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'•XIVW AFTERNOON. . I>KCl:.\l 1. KR •
Stated that the Company
Contemplates Line From
In Reside Through
the City
Ultimately to Reach the Coal
Lands Acquired by
Rogers’ Estate.
According to what is believed to bo
a r liable ’•epoft Hluofleld will have!
two ralro.ds within a year
There Is a rumor aflonr today tha'
tli inl.it. will c immence the first
of A|»rtl a preliminary sur\»-y from
Ingleside, across :be N. «V \V. b> tius
sle to me base of the Hast lllver
Mountain, running through tin* valley
oil the south side of this city, con
tinuing at the foot of the mountain
t- Tazewell then into Ihichan in an i
r>ickeraon co un tic* where it. wll
reach the recently acquired co » i t it
by tht 11. H. Roger’ estate.
H is also expected that a branch 11 n
will he run to Berwlnd in order o
reach the territory owned by Je M r
wind-Whit Coal Company.
It is no opinion oft ho persons who
gave out. this report that the V > :•
inn and the ('. C. & O. will ultimately j
combine. it was fur her stated that
the I'nited States Steel Company ! 1
qui -tly dickering for tlie purchase of
immense troots of coal lands in Much
anan counties, and will within a few
years own till the coal properties on
Clinch Valley and In tin* Pocahontas
A well kr own coal min stpted yes
terday lor the t<<l trust would •"vn
every thing in this field within tlie next
year and a boom would start in this
distrie* thn* would last for many years
It is generally believed (hi* ;h> re
are val table iron deposits in Mast
Riv* r mountain, ami :be«e would bo
tapped t»v (In* phoposed branch f»f the
DAY OF N. & W.
The N. &■ \V. payroll of the Poca
hontas division for the month of No
vember was sent to the paymaster's
office at Roanoke je-gtorday, anfl
amounted to $70,000 this is $000 less
than the October pay-roll which was
the largest on© this year. The rail
road company will pay off on the isth
of this month as is the custom or the
company ach y< ar. in order to give
Its i rnp!»;«s nmpl'* time In which >
do th i, Christmas shopping.
A funeral party frrnn Wlli.'n
passed :hrou«h tho city thin in
KoinK to Hu -i It.idford \vh* r llv r< -
inair - *>f I f). peters aired 7*'. will
111 **• rr >' today. Mr P«»t im *1 fc»r1 id
d* oly }Mt Hundny nlfcht n* 10 f-k
having be> n in tli" he t of h< ,t It It n*
V Unis to l.i ik* mise. II ■ wv • i prnr
r it’.g ia’vy* r at Radford lor ni.ru>
.V ais Imr retired severs 1 > in a
and ha1' made his homo with hi - son
.1 \\ !*<■;* i‘M ni WlU'iitnxoii. Amotn?
the fmn ral party wa I*. !•’. Peter* <>:'
I’orr -mouth. Ohio, n-dsinn* tratiim i
tor on tin tfcloto division, and his
f w ’ Mi- W. P. Pliz* of i Infilli;‘on
and .1. \V Peten of William-on.
A report reached h • Mils moraine
that blit f«»r the heavy renin thi-< morn
in* ilo’lin- I? sfltu.e. Va.. would have
had lo i-losv tlio school today on ac
count of th« heavy drought, th> im
Iiiodso reservoir n< ar th*- school be
ItifC entirely dry a-*1 no way to ir*>t
wat of.
The personnel of the newly organ
ized Pocahontas Foci Company was
given out today for the llrst time. It
will include Isaac T. Mann, president;
S. S. rhorn. vice-president; T. F.
Farrell, general numug r. and T. S
Ka lev. treasurer. .T. II Hardy, who
<> rttroll* d the Forahontus Fuel Cotn
1 any before the new organization look
i old of it has not been appointed as
> t but h<> will be placid in a uic.i
ratlve position very soon, il is stated.
K. A. Parkinson has b *en assigned
the agency of the company at N >r
folk and 11 ,1 Howe will have charge
of tin Cincinnati oi c
An office will soon b sta di il
in Hoston and one will be ojieni d in
C i< uto'li.o first of the year The
nan.> s id the agents in these cities
have not b« n learned.
The tonnage of the n* w company
will be 3.(00,000 tons a year, mostly
for export trad. This wi i exceed
by a million tons the output of the
1 ’<• • ■'< n i t ’■ Jo Coni pany.
