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Taditions Are Battered and
Republicans Rest Under
Under a Tidal Wave
of Ballots
— 1 ■ *
Next House Will Have a
Majority of 47 and May
Be More
Washington. Nov. 9.—A political
revolution which has shattered the
tradf'lons and deluged the Republl
rays under a tidal wave of Democracy
has swept the country. It has upset
the precedents of a generation, chang
ed the political complexion of the
national house of representatives and
ptossaged the national political fight
in 1912.
The Socialists made amazing gains,
electing Victor L. Berger of Milwau
kee to Congress.
Stinging rebuke has been admin
ostered to the Republicans for the
high cost of living, caused by the tar
iff bill. The great national pivotal
states of New York, Massachusetts,
Ohio, and Indiana are Democratic,
nix's majorlly is about 70.000. Bald
win's election in Connecticut is con
Charles Robinson, colored, a cook
on a cook car located on the Norfolk
& Western at Lindsey was shot and
instantly killed by an unknown white
boy yesterday afternoon about 4
o'clock. After the shooting the hoy
escaped and has not been seen since.
According to the report received hero
that the boy was bothring the cook,
and Robinson ordered him away from
the camp car. A few words ensued
between the two and the boy Jerked
out a revolver and shot him. Accord
ing to the statements made by the ne
groes who live on the car at that
point, the hoy lias been loafing around
there for several days. Officers are
after the youth.
Little Effect on Market.
New York, Nov. 9.—Contrary to‘
expectations the sweeping victory ofi
the Democratic party and little ef
fect on the Wall Street market. Trad-I
ing during early stages was Irregular
and the small fractional gains scored
were wiped out during the first hour.
Soifthern Pacific was weakest of
market and the Southern railway the
ceded by the Republicans by plural
ity of about 000. Massachusetts is
safely Democratic and will probably
elect a Democratic senator to suc
ceed Ix>dge. Harmon has at>out 50,
000 plurality but the Republicans
have probably carried the Ohio legls
lature. Woodrow Wilson in New Jer
sey is safe.
Democratic by 47,
Washington, Nov. 9.—Josiah Shinn,
statistician of the Democratic nat
ional congressional committee, who
for several days has been in charge
of the Democratic headquarters non-,
said this morning that the next house
would have a Democratic majority of
forty-seven and mey be more.
•». 8 Terry, a foreman employed by
Moorman Brothers, contractors. of
Lynchburg fn track construction for
the Norfolk & WoHtern at Devon was
fired today according to a report re
ceived here, for shipping a bunch of
negroea to Glen Alum to vote. A
wire. It la stated, was sent yestorday
by Mr. Terry to M. C. White at Wfl
Hannon, Republican candidate for tbe
state senate as follows: "Do you want
me to fake my negroes to Olen Alum
tomorrow? If so. send mo expense
money for name.”
If Is said the wire was answered by
Mr. \\ hlte and the money forwarded.
It is further stated tha' the negroes
arrived as per agreement and were
voted. When Moorman Brothers
heard of the transaction they prone
ly fired their boss.
* I
I _ ^ - I
Claim I'our C ongressmen Out of Five—Next
Legislature Will Be Democratic by a Good
Majority—Big Gains in All Parts of the State
United States Senatorial Possibilites are |Col. L.j
L. Tierney, John T. McGaw, John Cornwell
and W. E. Chilton tosucced Scott—Both Con
stitutional Amendments Defeated—Both Iowa
and Indiana Democratic—D. E. French’s Ma
jority for Senate Over 1,200.
Wheeling. No/. 9.— (Special) The
Democrats have swept West Virginia
electing four congressmen, Hughes
in the fifth being the only Republican
pulled oik of tho fire. Davis’s plur-'
arlly over Carrignn In the first Is
.1271; Drown over Sturgiss in second
3260; l.ittlepage over Gaines in third
1200; Hamilton over Woodyard In
fourth 1625.
The Republicans elect only three
out of fifteen state senators, electing
llearne in the first, White in the
sixth and Hood in the fourteenth. The
Republicans have eleven hold overs,
Democrats four, giving the Democrats
sixteen and Republicans fourteen in
next senate. The Democrats elect fif
ty-four members of the house of dele
gates and the Republicans thirty-two.
