. Lilly’s nomination was second
ed. ’Squire Chambers placed In ,
nomination Dr. J. E. Martin. Mr.
Martin’s nomination was seconded ,
Judge j. F. Maynard placed In nom
ination VS. J. Newenham. Nomina- i
tlon oT Mr. Newenham wns seconded
Hamilton Hatter seconded the I
nomination of Newenham, hut loud
calls for Lilly were made and the
speech of the colored educator was
The name of W. N. Boak war
placed In nomination and the noml
nations were then dosed.
The election of the executive Corn
mlfteo was then called for. The
pr 'sent city executive committee war
re-elected until next election.
The convention then proceeded to,
ballot upon candidates bet wee a
which there were contests, and while j
the ballots were being taken a beau
tiful row started.
A general row In the convent Ion
started about 5;|0. Alonzo Layne. i
a negro, attempted to cut R I,. Mt-h
op. a conductor, and Mr. Kgbert
Franrl* happened between them ptid
got r«et between the fllngera. Mr
Francis was fak -n to the hoapir 1!
and wound* dressed.
Immediately after this a.iofho: I
beautiful row broke out In the murt
A general altereatlon occur.M !n
tho court rom among the Htl.i «'ju
brother*. Lilly*. Dr Martin a.d
*om» Other* P T Lilly applied a
vile name to L. O Maries;, who re
*ented It. W. fl. Crockett, a vi*ltT«‘,
was assaulted by three men w'lotu h
did not know.
\v. F. Stinson bitterly cursed \W |
N. Doak. the union labor caadlda'e |
for treasurer, and Mr. Doak and h'lr
friends took care of their side of toe
controversy. Five policemen took
1 Doak In charge but later released
| hint.
Dr. Martin was strduck above the.
by young Mr. Lilly with a satchd*
and is wearing a plaster as a result.
It Is reported that the row started
by Philip Lilly striking L. O. Har- :
lless or Mr. Francis. Later .h»» ne
gro cut Mr. Francis.
In his introductory speech Judge I
Sanders remarked that this wss a !
! convention of which the party mUht !
I feel proud, but this pljo evidentiy j
i waned before the proceed^ c« were
**nded. When the negroes and whites
j get to fussing in a motley couvcntoln
| you can well say that soui »L.*,»lt Is
doin'. it prides itself upon being
l th* l,ar<>‘ that does things an.l they
There was evidently a good deal
of dlasemjlon in trying to make up
the slate. The negro element was
hot for Carter and Lilly, one negro
remarking that "I move you mnae
| Mr. Carter mayor till we can make
him president.”
The negroes were much in evi
dence and n negro was appointed
both upon the committees on reso
lution and on the committee on o.
der of business -Hamilton Hatter
on resolutions and A. Ooodwyn on
order of business. The chair evi
dently was not anxious to attract «
great deal of attention about the ap
potntment of negroes, aa he read
their names In quick succession. The
committee on rosolutlonH was o-it
about live minutes and brought bat k
a couple of pages of typewritten
matter which had be»u prepared be.
I'he committee on resolutions de
clarod in favor of the bill before
congress prohibiting the shipment ot
if'iuor Into dry territories also In
favor of submitting any question *c
a vote of the people, it will bo re
called that the Republican party
1timed such a measure as this down
in the legislature. It also failed to
indorse such a measure at HramwelS
where the matter should have been
properly tnkcn up.
At the time of going to pm is the
'•allots were only half counted but
l» 0. Lilly was far In the l*iJ. an<|
his nomination Is assured
Tho other candidates nru run
ning about even, except J »r Matt In.
who Is behind,
UF.rriiLK’.w TH HUT.
Fp to the time of The Leader go
lug to press the. Republican conven
tion had named the following ticket
Mayor— E. K. Curler.
Recorder VV. F. Palmer.
Council man-at-Large—a. N Wor- I
Ward councllmen:
l itst Ward It. R. Ferguson.
Second Ward J. M. Rcholg.
Third Ward .1. J. one*.
Fourth Ward Karl Schoew.
Sixth Ward C. L. Borden.
Seventh Ward -W. J. Borden
nilCAdO 'IA\ PITH IT IN l»H \( .
