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A Matter to be Considered by
the Coming Legislature
At Ifce rereut meeting ,.1 the state
board cf trade the question of good
rcua* received much attention. Af
ter the committee had submitted Its
r- port it was d (trussed at great
■length by the delegate* and all
agreed that the coming session of
the legislature should take some ac
lion towards improving the state's
b ghwar*. But it was pointed, out
that various prev* ous efforts had
met w ith d snial failures and fear
was entertained that history might
repeat itself. However, it was urg
ed that the board make another ef
One of the strongest arguments
ever made in behalf of the move
ment was made by llou. »ames II.
I'attcrson, of South Carolina, In the
house of representatives before ad
journment last »pr ng, who pleaded
wit-h ougrvss for a system of good
roads throughout tho couutry. In
cone: ia4on ho sa d:
A bad road, Mr. Speaker, Is a per
petual tax, a burden which cannot
bo lifted except by the permanent
improvement of the highway*. One
of the officials of tho Canadian Pa
ciflo Railway, In a paper entitled,
Hoad Making and Ma nteuance/’
had this to say about the roads In
the United States and Canada.
"T ho country roads seem to bo
principally used by farmers, to
whom time seems to be no object,
and who do not apparently realize
that gt>Ou iiia.is can bo profitable,
since they do not actually place do!
i im 111 iiieir minus, auu wno
seem to think that the only way to
ncrease their income is to ell more
produce, no matter how much It
may cost to draw it to market, and
accordingly they spend a great part
of their lives slowly p'odding over
bad roads without a thought of try
lug to improve them."
Tiio principal advantagea of good
roads are that larger loads can be
carried with greater speed, that far
mers can market their produce at
whatever time tiiey can g-1 the best
prices, without being dependent on
the weather, and that they can also
use the roads in wet weather during
the winter and spn ng, when they
can not plow, thus utiliz ng their
horses When they would otherwise
be Idle. It is said on what appear;
to bi | >od authority that it coats
as muon to haul a* bushel of wheal
over five miles of country road ,n
IHiuo s from farm to ra lroad aa it
does to carry It by rail from there
1,100 miles to the elevator In Buf
falo. ir tins is a fact—and there is
no reason to doubt ,t—then think
of the •enormous capital tho farm*
ers of the Un ted States waste each
year because tiiey have so few good
roads. It is sa.e to say that bad
country roads cost thfj American
farmer not i ss than one-half of the
profit he would get from his crops
if he had roads in fact instead of
name only.
Within the last few congresses a
number of bi Is have been intro
duced look ng .o the beginning ol
the work of budding good roads
throughout the country. The be
ginning, 1 :ay, fur through the pro
visions of the Brownlow bill aud I
of ihe one introduced by the late la- ;
aiemed senator f no in my st a*o
would be a great step forward, yet j
$24.000.000—that is $8,000,000 a
year for three years—distributed j
over the w bote country wuiuld be a !
mere drop in the bucket. When 1 I
said a wa le ago that. legis'allou on
thfs subject ought to proceed along
the lines laid down in these bills l
had reference to their general V'nor
but 1 do not think the sum they pro
vide meets the exigencies of the • t
uatlon. There are two ways to fin
ance the building of roads through
out the country. One s a bond is
sue, say to the amouut of $200,000.
000, the proceeds to he devoted to
tho construction of public roads;
the other Is an annual appropr.atlon
from the current revenues of the
government of $*20,000.00 for ten
consecutive years. I would hare it
understood, of course. that each
state should only receive its propor
tionate sTittrc of this annual d s
bursoiuent upon conditions that
each share would be supplemented
by an appropriat on of equal
amount from the state treasury,
and an additional proportionate ap
propriation from county funds. 1
have no fear, Mr. Speaker, that an*
| state or county in any state would
not gladly ava 1 itself of this offer
Qf friendly assistance from the na
tional treasury or that It would fall
to moot the liberal ty of the nation
al government with like liberality
| on Is own part.
