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MOIt G A WTO WJNy March 11, 1850.
A meeting of the Monongalia
Temperance Society will bo held on
Monday evening thfr l jth inst., n't 7
o clock, cither in the Baptist or M. 1\"
Church, of which further notico will be
given on Sabbath next, in tho several
A protracted meeting is now
in progress in the M. P. Clnlrch in this
place ? conductcd by Revs. Westfall
and Clawson. There is considerable
of a stir in the oorigregntion.
? ^
tt?"* We learn that l4'. M. Chnlfant
hud Jesse J. Fitch havo rented Geo.
I). Evans's store room, (late tho ' Pill
Factory') and arc fitting it up for the
purpose of opening a Groccry and De
pot of Notioys in general, uboiit the
first of April. 1
Uriah Griffith is preparing to open a
gentlemen's Furnishing Store in the
Commercial Buildings on Main street."
John P. Byrne, Esq. has purchased
one-half of the land of I)r. Longncre,
half a rr.ilo south of town, whereon ho
proposes erecting a commodious coun
try residence. ? ?S7tfV.
J. Lowry McGee and John M. Ld
r.icr, of this place, received^ diplomas
from the Baltimore Dental Oollego, a
few days ngo. ? lb.
Dr. J. V. Boughner has purclift8ed
ten acres of land on tho west side of
the river, in sight of Morgantown, of
Edwin W. Tower, esq. adjoining P. II.
Keck, esq. and James Johnson, whero j
he intends building and removing. We
learn that the objeet of the Doctor ia I
to get where ho can educate his chil
dren. ? lb.
1 The Mechanics Jiujle Han J,' of
this place, vLce Hoy Kigcr leader, are j
prepared, with first rate instruments
and a suitable Carriage, to attend up
on Conventions, ProcbSsions, &c., and
to play, w i i 1 1 a will, for Goggin, Wil
lcy and Preston, or to put in their best
licks for Letcher, Montaguo & Tucker,
as opportunities may be afforded. ?
Terms moderate. March 8.
fla}- The numerous friends of Rev.
S. Siegfried, Jr. (hto Editor of this
paper) will be gratified with the peru.
Bal of the following extract of a letter
from him, dated
Morri*ioicn, O., March -1, '50.
Dear Father,- If you will excuse a
line or two I will write them, not hav
ing time to write a full letter.
From Cambridge, where I baptized
6 candidates, rejoicing in love for the
Friend of sinners, 1 went to Kbcnezer.
On Sabbath last I was permitted to
baptize 17 willing and happy converts,
and yesterday 1 1 more. Last night
was a most solemn, tearful, but happy
time; 28 new converts, and two back
sliders (men in middle life) were by tnc
received by the right haTid of fellow
ship. The meeting at Ebenezer was
the most precious I ever attended, both
ih its progress and termination. To
God, who gave tno strength, as Ilia
Unworthy servant, and made known the
power of His Spirit in the truth, be
nil the glory. In the two meetings
at)ove referred to 1 have preached 40
sermons, an 1 baptised 31 candidates.
I am much worn out, but must go to
morrow to Rockhill. Forget me not
at a Throne of Grace.
Foreign advices to Feb. 10th
arc received at New York. The news
in still warlike.
It is taid that the French Emperor
will form a camp of 100,000 troops at
Toulon. It is .inserted that his ii?tcn
tions are decidedly warlike.
On the other hand the English army
estimates show a rfducfion in the homo
or colonial forces of 7500 men, and an
increase in the Indian army of 14,000.
Tli? total force is 220,000 men, of
*hich 10G,000 are for India.
This Ecj.jxtic Maoazini: of Foreign
Literature (of which xtc have published
nn advertisement for tho last two or
threo weekd,) is now on our tabic. It
is desigtfed as a medium thro' which to
furnish tho crcam of all the British &
#rcr:ch Magazines; rind, the design is
C.xccutcd with energy and taste. Tho
January No. contains two engraving?,
ia Sartiiin's inimitable style, the first
Of which contains the likenesses of Sir
Walter Scott and his literary friends
?t Abbotsford ; tho nccond gives ua a
view of Shakspcarc and his contempo*
rarics, Tho Kclcetic is a desideratum
to reading and thinking men on this
wide "of tho Atlantic, affording n vast
'juantity of choice reading at a titho
"f the expense of the Sntnc matter in
M* original form. i
A meeting of the Monongalia Tom*
I perance Society was licit! on Monday
evening, Oth inst., in the Baptist Ch.,
"W. T. Wilfey, E?q., President, in tho
cliair, W. S. Downer appointed Seerc- 1
tary pro tern.
j Rev. II. \V. Biggs opened the exer
j cises with prayel\ Rev. S. Siegfried,
| who was appointed to address the meet
1 ing, then came forward and stated that
I he was very much fatigued, having just
. returned from a journey over the nioun
I tain, and asked to have his address
j postponed till this night week, which
was accordingly done.
I Win. Lazier, Esq. offered the follow
ing article for tho consideration of tho
1 Soolcty at feome future time :
Resolved , That we hereby pledge j
J ourselves as men, to uso all legal power
i to sustain and enforce tho laws of this i
| Commonwealth regulating tho mr.nu
I fucturing, vending and using ardent
. spirits and alcoholic liquors.
The resolution was supported with
apposite remarks by Messrs. Lnzier &
j Siegfried, and then laid on the table
for further action.
I On motion, the following named
. gentlemen were appointed a committee
i to prepare an abstract of tho laws re
! ferred to in the above resolution, to re
' port at tho next meeting. Committee,
[Messrs. Berkshire, Hough, Bunker.
The pledgo was then circulated and
20 names obtained.
The Soeiet}' then adjourned, to con
i veno on next Monday night, in the M.
: 1*. Church, if it is not engaged, and if
; their meeting is still in progress at that
i time, in the Baptist Church.
W. T. AVii.ley, IVos't.
I W. S. Downer, See.
Whal the Pi'i'SB Say.
? fct/""iOSTAR'S Exterminators are invalua
j ble remedies for elearbig houses ol
all 1*01 U ol vermin. Willi all confidence
we recommend them. ? N. Y. Daily State
j lltoisler.
