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BLUEFIELD evening leader
Daughter in Law of Super
intendent and Two Mid
shipmen Lost their
Lives Today.
Men Went Under While
Trying to Save the Wo
man’s Life.
AnnupoliB, Md., June 2!*.—The bod
ies of Mrs. Joseph Me. C. Bowyer, i
daughter-in-law of Captain .1. M. Bow- j
yer superintendent of Naval Acad-1
omy. Midshipmen Nason of Rhode
Island and Thomas of Oeorgiu were
found drowned this morning about a
mile and a half from tin* academy.
They had gone bathing and it is
supposed the woman got beyond her
depth and the men lost their lives in
trying to save her.
Mrs. Boyer was a widow and lived
with her husbands parents.
Now York, June 20.—Checks wore
distributed today among the holders
of the common stock of the United
States Steel Corporation In payment
of the 1 1-4 per cent, quarterly divi
dend, the first disbursement since.
f "steel common" wns placed on a live
per cent, basis.
For the first quarter of this year
flie "steel trust" showed earnings,
all expenses incident to operation br
ing deducted, of $37,616,766, a show
ing which has been exceeded only
once for this quarter, in the great
year 1007, when the earnings aggre
gated $.‘’.0,122,402. For the corres
ponding quarter or 1000 the carping*
were $22,921,268. The March 21
quarter is normally the least profi
table of the year.
The net earnings for the quarter
are $21 ,f,0.1,194. From the net earn
ings are deducted $'.,876,012 interest
for the quarter on outstanding bonds
ami $1,42.">,3fit for sinking funds, leav
ing $24,191,231 for dividends. The
surplus net Income for the qunrter,
after subtracting the $6,304,910 re
quired for payment of the i 3.4 p(.r
cent, on the preferred stock and the
$6.3.r.3,781 needed for the 1 14 per
cent, on the common. Is $11,632,531.
From that surplus is appropriated,
on account of authrized appropria
tions for additional property, new
plants and construetion, $r,,oqn.nnn,
leaving n balance of surplus of $6,
F<exlngton, \ ji., .Juno 20. At n meet
tUR in (.exington yesterday of F,ex
Ington F’resbytery. Hip Presbyterian
congregation nt Waynesboro was
rltoil to appear nt the next meeting
of the Presbytery in Staunton and
show cause why hr. <\ R. Ntrlbling.
tiie pastor, should not accept the call
to the pastorate of the Tnbb Street
church In Petersburg, Va.
The Timber Ridge PresF)yffijjAn
church was granted FeA.o (o ,)r, *se
cutc a call for Rev, Robert Kin
nard, of Kentucky, to become pastor
of their church.
The Presbytery accepted the re
signation of the session of f’oiliers
town Presbyterian church, and a com
mission was appointed to call a con
gregation meeting to elect a new
session. Dr. Alfred T. Graham, of
Lexington, was moderator, and Rev.
R. r. Akers, of Fairfield, clerk.
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Returns to Take Part in the
Commencement Exer
' cises of His Alma
Cambridge. Mass.. Juno 25*. Theo
dore oosovelt was not tho guest of I
honor today -«t u:s )ld *i’ria inater.!
but ho was .*a«i'y tin* man of noiioi 1
being hailed _*very where. vloviinor!
Hughes and .1. I*. Morgan were the
guests of honor. Htghes was given
tlie degree of doctor of laws and'
Morgan, doctor or letters.
Teddy the Big Thing.
Cambridge, Mass., June 29.-rTheo
dore Roosevelt returned to his alma
mater today to take part In the an
nual commencement exercises of the
nation's oldest educational institution
and was elected a member of the
board of ov« rseers.
Traditional exercises obtained
throughout tho day. There was the
same meeting of the board of over-J
seers at 5* o’clock in the morning, the!
opening of tlie polls for the election I
of overseers, the arrival of the (iov-l
crnor, the gathering at old Massuchu-I
setts Hall of the President, fellows,!
overseers, faculties, invited guests.!
tilumni and candidates for degrees.1
the march to the time-honored San-1
ders Theatre, the learned addreses.
and finally the meeting of the Alumni I
Ah in former years, the exercises of
the day were in charge or the class
celebrating the twenty-fifth annlve
sary of its graduation, this year the
class of 188.'» having the honor,
James J. Storrow, of Hoston, was
chief marshall and former President
Roosevelt, who succeeds President
Emeritus Eliot as president of thg
Harvard Alumni Association, presided
at the exercises in Memorial Hall.
