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J'at'a, Feb 7.—A remarkable <xn
traft cf a trial marriage which prov
•d a failure wm exhibited Id the
Par* oonrte the other day. VI#
counteee de Nuc# brought an action
to tare tbe court force her trial hue
band to marry her, but he claimed
he merely made a contract with the
woman and the Idee of marriage, as
usually and legally considered. wm
never contemplated.
The contract •waa produced In
evidence, which after stating tb'
eerloue flnanclal altuatlon of the
tral wife, abe eet ferth her condt
tlona w-hlch were, that ahe ehould re
calve Pra 2.000 per month with
which to pay off her Indebtednesj
and allow her a certain amount
of epet;d ng money, but reserved the
right to make a change If among her
many admirers she found one for
whom she cared more than her trial
huaband or whose flnanclal condi
tion could be more benefle a! to her
A Ifteen day's note# had to be
given of the propooed change of
tu* bands %
.. Nww Orleans. Fab. 7.—Naw Or
laans awakened th n morning to th
rush and roar of a mighty mult'tud
of Invader* such ns has ee’dom be
fore broken the quiet of the Crescen
City of the eouth. Some have com
thousands of mile* to take part In t'
great event of the year n Dixie—th1'
Mardl Oraa Carnival of New Orleam
The usual program—the w*lco.-r.»
to King and Quean, tba ball* and
great etrset pageants—will be e-.r
rled out today, tonight and tomorr *
ona mora magnificent seals than sv
On the streets nosy parties o'
brightly droast-d markers show i k
aplaahe* of vivid color amtd tl •*
dense throngs cf I'ghtheaced a. es
tate rs. Football rushes through tl
crowds nr'w and then are occasion
for pto ee, fainting women ind pa
Ing policemen; there Is .tub lav
laughter e*d ga ban’aV- s cons’
ebower cf bon don a ml corfet! and
the clash of band* of mtiMc that
c. m* and go Danners wiire The
c ij Is a riot with color by day, ablar*
w!‘h rainbow lights at right.
Then, In the distance, rose-colored
clnuda herald the approaching flarr
bea"* of the carnival para lea
on the line r.f mare* are "'^m'*n*arJ
extinguished, Che (he ft'** 'o rever."
the ardendor of the* p^nang p.sg- an1
A mult tude of clapp'ng ha^ds «:v
plaud* the king Years ar* f-^rgofen
•nvyings of rival beauties are l-vc
in admiration Crowds rhepr np.d *be
n'ght. is Animated with light »nd f i
o!r and laughter. Am d the q-11--»•
•eepted gardens of "LTptow-n” and
'Downtown" wearied housew'ves
heave a sigh of thankfulness tha* It
's now too more uninvited guests to
Arrlv# and that they ar# a pared from
sleeping on the door mat or the roof
The King of the Carnival ■ *n
titled to *11 the honor wn eh he re
vives. He p«r« well for It, although
a man !a sought to occupy this p ace
not only because he ran afford to fill
role, but because be la popularly
esteemed by the city and h<s Wow
olubmen. Perhaps no ae.eptre held
for *o brief a time 'n ao costly. Five
iboueond dollars represent* the con
ir1 boitione demanded of the kin* for
the cfcrniral That, however, merolv
represents the opening and the
rduT nt forth of many thousands
mere There are anms toward ear
expenses; there are ro. al <11 a
tiers, luncheons and receptions held
c honor of the kina's entourage, his
guests. hie fr ends, and his Queen ird
her fr’ends, to say nothing of the un
limited amoigtt* spent for Powers
and a oonslderable sum for Jewelry
and suitable % tie for bis queen and
the man end wotn<*n who ocoup-v j
places In the "royal household ’*
In the early days cf tbe ram vV 1
the q teen wms ehoeen for h«*r bean-i
ty from among the women %* *he
oumlvaJ ball, and she might be the
v'*r.V*t stranger to the sovereign
r.bout to honor herd Only one q -een j
**a ever so selected. 8 nee tb~n.!
while It has always been a <rad tlon
that camlra! queens must be beau
♦ !fnl, other reaeeo' have we;g,-c
most 'n her selection, such at i.er,
family's relations with the kina, th?ir
wealth and the pnmpectlvc que-'n'n
j .r al popularity. The chosen m*1
must mjoy a great decree of favnrit- j
is-m oni ng her woman fr'endt, or b» r
•election would c ve rise to
Tfcg trial husband, a well -
inufactur. r, accept d these cor.!
lone and stated as bis requ reinin’
‘ ore h!f trial wife that he al:o re
ferred the right to hare other er*.
