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From President William H.
Taft: to Congress.
Washington, D. 0., April 15.?
A message from President Taft
was reoeived by both branobes of
Ooogrees, submitting a draft of a
bill for a revision of the present
aohednles between this oountry
and the Philippines. The exeou
tive's message was as follows:
"To the Senate and Uonse of
BepresenUtivee: I transmit here
with a oommnnioation from the
Secretary of War, inclosing one
from the Ohief of the Bureau ?of
Insular Affairs, in whioh is trans
mitted a propoeed tariff revision
law for the Philippine Islands.
"This measure revises the pres
ent Philippine tariff, simplifies it
and makes it oonform. as nearly as
possible, to the regulation of the
ouatoms la^s of the United States,
espeoially with reepeot to paoking
and packages.
"Tne present Philippine regula
tions have been cumbersome and
diffioalt for American merchants
and exporters to oomply with.
"Its purpose is to meet the new
oonditions that will arise nnder
the section of the pending United
States tariff bill, whioh provides,
with certain limitations, for free
trade bttween the United States
and the isiahns..
"It is drawn with a view to pre
serving to the islands as maoh oas
toms revenue as possible, and to
protect in a reasonable measure
those industries whioh now exist
in the islands.
''The bill now tracsmiltad has
been drawn by a board of tariff ex
perts, of which the Insular Collec
tor of Customs, Colonel Giorge R
CoUou, wes the President. The
board held a great many open
meetings in Manila, and oon
ferred with representatives of all
business intersta in the Philli
pine islands.
"It iB of great importance to the
welfare of the islands that the bill
should be passed at the same time
with the pending Payne bill, with
speoial reference to the provisions
of whioh it was prepared.
5*1 respeotfully reoommend that
this bill be enaotsd at the present
session of Congress as one inci
dental to and required by the
passage of the Payne bill.
"William H. Taft.
"The White House, April 14,1909.
Prof. Alfred Holbrook, aged 93
years, died at his home at Lebanon,
Ohio, last Friday. He was the
founder of the National. Normal
University, of that plaoe, so largely
attended by teaohers and students
from every state in the Union. He
was the anthor of Holbrook'a
grammar, extensively used, and
the father of the idea of indepen
dent normalism from whioh oame
a vast system of normal sohools
throughout the states. Many of
his pupils are to be found in this
oouaty, and in the Ohio and Ka
nawha valleys. The funeral was
held lit the ohapel hall Monday
afternoon, and is said to have been
the largest and most elaborate in
the history of the oity. Delegates
of "Normalites" from many stateB
were present.
Get our prioas on matting, rugs
oil oloth and linoleum before buy
ing elsewhere. The Bon-Ton De-i
partment Store. It
A Bright Sunday in the
Calendar of* fwo Popular
Young 'People.
Mr Cal Sawyers and Miss Fran,
oea Henry were united in the holy
bonds of matrimony in Gallipolis,
Ohio, Sunday afternoon *nd left
Monday for their future home, at
Snmmerville, Niohclas oonnty.
The groom ia a splendid youug
fellow and is a brother to Mrs
Will Stortz of this oity. The
bride ia a handsome and popnNr
young woman,
The Register, joins in congratu
lations and hopes that the joys and
sorrows of a long life may be
mntually shared, end when "silver
threads shall fall among the gold,
may the happy infljence of do
mestic bliss sit hand in hand with
olustering honors upon their brow
throwing a halo of youth around
their sunset of life.
A musical oomedy given by the
Warblers" at Hooff's Opera
House la-t Wednesday night,
April 14th, was the suooess of the
season. Tbe ohorus pirls did fine
work?as good as those of long
Charlie Howard in his song,
"Blow the Smoke Away," delifeh
ted the audience as usual.
Jaofc Swaim with his fourteen
ohorns girls was one of the star
Miss Caroline Comstook in her
usual pleasing manner, sang
"Sweethearts," with ohorus.
Misa Kate Smith with her
ohorus in 'A Night, a ? Girl, a
Moon," wbb highly appreciated by
all these who heard her.
Miss Hess and "Warblers" olosed
tbo entertainment by singing "A
Garden of Dreams.''
Under the uirootion of Miss
Hess, Goldie Comstook and Carl
Eur'z vrera the hit of the evening,
The J T Hatfield and the Lu
oy Marmet are dropping out ooal
from the mines for shipment to
the Cincinnati market.
Capt James Morgan Hooff re
turned Sunday from Louisville,
where he took the steamer Wini
The Evergreen now has the fa
miliar whistle that was on the old
Columbia for several years. This
whistle was made by tfce Enos
Hill Co, mfeny years ago.
Capt Wm Daffy has ohanged
the name of his towboat Mary La
oey to Diok [Pape, in honor 9f a
Marietta men.
