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For Uncle Sam's Money.
Washington, April 12.?Ami.
?atant Stcretary of the Treaenry
?Coolidgo has approved a plan for
systematizing designs for United
States notes and coin cartifioatee.
This onrriesinto effect a sobeme
of uniformity in portrait and gen
eral design for notes of the acme
-denomination of eaoh cluss The
plan adopted will embody the ideas
of those officials of the Treasury
Department, bankers, businessmen
and cnrrcnoy experts.
Itis believed that tbo new notes
?when put into circulation will be
weloomed by the bankers on so
count of their siraplioity and the
readiness with which the different
?denominations may be fixed in
mind At present there are 19
?different designs for United States
notes und coin certificates of vari
ous denominations, leading to con
fusion and uncertainty. Under
the new plan thero will be but 9.
For instance, there are now two
designs for fivo-dollar notes. The
silver certificate bears tho head of
an Indian ohief, while tho United
States note bears the portrait of
Andrew Jnokson, eecoiBpsnied by
a symbolical group of a frontiers
man and family. The ten-dollar
gold oertiCsata carries a portrait of
Miohael Hillegas, the first treasur
er of the United States. The sil
ver certificate of the same denom
ination oarries the portrait of
Thomas A. Hendriokt; the $10
greenback, a Buffalo. There is
equal variety in the other denom
By the new plan the possibility
of oonfueion will be reduced to a
?minimum and at the same time
the artistio quality of the notes
will be greatly enhanoed.
Under the plan adopted all olass
<8 of notes of eaoh denomination
will oarry the same portrait, and
no portreit will appear on the
?notes of more than one denomina
tion, nor will any portrait be used
whioh will not be immediately
reooguizabie. The $1 silver cer
tificate will oarry the portrait of
Washington; the ?2 silver oertifi.
oate the portrait of Jefferson.
Tho $5 note, whether silver cer
iifioate or greenbaok, will carry the
portrait of Lincoln; tbo ?10 gold
and silver certificates and United
States notes, that of Cleveland; the
^0 dollar, that of Jackson; tho
?$50, that of Grant; the $100, that
of Franklin; the $500, that of Sal
mon P. Chase, and the $1,000, that !
of Alexander Hamilton. The por
traits of fiillegas, Monroe, Silas
Wright. Lewis Clark, Mansfield
and others will be eliminated. The
eagle, tho buffalo and the Indian
head, which have proved to be eas
ily counterfeited, also will di?ap.
pear. All multiplications will be
done away with The classes of
notes will be differentiated by ool
or and by ether distinguishing
The new system of uotes, it i>
bslieved, will tend to discourage,
The Ri ogling Bros, great cir
cus, which opened a two weeks
engagement at Madison Square
Garden, for the opening ot the
season, will visit West Virginia
this year, and will Le the first
large circus that has traveled
through the state for several
years. John Robinson's and the
great llagenbacks are also slated J
for West Virginia. It is not |
known whether Point Pleasant,'
which is considered a sood show ?
town is one of the places to visit, I
but it is probable one of them |
will come to Point Pleasant. i
Woman Conceived the Idea.
In view of the fact that Gover
nor Glasscock baa issued a public
request that the second Sunday
in May?May 9?be generally
observed througbout the State as
Mother's Day, an idea for a simu
ltaneous observance in every part
of the world of the love and rev
erence which all men and women
owe to their mothers, it is of gen
eral interet to know that the idea
for the observance of such a day
originated in the mind of a West
Virginia woman.
The general idea of Mothers'
Day was conceived by Miss An
na Jarvis, of Philadelphia, who
formerly lived in Grafton, where
she tooght iu the public schools
for several years and where she
is well remembered. Miss Jarvis
is the daughter of Granville E.
Jarvis, who was well known in
that section ot the state.
The mother of Mis3 Jarvis died
about three years ago aud was
buried on the second Sunday
in May. Mrs Jarvis, prior to her
death, was very prominent in the
Sunday school work of Grafton
aud last year Mothers' Day was
generally observed in the church
es of Grafton.
The movement is to make the
day a holiday the whole world
can observe a3 one nation. In
many States the movement has
met with favor and the senti
ment behind.the idea has a long
grasp ou men and women. The
request issued by Governor
Glasscock is not the first ot its
kind, a similar request having
been made by the Governor of
South Dakota.
