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ftzOROivrxTOWitf :
The fo! Sowing gentlemen arc authorised to re
ceive Adverli?ement'?, fcc. I"*?r thin paper, Vijt,
New York? S. M. I'ettengill V Co. No. 119
N\s?in it reel.
Y isachor, O-.ven Sc Co., 8 Hi and 3 IS Broadway
II. S>. Sclicli's Advertising agency, No. 33.0, |
Broadway. \S'c lia\c a good deal of' confidence I
>n this coiiccrn. ?
IMiiludclplilu ? K. \Y. ( Ann, Nortlmrst enr- '
en of Third and Walnut streets, opposite the !
Jforchants' "l'xchn n^e.
IMttfcbnrg ? Samuel McDonald, Cflieo of the
Tren City newspaper.
On Friday last wc made a visit to
Independence, and on the day fallow
ing extended it to Newburg, Grafton,
and Fettcnnan. There is a good deal
more stir over there than is usual here
in Morgantown. On Saturday morn
ing about one hundred passengers took
breakfast at Grafton, mostly members
?>f Congress with their ladies, borers
nud lobby members, &c., on their way
to their Western homce.
Grafton is a considerable place, and
is growing rapidly. The town is al
ready lighted with gas, and the streets
arc being graded and put in order with
commendable industry. A number of
large and handsome brick and finme
dwelling houses are in progress of c
rection, and several public edifices are
talked of. It is thought that extensive
machine shops will soon he put up hero
to supply the place of those iccentlv
destroyed by fire at Fetterman; and
thero is talk of a manufactory of Coal
Oil being established in this vicinity ;it
an early day. They will soon have a
Newspaper, too, of the right stripe ?
and if this now flourishing town docs
not soon become a City, and eclipse
every other place on the lino of the B.
and 0. Railroad, it will not be for want
cf trying to make the mo?t of their
position and facilities.
The Grafton Ilour.o ia kept in apple
pic order, or more so, under the skilful
management of Mr. Gilbert. ?
Having direct access to the Baltimore
and Wheeling markets, as well as to
all the farms and dairies on and near
both branches of the Railroad, every
luxury and more substantial articlc of
tabic use is at their command, nud is
served up in tho very best order.
The Xewburg House is also kept by
Mr. Gilbert, or rather by his family,
and the accommodations there arc far
superior to what they wore one year
since. Those who have occasion to
stop at this point will find good fare,
good bed*, polite attention, and mod
erate bi lid. Xewburg is getting to bo
a considerable place. Large quantities
of coal are mined, and shipped (or car
re<l) in this vicinity. There is a live
ati<l ?, vol king Division of the Sons of
Temperance here, to which, as well as
to a hastily gathered and intelligent
audience, wo had the fuiviiege of' de
livering a lecture on Saturday night.
Iti li-jmndcr.na is a place of consider
able business, though, for obvious rea
sons, it will not Boon gvow to a rory ,
great size. There are four Stores in !
. this village, fs'il kept by netivc and re
liablo business men. A large amount
of country producc is brought to thi? i
point for transportation on tho H. IV.
The counties of I'rc.'ton and Taylor
possess peculiar advantages, k ought j
to bo rapidly growing in wealth and j
productivenci?, as they doubtless are. ?
With vast mincrnl resource?, and no '
small extent of productive soil, what
ever they produce of iron, or of farm
producc, is always at hand, ready at a ,
moment's warning to he put oft' at nny '
sudden ) iso of the market. Ono of j
1 lie staples of IYcston is Lumber, the
supply of which is inexhaustible, will,
with the modem improvement? in saw- ,
mills, be a gourco of increasing revenue
for many year * to come. The Glades |
of this county afi'ud choice pa-Wnrnge, !
ond, according to Our judgment, nltor I ?
strong inducements for engaging very
extensively in the dairy business. We j
opine tint buttcMnnkcrs here tuny '
soon compete sm#ce*?fully with ilioso !
of the far famed (j hides of ' Old 8otn*
? rsct,' in Tenn-yivania. We have a !
further sugge*t:on to make touching i
t ?v -* locality. \Vr> do not fee why the
f vteiibi tw oflp* interspersed tbroiij/h
tlio tnounta'ns, and now valueless, may
lot be made. to produce thousands of
busliclst)f (TranictricSy a luxury always
ia demand, and commanding a highly
remunerative pi ice.
