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J The New French Premier.
^ristlde Brlnnd. tbe new French
premier. Is a brilliant scholar, orator,
avowed Socialist and was tbe author
-the final chapters of tbe separation
law that divided church and state In
Stance. Before bis recent elevation
3L Brlnnd wcs minister of Justice and
Tnrfhir In tbe Clemenceaa cabinet.
jl Briand was born in Nantes on
Batch 28.1862, attended school In that
dty and finally became a lawyer. Be
?was elected to represent the Loire in
tbe chamber of deputies. Flrp years
ago be was known only among his own
jcty, tbe Socialists.
He was appointed reporter ?f tbe
?cborcb and state separation Mil and
^soo became recognized as a high au
OUVCLLX wbiohx.
an Sept. 12. 1008, when he circled tbe
Jleld for a distance of 5J>S miles with
Major George O. Squlere of the army
as bis passenger.
IX was in attempting to better this
flight that be met with tbe accident
an Sept. 17, 1906, which resulted in
the death of Lieutenant Thomas E.
Selfridge of the signal corps and in se
?Canity on tbe subject Be aimed to
draw up a bill broadly liberal in spirit,
-tat devoid of fanaticism and designed
to assure freedom of worship and con
science. For his work on that bill be
was elevated to the post of minister
at public Instruction and worship.
During tbe church and state trouble
lie acted with firmness and modera
tion, and after the death of M. Guyot
Dessaigne on Dec. 31. 1907. be was ap
pointed minister of Justice, retaining
also the ministry of worship.
Tt? Can Opener.
Speaker Cannon at Valley Forge de
fended tbe milder forms of profanity
"These not Irreverent cuss words."
said he, "act as a safety valve, .i
man but for them might do shocking
things?smash the piano, scissor the
Speaker Cannon lighted a fresh
"So many things In tbe home." he
said, "Incite a man to?er?let off
steam. There's opening cans, for In
stance?opening these newfangled
cans with patent openers that are al
ways getting lost.
"A Danville man was letting off
steam terribly the other day as be
opened one of these patent cans. Bis
wife, tjred of tbe noise, called from
tbe next room:
"'What are you opening that can
with, dear?
~ The can opener, of course." he re
" 'Oh.' said she. "I thought you were
opening It with prayer.'"
A Master of Aviation.
OrviUe Wright, who recently remain
ed In the air at Fort Myer. Va_ seven
ty-two minutes and forty seconds, car
rying Lieutenant Lahin of the signal
?corps as a passenger, tacked a new
record to his long string of aerial per
formances. The best previous record
was made by Wilbur Wright last year
at Le Mans. France, when he carried
a passenger for 1 hour 0 minutes 31
seconds. Incidentally Orville more
than met the government requirements
for carrying power and In a later ef
fort for speed In straightaway flight.
Before his record breaking achieve
ment the best that Orville Wright bad
been able to accomplish with a pas
senger aboard was 0 minutes G 1-3 se<
onds. This was during a trial Sight
made over the Fort Myer drill ground
Backward, turn backward, O, time
in your flight
And make me her sweetheart just
for tonight?
Make me the knight that bent low
at her feet,
Beady to die for her (ah, those days
were sweet).
Backward, turn backward just for an
Back to the time when one little
Plucked by her hand and pinned fast
on her breast
Where it rested in peace at a bird in
the nest,
Meant all that was holy and sacred
?nd best,
To the knight who'd have died for a
. single caress.
Backward, turn backward, O, time
in your flight,
Give me her love again just for to
The Apocrypha has verses, 7,081.
The Apocrypha has chapters, 183.
The books of the Old Testament, 39
The Apocrypha has words, 152,185
Verses in the Old Testament, 23,
Books in the New Testament, 27.
Verses in the New Testament. 7,
W ords in the Old Testament, 592,
Words in the New Testament, 181,
The chapters in the Old Testament,
Letters in the New Testament,
Letters in the Old Testament, 2,
Chapters in the New Testament.
I 260.
The word Jehovah* occurs 6,86;
j times.
The middle book of the Old Testa
! ment is Proverbs.
The middle chapter of the Olc
Testament is Job 29.
The middle verse of the New Test
ament is Acts, xvii, 17.
The shortest verse in the New
Testament is John, xi, 35.
Chapter 19 of 11. Kings and chap
ter 31 of Isaiah are alike.
