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If You See It At Pedigo’s It’s Correct :
Perfectly New Siiks.
1 his week we are showing the '<
new creation in the silk mar- j
ket the New Moire Orepe j
Sslk. Almost every conceiv
! able shade. 'Aw Greens,
| 1 aupe, Rose, Catawba, Wis
| teria, Lavender, Garnets, Corn,
Pink and all staple colors.
I Makes up handsomely. Just
* the thing for an evening gown.
• 27 inch width a yard $1.
Go id and Silver
| Trimmings suitable for the
-i above silks have just been
325 and 327 Princeton Ave#
Bluefield, : : : : West Va.
aaga»airaBK»!K3>g n
The Twin Drug Stores
“ ! ‘
Easl End Pharmacy | BiiieficM Pli raiacy
Our FOUNFAIM serves ike Best t'taner Mercer Street qnd |
Hot and Cold Blinks in the City. iB..c.,cld Avenue
OPEN DAY .'.'Bl MlillT
After 1 Wr: 1 ratfe flu ROWERS
a h',ec,alt-v m DESIGNS
1 he Rexall Stores *
T he Vinol Stores
< -r t <! 1*\ Thf*.
Goodykoontz Drug Co.
-Why use dirty
smoky coai?
Standard tuel&SupplyCo
'PHONE NO. 20 f
and get a ton ol gooA
clean Coal and a load
of nice Kindling Wood
K< »- • I<<u j lawyer is visiti in
it * nil in I e e|t v
I 11 sl/f' ni :i (Tfr<p’ uf •In- lied I
la«k* i'o.h* f*fi:u|iiil. is hi ill*- eiiy
lull i ill' ti' i l lie
f-r r •'
Philip t5is»flwifi, wife mid son are
in tin eity i i iajr ,iti -ndiiiK a recep
tion at the home of Mrs. Fdwln
Mann. 1 rWf
Mm \\ Wi 1 s«..i if West fSraham
u .i ha* he i. lii or (.nine time I
slowlx re oVeri.i:•
-• »1 • «« -
Mi and Mrs. W. Sipc of Penn
t Iv.mi.i ait ■, iiinv at th" It itne of
M i M< i ■«*iiia hi (i i a ha in.
M. .1. P K rhr of FIkhorn who
lii la en vPitinc trieads in (Jra
i . am rei. ri fd lo her home Mil morn
I injr.
Frank 'Pirxa:v ie*i this mot •> n«
j foi Lyi'thhui^ where he will meet
i hi? wife who ha; been visiting at
! t'hariottf , \ illo and accompany her
[ home. i
M s.se I laneli and Dove (libsoa. I
j wlm havi■ htjen v siting their sister,
| Mr V- Pane rn Highland avenue
( will leave in the mprtiinir for their
home mar Fast liadioial. Va.
( AI.V VliV HA «H'I ST.
Pr« aching at, Calvary Paptis'
(him il Sunday at 7:150 p. III. All j
tire cordially invited.
* I, \ ItlliS' \ID.
I e t.nilien' Aid Society of the
: Christian <diur« ii will hold n Pazn i
' o:| Prlm-i ton avenue nevt to White
t Kitelien hi-kinn.iuM Nov. l'jth.
T - -
"-sot | M FD < ItAKITIFS KF\I>V.
I'liis ,'isH ie ai ii.n of the eity, by
he eity? aril for the city is ready
for youi* ailt for c.hirity It guarn.i
'f e< prompt and very careful giving
nf help to nlj truly needy people.
I .or r.s have your ‘help now.
Wednesday, November llth.
, Th*t Weirdly M ; steriousl v
and WdrmTsrrnih' Merry I'lin 1
Hie Iltise of a
]T ni., Nicholson’?
Novel of t in; same name
"C-US WKile’s Phar
\ M
Prices.: 2*5.. 50, 7 5c. $1.0C
Not Sirtt£lyTUp to Date,
but m th' load, the new
Perfect Joint Bracelet
A iar <• vari* tv of pat
<ij> alt m idth,
j lai«,-Xi»a$8tf* Engraved,
Finished 11v Old 1 mulish
and Roman, all of supe
rior ^ »r>t<f f illed (juality.
Jewblcniiid Pawnbroker,
221 Princeton Avenue.
lust Received
11 */ ,. t
A new lot of our celebrated R. R.
