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|C convention.
Following Ik the official call for
the national Democratic delegate
convention of Went Virginia:
A Democratic state convention 1
hereby called to meet 'n tin* city of
Wheeling on the 28th day of May.
190S. at 12 o’clock, M., for the pur
pose of electing four delegates at
large, and four alternates, to rep
resent the state at large in tin* Deni
ocratlc national convention, which
convention the city of Denver, in
the state of Colorado, on the 71li
day of July, 1908, and for the pur
l>oee of nominating three candidate
for Judges of the supreme court o'
appeals of West Virginia, to fill the
vacancies In said court which will
occur on the first day of January.
Said convention shall consist o'
legally elected delegates from tin
several counties or the state, which
delegates shall bo apportioned b<
tw*H»n the seVeral counties of tl
state ns follows: Each county t<
have one delegate to said convent on
ami no more, for each one Inin ’red
votes or fractional part thereof, ot
fifty or more votes In the respect
tve counties for the on. John .1
Cornwell, the Democratic candid;.t«
for governor in tlia general election
of 1904.
Delegate district conventions for
the five congressional districts of tie
state are hereby called to nominat*
two alternate*, who shall, as such
district delegates represent the con
gresslonal district from which thoj
are elected, in the convention to le
held In the city of Denver in tin
state of Colorado, on the 7th day of
July, 1908. as follows:
For the first district - At the city
of Fairmont, in the county of Ma
rlon, in said state, on the 26th day of
May, 1908, at l o'clock p. m.. of that
For Second District At the city
of Grafton, in the county of Taylor,
in said state on the 26th day of May.
1908. at 1 o'clock p. m. of that date
For the Third District—At the
city of Hinton, in the County of Sum
mers, in said state, on the 26th day
of May. 1908, at 1 o’clock p. m. of
that date.
For the Fourth District—At the
city of Parkersburg, in the county
of Wood, in said state, on the 26th
day of May, IPOS. at 1 o’clock p, m.
of that date.
I'o r the Fifth DfcftrtU-H — At the
• ity or Point Pleasant, In the county
or Mason. In said state, on the 20th
• lay nf May, l pos, at 1 o’clock p. ni.
of said date.
The said several oonvontlor.3 to be
ailed to order by the chairman of
he Democratic Congressional com
mittee, lor each of the said districts
Tile said conventions shall consist '
»f d« It i ites selected from the sever- 1
t! counties composing said emigres- !
d »na 1 districts, nnd the basis or rep
esentatlon hi said conventions, from
:n-li of the said counties, shall be
>ne delegate, nnd no more., for each i
mo hundred votes or frnctloniil part !
thereof of fifty or more votes.
I he above call for said state, cou
ention. and said district convent
’Ions, is made by authority of a res
olution. unanimously adopted by the
lenvocratio State Executive commit*
ce for the state of West Virginia
old in the city or Parker ..burg on
he r. ond d v nf April. i«»0S.
• y order i f the cninmHtee.
i. CAUL VANCE. Chairman.
Williams* ifnMan Pile Ornament
l cure Mllnd, Weeding and Itchlnr j
cs. it atisorbs the tumors, allnyf i
• htng at once, acts ns a poultice,
ives Instant relief. Williams’ In
an Pile Ointment Is prepared foi \
Mes nnd Itching of th* private parts |
all no and fl.no. Williams M'f’f
’*• . Cleveland. O.
** a led ltids will In* received by
he undersigned until the 2r»th day
ot May, 1 POX. for the following
property of the late Ernest ||. Art
All the llcniors, wines and beer,
bar lixtures. restaurant and hotel
fixtures, equipment, goods, chattels
md elects, pool and billiard tables,
topk or cigars and tobabcco. which
property is now In the building
i known as the Windsor llotbl, in
Minefield, West Virginia, and n\
other property in said premises;
also the unexpired term of the lease
’or said Windsor Hotel.
The right is reserved to reject any
or all bids and to sell said property,
or any part thereof, at public auc
tion on said premises at said time
or at a subsequent date.
E. H. EASLEY. Administrator.
delegates to roanoke.
Marlon. Va.. May 19.—At a mas*
meeting of Democrat* of Smyth
county yesterday, legate* were
elf*cted to the Roanoke convention.