The Democrats thus have a majority
of thirty-two on Joint ballot insurging
the election of a Democratic succes
sor to Senator N. U. Scott. The next
United States senator will he Col. L.
10. Tierney, John T. McGraw, John J.
Cornwell or W. E. Chilton.
The Democrats swept Ohio and
Kanawha counties, electing the en
tire county tickets and sending solid
Democratic delegations to the legis
lature in tho eighth senatorial dis
trict. Gov. W. A. McCorkle, Demo
rat, defeated Grant 1*. Hall in one of
the bitterest fights ever waged In the
state for ihe state senate. J. O.
Hearne, Republican, is saved In the
first district by carrying Hancock and
Drook counties. He lost his home
county, Ohio, by 34G to Caldwell his
Democratic opponent but the plurality
in the other two counties gave him
a plurality of ninety in the district.
Although the returns are incom
plete the indication are that both con
stitutional amendment# are (defeated.
The result of the legislature fol
lows :
State senate First district, J. O.
Heame K, 90; Second district O. B.
Hlemaker I). 647; Third district. In
doubt; Fourth district, in doubt; Fifth
district H A. Holmans 1), 900; Sixth
district M. E. White R, unopposed;
Seventh district I). K. French D. 1400;
Eighth district W. A. McCorkle F),
760; Ninth district John A. Preaton
I). 700; Tenth district R. F. Kidd i>.
1900; Eleventh district J. H. Phillips
It, 2100; Twelfth dlstrlot. O. W. Hland
D, 1140; Thirteenth/ district H. V.
Woods I), 300; Fourteenth district O.
A. Horn! ft, 600; Fifteenth district
Orayslever it. 2050. Senate, elected
and hold overs. Total Republican 3—
M —14. Democrats 10 4—14. In
doubt 2— 2. Mouse of delegates Re
publican 29. Democratic 50 In doubt
7. House and Senate, House 50—
29-7. Senate 14 2. 64—43 9
Stuart’s Majority.
Pulaski, Va., Nov, 9. — (Special) —
Returns received at noon today give
Stuart a majority of about 150 Stu
art's counties are, Giles 225, Pulaski
275, Washington 200, Mristol city 275,
Russell 150, Huchannn 69, Total 1194.
Slemps counties arc Wise 210, Taze
well 350, Dickenson 59, Smythe 183,
Scott 200, Wythe 1 Rland 38. Total
Stuart's majority 160.
A report from Scott county say*
that two precincts will ho thrown out
on account of illegal voting by the
Republicans. This will materially in
crAano Stuarts majority.
Good Poll in Raleigh.
A telephone message from Raleigh
county this morning states that D. E.
French candidate for the senate has
made a great race in that county, and
will probably receive a small major
ity. Mr. French carried Monroe coun
ty by about 390. Summers gave him
about 600.
Democratic Majority
A telegram received today by \V.
P. Hawley from Governor Glasscock
snys the Democrats will have a ma
jority of twenty-five on joint ballot
In tho next legislature.
Slemp Probably Elected
Roanoke. Nov.—(Special)—The last
returns from the Ninth Virginia dis
trtet are lor Stuart, Giles 225, Pulas
ki 274, Washington 191. Bristol 275, '
Russell Bid, Buchanan 51. For Slemp
Scott 250 (estimated), Lee 90, Wise
225, Tazewell 285. Smythe 185, Bland
88, Wythe 1.
This gives Slemp a majority of
rinety-two with Dickenson to hear
from. Dickerson probably will give
Slemp o small majority. Both Demo
crats and Republicans admit that
Siemp'g majority in Scott will be I
about 850 It looks as if Slemp is
electee by about 100 majority.
Colonel Clamlike.
Oyster Ra>, Nov. 9.—Colonel Theo
dore RoCacvelt went into seclusion to
day. He would see tio one uud make]
no ccmniuit on the election.
Belief Delegation.
