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Public Accountant and
Graham, Va.
R. W. HONAKER, Prop.
Bluefied, West VirgSr.la.
Collections a Specialty
Refer: to FlaUop National Bank
Ctvi and Mining Engineers
Thornton Building
R.Kemp Morton,
Bluefield, W. Va.
Room Nn. 13. Kellej & Moyer
Thos. E, PEERY, M. D.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Th’oat
Bluefield, 'West Virginia
---!—■'_li- . J ■!
Thornton Bid*. BluololU, W. Va.
At Lov/est Prices.
Leading Jewelers
Bluefield. West Va.
To Get
An Old
Fashioned Mint Julip, Virginia
style, call at FRED’S PLACE,
Corner Bluefield Avenue and
Mercer street'.
Line line of old Whiskies,
Wines, Tobacco s and Cigars.
Phone 304.
Offer their professional services to
the people of Bluefield and vicinity.
Want A(1h
FOR SALE:- 10 shares Superior Poca
houtas Coal company., Davy, W. Va.,
stock at par $100.00 per share. Ad
dress “K" care this office.
• 6-15-10 tf.
FOR SALE—Cheap House and lot
close in. Six rooms, halls and por
ches. Good storage basement. Hath,
hot and cold water. Bargain for in
vestor or homeaeeker. Address Box
67 B1 lelield. W. Va.
cerieB, druggists. confectioners;
$125 monthly and expenses. Cali
fornia Cider and Extract Co., 253
LefTlngwell, St. Ixiuis, Mo.
SALESMEN Making small towns can
earn a nice income monthly carry
ing our pocket side line. Write for
Order Hook Today. 20th Century
Mfg. Co., 1308 Wells St. Chicago. ;
ham House, 300 Rogers street. First
class accomodations, porches, yards
and attractive home surround
6-8 10-tf.
WANTED—Ton boys to soil the Blue*
field Evening Leader.
WANTED To rent a house six <>r sev
en roorris near the high school oulld
lng with steam heat and water. Ap
ply at Loader office.
6-4-10 tf.
Money to Lend on Real Es
tate. . . L. J HOLLAND.
Builder and polisher, all kinds of
furniture repairing and upholstering
and do five different kinds of polish
ing, 35 years experience.
We manufacture a polish which is
guarantee to remove all ink and
water stains without damaging the
finish, and will put if lgainst any
thing manufactured in the U. S.
All orders left at Huffards store.
Graham, Va. Leave Bluefleld orders
at Phelps Furniture Store, 29-31
Princeton avenue.
Leader Ads are leaders €J
720 Greenbrier St. I'bone lafJ.
BrhMlnlo In KITefl
- —
MAY 15, 1910.
Leave Blueflcld 7:20 a. m. for Roa
noke, Norfolk and all yolnts of rfheiv
a>‘.och division. r~..liman Sleeper
Ki/auoke to New 7ork, m Hagers
town, Pullman Parlor Car Rcanok*
i to Norfolk
8:60 «. m. for Kcaooke. Rich
mond, Norfolk. Pullman Bleeper.
, Dining Car to Roanoke. Parlor 3ai
Roanoke to Norfolk.
2:20 p. rn. for Roanoke, Lynch
aurg and Intermediate stations and
the Shenandoah Valley. Philadelphia
and New York. Sleeper to rhliadu'
phSa. Cafe car Gary and Shona
9:18 p. no. for Roanoke, Lynch
*urg, Richmond, Norfolk. Pullman
Sleeper to N, rfoiK, Roanoke to
Leave Pluefleld 8:20 p. m. for Ken
ova, Columbus and all points Weat
and Northwest. Pullman Sleeper for
Columbus aui Cincinnati. Cafe ca^a
8:10 a m. Pullman Beeper for
Columbus. Cafe DinlDs Car
I^cave 8:35 a. m. and 2:05 p. m.
dal:*/ for Tazewell, Norton and al
i stations on Clinch Valle) division.
Arrive f**>Tr Norton and points on
the flllnrh Valley division at II.3d s.
m. and 7:20 p. m.
