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going to buy a
steel range or
cook stove this
fall ?
remember that
we ma k e t h e
money saving
prices and sell
the dollar saving
Wc guarantee each of our cook
stoves and ranges and our guarantee
is worth something, for Wg are right
here to back it up.
Do not be deceived by low prices, as they
only buy cheap or inferior gooas, the saving in
monev you can make good by buying one of
our stoves or ranges, which will prove a good
investment as the cost of keeping a cheap
stove or range in repair for a short while will
more than offset the price which w'e would
charge you for something first class and again
when you buy of us you have the satisfaction
of know ing you are getting the best
323 Princeton Avenue,
Deposit Part of Yo u r
Pay in This Bank
If vour pay this month were cut ten Per cent would It put
vou down and out? Certainly not. If you save ten per cent
of your earnintrsthis month will you nut l>e better off? A sav
ings account with this bank wilfmake a plan of this kind work
out so well you will adopt it asa regular methodofnetting ahead
We pay Four per cent Interest, compounded every six months.
Every facility for handling Commercial Accounts.
Fidelity Banking & Trust Co.
Bluefieid, W. Va.
BEERS. Porter^ and all Kinds of Liquors.
Thf- manafr<*r <»f f.h<- firand
*.!*» oft> fn to th“ p»*r#oTi f o* ■ >iv im
* umb'-r of coupon* at*
»*<1 to t* .. a<1 trillion tlokot*.
r • riiamo Thu that «
v In th< w n«]o ■ of
1 * • ■ - Ar, f o jf-xolar O’ !*• Jn
• <- - 7, «*r f I h* ' ,*\f< -«t W ill #r •■*
*r J i . a "7,■ or an'! v. Il^rlo >• otj
A't-Ji * Jay ii’Kbt Ikorobft .2nd*
Open—2 to 6,
>• ' !<*" -'*r, will ko<*p tJm aUi!>s
ffi • poron’H iiAiiir* whom
4 tn *h< rn r'-tir ,\ up
f 1 < ’» ;r>! and 2 f t U o' 1)t
f* >■ o' Wc I known riK’it
* ' ‘ 1 J ^ ?,o w 1! conn* th<»
vo'#* 1 »»*rs«»n gating tfw io**t
v,#t' '■ < '• '- '.' 'ir iwt t nn diamond
r ng on r’hiiMtmim night.
7 to 10:30
RICE IN 0.3.
Washington. .Yov. i r.. 'j ju*
growth of ri< «• .production in the*
I 11 i<«*«i Stat* from an uvcrunc of
'-s than loo million jiouuds p. r
auniiin a tow years ago to an aver
age of r.(M» millions per annum in
riM-eiit years a id over 000 millions
tn 1 It OX, lends in tore t o a study
just made by the Bureau of Statis
tics oi tin- Iicparttnent of Commerce
and Labor of the markets offered
tor this /itii'lii iilar commodity in the
\arlous sis'! ion.s of t.he world, and
eap«Mdally in <<>untrios commercially
nd.iacent to the t'n t• <1 Stales. Ki<«.
production In the ;Unit< d States sel
dom reached job millloa pounds pc,
■'to um piio,. to lx*>:, and had but
iwire crossed the 200-million line
; nr.or to ! tom Then came in 1901
a production of 3xx million pounds;
in 1903. ."OH millions; m 1904,
| ">M* millions, and in 190.x, cos mil
lin’, j«ound.s. Tin* rice production
of tie* Cnitcd States in the list de
cade has thus ei|iialed that or tin*
I half century immediately preceding,
| <»r in oilier words tin* quantity pro
I duced since tin* beginning ol fin*
I year 1900 lias been as ,m*'*,*ii as tlnit
jot tin* r»0 ears ifrom 1 x Mi to loot).
Tin* production of dom stin rice
*ti lit** recent period greatly * x *eeds
tr< consumption of domestic and
fcieign rice in (lie earlier p viod
Ill ,.»>! is Of l ice it; • ’in I*,, ♦.»,!
i*- * •« t * * (including; ri<e flour. meal,
d broken rice) *<>*..) -uring the
•• i,vi nt yyears n 100 to 200
million ponds per annum seldom
[ exceeding 200 million while the do
mestic production about equaled the
im oort ■?, linking (after deduct ini;
the small exports of that period) an
average annual consumption rang
ing from 2Cu to mo mini ; pounds.