Twenty delegate* were elected with
one-half vote each. The delegate*
were instructed to vot for no dele
gate to the Denver convention who
would not support \V. .1. Bryan for
pnsldent. The unit rule was adopt
ed governing the pro.. Mlings or the
The following resolution* were
adopted: "That we endorse tin* wiae
patriotic and buslnes*-liko adminis
tration of Mon. Claude A. Swanson,
governor of Virginia. That we do
especially endors the appointment
of lion. \V. F. Rhea as a member of
tlic state corporation commission of
Virginia. And we dim.mice the un
warranted and malicious attack
made upon him by his enemies and
we extend our thanks to Hon. H. F.
Buchanan, of Marlon. Va.. and oth
ers for their patriotic defense of
Judge Rhea before the legislative
Tli< best and most desirable prize
yet offered at the rink will he given
away on Tuesday night. The prize Is
a live dollar gold piece and it will
he hidden among the rafters. At
Hie Hounding of n whlstlu the
skaters will ail come to a stop and
to the person who is non rent the
sold Lite prize will be. given.
The following is notice that J.
Baker, residing at Bluefleld. Mer
cer county. AVcst Virginia, has made
application to the county court of •
said county for a license to sell at !
retail spirituous liquors, wines, por
ter, ale. beer and drinks of like na
ture for the period beginning on 1
May 1st, 190S, and ending June 30.
1909. at 'No. li Bluefleld avenue In
the town or Bluefleld. Mercer coun
ty, West Virginia.
Given under my ‘hand this the
lath day of May, 190S.
Teste: ESTILL BAILEY. Clerk.
5-16-lawk 4 wks. 1
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ULE Britannia, rule th
wave!” warbles the loyal
^ Briton, and, though other na
tions may scoff at his en
thusiasm. Britannia goes right on rul
Ing the wave. There is no doubt that
the English are the greatest race or
seamen In the world, quite; as great in
their way as the ancient Phoenicians,
and perhaps one of the secrets of their
greatness Is this enthusiasm and th*
fact that their women are, so many of
them, fine sailors. Nowhere else in
the world will you find so many women
devoted to aquatic sports and excelling
In them. It was Great Britain that
gave the world a marine heroine, Gra, >
Darling, and you will pever find a
liner, sturdier stock than the fisher
women of her northern Islands.
Even the great ladles of England are
proud of their skill as navigators
Borne of the famous beauties of Eng
land have won their matchless rom
plexlons In contests with the wind and
waves In the seacoast villages in
which their earliest years were spent
The salt sea Is a wonderful Invigorator
of the skin and its ozone a tonic un
eicelled by anything In the pharma
* *
It was the open u|r jjfe and the salt
breezes of Jersey that gave Elly Eang
try her marvelous skin. One of th
best amateur sailors in England i
Mrs Corn wnlll - W-st. who , dang!
tern, the Princess of Bless and the
Duchess of Westminster, or, n< v r
happier than when aboard
Mrs George K'-pp, |. now priori' favor
•fe at tin- English court. Is tt dsugl,
ter of Admiral Kir Ar, hit,eld E lmo .
•tone and comes of a r,i<-.
The Mar* hlofe.f Eituiond' f r,
• ; st#d for I
u-;o at her best ,r, htir.g , tun,
♦‘"n at Mount Kt. wart , t . ..rlt
* untry seat, „r„ j,,., holy hip's f
s.-rlte re. r. allot ' ) htirn' 'i
a irehl
Land Is < otlunod ifo of I i:
squadron. Is orn of ft, , ,
f. 11 shed of aristocrat je oi
lier two daught* r Ea'Iy , ri«i
Mutter and Eady B- itrl j■ , , ,
famous beatitl* - fif M , j, i
•' t are mm fond of the v.i , ,
r- i - A < ■ ;
every morning m said to h>- ,
day's routine wh' n th y or ,ri » .,
th' ir father’s rraek -a<rif. ty. \j
The wife arid d . igh* r of \,tT\\ \ , '
raven, who twbc -quipp'd va> •
try to wif. the international V , ,’ f,
A rnerha >ri,pan t > . r,
•f >nj ya • g ; .
UU, liess iif y f ■, r r i -1 r.
runny thing w it, is devot'd to v
trig Ho. t ... ir tt,, fj ,,,, r , , . t
•• de la W,. r r en.l , , , .. . .
f^.ly Mary Ha kvtli 1 v
w> nam'd tin Vi u r '| he f, ,, t,. . <
•♦I HA rn . t , Pi* r - ..rifj j,- on t
• II • . r
- COW* S teg tt !, I.