"OuElor's remedies for domestic pi?si <?, ?ucli J
a" Ruts. Roaches, Bed-bug*, Ants, Fleas, (fee.
; are in valuable uvc can speak Irom actual j
kiiowl. d^e ol I heir nieri u. Druggists and !
Dealers should send their orders e?rly, il j
I hey would secure a trade in theiii. ? R. V.
'1 shall write M>m> tiling about your Ex- j
terminators. and can < I ? ? so with propriety,?
'i'he) sire selling rapidly here an 1 destroy ing
ult \ oi miu . ? lid. "liminer" I'uyeltc, frlo. ,
As Spiiiig oppmachrs, 1
Ant* and U<Mche*,
Fioni their holes conic* on',
A id Mien and Rats
In spite (if Cats,
(Jail) skip about.
lied bugs b:te
Vein, in i he ni};ht,
As on the b?Nl jou slumber,
While Injects crawl
Thro' chamber and hall.
hi squad* withiut number.
It is truly wonderful v it h uhnt certainty
Hats,. Hoaches, Mien, Moles, Ground Mice,
Bed- bugs, Ants, Moth*, v- Mnsuuitooj, I
b'leai, IllcCl'.s on Animals, in short e\ery
species of vermin, are utterly destroyed ai.d
e.vtermiuaird by
"L'ustar's" Hut, Iioach. tfc., Exterminator,
?' Cost ar's " Jicd bug, Ext ei initiator,
''Cottar's" Electric Powder, for Insect*.
? Supplied direct, b) mail, to any address in
the United Stales, a^ follows :
I .On the receipt ol 31, a box of ihu Hat,
j Roach, &c , Ext ;
j On receipt of $2 a b<>.v of each of the Rat, '
! Roarh, &e., Ext.. and Electric Powder, (sent
; po#a?e paid ) si? fTicioi. t to destroy the vcr
' min on buy piemises.
j Sold by druggists and Dealer.* rvefy u here.
| ' Costor's" l'iinei];hl Depot, -120 Broadway,
j N. V. P. S ? Circulars terms tic , sent by
mail nn application.
Wholesale Agen's for Vn. . M l . kc.
! At Norfolk. \o., KING & 10V.
" R . Iimond, V ? ,
" Baltimore, M l ,
March II, ? 0.1 .
On Thursday morning the 3.1 inst., nt ihn
resilience of I>r . l?aa<: Seo't, by Ucv. Charles
McLnre,Mr Jamks N. I'ickkntaimih. to M m
Hannah I'Ai'Ciif P. i V, daughter of Mr. Ilngli
Daughert) dto'il, nil of Morgantown.
On Thursday morning, March lOtli, by
Rev. S Serried, JONATHAN M. 1IKCK,
lw|., (<? Miss MATT! K A. CALMSNDINK,
ull 6f Morgflntown, Va.
'J'ls luv? thai b i 1 1 < I ?? rongeuinl m'nds,
And mokfs tLe boidayo sweei.
Departed 1 1 ?is life, DeO. 1 1, |SS8. Sister
Nam v II MoHr.r,. consort (it Thomas McBep,
I iitid ddughtcr ot Daniel aiid Fninecsllollnnd.
Tho deceased tdster \\ born in Miriou co.
i Va.. Nov. 27, 182*. it nd uus married to Mr.
Mclko, Oct 8, 1816.
Shvpii^cii jcar* t'gi) this si?t-T was born
] into the Kingdom ol Divinn grace, and at
tached herself to I lie Mfthodht 1'iolectaii t
Chinch. Slic lived ii devoted follower of
j Christ, till she left thU vule of tears and
went t > join tlm chinch triumphant iullcav*
?mi. Sister McBee mat Ii ?? r 1 1 t fo?i with
much fortitudo and rc?i, 'nation. and has
1 >? 1 1 it fright evidence to cheer her numer
i ons friend.*, that she lias gone homo to r?st.
| Our much eRteomfrd sister left eix eh I Iren,
an alTeelionito husband, with bereaved pa
! rents, lo mom n tlivir irreparable loss. A
short lime before her d?'pirtiir?i she hid hrr
children all brought t?? her. that Hie might
| i in proi* a farewell kiss upon each of them;
she thru p(a\e them up to O id. She al*o
guvd the most invincible evidpnee ot regard
! lor her hp?l and, saying to li'nn. 'IVparn to
, meet your (J?d. 1'rep.im to meet mo in
I lea von, for I shall soon Im llicro." Shu
j then lifted up her djrin^ eyes lo heaven and
. Sflid ' Oh my bVsged Saviour, ? ! see my Sa
viour." Her ran 10 ore d spirit then look ifi
upwind (fight to tho distant region* of en I
less day, thore to speii I an eCrnify with
OOil. Miyifin I, or I biiiUall h?r friend* to
moot hi r where, t !?<? v shall nnver acsift say
"Karrvvi II, ' (i G. WMTI'AIX.
Morgm'0\vn, March 4, 1',^5'J.
DKDICATION? The New Methodist P
1 Church on Robinson's Kurt, near the r?'si- j
J ddiiflo of NVm. W. ],ny/.o\\, Jvq., will hp ?
' dedicated by Rev. Dr. I'K-rt-R T. I,a*iii.kv J
I Morcli It'll. l?v>i? at I 1 o'clock. A. M. We !
, * I ?'>t the atif (i laiier ?>f the community.
j rv it. wr.si KAf.hi
AN ELECTION will bo held at the
, Com t- House, in Morgnntown, Virgin
in, on Monday the- 2 1 Ml day of Maich, 1659.
for the purpose of electing Trustees of said
town for the ei)6?inj> year.
By Oratrof the President,
March 7. 1*59.
Stick a Tin There.
I N oider lo make room for h Spro tr
| X Bud Summer assortment of CLOTHING,
1 will sell my present stock. >**t .on hand,
Ho low Oust, KOK CASH. N?w gen^e
men, he' i o is ft chance for Cheap Clothh k.
I Mutch 11, lb59. D. H.STINIS. .