Ashvilk*, N. C., Nov. 9.—Indications I
In tho Teuth congressional district
ar ? that (iudgcrs majority over Grant,
congressman, is 600 to 800. This
moans, a solid Democratic delegation
in tongrevs from North Curolina.
Another State.
Do* Moines, la., Nov. 9. Another
state added to tho Democratic list
is Iowa. The Democratic candidate
tor governor lias a majority of about
10.000 and tho state has elected four
Democratic congressmen.
Slemp’s Majority.
PulMki, Nov. 9.—(Special.)—Re-'
turns at 3 o’clock this afternoon give
Dascornh Hlemp a majority of about !
293. The Democratic committee has I
conceded defeat.
Roanoke. Va.. No. . 9. i sp> ( a!) I
Slomp is claiming a majority in the
Ninth Virginia district oi Nlnoy-two
wth the offic ial vote of Dickerson and
'Hnckhaoun counties to hear from.
These counties will probaldy give
Stuart h majority in this count.
Prom Last Night's Extra.
From the election returns at this
time It npepars that there has been a
.Democratic landslide all over the
country, Dix has carried New York
by a majority of about 75,000, and
both NfciMH&chuHetfs and Connecticut
are Tietnocratlc by safe majorities.
Woodrtew Wilson Is elected governor
of New Jersey by a good vote.
In the local senatorial fight, D. K.
French lias evidently been elected,
and that, both Akers and Pendleton
are elected to the legislature. Mr.
French'* majority in Heaver Pond dis
trict was 400 and in the city 241. He
carried Humhers f»y 600.
Indications are now that the I>emo-,
orafs have elected the entire county
Concedes Dix's Election.
New York, Nov. 9. New York state
today followed Massachusetts out of
the Republican ranks and elected
John A. Dix governor over Henry I,, I
I Htimson. The returns at 7:30 show-(
ed his majority would be between
80.000 and 90.000.
The New York Journal concedes the
election of Dix.
New York, Nov. 8.—One hundred
and sixty election districts out of 591
in ilrooklyn. Htimson 19,602; Dix.
26,516; Hooper. 3.272. New York at
7; 16 the New York World flashed the
election nf Dix. New York In Great
er New York 330 election districts out
of 1.700 give Htimson 34,170. Dix 55.
107 Hooper 7.033,
Rome CRy and town of Rome com
pete gives Dix 1996, Htimson 1718.
(Continued on Page Six)
Washington. Nov. 9.—Preisdcnt
raft returned to tho capital today from
Cincinnati, where lie went to cast his
note in yeserday’s election, but spent
3nly a few hours in the city, leaving
[his afternoon for Charleston, S. (\.
wh /.e he will board tho warship
which will take him to tlie Panama
['anal zone. It is expected that 1 lie
President will be gone about twelve
Jays. Ah four days are required for
tlie trip in each direction, tills will
give him four days on the Isthmus.
President Taft was urged to make
ihe tour of investigation by Co. tJoe
Llials, chairman of the canal commis
sion and chief engineer of tho big
ditch Tlie latter declared that tho
visits of tlie chief executive were al
ways a source of enthusiasm and in
spiration to the men engaged on the
work, and tha a visit at litis time
would result in renewed energy and
determination on the part of tlie offi
cials and workmen. Tlie President
will also be asked to decide many
important problems whieh have arisen
in connection with the work.
Durham, N. Nov. 9. Heads of
leading Institutions of learning from
many parts of the country took part
in od.iy's exercises attendant upon
the naiiguration of Dr. William Pres
ton Few as president of Trinity Col
lege. The exercises began with the
presentation of the new Washington
Duke building, the llrst of a group of
magnificent new buildings. Craven
Memorial Hall was the scene of the
formal installation ceremonies. Hlsh
• John C. KJingo, the retiring prep
blent, of Trinity, presented the char
ter and seal to the new executive Ad
dresses were delivered by ov. Kiteh
en, In behalf of the state, and Dr.
