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General Advertiser
Palatine Iron Foundry,
Opposite Fairmont, I Vi.
ami every other variety of Costings
that aro likely to be needed in an ng- j
riculturu! and manufacturing cominu-:
nity?all made of the best metal, und ;
warranted. I
The slib?crtber? are truly thankful
for the flattering: patronego already
?enjoyed by their establishment?and
will use their best exertions to render
?Batiafactiou in every resjioct.
TtilatinO'a. November 24, 1653. Sm
The Noiv York Cheap Variety Store 11
THIS ii safe betting, becauso you get more
than the worth of your money all tho time.
Wo continuo to sell Goods "just Tor the fun
of the. thing," and chcaper than ever, anti will
continue to ofierfor ?ale, before and after the
election, the most desirable (election of Good*
we have yet exhibited to our customers and
the public. Wo have every variety of Ladies'
and Gentlemen's
Which we are sure will meet the wan la and suit
the tastes of this community. We challenge
?competition! and pledge ourselves to merit
tbe custom of tjjose who call upon us, by fair
dialing and selling Cheap Goods.
Our stock of Ready-Made Clothing is
complete, and cheap as usual. Such an assort
ment, particularly of Boy's Clothing, cannot
be found in Western Virginia, nor as cheap
tjiis side of Baltimore. ,
A fine stock of GROCERIES, such as
Teao, a great variety of .fine CoiTee, Sugar, Mo
lueses, &c., merits the attention of every one.
The Ladies will find our Teas very desirable.
Always oa hand, our usual variety of No
tions, &c. Consult votir own interest, always,
byxalling on cheap tidet and buying your Goods
?f CARR, SMITH fit CO.
Siorgantown, Oct. 23, 1S52. 167::tf.
September 38, 1853.
F. A. DER1NG & CO.,
HAVE thi? day received their Fall and
Winter Stock of Goods, consisting of
Together with Salt, Iron, Nails, Stone
Ware, &c., &c. We wish it to be under
f tood, distinctly, that we will not be un
dersold by any merchant in town or coun
- Thankful to our old friends for past pat
Tonagp, we respectfully solicit a contmu
ancoof their custom. To all we would
fay, cell and examine our chpap stock of
New Goods. F. A. DERINu & CO.
? Sept. 28,1852. 164-tf. i
New Arrangement from Morgantown
to Fairmont.
1TAGES leave Morgantown daily for Fair- j
^nont, at 7 o'clock, A. M., connecting with
r-v?t?-?&?&? UkHimore and Ohio Kail Road.
Leave Fairmont daily at 1 o'clock, P. M.,
after the arrival of the cart, for Morgantown,
[ connecting with the Stages for Uniontown and
Srownsvitfe, Pa.
PepL 27th, 1S52. 164-tf.
Cnpltal $50,000. Willi power to Increase
It to 9200,04)0.
THIS.COMPANY, having been July
organised, is now reedy to receive
applications an.! issue Policies, and oilers
to the citizens of Virginia the inducement
of n home Company for the safe insurance
of all kinds of Properly, Merchandize, tfc.,
at fair and eqitable rates.
The Directors assure the public that
this Company will be conducted with a
view to permanency, anil on the strictest
principles of equity, justice, and a close
regar.) to economy "and the safety of the
insured. ?
President,?Jos. S. Carsoh,
Secretary,?C. S. Fonk.
Actuary,?0. B. Bresbec.
Direciorsj?Jos. S. Carson, Jas. P. Kie
,ly, Wm. L. Clark, Jas. H. Burgess, Lloyd
Lognn. John Kerr, N. W. Richardson.
B7"0fHce on Picoadilla Street, near the
Valley Bank, Winchester, Va.
H. E. Smith, Agent, Moiganlown, Va.
Sept. 11,1S52. 161-tf.
John Hoye's Exocuior, J
VS. >
Jehu E. Bucklew.Jcc. J
I, Joseph Brown, Coratrtissioner of (he
Circuit Court of Preston county, in this
c>U8u, will sell to the highest bidder, be
fore 4h? front door of the Court-house in
Kingirooil, on the 2d Monday of Febru
ary. next, (being Court <lay) the tract of
- Land in tiie bill ant) eihibiti mentioned in
. ?aid cause, upon a credit of 6, 13 arid 18
? months, taking bond and good security
from the purchaser, with interest from day
ul sale. JOSEPH BROWN.
Nov. 25, 1852. 173-2mo.
JOHN K. SHEA.V has just received
at his Cheaji Variety Store, Gold and Sil
ver Watches, a fine assortment of Clocks,
Jewelry, Spectacles, Spoons, and almost
everything in the notion way. Also, n
tine lot of Glassware,
Grocerici, Confection/tries, Spr.
Cofl'ee, Tea, Sugar, Molasses, Cheese,
&c., which are going oil at prices remark
ably low,
Mor.nintown, Va., Dec. 4,1855.
Glnnsware, Olntmirnre.
A largo lot, in great variety, just
receivod and fur lalo at the Now York Cheap
Variety Store of
Curr, Smith If Cy.
PJniMcd Oil, Tiiriicutiiie,
While Lead ; Cast, Shear, American and
English Blister Steel; Wheatley's Chop
-Vin? A?e?, Haichels, Adaes, Drawing
Knivej and ChUsels,?? g?i' ??PI'')' f?;
?vie ?t the Emporium.
J.izitB & FLSMina.
Casl#r Oil, by the Imrrul or doion,
Fo/S.lebr H. If, CAHR k CO :
1SW: . ,
Julius Birii,
William Ciip'Xtt. AlpheosCuppett, John
< ('iioi*ii. Uuciiulu Cup(>ett, Nancj Cup
ft,id Cuppett, d""iel cu?pel1, h.?
