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Published every evening except |
Entered as second class matter
April 8th 1 DOR. at the Post Of
fice nt Bluoflcld. YV. V ., under
act of OoncreBs. Mrrcta 3rd 1879.
si ngcnurffeoN bates
By Carrier, Payable la Advunce
Dally one year.$4.00
Dail six months. 2.00
Dally three months. 1.00
Dally one month. 40c
By Mall, Cash in Advance.
Daily one year.$3 00
Dally six months .$1.75
Dally three months .$1.00
Dally one month. 35c
Aihlreess all communications
and all remittances to the Blue
stone FnbltebinR Compnny.
Telephone: • Business office
and Editorial Room, 503.
I I I'.SMAY. Al ST 17. HMM».
Tile way nf looking at tlio aero- j
•lane i|iK‘Stton Is either up or iln'ii.
Iveavo the latoh-siring hang.tig mi
"he outside a while yet, anyway.
•t The automohlle is still ahead of
“he aeroplane on the ae. blent reeor i.
A woman s laFt work is as liable
o be one thing a* another; ihv only
thing about it is that it will be luM
Wall street furnishes a boat as i n -
erest lug j-cadiug matter to the avii
igy man a» does the CougreHsiotlal
When Wright aii,i Zeppellu meet
In vhe air between lierlin and Fred
ricfhshnfen It is not probable tli:»r
they will stop and "have one."
"Then? is somethin/ remarkable
aliout tliaj, man."
"Yea; he thinks he is handsome,
and knows that he has an intellec
tual look.,"
A Republican contemporary f iy
that the co’t ot' the tariff congress
was Insignificant. ** f n s| crn i fl*‘a7i't' *
would apjdy to downward revisit n of
the wheJult**. alright.
ThaPn ^ikn\ yotflW it r^ffuift*
behind after h»* has dejmrtc j this
life Is tl'io to tihe fad that hi-- "goorl
ads'’ arc usually done up in so smal
packages, that the de parting >jdrit i
uiiable to locate them.
An uneonit romMnfi warfare 1
befog waged on ^ear-beer in the dr*
and dusty South. Yet would no
every bloomin’ one of the disgpin
tied lot rive his interest in n «re
melon patch jus* to tie m ar hc<*r for
aismt sixteen minutes.
There are ninny kinds of -mil***,
each having a d stlnct character.
R":ue urmauc* goodnc'-? and we* t
n«w, t liters betray sarcas-tn. ldtter
m; a mnd pride; some soften the
eeuiitenanrj»y t r*'r languishing
tenderness; others bright* by hc|j
spiritual \. ivnei- f.avat ■
'fax pawns should can a efsll;.
thf estimate. of f»»ii* % com'.', n>u
nicipaliti*- and bool !e, tr*!j. whirl
8T0 oow engaged ia la . in ; Jie lev!**
for taxation. PuMPii ion of tie* <
tiuiiiles of a-1 ii'.onev i i.< will :n
nte;lyd and .he lev' that w 11 !■ i
quire I to rio ! u e j- i„ ■ *, ■)«
nfiyr which *h*- opportunl’s i s-i\e
tax pnyc p pt''>fi*i*f again?' t
1* vi' p, if they *hi too n u
is to he r*o’|rc'e:l R*if tj,c
time to complain. \ little dola
fiti'l it Will be * >r* 11 * t #. Parker
hurt; Sen' tc 1
TH»•: covsl Ml |; I.OS| s \(,\|\
Th" Informal <*n jy i>o* bolriij
pmirtly ban I'd yi nn | *.• ibo mm i
f <'lur< r : li m * • r». v i!l i* r »
till loti i? Ii •• ■•! t*A ri i)( .•)*
f It*" tl • ' »il ff 'll 1 f r»" I: i •
Thi ft.'Oil■ • foo(j f >r ' ;1 i
I ih** v> f^i.fT Ihw !*• t-'.ii'-ii la' • J
ttily to i b at on fa 'f
iniim'.K i ii. 1. . '
*1*pai’ 1 V :i . -,T|f , If
to f||fi -
• ||< f !*■ - - f
lit® ahofr hi r f* f
TVi* 'it,' ■ *
Th<> hniid of i. <• «jr if
If up* '• and * I •
ho bn! .i <-^ii ho: " „ , - 4
< • y )f.-i • ,ira
< i \ i< ntiDK.
