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Coal Trade Nervous
Over Labor Situation
Chicago. F*ii. i.y—1\ certain »• rv
ousness is treeping into tie* western
coal trail'-. Irrespective of the tar
;U|.ply and the abilii ;> or shippers t .
make immediate r spouse tu ln<|ii:r
ies. This nervousness grows out of
tite labor situa’lou. is there ro be
a »|uick se tile mein of Jlie miners'
wage scu]«*. or will negotiation he
struttK out until or alter Vpiil !. "if
at** w hen tlie present agreement
expires? Developments of the la-.'
week pointed to tne latter, which
has been tin* usual procedure. The
'rlstsite confer«iM»* of op**ru<o’s and
miners, repr* semt ing I’enusv I vani;.,
Ohio and Indiana, met a Toledo, hut
the miner, made a demand Inn
miners' d ‘legates from Illinois h •
seated. Ojierators oopeted borauv
the open tors front that state wen*
not reinvented The conference*
adjourned Tut -.day . Doubtless an
early effort ■;vlil In* made to ivron
vene at Indianapolis hut time j.
fleeting and son •* bejigereut talk and
resolutions on the part of the miner
nave cr«*axl imi**ss
Tills ll*TVOU8ll<‘SH Is COnfilMd maill
!.V t<» st»*tim coal users Managers «»f
big industrial plants !•*« I that the
<*ail take no chance in the matter if1
Ine] snpi»l> and during ’In* Iasi week
shippers have been deluged with
s))ecifloat Ions tor increased shipment „
'he users designing to begin tie
storage of coal ag.nils’ |l«»- possible
stoppage of mines April 1. Hut this
forage of coal is not making pro
gress satis .e » >ry to consumers •
Shippers in very reluctant to in-■
crease deliveries on old time eon ’
tracts aboxe actual obligations, foi
the o|*»n mark.-- price is higher
than the contract price
Railroad are taking some nwas
tii’-s to safeguard themselves against
possible shortage. A number of
atgi Inquiries are in be market for
sieain coal, open to practical!) any
shipper. Hut a price i, usuall) nam
*‘d l»> tin- prospective buyers which
is considcrahh below the level i.n
Which coal is selling Possibly the
buyers and seller will ge, toget’.ei
in ,l"* *»*'»»«• future. but at tlii time
tin*) are snipe distance a parand c.
s<‘queiitJ) the >ioiage of c.»al'a«aU{.4t .
a poasihle strike jK limped as x et
principal!) to ueh exc-v* receipts a
purchasers can i' t;tv on their con
tracts. , ,.
g vy
For wt'sifin hitim.no .< coal* v n
orally prices have been teiidittiCftdow n
warJ during the week, not ehaipl.v
and not tiniw.M salh . hut with h «•* r
tain drugging effect \Y*- t-m min*
are norkin^ scarcely more than i.
titllo. because they have not m
'•t|uipniont at mines in which tt• load
the coal. The railroad situation
mipi'twinn ** • F*'. rh‘ vreathjfr ha-’
been generali} favorable. but, t ti■ « o
improvement lias taken place at :In*
deliver} < lid o i a lit ’< >erl :t ’ on
not at the iiippUit; end The. road,
Iiave ninth* progress in * t nc off o'.
sitl»*t racks and out <>: yard tin. eta!
which i Ii. iat h licit ’ a* v were et»m
I >el ft tl ■> b.i | went In 'o abandon
tem .mrai il* Tlier" <1 *<a> • *1 ioa.J .1
cars ’liev have he, n «I• •!i\«• i inn to -In
on;; ' al purchases with a s' tolin*
t It.tJ to t lit* consent - Inis lie, n irk
-1 »n i • in inaiiv itisi hi >*s For
lie. < hill I lip Un it* and inois* apparent
that tli" average coal, uiver in the
NY'»• t 1 *t>11:::i* a lot mote coal during;
I'd severe w*atVr than lie net led
or than lie <*x i»* «*lc «| to t'eyeive M
plan'd ord't ' w < a a IivlSjhnes an
tier the s'ree ,»r his meat needs tie
i> now appalling to hin I'nrtnnal- l
railroads are nr re^aiidii'-* their
.norfimal • ?Y'< lenov at » h Kind T“
xfdet rack ■ are helm: cleaned n*>
1'.adiiall* . ltd t !t«‘ w .-eh- r Is such m
to eoiitpel he coti aniption of cot
siderahle coal.
NN ith !a >or eompllcaiions and hi!/
/aids or /rro temperatures it wi i! i
he a sale ( i -die ion 'Inn fin* coal
market- would tend to t it rt «-> • ••
■ ' ■ i , i
K rue. it a 1ly unload'd they a nut w «e-;
* It**ii' w.iv hack t > iitiro'K end inert a*--*
'lie supply there It is to he noted
liowexer. that tip* io;al surplus of
• ' tn tlo- ciiMiiin . ;• show p hy tl •
epoits of the \mci icau' Kailroad \
.sjelation. !- ver xhntler, so h.r ‘
an. thin« a pproaclinj; an oxe< s-s of
ears at mines lot • not look ptiiticul
;n ly no untieing to tla- o or :
| I'es-UI,
The shipper <)f caaI !- ills, , „u i.. :
his <*n*Tjiies in .-•‘•.era! dir ctam
He is valian: I; i .-blxt f-ift'*1 In ih.i : s
ot the hiiy er io eatnel ord"t plae • I
Ioi,m ai-’o, th coal 11:t i.ow arriy .
