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and Saturday; caul
- ---- - -- ■ --- -*—rv -- -- — —.
VOL. 3. NO 157.
Next President of the United States.
Winchester, Ind., November 2.—
W. J. Bryan, the Democratic candl>
date, in wind ng up his tour of tin
Kast today, made public the follow
'Appeal to the 'Public:
"As the campaign draws to a
close, certain issues stuu.l c:j‘ clear
1 r"
"The Democratic party attempts
to inaugurate an ei a of honesty in
politics by compelling tho publica
tion of cam;>a gn contributions b -
fore the election, it seeks to bring
the government nearer o the people
by securing tile election of United
Senators by direct vote. It seeks
to restor - comp titlon hroagh leg
islation which will mako a ^uivate
monopoly ImpoR.-*’bTe.
"It eer ks to reconc le labor and
capital by legislation vhlch will
bring employer and employo togeth
er in friendly co-operation, and to
this end It proposes the creation of
a Department of Labor with a Sec
retary of Labor In the cabinet; an
amendment to the anti-t/ust law
wh ch will exclude the labor organ
ization from the operations of that
iaw; the limitation of the writ of
injunctions f.o'that It #ill not be is
sued in a labor dispute unless con
ditions are such as would Just fy an
injunction even if here were no la
bor dispute, and trial by jury in
cases of indirect contempt.
"It seeks to secure legislation
which will create a guarantee lurid
suflfic # nt to insure ail depositors
against loss, L seek, to secure a
reduction of th<- tariff by gradual
steps until the tariff laws will no
ongor be made In the Interest of
the low and at the expenso of the
rnos; of tho people.
‘ The Democratic party, in other
words, seeks to secure honesty in
government through honest politic
and popular government through
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! rect elect ons. it desires to secure*
l» *acc in lu lus ry, competition in
trad*, security to depositors and
justice to tax-payers
“The Democratic party appeals
to the awakened conscience of the
nation and the sta’e of Justico in
tiie human heart and to the fjrow
!n« des re for brotherhood.
"W lh a Democratic victory for
the national ticket,' wlh a Demo
cratic Congress, ai d with tho moral
fore* of a popular verdict, I believe
wi can comp ) the Senate to yield
to the expressed v.iil or the people
and permit the lamsage of the mor.
urgent of the reforms.
“Th Democratic party offers tin
only pro.- p'-ct of rem* lial logsla
ticn, and while ;t doc a not go is far
as Home re orniers v/ou'd i k»- to gv
D«miorrntlc victory will secure ar
mv'-h i f r< form ns !• now j alnahh
in far; the only r-form that. Is
within ren-h. \W have a right to
export then - r*> th** e -Operation o
those who favor lire reform sets
forth In the plntofrm.
"The at'empt to terrorize the
Alnor ran voter by the tlir< at o: a
panic will not ri;-*.o,l. We have
nn 1 three pan rs in forty-o'ght yo;rf,
the panic of i tie- j.-r td- of ixitft
and th* panic o, 100 7 and two o
thrso panics caitv un *r hijfh tnrilT.
an I * a^h of * ,i*- under lle
puhilaan Presidin'*. Mr Taft say.
t at#u panic frl i r »ni If [ am oleet
ed. Ivtrt him y\vo bond that ills
pan'c will ,ro If hr* .»* e|*-rt |,
Whrtt he ays that a Democratic
victory wi’l hr a.- r panic ho e-<
prepsea an opinion. V'/hr n I my th'a
i isastroiiH | anie r am*- last fai
w th u* wait! --' jr a D* norratio
v.Ctory. I state a fr*- r t'int cannot
tie (I spufed. Our pin ‘f irm pr» ent>.
h p*an for the r* . ‘or*f on of pros
t *rity upon a permanent basis, a
prosperity !n which nil will snare.
O'oDtinmd fin page four)
Paper Napkins,
Tally Cards,
Playing Cards,
Tailv Pencils,
Remember that a vote for Bennett and his associ
ates is a vote for honesty, economy and a return to
j clear government.
Remember that a vote for the Democratic county
i ticket js also a vote for honesty, economy and decency
in the administration of county affairs.
Remember that a vote for the so called Republican
county and state ticket is NOT a vote for the Repub
lican party, but a vote for machine which has throttled
die party. Republicans owe it no allegiance. l’t was
nominated by the machine,and not by the party.
Remember that the Seherr people in their brief
before the national committee said “Fraud taints ev
erything that it touches and corrupts every title that
was founded upon it. Ohas. W. Swisher and his asso
ciates having obtained their socalled nominations by
fraud and political theft, they are not the ‘regular’
nominees no more than the proverbial 4wolf in sheep's
clothing' is a genuine sheep.”
Remember that the entire Republican state ticket,
except Mr. Glasscock, who was substituted for Mr.
wisher, was nominated at this convention.
Remember also that this convention was called to
order and presided over by one W. W. Whyte, a bank
defaulter, county defaulter, embezzler, and friend of
Remember that tho Republican party did not nom
inate? Un? machine ticket named at Charleston, but that
it is, in entirely, a creature of the bosses.
