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Clearance Specials
One lot Boys Suits that formerly sold for $5.00
$5.50 and $6.00 now only
Sizes 4 to 16, Straight or Knickerbocker Pants
One lot of $4.00 Oxfords, tans and black, sizes 6
to <>, to close out at
One lot Straw Mats that formerly sold for $2.00
S2 50 and $3.00 your choice now
30 Men’s Suits that formerly sold for $12.50 and
$i5.oo and $18.00, now only
See our Window
Shumate Clothing Co.
The Home of Good Clothes for Men and Boys
Bluefield, West Va.
Eat Your Sunday Dinner
Consomme A. !).( '. Supremo Do Yoaillie St. (Jeorgo
Kalamazoo Celery, I rod < 'unimPers, Queen Olives,
Sweet Pirkle.
Broiled Speekled Trout, A la Maitre De Hotel.
Panama A la Condo.
< roijuette Do Fillet De Wan, la Cream. Boston
< ream Puffs.
i nine liibs <»t ('liirago I»»•<• I’, own juice.
R°asf I *<‘ii I* <•<! Turkey, Nome Filling,
n,,‘l »slaw. Now String Beans.
X<*\\ Potatoes, A la Angalaise. -Now Corn on (’oh.
Now .l<*rs<-\ I Sects. A.sparagus Tips On Toast.
lVa<*ii he ( leant. Assorted Cake.
11n»*kIrhrr r\ Roll, Hard Same.
Onen Apple l*i<*. ( ream Clnese
I meda ( rnokers. he Tea
I trip (offre.
_*s«mday. duly L\"», V2:‘U) to 2:150 P. M.
A surprhi
evening it
tor, on f'lioj
In* »
KHffH'H. f >«r»|
**d at I •> 3o.
W«T« pin-* n
Mi‘ *■ Ka'n I,
i on, A Hi U> I k
rm, f: i Cmi :;rf
I h 1 h S a i • I • |, i ■;
lit- t'pkJ)- Vim
TJ|w»n, Shi'pj.itfi i
M. \Vait* ■ . ,,f
K in*r of \< win r n.
kIv' 0 Friday
- V lion f’lay.
TV t*vwh
with “.ijoyabl**
fruit wrv<
f /Mowing gimiMl
Ilk for 1, ft|«if Hi III p
, Ka i** HaiHrd**/'
I’ ‘ il .,<■ Mu star I,
< •< ( ■iii lifr. Mol*
I- ho ■, .Mary
Mu* ars,
i. It It; l *;tf, F
ih . .< i n I. ('
party w.i
.:{<> to Mi
not t n #•(
pua e.|
A UK* If , (',i i , .11|l> «' I fl I ,.i
dor* IxiVfls, a druggi t, voof*- d ,#>
t * killing of Sain V|Mir-r in f'anvi*,< tl*
i v#.irs :iko ii 'i*| }x in Jail. I|<>
ti rim (hat Ini i riiro hi*h waarom
Mii t<MJ for flie purpon of iobt» ry,i
Mr* J. Kyle Montague and little
"" !>*>vld I'hU-gar, of Chrintan*
h'trg, wiio have in hi rWMng In
I h/i n HI for I lii* pant week, panned
hiough file rlfy Iim afternoon on
th<lr iff urn home,
lino O i., of Norfolk, will arrive
N » :: tonight to viy'.t hi* dangh
‘ r. Mrn. W, |i fjarvln.
In alt hi* t fh'-n.* Hummer
*• have fn ali aupplle* dally
of f he finest
f tNTKI/jf’PKtt.
Sublette & Bar
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m. A
full attendance is desired. Preaching
by the pastor at 11 a. m. and 8 p. in.
All t"iie member# are urged to attend.
A coidiail welcome will be given mil
visitors an(| strangers. I*. C. Clark,
I a.it or.
Sunday school at 9:30 a. m.
Preiu.iing by #he pastor, Rev. .1. II.
Franklin, 8 p. m. AM visitors wel
come. The Sunday school is rapid
ly increasing since changed back to
Sunday school 9:30 a. m. C. B.
Fink, Supt. Regular services at I 1
a. in. and 8 p. m. At the morning
service Mis. M. Reynolds Ford, re
turned mlsdonaTy from Porto Rico,
will speak in behalf of the Christian
Woman’s Hoard of Missions. We
welcome all visitors and invite the
public generally. W. S. Milliard,
Sunday school 9:30 a. in.. J. II.