«' wlf. of ft- , . , ,rl , f, ,
s .- bust,and * .
r fv<-rife re- r i |r
M i r;e of the |i< ,f q., j.
ron, Is a rm • t r- < - j
««-.'ess, IMlCirmt to London soviet)
and preferring h**r book* at one of her
husband's spl* ndid r-otintry v* ats t<- Ilf.
in tin gay » it \ Tim due lo ss In a nln
,,r of the Karl of Iiurlmrn. one of the
rh;host notden hi tin "norih e-emntree."
and of .1 rate that known and love* th»
a Her broth* r. Hlr H*dworth I.arnb
• on. i•; tti»- commander <if tin* king's
\ II ht. the Victoria rind Albert, a much
1'ii/id sinecure t,y tin. officer* of ;tu>
i ul fiavv rate of the- most popular
of Knglinh beautbn, Oee.rglann. Lady
iMieJI y. In a e |. \ r v.i> hlnwonian. as In
•»* r I n.ghter. I.idy VVolverton, the tu
m an e|y • vi r mInning a gathering of
K I Vaeht «'<undr«>n I.udy f.lan
rattoe'k In never hapfdir than wlmn
lie t em her >1 < ht. the Santa Marla
Th. fiirnlnlilngn of thin vennel, which
im . -per (ally handsom for an Kngllnh
>' *' ht. were d' -igm d hv lately I.lan
gatt'ick h*r«i. |f. I.ady Kw lyn <juln
,,f Svl. "-If* e»f th* II* Walter Kdwnrd
' Juinti*a nr Inn of th«- rich F.rigllnh
hr* v. lag family of that rtatn". Inn a
r- at penchant for the ne* |b r hun
hafal In lnfirest.il in th. run* „t
Co we*, and nhe In he-rmlf an < to ||«fkt
aile.r Khe I* th*- third daughter of
th« Karl >.f liar ban, and In r Ini strand
1 t» Ililrel on of Vi 'mini Iv .Igh
* 0!
Ontt e>f the mom famoun erf the. Kng
Ifsh y • *■ hr-- worn* n in th* lovely Fount -
• ns e,f yXnnesiry, win spent her horny
iri'Kin e»n hoard h< p hm-i.and'n ship, tho
S .1 Itirel I.idy Am, 1 y In a nu*. . , .
Tic fount* s f'arn rv.n. remembered
fib i>*iuif]y In Oil* country, which nt»e
vinll d with her htmband In 1903. I* a
• a* htnwornan of r< pule Although the
farnarvernn have n.-v* r..| fine entnten.
'lie v ! trend much of th* .r time on hoard
their yacht.
.No lint of Kngllnh yachtiwomrn
would ho complete without the nnmo of
Mrs. fj A. Brhenley. who can hand)'* a
t»oat a.H well a.* any old salt. Although
1 ornpnrat Ively unknown in America,
tic Si hi-rdcvs hnv. American blood in
Mu ir veins, the nether of .Mr. S- hen
h ' having hern a Plftr-hurg h HreSS
vhr» eloped with a Captain S< Ilf (lb >
md thus transferred to Kngllsh owner
I|||< some of tile most va Ilia hi trait
f real »state In the city of Pittsburg
rhe.s. had In i n handed down In tic
family from an Indian trader said to
have first made his appearance around
dd Fort Imrjticsm about tin tlm« of
th» French and Indian war and *o have
he.-n < xtrernelv thrifty In his dealing '
with the Indians. Hchrnley park, tin
principal breathing spot of tin Smoky
''•'V. vvlif h • steads over a larg< ir t
«f hind In the rear of Mr. (farm gin's
library and technical school, w s the
■rift of the Be hen leys to the eftv. Tin
S' l.< rib ys still keep up an nrapialntar" <■
with their I'Mtshnrg rcl.itfvr* who In
- I id. tin Dennys, the OTfnras and the
Darlington* hut In most particulars
le ' have become thoroughly An^li
e|/ef| and In re thing mon «, than In
their devotion to yachting
* *»
It I* natural that yachting should he
a fashionable sport of ihc Kngllsh arls
*o«rary, for royalty Itself s, ts fin ,x
rupb Queen Alexandra Is .» thor
"tlKli daughter of the sea king-. In her
d' votlon to the ocean Sin- is said p.