The white carnation is the flow
er to be worn on Mothers' Day
and everyone is asked to pro
I mote the aay by giving one to
someoue else to wear. The ob
ject of Mothers' Day has been
stated as follows:
To rccall the memories of the
mothers that are gone and
through loviDg words and loving
care to brighten the lives ot the
mothers that remain and 10 help
the children to a greater blessing
in honoring their father and their
To call back mother's prayers,
mother's dying words, and the
promises made to mother by the
big boy that still mourns her, ar.d
to stop to think a little ot what
she was in her lite to the family.
Others wbo are blessed with
their i;ood mother still near them
may show their appreciation b\
some deed of gratitude and love;
If away from home, write her a
love letter, send a telegram, u.-e
the phone or special delivery of
Keeps Him Hustling.
"Heaven help as," says & Georgia
philosopher. "We're gefclng rid ot the
world, the flesh and the devil, and It's
the devil that keeps us hustling for
high water!"
Pearls in Australian Waters.
The pearl Is the best known of Aus
tralian Kerns, ar.d for many years
thousands of dollars' worth hare been
secured in Queensland. The oyster
fisheries ot Thursday Island havo
been the chief source of supply, but
pearls are found all along the* Queens
land coast.
Cupid's Opportunity.
The lights went out in the Dudley
street terminal the other night about
2ve o'clock, and everybody evidently
kissed his best girl, for the air was
full of screams of delight and dellcato
remonstrances.?Boston Record.
To Stop deeding.
When a cut will not stop bleeding,
apply ground rice or flour . Either
one is said to bo very efficacious.
Using, th* Opportunity.
"About the most resourceful ycusg
person I've encountered In tlie real es
tate line," said a Pittsburg m:in, "came
from Ohio. He secured a place with
a real estate firm. The second ev-nlnz
he was In town oa? of his co-workersi
Introduced him to oil evenlflg: gather
ing at the house of a well, known
merchant. The company,-Jeornlng that
the newcomer po*ses?"dja vgicc. Invit
ed him to sing. He responded with
'Home. Sweet Home.'
"Everybody wrft'icrpHsed at his se
lection. but as It was well done he
was heartily applauded. Then lie sur
prised them some more.
"Stepping forward to the center of
the room, he said:
" 'I'm glad you liked the song. There
is nothing like "Home. Sweet Home,"
and let me say that our firm Is selling
them on terms to suit and within
twelve miles of the city. It you don't
care to live there the fact yet remains
that It's the chance "f your life for an
Investment'"?Kansas City Independ
The Millers.
"If yon want to hear some guessing
wide of the mark ask some one what
he would think might be the third
most emmon name in New York
city." says the New York Sun. "The
probability is the crfect answer will
never be made unl'ss some one lias
happened to alight on some such bit
5f information. The fact is that, ac
lording to the best available authori
ties the name Miller ranks third.
Smith ln'ldlng first place nnd Brown
! second. It seems almost incredible.
! but as a matter of fact the name Mil
! ler stand:', well t,o the head of the list
! of names most frequently met with
! In the four largest cities in tho coun
j try. It ;:taads aec?i:d In Philadelphia,
third in New York city and fourth In
I Chicago, while tlie name Jones is way
j down in the list, holding the eleventh
I place In New York city and the thlr
' tccnth in Boston, with such names as
, Chirk, Williams. White and other
names never considered common pre
ceding It."
Tezching the Royal Salute.
I Crossing the deck of the Kaiser WI1
: helm II. royal yacht with a largo mug
of beer In his hand, one of the sailors
\ was startled by the suddeu appearance
' of his royal master. He made a most
clumsy attempt to salute with his free
hand, while his anxiety to prevent the
beer spilling amused his majesty,
i "Look here." said tlie latter, "you
: didn't do that right. Let me show you
j how It ought to be done." Telling thu
man to fancy that he was the em
' peror. who was to be saluted, the kai
l scr took the mug and retreated a few
paces. Then, coming forward again,
stopping opposite to the sailor, he held
, the mug to his lips, drained it. put It
! down on the deck and gave the salute
' with military precision. "That's the
i way to do it." be remarked to the as
> tonished seaman. "Now go down
stairs and tell them to fill the mug up
1 ngaiu and give you one for yourself,
j Say It was I who drank it."