\Y A It TlUlO A l~ \
Dennett's New Yorlc Herald of the
7th inst. closes an article, under the j
head of " the News from Europe ?
Preparations for the coming Struggle"
as follows : ? ,
Everything, therefore, tends to the
conclusion that a war, and that of the
most formidable character, is close at
hand. In spite of the cfi'orts made to,
reassure the public mind in the great
commercial centres abroad, tho same
conviction seems to he every where es
tablishing itself. However much such
an event is to be abstractly deplored,
wo do not know thnt wo ourselves have
any particular reason to regret it. ?
Viewing the policy of England and
France in connection with the Central
and Southern portions of this conti
nent, it is ccrtain that, if something
does not speedily occur to prevent the
! prosecution of their schemes there, we
i shall be driven to hostilities with those
L'owers for the protection of our own
i interests. If a European war can avert
from us such a necessity, and at the
j same time raise from tlio dust the down
trodden nationalities of the O'd World,
wo own that we are neither sufliciontly
unselfish nor humanitarian in our ne
; lions to whine over it when it comes.
Mr. WiJIcy's Acci'uliturc.
Feb y 22.1, 1S51). /
1 Gentlemen : ? I li:ivo received your
i letter, informing me that tlio 4'State
Convention of Whigs and Americans,
' iu- 1.1 in the city of Richmond on the
10th inst., had unanimously nominated
mo as a candidate for the olfice of
Lieutenant Governor.
Heartily endorsing the principles
! declared by the Convention, I accept
the nomination, more from a sense of
obligation to the many distinguished
gentlemen who have done me the honor
to make it, th.m from any desire I
! have for the place, or any supposition
t entertained by mo that 1 amde'serving
| of it.
| With sentiments of the greatest
respect and esteem, I have the honor
to be, gentlemen,
Your most obedient servant,
; .las. F. Johnson, and others, Com
: mittee.
The Virgin1;* Election ? Opposif ion
We perccive by the Itichmond pa
pers that the canvass in Virginia has
commence. 1 in a right good old fashion
; ed, earnest way. Mr. Letcher on tho
i Democratic side, and Mr. Goggin for
the opposition, aro nominally solicit
ing the suffrages of the people for the
1 gubernatorial chair of the Old Domin
i ion ; but tho fact of the matter realty
! is, as t!ic Enquirer puts it, who shall
i ho the candidate, and what shall bo
tho manner of organizing the opposi
tion for 18(30? For this great stake
Mr. Goggin and Mr. Letcher will con
tost every inch of ground in the Old
Djniinion, after the manner of the iin
mortal campaign just preceding the
: election of Mr. Buchanan, when the
combined Whig and Knpw Nothing
! forces were routed by Field Marshal
Wise. The light went a great way in
| settling the succeeding Presidential
canvass, and the contest now opened,
' with equal preparation, i^ compara
tively as important.
j The forces arc nearly equal. Mr.
| Letcher to bo sure lias a certain nomU
: nal preponderance ; but the domocra
' cy of Virginia is not exactly a happy
I family. Mr. (Jeggin's partisans arc
fighting for life, and they will present
a firm front. 'I lie campaign i3 to be
I conducted in the usual way ? all the
I principal places in the Commonwealth
i to b? canvasscd by each candidate. ?
Mr. (? >gg'w ii a 5 already common ced
his eanva.-s at Jicdforri, r.r.d Mr. Letch
er's I'n &t appointment is nude for She
nnndoah on tho Vth inst. ? to-day. A'
ihe same date Mr. (loggin is to be at
Richmond, and to address a meeting
there. S'o there is a little difficulty a
bout making the appointments agree :
but wo apprehend that between two such
lino obi \ irginia gentlemen as Messrs.
Letcher and (Joggin such a misunder
standing will bo only temporary, and
that they will traverse the State togeth
er, thoroughly discussing and ventila- |
ling the political questions of the day
from every point of view. Tho press,
too, will be earnest, and tho Richmond
papers begin to show that spasmodic
vitality which is only awakened by an
important contest.