W atches, specially designed by pur Mr
l . Randolph, made in I 6 size solid I 4
Ra. aiGoldandguaranteedto be the heav
iest and best R. R. Watch in the world.
Le^dinc Jewelers Blucfleld West Va
'Mid yoy.r Craving for liquor la
gone (f you take the V
McKanna ‘
I'hwre is none like I; offered
nn.vwhare outeldg of McKanuaa
No Dangerous
On’! or writ
l>!l. J. J. M< KANX A
225 Princeton Avenue
niuefleld, W. Ya.
TliO-i!i tin- TiHp'Ktlng Tro.f have
destroyed i’u' local supply of fresh
'• ey;Habl« ; v.«• ;■ r*; receiving
shipment., lii ni ariin-p clinics and
/ ./ /if* yj
our • u:.i:mii ia sUtl ‘enjoy th*
4<-od ' d -umwvoy ‘.lufe in table joy
Potatoes. lettuce, Carrots, Pars
!•*>’ Celery, Meets Bermuda Onions
Egg Plant, C udiflower. Salsify, Pc
intoe , Fh«:.i fr>yt*>rill kinds.
Eroih Sealshipt Oysters eery day
Sublette & Barnes
Two ‘phones, 181 und 34 1.
The Surest, SSfest ahd
Best Method ever used
no sore gums or ill elleit.H
follow if
Full set of tseth $5
Very finest;, set
o* testh; ’no
hethr made at
ahv price . . $8
Gold crown . . $4
Gold Fillihgs . . $1
Silver and Ce
ment Fillings 50<t
We invite yvu to
inspect our parlors ahd
have yourteeth exam
ined free. Will tell
you in advahee what
your work will cost.
All work done by
skilled, exp?r.ehced op
erators by our im
proved methods. We
g ve ycu a guarantee
in writ hg cn all work.
Ovtr Grand Leader Store
iCantlnued From Page One.)
W. U. Moon* of Switch back was in
Welch > uesday eoumiliitiK ph<d
< Ians
.1. F. John on has been In A >h
vllle, N tins Week vis linn his
sister, Mr.;. JaineH Heavers and son.
R Chert IleavAre. who are spending
the winter in Athville, se -king b« t
ter health for the latter.
Mrs. J. Mj Blaster left Thursday
for a several days' visit to relatives
at T p Top. , t : i
Mr and Mr . K. C. Dralley left
Thursday for -Kussey county, Va.,
where they will-visit Mtb. Uralley’s
old home for a short'time.
Mrs. I Vi PM).of ‘Taguwell, wiio has ,
beep visiting h«V daughter, Mrs.
Fred Utri (Quincy., at Elbert, stopped
over in We|oil en route home.
Mrs J. JU'^Whltt i absent on a i
\ is t to relative.* at War Eagle.
Judge f.'t! frenrtlfce. of Middles- |
' orougli, KM was in town several 1
days this Wen* vf-dtitig his sons. W.
W. and T F. HfVp dt^e and attending
to legal this ire s.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hruster, of
Pocahontas. Va.. were in Welch Sun
day visitirg relative* and friends.
Mrs Isarlah C. iferndon and Mrs. :
W. (’. Half were in i’bcahontas Fri
’ay cci a ah 'lining toyr.
Mr. and Mr . AVynrham Stokes en
t« rtained a few of their friends in
formally! on Saturday night, with
Mias Mat .lone and C. W Yeato i |
is guests of honor.
W. Pmbiddge Pape Is absent on
a business ttip to Cincinnati.
. •' X
Sunday < hool at 9:45 a. m.
Preach ng by Rev. W. H S edge
at II a. in.
Service of song by VV. C. Roof
and sermon by Rev Sledge at 3:30
p. in.
Evangelistic service by Rev '
Sledge at 7:30
Preaching at * the Presbyterian i
church Sund>ax»4HJ44U!iMgifcJ4t U a. in.
ar.d at 7:30 p. nt. by Rev. J. L. |
Einstein, of Radford, Va, All mem
bers, friends /bhfl strangers are cor
dially invited to attend. Sunday |
School at 9:30 *
i ■ rJt .j
Bible class and Stinday ohoof-rt*
9:45 a. nt
There wll be do morning serice. |
Srvice and Sermon by Rt. Rev.!
W. L. flravatt of Parkersburg Bish
ops coadjutor of West Virginia at
which t hi me the rights of conflrma
t'on will be administered at 7:30 ]>.
