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Ii published every Saturday morning, fit the
j Office on Front etreot, next door to >*. Madera's
^volcl Poat officc stand, at thn following tcrm?:
Si $0 a Yea ii Cash ix Advakce;
SS'OOafter pix monthsnAfo^pinruj v
rjj ii .'.H/ER PAID, without COCTSivn.
For 1 square, S weeks, ? ? 51.00
each additional insertion, ? 0Sb
l o: ore squaro, 8 months, ? ? 3.00
dc. 6 monthi, - . 0.00
do. 1 year, ? ? 10.00
For one column, minion type, 1 year, 30.00
For Announcing Candidates, each name, 2.00
l?T.\'o paper will be discontinued until all
arrcaiapei are paid up, except at the option or
the Publishci.
::o ?ubicrip:ion taken for & shorter period J
than six mon.hr.
Hcligioiis attbilloraL
The Children's Missionary Box.
The children in a poor-house at the
west thought they must have a mission
^ry-box. One of tho boya said lie was
(tifraid he cnuld not get any money tn pui
into it. The teacher told him iflie de
sired to help the heathen, God would
send him money. He askod her, "How
will he send it? Will he send it as he
did ihp^jianna frnm heaven?" A few j
days ?!?r, he entered the room, hie!
.countenance beaming with delight, say-1
ing,'"God lias given mo h cant fur the .
missionary-Sox.'' He IibJ earnd it by
carrying coal fur the fiie. A gentleman
visited' tbo flchool-room, and the chil
dren having sung for hie entertaiunlem,
he g?ve them fifty cenls for a treat.
WSefi be left, one ofthem proposud iha
thoy put the money into the box, which
they all consented to do. At the close
of the year they gave the contents of the
box to a colporteur saying, "We give
you money, which is to be applied to
foreign missions, and we hope the bles
sing of God will attend it." It amount
to S2.77. V4
Mucnce of Mr-jCobb's Example.
A correspondent of ("Methodist paper
published at Richtn'tjouTVa. enclosed five
hundred dollars for missions, anSfeaJi:?
?'About ten years ago I began the i
world with what I saved from my wages
f'>rattending a store; and about the same
lime I read in the Christian Advocate uti
iircount of certain resolutions ofjftflIK
Cobb, a tnemborofthe Baptist chm-oii in
Boston, and I conclude by the grace
nf God, not only to follow his plan, but
nlso the example and advice of Mr.
Wesley, "to make all you can, 4sve a 1
you can, and give all you can.'"
How powerful is the influence of ex
ample! Lei every youth remember that
\vhon he lays down a correct piinciple
of action, and carries it into practice, ho I
in inBuencing others, and lie knows m t
* how many, to do the same.
Churches must select devout and efficient
pastors, if they would we ibe work of God
revived among them. Deep and ardentj?k
ety, the fruit of u vital union with Christ.
Is ibc first qua*, licitiqn necessary in a pas*
?or lo promote a healthy stale ol religion
i:t iho church. In selecyng a pastor, there
fore, every other qualification siiould he held
as subordinate to vhis. Piety in a pastor
t-hould be of no ordinary kind, it murt be
deep anJ thorough, influencing the whole
man, his thoughts, his woids, his actions.?
It must he an increasing piety; a light that
chines brighter day by day, and that ever
/pads and guides all within reach cf its in
fluence to Jesup Christ, the image ol its in
visible God, the Savionr.
A Blessed Pfosphct ?The ties wh'ch
bind together a family who all have a gond J
Christian hope. shuil never be dissolved.? ]
Death comes among them, but we take the
Bible in our bands and inscribe on theii
tomb stoiy;?'15 Pleasant in life, ami in eter
nity not divided.'' One af;er 'another falis
until the last of the circle is carried to hi*
long home but the grave cannot retain them.
By and by the family is to meet Again?hus
bands and wives, parents and children, mas
ters and servants, are one day to stand with
in the gates of the New Jerusalem, all wash
ed and panctified,ar.J justified in the name
of the Lord Jesus, and by the spirit of our
Dr. Bethnne, in his Lecture on Lectures,
recommended hit* In-arers never to dis
pute with a woman: never challenge a hotel
keeper's charges; eud never to quarrel with
an editor.