.•enture* and make a change cn fi.
e«n dajne notice and at pulated tint
hie trial wife ahould be faitbr : 1 ant
true !n all things and r nd :ct ho~
«lf n a dignified uianiu r, never
1 «eir loud clothes but to alwe h ir< r
in plain but elegant tasts. never
o out alone, ospeclaJlr to caf*
htatra* and r/etauran a and to nev
er to r-3c fer the admiration of ir.t:. i
or to make herse f consplclous t
he: conduct.
Jo ntiy they ogre*d tfcet the con
trat t should have no limitations, but
cot?Id be rendered null and void upon
a fifteen day’s notice, and that if
cither were met by the other acconi
par. ed by a companion of the oppo
s!t;> Hex the contract would become
nu’l and void at once. The eour.
could not *ee how this contract con
•tr.ated a promise of marriage.
amount of envy not to b# calmly con
It la no longer an easy matter tn
T.dn a queen. This boner cr-st#
I *evara! thousand dollars and entail
'no end of areal excitement. The
ueen* gown must be tTuly royal, an
not many real quaena wear co it'
re‘®ee of greater aplendor than thl
*a r sovereign of a day. She nv.'r'
deet her maids of honot^-a lueV.
•hely to eauee Irremediable brcaofce
n many a f:iend'shl|>—nnd ente rta n
them royally before the night of he
-elirn. borides prerent ng them with
'ewelled rouven rs of the occasion
Hi* q ieen ba^ al.o t0 en’ertaln th<
k ng and bIs aulte.
Cove Creek
Fot® Creek V« Feb 7.~f*. eci-l.
Kowf^B Neal bar. moved to the
' farm o* his breth^r In-iaw Iba* on
esry rear Taeewell. Va.
f'ras Coj was n the neighborhood
jbtylng b. rf critic the latter part a
* ln«‘. ua» k
i F T»V. Leftwlrjj who has been 1:v
'ng with Mrr. Annie St «• Is mo*
' >.g oc ^crnmMo’e Ciompir.n'a fn i
i Vfre Hferv Cb. '' n :r rlr:ting
vlv'B r tar 1 gles dr, TV Va.
I> n'e'i I to; in f first am wna h :•
•n \ ualm rhe a'ter part of la
j Hov. V/. M Pat.hy and B I.. 'di n
t~r. arc } o’ilnp n r»'viva’ at
h'vi rh r"v There has bnon '
’'u be.- f conver ’r vir* m
r.>- continuer.
S F R;ln-p rn of ft ckv fTao w
▼1 1 Ing an Jrm^a ,T gg'rle ’ am
Tu a day and Wed nerd ay.
II r s-r.wera rf Itlu* el' wan r
laor t Fr da .
Hi'v. r\ a Pawgh > h-’dlrg a ,e
i'-rj n etting at Hirkaville.