To tho country nt large tho impor
tance of this Virginia election, ns well
as the content in Kentucky, and sever
al other Stales where the opposition is
being organized, can hardly be over
rated. If the opposition in Virginia
should win ? and they have some chan
ces 'if vistory ? -or if they should make
such a gain as to show that the demor- j
alir.ation and disintegr ation of tho do- j
inocracy is understood and condemn- j
cd by tho masses of the people, there j
will be a grand opening for the forma- ;
tion of a constitutional party, on broad ;
national ground.', and w it h a fair chance !
for sucooM in IBCO. At the same j
time the Hhick Republicans and aboli- J
tion fanatics of the North will rceeive *
a blow from which they may never re- j
r vcr. The Virginhi election if. really j
the opening of the Presidential cam- I
paign, anil its result ay i 1 1 be looked for
with a degree of interest second only to |
that of tho great event itself. ? N. Y.
-?? -???- - *?- >? ?
Wa ^hinuton, Marck 3. -A } midnight !
the President and his Cabinet were at ,
the capital occupying tho Vice Presi- j
dent's room attending to business in ;
compaction with Congress.
The Navy Appropriation bill, as j
passed, legalizes the order of the Sccrc- i
tary of tho Navy giving rank to En
gineers and Assistants, after tho man
ner of Surgeons, Pursers, and com
manding and executive officers.
The Postmaster General's Physici
ans to-night pronounccd him out of
Washington, March 4.
All the general appropriation bills
that passed both Houses received the
President's signature. The post office
appropriation and post reuto bills fail
ed to become laws. ? The former appro
priated about $20,000,000. Whether
un extra session will" bo called in con
sequence of its loss is a matter for ex
ecutive consideration. So far no re.
liance can be placed on the rumors to
that effect. Amid the confusion in thp
Clerk's offices, it cannot be definitely as
certained whether any private bills
which passed both Mouses failed to re.
ccive the President's signature. The
; miscellaneous appropriation bill con
tains the section extending the treasury
1 note law for two years and appropria
j tes $450,000 for the coast survey which
, was agrood to with singular unanimity;
! besides appropriation for the light house
establishment, the survey of public
lands and an appropriation for taking
I the next census, kc. The ocean mail
steamer bill was killed, but there is ap
pended to the bill to carry into effect
i the treaty with the Dacotah and Tona
| wanda Indian appropriations, for com.
plying with existing contracts for carry
ing mail via Parngua and Tehunntcpcc
to California. The House failed as
has heretofore been the practice to
send the Pre.iidi.nt a messago asking
whether theiv was any further com.
muuication to make and that Congress
{ was ready to adjourn ; several gentle,
i men having objected to the suspension
, of tho roll call on the private bill, which
, was defeated in order that this courtesy
j might be extended.
The House has removed every trace
' of the abolition of tho franking privi
? logo and increase of postage.
; The galleries were densely crowded
? to witness the closing scenes.
Many members leave this afternoon
for their homes.
Horrible Tragedy in Washington.
j A despatch from Washington city, on
? Sunday last, tho 27th ult., says:
This community was thrown into in
tense excitement to-day by the killing
; of Philip liarton Key, United States
District Attorney for the District of
Columbia, at the hands of Hon. Dan
iel E. Sickles, member of Congress
from New York city.
According to tlic most reliable re
ports, Mr. Sickles became convinced
of the truth of certain scandalous ru
| mora involving his wife, resolved to re
j vengo his wrongs, and about 2 o'clock
this afternoon, proceeding from his
j residence, near the President's house,
to the southeast coiner of Lafayette
i Square, in the satno neighborhood
[ where Mr. *Kcy was engaged in con
! versation with Mr. Uuttcrworth, of
I New York and charging Mr. Key with
j having dishonored him and destroyed
! his domestic peace, shot him with a
| revolver ? one of the balls entering the
! left side of his body and passing thro*
i the corresponding point and lodging
under the skin. Another shot took of
I feet in the right thigh near the main
! artery. Key, falling to the ground,
| implored Sickles not to kill him; but
: a third shot was inllictcd in his right
' side glancing from the body, including
! a bruise, of which wounds death ensu
ed in a few moments.
The body was then taken into the
, National Club House, where a jury of
I inquest was summoned, and an exami
, nation of sovoval hours duration took
place. The verdict merely state* that
| death resulted from the e fleets of pis
tol shots ns above slate, fired by Mr.
The premises of the Club IIouso
have been crowded with people all the
afternoon and evening, anxiously en
quiring into all the circumstances of
the terrible event. After Sickles had
killed Mr. Key, he repaired to the res
idence of Attorney General Black,
where he was advised to deliver him
self into the hands of the officers, who
subsequently convoyed him to jail, to
which he was committed for a further
examination to-morrow. The facts
which led to the tragedy will then prob
ably judicially transpire. Tho inqui
sition of the coroner was merely with
reference to tho causes which produc
ed death.