The longest verse in the Old Test
ament is Esther, viii, 9.
The middle book of the New Test
ament is II. Thessalonians.
I he word and" occurs in the New
Testament 10,604 times.
The middle chapter and shortest
I in the Bible is Psalm, cxvii.
J The word "and" occurs in the Old
Testament 36,543 times.
The shortest verse in the Old Tes
tament is I. Chronicles, i, 25.
The middle verse in the Old Tes
tament is II. Chronicles, xxi, 17.
The middle chapters of the New
Testament are Romans, xiii and xiv.
Verse 22, chapter 7 of Ezra, has
all the alphabet except "j."
Do you somt times forget and wound
the hearts of your children with
frowns and dagger .of cruel words,
and sometimes with a blow? Do you
sometimes in your peevishness and
your own meanness, w ish yourselves
away from their fretful cries and
j noisy sports? Then think that to
morrow may ripen that very wicked
wish; tomorrow Death may lay its
icy hand upon a little fluttering heart,
, and it will l>c stilled forever. "Tis
then you will miss the sunbeam and
the sweet little flower that reflected
heaven upon the soul. Then cherish
i the little ones; be tender with the
| babes; make the home beautiful. All
; that remains to us of paradise lost
clings about the home. Its purity,
its innocence, its virtue are there,
untainted by guile, unclouded by
sin. There woman shines scarcely
dimmed by the fi.ll, reflecting the
love of Eden's first wife and mother,
still glorify home.
The Register is only $1.00 a year.
I would rather be * tiller of the:
soil, an humble worshiper at Nature's j
shrine, with my cheeks and hands
all tanned by sunshine and my heart
as light as the wing of a bird; I
would rather think anddream where
God has curtained the earth with
blade and leaf and flower and fes
tooned the winding streams with
spreading tree# and tangled Tines,
! and while away the summer evenings
listening to laughter of happy child
ren and music of the fiddle and the
! bow, than to search fi* happiness in
j the mighty city, where the ceaseless
strife of men chill the heart and
! make it cold and indifferent to the
j pure and beautiful sentiments of life.
Truth is mighty at all times, but
no where does it count for more tiian
in the business world. Watch the
bov starting in life who tells the
truth, whether he tramps his own
toes or not, and whose ideals .ire
above deception and lying, and in
the end he will outstrip those who
are ready to evade the question or
are trying to deceive. The moment
we flatter ourselves that we are de
ceiving others without their knowl
edge, that moment do we begin to
deceive ourselves. .That good old
adage, "Tell the truth and shame
the devil," holds as good today as
when it did when the soothsayers
first suggested the thought.
?'Eyes may be blue or brown or grey,
The heart that's behind, every
thought will betray.
And how very true it is. Did you
ever notice the expression in the eyes
' . of girls?how it changes as they grow
;' up and with their character and ac
i cording to how the character devel
' ops? Well, if you haven't you have
missed an interesting study and one
I that will lead you along t'unnv trails
sometimes. When it comes to the
expressive eyes of girlhood, or woman
hood for that matter, look out, for
. i she who seems to be always trying
to look back of VOIR eyes for what
^ lies behind?the girl with sharp, keen
| eyes in which lingers the shrewd,
worldly expression. She is the girl
whose character hasn t, nine times
out of ten, developed altogether
1 along wholesome lines. She is the
girl who can't always say out loud
what she thinks. Her eyes may be
brown or blue or any old color but it
isn't the color that tells?its the cx
; pression anil expression comes only
' from the line of thought that is most
constantly behind those orbs. Evil
speakcth louder than a thousand
tongues and there is no truer indica
tor of the soul of a girl than the
. "light that lies in woman's eyes and
lies and lies and lies."
The worry bug causes a lot of un
necessary trouble.
One of the hardest things in the
world to do is nothing.
It is often harder to do right than
it is to refrain from doing wrong.
A baby's cry is the surest way of
causing a jwiuse in the world's rush.
There is something wrong about a
! man when it is necessary to make
i him good by law.
If some successful business men
| were as crooked in their business as
they are in their politics they would
soon land in jail.
Some of these days we'll be rich
enough to have an old-fashioned rag
1 carpet on the floor of a room that is
j our very own.
Marriage is not a failure in the case ]
of the man who isn't afraid to take
ia friend home for dinner without
first notifying his wife.