Remember that the Republican party did not nom
inate Glasscock, but that lie was named by Elkins.
Remember that a vote for the Democratic state
ticket is a vote foy separate coaches for whites and
blacks, and that a vote for the Republican machine is a
vote against your wives, mothers, sisters and daugh
ters, and a l(’quest by you for them to ride in the same
•u: c!n s with tin* coke oven negrtes'.
Remember that the expenditures under MeCorklo
mm 1893 to 18‘)7 amounted to only $2,694,280, and
that the expenditures under Dawson have reached $6,
•>01,110, an increase of $3,600,820 for four years ,or
more than $900,000.00 a year, which is nearly three
tunes as much a under Democratic rule.
Rtmember that the contingent, expenses of the
last p. m jcrati.c state senate were only $1,700, and
iliaL '.or the regular session of 1907 under Dawson it
reached $20,000 more than eleven times as much as it
was under a Democratic u< minsitration.
Remember that the contingent expenses of the
last Democratic house of delegates was only $3,000,
while under Republican rule last year it reached the
enormous sum of $15,000, five times as much as it was
under Democratic administration.
Remember that tho employees of the senate in
1893 when in control of the Democrats cost $3.27 a day
for each member; in 1907 they cost $15.42 per member
under Republican machine rule.
Remember that the contingent expenses per mem
ber for the house of delegates under the Democrats in
1893 were $1.45 a day per member; last year they were
$14.81 per member under Republican machine rule.
Remember the two county tickets.
Remember that the Republican county ticket was
not named by the rank and file of the party, but by the
machine and hired negroes.
ivcmeraoer mat arter a "iraignirorwaru, nonest ana
intelligent man had received a majority of the votes
over the machine candidate for county court, flic* .vote
was taken over again and attain until Davis Thorn was
by some ho*»k or crook conn ted in.
Remember that when a candidate for clerk of the
county court was placed before the eonvention other
than tin* machine candidate, the ringsters would not
even give the good ,Republicans an opportunity to vote
upon the nomination.
Remember that the Republican county court ex
pended last year more than £14,000 over the actual in
come of the county.
Remember that this same county court has the pe
culiar habit of giving contracts to the highest instead
of the lowest bidders, for instance, the building of the
iron fence around the court house at $1,000.00 when
another man would have done the same work for $450;
that it let the contract for keeping the paupers to the
highest bidder; that it let the contract for painting the
tank at the court house at $110 when another painter
would have done the same work for $75.00; that it em
ployed Davis Thorn’s son as janitor at the court house
at $50.00 a month, and the n hired a man to do the work
These are only a few instances. $8,500 has been expen
ded in direct violation of the law in the past few years,
to say nothing of the graft. The machine has endors
ed these illegal acts by renominating the guilty officials I
Renumber iliat the Republican candidate for pros
ecuting attorney allowed this and that be now rests un
der accusations which he has no*, and cannot denv.
Remember that these violations i»f the law and the
graft of public officials has become so notorious and
flagrant that the honest Republicans of the country dis
triots arc almost a unit, in opposition to the machine
•Remerneber the accusations made against Davis
Thorn by the Reformer which he has not and cannot
deny. If the charges were false he is in a position to
contradict them.
Remember that the Democratic ticket stands for
honesty, economy and decency; that there is not the
breath of suspicion aginnst a single man on the Demo
cratic ticket.
/1 y4 i
Greatest Day
Of Campaign
Ch cago, Nov. 2. --This has been
oiu> of tin* greatest day* 1 ever «x
porlenced In the cimpilm," ro
mnrkcd Wlllium J. Bryan as he step
l>od from hl« special train la©
last night at Englewood after a fall
day In Indiana.
Crowds of mammoth proper:! ji;.
and unlimited ch >orliig were tin
tr butee of the liooslor .Bates tv h
Ueipocrattc canjldato for ProslJout
tie frequently left the tialu an I
w is lalrly mobbed by Ills enthusas
• lo admire.**.
’I lie prepara on lor hit reception
at the var ous points when* Slept.
*v< re nmdo wore lavish, and it seem
«*<l us If each e.lty v lei tod was vie
•ng with Its neighbor lu the Je;roi
or hospitality extended. N >r was
Mr. ltryan alone In th.» ovations,
Mrs. liryan eamo n lor her siian
and was deluged with Honors and
even with luncfe baskets. She wns
continually on th > platform shak
ing hands or holding receptions In
tho parlor or her ear. thu Olivette.
Practically winding up h!s cam
palgn Mr. Hryau entered Into the
spir t of lie ocean on with an earn
atnesa and Intt unity wh ch lot r.i
doubt that ha meant whit he said.