I AI'/:i.V6 Jilt id I VI /,.
I HAVE just received a fresh supply of
1 Sprint; and Summer goods from 13ul ti*
more and Philadelphia, consisting of
Gentlemen's wear of every dutcii ptiou.
Hojs* " ?' ??
Lalles' " " ,(
Misses' & children's " '?
Men's and lio) 'e H< uily muile clot h>i g a a
Ladies' and nii^ses' boots uud shoes.
Mmii und llo\ ?' '? '?
Hats and Caps for men and b>)s.
Hounds (or Ladies and misses,
llood?. Hnehes, F owern, &c.,
Q UE ENS J VA R E, Assorted.
A general assortment ol Queens* are.
Tea. Coffee. Sisgnr, Mo'asses, Syrup, & c.
Wheeling Nails, (ilusi, &e.
With all the various articles usu*My kepi
ut u retuil store. These goods have, been
purchased at low figures und will ho soLl us
cheap .is tlic cheapest. I am thankful for
past favors; so come friends, one and all. to
the cheap corner, bring your Cash, Corn, or
Oats, and you shall have goods cheap, and
no mistake. \VM. LAZIER.
March 1st, 1859. 192-tf
The Subscriber having leased l lie largo
and commodious House on the corner of
Third and Srr.itlifiolil sts. known as l li?* til*
KAKl) HOUSK, and refitted it in tli? most
modern ?> 1 3 1 , would respectfully solicit the
patronage of tho public, assuring them that
ull t lie convenicences of a first-class Hotel,
will always be at tlu-ir com man I.
The (Jirarl House is centrally located,
ami easy of access, and visitois to the city,
cither on business or pleasure, will find it
to th-lr advantage to fuVor ii with their
patronage. V I'KilL, I'roprictbr.
Pittsburg, Mar. 4, 1S5D, l92-'.f
Sale of Valuable Property.
BY viitnp of a deed i< f trust executed to
me by James Kinsley &. Anna his wife,
admitted to record in the Cleik's Otllco of
1 he County Court of Monongalia county, oh
3d September, 1F.D7, in order to securo the
payment to James A. Currv, of the sum of
Seven ThouiMi.d and One Hundred Dollars,
I shall
On the 2 5(h day of March, I80O,
on the puhl e ground before the Court House
in Murgantown. Monongalia couu'y. Vir
ginia, s>* 1 1 at pnb'ic auction to the highest
bidder Ibfr ready money, all the ii;:ht, title
Mid intciest vested in me by said deed of
trust, whether legal ir equitable. in ali i to
id I tin* real es'ate composing the Valley Fur
1 uce estate on Heritor's on ? It , in ilie said
coun'y of Monongalia, which was sold by
the heirs <? f Alphrus I'. Wilson to the caiil
James Kinsley, on tin? 1(5 ll day of October,
1854, consisting of several parcels of Laud,
containing in the age regain about filleen
hundred acres, as described in an article of
aurrem nt of Kduar C. VVdson, for said heirs
of Al| lieus 1'. Wilson and ihe said James
Kinsley, tiled am'ms tho papers ol u suit now
pending on the Chmcery side of tho Circti-t
Court ol Monongalia connty, wherein tin
heirs of said Alpheu? I'. Wilson are plaint ifis
and the said Jjmes Kinsley is defendant ?
reference whureunto is hereby hud lor a more
particular desciiption.
There is a previous lien on these premises
for t*o thousand dollars of purchase money
! due the heirs of A'pheus I'. Wilson, with
| interest ih-reon from tho 16'liof October,
1S5 I, and the costs of the afor? said suit now
pending to enforco said lien. Ji is believed
1 there is 110 other lien on tho premises prior
j to Slid deed of trust ; and the ^a'e will be
j subject to said lien. The purchaser at this
sale will, on payment and satisfaction of said
; 1 u* 1 1 for purchase money, entitle himself to
u complete right an.l title to the premises.
W. T. W1LLEY, Trustee.
, Fob. ?2d, lS&'J. 1911s
1 ? *?
"Of, 55 IMH91*M>I\V'
01 1 Dominion
CoflVe I'u's.
0!;l Dominion
Tea Pot?.
OM Dominion
Co/Tee Urns.
Olii Dominions
For llolol*.
, OIJ Dominion*
Fur Hoarding lions**
! 0M> Dominions
For Rogtaurnnts.
OM Donvnioiiff
For Steamboats.
OKI Dominion!!
For the Million.
Over forty different varieties n'mf stylos of the
celebrated "Old Dominion" CnlVro and Tea
1 Pots are now n/ahittnc lured. Hoing based us
? l)r. Wall of (tin Journnl of Health says, "on ici*
: cnce anil oominon sonco,'' they tire rapidly com
! in^ into use, and are destined noun to super
cede all others. Tltcy can be obtained from or
1 ordered through any storekeepers, or dealers ir'f
j housekeeping articles.
| |L7*AfAr?:hant? who have not received our
Trade Circular, giving prices, terms Ike., will be
immediately supplied on applied on application
j by letter, to
I .Alt riiun, nVRXMAM fcOtLROY,
117 & 1 10 South Tenth St. , Philadelphia,
Solo Manufacturers under the Patent.
! l!v~AI*o, manufacturers Under the Patent, of
| Alt TIHJ K\S Celtlraltd Mr-Unfit* Scl/teuling
j I'ruil Cans and Jat t. Jan, 21 3ino.
! UttlfQRUNn NAILS? 1 have itirt rcceiv
i it C(l u fresh supply of Wheeling Nails assort
ed sizes. Also H by 10, 10 by 12 Cilusu which I
1 will >ell very cheap fof caslt,
l?ce. Ill 1858-tf WM. LAZIER.
n i/ . i cks\ yiffTtgi.ro.
ZACKWKl.f. MORGAN, has removed from'
I Dorhannab, to the Now Shop on Front street
1 near Walnut, directly between .fnrret'n and Sa
j or'n Hotels, where ho isprep? nd to do all work
? In his line, in ilia best manner and at short no
I tico. Old customers as well as new ones, Will
| receive every attention,
j" 13* tf. Morgantown, Feb. 9, 18/JO.