Like the appropriations for the
postal service, ‘.he direct benefits of
which come stra ght home to every
citizen the inestimable benefits
ar s ng from the building of good
roads will he felt by everyone,
whether resident of the city or dwel
ler On farm. No vo'co has ever
been raised In protest against the
sums we spend for our mail service,
evon thou gn they reach $160,000,
000 or more, as they do this year,
Nobody car's whether the postal
service is self supporting or not, hut
everybody ctamors that it be made
as periect and as far reaching as
possible, no matter what the ex
pense. Rural del very started on a
small scale; it has grown to big
proportions; it must continue to in
crease with the growth of the coun
try. The fiTuler ,s the chief benefi
ciary of thfs part of the postal ser
vice, and he w 11 bo the chief ben
eficiary of the model highway.
History will have a luminous page
for the congress that appropriated
the first mill ons for the Panama
Canal. No Pss, Mr. Speaker, will
it ee'ebrate the congress to whose
credit can he recorded the Inaugu
ration of a well thought out an*
generously endowed system of good
roads construction throughout the
length and brea itn of this country.
For the beginning of this big under
tak ng, fraught with Incalculable
fibnefits to the generat ons of the
TtTTure, I pray the day may soom
dawn, and trust I may live long
enough to ge * th • consummation of
a goodly part of the wo:.’..
r. L. HhirsoN
of Huntington, Eic.v>i| nt »nt (l-au 1 Scribe, has h«ld that position six
years, and w II bo a oar.d date to succeed h •mself,
- -- - -- - - - - - - -- - ___I
Tf.MK FOII (i. O. I*. TO CiKT A
Mf>\ i; ov
The *!«r l ’i? up of Ih ’ numerous
Industrie* Is noted In the Jai'y pa
ler*. Wo nro is'ii.i to at* tunt some
of the ninny thousands of enter*
prise* laid low t,y tli»> Itooeev.i:
pan'c arc getting on the r feet ngain
The Re pub I can party claim-, to e
the fountain h ad of prosper ty. It
ps responsible lor good times, It
must be equally responsible for bad
tbnee. If you admit one you must
admit the oiher. since the panic
| has now been In progress for con
| s d' rably over a year, and that after
I t»n jears of Republican rule, It Is
j ("early the dutjr of the O. O, P. to
1 get a hump on herself—Page News.
Here's hoping that San Francisco
w 11 overcome the plague oi rats
| *he is flglSIng. Millions of rats and
j one Abe Uuef, to say nothing of an
earthquake, a Are and Bugcne
[Schm tr, have he n rather tough on
the California metropolis.—I,ousl
• villa Courier-Jo rnal.
W. If. €' KClIi
of Parkeralmrx. the outRoiux Uran.l Maator, who will proa Me.
“Under the
Greenwood Tree * *
la the* coming engagement of
Kojin nee Davis and her selected
players Including 101 lott Dexter, at 1
the Elks opera house, tho latest
Ixmdoii and Now York comedy suc
cess, "Under tho Greenwood Tre *,”
will be their offering, now being
presented eu tour for tho first t m J
'ii America, follow'ng Its auspicious
run at tho Garrick Theatre, New
York. Miss Davis is under the di
rection of tho Gar»* ek management,
who have mounted * under the
Greenwood Tin*)" for her with the
Kamo artistic and picturesque pro
duction of scenery and costumes
Wth which It was seen In Now York
and London, and w hich tho crlt cs
declared to \m ono of tho most
unique, colorful nnd true to nature
ween In several seasons. The p’uy
by Henry V. Esmond, a master In
evolving comedy of the legitimate
nnd refin'd sort, Is said to be his
most thoroughly delightful work—
a sort of fantast e modern fairy
tnie, with must of Its scenes laid Itn
tho forest, redolent of fresh green
lollage and in * y banks. Miss Da
vis iis said to be surrounded this
season w< th a more notablo cast
llinn she has ever bad before, In
keep ng w th this more ambitious
venture*, the rofc’tTT Including K’U
oU Dexter, Edwin van Slcau, Mary
Mill bum, George E. Drown, Theodo
ra Dudley, Charhs van Slcklor, Jas.
Coyne, George Mar on, Carrla Klynu
and J. H. Dojle.
"" ~ —' - • -3
of I*airmount, who has been Grand Secretary for twentyk-four yearn
Ho la one of those mtxU prominently mentioned for re-elect on.