Civic pride i* hi tti»* Imttoiii of all
«ivic Improvement an 1 it in up to
| tile in Hvddiittl < risen to <*ultiv.tle
1 hat I Hid. and act upon it** UlcUiU s.
i.i ether words get busy for tie* up
build ng :kkI ht torment of iiis coui
I I'lunlty ’I here are i nues»‘tona so
i vital or imeortflnt to the < Ulzen as
< v co ;i■» n iny hfs own town whore
I he and iiis family must live and
I where lie ni it at do business. The
! • • riff tip. I’.mania ('anal, the income
! iax and other great issues do not
j touch him half so closely as prob
lems Involving a pure and pl> ntlful
j water supply, adequate sewerage
i system, good. elea-,» streets, caisihic
health, fire and police depart tiients,
franchlre grants, economical ami
careful expenditure of pu die monies
and other things which will readily
suggest themselves. These* ent«*r
into his daily lifi a . the oth< rs ean
[ *»ot dv> and intlma'f ly concern tie*
[wilfaro of himself. Iiis family and
Ilfs business. It is therefore hi*
•irst duty to take an active and in
telligent inter*1 1 in his own city, to
miltivatr* Hu abiding faith fn its fu
ture *ui l to bead his energies lo
"ard tiie proper solution of 'hose
problems which are at his fireside.
He rnav do this by exerting an In
Iluenc, for progr* s aiq] Improvement
in mtmicipal politics, by aiding move
tnent- looking to civic b*,t.termrais,
snd by enlisting commercial organi
zations in the struggle for better
Milnipn. In W( at Virginia as else
whert* iommerci.il organizations have
done good work along i li**se lin**s
and are destined to do still more, as
civic pride Increases fin<i nten conic
t<* tealize more keenly ih»* Impor
tance of the problems and the weight
Hint united effort. can exert for their
proper solution. Hoard of Trade
Tin*: \v.\it a wii:.
The I'ni*inl States army is engaged
in playing a game of war which, nc
eoixl'ng to description by Kra 1 troot's
is as follows:
A force composed partly of troop*
or. tfhe regular army and partly of
regiments of Stnte militia jk to ea
deavor ;o make a descent upon the
coast, of VkmsoetMisptta. which unity
involve Boston as an objective point
This force, known as the Red Army,
will be opposed by a similar force,
known as tho Blue Army, collected
lor the defense of the Massachusetts
<,r''‘ In the ma toon vers. militia
orgtuilzaMens from four States will'
t.ik<; part, m addition 4o those from
the regular army, and practically
every bran h of the military service
"ill he represented. ft is under
«L orl to be ei e of *he special objects
of the manoeiivcia to supply useful
f*ietlen '<• to the subsistence depart
•lu *R aiid to :'iic engineers an,! tho
signal corps, but the practice which
"MI b hs4j should be in a thigh de
gree serviceable to all e ngaged.
Training of the kind that will be
ro"< fved iitid«v conditions ref*‘*ml>lini.
tll()*e or a dual warfare, partieailarly
n* r,,gards the concerted action of
different orpi-nlzatlon^ marks a very
deride.] advantage over that obfain
el by the militia in early times._
Rcmnc ke Time®.
\ (i<MM) ill bi;. ——
Kho'k Mm knocker until all the
knocking i? i.n'o ked out of ;he
kno k( r And then knock -the
knocker unlii tn<* knocking will
I • V« I- get ».n. k in the kno r.