Bl W,ES nn.l TESTA M ENTS, from
tho AtneMcan Hibtu finclely ,
.fust -iter tier ft,
and for sale by the doicn or single. They arc
both good nnd clicip.
Mifjpntown, IVe. 8, l*tftfj,
I ff von wa Tit. to l>r nny tiling,
lor <lo any thir>p?. voit mn?'. f-frrrfirt.
Just reeeivril f ? ? ?t n 1 i I .* <1 ,? and Baltimore :
(Jointed Drilling and Cambric*,
Prints uiiil Brown M'ix1int>.
Him |> Sk ? r I**, Velvrt Uibboos, Spool Cotton.
(iC. Also,
Cu/'il Shuker J I< >i a Is <V Jlonntt II urhrx $
Si/ru/>, liicf , Ijrad. Sot/a ami 7Va.
Piom Pittsburg p-r Steamer J> ttVison,
0 lib Is. p'iiiK* ?N 0 SUUAIt.
10 b'j|j Jo. . do. MOi.ASSKS,
F? b i l. Ciudwick & Ntriiicw.
YOUNG MEN who aro suffering
from the eflects of self abu?e, can In* surely
ami pennn/tently ro*toieil b) using the
?0;\?Ui\TltATUD ?HKU
A remedy cf great and certain Power.
Thin remedy is put up in small vials, and ran
bo sent by muil to any address. A trial w ill
saiirfy. Use it for a week, ami u>u will ?\k
patience a yreat bene lit. A eireuUr contain
insj full particulars, sent (free) on applica
tion. Price, per bottle $1.
One bottle will last n trtnn'h.
N. B. This remedy i- suitable for cither
sex. AddrcS* K.. CUUGF.K Medical AL'"llt,
712 Broadway, New York.
February 25, 1859. 1 9 1 ly.
? . ?/ "
March next, at 1 o'clock, P. M.
E. C. Wilton,
W. T. WiUey, Trustees.
fan s.u.s:.
ri^HF. subnet iber oilers fur sale. his house,
.1. mid Acre* of Land, N. K. of W. T.
VVdlej's occupied by Tli'nnas S. liuiUert. ?
Any rcdsonable t 'me will be given it pur
chase iimne) is secured. Possesion gi. f 11
nn '.lie lir of April next, and il not soM by
tli?'. 15lb of Martin next, will be for rent. ?
Pi hsoms wishing !o perchise will exain ne
(he property. JOHN P. BYRNE.
Jan. 2l~2in.
l.uoittiU B. Crt?bmuii. i a KT all the par
is. \ ties inl??resied
Dan el Kiikhirt el al. 3 in ibis cause take
notice that in pursuance of the decree ren
dered in this cause a< tin? September leim,
18!>7, I shall proceed to d s. -barge the duties
required of ine as Commissioner of the Cir
cuit Court ol Monongalia Couu'y-nainely, to
settle ilio accounts of John T. lMemiu? as
Admiiiitlrutor of Squire Cushmtin, deed, and
also ascertain what I ens, claimi & debts ex
ist on and asainst the estate of ?-aii| Squire
Cushman, their amounts and priorities ? al
so lh? real estate ol said Cushman in this
Commonwealth and its annual val
til, &e. At whieb time and place the par
ties interested are required to appear be
fore me and protect their interests in the
premises. R. I.. lVERKSIIIRH).
Master Comin'i Circuit Court M C
Jan 2(5, 1.S59. 187-5t
11)59. POPULAIt TRADE I 1859.
To Merchants. Milliners, .lubbers. Dealers in
Ribbons, Millinery , Goods, and Cash Buy
ers in all sections of the Country, the Cash
Ribbon House , 1 16 Chambers Street , New
We have originated n now principle- ? a now
era in tho Ribbon trade, whereby wo insu'.o litis
business l'lain, Simjile and Staple, as llial of
Drown sheetings.
We Sill for ('(is ft ! We fiu*/J"or Cosh !
We are satisfied with 5 per cent profit. Ask
no second piico. Have all our goods marked
in Plain Figures, so that man, woman and child
?'buy alike," and receive the same value I or
their money,
Our I'ricca for best Taffeta Ribbons, all col
ors, A'0
No. 1 12 cts per pieco No. 4 35J.^ c?s p. pi 6cc
" 1%1 !i ?? ?< ? ? bVA ?? . ??
" 2 20J j ? i* ?T K7>i " ??
" 3 2 It)! " ?? 12 f 10 7 ??
No. 16 per pit ?ce.
li e Offer Fancy Ribbons, All Styles," " All
Colors," {-AU ( i'Uilitics At 1'ruts
Defying Competition, and
For Cam Only.
Our Kstablishment is (he centre of Attraction
fi?r Ribbpns, "Quick Sales," "Light Profit," &
'?Good Value," for Cash.
New Styles and patterns at a saving of
30 I'KIl C K N T FROM CR 1:1)1 r PRICKS.
Kxamine our samples, and be convinced.
BLOND LACKS, QU I L LIN (18. &c., *c.
Our line ofthesc Good always full. Wo IiiT- >
port and ''Job" tlicm at once for ft' per cent ad- '
vance. Marked prices on all Goods * * i n l'lain
A Saving of 40 per ten t on these Good-: from
Credit I'riccs.
Our Intention is to make ilic Ribbon Trade as
staple in regard to prices as domestic good*. ?
To do this,' wo musf sell ONK MILLION DOL
LARS worth oftioods per nnnum I
W are Union Men. 'No North,' 'No south.'
We solicit tho patronage of Merchants, in ovc
4ry section of tho United States, and are the ser
ranls of all who favor us with their patronage.
1 10 Chambers Street, New York,
near the Hudson River Railroad Depot.
A. H. WAl!.r*. Jstl. l4-4rnos.
WOULD respectfully informs thOllf friends
and the public generally, that they still
continue to manufacture S?41)DLKS, IIIODLKS,
COLLAR*, H.\RNK8fl, Ike., or all kinds, at
short notice, and On the most reasonable tertrfs.
Their stock comprises every variety of SAD.