Kven during the recent period of
I large domestic production, importa
tions have continued at about the
.imi* rat * as to former years, while
exports have (save in one or two ex
ceptional years- been comparatively
small, thus suggesting a largely in
creased domestic consumption. be
»I»ito the fact that the home pro
duetinon was. in 1006, 4 06 million
pounds; in 1907, r,20 millions; and
In 190X, 608 millions, the imiiorts
amounted, in 1906, to 209 million
pounds; in 1907. 202 |-2 millions,
mid in 190.x. 21V millions: while
the exports of the domest it product
wore, in 1906. hut 29 million pounds
in 1 907. 33 millions, and in 190s,
22 1-2 millions, and of foreign rice,
in 190 , 9 million pounds; in 1907,
9 1-2 minions, and in 190.x, 7 2-3
millions. In addition to these ex
ports to foreign countries there was
sent to Porto Rico in 19nx, 90 1-3
ponds and to (.he Hawaiian Islands
76 thousand pounds.
< hlef New kirk left for Charleston,
where |he V ill appear before t he
grand jury In the \V. O. MUtcoiuh
case, who is charged with fraudu
lently securing a pass from the
Norfolk an ! Western for a woman
wh<, he claimed to he his wife
Not Simply Up-to-Date,
bat in the- lead, the new
P erfect Joiht Bracelet
A large variety of pat
terns in all width,
Plain, Chased, Engraved,
f inished in Old Knglisb
and Roman, nil of supe
rior Gold Filled quality.
Jeweler and Pawnbroker,
221 Princeton Avenue.
<V' i -Ox >
ff y\ r y, • ‘ J >
/ P K ' *
(' •• •' .^ _ • , \\
I **• Monitor I*mI\' ri/< <1 rionr,
Nip Qh' rn of QffnfHj'.
Sol(| «( ull Itetall SfO|( „
I axgvr than Westminster, large*
**on than St. Paul's, is the Church oi
Santo Domingo. This s eat cdilioe,
renowned in many oountrius, is knows
hot only for its size but for the* beauty
fttnl mngnlflc,,neo of its decorations
uud the many historic eveuts tntwlned
In its history. The church wan built
on consecrated ground. having been
tho site of tbe mal ty* loin of two ix>
mlnlcnn priest*.
It was early in the epoch of Spaulah
occupancy when Corley. * nt Vola*
yuey do LrfXm ftVyiii Mexico city to
Coa' zacoalcos with, a biinrl of men to
protect that port. In those 'lays tho
road luy through Oaxaca. Of Oaxaca
itfolf little war known other than the
reivs taken luick by the few expedi
tions thit'. had boon sent to tho south
by the conqueror. Vi'husquoz de Jxxm
brought some settlers for Oaxaca,
among them t»elug s> vernl Dominican
friars. After the soldiers had pro
vided on their way to the port the
Indians rose against the •mall band
of settlers nnd on tho spot where the
church wok Afterward erected two of
the fathers were cruelly put to death.
By J6f>0 there wort a number of
Dominican friars in oaxaen and the
lU'-stjoit of erecting a church and con*
icnt for the use of the order was agi
lAted. The exact date of tho beginning
of the work is not known, but it must
have been, shortly after the middle of
tile sixteenth century they began tho
work with a few laborers, who gate
their ser\ices. and every member of
tlio order worked hard collecting ruorg,
funds. A petition wai seni to the
King of Spain for assistance, to which
ie responded generously. From time
to time tho King scut other contribu
tions and there no halt in the
S-'t. Paul’s cathedral lu London meas
ures MU by 115t> feet and cost .C 747,954,
or 7,41)7,540 pesos, oi some 5,u0ll,uo0
poins less than Santo Domingo. Some I
idea *>r tho size of the structure cuu
be obtained wlion It is considered that
foilr buildings tho olze of Westminister
Abbey could be ret on tho ground cov
ered by thin Dominican temple. At
the present tiny, liowcvor, only a
small part of tho church is used Tor
worship, the other portions having
been converted into barracks by the
Owing to the great height and thick
ness of the walls of tlic church it has*
been iiS'.d for a fort on any and every
oocasion wiusn necosanry. No wars,
however, marred the serenity of the
early Dominicans, and each year saw
tho church increasing in wealth. The
library was rank1 d among tho greatest
in tho republic. Tho interior of tho
church was decorated in many places '
with pure gold. Tho lirst drug store
In tho city of Oaxaca was opened by
the Dominicans in tho temple.