,R Cnppell. l???c Cuppett, Henry Har
rison Ci'MFll. and William and Harrison
Cuppeit. Administrate* of Danwltuppeli,
,l'l'e"'e'1, IN CHANCERY.
The object of ttiis suit '8 10 obtain tin
appointment uf u CnminiMioner o ex?.
cite..led on behalf -f iho ??W defc?d
??.s in the cowptajiianl for IBS acr. s.of
Land in the comity aforesaid. Ami the
said John S., I,uciii4a, Daniel ami H no
Harrison Cuppett, not being resife" "[
this Stat?, tlwv aw therefore h? u b> re
quired to sppear here within one month
after due publication of this order, and do
what is necessary to protect their uileiesu
In this suit. gjiJxS?RANk! Clerlt.
Wm. G. Brown & Co., CumplV Counsel.
Dec. 11, 18&2. 17*:5t._
?Virginia? .
At Hole, held in the Clerk's Office of
the Preston County Court, ou the ur?t
Monday in December, 1812 :?
Henty Warder,
Thomas H. Meighen, Dennis Meighen and
The object of this suit is to recover
from the defendants damages to the amount
of $9't 72 for a debt due by account.
And the said Dennis Meighen and Jo
senh Fraiitz not being residents or this
State, they are therefoje hereby required
to appear here within one month after < ne
publication of this unlet. ?* *? ?>?i ?
necessary to protect their interests in this
o.iii A cony.? lesie.
G. Cresap. Pl'lfs. Alto.
Dec. 11, 1852. l74-M
? 07" Persons indebted to the undersign
ed for Millinery, Maiilua.work, &c_, a c
respectfully requested to call and settle
at their earliest convenience. _
Hep.4. 185*2. JANET. BEAK_
Two Double-Barreled GUNS,
For sale, very low, by H. H. Carr & Co.
Sept. 25, 1SS2^
Fashionable SHOE and GAITER
Fall and Winter Styles.
WILLIAM H. SAMSEL return! hi. thank.
tohU Wends and the public generally,
lor the liberal pMron.ge heretolore r.c.lTed,
and respectfally inform, them that h? conun
uc. to manufacture at hi.i Shop, on W alnut
street, one door Ea.t of Mr. G. M. ll?g?n
Dry Goods Store,
Ladles'. Misses' and Children's Shoes,
from ibe very be.tmaterial.,ln the latest styte.
and under hi. immediate .upenn endance. He
ha. on hand and will constantly keep' ?general
aa.orunent of Ladie.', Mu.es* >?d Children
Wear, vix:
Ladies' fine Ki.l & Morocco Slippers,
do. Leather and Morocco walking
Shoes, .
? do. black and bronzed Gaitere, a
variety of patterns,
flo. black and bronzed Jetiny Line.
Shoos. , ...
Having received from the Ea.t a ?plendid
auortnMt of the fine.t material., .elected
with great care, he feel, confident of being a
b,e0r.7?"$ 5X53*5- work made
Morgan/own, April 10, IS3* '3!)'7 .
EALLAND winter goods.
HAVE just received a well selected
slock of
Fall and whiter Good*,
and are offeiing them to their en510??"
Oil very reasonable terms. ^ :
ihey can- confidently assert .th?' lh"r
Goods are not inferior either in style or
quality, to those of any of their neigh
bors, and they pledge 'hemselves to sell
as cheap as any one else,.though ihey
mav not make such a flourish of ImmpeU.
&? Call at No. 2, just below corner of
Main and Walnut street.
Oct.23. 1852. t67-lf.
Just Received,
At tlit Morgantoicn 'Book Store :
100 doz. Luke Loomis" Pittsburgh Alma
nacs for 1853?asserted J
50" Columbian Inks, assorted;
Cabin and Parlor, or the ISorth and South,
Aunt Phillis's Cabin, an answer to Uncle
Letter?Paper at 10 cents per quire by the
A Kenersl assortment of School Books, Ifc.
SO Kegs pure White Lead;
1 hogshead prime N. 0. Sugar.
E. W. TOWER 4c CO.
1 October 30, 1852.
Bound fur Suit Itiver!
I'll it, Smith & Co.,
Having taken tickets Tor Suit River will
close out their stock of Goods at very re
duced prices. They have just received
some pretty all Wool D'Lanes, black kid
Gloves, Thibet cloths, &c., &c. Their
stock is large uttd complete. They will be
pleased lo see their friend* and customers
and promise to give them better bargains
than ever. CARI1, SMITH ti Co.
November 13, 1S52.
Commission JUcrclinnts,
Xo. 365, oppotlti the Eulaw How, Baltimore SI
Devote their whole attention ;o the Sale
of Flour. Grain and Seeds, Bacon, Lard,
Butter, Cheese, Wool, Dried Frvit.&c.,
&c., on the most liberal termi. They
have a rail road truck lo their warehouse.
Messrs. IIiser& While, ) ?
" Uhatimiy Brook*, S"ii St Co. ) p
" Bakers & Uiown, Winchester, Va
July 31, Ithia. lyr.
Jiio. W, ItoH* & I'o.,
Flour k General Commission Merchants
UAl.fl MORE, Md.
Best rol'ercitcos given and libaral
tulvtutccs mode on consignments, a
07" Refer to Win. Wagner, Cashier of
the Bunk of Morgantonn, and D. R.
Hosie, Miiigtinowj.
A prill 7, II It.