An fcrtra Scition of Con<jrc89. ? A
dispatch from Washington says there
is now no doubt that there were will be
a session of Congress called by the
President earlier tfian tho first Mon
day in December next ; but whether in
advance of or directly after tho autumn
elections for representatives is not yet
determined.' Not only the Post Otfico
Department, but other branches of tho
public service absolutely require legis
lation before the usual time of tho
annual meeting of Congress.
Wnitiunu T. Willey, Esq.
Wo had the pleasure of soeing Mr.
Willey in our town last week. He
was sitting 9olu? in the Mountain City
House when wo called upon him. lie
conversed very plcasiyitly concerning
his nomination and the prospects of
his olection, and was as usual, ready
for a joke, but would not admit thut
ho had said in his lato speech at Mor
gantown that he had been accidental
ly nominated and might bo accidental
ly electcd. We aro sorry that we can't
vote for Mr. Willey.
Apropos: An old gcntleraun inFrcd
ericksburg ? where by the way, we first
met Mr. Willey, in a (J rand Division,
?voted for hun for Lieutenant-Gov
ernor at the last election, because he
was so good a temperance man.
Fa t r m ont Vi >g i n tan.
Cold Comforl.
If the following extract from the
Richmond Enquirer of tho 22nd ult ,
don't give "lionest John" the cold
shoulder, then we arc no judges of what
plain English means, llerc it is: I
''W c do not intend to get into any^
passion over the amount of castigation !
Mr. Goggin may give Mr. Letcher on I
account of the lluflfner pamphet. ? |
I Having ourselves indulged in no little !
rebuke to Mr. Letcher, wo do not in- 1
tend to offer the least excuse or pallia- j
tion for his conduct in 1847. We shall j
merely bo indifferent spectators to 1
the castigation ? rather enjoying it
than otherwise. Wo hope that every
man may take warning from Mr. Let
cher's folly, am! that Mr. Goggin may
teach wisdom to the rising generation
of young Democrats, by inflicting on
Mr. Leicher no little amount of public ,
punishment during his canvass.
Later from U?crry Cretk.
Rather unfavorable Accounts ? Fight- j
ing among the Diggers. \
Aurakia Cut, K. T., Jan'y 19. ?
Some persons havo already commenced
working in the mines, but so far it pays
poorly. Diggers who have been the
most successful have not averaged three
dollars per day, and same have not
made fifty cents, working hard at that.
The gold i3 very fine. It takes from
20 to 25 particles to make the value
of a cent. The largest speck which
I have heard of will not weigh more
than 2 5 cents in value. All the large
lumps that you have received in St.
Louis, as Pike's Peak gold, were never
obtained in this region ? they belong
to California. All the accounts of
gold findings of an extravagant char
acter are the fabrications of specula
tors. 1 wish to put you and others on
their guard ugainst these stories.
There arc more than two hundred
cabins built here, and two hundred
more arc to be erected before the last
of March. A good hotel will bo ready
for, "the boarders" by the end of May.
If enough of gold can bo found beforo
the latter end of May, many now here
will go to California, New Mexico and
Arizona, while not a few will pitch their
tents in the new region for life.
As I am writing, I hear that thoro
is an affray going on about two squares
| from my cabin. Three or four men
j have got into a rjuarrcl, and the report
of pistols is distinctly heard.
The principal amusement here during
the winter has been card playing, tell
ing yarns, and drinking most execrable
whisky. The latter is worth ?10 per
gallon ? in St. Louis it would cost 20
cts. I must not omit to tell you that
| T have not seen a white woman since
| I left the States.
Aurahia City, Jan. 6, 1S;">9. ? There
is plenty of gold here, or in the vicinity,
hut it is scattered over a large surface
of country, and is very fine. Fcwinen
arc mining now, but making from
to ?'> and ?8 per day. AVe would not
advise any one who in doing well in the
States to come out here, but to all who
were situated like were, I sny come.
The land is good for farming. Tho
weather is pleasant in the valleys, but
? very cold in the mountains, which arc
j hut 12 mile? away from this city.