Brain and Muscle.
! According to Miss Loane. the author
? of "From Their Point of View." more
, men are tramps and more women are
i miserable housewives if married or
i underpaid slaves if single because
they cannot or will not use their brain
' power thau because they are too lazy
I for hard bodily labor. The amount of
I purely nnintellectuai drudgery diinio
j Ishes every year and the demand for
. Intelligent workers Increases.
j The author had one woman patient.
; a worker among London poor, a cliron
! Ic sufferer, who managed to keep bouse
I and children in far more perfect order
j than vigorous neighbors always scrub
i bing and scouring. She was once
I asked how she contrived to do this,
and she replied:
"I makes my mind do three parts of
It It Isn't so much what 1 docs, but
what 1 stops from having did."
Old Laws.
There still exists in London a bylaw
which forbids a cask of beer to be un
loaded between certain hours, but no
mention Is made of casks containing
any other liquor.
Lucerne has on Its statute books a
law which is not enforced. It prohib
its hats of more than eighteen inches
In diameter, forbids the use of artifi
cial flowers and imported feathers and
orders that a license of To cents a year
shall be paid for the right to wear rib
bons or silk or gauze.
Reached Too Far.
"Yes," said the bankrupt. "I lost my
fortune reaching for an ideal."
"Very interesting.. And what was
your ideal?"
"A bigger fortune than I bad."?
Philadelphia Ledser.
Desirable Contributions.
Bulzer?Pennster told me that the
best ma-.-azines were clamoring for his
contributions. Knolorham?No won
der. He writes full page ads.?Lippin
Ambition, like a torrent, ne'er looks
back.?Ben Jonson.
UAL ETAS# ifMS'tl:
-Fire, Marine, Acadart and Life Insurance.
. Sstates Managed, Rents Collected. Loans Negotiated.
Point Pleasant, West Va.
XouniB BoDdlnt, (Slrtt Street.) .
None Eut tlie Most Reliable Companies Repre
sented. Come and Talk with. us.
Tho Rico God.
In the Malay peninsula, after a cen
tral propitiatory service has been held
as an "apology" to the rice for cutting
It. tho "rice soul" Is diligently sought.
First the spot where the "best rjee
grows Is selected: then seven stems
are chosen, each 'wring seven Joints.
?Within this sacred' bundle resides the
soul of the whole precious field, and.
dressed in swaddling clothes lite a lire
infant it is borne home in a bas':et
and tenderly, reverently, placed on a
no.- sleeping mat.
After the rice harvest In Ceylon the
priests take a little old god called
Marcll down to the river. A hole is
dug where the water is shallow, and
into this Is crammed a bag of dry rice.
With the gcd placed on top. The satu
rated rice expands. forcing thj Image
upward, so that In about fifteen days
it comes to the surface and is wel
comed as a aer ; acclama
tions of great jo/.
Both Jn China -f . ,irc
special festivals ? ' ,? 7ias aaj
offering up of u,_ .. Los An
geles Times. ?
Luek In Golf.
LucI;. as will readily be understood,
i" a factor that -enters very lar^clv
Into golf. Perhaps the no-t notable
case on record is that of Jamie An
derson when competing for the cham
pionship at Prcstwick in 1S7S. He had '
ju..t teej his ball for the seventeenth !
drive when a little girl standing
among the spectators remarked that
he bad unconsciously placed it just in
front of the proper line. Although
nobody else had noticed the fact this
proved on examination by the referee
to be correct Thereupon Anderson
teed his ball again In a fresh position
well behind the line and made a drive
which landed him ia the hole and
eventually enabled him tc win the
match. If, however, he had played it
from the original spot he would have
been penalized a stroke and have lost
the championship. Clearly, then, luck
on the links i> something to be taken
into consideration whatever tionbeliev
ers may say to the contrary.?Eailev's
What Ho Was Allowed to Do.