K •iiiitor Klkiiin » entitled to some
|*ubl c gratitude for tho definite an
nouncement that no engag ment
« xl 's between h ,> daughter and
Luke Abruzsi, of Ita y. So far no
good. Now *f the senator will go
a step farther and state that no
Huch engagement « vor has existed,
w.ll exist or can txTrfr-Lr h being
or ims been or thall he considered
and will support his allegai'on with
a/ fidavlts ( f nil parties concerned
ar.J bond tor fulfl Imcnt, ho as to
atop the n WKpapers from pr ntlng
stuff about the affair, we w 11 be
at juaco onto moru.— Richmond
fn every clime its fame Is heard,
it# name has spread from sea to
de not surprised If tn tbs other
You're made to take Rocky Moun
tain Tea. (Bcglu now.)
For sale by the Whits Pharmacy.
Pres d nt Roosevelt concedes that
Mr. Taft’s religious belief » ills own
private affair. As editor Cameron
remarks In the Norfo’k Virginian
P'lot, Mr. TaTt will at least, be al
lowed to work out tv s own salve
t on,- Richmond Journal.
How to OS at as ^nuertSKer: Couch
and Cough.ng end In Ooffla. Curs the
uough, stop the Cougmsg, sad let
the uadertaker keep bis Coffla. Ky
dale # Cough Bllilr Is toe oest and
surest way of accomplishing this re
sult. Rest, because it contains the
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the food yon eat; If found torpid, or
out of order, your whole system suf
fers from blood poison. Ho)1!«ter'a
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*tom»*-b In perfect condition, mak
ing yon well and happy. HR cents,
To* or Tableta. For aale by the
White Pharmacy,
Wo are pleased with our new
work ami our new peopl' who have
s > k ndly opened their door* to us,
and inunl/tsied “heir appreciation 01
our pro < n o among them in many
ways, and especially by fixing the
taary of the pr achcr at $850.00.
Then, again, on the even ng or the
10th, there came another token o'
their apprec atlon when the people
of Mayb ury brough; to the church
and donated to the preacher enough
Hour, coffee, sugar, canned goods,
and many other nice and usolul
Hi ngs to last the pastor and his
family for more than a half a year.
To tho o good people I f‘ol truly
tbanklul, and especially to the lit
tle bpys and girls who took such an
active part u this work.
TrutTifully I can say, "Tho lines
are fallen unto rn*> in pleasant
places; ye a 1 have a goodly h rlt
s. W. BOURNE, 'Pastor
In "Tho Making of Maddalena,”
Mury Emerson is said to have the
: flneet. vehicle s nco she first began
j her starring tours. J he play is
i froni tho p n of Sanitj d Bowls, who. 1
! t w ll pe remembered, <* rote "Hi <
| Majesty and the Maid" and "W.ll j
O' The Wisp" for the popular young
star. She will appea- at the K"r !
Opora House November 2D.
The city taxes for the year 1D»M
are new due and the tickets are Is
the hands of A. H. Band, treasurer
of tbe city of Uluefleld.
11-13-61 Auditor.
Doa’t wait **atf 1 you have a deep
seated cough. "An ounce of preven
tlon It worth n pound of care.” With i
the first tickling of the bronchial
tubes get a bottle of Rydale’s Cough
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Contains no opiates. The While
■view. « 1^*1 > ■■
mkarihk will not PASS thk
Huntington Adtrer Iser:
It is rumored here that the liquor
wtereata have asaumines that the
required eleven vot s !» the state
senate will be on hand when the
NN ost \ lrginla leg stature convene.*
in Jutiuary to defeat th? submission
of the prohibition vote of the peo
p’e, notw thstand ug ail the po'itl
cal part os put a plank In their re
spective platforms declaring (or
such submission.
If the. e claims be w*‘U fouuded
then thero is a good deni in what
a prominent western polit e an
once Raid: “Platfronts are on’y in
tended to r do iuto o.tlco on.”