I^eave 6:15 a. m. for Welch and
kiterniv'dlate stailons.
I^eave 10:35 a. m. for William
•on and Intermediate stations.
Leave 2:15 p, m for Welch and
Intermediate stations.
for additional l,nformat!r.f, call on
ggsnt Norfolk and Western Railway.
Oen. Pass, Agent,
I ] Roanoke, Va.
“During sleep.” says an authority on
mental subjects, "the workings of the
uilnd are uuder no control, and yet It
seems to have a wonderful faculty of
building up and arranging scenes and
Incidents. | remember once having n
vivid dream of going Into a house the j
furniture and Inmates of which be
longed to the middle ages. So clear
was the dream that 1 had no diffi
culty In recalling It. and then as I
went over each detail of dress, armor.
Jewelry, ornaments and other objects
seen In my vision I realized that every
thing 1 had behold was historically
accurate—that Is to say. that probably
In a fraction of a second my mtnd had
conjured up a scene to construct
which, with the same faithfulness to
detail, while awake would have taken
me several hours."
The Us* of Condiments.
In an article on the use of condl
menta the Loudon Lancet, the fore
most Hrltlsb medical publication, says:
"The clnssle experiments of Pawlow
have shown how Important Is the role
of the condiments In diet, how It Is
they Improve appetite ntul Increase di
gestive power. Mustard, pepper and
salt, used, of course. In sensible
amounts, assist ttie appetite, give a
zest to food ami partly by reflex action
as well as local uctlon stimulate the
How of digestive Julses and Insure
healthy nsslndla .Ion. Even vinegar Is
known to buve a softening effect on
tough libers, and hence Its use la Just!
fled In so tnnny Instances.”
HI* Gam# Won.
Id b campnlgn In Knnsns somo years
ago. when the tariff wn» made a Jbmi
naut issue. nn old German was run
ning for it county office in central Kan
sas. lie didn't know enough about the
tnrlff to talk about It two minutes.
More than that, he didn't care much,
for It hnd nothing whatever to do with
the office he wanted anyway. But tho
voters were much excited over tho
question and seemed to think that
every candldato should be able to dls
cuss the problem from A to Izznrd.
So this German and his campaign
mnnager Invented a successful subter
fuge. When tho German got up at tho
meeting* to talk he would sny: "Now,
shontlemen, 1 vlll tnlk mlt you about
der tnrifT. It Is like”—
Just then Ills cuinpalgn manager
would Interrupt: "Why. John, you
have only live minutes to tnlk. You
cannot do yourself Justice Vo that
length of time on the In riff.”
“Then 1 won't tnlk ut»out dot tnrlfr/*
would t>e John's Inevitable reply, and
ho would go ou to tell that lie wanted
a certain county office, aiwl so on. Ills
game won. and lie was elected.—Kau
nas City Journal.
Wheat Doe* Not Grow Wild.
The existence of names for wheat In
the most ancient languages confirms
the evldouce of Its great antiquity and
of Its cultivation In the moro temper
ate parts of Europe, Asia und Africa.
I'rom tho evidence adduced by bota
nists of high standing It seems highly
impnilmble that wheat has ever been
found growing persistently In n wild
state, although It has often been as
serted by poets, travelers and histo
rians. In tho "Odyssey,” for example,
we are told that wheat formerly grew
In Sicily without the aid of man. Dio
dorus repents the tradition that Osiris
found wheat and barley growing pro
mlscuotialy In Palestine, but neither
this nor other reputed discoveries of
wheat growing wild seem at all cred
ible, aeelng thnt It docs not appear to
be endowed with tho power of per
alstency except under continued cul
Notice Is hereby given that at a
meeting of the stockholders of The
Southern Realty Company, a orpora
tion created and organized under the
laws of the Htafe of West Virginia,
held at the office of F. .1. Brown, at
the rorner of Princeton and Higgin
botham avenues, in the City of Blue
field, West Virginia, on the 13th day
of June, 1910, at which meeting a ma
jority of the capital stock watt repre
sented and voted In favor rtf the reso
lution hereinafter »ef out, the follow
ing resolution was adopted:
RESOLVED, Flrat, That The South
ern Realty Company, a corporation
created and organized under the laws
of the State of West Virginia, does
hereby discontinue businegg ns a corpo
ration, and surrenders to said state
its charter and franchise. Thfs com
pany has gone out of business and has
no assets, and desires to surrender
its charter to the state, as provided
by chapter ."3. Sec. r,G of the Code of
West Virginia.