The offlc* force .n this oily '• 111 b
greatly increased about tie test of
t1 >• year, tie force now ledng iuade
q a'e to tarry on tin* increased bu-d
1 ucahontas, Di e. 7 —.limit s (I Lit/,,
who has brill appoint'd to tin- .Nat
ional Ki\ t and Harbor CongM . a, ..a-,
prepar'd a Will which lie will pre
sent to that body and end* avor to
hav« the national congress act upon
it this coining session.
Mr. 1.1*/, propose* having New river
locked as tar as (Leu Lvn, Va.. which
is on tile state line of the two Vir
ginias and at a point where the Nor
folk & Western and Virginian tail
ways Interned, thus affording water
traffic to a vast section of Soul him
West Virginia and Soutinvest Vir
Mr. Lltz ha ree dved much encour
age tnen t and l> lb v» s that if lie does
not get ills bill acted upon at tltis
meeting of Congtess that i* wil b*
at an earlv day take n up by tin1 unf
it tin I gov* rnnient.
Washington. f> c. 7 1 >hii M. Par
sons, of It.dept lidenn Vu . a meinbei
of the Virginia fit-aL senate, who was
tlm Rep ihliran Candida**' for ( on
trre-i In the Fifth Congressional dis
trict, has arrived in Washington to
pros'outo his congest for the seat
now held b;, Hepte entntha K. W.
Saumb is, Democrat.
'■'(‘II i' I’sir' (»n •; l!< > ,.'U ■ 1 y<" ■ ’
It} ai }.«• confident of }*< Ini: awarded I
j f o f l -r Mon (V r'l cat' by 1 h<* H'hiju
nf It or •< ntallv. . If -aid the ron
j »r.-t will probably be r o 'r
llo'iio RlfT'ion f'onirn'tt on \V<"!
1 <U, and h" luitirdpves nn early dr
'm in tils f r nr. f')»on t’tf’ f >'
f * -rr t" 'h- l«v th<* lto'ud of
rnnrn- ’r«. Room ^nf »'M- . ?n*!nd r
! won by !*1 n ;i iorlty.
Ir i i r Pa <onw is at* d. H vviij
i f no ' fitr-rmrhlne result upon Vir
en'1 '’Ii*lo« ft wi'J Mi all probn- )
i blHfjr tr ■ in that .fudge Sfittndsr* will
appointed a (nrntb* r of th»* Vir
j fr'nl ' > or a Mot T-ormip ion to nr
<* '1 f Mtli K WllUud and that Oov
1 Mwar^ou. upon his r< tlrrmcnt next
•fan 'tr. a governor of Virginia will
r Mira to hits ohl dl.-frio*. tak< the
I* »nor r ir noMl nl|r>n for Conga
and tn “k' Ip- fi tit of his llf»* to re
deem fm l» rrorrary tie Fifth district
oii04i a In norm Mo hI ronnhnfd.
Oov. st an non always carried ihr
fifth r!is1 bv iro t| natoilf He |«
roroKtiiz d as one of tho best earn- j
i I riienrra in Virginia. and is v< ry pop
ulnr In the Fifth district.
Cunt's rland, Md.. Drr 7 Tho vfr i
rtianP ('oaf Coinpwnv, ".h h h <*,•
•fort urn a of coal lands Mi Prt *on
* oimtjr, VV. Va . hi> pjarh i r -
m« tils to op# n a mint? . tr It'1- ds
Leading characters In the great Budget fight, w'.ich has plunged Eng.
•and into a political and fin^ri.'l 1 nos, and which may uttfmat' / result
in the elimination of tin* House nf Lords.
In the i pper row. beg ming at the left, are: Lloyd Georg?, Chancrhor
the firoebequer, and Inc author of Budget: Lord Lansdowns, Hie leaner
' f the oooosition in the House of Lords, who offer«?d the pmendujent, w Ich
provided for a referendum vote n the 8udg.it, and ciectc tno prtmnt
Cri jin; and Premier Asquit, who defended the Budget n the Hcuse of
In the lower row. on the left, is ex-Pre.nhir Palfoyr, who ted the co
p-nent* Budget in the House of CgnUTjUj*; .attl, or the right, Ldrd
Rothschild, whose epaeoh was ivon-co vuiiit*.-1, but who w;, coon, 1
among the opposition. As one of the vor'd’s leaning b.-nkers, he wil' no
doubt re-io a great harvest in the present crisis, as the Government will have
to borrow n nnev to pay the running expenses i at!! a finance bill Is passed
Chlen.'u. Dec 7. The lit. ' blizzard j
if ib.‘ .-•* struck Chicago todayj
Ph'‘ wind is Mowing n .criflie u,. ,
im! (ii ■ is a heavy mow fall.