DLKR that are made in Western Virgiria, and
? re made only by the best workmen. '
Persons wanting RUGGY or WAGON HAR
NESS will <io well to give them a call, as they
are well prepared to fill all orders in that branch
of the business with nea'nes* and dispatch.
ll7"Shop up stairs in Bvan?? Kuildmg adjoin
ing lbs C'OUrt-lfotite squsre, Morgantowu v?.
.f. ii. w. * r;,t.
1?n. 1 1. IK'-lft
.V/21M .Ift/J.Vf l*.
First Class Fire & Inland Insurance
by the /Etna Insurance Company of
Hartford, Connecticut,
Incorporated 1819 ? Charter perpetual
? Cash capital ?1,000,000,
At-tbljlf and unimpaired. With a Surplus of
$50ti,3s7 SS ; and tlio proitigo of 38 year* suo
o< ki> u lid rxpciicnco. A?scl? Jan. I, It ."H
Cm.li In band ami L>cpo?itcs in Hartford
Uui.kf, f 3 18.132 GO
Ctikli iu transit ami A k i* n t ?* * hands, IGG,%72 i) ">
Mrnoy due kite Company secured by
Mortgage, 6 418 04
It ??:* I Evlulo unincumbered, 47,(j.">3 l
Hills icceivable, 3ft, 177 IS
102 Bond* 6, 7 and 10 per ct. interest
nnnually, 102,000 00
G67 Shares Itnil Road Stock, 64,4*1(5 CO
60 " Connecticut /fiver co. itock,l,2C0 CO
AO ?? Stafford liunk, 6,000 00
60 " Wuterbury Dank, 6,000 00
30 " Providence IJmi'k, t ,S0O 00
23(10 " llnrl lord Hank, 100,100 00
8986 " New Fork Hailk, ?>(0,(i(>2 60 j
HJ ??, Jersey City Hank, 1,426 00 ,
100 " United States Trust Co.
N. Y. Stobk, 10,080 00
160 Shares Now Vork L. I. and Trust
Co. Stock) 22,600 CO
Total Luiin.iTiM, $1,506 387 8s
Ut. settled claim? not tine, $173 'J2G 81
Loss ft equitably adjusted and promptly paid.
have been paid by the .'Ktna Insurance Co., in
tho last 38 years. FIRE & INLAND N/lV|(iA
TU)N. Risks accepted at terms consistent with
solvency and fair profit. Especial attention gi
von to Insurance ol' Dwellings und Contents lb i
terms of ono to live years.
The progress ol* this Corporation has been
stable and uninterrupted through seasons of fi
nancial sunshine and otorm, or periods eventful
iu or exempt fioni sweeping conllagrntioiiM and
maritime disaster, Hoing long established on a
cash basis, the troubles of the credit system al>
feet us in no nmlcrinl particular.
During " hard times" the security of reliable
Insurance is an imperative duly ? the ability of
property owners to sustain loss being then much
lessened. Policies issued without delay , and all
business attended to with despatch anil fidelity,
by K. 15. SW1SAKINGKN, AgMit'.. '
Murgnntown, Vu.
Office ? Corner of Walrjut, West side Main
street , near the Court house, ly Dee.0, ISotJ,
IC. Mj, A IS. UEItKtBllftK'S.
rpilo undersigned would respectfully inform
J, their frienda niitl patrons t hat they have
on hand the most extensive ami cheapest stook
lire roceiies ever brought to this market. i
In addition to tlieir usual supply of Grocer
ies, they have Fresh Peaclirs, I'ine Apples,
Strawberries, Cherrii-t) and Green Peas put up
in air-tight cans.
Preserves, Jellies, Pickles &c., of all kind*. j
Ki'cry Variety of Confectionary. especially
f?r I lu lloliil.iijx
ALSO ? Cutliry, Stationery, Sic., of all kinds
and of superior quality.
Ladies' and Misses' Hose; Half llose, &c.
(Comforts, Suspenders, Sic.,
30. (MX) flNfc C1GAIIS, and a choke lot of
chewing tobacco.
In short, everything, usually to hn had in a
Grocery, Variety nnd Pancy Notion $tore, may
be found at the cheap Grocery immediately op
posite the Court House, on Main Street,
TE It MS? 1' OH 11 IV E t . V CASH.
Jan. I, tl
O C5 E? B-: ^ T,? Til.. Sniri
I1 satil mi Decker's Crcik. Ou?
til v\ li it'll, witli t? Rang ol -4 i s Raws, rule tim
ber 50 the oilier, one saw. ems 30 feet
long ; wiili TiiruiiiL' Shop, Brick D y house,
Lumber and l.og Yard, Boat vard an. I Wharf
at Month of Mini Creek; nml Itvo
liiiK Houses. now tenanted by Fuiuhild;
Law hend & C'<>.
Al>o the I* <11*1)1, adjoining t'W\i and
Flour Mill. Saul faim contains GOO a
cres. the gieater portion having been in m?*d- I
o\v nfiil guizin^ ground, lor inaiy year j,
whieh would be leased in separate parti, I
for gip/.inpf orcuMivntion-alifti, f wo Dwcl i
liitK Utilises in Town. Cash wili be p.< d t
for Merrhefi'oble wheat u! f-it ill Flour Mill.
4>y Guseniun & Rogers.
joiin i; oo ers.
Morgan tow ii, Nov 12, 185S-2ii.
Midsummer Night's Dream. !
r p Ills SI* L N DID $20 (A dninafj L<>?- 1
1 don Print , rceugi avcil by Sartuin tin- i
Tltc KCM'WTIC .11 A f?J % KITES': !
FOll FEBRUARY. ls&9.
Two mitch priiiti*, Scott ami Ins friends,
and Slmkoapenre xikI hi 9 colomporariei ? 'is
Portraits adorn the January No.
Portraits of two Kmprcsses ? Krcsxir. of
Franco in Imperial Robes, and Maria Tiitnr. j
s a of Anstria embellish the March No. Other I
Splendid Plates will follow.
The K<5i r.iTiO invitee all lovers of choico lead- ;
ing to its sumptuous pags*, which contain ?