A Presbyterian delegate was
accustomed to being seat to denomina
tional conventions to extend fraternal
greetings wan delegated to the j-oncrnl
conference of the Methodist Episcopal
Kiting to speak. ho-said it was a J.
ways an Interesting study to him to
note the different receptions aeccrdrd
conventions of the various
Whenever I attend a convention o'
the Episcopal church, fcr example."
snfd he. "I find I can do anv;l-i->- i
Wee except preach in the pnlpi't. :xhn
I go before the Baptist church I am
aesorded every privilege exevpt ti-at
of raking communion. And." he
with a smile, "when I appear among
the Methocists I natirtv I am allowed
every privilege er.ccj.t taking the col'
lection!"?Ladies" Home Journal.
Housekeeping In Papua.
European housekeeping h, i>;,pc;1 ,s
charmingly simple. Everything arriv
ed in a tin. for the most part ready for
us. Meat milk, butter, vegetables-all
stood In tins in neat rows ia the store
room. A diet gf tinned stuffs grew
rather monotonous at times, but we
were able occasionally to vary It
Sometimes a man would arrive w'ith a
live turtle, which he would sell for two
sticks of tobacco, costing threepence.
The wretched turtle would be killed
and cut up. but would still insist on
quivering lu n most realistic manner
even when placed on the fire to cook.
Then, too, if the season was a good
one. the kitchen would be found lined
with joints.of wallabies, and it would
be hard to know what to do with so
much fresh meat-Wide World Mn-n
Witty Sayings.
W. S. Gilbert said of Bcerbohm
Tree's rjamiet that it was "funny
without being coarse."
During an Englishman's lecture In
New Ilaven the usher said to a late
comer: "Please, sir, take your seat as
quietly as possible. The audience Is
A Philadelphia woman said: "Of
course there will be no marriage in
heaven. There will be plenty of wo
men there and a few men. but none
any one would caro to marry."
This is what Hon Jake Moore,
.Slate Warden of Georgia, says of
'Kodol For Dyspepsia: "E C De
Witt & Oo, Chioego III?Dear
;Sira?I have suffered more than
twenty years from indigestion.
Aboot eighteen months ago I had
grown so much worse that I oonld
not digest a crust of corn bread
and could not rttain anything on
my stomaoh. I lost 25 lbs,; in faot
I made up my mind that I could
not live but a short time, when a
friend of mine reoommended Ko
dnl. I consented to try it to ploase
him and I was better in one day.
I now weigh more than I ever did
in my life and am in better health
than for many years. Kodol did it
I keep a bottle constantly, and
writo this hoping thut humanity
will be benefitted. Yours very
truly, Jake C Moore, Atlanta, Aug
10, 1904 " Sold by all druggists.
The Pace.
Frequently the paco that kills is
the one which a man has to go for
the phrpose of boini; able to satisfy
his wife's ?asi?s.
VVUA-r TJ-E ' vfvs im>.
Tlielr Cnce^smu Work Jieeps -
Cs Strong and Healthy.
All the blood in the body passes
through the kidneys onoe every
three minutes. The kidneys filter
th3 blood. They work night and
day. When healthy they remove
about 500 grains of impure matter
daily, when unhealthy some part
of ibis impure matter is left in the
blood. This brings on many dis
eases and symptoms?pain in the
baok, hetdaehe, nervousness, hot
dry skin, rheumatism, gout, gravel,
disorders of the eyesight and hear
ing, dizziness, irregular heart, de
bility, drowsiness, dropBy, deposits
in the nrine, eto. But if you keep
the filters right you will have no
trouble with your kidneys.
Mrs Sarah Wheaton, living on
Decatur street, Point Pleasant, W
Va, says: ' It gives me pleasure to
recommend Doan's Kidney Pills
whioh can be proouredat Hcoffs
drug store, as I know that they aot
op .to repr(6entations. Different
members of my family have used
this remedy with exoellent results
and as a kidney oure it is a posi
tive specific. I know of many
others who have used Doan's Kid
ney Pills with exoellent results."
For sale by all dealers. Prioe cO
c?nts. Fostor-Milburn Co, Buf
falo. New York, sole agents for the
United States.
Remember the name?Doan's?
and take no other.
Provisions &
All orders given prompt atten
tion. Free delivery to all parts
of the oity.
Sept 23 OS

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