Caution lb- careful that in knock
ing the k-H ’,<# ,• until i ll fb< knock
• • g Is kno. ked out of t he k"io< k< r
'l 1 'oru pi ai o king i i,e knock'-r
Utltl! litiocl; :T1C will „f VI 1 vo-t Ij;. -I. 1
ji’ *o the nc' l-'T that von don’t be
< » - ’ • • >o.ir e|f. f’.irt en
but t l)i spatch.
m it m ati;.
I' Hn if** of h«* nxjjfni'Tit in*. of
Hie •<> n of \i In iih for t fit* li • ;i| \« ir
Offl<e H< ii( .. $ 3i;.0(i
"• • 'i f ii:ir> . , 1 7,0 00
l*’wV« . 127,.00
rftr * t \V ii k . I oo.00
Hnlarl' K of <*onin*j|. jy.00
Hiuxlry fwxfi'*o^-y . 7.0.00
Total , . , . $.',09.00
I > . .4 Oil I II.' f Oh t ;i? »1 . . . r, 100
Tntnl • iin. fwl *•> , ; , f 17,9 oo
f'MVJH) < •! i u of 1 \ y, 2 . or
$ ! fi0 00 v . mf *oti.
TT»lv* 11I(h ' lyof .f il,, 1 0 09
'A'. If MVtTlJKU -'
N<rrm .
f VI .lilt I h* >< I V n J 11 w t,
! If f'T Ki In / • , It. \ v,M
front i o. in j * »,,r
o' 10 ! Mu * v* not
n 1 ’.rlior r, |Hli„n
O. H Jf N V'll.fl!
T • A!'i i H »
Ti e no »•* harvest is now ap
ploi. 'i;n* if » ( > )uM .->ii n ’i*«t **»>n XPe®
and tt in cub listed ibat tlier®
uml in tin . i»uth of Frame. along the
Vur, nearly 130 tons of violet flowers
are gathered during harveta for the
sake of perfumery.
Tin- discovery thut ihere is money I
In violet* is spreading In England A
te beine Ik now being discussed for
growing them on soum light land In
tin south, or England for the sake of '
dint tiling the scent, but It is uk a
cut flower that the violet is a source
of wealth in England. These volets
are becoming larger ami larger, ami
the Mingle hidaeomu ate much nearer
the pansy than the wild violet.
A huge, very deep vurldty has been
recently Imported from the l>st and
In dolrrg well In u private garden. but
there au number of norU which
have the treble qualities desired by
the purchaser—the sweetness, tflze and
length of stalk. They a£e grown In
frames, and on the French principle
the plants are kopt clone to the glass
Women especially are tuklng up the
violet fimn, as a commercial bu Allows,
and It in curious that one enterprise
in violet fanning which was showing
promise has led the women farmers
Into taking up general French gur
Jening. (Hie woman farmer calculates
that the violet frames iiuld ulxmt
twice as well as the cucumber
The violet has ulways l»oen u favor
ite flower in England, but the sale
ha*- increased enormously lately.
Quantities are iinpoi tod, and quite a
Hide profession has grown up of
hawking bunches of violets at rail
way stations during the winter
months. Violet* are nlao being in
creasingly used for sweets, und further
Investigations are being made Into
the alleged, but quite unproved, med
icinal virtues In the leaf.
But It Ik the large-leafed, long
stemmed. spacious violets of Parma,
Naples and l.he East, capable of artis
tic arrangements as a bouquet or In
a vase, which- with the leave of th«
pernicious rod spider bring the pro
fits to the woman farmer.—London
Daily Mail.
How It Works.
"Now, you’ll lx* here at 7 o'clock
sharp In the morning, sure? Remem
ber, I’m depending on you."
"Yes’in, sure. I'll be ht*ro. You can
depend on me."
A* she left, the sei'VUUl was raying
to herself: "tJoeniH awful to Me that
#41', hut wbftt (an 1 do? I haven't any
way on earth of knowing whether any
of tin* other (hree planes 1 promised
to go to-morrow morning will la: open
by the time 1 get there. Of course
they promised to hold the place* for
me, just an this woman did, hut If
any other girl should g«*t In ahead#o(
me they'd hire Ivr Just ns thov all
have hired me. And there's no telling
how many more they'd hire In the
same way before i found 'em. So
while I don’t like to He, what am I
to do to get a Job?’’