A large part of the students and I
alumni will go to New London tonight!
to witness the annual rowing regatta
between the crews of Harvard and
Providence. It. I., June 29. For the
purpose or bringing together for in
telligent discussion city oillciala. ex
perts on Htreet cleaning and men of
wide experience in civic betterment
rt conference was held today in Man
ning Hall, Drown University. The
meeting, the first of its kind ever held
is known ns the New England Con
ference on Street Cleaning, and was
given under the auspices of the Du
reau of Social Research, a civic
agency recently established in con
nection with the l nion Settlement on
! Chestnut street.
A large number of city officials and
; social workers from till over New Eng
land took part In the discussion. The
questions considered covered not only
the technical aspect of street clean
ing. but also the various questions of
cost, methods of securing appropria
tions from the city and intelligent
preparation of budgets which eon
Vince the City appropriating bodies of
tin* needs of the department. This
matter of appropriation aroused con
siderable discussion owing to recent*
Iy created Interest in many large
Among the topics discussed Were;
"Organization of an Efficient Street
Cleaning Department;“ "Preparation
of a Street f’lonning Department
Budget;" “Modern Methods of Street
Cleaning;” “How New Y'ork is Solv
ing its Street Uleaning Problem;*’
* Social Significance of Clean Streets;*’
“Bacteriology of Street Dust;" "Street
Uleaning and Tuberculosis;’* “Co-op
eration Detween Street Uleaning De
partments and .Municipal and Private
Agencies;’* “School Children and
Clean Streets."
Washington. June 29. It is expect
ed that complete figures will show
that a million immigrants landed in
this country during the fiscal ye.ir
ending tomorrow. The last million
Immigrant year was 1907.
Freight Engine Runs Down
Gang of Workmen on
a Trestle Near
Haltiinoro, Md.. June 2!». Throe
nu*n wore killed. three probably fn*
tally injured and three others less
seriously hurt by a freight engine
running into a gang of carpenter*
working on a trestle in tin* suburbs
of the «.ity this morning.
Now London, Juno 2i*. As indlcnt
od by tlu* reservations at hotels and
boarding bouses, tomorrow will bo
the greatest day In the history of
'’his old Conneeticut town. Already
the city is livening up in anticipa
tlon of tomorrow s battle of oars be
tween the blue crows ol Vale and the
Crimson rowers from Hnrvard. The
streets are gay with Hags and bunt
ing of c rimson and blue and the place
has taken on an air of life and ac
tivity customary to the occasion.
livery train is bringing Its quota
ot eniuusiasts. I’he influx tomorrow'
mottling is expected to be* in excess
of anything ever known tit a New
Ijondon regatta, and it is predicted
that the largest crowd that ever wit
nessed a rowing event in America
will see the rival crews struggle for
The final practice of the two crews
who are to battle for supremacy In
the- big race took place today and
was witnessed by an immense crowd
that lined the river bank desirous of
forming their final Judgment as to the
respective merits and condition of
the contestants. The tedious work
• >f preparation is now over and until
culled upon to take to the water to
morrow the* eight husky sons of old
Lli and tin- eight broad-shouldered
youths of Cambridge will rest and
take things easy as the* thoughts of
impending battle will allow. There
promises to be the usual amount of
betting on the result, but It Is sign!
Meant that so far neither the followers
of the blue nor the* adherents of the
crimson are offering any tempting
odds. In the minds of close follow
ers of college rowing tomorrow will
".or the closest and hard
,st titles between ’varsity eight
oarfd crews from Harvard and Yale
Hint has ever taken place here*
On account of the tide, the t.nlver
sity race will he rowed downstream
this year from a point opposite the
freshmen crew quarters at Red Top
to the Railroad Bridge, instead of up
stream as last year. The start will
bo "»««*«• «» *.30 o'clock and since the
• ide is high at Red Top at about 3.4,"
there should be a fairly strong cur
rent downstream. This will he the
first time since IftOG that the rare
has been rowed in this direction. Fn
fase of a postponement on aecount of
roiiKh wafer, the tide will be favor
able until 6.30. after which it would
he too dark to row.