Cspt Thomas Warren, 90, a vrell
known river man, died at Pcrkere
burg a few days agp.
Charleston. W. Va.. April 13.?
Af a meeting of the trustee* of the
funs' appropriated fcr a monument
Poiut Pleasant held here, it was
announced that contracts had been
olosed for the work and that it will
be completed in :time*for the un
veiling on October 10, justl35 years
after the tamoue battle whioh it will
oommemcrate. The shaft will cost
>15,CCD, two-thirds of whioh will
be paid by the federal government.
?Parkersburg Diapatoh-Xews.
Mrs John L Whitten was oslled
to Glenwood Tuesday o^ing to the
illness of her father. Mr Henry
Gwinn, who is quite siok.
Ai the gas man's bill g?ta small
the k* man's bill gels larger.
The%ecefyd W. E Hadson,of
Hootingto^v&ob od at the Pres
byterian ohurefi: Scrday night.
Mrs Ed MoElfrenh will onterisin
the SooieUs Ulub from 2 until 5
o'oloek to-morrow . fternoon.
0. E. Sarbet & Oo, began drill'
ing an oil wfcll ol the Wagner
farm near Point P i?snt Monday.
At the sale las'. Wednesday of
the Pakeraborg^ew. plant Jndge
Beeae Blizzard beor .o the pur
ohaaer at $21030.
The farmer* of our oonnty are
all busily engaged in preparing for
and planting oforops There will
be a larger acreage planted this
year than usual.
Mr. ?T B. Smith baa purohtsed
the property reoently purchased
by Mr Marion Foglenonjr, *on
Kanawha street. Mr Roy Smith,
hie eon, will occupy it.
At a congregational meeting of
the members o? the Point Pleasant
Preabyterian Church, a' o&U was
oztended to the Rev. Dr. MoCon
nell, Moriatown, Tenn.
W. P. Fowler, oontraotor, has
commenced the work of making
oement bloobs for the new resi
dence of Oapt Rush Bnrnaide, on
the ooraer of 7th and Main streets.
Miss Tim Malone will moat her
denc-'ng olass on Wednesday night
of.thie week instead of Friday
night, on account of the ontertain
ment 'Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage
The Point Clab_g&ve their ? Eas
ter danoe at the Spenoer Assembly
room on Thursday night of last
week. About thirty couples wore
iu attendance, and a very enjoy
able danco it was.
Air E C Winger received a tele
gram Mcnday morning saying:
"De-r Pup., I arrivGu Sunday
noca. Mamma rind I doing nicely."
Frances Imogeno Winger." Con
Secretary of Agriculture Wilson
denies the soaroity of wheat as the
oauee of the rise of flour. He says
there are many millions of bcsbels
of wheat in tho United States,
more than oan bo used before the
next crop is matured.
Mr. John Beller, Jr., son of Mr.
John E. Beller, of this place, now
a W est Point Cadet, was operated
on Sunday for appendioitis. His
many friends wil! be glad to know
the operation was successful, and
is getting along nicely at last ao
The ohildren and grandohildreu
of Mrs Ro6s Filson gave her a sur.
prieo party on her 71st birthday
last Friday, at whioh refreshments
were served and all present had a
good time. She received a num
ber of fine presents, and upen
leaving the guests filled ber pook
eta with silver dollars.
Exclusive hats for all, no two
?like- E B Sisler.
Mr and Mrs S P Some:ville, of
Ten-mile, were in town Monday,
shopping and visiting relatives.
You oan save mcney by buying
your laoe ourtains at Th? Ben-Ton
Department Store. It
Miss Elsie Hen king, who has
spent six weeks in New York per.
oha?ing her trousean, came on to
Charleston where she was married
i to Frank Smith, of Gallipot, 0,
oeremony taking pleoe at St Jobct
Appointed U. S. Marine Boiler
Inspector Vice George H.
Atkinson', Resigned.
For the first time in neatly 15
years tntre has been a obiu^ge in
the effioe of the local United States
steam bo: t Inspectors as the result
of the resignation on Thursday of
Captain George II Atkinson. To
take bia placo Captain Charles G
Thomas of Point Ploaesnt, W Va,
a member of the looal board of th^t
place, has been appointed.
Captain Thomas comes from an
old lino of 6teamboatmen and as
sumed his now position of in
spector yosterday. The first boat to
be inspected was one of the tow
basts of the Pittsburg Plate Glass
Company, at TRrontum,
The othor_balf of the board is
Captain Isbro 6. Williams, whoBe
father owned the .Josoph B Wil
liams, tbe biggest towboat of her
time. Captain Williams baa been
inspeotor of hulls far nearly 15
Supervising Inspeotor Daniel J
Dougherty acd Supervising In
speotor General George Ubler con
curred in tbe advisability of ap
pointing Captain ThomRsto bis
new position, Tbe fonrth attaohe
of thelooal offioe is John B Hay
ward, who snoceeded Mr Dough
erty as inspeotor of boiler steel.