C7" We have rcceired a copy of the work
mentioned iu the following paragraph, and
notjhnving time to peruse it, we copy from
the 'Religious Herald' the opinion of bro.
Sands toucking its merits:
h?len Mclgrave. or Jesuit Executorship,
being passages in the life of a scceder
from Humanism. A:i Autobiography.
This isa handsome 12mo. volume of 312
Tinges, t'ublinhed by De Witt and Davenport,
KVwJiork. It is a woik of'geuiua, written
wiihjreat power and force. A6 an exhibi
tion.of some of the obnonious fealures of
Papal education?the blind submission re-j
"quired; the criminality of entertaining
doubts as to any of the dogmas of the church; I
the danger of'searching the Scriptures, or
exercising the reasoning faculties, it may be
fjvith profit. In the conduct of a Papal I
:e, it exhibits a striking picture of the I
\v and intolerffffco ol that apnstfto
h; exemplifying the maxim that the
ilfc'tifies the means. It iw no doubt a
wfiable auiobiogranhy, the experience of a
fiiflqipr fronf this living purgatory. The
s one is laid in Ireland, ami some of its ru*
l *r?utioni are well described.-*Rtligious
JhralDCL '
Duff's Mercantile College,
PirrSBUKG, Pa.
INCORFi HATE") by the Lop?!atitro of
l,ODOiyivMi.,u, with r* porpetual charter.
DoAno or TnrsTCCi:
lion. James Buchanan, Into Secretory ofStntc;
Hon. William Wilkina, Jato Secretary of War;
Hun. Mores Hampton;
Hon. Walter H. Lmvrie;
Hon. Charles N'aylor;
Geo. J. K. Moo'rhead.
P. DUFF, Principal, author of the "North
Amorican Accountant," Prof, of the Theory und
Practice of Double-Kntry Book-Kcepiug," and
and Lccturer on Commercial Science*.
J. D. WILLIAMS, Profenor of Mercantile and
Commercial Penmanship.
N. B. HATCH, Esq., of the Pittsburgh Bar,
Prof, of Mercintile Law.
P. HAYDEN, A. M. Prof, of Mathematics.
This Institution occup'ies five spacious apart-!
menu, and is considered the most extensive and
perfectly organized Commercial College in the i
United Stater. What is s.iid of it by the most cm- j
nent mercantile authorities in the country, and
of tho Principal as a Practical Accountant, as
an experienced Tcachcr. and as an Author; as:
also of hn colleague, Mr. Willinine, as a Pen
man, will be found in the pamphlet circular of
24 pases.
Duff's Boolt-Keeping, pp. 192, Royal octavo,
Harper's. Pricn $1,50?postapc 21 cts.?-,( The
most perfect combination of instruction and prac
tice published."
" Duff's Western Steamer's Accountant"?(
price $1, postage 9 cents. " A perfect system for j
Lcep:n^ such Books and Accounts."
E7\Merchants and Steamers can always be sup i
plied with thoroughly trained accountants. j
fiy Send for a Circular bv Mail.
April 6, 1SJS. l&ltf
Live Oak- Paper Mill,
,Vear Morganlotcii, SVi.|
THIS Establishment, for many years past con
ducted by Matthias Tilton, has been refitted
and supplied with Xew Machinery, capable of
mailing good work.
The undersigned will visit the Merchants and
former patrons of the concern, with supplies of
Grit-rate qualities ol
Writing. Wrapping,
and such other papers ss may be wanted.
Ho will be provided with the best quality of
Eastern mal;e of Writing Papers, and will be
glad to supply all who may feel dispoied to deal
with him, on fair and reasonable terms. He hopes
that the public will give him a trial, feeling asm
red that he will be found worthy of their favors.:
C7"I wij.h to exchange lor RAGS?HiirtJ
will alwavt try to pay all balances against me in ?
Cash. ' ' F. TKEUDLEY.
ilorgantown, Va? October S, 1S53.
Mats! Mats!!
Removal Jo "Commercial Buildings."