The prospective mistress, us she sat
at her sowing, Soliloquized: "I don't
know who'll behind of qie'ln thd
hereafter if f]iis seKrknt problem
doesn't solve ifself. I can't keep track
of the deliberate and conscious false
hood* I've told in the way 1 told one
to that woman who Just went up the
street. She's the third that ha« prom
ised me faithfully to cotne to-morrow
at 7 sharp—what could 1 do? Hut two
at a time never yet have come, so l
suppose I am not taking great chances,
f haven’t a lilt of doubt that the girl
who Just lefi. me has promised half a
dozen others that she'll be there to
morrow morning without fall. 1/ she
tfnds any of the other places still va
cant b»*fore she gets to me she’ll stay
Isn't It too had things go this wnj ?”
—Chicago News.
What Woman is Made of.
According to a Hindoo legend this
is the prope.r origin of woman
Twnshtrt, the god Vtih-»n of the Hln
(loo mythology, created the world, but
on his commencing to create woman
he discovered that for man h. had
exhausted all his creative materials,
and that not one solid element had
been left This .of course, greatly
perplexed TAvashtrl and canned him
to fall into a prtffound meditation.
When he arose from it l*e proceeded
ns follows, rie took:
The roundnoes of the moon
The undulating curve of the serpent
The grneeful twist of the creeping
The light shivering of the gr:im
bladc and the alendernoRfl of the wil
The velvet of the flowers.
The lightness of the feather
The gentle gaze of the due
Tht frollcsomenesH c»f the dancing
'It tenrs of the cloud.
'J lie Inconsistency of the wind
Th«* timidity of th» har<
The vanity of the poricoek
The hardtptttH of the diamond
; The < uelt) of the tiger
The chill Of the Stitiw
The ruckling c.f the parrot
The 'oolng of the turtle 'love
Al ih« e mixed together and formed
a #fvoir.H n tit- Hitt
Dressed Up.
W1 1 mounted on top of a i.ld,
I A nip i|it" i I, w»o mn -U lc. (YTtbl,
l<ut you couldn't tht y u,y,
H'l/ir him ten fee* away,
H•> io d a a n> veiir'.ng ipul
J id • * I Ibrsry
1 i is the Irt'^t
it - medium this section.
of Prime Quality. Ar
tistically mounted
At Prices that are lower than the lowest.
Randolph & Mittendorf
Bluefield, W. Va. Williamson, W. Va.
A Classified
Ad Is a Goad
If “the world owes
you”--if “Fortune” is
somewhat in your debt
—if your “good luck”
is overdue - let want ad
vertising help you to
A want ad. will turn
things “your way”—
will sell, at a profit,
something you are hold
ing at a loss, will
“unite” your “tied-up”
investments by finding
buyers for whatever
you have to sell- will,
in short, go out and
“collect” what “the
world owes you.”
r.n ... 4..1 «...
Pupils for Violin, Mandolin and
Culfar, by Prof. 10. H. Sehoenbaun,
r.raduat* violinist. Y^avs of exper
1 nee. 'Phono 29S or circ of Duvall
Music Co., 19 Princeton avenue,
Minefield, W. Va.
<>i:ai,itv or movitoii and .JEF
FERSON. 7-29 3t
au,j «!z« medc and delivered to any
part ,of the rlty at a reasonable
price by W. II Coffman Coke Co.,
Minefield, W. Va.
roll HAI.F——My thief* afory brick!
rtore. No. 20 Mland ptreef, and ,
Btra k of g<>od.; if wanted. Also my j
homo or about IS uerc*, POO to
1.000 fruit 11e< ». Land In fine
state oi cultivation for trucking.