He spoke with convlai I ;; f.»r;o In
Ins ntta ks on Mifcrrs. Iteokefo ler
Carnegie, Harrison, .1 sident Koust
'oil and Mr. Taf . Evon be or© lit
was awake, an immense throng at
sembled at Union C l/. hu (list
speaking point, an 1 patiently awa t
Ld the Urn© for h’m ty make h>
ippearunca. Early as It was ho In
<tan hammering away at the 11 nan
ciors, men onlng tho President an
Mr. Taft, and kupt t up through
out the Jay. lie found new thoughts
for argument In tl.j sp<nh lusi
night at Buffalo of M r. Taft, wh«
is quoted as denyln ? hat Mr. Uocl •
oiler was supporting him .n th
campaign. Ho felt that If Mi
laft objected to the ..oil klwr. ho
should get out H writ of Injunction
«i{u n. i him, uh "Mr. Tafr u ac
ualntcd w ith the Injunction biiH -
ui‘hh. At An Icrson, Mr. Rryan’s
enunciation oi tho Republican
party aroused him to a M;fh point
•vutro ho said:
"They have been rarylng on a
mapuuciade tall, but the ball la
»v. r now. The mask:! have toon rc
uiovej aud behold! Mr. Tart has
n danc ns with coy M*\ Rov kc
•'lit r au 1 d d mu know t. Mr.
hertnan has been wait sins w.th
• .mot.ic Mr. <!. rnogle, r.n 1 Mr.
Room volt has lod the grand mar. h
•vllh that und-.'Alrab'o citizen, Mr.
liarrlman. What a cruel {leceptl n
r.cue ru <t magnates ..avo p:a ,l<v
>•1 «n the confUl’tg Republican lea
ll«* d claret that It wan fortuiu.to
or the country that tho trust m r>
lati's ha 1 shown the r heads be ore
llm elect on. Ho was glaJ Mr. Taft
..a.l them, "l believe," ho said, "I
Mig.it t » have th.* votes of ttreo
•ho haro been victimized by tho
rn ts, for a Republican viclory *v’ 11
iring no r« lief to tho people.
Auditor favor to argument of tho
nudliiato wi.s In connection v th
.»• empty .1 nnor pa I siojan. "Th i
.(pull.cans i. e.vod you el',lit
i.Lmu .ho dinner pdl."
.i ■ said.
Tu. now th.ro la n> full dinner
1’. tin* woiklnj mi'll are looking
a the hole ii the bottom nnd muk
■•‘R f 'kS al the Republican loudora."
Pw'« nty-iour spoor ties wero Jo
Iron d n Ind.ans.
An Incidmt < f the trip oocurod n?
H bn >n I when Mr. Bryan was
*in< -I a I d of K02 Ropubllcana
<• . In* Mi T support to him. I)y
.in breaking down of tho engine of
> i* ilryan s spec al at Many, Inj.,
its arrlv *1 at Ch nago was delayed,
of Democrats Club at L'al'ey
bulldl.ig, Mo: day, Novetn'jt r
2nd, 1908, 8 p. .11. Club will
bi* addressed by John H, Pen
dleton and others.
Mea*™. William T. Idpaooinb an I
Harry D'.ofanbach, two prom'nent
members of tho Hro h< vhood o.
Hallway Engineers In th a place and
heretofore affiliated with tho Re
publican party, are now out for Hry
*n and tho Dninocrail'? atat • ticket.
Yesterday .I.o namoa of at least
Lwentjr-flve former republicans were
<lven uh In Hinton, who will vote
the Demo ral e ticket th a year.
Many are itepublP'anH we little
1 reamed of coming over. Ft seems
lo bn an unpreend -nted land ilfdo to
Flryan.—Hinton Indepi ndent Her
“But Ih It not truo today, uh In
'l-o anc mt time, that leading all
lio rest In l ho book of gold la I ho
name of him w'.io Ih great tocauso
ho love* hla follow men? If so,
a n Ih Liiyun groat?
Ho in the (lod-foarlng man Ih poll
t'cs; the Chrstlan without cant;
Uio polltlcan who known no prce;
the citizen whoso lfe |rt an Inspira
tion. Strong Ih he, wllh tho
Htrength that moans steadfastness.
Tho cunning cannot cajole h in; Hio
sophist cannot m'Hlead him; tho
hi her cannot buy him; nor ran ho
ho made afraid.
"He Ih the leader of u great party,
whose leadership no -man (|iio:tlons;
fie Ih the Idol of millloriH of )i!h
countrymen; he ;h ounceled'y one o!
he great pf. • o* ' e earth.
Without offl< , . a ,.... ,i American
(dt 7.cn, he bar been the guest of
Kmperors, t 1m? con ereo of KinJtH,
• tie teacher of Senates; aad yet,
with all ‘hiH. be Ih ho simple In Ills
living, ho k mily In h h commerce
with hlH fellows, that the one ttl?
that fits like a giri ent I.j "Ihe Groat
Commoner." Hiiccch*
Here i* n miit in which
the muster tuilors of
HrnndcK«T, hm • *v
Co. Imre put tlxir heat
No ipcchil ht\ le left
tlircs distinguish the
A r v o n. Nothing hut
grnceful elf'pnnfc of rut.
In th<* m.'ikiog of it, h*
in tint of nil t hei r
Urnrulegrc, Kincaid iV
Co. Imve (>f11 nothing
but the hest.
The Arvon in made
from a variety of bruit
tifnl fabrics — |>;irtiru
Inrly those which will
appeal to the mnn of
con<%prrvali ve tastes
The prices nre right.
i®. err.
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Elks Building Bland Street

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