RESOLVED, Second, That the Pres
ident of this corporation cause notice
>f the Adoption of the foregoirin reso
lutlon to be published in some news
paper of general circulation, publish
ed near the principal office or place of
business of this corporation, once a
we»k for four successive weeks and
that this resolution, together with the
certificate of the publisher of the
newsjwiper in which the said notice
shall be published, l»e certified by the
president of this corporation, under
his hand and common seal of the cor
poratlon, to the secretary of stale.
iiven under my hand this the 13th
day of June if*io.
r. W. AKERS.
President of said Corporation.
A few old sayiugs on tin* subject of
fotnl «.\>uie to us rather us a surprise
In our age of daintiness and refine
uient. yet they have their rulson d'etre
notwithstanding. “Meat K* much, man
tiers are uioro;'* *H,'eose your ehntter 1
and mind your platter:" "Thi* ,»*« that ;
brays most eat* least;.Hie \yjnjr with
the liver to him who's the giver “He
ean glvo little to his servant who lleks
his own trencher."
Apropos of this remark. It Is nmus 1
It'K to note thnt “tuuu tiers'* was the
name given to the remnants of a meat j
These came to the servants ns official |
perquisites; hence our well worn ex i
presslon before empty lug a dish. ]
“Leave the lust slice tor whatever It
may be) for manners.** though If votes
were collected on this point It Is tinr«lt>
likely tlmt any of us would have taken
It as It stnnds in the original.
Carthage's Great Snake.
The nuclcnts firmly believed In mon
ster serpents of all kinds and of both
the laud and marine species. During
the wars with Carthage a great snake j
Is said to have kept the ltotnnn army
from crossing the Hagrudos river for
several days. The monster swallowed
tip no less than seventy Kotmitt sol
diers during this combat and was not
couqnered until a hundred stones from
ns many different catapults were find
upon It all ut one time. The monster
skull and skin were preserved nml
afterward exhibited In one of the Ho
man temples. The dried skin of the
creature was Hit) feet lu length, ac
cording to IMIny.
Thut lust piece of Printing you
bought, «lt<l It give perfect satlsfno
tion? Perhaps the Typographic ar
rangement larked harmony, was
not well balanced, or a word or words
spelt wrong. The Poland Printing
| Co. ran please you; they make a
specialty of CORRECT PRINTING.
Kidney trouble is particularly to be
dreaded because its presence Is not
usually discovered until it has assutn
ed one of Its worst forms—diabetes,
dropsy, or IJrlght’s disease. If you
suspect that your kidneys are afreet
led. by all means uso Hollister’s Rocky
! Mountain Ten—the great systemic
! cleanser and regulator. For sale by
Tho White Pharmacy.
. Any Merchant will gladly furnish
you Jefferson or Monitor Flour. They
want to please their customer.
The Englich Pheasant.
It Is claimed Hint the pheasant or
tho English preserves can trace Itm ped
Igree directly to the brilliant bird of
the same species In Japan. About the
middle of the nineteenth century n
few live pheasants were brought from
; Japan end crossed with tho common
! species. The result of this was, It I*
i suld. that n new rnco of birds was In
troduced. and tho beautiful pheasant,
with its iridescent plumage, was pro
ducod and naturalized as an English
1 bird
Coals of Firo.
"I thought." bmid hr. "that those pro
pie treated you so badly, and now see!
They Invito you to their reception
Slinll you go?"
“Why. certnin!.▼,•, said she. “Their
Inviting me showed they harbored no
grudge against mo for the way they
treated me.”-New York Press.
Wall Answered.
"Oh. no; I don't'claim to bo any dif
ferent or any brighter than the bal
ance of mankind. I expect | shall mar
ry some fool woman «om« of these
: days."