When the struggle with the French
began it was not long until OnxSea
was in the hands of a French army.
Ban to Domingo was turned into a bar
rack and the gold decorations, tho fine
paintings and costly adornments were
ruthlessly stripped from her wall*,
l'iio fi’fats wore driven out and for six
years the church was a fort, and noth
ing more, Tho accumulated granduer
of 300 years was undone in a few brief
mouths. Tho greater part of the
structure is still used by tho Federal
Auout ten years ago Archbishop Gil
low received permission from Presi
dent l>iaz to restore a portion of the 1
choreh. Thousands of dollars were
fciHfiit on the interior of ihe main
chapel, which is ranked as the ino.->t
luimlsorne of (ho republic. The dec
orations on the ceilings were executed
at great cost. .Surrounding the front
of the edifice is an immense court,
nicely paved and enclosed with a high
iron fence. On each post is a brouxe
Angel. -Mexican Herald.
"You are an alienist?"
"Yes. sir,"
"That is to say, you know a crarjr
*Mn when you f.ee him?'1
"ThcU’s about it.”
"Is the prisoner sane?”
"He is."
"What particular thiug determine*
four decision?"
‘ The size and source of the f*a, M
course. You must b" a nov-itu.”'
"No extraneous comment, jtfeuse.
Do filicuhitg ever lio under ^kth
"Thoso of tho other side, y<9, al
"Put supposing you had been re
tained b,, tlic otli i side?”
"In that caso thi sid • would have
become the other side
"And you vuy tills j ri oner is Mne7"
'No, iii. a no; crazy as a bare, an
tmb' ;1m from the cradle ”
"Haven’t you changed yo ir mind In
•be last few mine "s?"
'TBntirely so For an Instant. 1 hai
fo^potton that I was r* .lined for ui
prisoner end hot tbe. to ate.”
§ry>l after, the CHSo went to tlM
Jury.—Public Lc'd-or.
Tho governor of Mississippi did
not dodgy the boom raised by the
fact that, the silver punch tsjwl pro
•onted by the state to (ho ixvfleshlt
ts adorn • I tty a portrait of J* ft' r iov,
Davis His Justification of the pio>
♦.ur/- wax simple: "If you condemn
him, yon must con^wmn ns." Nor
did tht nuvsl officer who responded
to tho governor fvnde the po'nt
Kverybody within gunshot was list
cnu.g intently to the offb * r's word#
wfirn he "We shall sot dcn>
the memory of your departed cliiof
tftlu the hotnage that Ih due him. foi
wo believe that there should hr
rendered unto f>»VLS a tiibute tiiat
le dim Davis."
Oiarltftito’u Noy. I.'. The lyjort
oi t he Stile* Jit • ru<i.shrill ,;>r
monlh or October made 1*11 »! e to v
shown that property rallied ;.t ?l»y,
| I -■> WBu lieitroy-d Two . on ii;ry
an<| «• ii;tif suspicions hr* .s were re
imrted bur lifted anion*; the 1
, Chorus -iris have automobile, mid
j [»ood)e do > and or her lu.xuiies but
I’auluw* Yates of • Tin* lied Mill"
company, which coniBs to t.;.e K*ks
Theatre, on Wednesday Nov. 24, is
Hie first who has hrouuht with her
a masseur.
Iit>M Yates is not ah ordinary
• norus Kiri. Sites tin • xjiert dancer
atul sh» Is h• • i>r busy ‘ ovt n and
performances a week, doing
i gymnastic work us strenuous tis a
Imd player in a training camp.
slip keeps in training all thp time
looks after diet :ih carefully as a
prizefighter, and lias ‘‘rubdowns’’
regularly al'Usr her hard work
“1*01,1,\ Ol- Tin: CIIUTS."
I'“!ly r>f * h<* Circus,” one of the
mo*! worthily successful of recent
\i;.' ricuti plajw, and in which cotn
* <l.v 4iinlf -em I-tragedy .aiv < Insely
out wined i„ provide inceKsant ex.
cit*■meni, ai 1 also a happy ending,
an i which pi be^Mi pronounced far
an I wide a i.:,. ( leanest and purest
di ma (>t ’lie decade, will ho seen
,or in this city at the
hlks Opeta House on .Monday Xov.
“2- T,1r‘ production offered to local
tleuilre goer is exactly identical
wil,‘ that seen for one entire season
ie hundreds of thousands of delight
erl playgoers at the Liberty Theatre
m New York City, while the cast
is I he most competent and uniformly
excellent see,, ie tunny a long day.