Harry PraU Jiidson, president of the
t'nlverslty of Chicago, In behalf of the
visiting educators. President Fowl
then delivered his Inaugural address, j
Trinity College was founded In 1 ,'
and with its new buildings and en
larged facilities will take a place as
one of the leading educational insti
tut ions of the .South
New York, Nov. 1* New York dio
cese of the Kplscopal church began
Its convention In Synod Hall today
and will take up several imi>ortnnt '
matters. The project of dividing the!
dloeese ami forming two such orgnnl-j
zAtlons, on** of up-Mate and one for j
the city, will probably come up again
for consideration. A n*w suffragan
bishop will be elected.
Bish Kinsolving of .southern Brazil,
Bishop Brent of the Philippines and
Bishop Lawrence of Massachusetts
will address a bishops' meeting to
night at Carnegie Hall. The subject
will be ' The Great Commission.”
New York, Nov. 9.- Under the aus
pices of the American Institute, a
national exhibition of chrysanthmums
was opened today in the Berkeley Ly
ceum. Various other plants and
flowers are also shown and handsome
prizes will be awarded.
Mm cow) mom
Fif.i; me present re.;i**ris of Mcr*
cor comity Pendleton In elected to the
legislature, and I). HJ. French, Dem
ocratic candidate for the senate, re
ceived a majority of about !7f» over
Maker. The returns are incomplete
und the figures cannot be given us
exact, but they are substantially cor
rect. According to advices from Mon- j
roe today Mr. French carried ttint
county by 1190, and Ifinton gives him
a majority in Summers of 800. A
telephone message from .foe Smith of
the Raleigh Register says that the re
turns from Raleigh have not been
[completed, but it looks as though Mr.
French will receive a small majority.
This gives Mr. French a majority in
the district of about 1200.
In the county on the face of the
returns so far an received Mr. Akers
for the legislature is defeated by a
very small majority, and u recount
will probably be demanded. Both
William II. Thomas and A. E. Bivens,
K< hool commissioners, wore elected In
this district by good majorities and
Judge Dillard for Justice and Jerome
Mitchell for constable bad walkovers.
The following are the approximate
county and district majorities.
Hughes . 340
French .170
Pendleton ..100
Steele . 35
Hilly .400
Ifolroyd .230
Thomas .275
Bivens. 290
Dillard .325
Mitchell . 350
New York. Nov. 9.- The strike situ-J
fit ion is more serious and complicated
than at any time since the trouble
with the express drivers began. Home
of tin* department stores asked for
protection for tii**lr drivers and more
taxi-drivers ar** exported to go out
Tin* Indies of ('land Street Metho
dist church will tender a reception
to tie- new pastor and ills family on
Thursday evening from X to II o’clock
a* the church.
All members and friends of tho
church arc invited to attend.
The Hi. Charles hotel at. Norton sus
hi inod about a three hundred dollar
>*•■* by fire yesterday afternoon about
five o'clock. The partitions divining
the rooms wore burned and the fur
niture was ruined by water according
to a reiibrt received here today. The
tire was started by some one earless*
ly throwing a clgaretto on the floor,
John Brewster of Modjeska was
Turk bv a west hound freight train
r l,ini i v e-nTday afternoon and
had both tegs rut off below the knees
Ili right arm was also broken. Brew
ster was walking along the Norfolk £
Western tracks and did not hear the
approaching train. Iln was taken to
the Miner's hospital at Welch.
Welch, Nov. 3. (Special)—From
[ present indications It appears that
James Hughes Republican candidate
for congress In this district has car
ried the county by 3700 majority and
advices from Mingo stato that he has
carried that county by at least 1000
Tho voting, however, was irregular
and much of it illegal. It la stated,
on good authority. Negroes repeaters
were herded from precinct to precinct
and voted without any regard to law.
A good hard blow was delivered the
machine when its negro candidate for
school commissioner at Gary was de
ft a ted by a majority of 700 by Mr.
Spangler, the Democratic nominee.
it is altogether probable that the
Democrats will make an effort in
both McDowell and Mingo counties to
throw out the vote for illegality in
registration and \oting. It is stated
that people long dead were registered
itid in one instance in Mingo a man
serving time in tho pen was duly reg
ist< red.

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