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Tne Surest-, Safest ar.d
Best Method ever used
no sore gums or 111 effects «
follow itsu*4*. * 4
Full set of t?eth $5 :
Very finest * set \
o* testh; no
kettsr made at
any price . . $8 ;
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Gold Fillings . . $1 J
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ment Fillings 5(H <
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jf We invite j/qw <
inspect our parlors and <
have ycurteeth exam \
ired free. Will tell \
you in advance what j
your wort will cost «
All work done by \
skilled, experienced op
erators by our im
proved methods We
give you a guarantee
in writing on all work.
; Dr. COMPTON. Mgr.
Over Grand leader Store
Theatrical Notes j
TIk* llulton-llailey Stock Company
.«ave un excellent production of “Kast
Lynne” at the Klks' Opera House last
' nlj;ht to a Kood house.
Tonight the company will close its
,|engifeoMt in Bluefteld bi > scent
it>K one of the strongest plays iu the
J entire repertoire “The Kentucky
Nuuht Hiders.” This play is founded
on the lawless actions of bands of
’, nit n known as Pha Night R1 li r»"
a hand of men who hy their flendis.
> desires to destroj pi«*,>>■; . sod i
nerd be human lives to gain their s>'
Iflsh « nds. has made nearly every .»
f bncco and cotton grower of th»
South fear them This pla\ In en
( a it .1 a prt Uj im ■ »tor>
showing how a true southern gentle
* man holds honor dearer t.ian life.
> Tfiis is one of : it. compauy - strong
plays. Specialties and motion pic
tures will ho given between th<
, tacts. The one hundred piee«
dinner s< will jlven
> tonight.
A deal or quiet, iruly-Asuerican
a|1 wholesome, soil-like humor
niarkf! a Gentleman from .Missis
sippi.' the successful comedy of
Washington social and official life
iVhlfh "t ! h<* ■seen tor iho first tiuu*
heiv .Iannary \3 in tin- Klks Opera
House. Senator Lauddou. newh ar
rived in Washington, is interviewed
in Art l In a smart young reporter.
“Whore is your homo. Mr. Haines,'
he asked, and when told New York
City, replied:
‘ O! yea* the Vicksburg of t!io
Xort h. *
Hater, in tin- heat of an argument
>ver the ethics of Exploit lug a Fed
eral office to make money, one of the
mantelets *u>s. in roplj in all walks
o life:
I have lived in Washington too
long to believe that k nd or stuff!"
“The tremble with \oii; replied
Hangdon hotly, is thn: you hav«*
lived in Washington so long that
■' ou've forgotten th- old l/nltcd
.Stall s.’*
It Fiprcly Occurs In the Science ot
Weight* and Measures.
Mob* wnitijp you. itctlne “seton?** '''be
Slinv J\J Qm tloiArv says it is 'our <
ta re Ibai* vtM " lobster’s calls It *oae j
umwi than ,s£\ orotic less than eight.**
! \Wb*ter says It is “five
HU«J nvW aav ril ‘ Century's ilefluitiou ^
run> “one more than mx; the sum of
tU^** Jtii'l fjrur.'!> j,
1m tr>Mrjjip^> that Is, the science of -
weights anil - nieasuros— seven is com- !
|K!! it!'- <*1e ^ Tlic seren Mays of i
i the e.cTiurni n striking example of *
ltg~Tt«rv however. * „
K. hours ln\e found, too, that the
i%'i>jtfcunUliwl seven hand
hi'tj; • Cn|it" Is from the l.atln
. “»*u! t unt," YIm* o!l>ow, or the distance
| front tin* rfe t| tv* the eud of the tnld- I
'die tii u-tf. iJi’Ufc Homan cubit was onu .
itiul a half lb0111111 or 17 4 Kuntish
, Un ties, but tly: royal Kgvptlaii cubit, I
u-ted fn tIn* bBJ'dinj: of the pyramids
o^ < l.’feh, perhaps .‘ITbttt It has been
!«• • rnrt»t ft* .a mensnrlu^ stleU* found
hi tlo*. (omits to have been 20.tU Kng
!ts!i' '!** he- “The ordinary cubit was *
1 h 1 .im ■•Kite palms or lihnd breaths,
* »d lie Use .of seven In the Ku.vptlun j
eiittlf Is i|s( j7l■ d by some InvestI gators
(■* :i f f At table t ustom of p!a< Inn tls*
Iwutili tda ,» the elbow when lueasur
U#:-f ^ with tin' forearm and i
leaving ft « it the wall until the arm '
vnia *4nM down again. tt should he
C ;ded tb,il\i!t»ve are many oil* t cubit* !
of \vid\‘l> ,dl|«erenl values, bolfi anelcnt i
an I i! stern Rochester Democrat and '
Hm.n lele.