1 Prn ae 1b, Flu. Feb. 7.—P^nancol
Is foliar tbronrad with one of the
Mrgert crowd# of \;#Itom that ha*
i e rpranpembled n thin city to witnof'
’fce'amed Mard! Ora# featlrltlos. HI*
Klr:g Fri'cun XI, arrival th
I morning on Hr Royal Yacht Ro-pen
and lArded at 'he wharf ended Pala
; fox The Klrg and hi« parr*# w» re
it en asoorfol to the Ro; al auto car
| which wa*» n waiting Ho wa# then
[ ©neorted to the city hall by hundred*
"t roldlera who wore in full drr
[•ifllform, hi# heralds and the gaily he
, dA-krd kniffh s Mayor Rrllly. who
reached tha e tv hall before H!*
waJorty, wl*h much ceremony, hand
ed over the ke>n cf tho city to the
Tba king -nlth Ms mayor, alder
man atd honoral > dtftera then pro*
petard *o the r r-'' riillv prepared
' t tblo at H e S n I t.-N. to d n<* while
t* 0 r r f d ■ on 'hr ’roe's tv<■■ r> h:;aily
<*n*r»rf.d In carryity n 'ho differ am
j m< rr 1 r ent*
King Dodo and Qijeen Dodor’ra w1l
’ I It the e.'*y tonight for a *brrt ml'
• t erven o>!o-k K'ne Dodo will
■ rr- ’e ’h*' c!‘y n hit 1 a1 , f l! wed
by his rntn'r knlgM« and • • n m ik
• m. He w il th*>n »rocoed to 'ho :»r
mory hall wh,o*-«* ho uPl rovenl h’4 I
Idem*‘tv before the comic r«\ ’1» s. j
King Prl«rn« and hi* pag. « and
hrr-a’ds will parade through 'be city,'
at Meft roon “n-o-f-ir • <*/* ra*-4
au’OtnoMIo - .ra « ■* 11 t1 ar fo*i x
end at *vvrn o'clock he grat d parad'
rf eler'id^al fl a*# will hr* w'tneas'd
pnd ’aa' of all the king vt 111 reve#'
hIn Ident ty
The ETvanlng Leader Ip fb* ?;«■ e♦ ad
vartltlAg medium ie thla rertbm
By M. aUAO. teJ
[CopyI Ight it- y \ I. ^:Tc-2» |>r*vs A*dn
M>s Libel W.irchaui. girl t h!l»o
thmptet. was vu« «r the cfty ladftd
oiil uiid young. that attend*! ths
meeting of the UpUfltfe Trial
•oeiaty searuad Co ba e^m^^ad
af or-frjJ I’arwu, Lu ■ hueouud
m:d her sou. Fred. lira latter .» your^
ruau ol tn euty‘three Mx . tlviaibi
**» proalUotit, bar bbePcrud iceu^urai
mid I'rod secretary. i lia object • t the
• K-i*ty. at stated a; rfce Rxet public
'..voting. V as to uplift the pbbV nil dc
nr Aj with poverty. Vftjeh 'Slfi.
*..tl hud gut through apc;tU!ng .. .d •.’10
hud gel tLruttt.li *pe.il:Ihg and
• T*h1 had Sulk (tad Ilia tOraa;»b it wan
•, titi* plain to tha oudlanca Lew the
uplifting was lo l»r dote
Vart as •wjailucn weir appointed
d -shad to report ut tbv ne\t n»»e:
| i MU* Wciehum was appoll ;ad »
1 « miuittwa 1 f one to art uruuutr yen
• Wuvwitda# uu tha subject of up
•'t tg. and it is mostly with ter 1#
j-vrt "obmlttsd st ths next most it. g
il.-it this story has to do. When Mrs.
ral imd reported that ttiw way- to
i»lIXt Its poor war to secure them
Fluidtlonw lu batiks and oLLoar at good
Malarias and ms general had reported
hi favor or providing them v.lth mu
sical instruments and young 1 red had
given it as his opinion that the bettei
the brand of cigars stnokad by the
poor man the sooner he would cllmr
to tbs top Mlea Wareham arosa and
j made har rapon, as follows
"A Uujr or two attar the last meal
ing 1 prapared uiyseif with islmaut
• liiwtm* • poor .wniig girl ana
i mad# a trlja among tt.<* d waller* of thu
[ Uni amenta. lu doing to 1 cam* aor> a*
aavaral uieu l iri of tills aoelety on ur
randa of cherily. foma of thaui bad
abaa* music am] torn a bad maat ■ aka
for tba poor. TUay Lought no coal uar
paid any back raut. ibay tauten a
fiaut deed about tba uplifting proceea
i ar.d efforts were non,a lo «ouvlooe
| hungry people that they ought lo jai
together uud organize debating ecboiJt
and atrive for a higher plat r. They
refarrad to Abraham Lincoln being
boru lu a log but ami to Joan of Arc
feeding pig a and inllkiug Very
affecting Musi huve l eou like a lull
j nieui to the hungry."