Coughs, Colds, Influenza,
Asthma, Bronchitis, spitting of
Blood, and all other Lung
Complaints tending to
nothing like it.
Core follows Cure!
The above invaluable Medioine ha? now been
before the public sufficiently long to hate ?ta
virtue* thorovshl* tcttci. .It 1... been u.elb,
all claasea of the community, under every poa
?ible variety of circumatancoa, and has every
where proved itself a most powerful and en
cient Cough medicine. Lung diseases of all
kinda yield to its influence, aa miata pasa away
upon the rising of the Sun. Thu U no fiction.
Wt uive you below, letter! from persons who
are now living in thi .tat. of Now York, and
who declare, over their own signatures, all
that ire could poHilly dciire them to lay in Hi
favor. Tlioio who can read their statements
and yet remain incredulous, must be beyond
the reach of human testimony.
trr The following if from tho pen of W"
H. Levisok, Esq. the diilingunlied Editor of
the U. S. Military and Xacal Argui, under data
of New York, Jan. 26, 1850. What could be
more conclusivcT
?It is seldom wo permit ourselves to occupy ,
a suae? in these columns to apeak in praise ot j
any^trlicle in tl.e potent medicine way; but,
when we sec tliclifcofa fellow-creaturo nv?d J
by the use of any medicine whatever, we con- j
aider it as our right, if not a duty, to give a
simple statement of facts, that others may.in |
like manner, he benefitted, rhe caio winch
has induced us to pen this article was that ofa
vounc ladv of our acquaintance, who by Irfr
qucnt exp'osure to the night air contracted
cold which settled on the Lungs beforo Its rav- j
aees could bo staved. (This occurred 2 yeara
nco this winter.) Various romedlos were used
but with very little effect or benefit. The cough
grew worse, with copious expectoration; and
the sunken eye, and pale, hollow cheek, told
pUi&Sa. PULMONARY mSEASE w:;. d~
ing its worst on her delicate frame. Tho fami y
physician was consulted, in hUtho- h<. would
not admit to the young lady that she really had
the CONSUMPTION', yet he would give no en
couragement as to a cure. At this crisia her
mother was persuaded to miko use of a ^ttle
of Dr. Rogers' Compound Syrup of LI\ ER )
WORT, TAR and CAXCHAUGuA | and we
are happy to state, slio was per/telly cured m
less than'tlirce months by this medicine alone,
after eren hope leal dlllroytd. It is useless to
comment on such a case as line for the simple
truth will reach where polished fiction never
can. If any doubt thu authenticity of this
statement let them call ?I'1S'
Military (? Saral .Ir^uj OJflct, ^o. i9 Chatham
ltrect,Xcw York.
after being gives up ttice
Albany, June 9, 1849. I
Mmn. a: L. seating Co.-1 herewith for*'
ward to you a Certificate of Cure effected by
your Compound Syrup of Liverwort, Tar and
Canchalagua. The cough and expectoration
teas of fourteen months' standing, and had baf
fled the skill of several of our eminent physi
cians in New York, Albany, and Coopcrstown.
I am the person in whom tho cure was etlect-1
cd, and as I had previously no laith in patent
medicines, I have since tried it on others, and
havo become satisfied ol its value. Mine was
as GREAT a CURE as ever was performed i
as I had during my sickness been giren up
twice liy my phyiicians. I ha ve now commenc
ed my business after taking 1 think about eight
b?"'a- Vou" Tllof c; "faulder.
Bleeding at the Lungs Cured!
Statement of Mr. A. Lang, Bakf'N?;^
Pearl It. N. V.?A Tow days before laat Christ
mas I was taken unwell and soon commencod
bleeding freely at the Lunge. I called in a
Homoeopathic Physician, but his medicine did
not seem to help ine, 1 read your advertise
ment, and thought I would try Dr.
rup of Liverwort, Tar aud CancUalarua.
Before I had taken up tho third bottle mybloed
ing hid stopped, my Cough was gone, and 1 felt
well as ususU My health is now good. I con
sider it a most excellent medicine and"?1?'"
Iv recommend it to my friends. JTUt 'Me
ment was made to the Proprietor! ilarch ism,
?^?This whole paper might be filled with
letters similar to the above, from those who
have been cured.
II. H. CARR-, Wholesale and Retail Agent for
Northwestern Virginia, Morgantown;
Dr. A. H. Dames, Clarksburg, Va.
D. Jackson, Jane Lew, Lewis county j
Dr. J. A. Hall, Weston, do.
William Asbury, Pruntytown, Taylor county j
Thomas W. Brooks, Knottsville,' do * j
Shinn'Kirklolnek, Harrison county {
L. A. Hagan, Kingwoud, Preston county j j
G. M. Hagan & Co., Drandonville, do
Burn & Tutt, Evansvillc, do
Samuel Strickler, Philippi, Barbour countyj
Thomas Meredith, Smalltown, Monongalia co.
John Yeager, Indian Creek, do
H. II. Carr, Fairmont, Marion county.
October 2, 1852. 164 3ra
The ingredients of which Dr. Rogers' Syrup
of Liverwort, Tar and Canchalagua is compos
ed have certain specific qualities which have
been clearly established by the highest medi
cal testimony. California has given us some
thing more "valuable than gold, in the plant,
! Canchalagua. It is the finest of vegetable to
nics, and has the invaluable property of re
cruiting tho strength, while it represses fever.
Tar, as an expectorant, has no equal. It loos
ens and expels the mucus from the Lungs, and
thus restores to them freedom of action. As
an internal styptic, Uvttwort has long been
known; but besides arresting bleeding from
the Lungs it,seems to"exercise a bcnoficial in
fluence over tho whole Respiratory Apparatus.