A Fighting Clergyman a Candi
, dale for Mayor. ? Tho Toledo Times
; furnishes the following recommenda
tion of a, candidate at the coming clcc
l lion.
A number of the friends of the Ucv.
, 8. I). Shaffer ? our candidate for May
j or ? offer to stake $o00 that he can
! whip any man in4hU city, in a fair,
stand up fight. Our opinion is, that
any man who has the hardihood to try
the thing on, would find that business
was hukinrsi, when coming to the
scratch :
? - - - - ?
Hiding Hard liloivs. ? Tho Peters
burg Intelligencer learns that Roger
A. IVyor, late editor of the Richmond
I South, in a speech recently delivered
in a Democratic meeting in that city,
gave tho President and his Cabinet
one of the most merciless pummolings
I that has yet been administered by any i
hand upon those high Democratic digni
taries. Wo understand, snys our co
temporary, that tho speaker raked the
whole concern in a scorching style of
denunciation which i? peculiar to his
. ? ?
One of the records in tho William
and Mary College, Va., which was re
cently destroyed by fire, is as follows:
??June 20, 17<>1 ? Kesolved that Mrs.
Foster be appointed Stocking Mender
in tho College, and that she bo paid
annually tho sum of twelve pounds,
provided sho furnitnes herself with
lodging, diet, fire and 4M?ii9>>"
A vein of lead ore luis been discov
ered in Somerset county, Pa., in the
neighborhood of the town of Somerset.
Over $76,000 has been subscribed
in Louisiana in one week to the erec
tion of the Southern Methodist Uni
Piety in tlxe Prison. ? The Tronton
(N. J.) Democrat says that between
thirty and forty of tho inmates of the
State prison have professed conversion
during tho past year, and their daily
conduct warrants the belief of their
The noon. day prayer meetings are
regularly kept up in Pittsburg. The
attendance is about from one hundred
to two hundred persons.
The city of Baltimore pays $241,
800 a year. for tho support of its com
mon schools. .
Importation of Africans. ? A letter
from Texas states that six hundred
sWes from Africa have been brought j
,/nto that State within the last few '
weeks, and that more are soon oxpect- j
The telegraph reports Senator Wade,
of Ohio saying :
"The whole object of the Denlocra
tic party was to go round the world
hunting for niggers. They could not 1
more run a party without niggers than
a steam engine without fuel."
To get to Tike's Peak, go to work
and save your money till yon get three
or four hundred dollars ; then buy a
piece of land, and stay at home and
mind your own business.
If you cannot avoid a quarrel with
a blackguard, let your lawyer manage
it rather than yourself. No man sweeps
his own chimney, but employs a chim
neysweep to do this dirty work, be
cause it is in his trade.
There arc two languages that are
universal ? the ono of love and tho
other of money. The girls understand
one and the men tho other, all the world
over, from Canton to Niagara.
Chicago, March 2. ? Election yes
terday passed oft' quietly. Entire re?
publican ticket elected by an average
majority of a thousand. Council stands,
republican, fourteen ; democrats, six.
Total vote, about 15,000.
I Waitman T. "NVillev, the Amcricp
Whtg candidate for Lieut. Governor
of Virginia, seems to be an exceeding
ly popular man among his fellow-citi
tens,or else the mountaineers are high
ly wrought up the with idea that one of
them has a prospect of becoming Lieut.
Governor. Tho Morgantown and Fair
j inont Democratic papers are full of
, complimentary notices of the gentle
; man. ? Wellsburg Herald.
Something about. Women. ? A wo
man is either worth a great deal or
I nothing. If good for nothing, she is
' not worth getting jealous for ; if she
be a true woman, she will give no cause
I for jealousy. A man is a brute to be
jealous of a good woman ? a fool to be
jealous of a worthless one; but is a
double fool to cut his throat for either
; of them.
j Cf ood Advice to Marrying Men. ?
>'If you marry," said u Roman consul
to his son, ''let it be a woman who has
judgment and industry enough to get
a meal of victuals, tnsto to dress neat,
pride enough to wash before breakfast,
and sense enough to hold her tongue."
A Young Bigamist. ? A precocious
youngster, nineteen years old, named
I John O'Donncll, is on trial in St. Louis
' for being married to three wives at the
same time.
| A Mature Victim. ? In Albany, ft
lady of 3!3, lias entered complaint in
a court of law against a young man of
18, for "leading her from the path of
Tlicy had a dance the other night at
Madison, Wisconsin, for the benefit of
the church. The Sentinel supposes it
was a religious movement.