Hicks, Supt. Preaching at 11 a. m
and 8 p. m., by the pastor. Rev. T
S. 11 amil'on. We Invite you to
worship wluh us.
Randay arhooj at 9:45 a. m.
Divtfne services at 11 a. in., subject
nf sermon: "ChirlKt Feedlm*? ;lhe
Thousand.-*/’ At x p. m. a speelnl
■<.iil? aervlce with a sermon on the
Mibjeot "Whi-t Ih Heal, True CIiiIh
Man lx»ve?" A hearty Invitation to
the public by the pastor, Rev. ('. R
VV. K-K|ey.
F.iTst-or \i, 4'iiri«’it,
Ttible Class and riunday ac-lmol at
** 45 a. in. Morning service and wr.
in<»n, 11 a. m.J Fvenlns service, X
P* in. litany service Wednesday, at
H p. III.
I nder the Auspice* of the Wo*
menu Christian Temperance I’nlon,
«I»eel»| services have been planned
for the different churches of the city.
4 bey are for the public and are un
ion In dature and enjoyable.
A special progam la arranged for
r»’•' day at X p. in., In the* Imthera.i
obajH-l on Mercer street.
fall phone 39X foT a41 ttinde of
moving and hauling. We move
>lanoe Have «ti<efr1eno»*J men
7-1 m,
Mr*. Will Shannon, of Hlueatone,
warn the guest of her sls'er, Mr*, C.
Jud'je Henri 7.e, of MUdleabOTO,
Ky., wa tin* guest of Mr. anj Mm.
C. W. Keister yesterday.
J« ‘.Hi It. Itlley, of Herndon, W.
Vh.. lx a hu-io«k a v - tor bore.
Tin re will Ik* t h«» usual morning
an 1 evening services at the Graham
Methodist ( . iirdi Sunday, conducted
by llcv. 1,. M. Cartwright, (be |*as
Mr. and Mrs. Will Whitley and
little -on, went to Tazewell yester
day for a few da>s' visit with rela
Hev. J. II. Franklin will preach at
the Mlasloiiury Duptlst church Sun
day morning.
Mn. II. H. Frazier is spending a
few days at Iron l.ithiu Springs.
Kuv. Charles W. Sydnor will
preach at the Kpisropal (hurc’.i Sun
day. A cordial invitation is extended
to the public t<> attend.
It. K. Crockett returned last night
from a ten day’s visit to Craig Ileal
in^ Springs.
C. W. Pierce left yesterday for
Slab Fork, o.i the Virginian.
Mrs. Janie* Sheffy, Jr., of Marlon,
Va., is vi-.'tlng her daughter, Mrs.
W. It N’t el, «iii IUin*Hto..ie avenue.
J. Couch, of itoanoke. Va., travel
ing sales agent lor tli * Clinchfleld
Coal Corporation was a business vlsi
t >r In Graham this morning.
Mrs. M. It. Greever, of Five Oaks,
Va,, 1*. visiting her son, J. Tate
< i reevci, I his week.
uouert i rocacii, 01 .Missouri, a
brother of the lute Dr. .?. Henry
Crockett, of Tazewell, was the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. (\ I*, Greeven on
Highland avenue In : .night.
’Die I .a dies' id Society of tin* West
Graham Christian churn'.) will give
a moiiUgh; festival on Locust. Hill,
opposite the furnace, Saturday, July
One of the most enjoyable occas
ions of tin* season was the dance
Riven by Miss Edna Dolinin at Hotel
Graham Friday evening; in honor of
aer guests Miss Slaughter, of Gary,
\V. Va., and Miss Drib hard, of
Dram well. 'I rose present wore
Miss S| lagler, Gary. \V. Va., with
Mr. Goodwill, Itr.uuwell; Miss Prltch
ard, Mra m well, with Mr. Hewitt,
Mi am well; Miss Jean Davidson, with
U. Witten; Miss Nan Crockett,
with ir. M. Mitchell; Mis.; Julia Maun
ders, with (J. i\ Crockett; Miss
I a na Saund. rs. with J. W. Allison;
Miss ’.Vina Dodd, with It. K. Baylor;
Miss Nannie Duping, with E. M. Bar
bee; Miss Millie Hicks, with William
Worth, of Tazewell; Miss Rosalie
Hicks, with Robe;-’ Page, of Blue
Held; Miss Gertrude Keister, with C.