Litany service V\Vdnes,lay at 8 p
(TIKISTIA.V ( III lu ll.
Sunday School at 9:30 a. in C.
B. Fink Superintendent.
Preaching at 11 a. in. and 7:30
p. in
The morning service will be ef
especial impoi tunce to the member-!
•hip and they are urged to Ik* pres
A cordial invitation H extended
I t o all.
W. S. BCLLARD, Pastor.
I ' TIIKiaV < 111 ltf || SKHYKTX.
Bible school at 9:45 a. m
iHvlpo services at It a. in. sub
ject Of sermon "Rnomles of Christs'
At 7:30 p. in. a special,
■•eng service with a sermon on the
^object. The Outlet of a Christian
Citizen." ,\ hearty invitation to t.he
j public by the pafttor. Hey. C B.
Sihhith School at 9:30,
•Binlor League at 2:39
Kqworth F.eigun at 7 p. in.
Public worship at 11 a. in and
7:30 p. m.
•'Ter lug subject, "(.he (Jood Fight
>r Faith,’*
Rven t ibje-t, "Cflytlng Ml Our
'ire rpm Him.”
Hoo I ..in le. All are welcome.
If you havu ro chhreh home maae
one with us.
f.ir\fi: mfthoi>iht cmiirif.
Hunday school at 9:30 a. m. .1. H
Hieks. Superintendent.
Proaehin*; by'Mbt pi 4)or at 11 a.
tn. and 7 30 p m
Prnver menfffc. *r T:*t a. m \V d
» '-id.iv n’liht.
We Invite von to all fhe*e ser
v.ee and will give you a hearty wej.
<•• me
T fj HAMILTON. Pastor.
“Elastic Bookcase
the original and only per
fect sectional bookcase
made. I he doors at e non
binding. dust-proof, oper
ate on roller bearings, and
positively cannot get out
of order. Bases furnished
with or without drawers.
Call and see them, or
send for catalog No. f05
Exclusive \vents.
100 Miners Wanied
By the Virgini: -Pocahontas Coal Com
pany at C »alwood and Garetta Mines. Me
Dow e'lJGounty, V est Va. Have 5 m'nes
which are running full time and can give
you steady work. Have plenty of houses
for men with families:
Coalwood is the cleanest and most healthful
mining town in the Pocahontas field. Schools
for both white and colored. Men earn $3.00
to $5.00 daily. Large commissaries, goods
sold at reasonable prices. It will pay you to in
vestigate above by calling on us at Coalwood
and Garetta min is, or write to
John Stewart, Sup,t.,
• . ^ *
Coalwood, West Va.
Values Touched With a Tive Wire/'
and many of them will disappear as by magic. Don’t
skip a word of matter in this ad. or you may skip a
dol’ar. When nearly every item mentioned is a bargain
it will be no difficult task to pick out that which is most
profitable for one’s needs.
C . I C .. for Small LADIES and MISSES.
J|)CCI3I JUirS attractive new Long Coit Models in
hard $ fished Worsted, assorted best collars, some trim
med in velvet. Suits that are worth fully $22.50 at
$12.75. Waists Half Price.
T ot ofTeautfi'd Embroidered White Waists. $2 and
$2.50 waists at 98c. * *■
I tfross of Ladies fine BlacK Silk
LdCllcS BCIlS. Elastic Belts, abslutely worth 25c,
sale price JOc.
R|_ L C:1L It a pure Silk Taffetta, the be«t you
LlldCN JIII\. ever bought at #1.50 a yaad, full 36
inches, on sale nt 92c.
I nJior ^<st Taffetta silk, broad ruffle
Ladies rerricoars. fuii width, price, $1.50, at
I arp fnrhainc '!eit values in to-wn at Jfl.7 5.1anre
size white curtains, choice of sev
eral pretty designs, to be sold at 98c.
Turk Building
Princeton Ave. Blucfield, W. Va.
John M. Wirgman,
Apply ..o
wm. McCarthy, Philadelphia
» Real Estate and Rental Agents
Bluefleld, W. Va.
, Hen -\aetitH for Eureka nnd Hale Land Co
Late of New York City, solicits the patronage
.of the Ladies desiring the services of an exclu
sive dress-maker. Dress-making Parlor in con
nection with the
► ♦>♦>♦/<♦ ♦%♦!• ♦%^ - '

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