The Point PlensBot board is at this
time incomplete, as Captain Wil
liam B Clarke, of that place in
spector of hulls, is without a boiler
iotpeotor, Csptian Thomas will
move his family at once to this
city.?Pittsburg Snn.
On last Sunday evening, Dr.
Alien received a hurry-up oall to
tho residence of Ned Skidmoro,
over whose bouse tho stork was
hovering, and promptly responded
to .the oali. While attending skil
fully to his professional dutieB s
neighbor stepped in and informed
him that the roof of tbe honse was
on fire, and that .the bnildii.& whs
surely doomed to destruction .f im
mediate attention was not given it
The dootor immediately joined tbe
buoket brigade, tbe fire was ex
tinguished, and he returned to the
sick room just in time to tfEoiale
tbe birth of two healthy boy bo
bies. All of wbioh goes to show
tbat Dr. Allen is on to his job.?
Webster Echo.
The following, furnished us by
Mr. John G. Aten, Deputy County
Clerk will be read by those inter
ested in tbe subjeot of matrimony:
Age when license
Was Issued.
Undet *20 yours ! 11
20 25 101
25 30 55
30 35 . 30
35 40 9
40.i 45 1 5
45 50 8
50 GO j S
60 70 4
70 80 I 1
80 I 0
Total '..238 238
Issi.od leal yoar, 1908.
The iron workers are beginning
to arrive to oommenoe work on tho
re-oonBtruotion of tbe K. & M. ep
proaohes, and by the last cf this
week seme 50 or 60 men will be
here and some hove their 'smi!i?s
It will take Sovcral months to
j (iomolrte tbe wc-rk.
j Only ?1 per year, in advance.
Meets To-morrow to Select
Ti e newly appointed board of
control, consisting of J. S. Laiin,
of Terro Alto; John A. Shsppatd,
of Wiliamsou, and Prof. Thomas ?
Hodges, of Morgantown, will meet
in this city next Thursday with tho
board of pnblio works for the par
pose of deciding upon the location
of the office) for the new board. It
is most likely that the briok build
ing, ad joining the Oapitol Hotel on
Capitol etreet, recently pnrohased
by the state, will be made use of.
The board wilt brve at least five
offices, so the entire building will
in all probability be turned into
offices Eaoh of the three members
will have a privato offioe. the sec
retary will have an offioe.
At first it was thought that rooms
on the third floor cf the oapitol
building would be put at the dis
posal of th .-board but as the board
will have to use its offioes during
tbe entire year, while the rooms in
the capitol bniding are used an
committee rooms daring the ses
sion of the legislature, it wa?
thought best to seoure permanent
Many other mitteritj&xsfereno*
to the board will be.ta|fef up at th*
meetings neXtTbjzzpday. The board
of control will have an immense,
amount of work to do, o. dtrolling
as it will, all the pubiio institutions,
of the stnte, and then ore m ny
matters that will have to te dispos
ed of before tho memb re go into
Mr. Lakin, the six-yesr man,
who is nil ready in this city, will
remain until site: Thursday, Prof.
Hodges and Mr bhopp^Td will ar
rive in tbeoity next Wednesday.
?Charleston Gazette,
Service at Christ Cburoh to
1 night 8 pm. Choir praotio after
1 servioe,
Servioe Sonday 8 p. m.
Sorvice at Bruce Chapel Sunday
11 ?. m.
You are ooriially invito 1.
Mr. J. R. Vail has been notified
by assign mentof blaok bass has
been mide for Mill Creek, to bs
shipped between this time and Nov
ember. Mr.Vail turned a like as
signment loose in tbe creek nine
years ago. tbe result of which is
being seen. It is a v'o'alion of law
to oatoh blaok bits before the 1st
of June, fisherman will do well to
remember.?Ripley Herald.
The following is a list of olaims
reoently allowed tbrongb efforts of
Pension Attorney D. W. Brown,
of our oity. since oar last iesne:
Mary Noble, widow of Anson
Noble, North Point Pleasant, wid
ows original pension of SI I per
month from Feb. 8, 1900., Lad $2
rdditional per month for minor
F N Cbildere, Cheeter, W. Va.,
arrears of [.ay and bounty, $100.
Mary Selbe, widow of JobnR.
Selbc, Co. E, 7th W. Va. Caiv., of
Philipsbarg, Kansas, arrears of
diy ae<! bounty, etc., $IG.0i.
At the hour of going to press
Editor W. C. Wiiaiey i3 reported
?s maoh improved.

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