The freshman rare will start at
1h.3n in the morning and Ik* rowed up
stream. The course will lie the twn
miles from the Railroad Bridge tc
the Navy Yard. At that point the uni
-versify four-oared crews will sfari
soon afterwards, and will finish al
Red Top.
New York. June 2ft. The preliml
nary report of alienists retained by
defense to examine the mental con
ditlon of Porter f’harlton was pre
sented to Charlton's attorney ^Uiis
morning. They are unanimot in th#
opinion that Charlton Is sufferiim
[.from some form of dementia.
Monitor Pulverized,
The utmost In quality.
Saloon Men to Attend Ad
. journed Meeitng Tomor
row and Preset Pe
titions to Body.
H --
Many Otherwise Dry Be
lieve that an Injustice
Has Been Done.
Practically all the saloon men In
lUucfhdd will Ionvo in tlio morning to
j attend an adjourned meeting or the
I county qourt to he hehi at Prineeton
i tomorrow, at which hup"^ are on tor*
ft allied that this tribunal will undergo
;a change of hvart and reverse its
decision of a few duys ago not to
i grant liquor licenses In the city of
; MlucMeld.
Petitions are being circulated ask
1 ing the court to reconsider the mat
| ter. These petitions set forth the
i belief that an Injustice was done the
liquor contingent in that it was led
; to believe wUhtlin four days before
the previous meeting of the court that
licenses would lie granted. The pet I
; t,0”» irrespective or politics religion.
| or business aftillfttion are being sign
i«l »»y piactiouUy all the Hubstautlal
j people of the city. They bear the
j names of many men of high business
j Standing who to all intents and pur
; poses are dry, hut who have lent
their signuture to the movement. on
the ground that the county court did
not give the wet men proper notice
j and that Its decision amounts to the
pi uetical confiscation of property,
' While as a general proposition a great
many of these signers would vote
diy, they argue that the saloon own
ers of Minefield were not given a
square deal and that if the county is
going to experience a drouth they tie
, lieve these men should lie given time
: to get their money out of their pres
j < nt investment.
A forecast of the courts decision
is impossible but there are many who
believe that in view of the present
distress the court will reverse its
Augusta, Me., June 29. With Harry
M. AiiHtln, of Phillips, presiding an
chairman, an honor refused by Sen
ator Male, the Republican Stale con
vention of Maine wbh called to order
at 10 o'clock thin morning In the
Augusta City Hall. The purpose of
the convention is to nominate candi
dates for governor and state auditor
i and to transact other business. CJov.
Fernald, In all probability, will bo re
nominated by acclamation.
Conservative Republican leaders of
Maine, while confident of success in
Hie September election, admit that
they are faring what promises to be
the bitterest political struggle In
J years, Two >ears ago (lov. Kernald
was elected by an uncomfortably nar
row m,train, *.i<l tie Democrats are
wo kin* hard ,'u tl.e hope of wiping
| nut the ’>i. t i%) '** / tits year.
The Republican candidates for the
I nited States Senate are former As
ststant .lustier* of the Supreme Court
Frederick A. Powers, of Moulton, and
former Governor William T. Cobb, of
Rockland. Ft is claimed Judge Pow
i er h activity in opposing Senator Male
| caused the latter announce his re
! firemen*.
•'ll** I-Hi* Slower* of TlDlewoll.
I wbo was operated upon a few days
j ago nt St. Duke's hospital for ftppen
, ‘licitis left today for her home after
having made a complete recovery.
Wearing the Broadest Smilo
He Has Used Since
He Entered the
White House
Ilovorly, Maas., Juno Wcaiitm
tin* broadest smile Unit has boon soon
upon Ills fact' within the last year,
President William Howard Taft much
od hero today for ids vacation. Dos
pi to tho fart tlmt ho lias a vast
amount of work before him at tin*
suinnioi capital tin* president was
in a happy wood mood.
"It is good to lie boro,'* ho said
j laughing as ho descended from Ills
Washington, Juno L"J. Postmaster
(Jonernl llitohoook declared today
tlint ho will push as rapidly uh pus
sihlo tho organization of tin* postal
snvinRs bank systom. H« adilod, how
ovor, that In* did not believe It would
ho foasiblo to establish any deposl*
torlos for sonto months.