Hog cholera is prevailing to alarm
ing extent in Kentucky, ono farmer
has lost in tho last year and a half
botwecn six and seven thousand dollars
worth of hogs by this fearful disease.
The Democrat calls the Opposition
"an open party." If the Democracy
is not an open party, we'll open it an
soon as it is dead. ? Lou. Jour.
Brigade Impeetor. ? Col. David T.
II F, WES, of Clarksburg, has been ap
pointed Brigade Inspector for the ?
brigade, by Gen. Buckni;r Fairfax,
of Preston. Wo suppose lie will pay
our county a visit ere \orig.- Fairmont
Gerrct Smith has been cyphering
up his expenses in the late election,
and estimates his votes cost hiin $-1
Lott. ? The Frcdericksburg flier
aid" says that Mr. Fauquier, who died
of? the 20th ulf., had $20,000 on do
posit in tho Bank of Virginia, of that
place, for some twenty or twenty-five
consecutive years, and of course lost
all interest on it.
Vnunual Scene in Virginia. ? In
Fincastle, Va., on tho 22(1 instant, a
company of about a dozen women,
mnrchcd up a drinking saloon with the
intention of destroying it. After ar
riving nt tho house, however, their
Courage failed, and they contented
themselves with giving tho proprietor
a "lecture." The individual in qucs*
tion took it very cooly, merely invit
ing them to call again, when they had
The aggregate annual shoe trade of
Massachusetts is estimated at fifty mil
lions of dollars.
The Ilillnboro Journal ppenks of
five women in that town, "the smallest
of whom is seven feet in circumference."1
Woman must be thick up there.
The cdito;* of the Shenango Yulley
Times is going to Pike's Peak. II?*
begs subscribers to foot tip their bills
and pay over, that ho may go to
dig tho coin he cannot make in their
A French bishop said lately in a
sermon : "Let women remember, that
while putting on their profuse and ex
pensive attire, how narrow are the
gates of Paradise."
Yon may with to get a wife without
a failing ; but what if the lady, after
you find her, happens to be in.ttant of
a husband of the same character?
Tho Opposition in Tennessee will
meet in State Convention on tho 2l)th
of March.
The Grand Jury of tho Court of |
Sessions, Kev York, huvc presented j
the Almshouse Department for inhuman i
neglect and cruelty to the paupers.
The bill for the acquisition of Cubu '
been has postponed until the next ses- j
Fast men, f:i st horses, and the third
article in the "rapid" category, are
alleged to have been tho rum of the
absconded cashier of the Atlantic Bank,
Brooklyn, N. Y. Poker was his favor
ite game, and he lo.ut heavily ? jome
nights over a thousand dollars a sitting
? it is said, in all ? I ">,000. The Bank
officers estimate their losses at ?10,
000. One of the New York papers
gives a rumor of his suicide.
Killed. ? A deaf man named Ander
son, belonging to Bellaire, was killed
at that place, yesterday morning, by
being run over by the Pittsburgh and
Cleveland train, which had gone down
to exchange passengers. IIo whs walk
ing on the track and when he saw the
train approaching ran along the track
till he came to a bridge near the water
tank where the train caught and ran
over him cutting him nearly in two. ?
I Wheeling Times.
Washington, March 4. ? The 8Gth
j Congress. ? Immediately after the ad*
I journmcnt of the 35th Congress to day,
the Senate eommeneed its cyctraordin.
' ary cxecutivo session in accordance
| with the proclamation of t he President.
The new Senators, whose credentials
: has previously been presented, were
sworn in.
lion. Tiichard Cubden. ? The arrival
of the Hon. Itichard Cobden, so long
a member of the British Parliament,
1 is announced in Boston. It is his in
tention to make a tour through the
States, for flic purpose of acquainting
with himself the practical working of
Republican institutions, more especially
with the operation of the ballot, of
which he has always been a decided
advocate, but which we in Virginia
have never favored.
The Slave Trade in Louisiana. ?
The following is a copy of a bill now
pending in the Louisiana Senate, in
, relation 4o the slave trade:
j An Act relative to the Purchase of
Negro Slaves by the People of the
State of Louisiana.