THE SUBSCRIBERS Iw-e leaverespect
ijjlly to inform their ol<1 friends ami c?sto?
niprft that they huve removed their liAT
STORE from the Public Square to "llagan's I
new building, Hiiih street, where they are
prepared with a large 6ioek of
Hats, of every variety, style and
io accommodate all who are hailes?, or fear
of becoming po, with any kind, style of
priced HAT they may desire.
fry HATS of any description made to
order on the shortest notice.
Thankful for past patronage, wo hope, by
strrct attention to our business to receive
a continuance of thp wine.
Morgantown, April 23,1853.'
E. W. Tower & Co.
(successors to
H. H. CAUR & Co.,)
Commercial Buildings,
jhc-jl, , jmorgantowk, va.
' -ICir-rx ossi AM'I.V
OK*. Va'^TiV-r" .-n-pKS,
& Cm &C., &??? &C' . . .
Ml 0f which will
ami retail, for Cnsh or ^ 3> ns.?-.
Morgtntowoi Januar) o, ta ?
Btt or gantownBook Store,
b w. tower. & co.
TfECP cornttnl'y o? ^/oVm^cK
.LV or" P';0^' . BibleiiTeatiiMM*) H)""1
C4, Boot, . mc idi?. BW , Hookl grctv;
Booka, Meoical. I."'*"V UHPf Fjper, Cap
variety : ?l?> ?'"V s?leip"n., Ink fe Ink
Paper, Wrapping Meei
itauda, 8cc.
A good asannnufnl p?pp?"?
5umr and Molas*?8? llakcr'6 Bro?
ipic" u.ce, OH,
ma, Window Olas?, 1 ? h pur0 lubelln
C.ipnl, black nnd Japan 'Drugs. Patent
fffn* for Communion p?rpoM '^arc|| ,D)18M.
Medicine*,&c. sc. ?
ITW. rJ'?>WliK A; <'')?
commercial U'jpri
llave just roce.ved, and ? iWck l0.
cc *b?IM''?^BCcoD.pri.ing the folh??8
1 ? t
T. J. Moncure ^ Co. (i0,
Sheffield J?- 2 j?.
Torn Burr do. d .ndlblumpi
Jo Huhno d". do. uo.
F F F do. do. do.
17,600 Cathedral Cigar",
10,000 Spanish and l.alUpaa.
7,000 foriunatl c,,hera'Tapem
5,000 Half Spanish J- CP?" dlUo,&c.&c.
20,000 common
Wholes', and KeW'I.Jj TOWEltfcCo.
Jane 25, IS". L; J_
No. HO Italumoro Street,'baI>TIJIOIXK,
oProstTE CAR""" "?"? . ? general ???
xr EEPS c""''fn s'nndont, UeliRi""' andSlis
IV aortmcnt of Man" > , ,ll0 young.?
wlianooue Book" for stationery of ??<sry
W.o,, School |",0fk'whlci1 will he .old low.
Jc*cription, a" trndo supplied.
jrdorH filled nnd th ? .gno :J09**if
JBaltimore, August 10, 18M.
""just Ileceivcd from the East.
One Case Fall Bonnets,
1front Street,
Oct, s. ISM.
' WtHhlngvW^1 Svfl?:! war
Iron and Hardware Store.
milB SUBSCRIBER would announce to thf*
J[ public tii.it he hai just receded nt inc
Commercial Buildings, Morgantown, Va.,ahrgc
and general assortment of
Consisting in part of Mill, Cross-out. llnnd and
Tenon Sawn 5 Broad, Hand, anil chopping Axes;
Hatchet?, Hammers, Adzes, Augurs, Brace* and
Bitti, Gouges, Chisels, Plane*. Rules, Squares,
l?ungcs? Spirit and Plumb Lavrl*; n great vari
ety of Door and Window Fastenings; Till and
Chest Locks; Brass,castand wrought Butt and
Strap Hinges. A fine assortment of
Table <?vtlcri/;
Fcistors, Shears, Razors, &c.; Hand and Bench
Vices, Smith's Vices, Anvils, Bellows, Stock and
Dies; Screwplatei Files, Raips, English,Ger
man r.r.d American Steel; Guns, Gun-locks and
Run-barrels; wall, paint, cloth and hair Brushes;
Brass and Dell-metal Kettles, together with a va
riety of other articles which he will ecllWHOLE
FALEOR RETAIL, at prices which cannot fail
to piense.