Thus, then, we havo in this compound, the
properties of strengthening, allaying fever, ar
resting hemorrhage, nnd soothing irritation.?
In this combinatioivconsists the rationale of its
wonderful cures of Coughs, Colds, and incipient
Consumption; tor the particulars and vouchers
of which see pamphlet to be bad of Agents.
October 2. - 3mo
To step botween doath and his prey is a
good work, and whoever induces the victim o
Cough, Bronchitis, or any Pulmonary disear?i
to take one bottle of Dr. Rogers' Liverwon
Tar and Canchalagua, has begun that good
work. There can be no question of the result
if the remedy is persevered in, See pamphlet
iu the hands of Agenti.
October 2. 3m
LonTniK] Crushed
*lo. I. Alton's R<>fiiierj fur sul* at
July 34. Liztvn k Tlmail.
Dissolution. j
THE Partnership heretofore existing
between the suWiibets uriaer the
firm end style of It'm. Durlnn If Co., is I his
day dissolved by mutual content. Tiic
bushier* of the concern will be settled up
bj- E. IV. Taicir. All persona indebted
to said firm are Tequesled to make imme
diate ?ettlemeut with him, aa it is abso
lutely nci't'Srtarj' that the same should be
closed without delay.
October 22,1652.
Hew Firm.
The subscriber ha* associated wiih him
George Me Dering in the Morgan town
Book Store. The business will be hereaf
ter conducted under the name and style of
E. IF. Tower S, Co.
Oct. 26. 1852. E. W. TOWER.
At the Tobacco and Drug Store of H.
I H. Cakr & Con Morgantown, Va.
I 2.U0 Fedisco SE6AKS,
j 20.000 Celebrado 11
1 20,000 Cathedral ,c
2 000 Favioratia *f
2.000 Brittanuia "
1.000 Lo.idus "
4.000 Jenny Lind, superior,
?1,000 Maria*,
ALSO?A very heavy and general sup
ply of choice pound lump Tobacco,
5s do do
Cattiaa do do
Cut and dried Tobacro.
William's, Anderson's, Stannard, very
fine chewing Tobacco. Also,
44,000 Half-Spanish Segars,
All of which will be s??ld on the most ac
commodating terms, to Merchants oj oth
ers. H. H. CARR&Co.
?Morgantown, Sepl. 25,1852. tf.
Forwarding & Commission Warehouse,
Tndcptndtncc, Bait. If Ohio Railroad,
90 Writ of Cumberland.
THE Subscriber having a large and commo
dious Warehouse, and being the agent of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company at
this point, is prepared to receive and forward
Merchandize and Produce with promptness and
He would call the attention of the Merchants
and Citizens of Morgantown particularly to this
place aa being their most convenient and eligi
ble point on the Railroad.
Independence, Nor. 1, 1852. lG9-6m.
Whatever concerns tho health and happiness
of a people is at all times of the moat valuable
importance. I take it for granted that every
person will do all in their power, to save the
lives of their children, and that every person
will endeavor to promote their own health at
all sacrifices. I feel it to be my duty to sol
emnly assuro you that WORMS, according to
the opinion of the most celebrated Physicians,
arc the primary causes of a large majority o
diseases to which children and adults are lia
ble,' if you have an appetitecontinually chaqg
ablo from one kind of food to another, Bad
Breath, Pain in the Stomach, Picking at the
N'ose, Hardness and Fulness of the Belly, Dry
Cough, Slow Fever, Pulse 4rrrpnlar?remem
ber that all those denoto WORMS, and you
should at once apply the remedy
IlobriiMick's Worm Syrup.
An article founded upon Scientific Principles,
compounded with purely vegetable substances,
being perfectly *aie when taken, and can be
given to the most tender Infant with decided
beneficial effect, where Bowel Complaints and
Diarrhaa have made them weak and debilita
ted tho Tonic properties of my Worm Syrup1
are such, that it stands without an equal in the
catalogue of medicines, m giving tone *nd
strength to the Stomach, wluch makes it m In
fallible remedy for those afflicted with Djfspep
m, the astonishing cures performed by this
Syrup pfter Physicians have failed, is Oie best j
evidence of its superior efficacy overall others.
This is the most difficult Worm to detroy -of
all that infest the human system, it growi to an
almost indefinite length, becoming so coiled
and fastened in the Intestines and Stomach, af
fecting the health so badly as to cause St. Vitus
Dance, Fits, &c., that those afflicted seldom if
ever suspect that it is Tape Worm hastening
them to an early grave. In order to destroy
this Worm, a very energetic trcaunent must be
Pursued, it would .therefore be proper to take
to 8 of ray Liver Pills so as to remove all ob
structions, that the Worm Syrup may act direct
upon the Worm, which must be taken in doses
of 2 tablespoonfuls 3 limes a day these direc
tions followed hare never beeh known to fail
in curing the "most obstinate case of Tape Worm.
No part of the system ia more liable to dis
case than the Liver* it serving as a filterer to
purify the blood, or giving the propor secretion
to thus1 bile; so that any wrong action oflhe Liv
er affects the other important parts of the sya
tern, and results variously, in Liver Complaint,
Jaundice, Dyspepaia, &c. We should, there
fore, watch every symptom that might indicate
a wrong action of the Liver. These Pills be
ing composed of ROdTS and PLANTS fiirnish
ed by nature to heal the sick? Namely, 1st,
An Expectorant, which augments tho secre
tion from the Pulmonary mucus membrane, or
promotes-the discharge of secreted matter.?