M. Early, of Bluefleld; Miss Jula
GraHiam, with J. (’. Nelson; Miss Uds
Benhow, with (’. A. Graham; Miss
I’Mna Bonham, with W. R. Dodd;
Mr. and Mrs. .1. M. Daimler, Mr. and
Mr . T. E. Hunter Mr. and Mrs. W.
G. Earley, Minefield.
Mr. Arthur Vernon, of Vernon,
Texas, and Mr. Earl Vernon, of Port
Worth, Texas, are in Graham. They
were called here by the illness of
Cieir motliur, Mrs. Vennoti, who has
been very |ll, but ’her physicians-, Drs.
Witten and Frazier say sin- is doing
nicely now.
The u 11 lew i Sunday sell''..*! picnic
>f tne Luthera.n Sunday schools of
Minefield and Graham held a-t the
Gruliam College grounds was ajtleiul
d by a Lou l three rn mid red jwople
and they all report It om* of phi.* mod
enjoyable ph uilce ever hefld hen*.
Til K MrK.tNW CTiyO.
For iw nty >-*»;»r»t or more I have
boon addicted :<> the liquor ha/blt in
every conceivable phase of tlic term,
»n.l for a greater portion of this
time it was my complete master, un
111 I Have up in utter dispair. From
time to time | * ried many advertised
remedies f< r relief, blit found' no
satisfactory results from same.
About six inontliH ago my atten
tion was directed to some very re
markable cures effeited by the Mc
Kanna .'{ Day Diqtior t'ure, then at
Richmond. Vn. With a great dead
of reluctance on my part, and but
little hope* of rclfef la my case, I
va-. admitted to the treatmetS, and
within a few days my desire and
cravings for liquor, as by magic, bad
entirely left me, and I have no*
s'nce had In any >hape or form,
•be fled re for same. Had a moun
ts n been lifted from mv shot! 1 dors
I could not feel more relieved than
at t.i< present time, and am complete
Master o fibe present situation.
I have every reaeon to believe ami
feel that my cure Is permanent, and
t hat I shall neevr again taka a drink,
i have also observed the effect* of
the treatment upon a great many of1
toy Associates, who Were terribly ad
dle' <| to the drink habit; who arc
*ow sober and imlust ions mem.
• t ii- tin most wonderful Indeed,
I ! li * a treat nent n qu l< k anil iin
I bnrt ful to the system, eh mid work
I such wonderful results, but never
I f he!. ** It Is true. j
I feel like a new man, sleep well,
I have a good appetite, and am able
I to look after my business. i anrj
I neither writing for notoriety nr j*ay.
but that this may fall Into the bands
of some that know me, an<i are
I f*fde«l as I have WVn. Thoae
i 1‘Arnold like to rid th« -m#eJv«# ut
ire at
t> whit
l fthfeg
rouble will f j.l a speedy an 1 ;.«i
manently effective relief I i the .'!
Kami* 3-Day Liquor Cure, no
Hluefleld, W. Va., which la 1 ill**
short of a inl.acle. and a CloJsen J io
Very truly yours,
Judge S. M. B. Coulliug, of Taze
weH, spent several hours In the city
today on his way home from Welch,
where lie has been attending court
for the past week.
II. J. Vedder, local manager for
Swift & Co., will leave tonight for
his home In Chicago and will take a
month's vacation at one of the Michi
gan summer resorts.
Mr. anj Mrs. II. B. Moore return
ed today from a week's visit to Mr.
Moore's parents at Pulaski.
Mlese Julia and Oracle Hager re
in rued today from a month’s visit
to relatives at Roa. ike, Hollins and
Linden Cofer left today for Roa
•oke, Va., where he will fill some
pn sslng so: lal engagements.
Cap'. Wm. Fields, of Condtinatl,
.; n the city vtsltiog friends.
A. W. Reynolds. Esq., of Prince
ton, wan in tue city this morning.
Walter Klzer, who waa unoontacl
ous for several .lays, after his fall
through a stairway at Pocahontas, Is
new much bet-ter and has expressed
11 Will oe Se V
a wian .<> go noun*,
era I daps, however, before (he can
eavH the hospital.
.Vim J. B. Painter, of Tazewell,
and Mrs. Tyler Witten, of Wlttena’
Mills, are the guests of \fro. J. J.
Fagg. The former Ih her sister and
the latter is her niece.