"Whereas, The Federal Government
has no power to prohibit the buying of
negro slaves by the citizens of this
State; and whereas, tho right of the
people of tho State of Louisiana to
purchase slave property in any rnaiket,
whether domestic or foreign, where
negro slaves arc sold, has never been
alienated from her sovereignty, or
granted to tho. control of the Federal
Government ; therefore,
Section 1, Be it enacted by the Sen
, ate and House of Representatives of
the State of Louisiana, in general as
sembly convened, That any citizen or
association of this Stato bo, and they
; are hereby authorized to purchase negro
: slaves from Cuba, Brazil and Afiica,
' and to bring the said slaves so pur
chased into this State, and to hold tho
snroo in full right and title for their
; own proper use, benefit and behoof ;
provided, said slaves so purchase 1 and.
imported ir.to this Stato shall be sub
ject to the same regulations and tariff
I of other species of foreign property' or
i imports.
j Wedding in a Death Chamber. ? A
j correspondent writing froin West IJ
nion, on the jNorth Western Virginia
J Railroad, says t lin t n wedding recently
took place in a death chamber, ut
i Spring Hill, near that place. Mr.
! Iiarr and Miss Ripley wore married
i whilst the father of the lady was lying
' a corpse. It appears that that day
had been set for tho wedding to take
place. Mr. Ripley was suffering with
consumption, and expired on that morn
ing, at G o'clock. The groom proposed
to put it off a few weeks, hut the bride i
i insisted on its taking place immediate. :
i ly. Tho wedding accordingly took
>lacc at D o'clock, over the corp?c of i
, ter father. ? Wheeling Intelligencer.
Change of J'royrietor*. ? The 1'ank- j
j ing house of John T. Hogg, in this
! place, has been bought out by Isaac
Skilcv, Jr., who commenced business !
on tho 1st inst.
Mr. Skilcs is known to most of our (
citizens as a a prompt and energetic
business man, nlfablo and pleasant in
his manners, and will no doubt make
a very popular and accommodating ban
kcr.- f iriottfoviH 'Standard.
Shortening the Time (f Crossing
the Ocean'*?' The NcwCastle-upon T\ no
Chrouirle says 1 1> n t a contract has teen
given out there for three powerful
steamer.-*, *hich aro projntreil to to
superior to any afloat, and to have a
guaranteed minimum speell of thirty
statute miles per hour. Ii is calculated
that they will muke the transit from
Ciulwov to St. Johns in from four to
live days. The London hnd North
Western Railroad Company have un
taken to carry the mails from London
to Oahvay in fourtern hours, and if
wc ullow four days for the sca-voyajje,
America will be readied in a hundred Si
ten hours. Thcso vessels will be tho
Royal Mail Steam Navigation Compa
Nervous and Khcumatic Affections.
' WV have tise.l tlii* ni.ediriue ourselvi e,
and in many ruses wWl t hu greatest P'iPCe??.
T'l<* rit'?M c?l?l)ralfd of our (Jorm;?u Pliy sic -
inn a in i??comm'' ruling it. I)ur 114 ih #
chang'Jvb'p vvraiju'r. while most pcrpoiitf
are troubled w'llli ii?t vov. 3 a u?l rheumatic oi
lection-, it will lie fmiutl to bs a .valuable
icnu'dy." ? Smuts Zeilung.
Wo know of no invention of modern lima*
that deserves or in declined to occupy n higher
niche in the temple of fame, than the discovery
or invention ?>f the Vegetable Kpiloptie Pill*
for curing Kpilepsv, or Falling Fit*; Spasms,
I Cramps, nnd nil the varioua modifications of
Ncrvoua Disease. Dr. He Ih S. llance, of 108
; DaUimor# itrcet, Baltimore, Md., the inventor,
! m certainly entitled to Ilia host wishes of all 1L0
benevolent portion of mankind, who expcrisnco
h pleasure by the alleviation ofhitrnan suffering.
When Or. llance first prepared these Pills, h?
intended them solely for Fit*, Cramp* and Spasm*
but subsequent experience satisfactorily proved
. to him, that in addition to their remarkable
sanative propSrties in this class of diseases,
they exerted a perfect control over the entire
nervous system, lie was then induced to try
them in casos of Neuralgia, Tic-Doloreaux, Ner
voua Headache, Palpitation of the Heart, Incip
ient Paralysis, Hysteria, MusCulsfr Debility, and
a host of minor Diseases, springing from a lack
of nervous energy, in all of which his anticipa^
tions waro crowned with the most sanguine
succcs*. Persons at a distanco, by writing u ml
sending a remittance to Dr. Hance, cacf have
the mcdicino forwarded by mail to their post
I o*tce address, he paying tho postage. The
1 prices, are for a singio box, $3 ; two boxes,
t or $2-1 per Uozen. YV? hive given bis address
above. mar. 4. -1m.