Chicago. AprP || “When a nun,
after an active life, find* himself
without an opportunity to show hfB
activity and, through reverse of for
tune Ik without other means of
lihood to retain honor and proven!
himself from becoming a burrt-M ,i(l |
Ms fellow men. It is d-'glrablo tint/
he f dlow the proposition attilbu ed'
to Osier. I therefore deem if mos* j
expedient to do so.”
The above attract front a lott -r
found on the body of Joseph Chill,
who committed suicide yest. r lav j
morning at his hoarding hous here
by Illuminating gas, explains hip I
reason for the deed.
Al'l'Mf ATIOV I'OR OllhClt TO
iakk i»»:iosrriovs.
N**w York, April 11. Attorney*!
Interest'd in the divorce proceeding* '
commenced by Kvelyn Thaw to hnv<> I
her marriage t0 Harry Thaw an
nulled appeared before Judge Hen
drlck In Part II. of the supreme
court, where an order was present
ed to take depositions from pp|*
burg witnesses,
Alahny. N. Y , April 14. Oover
nor Hughe* today refused to deny
or affirm the *tory that If gambling
wen* permitted at races at Aqueduct
Wednesday he would call out Hr* ,
mlllfla to suppress it The governor ,
believes that the sentiment of the i
people of the state j* thoroughly
aroused by his reform bills, and hi*
frl nds say he will fight the oppo
sition fo the last ditch.
('HAXAkn IX Al.mtK'll HIM..
Washington. April 14.—Tho lie
publican leaders have ascertained In
a purely Informal way that with
certain amendments the Aldrich bill
can get enough support In the house
to assure Its passage., and Senator
A Id rich, it la stated, has Informed
them that the amendments they
h*v« In mind will be aatiafactory
to the majority In the senate.
Would lie Serious Stop.
The committee on hanking and
currency will, however, continue
consideration of the Aldrich bill, on
which hearings are now being given
HouaB leaders feel that to discharge
the committee would be taking a
very serious step, particularly In
view of the opposition to the Aid
rich bill that has been expressed by
commercial hodicm. especially In the
went and south, but It is possible
that such a step will bo taken.
To the cauoua will be submitted j
a new currency hill, drafted by the I
Republican leaders in the hems.' and
lntroduye<l by Representative Vroe
land, o* Now York, which erahodlca
•o much of the Aldrich bHt aa thev
fed confident or and In which Ik In
corporated the amendment* agreed
U|K>n. The question In the caucus
Will be simply whether there shall
he an amend 'd Aldrich hill or no
financial hill nt all.
If (be senate does not enact a
currency commlaslon bill nt onc<
such a measure will be agreed upon
by the caucus and passed by the
In support of the no-leglslAtlon
Idea it is suggested that such n
course would leave tin* Republican
party without encumbrance at the
Chicago convention and enable the
rr.*e shaping there of a financial
In the hill Introduced by Mr.
Vreeland the Aldrich bill, so fnr a*
It appertains to the Issuing of cur
rency on municipal bonds. Is left un
changed. The section of the Aid- j
rich hill which changes the present j
law of r ‘HorveH Is stricken out. Tills j
k the section which )ihh met with
he most objection from the. hanks,
both In the country and the reserve
•ItleH. The La Follette amendment 1
Is Ktrlck >n out. These sections were
•Unlimited on the theory that neith
er one wan necessary to n purely
nnergeney hill—on the. agreement
lhat’tho bill should be held as close
ly as possible to Uh purpose of pro
aiding simply for an emergency cur
rency; that it whh not desirable at
IiIb time to go Into n revision of the
banking and currency law. but that
work should be and would be taken
up by a commission to be created
before congress adjourns.
To Meet Objections.
A section Is added to the Aldrich
bill to meet the objection of west
ern and southern hanks that th<*y
r>wn no bonds such ns arc required
for security under the Aldrich bill;
bat they don’t feel able to divert
heir money to the purchase of such
bnndK, and that all of their funds
ir* required In the needs of their
business. The new section creates
in agency for the handling of ordl
inry assets of hanks. Ineliiding coin
nerclal pnper. Under this section
groups 01 nntlonnl banks not lose
ban ten In number and having an
iggregaM capital and surplus of at
cant $10,000,000 may form volun-i
fary associations to be known as I
'National Clearing House AwhI,i
Ions.” Much an association shall
»ave officers and a board of direct
*ra selected from the representative,
:>f the banka composing the group
»nd shall be organized and governed
according to rules to be prescribed
l»y the secretary of the treasury
Any bank belonging to such an a-i
•oeiatlon may deposit and assign to
the association In trust such s-**url
I*-*. Including commercial paper, nr
may he satisfactory to th** officer* j
of the association. Th** association ;
may thereupon make application tr
Hie comptroller of the currency In
i**half of th • depositing hank for au
thority to Issue additional bank
note* to an amount not exceeding
7f> per cent, of th** cost value of th*
necurltl*** so deposited.