• \. «*s.s shipments on aimval contract
xJi 4
msimss. not to mentNm his 7*fT«ms
► !V *vcure more car.-, at auHiys ^dj
'perhaps ' he most uncertain meirir
th the we-tern eoa I t: tije
'»> or w hoe sal-a-, who - undecided
whether ’u eider coal * (y i
t’hli'a^o from eastern mines, with
•h. e\|.ee:ati >ti of sell. i: t.. ut e ,
nirelia » is under th<- impetus of a
- * rtke sear** For the Vtis*'
Hi" ' t t rad. • >•* ins t^, |nf - Hv.'4>p*»»ts
I oj; all sid-'s w i;]i h’.u i II leiVoiOF Ion
! ’ .it . the Ot !T*M'l .ut^vy i. o *\^htch
nt.iv hrinit art a profl . in'* a* i»nd
restills in ills oru-urfiT f ?o*Ney.
ei’lin.s a: • a notch or two lower
!-di a Week cso. of Spill'
Id. I! product have Jit i a myt^
M" n ‘ ■*. nr iV* hj^ .f^urtu -
a o'h-r dis riels hoi .? ta»i\ *,.ofld
is iik- VNp.s,-, ^,s^4 ISril^lU
will Ills on-loner on ' *Tie sin>j*rt'T.*
!"kI> i < dm • 1 I’rii of ; ; ..pared
• ir* s are \ei;. iregulat, 1ml the
' !:,r a'', ho^tyft
to p'eviona eirctilai Franklin comity;
Illinois lump is still > nuui.si...
mine with < 'at ierviUc,. ju>m Ipmv
Horn $t ,« j F.,sti cn hit it nation *
couls are t ri !\ s'ritih * v* . ' ~ -
I demand r-u anthracite has failin'
"ft the \ i palpable ITrt* rrr ttefTTfr
tlte heavier ipts of eoa I l»\ d«*al
< rs on order plaee.i some time ii^d
I lie impress on j ?• iv. it »>a: hy som<*
me: elm tit s lii.it tin ■> have enough an
hracitc i o, . Pi and in minst: in
last them till \pril l iti.t storks in
In- ins o* e msiim. if, are -aiirill ani!
cold weatlnn It. s a troiiu v.mlshim
• It• t II pi>u c<»:l I
I’iii is. iVii | .'i \\ in'n n man i
found hand in', the nhiuraf eoiirsr i ;
> take a in ir a ml eat tie rope froth
"'h it'll he is MIK|» llfb tl lilt 111 I •
f i lit pie ami pinr'ieul pt ore s Is no;
it' a ipted. ami the follow nt;
stor>. 'vliirlt rentes from t'ambim
' hows l lie ih-nnl It-it ft* h to wiile’.i
‘■rruple i in ie a • i*'i|. !h<n • !' ini;
a rooted i<1 •*;t in some pai l or : Ir
"»m:n I tin t nothing ran i*«* done i -
b an oflirt.il ot ta ;mi n ui.i i otil
lillltlit x iltlpp' n.H to 'I. reselll . Vi
tenln> a vonnr, farm servant.. ait* •
n aJti iratW n . with his; • innlo.vf r
Init'fietl him.elf from a ti e ovriiouk
Ji\ a ruilwa; A j a- i.r-ht av. )iim
'hm ii peml<'*l, ami \va;k (| on to r.
'<1 1 I'i.s ilisa-o', ( i • . •» tii* Ip* ii ^iiiiiil
* ho wh**n lie uni\ed ou i|ie k|h»;.
found a largo crowd nf^MuTdril."
i h'1 felt tlu* body. perceived that it
was still warm, bit would not Inter
d- :t. as ’.Ir* live mippone.i to he
standing on t ;• ground of file neigh
..boring nribh Me therefore proceed
■d to it. on s s HTinj guard \t
1 1,1 ■ of i:;i It ill* huitf this
*■ »“ * ret mind with h}s eoMi.ad.,
jj ■ "d t’'on eio n ; , long flj*rn <lou .us
* wiicrher it * *: ,• w «v si :yf»t d In
* ■■ ’ |,*'i'i.'ii o' ♦ he othef, so away
|r> wmt to roasttlt i h<- «*rdinati *e
" ” . Hoar rolh d by, ahri when
„ Insl ei again cm the .*•<• :•**
• iu» tire* d\ i In cairn io an agive
f l ' ‘ a t1 n e w as located In
t ii.t d | l'tt< » l lien walk
mu'* ou. I < r > in'onn that par fo il;u
i nure x. I.o x ing xisitoil fhe , i
: ! conlirtn- 1 he opinion that tin
• " ,v •» ’ ■ • i.xl domain, s at
** •’ ’ "'it tile sttfciilC to Ire
; nierarniev, \x lio finally out the
x •'!; . e . dileil ibat long 1» -
IO' I how i; unhappy young
r.::ia xva- dead?