2d. An Alterative, which changes in somej
inexplicable and insensible manner the certain '
morbid action of the system. 3d. A Tonic,
which gives tone and strength to the nervous
system, renewing health and vigor,to.al) parts
of the body. 4th, A Cathartict which acts in
perfect harmony with the other ingredients,and
operating on the Bowels, and expelling the
whole mass of corrupt and vitiated'tnatter,and
I purifying the Blood, which destroys disease and .
restore! health. j
To Females.
Yon will find these Pills an invalnable medi- j
cine in many complaints to which you are sub
ject. In obstructions eithor total or partial,:
tbey have been found of inestimable benefit,
restoring their functional arrangements to a
healthy action, purifying the blood and other
fluids so effectually as to put to flightall com
plaints which may arise from female irregulari
ties, aa headache, giddiness, dimness of sight,
pain in the side, back, &c.
None genuine unless signed J. N. Hobensack,
all others being baso Imitation.
ID" Agents wishing newsupp'ies, and Store
Keepers desirous of becoming Agents must
address the Proprietor,.!. N. IJobensack,Phil
adelphia, Pa.
Price, each 25 cents.
G. W. Johnson, Baltimore, Wholesale Agent
for Maryland and Virginia. Canon & McClel
land, Uniontown * Pa. H. H. Carr, Morgantown.
Hagan, Kingwood. J. A. Hale, Weston. S.
& J. Hermans,.Fcllowsville. Meredith, Smith
field, and by every Merchant in the U. States.
June 26, 1S62. 150-tf.
A nice assortment for sale low al the
Emporium of httt* k J trust*
Knowledge is the best capital h can possm-. it
4s at hi* command every moment, and always
above jwr*?Dr. Franklin.
To Merchants, Clerks, Teachers,
Students, and all Men.
A new and complete Set o?. Rule*
by which all tho ftindameatal operations of A
rithmetic may bo performed in an incredible
short space (ff time. To become a maatcr of
them will requiro not more than a couplo hours
study of anygood sound mihd^ and the student
will thereby be enabled to Add, Subtract, Mul
tiply or Divide, in any sum of no matter how
many figures, more accurately (indeed beyond
the possibility of an error J and In less than one
fourth of the time required in the old system.
Theso Fundamental Ilulcs aro followed by
an Examination into the PROPERTIES OF
NUMBERS, which even further facilitates the
other operations. There arc also embraced in |
the work,
Rules for the Calculation r>f Interest,
which will work out tho interest at any rate
upon any sum, with the utmost accuracy, and a
simplicity and quickncss fully equal to all the
other operations by this, and vastly superior
to all courses in the old plan.
Together, these form the most complete trea
tise on the Scicnce of Numbers ever issued?
and are incalculably valuublo to all men from
their novcr-faiJing accuracy, and to business
men from the immense amount of time-they
save from the most wearisome details of busi
ness life. Particularly ought they to be in tho
hands of Merchants and Clerks, Teachers and
Students, and Young Men generally.
Or The copies of the fow remaining hun
dreds of the present edition are being hurried
ofi" at a price greatly reduced from that ($5 00)
at which tho balance were sold, to make room
for a new-edition to be gotten up in magnilipent
and costly style immediately upon closing out
the present one.
##* Every purchaser is bound (as a matter
of justice and protection to tho copy-rightist)
by his sacred pledge of honor, to use the Pro
cesses for the instruction of himself only, and
to impart the information obtained from them
to no ono.
+^*To obtain the Procesrrs it is necessary
to give such a pledge, with the price, Three
Dollars, enclosed in a letter, postpaid, direct
ed to P. May Markley, Funkstown, Washing
ton county, Maryland. The Processes will be
forwarded post-paid, to the given address.?
Be particular to write the name of Poat-Olfice,
County and State distinctly^ with those ne
glecting this, mistakes frequently occur.
*?#Thoso preferring.it can order copies of
the forthcoming edition, weich will be ready
about tho holidays. The price will be $6;?
orders sent before its issue will be filled as soon
as the copies are ready, for $5.
Local A grills Wanted.
In every town, and all through the country,
Srcat numbers of copies of these Rules can be
isposed of by any one who will only take the
trouble to make" their scope known. They
comprise that which business men, and every
body, has long felt the want of, and will gladly
obtain. The naturd of the business allows any
one to act as Agent, and to energy ensures a
large reward. As before explained, the busi
ness requiring privacy, orders from Agents are
filled in separate sealed envelopes for delivery
through their hands. When a number of three
copies or more are ordered with the remittance
at one time, 33 per cent is allowed to be re
tained as the Agent's foe; and 50 per cent on
orders for eight copies or more.
Octobcr 2, 1852. 164 4mo j
mil E Partnership heretofore existing between
X Drs. McLANE, SON k SCOTT is this day
dissolved by mutual consent. All persons
having claims agaiust said partnership are rc
ucsted to present them, and all persons in
ebtcd to the same are requested to call and
settle immediately, asour books must be closed
without d?J ay.
Cjias. McLane,
Jos. A. McLane,
Isaac Scott.
July 16, 1S53.
Medical Card.
Jostrii A. McLane, M. D., Isaac Scott,
M. 1)., anil Huoh \V. Brock, M. D., hav
ing this day associated themselves together
under the firm of
Drs. McLane, Scott and Brock,
Tender their services to their Irienda and
the puDub generally, aa practitioners of
Medicine, Surgery, Stc.
All being graduates of the first Medical
College, and having had considerable ex
perience ir. their profession, they hope by
strict attention to business to merit a good
share of the public confidence. They oc
cupy their old office, opposite the Mer
chants' and Mechanics' Bank.