At this point Xlrn. Genera] interrupt
*d to say that time pranked and tbe re
Oiuiadar of the irpuil icuiii l« die*
with. but XJ1»* Wart La *) re*
I fuaid Jo gira way and want o.
| "On# of our in a cater* *ud . j ro,*,.*
nf.at philanthropist aytartjrt i .r *
i r*“r- » maid. Nothing w‘r* »« , « *
uplifting. but that 'x.\t in.,< vfd • 1
* rote myself * iaica. »nd *t 4 *•.
I piled for (ha place. J tra* fc* *. iTn> l
iiiUtst not p'.*'*uui». on lha fr.ct that l
I could re ad ►•nd : It* i.o .
cumstat) e» has ! i.o ;. » fr
j th«‘ 11 ,/i.1 r; , if h i r f .;■, . . „
on the piano Ir.itunt <*.;» h:..\
j l>a the paniiltj. Objected to i y do! ,
I up tn> hair lika u lad. Oi. #rted *
iu,v atnnl! fo?!. Met L»*i tji*
licit day. in said I mini . 'r !fl
< py lug tin* man .cr* f his v, .?»•
| U.li* run. I'm w;.:.:*d t* ; t- i r on ,
I < li«#■ k; : .ltd IJ.iit wa« t!.«• f.i .1
; uplifting.*’
•*A moil n lo iidjonrn will i »* in 11
der,” anm.uintd Mr*. Get.eti.l n* *..■*
af'-sv. will) hiniiii g faro, h';c Ho on**
Ulade i : < * Is n luctluu, njd ..la Wit.v
hatu con tit; m (1.
"1 Wut V ..iltUI si. r n 1 . i
per da;.. . .).♦ »• 1 «/. .. ; « m
e, «’ u:. c sit t .• .it .. ., \. r .
! tenet.c/t fit..1. 7 r.it* douu to.
fauiiJy pra,.*r4 uplift u> .\<» | a,
log a..d i5.-.g.i>g <rf I’.Kiiu
Wlian uv of it'
tvk* r,o ♦ lui . tin cl t..-. t :• .
not h»* 11 phi* t, 00 WC. ♦ i I h i It f .1*
ill* lied tract* on the hi rf pro*
RL.cl Internperaut.c*. Wbii-evcr 1 » 1
countered ihe huahand lu tht ba.is ha
expressed the hope that 1 eras fa«Ur..
duly grateful for » pla<a In f pyite.'ii
family. On nrrrral fKtnaion* ^’jr t j
Informed me ttint but f »r thn. cil at,
meaning hie mother, ha wt 1 tid tala n»
for r-n *uto r.ijc ”
‘r«iiernl ttflioa, will you iuot* to
i djoorti?/' alrnoit cbnutod Mr* (ien
eral aa h*r faca «ant from rod to
Tha fan oral opanad bl« mouth, mi:
no wort* r um*. Thtrtfora tha r«p*. r*
“On a certain oec talon tha lady In
»1 or orei rn* to nrc.ompany t'“i
nn * tot i among tha poor to dlatribtJte
"hat, y. w* found tha poor. Tltejr
tv«r* fl/at Hiniral that it xrna anllr*'.#
thair fault that thfy war# poor a?.-,
than ndmonlahart to araud a#®tuaj,*
and collage* and much a higher pinua
The clolhlug ara garo out •aajnad in
bar* baari collar-tad from aorvaur girit
'1 he ford | myriad rmn# from our >r* t
fat )a aftax tha family had *mt#J>* [
innKt *n.v that tha poor did Dot aiMh.