Srtn ' An 111 “A Ontleman from Ai si|»|»l" at Kiks’ Opera Mouse T . January 13,
r *
!«•, Autilu.v 11 fin/.**. Ii '"I- n
cofMvar nmn, who is •« mm 14*
tvl'*d .III ^Mill'll ni!i« ’ li Sits n Now
Vorlv riUj, aai«l l«> cli:u \.> him wllli
»vl Cl . WtCVlllOll Of oll'S I «*f tin
v 11■ ri oaui'.* N ii"' I* <nk *»«• '''"
si»tcur.’\ io Miwjon in ii< . I' i
’ ,\tl lijn HfMtivi- mil' b.s .i sooln
(toil »*1\ hml l .10 l»o .Us which
Hi.* t;raml lory nocih il In comioction
-;,iinn of ili«* bunks
affn+r*- tnkfivimi (>i tli.'ir jiii it-diclion.
v* s' Preparation.
‘fl.ls^'i (o this olinruiliiir hit of obit
nark Hf-nlJiiHjiit, ” n;ii»l a i vnioal bach
elor: "Ho h:nl hcoii innrrl«*il forl.v jrnn
a ml n 'S L>miUlT«) <lic’’ l.iullcf.
Iluiijt* Journal.
Wr uont'tBpIlsh more hy prudeorn
than hy fori'c -Tiic!tu».
"A dit»caHev£hmild ho nflacLcd :it Itm !
'}Th«*n if n man's illsonso is hcrcdl* |
h'f^VQ mii|||m»i*o you'll doctor his father I
h>r It. oh7”-Kxebiiiige.
As the hirths of living orentiircs at I
tirst are ill shape!). so are all imtova* i
tIon::, which are the births of time.- I

H>*' virtue of a deed of trust execu*'
to,| to mo ou the 19th day of March.)
which .deed Is of record in tho |
clerks office of the county court of
Morcor county. West Virginia, lu
Trust 1 toed Hook 1."*, at page 223.
W heroin J. M. Collin* and K1 Ira beta j
Collin*. his wife, conveyed to nte ai
iWrceP of land in the city of Blue
Held. Merc >r county. West Virginia,
bounded and described as follows:—j
ltcginnlng ai a stake N. 11 degrees'
**v i'.. iw* met rrom tne|
southwest corner of Mr*. RIWi |,
Fox’s lot. situate on tho north tide i
of Mineral street; thence N. 11 do-,
iiives ao minutes 1C. too feet t» tli.
•outh lin o' nn alley; thcuco N.
SI degrees J£ with tho south 11n<> of
uahl alloy, 115 feet and -1 Inc.ies to a (
nluko; thence S 11 degree* .10 tnlnu
t* s W. loo f*m*i to n sink.i; toence S
si \V. »:i feet and l inches j
to :he II*r.innltt;:; and whleh trust
il* < d was > \ i nun! to secure* unto J,
1*. Noel, 'i S. Noel, and It. C. Noel
the payment of certain monies therein
S' t forth; and default having h u.
ntudo It*, tho payment it more than
thi m« or ilo> noli t railing due eon
serinlx',?!)-. under the said trust deed,
and having be* n required t»* ,o do
hy the holder of t ie said past dim
mu* /, i will, on lin-* ir-h !;i\ of Feb
ruary. It'lU, on the said premlBOg,
in tlx *’!* ot Hluoftcld, W. Yn., at
• ' ' M • i,:o« k. ’ tu., proceed tt> .<>11,
..I i• u urn-cry, ! » me hlehoit bid-,
il< r. * In before mem ioiu-,1 | rein In. e<
>»»** «»f U.' —■ HuMeltitil rasli in
Itnt>f|R io pax on i iit» balance oT un
imiii notes. • < •iir.ni niul-'r a aid trust
•I. • .1, mm.mtui;; to the Mini or $;tilX.