Morgantown. July 16, 1852. 151-tf.
E. S. JONES, & CO.,
Publishers of tho Model Architect, by
SAMUEL SLOAN, Architect, to be completed
in 24 monthly parts.
The above work b designed to meet the
wishes not only of those directly interested in
buildings, bnt of all who desire the .advance
ment of this nobleartin our country, ahd wish
to cultivato ther tastes and acquaintance
with architecture. The hand&ome manner in
which it is prepared and embellished, renders it
a tasteful ornament for the drawing-room, while
its accurato delineations give it the highei
practical value. '
Nob. 12 & 3 are tow ready for delivery.
Price?50 cents per number. Address as a
bove, post paid.
Philadelphia, Dec. 20, 1851. 123-tf.
MRO.Y and .V.fILS.
A large lot just received which render our
assortment a genera I one, and which we ofTer
' upon the lowest term":
March 6. Carr, Smith ^ Co.
Feltermaii's Depot,
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Taylor
County, Va.
ARE now prepared to receive and forward
merchandize to all points in the surround
ing Counties; also,to all points on the Ohio
river, west of Parkeriburg, Va. This will be
t)ie most desirable route for Western mer
chant#, during low water in the Ohio river.
N.B.?S. MAGUIRE k Co., Cumberland, (by
arrangement) will pay Railroad freights on all
goods consigned to us, (when required) there
by avoiding the necessity of pre-paying in Dal-;
May 22, 1852. 146-tf.
This excellent preparation is making its way
to universal favor, and only needs a trial to
secure a preference over all its rivals. Read
the Ibllowing Certificate:
This is to Certify, Thnt I have used |
Doctor Carr's celebrated Nonpariel Liniment;
in my family, and have found it to be one of
the greatest remedies of the kind I have ever
used, and cheerfully rncommend it to the pub
lie as a truly Koriparitl Liniment.
October 2. H. J. IUTENOUR.
Cash paid for Wheat, by
.Sept. 18, 1802.
i ii i . .
Dr. Trask's Magnetic Ointment,
For Mle ii the Drug Siom of
Afrit V.. -BWOJUHi&eO
KnUm*l*/wrJ>"?v tr> Afct < f I
JgMirty J- ?B.'JlUOflllTOS'. "SI. ??? lu ?'"? ? '
O0M of the Dbtrid Court for tho LoAtaru bn4X K
of Pontwtlvnmo. '
Another Scientific Wonder! .
Prepared from RENNET, or the fourth STOM
ACII OF THE OX, aller ilircctioos of Duron
Lirlig, tho great Phyiinl?glc?l Clior.iV.', by
J. S. HOUGHTON, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.
Thia ii a truly wonderful remedy for Iniiga
tion, Dytprptia, Jaundict, Liter Complaint.
Constipation ondDtbllity, curing after Nature',
own method, liy Nature'! own ogeut, tho
Gastric Juice.
IET Haifa icaipoonful of Penis*, infilled in
water, will digcut or dissolve Five Pounds pf
Roast Beef in about 2 hours, out of the stomach.
PEPSIN is tho chiefelcmcnt, or Great Digest
ing Principle of the Gastric Juice?tho Solvont
ol tho Food, the Purifying, Preserving & Stim
ulating Agent of tho Stomach and Intestines.
It is extracted from the Digestive Stomach of
tho Ox, thus forming nn Artificial Digestive Fluid
precisely like the natural Gastric Juice in its
Chemical powers, and furnishing a Complete and
Perfect Substitute for it. By tho aid of this
preparation the pains and evils of Indigestion
and Dyspepsia arc removed, just as thoy would
be by a healthy stomach. It is doing wonders
for Dyspeptics, curing eases of Debility, Emaci
ation, Nervous Dccline and Dyspeptic Consump
tion, supposed to be on the verge of the grave.
The scientific evidence upon which it is based
s in thchighcstdcgree curious and remarkable.
Scientllic Evidence.
Baron Liebig in his celebrated work on Ani
mal ?Chemistry says: ' An, Artificial Digestive
Eluid, analogous to the Gastric Juice, may be
readily prepared from the mucous membrane ol
the stomach of the Calf, in which various arti
Iclcs of food, as meat and eggs, will be softened,
I changed ahd digested, just in the same mannor
| as they would be in the human stomach.'
Dri Combe, in his valuable writ, tgs on the
| Physiology of Digestion, observes th-<.'a dimi
nution of tho due quantity of the Gastric Juice
I is a prominent and all-prevailing cause of Dys
1 popsia;' and he states that a distinguished pro
I fessor of medicine in London, who was severe
ly afflicted with this complaint, finding every
I tiling else to fail, had recourse to the Gastric
Juice obtained from tho stomachs ?t living ani
I proved completely successful.'
Professor Durtg-Z/wn, of the Jefferson Collego,
I Philadelphia, in his great work on Human "Pliy
I siology, devotes more than fifty pages to anex
I animation of this subject. His experiments with
I Dr. Beaujnont, on the Gastric Juice obtained
from the living human stomach and from ani
mals, are well known. * In all cases,' he says,
1 digestion occurred as perfectly in the artificial
is in the natural digestions.7
Dr. Houghton's Pepsin has produced the most
marvellous efTects in curing enses of Debility, I
Emaciation, Nervous Decline and Dyspeptic
Consumption It is impossible to give the de-l
tails of cases in the limits of this advertisement;
but authenticated certificates have been given
of more than two hundred remarkable cures, in
Philadelphia, New York and Boston alono.?