It makes us mad to see some lazy,
well-fed animal trainer bow and smile
when we applaud the intelligent ef
forts of the animal.
Your shadow is always behind you
when you face the sun. ^ our troub
les will be behind you if you turn
your face to the future.?Will M.
Maupin in Commoner.
WEEK . .
Celebration of the 1st Battle ot the
OCTOBER 10,1774
Unveiling of the Monoment
, and Memorial Service
Entertainment for the people. A meeting of
old friends. A renewal of old acquaintances.
The re-onion of loved one*.
An Occasion of History Making in West
The Government will be represented by offi
cials to be named by President Taft. The
State will be represented by Governor W ?
Glasscock and his staff. State Troops and
Distinguished Citizens from all over the State
and descendants of the men who participated
in the Battle of Point Pleasant. West Vir
ginian's, wherever they are, are invited to
Come Home. . "
The Masonic Grand Lodge of the State and
Subordinate Lodges of the Stale will pai tici
in the Unveiling Exercises.
Oar neighboring States will be invited to send
State Representatives and the Citizens of those
who share with us the blessings of the Revo
lutionary straggle are invited to come and cel
ebrate with us the 1st Battle ol the Revolution
Congress delayed the duty of the Recognition
of the Battle's Statue but at last has stamped
!? it, as it was, the First Battle of the Revolution
Point Pleasant Swings Wide her Doors and is
preparing to take care of the big crowd that
will be here.
Receptions, Balls, Banquets, Speech Making,
| Steamboat Excursions, Ball Games, the Un
veilinjr of the Monument
The Ceremonies Incident of the Marking of
Cornstalk's Grave and the Grave of Ann Bailey
will be features of interest, while the Sunday
services will include Addresses by the most
Eminent Divines who will come back home to
West Virginia for the occasion.
i If you want further details and are coming back
to West Virginia write the Mayor of Point Pleas
ant Judge John L. Whitten, or Mr. E. J. Som
Will Always be Found Pulling for the Best
That is Cood for our Town, County and State.
: *<???
Moundsville, W. Va., Augusts.?
With a death sentence hanging over
you, don't yoa think that you'd
worry yourself into a semblance of a
i li\ing skeleton? Perhaps.- That
I there is a doubt about it, the exam
; pie ot Isaac Yates, who is confined
; in the state penitentiary, condemned
to die next month ? may be cited.
Upon his arrival at the state peniten
tiary, Yates weighed 117 pounds.
Today he tips the scales at exactly
171 pounds. The fact that he is soon
to give np his life for a crime he has
committed does not seem to have any
' effect on either the physical or men
j tal condition of the man.
He is always apparently happy and
contented and seems to worry not at
all over the fact that he is to be
hanged. The fact that a man may
gain fifty-four pounds in about
three months, while living in the
I shadow of the gallows is almost an
unprecedented occurrence. The rea
son for Yates' calmness and apparent
happiness lies in the fact that he is
expecting a reprieve from the govern
or of the state, but even at.that, how
many men out of a hundred would
1 not be worn to a mere shadow from
the suspense and worry incident to
the trial and conviction through
: which this man has passed:
That Yates has either got supreme
. control over his worrying apparatus
: or else his mentality is soch that he
: is incapable of worrying, would natur
1 ally be the general conclusion of the
majority of people, for even if *
! lighter sentence than that of death
i were certain instead of a possibility
tHfcre are very few men who could
gain weight while waiting for death
on the gallows.
Washington, D. C., August 7.?
; In reply to what he terms "the mis
representations of democrats in the
papers," Champ Clark, leader ofthe
minority in the house of representa
tives today gave out a statement re
garding the course of the democratic
meml>ers of the house in connection
with the consideration of the Payne
tariff bill. Clark is angry because
some pa]>crs of his own party have
stated that the democrats were not
united, and that had they stuck to
! gether they could have defeated the
conference re|>ort. He says the
J democrats in congress are more unit
j ed than ever before. He claims
? that the tariff bill is not a revision
I downward and that the average rates
are 2 per cent higher.
The Steel Trust is pleased witfi
the new tariff bill. The other trusts
have not been heard from, but there
is reason to believe they are equally
; gratified. They wrote it all right.
Look at the label on your paper.
?wwiw? itMJwaicwra.

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