The association Is made a corpora
tlon for the purposes of the act only
Upon failure of any bank to retire
Its circulating notes the association
an sell «t public sale the securities
l**|K)sltef|. If there should be a *!«■
flciency after the sale that deficiency
Is made a first lien upon the asset*
if the bank issuing th** note*. If
here should sflll Ik* a deficiency flic
1 sets of all the hanks belonging to
h» association are mad** liable In
he payment of the notea. All of tV
■dher provisions of the Aldrich hill
»re made applicable *,, far as they
tpoly to this section.
i tu- methods of existing clearing 1
house association are used as far ar
possible In framing the pro\ Is I on?
of tho Vreelnnd blit. It hns not boon
thought best to disable ox 1st! tig
; clearing house associations not to
eexrclso governmental control over
| tTicm.
IlniMlhsI Without (Moves.
I ho Aldrich hill, ns passed by the
| senate, wax handled without gloves
I yesterday by speakers before the
house committee on banking and
j currency With the exception of
t harles (\ (Hover, president of the
Higgs Natloual Hank. Washington,
none or those who spoke favored th<
| passage at this time of an emergency
measure. The sentiment was almost
, unanimous that If permanent
financial hill cannot become a la.,
now no attempt should be made to
amend the present laws.
Th * speakers who followed Mr
Glover, representing interests lr
Minneapolis. St. Paul. Boston, New
York. Philadelphia and Richmond
look issue will) his statement that
financial conditions have not ln> |
proved, and said they Haw no signs
of an impending panic. One of the
section* most frequently criticised,
was the La Follstt* amendment pro
\ldlng that no national hanking as
s oc tat Ion Khali Invest any part of
its funds or depositH in the stocks |
or other securities of any corpora
tlon or association any of the ufTI
<ers of directors of which are o|f|
cers or directors of such hanking
association. The claim was nude
that this would drive, tho most de
slrahle men of a community out of
Gte directorate of a hank.
f.corgn Mill 'r. vice president of
the First National Bank, of filch*
nmnd. Va., and also representing th*
chamber of commerce of that city,
stated that the chamber hud adopted
two resolutions, one condemning th
Aldrich hill and the other upprovlnr
the Fowler hill with amendments
fa,l *<» see one. good feature In
the Aldrich bill,” he said. "It will
do us more harm than good."
Mr. Miller, who was formerly a
national hank examiner, said that
" hat Ih needed Is bettor hanking and
bet/r hank examination.
An asnet currency was advocate 1
by Mr Miller, and he favored the | I
appointment of a commission who
wottl.l Invite merchants and banket's
front alt (atria of the country to come
before it and talk about an asset
1 currency.
An asset currency bill was favored
by many of tyv*. speakers and the ap
pointment ora commission to lnvcs
tlnato the whole subject was goner
ully favored.
si t u-: i ommittkk: i nami.k to
\dltKi: ON tilt A V INHlltrc
Dover, Del., April M.—-W th tho
dray men In control of everythlng
excejtt Kent county, two-third* nf
which Is ror Hryan, the Democratic
■tate committee, sitting here on ihi
eve t«f today's state convent’i'ii. no
Jmtrne I in n tangle na to the phr.ve
•»b»g.v of the Gray Instructions.
Wheeling, W. Va., April 14._Af.
l,‘1 a sensational campaign, Involv
l"K many unique features, Hon. Wil
liam I! Ilearno, prominent attorney
mil one Of three Republican Ruber
naiorlnl can lldatea, added another
“limitIon today when he announced
his withdrawal from the race.
In making 111* ann01111ceme.nl Mr.
Hearno laid Ills action to hla defeat
n the primary in Marshall county
■nitunlay. Hcherr carried Marshall.
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