On BowyorV Branch, if you men 1
biialnewa rail or write me. J. L
HOR TON. 7-2P-6t-eod
IOIC HA |,E <111 .VI' — Two nine
li«moh on Franklin strent, Cot
tafte, corner Franklin and Jack
H'.n street, lot 50x140. price
$1,400. Also one k room house,
with hath connection, lot 5fix140,
P'»o I s able on r< nr f>f Jot. Cheap
for cash, or one-third mi.-'i, bal
ance In one and two yeniM. Apply
to A R. HARWOOD. care W. H.
HARRY Ar Co. 7 22-f.t.
FOR KENT—B< t Corner In B>.je
b<" d for i*-tit. ni Princeton ami
Hir'inbotl m -n nm Apply It.
V\ V NTF.D—Fifty boy a to a* II E von
inx lAad«*r on at recta of Minefield.
Apply at offlen on I Hgrinbot ham
avenue ifter 4 o'clock
H ANN I CO—f*| ‘«n p,<s lan. An
Min'd* 1 r| 'V'. Va. 8-10-31
R-cd b * Ml. VCR ft \<i on Fa
J Five.
Why use dirty &
smoky coal? ❖
Standard lue!& Supply Go. *
and get a ton of good Y
clean Coal and a load Y
of nice Kindling Wood Y
* * V
% , r •
* Special attention to
Family Trade
Phone No. 42
L. Lazarus Si Co.
The oldest and most reliable dealer in this
BEERS. Porters and all Kinds of I dquors.
i-jipjiu I~t .'(TjZ'L .,r- "ST-'-r 7? -—-rrtir: i-—.—^ . . m
* Has It ever occurred to you that the Insurance company you *
^ have t>e«n paying your money to for these many years might on <
♦ tomorrow become your debtor—and what (jo you know about It’s *
* ability to pay a loss? The biggest company will sell you a policy <
i a* cheaply ns the small»8' l’lacc your Insurance of all kinds with
tho o.Tcst, lBrge: t and strongest agency, the
♦ .... <
^ ftn“ a policy In the biggest and strongest company an] you
^ will have Insurance that insures.
o President. - Pecy, afid T.-eas. ,
The Officers and Directors of
Are successful business ,ncn. who
know the science and ethics of sound
business, which means safety and sc
curityinthis Bank. You will find
it a pleasure to do business with us,
and quickly feel that you arc in good
hands. Come and let us be of some
service, j* v«t v«
Resources Nearly One Million DoHars.
IjAHRKNTK I.. TlKIlNRT, Proa, II. K. C.a*h|pr.
WII.I.IAM H. THOMAS, VIcm-I’m*. H. It. Ill< KM, A^Btant C,a*h
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦•« _
At the Picnic!
POCAHONTAS bottled bo»*r f
is a favorite with picnic jewr- I
ties. It Is net difflcrult to
carry, in a perfect tMrut
quoucber and adds liuuiousoly
to the noon-day "spread." It
renders the simplest k ml of a
lunch a delight.
When you arrange for your
next day’s outing In the coun
try or para, do not forget to
order a inse of POCAHON
TAS beer. It will add a coin- c
fort and Impart a cheer Shat *
w ill rsike you .j that the
money for it was well spent.
Uluefieid Brewing Go.
Minefield, W. Va.
Phone 210.
We row have a complote uue
of all makes of typewriter,
for sale and rent. When In
Deed of ribbon, carbon paper,
or anything for any make of
typewriter, give us a call.
Bluefeid Typewriter Exchange
A. A. WYGALL, Manager,
SSJ5 Princeton Are.
MDmAWV.iPCW r < ' -
and your craving for liquor la
gone if you take the
There la none like 1; offered
anywhere outside of McKannas
No Dangerous
Call or write
225 Princeton Avenue B
309 Bluefield Avenue.
Harness Making
> » . f
Dost "Work Gun ran food at
Keasonnhle Prices.
Your* Patronage Solicited.
ooierRACTon for kxcacatinq
Phone 808-0 I Winfield, W. V*.
Oivil and Mining Engineers
Thornton Building
Bluefield, W. Va.
I _ hNp*
Thomas E. Peerv. M. D.
inu Hold, w. Vf».
OcuIlM for N. ft w. Railway, ,

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