Tho Postmaster tieneral, tho Secre*
tttry of the Treasury and tho Attorney
(Joneral, who compose tho board ojf
trustoos which has charge of tho
establishment of those depoaltorloa.
will hold thoir Mrs! mooting lotnop
Kvery effort will ho made, according
to Mr. Jlltchcock. to try out the propo
sit ion as soon as possible at a few
offices. Tilt* Postmaster CJeneral has
appointed a committee of deparlmon
tal officers to prepare such blank
forms and Instructions ns will be
! needed In Retting the system started.
I'Tho postal Jiff in I n 1st rations of bll
foreign countries which have postal
1 savings banks have been requested
by the department to submit examples
I of their blank forms and cobles of
their regtihltlons and instructions. *
I ** •Hill*’ .1. I,i| Will i*>.
;iHlatlHllcinn who wuh Involv
ed in IIm* Theodore II. Price ‘Cotton
Lenk’’ ease today pleaded guilty in
Ho* district court and wiih lined
$ fiOOd.
Mrintol, Va., June 2:>. Arrnngc
| inentK have been perfected for the
reception to (Jovcrnof Malcotn It.
Patterson when lie arrive* here to
morrow evening to speak In the in
| terest of the ndminlsf rat Ion judiciary
ticket, as opposed to the Independent,
ticket. The governor has many po
litical enemies here and throughout
Sullivan county, on the Virginia hol
der, but it Is expected that 'he will
speak to fiie largest crowd that ever
assembled In flic llarmcling theatre
for a political meeting, as the gov
ernor is a campaigner who attracts
both friends and enemies. Ills friefids
have named a large reception com
mittee to meet the governor upon his
arrival here.
.Montpelier. Vf , June 2b Montpel
| ier hotels are today filling up with
! politicians In advance of the Kepuh
I ll< an state convention, which will hr
railed to order here at ft o'clock to
morrow morning. Candidates to la
nominated Include governor, lleuten
ant governor, state treasurer, sec re
tary of state, state auditor and attor
ney general. A state committee, corn
posed of one member from each conn
ty. will also he elected.
Monitor Pulverized.
Jefferson Crushed Wheat.
They have tone and finish.
The brands of distinction.
’STRONG tone
Nearly Everything Traded
in Today Showed Ad
vances from Half to
Three fourths Point
Now York. Juno 29. A strong tono
"'ns displayed at tin* opening of tho
stock market ami in oarly trmliiiK to
; 'lay. Noarly ovoryililtin iiliowt'd hoiuo
i amount ot gain. Consolidated (ins
ranged a point hlglior, while Read
ing. I'll ion I’nelllc, Southern I’aeitle.
Sirel Common and Atmilgaumted Cop
per made advances ranging from 1-2
to :t-4 point. After the first orders
wen* Hied there were hear attacks
and some recessions hut at the end
of fifteen minutes tin* market hoeame
strong again.
Cotton Unchanged.
Now York. June 29. Cotton open
ed unchanged to six points higher to
day. Hie call was followed by mod
erate advances, opening. July 14.87;
August. M.r*0; September 12.97; Or
loher. 12.32.
Wheat Low Today.
Chicago, June 29. Wheat was low,
corn easier and slow, oats Irregular
and higher today. Provisions were
higher in the face of a lower hog
market, opening. July wheat ini 1-4;
corn 58, 5-8; oats 59, 3-8; pork 22.37.
London, Juno UU. At the meeting
I of tho lOnglIhIi Jockey (’lull toduy, tho
j KtowurdM moved for tho withdrawal
| of tlio rule adopted on June I Hum,
| which oxitorlonoo has shown to he
ineffective. The rule Is :ih follows:
"No weight shall he allotted to any
' horse in a handicap until lie has run
throe times in the United Kingdom.”
This rule went into effort following
the passage of the Agn*w-ilart law
, prohibitIng <ygani»ed hookmaking in
| New York,1 following which some of
the host Aiirerfrnn horses wor<* sent tr>
I nice in England.