These were nearly all desperate cases, and the
cures were not only rapid.and wonderful, but
It is a great Iservous Antidote, and particular
ly u'ieful for tendency to Bilious disorder, Liver
complaint, '/ever and Ague, or badly treated
Fever and Ague, and the evil effects of Quinine,
mercury and other drugs upon the digestive or
gans, after a long sickness; also for excess in
eating and the too free use of ardent spirits. It
almostrcconciles health with intemperance.
Old Stomach Complaint*
There is no form of old Stomach Complaints
which it docs not seem to reach and remove at
once. No matter how bad they may be, it gives
instant relirf! A single dose removes all the
unpleasant symptoms; and it only needs to be
repeated for a short time to make these good
effects permnncnt. Purity of Blood and Vigor
of Body follow at onco. It is particularly excel
lent in cases of Nausea, Vomiting, cramps,
soreness of the pit and stomach, distress after
eating, low, cold state of the blood, heaviness,
iowness of spirits, despondency, omaciation,
weakness, tendency to insanity, suicide, &c.
Dr. Houchton's Pepsin is prepared in Powder
and in Fluid form; and in Prescription vials for
the use of Physicians.
Private Ctrculars for the use of Physicians
may be obtained of Dr. Houghton and his agents
describing the whole process of preparation and
giving the authorities upon which the claims of
this new remedy are based. As it is not a secret
remedy no objection can be raised against its
use by Physicians in respectable standing and
regular practictf. Price One Dollar per bottle.
Observe This !?Every bottle of the genuine
Pepsin bears the written signatnre of J. S.
Houchtok, M. D.sole proprietor, Philadelphia,
Pa. Copy right and trade mark secured.
Sold byall Druggists and dealers in medicines
Wholesale Agents for the State of Virginia.
October 26, 1S51. ly
Doctor Yourself!
For 25 Cenh,
By means oftlic Pock
ct .i&cuIapluK, or Ev
ery one his own Physician
Thirty-sixth edition,with
upwards of a hundred en
gravingS|Bhowing private
disense in every ahapo
and form, and maIforma-(
tions of tho generative
By WMi YOUNG, M. D.!
The time has now arrived, that persona Buf
fering from secret diseases, need no more be
come the victim or QtJACKEav, aa by tho pre
scriptions contained in thia book, any one may
cure himself, without hindrance to business,
or tho knowledge of the mosi intimate friend,
and with one-tenth the usual expense, In ad
dition to the general routine of private diseases,
it folly explains the cause of manhoods early
decline, with observations on marriage?be
sides many other derangements which it would
not be proper to enumerate in public prints,
ID* Any" person sending TWENTY FIVE
CTS enclosed in a letter, will rcceive one cony
of this book, by mail, or five copies will be
sent for one dollar. Address "DR. w. YOUNG,
ID" Dr. YOUNG can be consulted on anvef
the Diioases described in his different publica
tions, at his Office, 152 SPRUCE Street, every
day between 9 and 3 o'clock, (Sundays excen
ed. May 1. 1^52.
$1000 A YEAR!
ANTED in every County of the United
States, active and enterprising mm, to
engage in the sale of-somo of the best Hooks
published in tho country. To men of good
address, possessing a small capital of from
$25 to $100, such inducements will be ofTered
as to enable them to make from $3 to $10a day
CT The Books published by us are all usefttl
in their character, extremely pdpular nnd com
mand large sales wherevorthey aro offered.
For further particulars, address, (postage
paid,} DANIELS & GETZ,
Successors to W. A. Leary tCo.,
No. 13& North Stfcond Street, Philadelphia.
October 23,1853. !67:j6ipo,
Dr. J. C. Ayers' Cherry Pectoral,
Just rcceiveil and for Bale bv
Ajrtfm H - II OARR & CO
Bulfcr's CelcliraM I'ajllj JiJcc'ciBCs,
Decidedly the mosl popular ffcc
(nal remedies in usr.
Dr. Rntlcr's Klixir of Brandy,
i sure, safe and eficotual ronicdy fiir Dyspepsia,
thcmoxt turmuiiliijg uf jhll other discuses.?
Those persons who out laboring under tho
weight of this complaint will do well to pur
chnxo n bottle oi* tho Kiisir of lira udv, n?il
strengthens the ?i? mich, thereby cauniug thu
food to digest, tho head to cease aching, tb?
mind to resume its wonted clearness and ucliV
it/?in short,'a renovation of the whole man.?'
For pnrticulors, read Dr. Butler's valuable Jln
ccipt Book, a copy of which inny ho had of tho
Agent, gratis.
Dr. Culler's Balsam of Elecampane,
is warranted to cure more casos ofdiseaaer of
the Chest than any other preparation offered for
sale at this time. It may be used by persona of
all ages and conditions, and will be found aco>
tain ctirc for Cough9, Colds, Whooping Cough;
Bronchitis and Consumption in its earlier itages.
It loosens the phlegm, and enables one to breath
froely, which is always desirubJo. For a fur
ther description of its virtue*, see Dr. Butlerv's
valuable Receipt Book, a copy of which may be
had of the Agent, gratis.
Dr. Butler's Sampson Liniment,
which is a Liniment, as its name denotes, tin1
produces great strength. Is there weakness o'.
the back, breast, or limbs J it will vanish upsn
tho application of this great strengthener. Do
you sulfer pain in thcuo places I use the Samp
son's Liniment; it will drive out all pain in
stantly. Are you bruised, or strainea in any
way? it will remove the swelling and soreness
with a fow applications. It should stand in the
cupboard ofevery family, and may bo found
described in Dr. Butler's valuable rcccipt book
at greater length.