As he does butiners on the " Ready Pay" sys
tem, he adds no extra per cent, for bad debts.
T 1 \T *1 ) Hc ui" kceP con*
Iron 311(1 i\flllS ?>stnntly on hands a
lluii cuiu j larKtj (jtuc|{} gHm.
prising all the various sizes of Iron and Nails,
of his own manufacture and of the best quality.
Morgautown, Dec. 16, 1852.?l?5::tt.
Morgautown Cheap Variety Store.
RESPECTFULLY informs the citizens ofJMon
nn"a!ia,Preston, .Marion and Tnvlor counties', anil
"the rest of mankind" in general,that he has
in it returned from Baltimore, Philadelphia and
Pittsburg, and has now on hand the largest and
that was ever brought to this market. He has a.
Eua largo assortment of
Sir/tss CI neks,
which lie will sell cheaper than the cheapest, and
no ?n"1jJ,k?jmIER PARTICULARS.
Since the above was written he has discover
ed that hc has received
A largo ami very beautiful etock of
Gold Chains anil Keys, Gold and
Silver Pencils and Pens, fin
ger & earllitigs; brace
lets; Silver Spoons,
of the real Si
mon Pure.
And a little ofeverything else of the useful and
ornamental which can be been free of charge and
bought for almost nothing, bt calling at the Mor
gautown Cheap Variejv Store .adjoining the Court
House. " Small protiis and quick sales."
Morgantown, June 12, 1S53.
An Agent is wanted in every town an A county
in the United States, to Jell the motl popular and
saleable books ever published, including several
new works with finely colored, plates, also the
works of T. S. Arthur, including 1 Arthur's Cot
tage Library10,000 copies of these popular se
ries of books, have been sold in the last 3 months.
The largest commission paid to enterprising and
industrious men, who can now have an opportu
nity for doing a pleasant and prolituble business
?el'dom offered. , ? ,
Each Agent has exclusive control or the sale
of our publications for the t-wu or county hc may
agree to canvass. For particulars apply person
ally, or address (post paid.)
' J. \V. BRADLEY, Publisher.
No. 43 North -1th street, Philadelphia.
Octobrr 22, 1S53. 21.0 Gmo
\ A. J. STUART. I OCO. W. 511'LI.IN.
j Produce & Commission Merchants,
And Dcaiero in till kinds of
Grain Seeds. F'our, 13u-1,1 i 1 Oik,
Lard, Butter, Vic cue, Fiat hers,
| Iron Nai'*, $,v.t ?r..
No. 6 Smithfield Street. opposite the
I Monongahela House,
nj* Liberal advancis mcdi on eunsismwents
| Aprii 23, 1S53. 193?3mp.
French Burr Mill Stone,
JiiU Furnishing',
Steam Engine Establishment,
319, 321. 323, Liberty Street,
Ooposite Smithfield street,
I Steam Engines for Saw und Flouring Mill"
generally on hand and made to order. Boilers lor
! Kugiixes made to order on short notice. Krencl:
: Burr Mill Stones, old and new stock, of my own
munufacture, warranted best quality, always on
; hand at the lowest price*. Laurel iiill Millstones
always on hand. Mill Spindle, mill Irons, mil!
Sc Kc:;u!ntinf? Screws, Picks, Screen Wire, Corn
end Coo Grinders, Cast Irou ProofStavc*, Leath
| er Belting always on hand.
Lull's Patent Frcnch Burr Smut Machines, a
superior article, u?ed in over 600 of the best mills
in the West. They run light, clean well and fast,
and will last a life time. When they becomc dull
I tlit! edge cat: bo renewed by cracking the Burr.
1 We annex a certificate from one of the largest
i flouring mills in the West, and lor further par
ticular refer te our hand bills.
I PjTTSuuHfiii, June 26, 1852.
J W. W. Wallace, Esq.?Dear Sir?We have
i now je use in our mill two of your Burr Smut
; machines; they work to our entire satisfaction,
, and they arc durable, not liable to get out ol
' order, and we consider them the best machines
new in use. WILMAUTII k NOBLE.