While no nuiu<'S are given It la
said a careful poll has been taken
of the members of the senato and
s^heu the Lino for a vote on the
quest on In that body, at least clov
en members of that body will bo
of Fairmont, Grand Chaplain of the
Sovereign Grand Lodge. Mr. Can
tor la proBld ng elder of the Moth
odlst church.
found opposed to HuhiniHHiou. It is
claimed by hoiuo prom neat mom
Lorn of tho prohibition party thu
the action uf Theodore Alvord, pre*s
ident of t'h« Stale A nli-lialoon
Geogue In at tempi ng to defeat tho
nomination of sevora! successful
candidates and in tak ng the Mump
for Glassc ock'a election has greatly
Injured tho cause of temperance In
■ be senate. It la furMier c'uimcd
i hut bo Is a man of too small cal
ibre to bo at tho head of so mpor
taut a work as ho la engaged In.
Said u prom nont prohibitionist
.rom ihe c ntral portion of the state
but recently: "The conduct of Al
vord last winter in causing publ c
iiy to a sousatlonn report that one
hundred thousand dollars bad been
ra sed by tho saloon people lo cor
rupt the nicnib rs of tho state sen
ate and then admitting on tho wit
ness stale before the senate Invos
1 sating committee that ho caused
the report to be g ven out for tho
purpose of gaining votes for tho
amendment was not calculated r0
inspire connrdonce In one wJio oocu
P the pos.tlon ho doe's."
It is claimed by some that there
Is no doubt whatever that the
amendment wl!| be subm tted for
bo r -ftHon that th> members of the
cenat' w 11, with perhaps very few
xcepnions, respect tJie pledges of
heir respective parties as expressed
in their slat'* plat;onus; yet ft may
»e safe; y predicted that :lie liquor I
nlerests w II exert every effort to
»revent such action by tho le*gisla- j
u r
>f New Mv-||„kv| j, pa*f fjrsnd
dna.er, ai*rt number of the Oil
r'eJJowK homo cjinr:i‘ttee.
Mr. Hal) has boon a member of
he legislature from the Democratic i
sou 017 of Wet re I ainrr* ‘a time
r/hen tho memory of man run noth
sot to the contrary." He wah elect* j
•d at the November election.
hit* you negtected your kidneys?
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tystem end caused trouble witk
rour kidneys and bladder? Have
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pearance of the face, especially un
ier the ey*g? Too frequent desire
to pass orlne? If so, Williams- Kid
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Kim ml nation |P|ee.—Wt Invite you to Inniiact oor parlors »’
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your wo**k will roet All work done by ekllled. exp»>rlMa<'e«l oper
ators by our improved methods. We giv«. y»i , gnarantea In
writing oa all work.
I Over The Grand Leader Store.
; | M0RR1SS WATT*. Vlc*rrw’t H. LARD, Sec’y
i| Citizens Underwriters Agency i!
I+0*l-^rO+0+Os*0>K>'J-OH-0-i*Oj^-K>-iO‘0-r<>- < < . > <.. «>-O- O
5 Turner Brothers Company |
Has the latest things in the DECORATING ii
LINK that can be found in tin* largest cities. If \\
you want want your home or your store rooms deco- \\
rated, call at <j
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^^RINCETON. - W. v/^j
Elk’s Opera House
Commencing Monday, Nov. 16th.
The Romantic Young Actor
Robt. H. Haftis
Supported by Southland's Favorites
The Harris-ParkmscnCo.
Opening with
Vaudeville, Foster BaP and Bane Dora, I^Cempe uu 1 herder, “Fredd”
Marie Miller and B’oarope.
Prices - 15-25 - 35c.
Seat mile opens Saturday at ‘Uu White Pharmacy.
The Irresistible Comedienne
"L,:rrrr elliott dexter
In If, V. Esmond's Charming N^oodland Comedy
With the Lavish New York and London Production
of Picturesque Scenery, Costumes and Effects
"Ah light, frolicsome and oluver a play as one could wish.”
—Alan Dale .n New York Americas.
"A fenn'ae “rlurapb, Min Davie and b*r play are a’lke charrala* ”
—New Orleans Item.
"The unbounded hit mad* by Mias Flore-noe Pavla and her earn
paay at the Talan* le little short of marvelous.”—New Orleans P»ca
Elk's Opera House Saturday, Nav. 21
Prices 25c to $1.50

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