any great Interact m tho ip!Jf 1. i
liunlnaa* M lady a armed rplite <1 n
appoint* 1 Io find tL»» .'.i % rr xi »
about rnal ami ao IndiUVr* t ipit/
hi# Mr found fault nth i.if hr* ye*
I hndn't *ujcf*s!t'd trfi< >» hr}- y ah* M
n fy\» oha ip TpiJd\ (« ir
ThJs time tvlii-ii tho patae -v
Tvp« noticed ii;1f ll a gallcia* *:i<i
f»* *r;il had *l!rr.iy fr .a v| v •> • *
r.nd .•fo’su i of fin* I *.1V
V/rrf litWa anTdo vn (J.t i » . ra t
t pilf - tr o ■ i Mil • •
(mi dn* v.-; ; ajrftp f;i
ri-oil. flit-ri r - 1 * K-.f up
Otitera Jt ' ti<!
r •
aaa; i u"ifft <■ • *,* »*j
n . d
n w
i'lil BUY
rrri 5.T75
v<‘ g
£ &
X . »A~> .• x. i
Phone 39o
i. r
l N
■. p;' «" ■ »t r i' •*• • * *»••*•» • i ■* ». ■>
■ "* *» I • »• 1 : nr
N \Tr N A1 RTVI ir
U' f r»n, }*• .
■ i ‘ ' tf n 5- r • ■■ tv :
! u »• i -y 8 i .. b .
I f: v 'tl . 1 * •
-u.< w arc tie t:
' a is. All f tb* '
Kt’ !»> S i o m' 1
1 i / •' r p ’ • r r -
H B 1 • .
‘ r fi
authorities thai J
o J \ r
1 V « r r> r
f B
> r'i f ; t f t< - i v
< n ■ %
or. r r.u
• • *
. ;• 'f*r xy ( * Aim r1/'. . ■•»»»«'
• . . ‘ i fi‘ 1 If *• ( r'
* j \
<J < • ' f« .t
. A? ( .11 1 f
;* w?- ,
.»((•? r
»*** rr -p (.•••■
I-' b j «■ <* *.*
' >• ; i •
. .
L O i S it- {%j rt
|| Appiy *©
wwi f,;crAivTH>
John M. Wir^JTi jn,
'MJJf Fir L D. W V*.
e*.pri?A 1
Wrr. J. BCUHV, P «t. Trr» //AT T", /Ice F^i / H LAND *r> %'j
(tl/ens Und< rv/i ti
’,' V r A V u
- * 'f ...
Fipr, LfFE LI/ Bit 1T1, - .»
G’.A D, HEAL ! H . Cj>, &
h -: r.
'A* E T EJPE * T • V If T T » t. r 10 > ■ 07 * • •
4 r
tH ■*, 11 • ,i.r
/it 1 .* * » \j 1 » f
! *>
*-1II ) ;\ y i / «<
' Ai l A
H?a*ids v i- pi ■', %»,.■<■
- .. ; t !l r/>tl ' c, » »
o,. iii * .. i/* ■*r.'
"fr ,v t Kin .’Jin* Vv » J
'4 **. W • «■ r # •- V . *
_ 4.4 V «
; !>:, A f:")'ER YOU
<“ .* . .! » 'C-I.mI \ ra rcqeiirc*1 '
i V IN
r i • ' f; TO
■ ><' iric ■ rfs op deposit, -ano
j A Bank
I I- !Im i
V l i iior,
I I i - .
Hr I H Ki
. i r
V*vS fl
•"‘r '* t * Jr* Jn7> fi f >n 11 lr ifi thm Si
\v Notion 1 li.ii*k of Minefield.
■ • >U»i u jil If 6
Cannier; W.
I* i • sm t Cashier.
I /I f I I TOIfS
< T Hancock.
( ° Wr»fht. l* f. Ktiir.
w ■ l> I'li' ft hill. 1 . I-urliffo,
K M- < -arrrlf. H. A. Heller
T>r I- H. ( lark W. j. jet*,.
fl I'-T'k ii 1'iis 1 c i; .»» The Mmi/rtsa*
it ail til
p o * • >
t cuiar Printers
iliti i . I .7
tun r* ' v h , »*
:AH .i SON
1*. n f q : t; r, ^uri.K,
efieU*. W. Va.
'•1-4 k„ (• Luni Co

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