Ilostoii, .1 iiiif L’!t. Aalong Hu* rali
rali hoys, old ami young, taking part
in loday'M eommoncomeiit exorcises
at Harvard I nivendty, none is more
enthusiastic than Daniel W. Field, of
Mrockton, millionaire and proMhlcnt
of seven corporations, who, at the
age of forty-five, entered Harvard
(this year to make up the < duration lie
lost in youth. He ia the rleh<-at sill
d«-m in hla own right at Harvard and
j the ohieHt. lie probably ia the only
i Harvard atudeut that Iiuh made hia
it*iI ionk hiuiHcdf before going to rol
| h Ke. He ia enrolled aa a apeelal
student in the Harvard School of
! ItusincsH.
j* Resides being ti student and a mil
lionaire, .Mr. Fluid la an employer of
labor on a large scale. lie la a shoe
manufaeturer in It roe kt on and em
ploya 4,000 or f>,000 hum)*. B aider,
t hat he ia married.
At the age of fifteen Mr. Field waa
1 compelled to leave school and enter
a ahoe ahop aa an apprentice. ||e
| learned the trade from the liottom
tip. Now he Ik head of many coin
Nashville, Term., June L'!t Twenty
one guns, a I’n ahh nf a aalnte. wen
fired thla morning over tiie graw »»f
Andrew Jackson at He Hermitage
The (•(•lemony waa a parting trlhiib
from the aoldiera of t amp Dickinson
to Tennessee's great hero. The sa
lute waa fired by llattery 1» . First
Cleveland, o . June nk 7 he r>ti!«
Racing eiretilt la-gin a Its reason to
day ut Hamilton, continues at Day
tor*. Xenia, Springfield, l.ima an.
Findlay, and « nds at the latter plar<
on August n.
bar rl be for the Loader
' The Majestic People Will
Make Improvements at
Property Amounting
to $600,000.
The Company Controls Ten
Thousand Area of Coal
Acreage Near War.
Pott svI lie Pennsylvania capitalists
wlm control the Majestic Collerles at
Majestic, Ky„ Just across Tug River
i roni War, W. V’a., on the Norfolk ft
Western according to well authcntlcat
cii advices received here today arc
preparing to spend $600,000 upon
ihelr land and operation. A new
i steel tipple, one of the most modern
in the district, is now under construe*
| tlon, and other linproventen's are to
he added at once. When these are
completed the company will have a
dally output of forty cars which Is
| among tie* lni'Mcst in the lower Held.
I’lils company controls a coal area
I oi*ubout ten thousand acres on which
| development has already disclosed
several very line veins measuring
from live to eight feet in thickness.
It is understood to he the poll v of
<1 «• uinnngeinepc to push th* work
as rapidly as p >s ,ili|e. and incrruM*
i lie initial output of tiie proper!v.
It * "I _
f .1. (V tlonnker of Ilocky (lap Miami
county, Va.. who was in the city to
day Is authority for the statement
tlml tin* New liver, llolston ft Wes
I tern railroad which lias been under
, const ruction for some time from Nar
rows to Ilocky (Sap, will he completed
.July 4, and that the celchrution of
j the event will be combined with tin*
observance of the patriotic occasion.
flic railroad company Is complet
. lag the "Y” and expects to have
everything in shape to run tralriH by
i the Fourth.
According to Mr. Ilonaker Ilocky
flap has taken on new life, and he
I expects it to grow rapidly now'that It
I will soon have a railway outlet.
('»,,-hro, .Inn' Tih- Jury f^
has been tryim' l• Orteii) Hrowno,
Democratic loader In li'Kislature on
flu* charge of hrihlnK Charing A.
While, with $ 1,000 to vote for Port
mcr for the Ignited States senate
was discharge I today after having
failed to reftih a verdict,
ll hail been out since Friday after
noon. The i'iihc will In rushed at
onre to gerund trial. Itrowne snya
result iif trial la vindication for him.
.lohn \1 Swope, a prominent far
mer ami lurnhei dealer of l.inHlde,
Monroe county, was In the city to*
day looking after hia hiislfegs In
tereki Mr. Swope has closed sever
al Important timber deals in this sec
tlon of country recently and he finds
a brisk deuiand in the lumber mark
et .
fl’rof. .1 ft. McClure, principal of
the teachers' course in the Kentucky
1 Normal College at Isutisa. Ky., is In
the city lookina after the interests
in his institution.
Prof. McClure was formally princi
pal of the Orahain College at Craharn.
V'a . anti Is well known here as an
efficient educator lit* has many
> j friends In this section of country.

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