Securing an attraction of ,his mag
J'intde *for Uii city is an enterprise
> ' seems fillIV to be rewarded by
:ui overflow, a g audience when "Pol
ly ot the Circus'’ comes to town.
The World’s
Best Boohs
, C?M >°La 1011 th* * books, tii?
10 books, the 26, books, the I>0 boobs,
the 100 books that are considered tho
nest OI ail moso published' Yet thac. is
conHfthirjj you oupht to k now.
iTof fjlob* - Vcmirkc Co. havepubiifhcd a
containing then* lista, and wi will give* n .-on
o who cal la at the Store thus wuck uik! !ri*[<ei'i
--—wrt>ick« Elastic Bookcase
You will he pleased to learn tho
rr-»i. mir;r eomliinationn that
S U1-!j .T 1,'<‘ °n,t^iw Slota^Ven>ici<«
Lnit System— how they l.i m odd
\va!l-gj.'uecsr-how little they cost.
a pleasure to t>how
freiV.crol.'ke line.
Exclusive Airents.
1 his Brink values the business it receives from its Customers
snd tak< i ev< r\ opportunity of telling them so. Our tu t< i et
the iJthor hand appreciate the fart that the service extended Jto
then^is coupled with security* Any business arrangement to be
permanent must be mutually satisfactory and profitable. There
fore- in tin selecting of your bank, have PERMANENCY in
view and establish yourself for your present and future well-being
with a good sound bank.
^ Flat Top National Bank
Resources Nearly On Million Dollars I
Oflicern —I.. I'.. Tierney, President; Edw. I'. Tyree. Cashier; W.
H. 1 lumas. Vice President; A . B. Micks. Asst. Cashier.
J. 1). llonakcr I'. E. I’eery C.
YV. M.'I'homas. C. (). Wright. p.
F- E. Bailey, YY\ !)• Thornhill, E
1,. E. Tierney. R. M. (larrett. B.
Strongest Organized bank in this Section
ive National Hank of BluctR-M.
B- IIanco< k.
J- Kelly.
S. Pedigo.
A.5 Heller.
The l*r«»jrrcHH
I In* Growth ol This Institution
to'rs who ''ll'?? iiV' str,)n*',cst|Nationa| Bank within a humlrcd miles is due to itsofticers and direc
pcss in wl.i. 1, " r 1 !c succos,s W1,h which they have carried on the various lines of busi~
of nortiiiilir v 1°' ' V1 1 *‘e k’hnvlcdgeof different branches of industry thus obtained is
union bv HI !" d,rtrl,n*: tho a1t:lirs of the ,jank. and in conducting the business of the insti
offervov ev ?r ‘ • 1 °“,lservat‘.ve methods. Wc solicit vour account whether large or small, and
v<'-' mantage consistent >vith conservative banking.
EDW f \ A] a XX, President
of BLUmi'.l.Ib W. V.\.
W. C. POLLOCK, vice President
L. A. fTOOPER, Cashier.
Chance for a Bargain that is a
i SATURDAY will start
jjj a Sale of Ladies'
and Misses'
| Tailor-Made
| Suits
The like of which has
never been seen in this
city. The garments arc
made of the very finest
all-wool materals, in
cluding Prunellas, Ser
ges, Diagonals, Home
spuns, I he coats are
4n and 45 inches long,
lined throughout with
guaranteed sat in ; skirts
made in the very latest
plaited styles. Navy,
Edison, Gray, Olive,
Raisin. Cedar, Wmeand
Myrtle. G^een repre
sents the Colrange with
a big showing of Black.
I hese Suits are worth
from -18 to >20 and
the whole lot goes on
sale at one price
$12 50
\ We are
$1.50. $2.00. $3.00
SOROSIS is a distinctively
feminiue shoe. The leath
ers are selected, the designs
on^inal. the niceties all con
sidcred with due referenc e
to the womanly foot and
Hoots $3.50, M 00 and >5.
Men’s Suits
Men's Suits and Over
coats We are Placing
on sale for the next week
a special lot of Fancy
\\ orsteds, in Blue, Gray
and Olive, also Black
Thibet Suits, in all sixes,
BL’ to 48 at the attractive
price of
A Special:
Just Received
J00 dozen of Men’s Un
derwear, worth from 50c,
to a 51.00, at
44c. ’ •

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