Yrallle s tied :i*> on all tin* road,
nt<Tin^ : hi* city.
Ifcury So wart of Hiih oil comity,;
/a., was in tli< city 'hi tnornln;:
riiiriK Tom (’hicneo win |>*. at
ende! t’ic Inf* mat ionnl t,iv stock
•xhlhltion last wo k. M:*. So u..." n;
ho wcal;hlc«t cal lie own'*'* >n ihn
’Hr H v-»|% y and owns sov-i",i
dno pra^s »»»!?
: iqqiti7
1 WvLi
0 n i t"f , Ki tr **f | i
o 11 k ( ill * arc holdtti' • I e ion »
Otlity. 'l * i ; 11 ( on qin tlon , . tl;
amount l lie in most of Hu nt.
J'oth side nr" doit • fi olive w n!
vi ■
.1, Kyi Mon ., rue r (Miri n
n t- iicflkinp of the heavy rain iV
he worhi droufJi in Ihi I * I two w
l has ever hill f’nflnjfs fha t < •
Kid none t’.ry »» f »r< wcr,< !
lnd P am- ti r* were r**n|>ifiu a Ids !•
EM. pi'll. lice. 7 The wltchin
Many iwitchtn* n l>tt<. feltim*-! t»
«'ot k and th" train) afe fodit’ ri:o
i n;r on schedule timr
I\1?I i
I’o’-. I-:.noii, I7. \ report roach
f <1 hf‘rr! foday of u botw o„
|,: ,ru ' ' a • ■ • rt or / i-ijraV f<»r •
in uliicij tin* jBttor worn com pit • ■]>
routed. s< v r t! hundred wore k:*|o,l
and wound’ d.
THE r, C. & 0.
A rO|u,! i reach* r| lir-ro lo'ljiv of ;i
Mir '■ • b mu on M;e c. r. c /v o. j,,
twoon and St. Pad. fuM*
’.V an,l lh*« put* nni/**,* i>r> ■,
di’i not i„,ko conn re, i»n w.’h Mi \
& W. ir.tii>#< at St. P,. i) thIk itiorniriL
A lar:ro lor e rn*-,t i nt «/,.i -
ml n i;n shovel 1,.»- b» e„
i un Jiiiinnin City. I \K . V|».•/>*. .
ivafTU' v 111 | .) rotuinr d hv nk-lit. '
YVaxliititc in, I>00, , 71,0 |»r< ].
ijir, with tin* v.ifi. r* com*
moDtlaMo.i> which th* Procid-ht. hai
heretofore ouPIned. and |. • | d *■!*•
for wh >i l*o « mde. Tl i, • no
i rr!
I II, Kill
Huntington. 1>< * 7 On text Sun
day »V. <’ i»nple !l, «r Huntington,
'and .1 ml• Frank Cox, <»f Morgantown.
! < * I ■ r -ii.'ii' "hr* ti’< f.f West Virgin -
la, will ro to Washington, whom on
Tuesday. Di'o-mli r Id. they will i ]>
resent tin* <i.ito in tin* supreme court,
at which 'inn* In* King land ease will
1m* h< .11 d In in l lint t rihunul.
Till* ll fi tld.uil ; wilt 1*0 mpli MOtll
|nl li> hdi'i (!. Carlisle secretary of
tho triM ir> under (inn r Cl. vi land
nnd .1 mli*** Stlh also of Mew Vork.
Phis s tin* in oh I noted piece of
land Ulltralloti < uw meordod in tho
court- of !l i* ll; it' ll St»it» involv
Ing m*»r«* ildiica ioH and :• vn t« r
ipialitv or liiml than nil\ other suit
in which an individual has lltcui i!
as uni* i>t tho principals.
The lands in question 11c in Mln
m Moflowi M and Wyoming c.ouu
jli“ W * t Virginia, .ml In lluolmn
! i a>*d o'hor on tit' ■ <*s m tin nlato
| of Virginia.
i Mr. Cn.nphfll hnr iiooti < lonely •• »ii
I necl< <i with (In* lit Ijm i ion for ton
| yearn, and Is ono of tin* lu st j. • . <|
tin n In tho country concerning It*
various phases.
Mr Camp1 <11 will male* flu open
iny :n op in nt for tin* state, nnd
,fndire Cox. of Morgantown, will dm
for tho stale.