1. Tho host articles ? cream gathered from 7
British (Quarterlies nr.d Monthlies ? like cream .
from I<? pans ol rich milk gathered in one, lor
tfiO ?itcrary appetite of tliu reader and his (ami- ;
iy. ... j
2. The F.ci.rcTtc is the bent, richest in Intel
lectnal wealth, most varied, most free from mor- j
al poison, and most satisfactory monthly pub
3. Its portrait Tand artistic embellishments j
surpass all others. They are an attractive gal- '
Icry of fine aits, refining in influence.
?1. The Kci.rcric is the cheapest, in view f? f
the treasure it contains. Its reading matter in
nearly equal in a year to three entire British j
(Quarterlies, which cost $7. The Ke.lcctic in on- j
ly $5. Its embellishments alone, pro worth \
that it. ouey.
6. It is the easiest and cheapest way of get
ting a choice library of current literature, good
for ail time.
G. No family ? no father for his sons and
daughters ? no young lady, noyonng gentleman
can spend this small sum so well iu any way Ibr
mental improvement and gratification. Try it.
You will liud it true. Feed (lie Itti nil with food
worthy of its wants and destiny.
7. Atl intelligent press, far mid near, and em- 1
inOnt men, commend Tim KCt-tctic in strong
and emphatic language.
To New Hufmrlbor*
Paying in advance tho January number, I1!."/.'/,
will be sent, embellished with two splendid
in itch prints ? .Sir Walter .Scott and*bis friends,
and Shakespeare and his Cotctnporaries, con*
taining lwciity-6ight portraits ? surpassing all j
Tiir I'ci.Ecnc is i?*tiod on the first of every |
month. Kavh number contains ono hundred and
lorty-four large octavo pages, double columns, j
on line paper neatly stitcu'ed in green covers,
with one of more beautiful steel portraits by
Sartain. The twelve numbers comprise threo
volumes ofOOO pa^es oach, with title'", indexes
and embellishments. Piico live dMIars. 'I'he
postage is only three cents a No, paid at the ?.f.
lice of delivery, .specimen No. lit cents in
postage stamp*. Send your orders ;
Address W. II. HIinVKI.I,,
I^o. t) llooknnn St., N. Y.
OF Tiillow 11 ml Siar Ctfinlles, R'liin nn<l
Fincy Son p?, VVngnri (Jinnse nttil Con*
| CHliMrHled l)fl. VV 111. low OlaSj ol u'.l f.i/,.-a.
l>rtiH?, I\m* f-fnfls. P.iinls, und
Oils If "Ok a fltitl StHiionory, 'lobacco, IV.l?
bttrj/li A I in h tt ?<*#?? Inks Jewelry, &c.. Asi: ,
lor sale cheap nt FITCH fit SCOTT'S
Drua Honk Olid Variety Store,
0>ifiiiier(iftl llniivliiig.
Morgnntowr, V#., Jan. 31, lft.V.1,
I, lilatifakfor daft th$ Vnlo ji
]\/l OXE1 ! Money J Honey . ! !~
1VI 10 000 DOLLARS wotili ol (J 00 US
at tlio It K I > POST* ? Wo aro just receiving
from IMtiladeldhja and Mainmort* a handsome
?lock of Now (>001)4, ? which will bo *o|.l vory
cheap. Wo have a largo stork ot" SKI AW I.N,
and hcnutiftil MltKSS (K ODS, n;ost o'" which
will be sold lniitHi hclovi ?. a r 1 > Fall prlcm.
Wo nUo hnvo a cheap lot of CLOTH I Nt! ? It
is out of our usual lino, and will fell ii oil' very
low . Cost imert's and Satin ft Is , as cheap an dirt.
A largo stock ol'COBL' It OS wild FLAM'S, VKI.*
vory low ; Mrown and White Sl'GAII at redu
ced pricca ; a supe.lor .allele of
Go! den Syrup tint/ Jinc Hutu'y, ^?\ Av.
Wo hnvo tlio largest and best ?tork ol (ioodo
| in tlic C'oii ni} , and will noil tlx to nt tins iiiomI
I reasonable pjriccs, ? rouuinbor none onder<>ell
, us. Wo still liavo plenty of that pood 12^ ct.
l or tchool trir!i we haw 3 dozen
nico dark WOULKN HCODS.
D'Tfitibor ll?, lb.')8.
HI oik* > ! Ill oik'}' ! ! Money ! ! !
JllllKNDS nnd Patrons ? Wo ar/ proj-?iirp
to go to the lvi?t; wo now avbil ourselves
through the papers to call your especial ; ttun
tiou to tlin name. Wo think 1; to bo no impera
tive. duty enjoined upon all our patrons to a?
sin us. And wo hopo 1 lint you will. not only
think about it, but como right along with the
Mionoy at an early a penod as possible. Wo do
not want you to nay that you h.i?o money o*? inj{
you ami cannot collect; that will not nut un to
buy goo ils ; mir creditors will not take that Kind
of pay. \Vo want tint money, Now friends
wo hopo you will respond to t It is call noon
and much oblige your friend*, fcc.,
Fob. II, 1S59.
Virjyiiii:*, sm A i Rul.s held in the
Clctk* ollifc ?>t t|io Circuit (.\ u'l of Mom n*
?jiilia C'Uiilj on iho lir.-t M itiiu y in l?Yl u,
dry, lS.r;'.). v
l'niil!, iiuigttr! 6c Co., ccitipluino'nts,
? . V!l
Fletcher Druck, et al, Dc|oi<(!a'it*.
in Ciiancerv.
Tin* of i his mi it is to rrcnv. r fr< in
defendunt Brock th<? sum of 159 do'lar* &? >d
OS cmis, liicli it i* nllcytl he ow? 8 t?? .'?aid
I'oinplainnn'H, ontl to attach tint anno* in the
hitnl- of d.*ft. Mose* Mi ro*n:i|e r, and el-o to
uracil n <<? rl? i n tract of land in said county
bclongini! to eaid llrock.