w‘tb Inter *s* liter, on from (hr null!
r.oh lav of Mau l), la ; ami If there
‘ M‘ ** **> ’’ s;,ino 11 pun-base liioit** v
HU it ill i; ■». m 'hi: al*, the miiihi will
!*•' ill Ail*' t »n > able at such tltim ami
t.ertu re.I in ain'li in it ri n i.'i* m> (In* nntn
,U| • *" x>i'l trust ilood prcucrllm
..ml direct. or. in ease or ,t luilurn
•” *t*vo illiiv.tion, ilnn the said bal
am'e thereof will lx* payable nil ft
month's (Ini.-, with Intercut
Trustee. |
.Ian <(,i. I'Jill.
K-l *10-11 SiH
l lie Kvei 1m; Leader ahoiild be
in * very home. lle«ln the New Year
I'V wabacrlblliK to mm-flelda Only
livening Paper.
llie Leader Is the bout udvor-i
':f iag medium lr. this section
hy virtue or tho authority vest d
lu mo *»y a deed of trust bc.trii u
ilato Oil tho 10th. day of Murcb. 1&09,
1 xtcuted by S. H. St. Clair and Jt;
ulo St. ClaJr. his wife, to 1.1k* utid
•Iftted Sami. W. Wl:Hants. Jr..
u t^e. to secure to K. W. Early
md Virginia Early the payment if
'v n notes deacrlhed In said in: t
deed which is r corded In the Coun
ty Court Clerk's office of Men >r
County, West Virginia, In Tru«.
km d h mk No. *$ «a rage 202 and
' naving u< < n made In tno j.n>
> t one vf notes,
<• ...» ,Mi mi|inM v, i
■ 1* •' i *• ■ I. i roi the (in .> 01 h * 1
1' ed, ^<1 being r»-»| ir< ; o •>
<!•' by tho *! I K. \v. }«:. ;« N itn<t
Idlin'.I Parley the holder* nnO o
b >K ‘>f >'d not* ,, i?i > itndersl';U' 1
.' ♦li filt'T tVr public nut't; m
’’ .I .i bidder. In front of
be r W'lii'.ims At Williams p
tin* » It;, o MJii' ill 1. i‘ virs nt v
m it Count/, o’i tho 1st day of
K-ibruarv l‘)M> »t m o'cloek a t:
I * i inv i 11 r; i*.*« ilr (| real os»* • -•
M< ginning -i* » poti.t MO fiM-t from
t!>«* i i h«m- ion of M f. Northern | , •
of Stains Street with the VVe*U>r;i
liri" or a If. foot ul!o\ . thence with
Mi.* northern 1U> of viumn Btri*
S. -I II \\, 46 f' »»i to a point; thence
\ f.e *i \\\ too !..e( to ,i jf, f0r,t ,j
"> • tb* »'ee \ M ft li. Hi reel to a
p'enl; theme S. r :* n. too foot t«-»
* " ‘ oil I u; \l•«I being foiirto'Ml
"" "f Ml. r
' f?i ' s I> u*o i -I
*1 Mi,* Km hIiI<> of lot \j,.( |j of
1«\ 815 • 0
•lino i»n)|»ori\ Miloli wjim convovt
° \\\ A. Thonmn by «1. C«I (I:\t0tl 1 •
• Mi cl iy oP M ly, 1005, and rrcorii *>i
sulci Yrk’s office Ju l». od |;( . .
58 puifo 210.
^nld sain will In* made fur cc :>
't. liRiid on day of **!,.
Trua. *j.
’ii :um?.
Thousands of dollars worth of Furniture and House Furnishings, Carpets, Rugs, Mattings, Linoleums, only
slighly damaged by smoke and water
Prices Will Be Made at Practically Your Own Figures.
Store now closed for listing bargains and getting them ready for the Sale which will begin in a few days.
Keep your eyesopen and be prepared l<> take advantage
of Ibis ()!M’(JkTL'MTY.
Home Pismitute Company
Bland Streei.

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