Tills '•*<•' in'* at flu* clo.-e of Kv.in
i' ! it id \ e; IIIOO Mr. Hallow .1
w ho r a ar ' I . . '.nl vallon A run
in tin* work of tindiiidc hones for
women who have h. < n living lives of
Hh.anie in I . in Wi'l give a short talk oil
I What tli <■ »ii;fort»iiia' women need
'Pin* r vi al a i ih.« f'ii: i.-it inn ehnrch
j continu* nd <!t i*' 1* uu dialed infer
i est.
,1. I ). , I • l|cll, >\ llO il.l» O ! till
** i e k ll«* for ‘"VI r i! e " •• I • fill! 1^ 1
'Htfi'la J( nn, the P ** hw <j e, ■ v<ho
' Sto!* fo-* tl ' '■••in t> • |r vcd V ' ■
freed by the court. ,f. * p^arfc-i ■;< fy
to tht emtfr?lor*i< pt of 1 bit no
wi.tf p,*.ij v - <• th» sympit y 1 r her.
that money was r^il'd by pub* . sub
scription and h- • sefltoncr vi s sus
pended. f ' ■ r, the man for whom she
I'wi y .'ii in<Hlib r,- of itu council ■ j
i;1: lull'd the nnotlUR lust 111tx 111 :il ;
<‘li . ball an<l w uv treated 1o 0110 ol
tin- bn -i tnsts of physical endurance!
1o tin in >olv's ami Tmuji \k<rs over
through by mortal man. wlirn;
r>*• nu* Ak r; n ail tin* \oluinonou: now
buiUllnt ordinance, on motion of !•’ :
1 j
f 1* row n.
After tlm mail in k; of the ordinance1
Mr. Itro'va at at mi that llio stringent !
rub's laid down in tin* building onK-t
nanc* »v.»ro an imposition np*m"’ tin ■ !1
progrn «ivi» people of tills city, and
would naiurallv pn'vcnl tin' erection
<*| THill|> lMlllUillK.1' IH'IV,
A volt* was taken and tli«» ordinance
wns vetof'»l b.v n vote of IT to 2;
l’isl< \ ami Me A i*l or voting for It.
.1 M. IVliols’ motion tIml tlu« per
nilf a ran led the u^les 1<m|ut«* b> I ho I
hoard oi affairs Ik* vetoed, was lost
’> n voto of II lo III*. Martin and'
F. .1 Itr i'vii not voting.
<*onneilincn Hale. Witten. Itorden ■
:uwl Il irnmn w«>iv appointed by tho|
pn siil -ni to wail on the hoard of af
fili'r at each inccliiiK for a month I
and r p u-t the workings of the board
at the toinicil meetings.
fin ni »*ton of Mr Witti»n the m«*et
imr hour of the eon net I was dimmed
, from $ m. to 7: so p m
'I’ll - It hvi r Pond Teachers’ Instl
tm will n o« t Friday morning ill the
hi^li seluol rooms and there win he
afternoon and evening sessions. Snp
I’<•rl.it 'inleiit Ford and his teacher
.lam arranged an excellent program.
|'' od If l- xpi'cl'-d to have present i
I Walt man T Puli Hold agent of thc|
,‘tlate I nivei" ||y and I.. I,. Friend, as
sistant 't.ito siipoi'intcndcni of snh no Is !
I Is Pro: Ford’:; Idee to make (hi
,;"f' of < pepllig wei| o fop n Nor
folk nod Western teachers* round
Wasliitu'on, Inc. 7 Whllo liin!
wire Did tHr* - lii'ifrhinK children I
• food out Ido tin1 door of hi room in
iIn (truflou II/' i ii .kint; admitlance. ]
lolili K Howller. mi arilsl, thirty-!
nine y* i s iJtl, m*llt a hull* t Dirouxli!
his In-id .lid elided hi lift* . Iiortl
I/' Toro noon ynsli rday.
Mrs Ho nnr was Alis.i Mon* ’’’ay
loo, of <!h;u lotii villa, Vii
H'-arl’i I ho nvo1v> i- repot * V’l.ift, 1
rlifne a- I ho old, reply lo In r n t|
<d oil; and hak< . of Mie <1 e-kunli
Mi fvfi'iior became hyatej io i am!'
villi In r f> and w. ;m . In:
dr»-o old?"hitiff at her dross she rude
■ < I dow? a,ilrn for ns.si static* .