We would call (lie attention of our friends to
lha following t
Haverhill, Mats., Feb. 7, 1357.
. Dettr Sir : ? Permit me tlio pleasure of st*tiug
to you the gratification I 1i.it c in vending, and
; the univeisul favor, Hoojlanii German Billet a
meet with, by nearly every person who has had
occasion to tcBt their virtues i q thi* vicinity. ?
t-Thi* establishment hut had the agency of your
Medicine since 1863, and I can safely say,
i there lias been no remedy placed before the
? public within the scop*!' of my knowledge that
{ has met with so much general favor anM to wor
thily as the German Hitters. 1 have no hesita
j tiou in recomcuding them to our customers, suf
j fering with diseases for which they are appro
priate, fueling confident froin past experience
that they will do nil . and even more, than it prom*
j ised *f them. In Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint
1 1 t'.rf >j an equal. To Druggists 1 can recomiocnJ
< them as a tafe investment, and to tho' public at
a truly worthy remedy.
Very truly yours,
To Dr. M. Jackson. ?.
These Ditters c?n be had of any druggist or
dealer in medicines, in tlie United State*, Cana
da*, Wist Jndlca or South America, at 75 cents
per bottle. They arc prepared by Dr. C. M.
Jackson -1 18 Arch Street, Philadelphia, Pa , and
every bottle has his signature on the wrapper.
Sokh and SwcLLr.n Hrea.ht*. ? Mothers sho'd
' know, that since the invention of Dr. Ilragg't
? Arctic Liniment, it is no longer ncceytary for
I them to transfer tho n ursing of their infant
j children to a wet nwrse, in cate their own breasts
i should be sore or swollen, nor ia it necessary
for them to undergo tho painlul and excrucia
ting operation of having their breasts lancid. ?
Ity procuring somo of tho Aictic Liniinont anil
rubbing the nfieclrtf part with it gently a fow
times, the evil it remedied, and complete rolief
is experienced. Full directions nro given on
the wrapper for using the Liniinont in thic as
well as all other diseases wherein it is applica
ble. It is also a specific for all kinds of tores,
ulcers, swellings, sprains, bruiass, See., &c., at
well as for rheumatism and neuralgia. The im
portance of this remedy cannot be overestima
ted. Is uldo good for most diseases of nnimalt,
sucb as spavin, ringbone, poll evil, springhalt,
&c. For *alo in Morgantown, by Fitch &Sco?t,
An agent wanted in every town and villago.?
Application should bo ma<Jc to Bragg and Our
rowet, St. Louis, Mo., and must always be ac.
companied by good references.
At this day's Market, reported by Rait*
dom'ii & Latimer, GO {South ttriel,
II iiitiiuor? Match. 8.
BUTTKK ? WeMern in bbls 4c krjjs, 11 1<> ) 1
Gluilcs 14(o2l
Roll, g"o?l lo pri ?. e, 1 4 to 1 ?
CORN ? Wliiir, paw, ?6l?f>0
Y?llo\v, ?? 80totf3
CATTLE? On ih? H*of, 397m&6*
Nell, 750lol1,00
DRIED FRUIT? Apulfi parad. SOOioSBO
IVuibca import ?l SOOtoSftO
"FLOUR ? Ciiy Mi Ms. fi1*i??Di?
Oliy MiHs,
Mum aid Sutit,
RYE? r??nti?)1v*i?ii.
Mnr>luinl nflil Virgiii!*,
WOOL? IJinvnMiriJ,
WUFA'f? Hid, Rood to prim?,
S 0 N DR I K8. ? Egt'n (lor.
IM/I5S? lli (I Foj ?i))l MitiW,
fJroy F"X & WiluCM,
Hut kw heal meal,
Con ni ry S* ?p.
VrnMoq, lr<'?h <W(l<Vc?,
WUTo n. tr
Ml. 7?'
1 1 1<* J 3
48 ?&!
t rkO*r> iT&
15 lo 16
75 lo ) .0#
30 to 15
?! 8

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