"If you ever marry that's the kind of
a woman you will marry, all right"—
Rochester Union.
A Telltale Touch.
"Is It true that sightless peoplo can
fell the color of things Wy touch?" '
some one asked a blind man.
“Occasionally, yes.” can)© tho an
swer. "If, for Instance, I touched d
red hot poker I could tell it was rod."
8wift's 8arca«m.
".My brethren," said Dean Swift In
a fuwmon, "there are three sorts of
1 pride—of riches, of birth and of tab
| ents I shall not now speak of the
latter, none of you being liable to that
abominable vice/'
8ha Got It.
Ho (time 11:30 p. m.)—And you will
; think of me when I am gone? She
(suppressing a ynwn>—I’ll try to If
1 roti'll ever give me an opportunity.
Throat Troubta.
"Yon look had. old man. What's the
“Throat trouble."
"I didn't know you were subject to
"Yes, I am. This throat belongs to
Ih® newcomer In the nett house, who
practices singing «t nil hours of the
Paat la Pa»t.
Finish every dnj and be done with
It You have done wbnt you could
Some blunders and absurdities, no
doubt, crept lu Forget them as soon
ss you can.—Emerson.
The Drawback.
"C*nn> you live Just ss cheap In tho
suburbs as In town1*'
"Yes. hut everybody knows It out
Distance Is a groat promoter of ad
Th* Fat Woman's Ring.
The womau showed n tat linger In
whose folds of flesh was Imbedded s
plain gold ring.
"How much will you let me have on
this ring?" she said to the pawnbroker.
"I can’t tell uutll you take It off so
I can weigh It," he said.
She tugged at the ring. It wouldn't
come off.
"Can’t you get It off for ino?" she
The pawnbroker threaded a noodle
with strong linen thread, soaped the
needle and slipped It bend first under
the ring toward the hand. Then he
wound the long end of the thread
tightly nud evenly around tho finger
almost to the uatl. That done* he
took the needle and unwound the
thread from the base of the finger out,
and as he unwound tho ring hllppod
off. Ho weighed the ring.
"Two dollars.’’ he said.
"That %ou't do me any good," said
the woman. "I can get any place
llo returned the ring.
"She didn't really want to pnwn It,"
he snld. "Sho Just wanted somebody
to tnko the ring off. A Jeweler would
have done It the an me way, but ho
would have charged somctlTlng.’'—New
York Sun.
Mythical Creatures of Japan.
The Japanese believe In more myth
ical creatures thnn any Other people on
the globe, civilized or savage. Among
them are mythical animals without
nny remarkable peculiarities of con
formation. but gifted with supernat
ural attributes, midi us a tiger which
Is sold to llvo to bo a thousand years
old and to turn as white as a polar
bear. They also believe In n multitude
of animals distinguished mainly by
their size or by the multiplication of
their members. Among these are ser
pents 800 feet long am! large enough
to swnllow on elephant, foxos with
eight legs, monkeys with four ears,
fishes with ton heads attached to one
body, tho flesh of which Is n cure for
bolls. They also believe In tho cxlst
cneo of a ernue which, after It tins
reached tho ago of 000 years, has no
need of any sufttcnunco except water.
Blamed the Lett One.
A ninn who from all appearances
hn<l dined well, but not wisely, bought
a ticket at the box oflleo of n theater
where u fnreo wus being produced In
German. Tho man eettlcd comfortably
Irnck In bis Beat, smiling nt tho protty
stiigo Betting and evidently prepared
to enjoy nu ovenlng of pleasant diver
sion. After a time bo began to took
worried and leaned forwurd In bin
"Strungest thing ever sporlonced,” ho
A few inlnutca luter he left the thea
ter. At the door tho ticket taker of
fered him a return.
“Nope; don't want It/’ ho said am ho
brushed It usldo. “Guess that last
drink went to my head. Can't under
1 stnnd a blnmcd thing them apeoplo
a Bayin'. I'm goln* homo to bed.”—
Philadelphia Tlmea.
Extravagant Mourning.