A Vegetable Cameo.
S|i.in tin* iml of the onion, a fart
xx bl. h tempt, d Mr. Slutxx, (In* anthe r
of -Spain of i .lax," to fall Into tin* j
np.u tided earn x or*e A11 returned
traveler^ are i . app’tci.iii* it f..r
* ' * •'' i;i’ f' 1 hi It rat Iter t liau lit* if
of MM Ail*
•Uni .V.i: Iii.*
i1 i. <*\ xx J i i o
1 •s'«. t n \x nit \ *mi /trims.
f’~rt ni C ,'i e.
* * t,%: 1 * ■ • .1 \ . *i n' t ho ilrink
(is: !»!?.'*
* 'l OI| III' . Ml, | f Jj,. >
• f *..••?• tinl.il Ion:;
•‘•J • 1 ' ini • ' 'to i •: itiit hot ||.
*'s ‘ •*' '•"*'* ■ •• •*• • 'oh.; I I^Of.
• *• v«• yi ! * ; . t .tr-o!f ■'
■ i
‘ • > oil l ., \ o Hilt*11 a
rt • ?• ft v"
* I 'i.:J• * i ; -1 mv h ii .Intiratil.
* ’ 1 " ‘ ' ’ • ' • t . ’ • S f.; IN >\ It1 j
-: - •*’•* * ' •*"
TOo i\.o Ii » !•. •* V*. T • .
I ' t Oll't } . I| II .in: .• • . |,r
r II: J .:t 11|«*t Jo i il./« ii.
"Yep.* itnswor.il I’lodtlitJC ivh •; ]
had a nioo homo, hut do lirst hiny i
knew it had a wood pilo and n “hn!• a I
and a pump, and don it uot so innrh j
like a steady Jot) dot I resinned.**—
Washington Star.
— -
I impossible.
••Mow tio you oiorennn* in-oi nia;
"S.ay Hie iniiltiplknition tali • up to
* V. ol ve 1 lines in. Ivo
1 . i nvI '! i.• *. try to
• " « '• 1 *il ' I I ' lor
Rise* In August and D> *p^*ar* R.-gu
larly In i cb?var>.
ou« of & ..... i t,.
ties is Hit' l llitl lli.it eti i v U.iiuit'i
comes t*» the surfa *• of j ike Orion
a i a I every winter g os bail; g i .1 t,
tUi- depths f..*:j» whetu-e it am.'.
Its |H«rlvtls . f uppearnnee \n id tin
nppearauce are neatly i,*Jb:ar It
comes it» tilt' surface about the mi Idle
Or VUftUlt ftUd goet* down t .i;it a In '.
Feb lo \\ but ti u . . it t.« . t t!
strangely I* a coi.-.tinlrum tb.it non*
bus beet) aide to s' Ive. but to keep li
al ve water or compel it in rvmalti in
tli' depths have l con a Ilia* w i. .mm i.
i'n one tu't tu ten a number of farm
•:* and teamster* resolved tu put th,
Island teat tif i loving busiiu s. In
their elToila lt» do so they lutiied man.,
lord.s of Mttni1 ti lit I d> pt><itotl them > a
it during the early part of win lot. lie i
lie'ibg that when it wont flown in .
Iraniary It would go down foi good.'
weighted iis it w.:>. with the sbnios
it’d the following August saw it bo!
up serenely from ludon minus i:.* loud
of stones
At another time Jill effort w a . made
to keep it oil the surface, and it was
tiiuiutd to tin* surrounding country
with heavy l< g chains. When its
time for departure came ll departed,
and I lie log chains departed with it
The log chains were never recovered.
The island i* composed of soft mud
and rushes, ami there are some skep
tical souls who itribute ith formation
and appearance and dr appearance to
tlie gathering of \, tation In one spot
by tin' currents of the lake mid Its sub
sequent decay. Boston Herald
"Window Leaves."
In South Afri' a I >i ll. Marloth ills- |
covered six spec It** of plant* possess
ing what uro styled 'Window leav:**."
They are all sluin’ess succulentr. and
tie egg shap'd leaves are tinl>i ded
In the ground, only tlie apexes re }
tunning visible, 'l ids v i lido part <if
tie* leaves Is Mat or i • nvo\ i u t he stir
face and colorless, so tint the light
can penetrate it and reach the Interior
of the leaf below, which in gr. n on
the Inside. \\ i!|i the exception of the
tdiild apex, no part of the leaf Is
permeable to the light, being surround
by the soil in which It is buried.
The drst of the e plaids discovered is ’
a specie* of bulbine. London tiinphlc
‘ ! should like t" to my mother tn
law's funeral tld* afternoon, sir said
the bookkeeper to the "old I'vfcli
•'So sb Mild f." i. plied the proprietor
a* lie tunic I to hi* desk again Loo*
(Ion Tit Hit*.
"f np l >.v tn ‘i , knots an hour ran
vou iiia;»e with I Id • v es i !. ’
if l i|iuU(* any jil*t now; ttv're I
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