Mrs. J. F. Mandevllle aiul children
left this morning to join her husband
at Slab Fork. Mr. Mandevllle has
a oontract on the Winding (lulf ex
tension of the Virginian railway.
C. 1,. Burgess, of Muilllns, was'here
last night.
W. X. I>oek, of Roanoke, was here
this -morning.
I>r. J. M. FhepiMird, of Falls Mills,
Va., is lu the city Unlay.
George Lltz, general sperintendent
of the Ritter Lumber com pa ivy, Is a
lilnefleld visitor today.
Frank T. Ifw’son, of Keystone, was
'n the city a whle ths niornng en
route to Iron Iitaia Springs.
Mrs. J. .1. McKenna returned this
morning from a two weeks’ visit to
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Mr. and Mrs. K. VV. Warford. of
Richmond, Ky., were here pivls morn
ing en route home from visiting rola
Lives at Princeton.
Miss Myrtle Patterson, of Olreens
boro, X. C., who has been visiting
her aunt, Mrs. C. A. Bane, during
the week, returned home this morn
Miss Eflle Gibson, of Sandersville,
On., who has been the guest of her
sister, Mrs. C. A. Bane, on Highland
avenue, left today for Fast Radford
amd oth. r points before returning
I will sell at Public Auc
tion on corner of Princeton
and Higginbotham Ave
nues, on
Monday July 26th
the following list of musi
cal instruments:
1 second hand Estey Organ
1 “ Pauli 6c Hamilton Organ
1 “ Sears 6c Roebuck “
1 “ Waterloo Organ
1 “ Columbia Concert Phonograph
1 “ Disc Machine
Resolution of SUH'khol'len for
WHEREAS od (ho 25th (lay of
Juno, A. D. 1909, tho directors of
the Johnson Machine Company, a
corporation, by a majority vote of
the whole .board, at a moot'or called
. fo’ that purpose, of which meeting
|every director received due notice in
accordance with the by-laws of th#
said corporation did adopt a resolu
tion in the words or to the effect
following: “We, the undersigned,
being a majority of the poard of di
rectors of the Johnson Machine Com
pany, a corporation, do hereby cer
tify that » meeting of the said
board called for the purpose and
held on the 25 day of June, 1909, In
the city of BluefleJd, West Va; said
board, by a majority of the whole
beard, did adopt the following reso
RESOLVED, that in the judgment
of this board, it Is advisable and
most for the benefit of '.ho Johnson
Machine Company, a corporation,
that the same be forthwith dissolv
ed; and to that end it is ordered
that a stockholders meeting he held
at the law office of L. J. Holland
In the city of Bluefleld, West Va;
on the 29th day of June 1909; to
take action upon thin resolution, and
furthermore that the secretary give
notice to all the stockholders of the
adoption of this resolution, of the in*
tention to hold the aalj stockholders
meeting, by giving them v rltten nu
tlet through the U. 8. malls at their
last known address &c; in accor
dance with the by-laws of the «ald
cci i»o ration.
And whereas the sa<d secretary
did give notice of the said stock
holders meeting, called by the said
resolution as require^ by lew and the
said resolution.
(NOW THEREFORE, Wo, the sub
scribers holding a majority of the
capital stock of said company, be
ing met together in pursuance of teh
said resolution and noticed have con
sented and do hereby consent that
the said corporation be forthwith
dissolved as proposed in the said reso
Witness the following signatures
and seals, this the 29th .lay of Jnn«,
O. W. THORNTON (tfeal)
T. 9. JOHNSON (Seal)
O. M. BARGER (Seal)
C. H. GILMER (Seal)
V. B. OIIjAIER (Seal)
By T. S. Johnson, Atty la fact.
Attest: T. S. JOHNSON, Secretary.
We Arc Not Holding
i i ***—
a Clearance Sale
Not a Piece of Goods in Our Store is Shop Worn. Du
ring Season we Sold at Prices that Made
Things Move.
Consquently we have at this time only a few items on which we have cut the
and you can appreciate the value* given on the following article*:
Silks Men’s Suits
Dress Goods Boy’s Suits
White Goods Men’s Hats
Colored Lawns Felt and Straw Hats
Oxfords, Men's Oxfords, Ladies' Oxfords,
Boy’s and Girl’s Oxfords.
In these few lines we offer you Bargains speeled with a capital B.
3De;pa,rtxm.ervt Store

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