Pepys' diary has this on the mourn
ing customs of tho time: On tjept. 22.
1000. when there was mourning for
King Charles’ brother, tho Duke of
Gloucester, he "bought a pair of short
blnck Blockings to wear over a pair of
| silk ones for mourning.’* Next duy
•'cniuo one tami in^ father’s with n
blnck cloth coat, made of my short
I ' loak. to walk up and down In." Tho
problem of mourning for men must
have been greater than It Is now lu
those days, when ordinary maaeullnu
' costume was less somber. On this oc
casion Pepys records seeing "the king
In purple mourning for Ida brother.”
Thero Is one mourning cxtrnvngnnco
of tho early eighteenth century which
would scarcely commend Itself—the
soles of the shoes used to ho blacked.
| — St. James* Gazette.
Th# Two Occasion*.
At a Scotch temperance meeting nn
! old tnin. scarcely celebrated for lita no
| brletjr. arose and after addressing tlie
nudlciico upon the desirability of inod
Icrntlon In nil things, remarked:
"My friends, there's Just two occa
sions when I tnk' whisky.”
There was a chorus of "Ahs!" In the
audience, when ho continued. “1 only
tnk’ whisky when I line haggis for
dinner, nnd tlie only other occasion
when I tnk' whisky Is when I lino no
baggls for dinner."
It was (low n in the market district
"What this country needs Is plenty
of hone and sinew." said the tnll one.
"Vos. nnd plenty of grit and sand,”
echoed the short one. "My the way,
what business are you In?”
"Oil. I'm a butcher. And you?”
"NVh—«-r—I distribute stra wherries
when they arrive from the southern
markets."—Chicago News.
The Human Mind.
Slow In forming, swift In acting;
slow in the making, swift In the work
lug, slow In the summit, swift down
the other slope. It Is the way of nn
tore and the way of tho human mind.
- Anthony Hope.
Precocious In Spots.
Hobby—Do f have to go to school
mother? Mother—Of course. Hobby
Hobby—Why. mother. I heard you tell
father Inst night that I knew entirely
too mneh.—Detroit Free Press.
The Unknown Great.
"My tooth hurts like Pam Hill!"
"Who tho Dickens Is Snm Hill?”
"Wed. who lo Sam HIM Is Dickens?"
— Toledo Hlade.
Re neither Ignorant nor careless with
respect to tho future.—Vergil.
Huff, Andrews A Thomas Co.,
will furnish any Merchant
Monitor or Jefferson Flour.
Prices lower than heretofore.
E. H. Easley
Employers Liability
Fidelity, Court and
Contract Bonds
The First National Bank
CAPITAL $250,000 00
Surplus and Undivided Profits $130,000^
Stockholders* Liability 230,000.00
Security to Depositors 680,000.00
INGS ACCOUNTS as well as LARGE ones and
8>ve both our careful and courteous attention. :: ::
rra^rwnfimBiTW'iTTTiM—■■ ■■ i . —-_
For the Painless Extraction of Teeth.
The Safost, Surest and best Method evor usod. No
sore gums or ill effects follow its uso.
Full act of teeth $5.00
Very finest set of Teeth;
no lietter made at any
price* - * $8.00
(loir. Crown* • $4.00
<«old Filling* $1*00
W« Invite you to Inspect our oarlora and have your t.eeth
examined free. Will tel I you In advance; what your work will
ost. All work done by eklllcd, experienced operatora by our
Improved tnelhodH. W« Kivu you a guarantee In writing on
all work.
The Cincinnati Dentists
Dr. COMPTON, Mgr, Over Grand Leader Store
We are Local Dealti a for the Renowned
Manufart«r«<l by the
Remington Typewriter Company
_ (Incorporated)
/ Remtico Paragon Ribbon*
— in all color* and for
all makes of typewriter'
> ^ #««
Remtico Paragon, Red Seal
and Billing Carbons—of
different weights suited
j for all classes of work,
f ' •
All Remtico Typewriter
Supplies are known at
the Highest Grade*
Goods Manufactured.
Curtis-Pearson Company
Blucficld^W. Vs

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