An it U)>|>Ci\rini? lion: an affidavit filed in
il.is cause that Defendant Brock is i o* a r< *?
ident of I In.* . Stale, ll is ordered, that li>? d >
uppear h? r? w.tliin one in -n b uller dw? puh?
I lent ioii hereof und do what i? necessary to
protcC Ira inteiest in said suit.
A copv ? IVsle :
(Keck & I leek, p ij )
I'tbi itary II. 1S9 5t
ia . e t i: s i: t? a ,j s s ,
Hole Survivor of t/ir I j mo! s ami (Hat he
IJ.rji/rtr m/f [Expedition in ISO I f> <j.
Now rfs.dii.g in Rr iofc? en. Vj., 8S
j earn.
f | "MIR nhrivo \%o;k liundsorjn |\ pr nttd
1 and I'lcgiUiitly bound in emhocfictl
inn?!in. with (Kit nut of Mi Gass, and ilirco
additional lull pay/' enur.?\ injj#, and con
taining 268 pap-s of matter, it now <? 11 hand
und it-uily lor rlt livery to subscribers, or
whoever mav desire it ? Price 4H.dO.
This work will lie found to foe inlercatii-.p, be
ing the biography o' na old soldier, 88 jcars of
Oge, the sole sbrvivor of ib? novcrnment expe
dition under Lewis and (Murk, ia |S0'l-'3-'(i,
over the Uni'li y Mouiitaiuc} au?J rmlio.ly iig Ins
journal of the events of die expedition. Tli?
Niagara campaign of ISl'2,in lliti principal e
vi-nis of which, the llattlo of Laudy's Lane,
Fort Krie, &r., Mr. Cuss took part, in narrated
01 length. Sketches ol the history of the set
lit in o it t of tho country on the Upper Ohio, bi
ographies of Philip Joseph Doddridge, Ale*,
under Campbell, reminiscences, etc., etc.,
which Compose ahout on.o third tho hook, will
also he found interesting.
Those remitting $ I, will receive a copy by
return of mail, poit-puij.
.-IddresH, I.VCOH .V SMITH,
Publishers, WclUbiirj!, Va.
IJj^Publishers of Newspapers, who receive
this notice marked, will obli^o lis hy uisurting
th.e s.inio as often as they can afford for u copy
of the hook, which will he mailed to I h c til on
receipt ol paper containing adver ti*c-ni?iit.
1)IIII,\DKl.PHI.V M K [?!C A I. HOL'SK.? Ki- :
tuh.'istiod twcnlytv\o ycnr? ago, l>? Dr. J
Kfukelin, corner o ! 1 liini and Union Streets, ;
Philadelphia, I'rt,
i iri'M v 7 H7)
I'ipcrionce has rendered l)r. If. a most sue- |
cessf'ul practitioner in tlic ciiio of ail diseases ?
of a private nature; manhoooi.s debility a ~t an ;
i m |< i'tl i in o I to marriage} nervous and sejual i
infirmities, disoascs otthe akin, and those I'roiu ,
abuse ol' mercury. j
There 18 an evil habit sometimes induced in
by boys, fn solitude, often growing up with them j
to ii'iniihood 5 and w liicll if not reformed in due
time, not only begets aerioei obstacle* to tnui- |
riniouial happiness, and give* me to a serieii
of protracted, insidious and devastating .il!Vi;- '
Few of tlirfse who give iviv In tin* pernicious
practice are aware in thu consequences, until
1 1 1 ? y liud tlin nervous system shattered, Irel
strange and iiuflccountablu sensations,* and
vague ft a is in the inir.d. (!:ie pages,
SO, of Dr. K.'* hook on "Sell- Preservation.' ')
The unfortunate thus afl'cctod becomes It i hie
is u aable to labor wish accustomed vignr, oi to
apply his mind to study ; his step is tardy aiuf
weak j lie is dull, irresolute, and engages even
in his sports with loss enemy than usual.
If he euiancipato himself before tho practice
Ins done its worst, airl enter matrimony, lirs ]
marriage is uulrui'lu I, his sense tells him that j
this i# caused l>y his early follies. J'heso are !
COfleiife rations which should awaken the attcn- I
ti on of all w ho yiro similarly situated.
, JtlSMfiAlhlill.
1 1 o who jilaccs himself under Dr. I'inkrlin's '
treatment, may religiously confide in his honor
as a gentleman, and rely upon tli'j assurance,
that tho secrets ol Dr. K.'s patieiits will never
be disclosed .
Young M in ? lot r>o false modesty ileler you
from making your case known to one, who from
education ami respect Ability, can tortainly be
friend you.
Dr. Kinknlin's residence has been for pie Inol
twenty-two years at tho N. \V. 'Corner (if 1'h'tri!
anil Union Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.
Can have n?y stating their Case enp'ieitlyj to
gcthcr with ail their symptoms, per letter, en
closing a remittance) Dr. K .'s medicine, appro*.
| propriated accordingly.
Forwarded lo anv p-irt of tho United Slates
and picked secure from Damage <> Curiosty, by
Mail or K* press.
A Vigorous Life or a Prematura Death, Kinke*
lin on Mclf-Pfeservation? "Only
2 '} Cents.
Letters containing that value in stamps, w ill
eusiiro a copy per return of mail,
A *' !?<??? (ai'l (<> All.
?'Nature's (lolde,'' a new and popular Work,
full ol" valuable advice, and impressive warning
alike calculated to prevent j eafs of misery , and
rtivc thousands of lives, is distributed without
Charge, and forwarded by mail, pre. paid to any
part ol the I nitrd States, on recomng an order
enclosing I Wo postage stamps.
Jan. 14, 1 86ft. IS.'i ly
i>ntO : Ditto*: t>itt'?* !
Vr.Anc.K supply of Kp.p.sn nRUc.M.juat
received and for sale cheap, at the Ding,
Hook and Vstiely store of
Commercial tluitdlug, Morganipwn Vi.
i?i?, i? lit*
"A Balm for Evory Wo unci.'
wa< l>jr rv. RR.ldG f.?
tlw rvjuiMt t?f J)r, KuM, when
b'?>ut t.> |hxkwI to tk?
A It C T I <; It E G ION.S.