Dr. Butler's Cold Mine, or Califor
nia Pill,
js&pill made from the extract of a plant found
in the wilds ofCalifornia; and to a man afflicted
with some of the ills that flesh is heir to, is more
valuable than fine gold. This pill operates
gently on thebowols,and thereby removes paint
and sluggishness of the system, and being cer
tain in their operation, arc greatly to be pre
ferred above all other pills. Concerning them,
read Dr. Butler's valuable Heccipt Book, in
which may bo found useful recciots for dyeing,
and many other things useful to families.
Fersale by CANON & M'CLELLAND, whole
sale Agents, Uniontown, Pa.
II. H. CARR, Morgantown, Va.
C. B.CARR & CO., Fairmont, Va.
Thomas Me ride th, Smiihfield,
S. &. J. Heerinans, Fellowsville,
Byrne &Tntl, Evansville,
J. Anbury & Sou, Pruiitjrtown,
J. Asbury,. Thorntown.
H. S. Combs, Stewarttown.
A. Loftus, Ico's Ferry, Monongalia Co.. Va.
March 29, 1851. 8 '
The Envy of all Pill Manufacture?
BECAUSE they aro safer, letter and more
efficacious than any others; and bccausa
he public will take no othcri if they can ob
tain them.
500,noo BOXES
hate been annuallyiold within tho last J yeara
can alway. take them with equal safety, with,
out fear.
for purging and cleansing the stomach and bow
| els. and purifyiug the Blood and fluids of the
body, take no others?for no other pills produco
these combined effects, or contain Sarsaparilla
I in them. '
Eat, Drink and Live as usual,
and pursue your uiual occupation whilst taking
them, without fear of taking cold, during all
kinds of weather. "
are d that more genuine certilicat'ce
(rrom Physicians, Clergymen, Members of Con
gress and respectable citi?ns)can be produced
of their efficacy than of any others, and
BnJ -'Wj1""" ?'her. Obi
Box will not do more good than Two Boies of
any others.
Forty Pills are in a Box ! '
and sold at Twt.vTr.rivL Cents a Box, with
direcuons, and much wholesome advice accom
panying each box.
They hare no tasto or unpleasant smell.
Free from dust or powder of any kind,
Do not gripe tho Stomach or Bow els
Produce no sicknees, vomiting, orbad feeling.
And adapted to most diseases common to
No one having once taken them will be will
ing afterwards to take any others, because ther
m will g ' ""i""d? "?l thc? n? ot^J
DR. X. B. LEIDY, the Proprietor and
PhvsidaT offift1 res"'ar Bru??i"' Ch?rai"< * ?
Physician, of fifteen years experience in Phils
delplua | Graduate of the University of Pennsrl
r p'rtie'r"V?r ?r.'l',r5ro"1 Medical Institution.
Ir n MJ10"' Y?rk> Baltimore,
ficc., and associate and corresponding momhrr
of several Medical Institutions of London and
Pans?hence the reason of the greater rnnfi
dence placed in his pills, aiid there being re
commended in the practice of most resectable
phjwians throughout the United State.
V ,,^n'r,ciH "opot, Dr. Leldy's Dispens.rr
No 114 North FOURTH ST., Philadelphia?
and sold wholesale and retail by , .
11. H. CARR, Morgaiitown j
S. Heennans, Fellowsvillo;
T. R. Curtis, Clarksburg & .MillersvilIe}
S. fit J. Heermans, Greigsville j
M. M. Campboll, Fairmont j
Malloncc & Newlon, Prim ty town;
Stricklcr & Co., Philippi;
Brooke k Co., Laurel Point;
Skilcs & Co., Uniontown;
John liagun, Smithfield;
Rinchart 6: Minor, Waynesburg;
C. A. fc.W. Moitrezatt, Mapjetown ;
J. Hudson, Newtown;
D. N.-Robinson, Brownsville;
anil by all Druggists and Storekeepers in the U
States. 66 ly Sept. 7, 1850.
Pectoral Balsam, Depurativc Syrup,
Poctoral Expectorant, Heart Corrector,
Pcctoml Liniment, Humor Corrector,
Pure and Medical Cod) Cough and Cathartic
Liver Oil, J Pills,
Anti-dyspeptic mixture, Vermifuge,
Nervine, Female Pille,
Female Specific, &c. &c.
Used by him constantly and with unprecedented
success in the treatment of
Coughs, Colds, Consumption, Asthma, Heart
Discuses. Dyspepsia, Scrofula, Skin Dis
cases, Rheumatism, Female complaints,
Piles, %c. Ifc.
Dr. Fitch's unequalled Patent silvor plated Ab
dominal Supportbraj
Dr. Fitch's improved plated steel-spring Shoul
der Brace}
Dr. Fitch's Silver Inhaliag Tube.
dr. mcirs celebrated six
On the pretention and euro of Consumption,
Asthma, Diseases of the Heart, &c., and on the
method of preserving Health and Beauty* to an
old ago.
This book should bo in eyeryfiimily. To the
consumptive it point* out the only reasonable
hope for relief. To mothers the directions it
?lives for tho care and education of children are
nvaJuable. 78,000 copie? of this book have
passed through the preni? and the saloo contin
ue unabated.
For sale by S. S. FITCH 6c Co., fy>. 707
Broadway, New YoTk, and II. H. Carrt
Moqpntown, Va.
(Ep Dr. Fitch's Guide to Invalids, of
Directions to nersoo* uging Dr. Fitch's
medies, Id .be had, gratis, oT all his Am*,
July m 47<ff

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