h> happiest on hoard a ship, hml noth
lug r« news her health and good look
*•« mtich as a eruls. In the ruvul yacht
Victoria and Altnrf, which has been
flttefi up With i very appliance that ear:
make it comfortable and convenient
ll<r daughter*, the Prince . f/aulse
Duchess of Fife, Princess Victoria and
Queen Maud of Norway arc all ubiu
* c OL'/friss a/- • cmwam vcw
\ f>A/?fCfd’d ffrwzy
) 4 or rzrss
Th*» Connaught*. although
■1». not rtrti enough to own a v»tv
l>r< »r> tlouff i t ft. are always e|( lighted
"It: Ci, opportunity to tak' a erul*<\
I'tim • v i ilonry of Matte ril>e rg hate the*
yaitit She ila, a v< eon | of about e ighty
toroe, m whic h it in hrr d- light to f.p. nd
much of her lelnure time Mere her
daughter, tjuei n Victoria Eugenic of
Kpaln. acquired h« r love of nulling The
< x Kmprenn Eugenie, who In nowndayn
a thorough Kngllnhwoman In tnnten
and huldtn. In one of the most nrdent
yachtswomen In Kurope, her nplcndldly
equipped vee.kcl, the Thlut) , living
known in < v» ry port of the M. dft. rra
n<!in Th» lute giici'ti Victoria nlao
apvnt fonalflvraMe time on tin* vrat eF,
hut lur rnujenty wan cn«Hy aotlaflvrl,
end her yacht* wi re not particularly
handaome or up to date, and ’when
King Edward fell heir to them they
were promptly retired from active duty.
The Isle of Wight, where Queen Vic
toria passed so many happy summers.
Is the favorite yachting resort of roy
alty. In the season all the yacht own
ing royalties of Europe may bo met
* •? '
Cowes week Is the great event In
'European yachting circles. The re
gatta Is a splendid function. In which
women play a prominent and pictur
esque part, even to contesting for
prizes. To this little town on the Isis
of Wight In the llrst week of August
repair every year the vessel:} of all ths
smart Set of the yachting fraternity.
The fact that It Is the headquarters of
the Royal Yacht squadron, which In
cludes all the crack vessels of Great
Britain's yachting aristocracy, has
made the town famous, and the regatta
Is Its chief source of Income. Various
races nro run for prizes offered by In
dividuals or clubs, but the most prized
trophies are the cups offered by tho
king, tho German emperor, ths Royal
Yacht squadron and the town of Cowes,
All tho finest vessel* compete for thexo
prizes, the race beginning at 10 o'clock
in the morning and being announced
by tlie firing of a gun from the castle,
which Is now the clubhouse of the Royal
Yacht squadron. All the craft In the
harbor are crowded with women in trim
costumes, and the results of the races
arc followed with the most Intense ex
citement. Tho lawn of the castle dur
ing the afternoons of Cowes week Is
crowded with the women relatives and
friends of members, but the entree Is
very difllt ulf for those not Included In
•be exclusive set of English society.
Indeed, for a newcomer to be seen on
the lawn at Cowes is enough to an
nounce to tho world that he or she has
arrived socially.
« m
The rich American’s love for yachting
has of course been fostered by the de
votion of tho English to this sport. It
Is even in its simplest form an expen
sive recreation, for a small yacht cost#
we|| up Into the thousands, and ths
expense of maintaining It Is very
gr< at However, many Americans ars
willing to spend this money, for noth
ing bring* them so quickly and closely
Into touch with the leaders of the old
world arlstnerades or even royalty It
self than to own crack yachts and have
th<. reputation <*f being .tmart sailors.
One lesson, h'vwever, might be learn
ed from the English While no ex
pense |<i spared In making their yachts
trim and fast, luxurious furnishings are
a secondary consideration. Indeed, the
yachts even of royalty are, from the
standpoint of the American new rich,
fitted out with gr*«t simplicity. Him
pllelty, too, characterizes the yachting
costumes of English yachtswomen.
Serviceable serges and the Irish tweeds
popularized by t»c Marchioness of
I'ondonderry, who is n great worker on
behalf of the Irish Industries, are ths
popular materials. Trim sailor hats
and substantial boots and gloves are
essential features of the modish yacht
ing costumes. Trains and the frills
and fripperies sometimes seen on
American yachtswomen are considered
bad form by the English ladles

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