#ii ! n.-.? OiwJ tnr liiin during lUnt
}>?;l ilo'.u 'Jinn AU-1 ijivui
to llu) \roi M tliU wuiuluiftil
ji i; .\ 1. 1 >: r: n e si e d y ,
wbtcll ltai niv!o
Itt'NWtLI-.i una lilOLBANL-.J
liRY9 lOHtfl
IT:? VlRTUfcSj*
and uru r#J<.tc!n? III ftcedoiu
from Inns,' lln-Joring
which otiior r*:ncVivi iiud fui\4
to euro. Htivo vo;i t!.o
niioumntism, Scrofula ?
I 1.ito you tho
?Are you ?ftJioted with
Old FJoroa,
tuCurlog froia
luus::s, sriu;XK, corns,
soke etes, nijs?
T ft U
A r o t i o LlulmerU
will Ol.ofd you lllKti-.Ut rvU?u
KvoryUo'lr Is liiV-a to
?A* In fear of thcia I
fid Aci-Moota tU*
Ilcpv on hnn <?.
fur It affon'.s suro and
u'UA saving fior* Ji>?*.1j. ft
U Ilia
eore xirrixs,
Soro Lips, Pimpiaa,
Ac., ko.
It in exec-lit nt fur lh? Ililr,
giving It n. nr.unrr, ?u?v
/rvEAtu.fca. It )?
II * sovereign retcodjr for
Diseases of Ilorscs,
SUlrrjI.ult, Woun<!#l Jrj/?vlos
Poll. Evil, &<J
in* x.mii:* iur or
Over 1.000,000 P? tlontc.
r?i>ry purchaser <.f n Pot urn Ilcrm* of Jie AprilC
MXIlli-VI n ciitH, at l'r. liraj'g'* eti>en*c, .ilio UNlTlTII
STATK JOt'l'A'AI, fit wrn your. Ho Ima arranged fur *?
CciMrtnirpt iu euoh isni'u of -aid p? j>or t lirotifrlt which to
coin"' >oic?t<% '.villi Iii 4 [?1ir>n?. until department to bo c!o
TOtc'l to nnv.vi rn tn cutrv-|om1otit4, < ar( fully pr<?| ?r?(\
prenorijitioiiK. and olhit'. valuable item* of luforuia'ion
which 1 is I'.ns; cx J.ci ih'.ct Mid tho ppccliar ra?-4 fi-oat
time t.> tiinf- jwenlnl i-i liU attention kl.nll sujrjfost. Th?
JOPRN'Al. is vu'olisti.i.l in New York, ami is ono of tli*
ctdmt and mint joj>.ilar now.f.nptr* in tl.o country. A
c?r;ifieAtu of sttl>--ori|.(ioti ?iToinj*nlts each bottlo.
An A';r:\T WANIF-I* in FVRl: V TOW X and village.
lillMW A IJUTIROIVK8, fit. Louio, Mo.
a a V< vi < 'frit R, Xo. 871 DROADWAT.
Cunaiib^d.'^wa Louid addrc/sM t./ St T.o .i Pi, <
I iTiK rn.fcniATKn iwm.and kvmwdy rcit
Disr.'.si: or tnr, kidskjs,
I \Y EAKK . ( P A^;v KDTi>,
And ilif virions affections consequent ispew a
I /; iso ni) smai.w/i or uvi:r.
Such UK Indigestion, Acidity of the stomach.
Colicky 1'u ill*, 1 1 ci r tt>ii r n , i,o*s of appetite,
i l?e*poiideiicy , f 'oifti vcnoiu, lllind ami bleeding
Piles. In all Nervous I'heumatic a ltd Neurnl
I gio affections, it Ins in n ii hi <? rous instance prot
I'll lii'ilily beneficial, nml ? it other* ifiVctc'd ado
cidoil euro.
I This is n purely vegetnhlft compound, pr?ps
1 red on stritly scientific. principles nl'i<jr t It o
j iu inner ol the celebrated Holland I'rofoiar Wo
frliivo. Ilccauso ofits prea t success in most
of th6 Kiiroponii Stales, it# iinroduction into
j fl>c United st hm was intended tnorft especial)/
j fur those ol* our fatherland, stuttered here tiliil
there over Ilia, fare of this .mighty eonntiy.?
Mooting with g/cat sncce?s among them, I no?*
od'er it t>? the American public, knowing tlmt
its truly wonderful incdicin.il virtues must b?
acl. nowledged .
It is pasticularly recornrnded to those per
ions whose < (institutions irmy have hern ir/ip sir*
ed by the continuous n.'* of rrdoM spirit** or
other (onns of disispntion. (Senernlly indicia ?
noons in its effects it (inds ils way directly to
the seat of life, thrilling and quiche iling <ucry
nerve, raising up the drooping spirits, and, .u
fact, infusing ntjw health sud tiger into ttt?
s) stem.
t wruov.
The grrit popularity of this delightful Arrni
has Induced many imitations, which the public
should guard ngaiust purch tiing. lienolpei
s ndcil to buy anything tl?e until you litnc It.,
erhav? '* Holland liitters a fair trial. On(! bot
t'e tviil eonvlnco yoa how inllnitely superior it
is to h'.I imitations. ,
I J Snld at $1 pi > bett'e, or sit bottles for
by the soi.i: ruoin ir mm,
IIKNJAMIN I'AfJK, ,?r., ft fo ,
I'll A ItMACKI llil's AND CI IP. Miff 5,
PI rT-MU'llll. I'i.
T W. Pjrntt Itj Sons, PI. i) a lelphia, ftsrng b
Park. New York, John !>. Park, Cincinnati,
Hunard, Adams ( rt., St. I.oois, and by drug*
gists and Merchants generally throng!. nrii the
United Stite, and < finiiiln*.
St/Id by I1TCII & SI.O I f, Morgsi^v wn, V?,
Of (. 5fl. 1XA8 17o.
I iomt.n rn.v n:i> i.yh ? a r?in f?*? j??<
" > npfiicil ?n<l f?r iV.o ?? l 1?<| 1 fn n r? I'M# anJ
n'fj at Mrirc. n of Otfl

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