\VIi» :i th- door, which had mm n
Iwk'd nod hoM**d, W;ih broken *m>< n
hy mijpl ► • of the tint I, Vlr, H n'liu i
lay on tie- hod With a built v. i: . d
lrt Mu mouth and a revolver » i o
i ' h iiund
On the h r n in I iooui *aj a
onto < .Idontly written hitrrl" He *»«i
/ < r. fi iv. If Wft* ftddrotWu! It \J>
fr;mio of mind vvlo ii
I,' d 1 let r a' - hot
HOU Jit 10 an HI iltV a
<• it'll;m• d mi no, inn with fin n
>ro. and fsMiliff to i« > hi .
' ‘-amt d ? ;*ond h? and on/)••'!,
Assistant Secretary of Agri
culture About Commer
cial Possibilities
in Dixie
L'ho Blood of the Mountain
eor is a Most Valu
able Asset
Washington, i>ec. 7 - At the second
d-o's .so sion of Uio Southern Com
nnicial (’ongre*s llarvlo Isiidnn of
Mlantn |»to id ut of tile Southern Cot
ton Association, presided, an.I the load
Inc ttdtlri’ s of the morning was de
livered by Wlllet M. Hayes, as sit sin*
secretary of ngrlculture on “Nogl ot<u|
< >iu ort unit lex of t )i«> South.’*
!’• W. IAixoii of the M< mplii*, Tenn
Ihisiii' -s Men’s (tilth, pn aided at tle>
aft(»inoon a -Ion, and President Pa,
lor Will* preside ill the evening sr;
Mirny of the f.OOn or more delegates
here to attend the annual meeting of
the National Rivers and Harbors
congiv3.- wlileli meet;. Ionium w iv
attending tho ineotlng.
An Istaui Secretary Mayes In its ad
dr s this morning said In part:
I’d ■ with promise are the opporlii«
*•11 !«• of tie Southland, with Its ge
in.il elPnato and equally genial peo
ple. with Its wealth of forest au<*
oil, Its burled treasures of minimal
and ore, its abounding water power,
It; noble Inheritance of brain and
blood The South is only l>eg!nuiug
lo awake to tho value of her natural
' ndou /ii it iuid her birthright of
privllogi and power
Much el h"r splendid water pow
er flown to tin sea, a total waste of
•"■Hut might be harneasod to
mill and add brilliantly to her pros
perity Only recently has souther?
niu . c; 11111 a I and brawn milted to
draw fi.tii Hie earth rich store# of
in I ne i als , i d m- • them in developing
l otne in In; 11 >. Only recently has the
'"utIt li ’tin ofllelallv to develop he"
coat Helds.
A m i. a moie widespread neglect
e; the productivity of the great an*a
of arable >11" I nunonsl rat Ion fnrm
• i• i allowing in a mo t wonderin'
wa v ho: h that tin roils are neglected,
end t h i f Hair opportunities can h*
' Tli* |i',oi»l** of Um \orth, f*spcrlall>
111*- i>**»iil*> of tin- tn at cIUoh ,,nil im
ri in * fi uni Kurop-, sic nogloctiiiK
i *’. • «< mi-1 in* t1- u *>fT* r« <1 by tho
i p n< gU ct i alOR|
lin* of !'<'n* i ;iI farming, but the
'ini i. . for Hpp«-lali/<*(i farming
r !'* -r/ !■. Til*- northorn
•'»i " • *» I •; b- • *i* loobini: toward
* t'.tii.uli >n no tliw* * boubl inv •
-'■ 'If •'■'out 11 Th" in.in w bo wlnh
' to 1 Hie hop or Hi** ol< rk's
rouiitor i-1 oiibl lmvi* tlt'ni*- ©outhorn
In'l r►;••»<>rf ml't* m Tb<’ Immigrant
V bo v. ilh* “ to Iiln.nl bi-n * If *n»l fnm
il- wh* r*- Hoy ran i-arn ii farm : »iont•’
l*>*ib itr** th* • opjiort unit Ii-h for
• ork and pood Hvlnr, and turn to fft©
op* n fount ty umlor ©iinnv *kt*>!i.
' •! b< h: 'Mnii'I* r, uN<».
tlionltl i.ik*’ hi fa mil out on |*,*■• for
il« 1*11 I* * * i ir'o th*’ b* nuliful val*
•I Vir" : 1 i< now of
fUral r^trlon
’ '■•■ • n n f*,’* **t o dpportu»
of ■ '*, v !i*> ]|v- on
• r ■ i .'*••'! ft tbo unny val*
. T,'i ** ho h iv« n t. on tho w ho*©
d vf»oi> d r. al / * ff- ftfv* rvfsfotfiJ of
f 1 fh> ffvtnlr < T>ai»r.

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