! All orders promptly attended to.
319 Liberty street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
j PLASTER PARIS for land und
I Stucco Work, Hydraulic Cement, Grindstones,
i all sizes and various grits, always on band at
i 3in Liberty street, Pittuburnh.
| May 21, 1853. IV. W. WALLACE.
' Steam Marble Works,
i 319, 321 and 323 Liberty St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
| Si'O.VES, kc. manufactured by steam.
large stock of the most beautiful kinds, made
of tho finest quality of foreign und domestic
marble, always on bund and iniinufhctrr red to
order by machinery, at $15 to over $100 each.
Block mid SI ub i\lurl>lu til ways on
hand. Purchasers arc invited to-cull undexnm
ine stock and prices at 319,321 and 323 Lib
erty street, Pittsburgh, Pa. May 21.
CLAJ3AUGH & JJRO., Proprietors.
117" This Hotel lias recently been re-fitted nnd
repaired, aird its facilities for thu entertainment
of guests greatly enlarged.
Ox^ious at all times in readings to convey
Passengors to and from the Depots.
Baltitnoru, Augunt 10, 1833. 209--Ct.
Wall Paper:
A large and beautilul assortment just receiv
ed and for salp by
Juiio 26, 1853. E. W. TOWER k Co.
Fraaer's Fills.
an AiifcBtllmis or purgntiro Pill tliey nrn
unsurpassed, being gentle in their operation, and
leaving the Moinach in a free healthy condition.
Persons who are suffering from indieestion and
derangement of the stomach can bn speedilv and
permanently cured by the use of K rater's }lead
ache Pills.
Read the following, being one of thoimndo of
certificates now in our possesniun :
Washington County, March ,*?. 1*53.
Messrs. C. T.fy W.E. Fra:cr,jr.?Gentlemen:
Thii it to certify that home time rince 1 was at
tacked with severe and violent Head-ache from
which I suffered for more than a week, in the
mean time tnking different kinds of pills, until I
wrs completely exhausted in strength. Having
heard ofyour celebrnted pills I started for Cooks
town, to purchase a box, very much against the
wishes ol'my friends who ndvised me to go to bed
and have a physician sent for. When I readied
your store 1 had such acute pain in my temples
I was hardly able to stand. After getting a box
of pills, I immediately took four of them, and
in three hours after I was entirely relieved. 1
continued using them until 1 had taken the whole
box; and now feel permanently cured. I sin
cerely believe had I not taken the pills I would
have had a violent attack offoter. I recommond
Frnzer's pills among all othors, aa the very best
pills in the World!
Respectfully yours, ^S/l 5. HA VELY.
Manufucturcd'and sold wholesale and retail
by C. T. <$? ir. E. FRA ZER, Jr.
Druggists and Chemists, Cookstown, Pa.
anil sold by _ E. W. TOWEIl & Co.
June 4, \$52. Morgantoicn, Va,
Surgeon Dentist,
I) ESPKCTKULLY offers his professional ser- j
vices to the ladies and gentlemen of Mor-!
can town and vicinity, lie is provided with the la-,
test improved PORCELAIN TEETH, which will1
be inserted on pivot or gold plate to look as well I
as the natural. 1
The cavities of decayed teeth will be dressed j
out and filled with gold of the finest quality,
which will prevent their future decay or aching
and render them useful for many years, and in
most cases during life.
The tartar and other foreign substances, will
also be removed, rendering the teeth clean, and
the cum* and breath sweet and health}.
Teeth and stumps of teeth, which have be
come useless or troublesome, will he extracted
with the latest and most approved instruments,
in the most careful and scientific manner, and
with the least possible pain. In short, lie is
prepared to attend to every thing in the line of
Dentistry, and his performances will be warrant
ed to answer all the useful and ornamental pur
sasod of the art.
HjT*Persons desirou* of procuring whole or
partial sets of teeth, upon reasonable term?, will
do well to give him a call immediately, as his
charges are quite moderate.
[?"Office in Shcrrard's Dagucrrc'n Rooms.
Commercial Buildings*, High street.
References.?Drs. McLane, Scott & Rrnck.
Morgantown; Dr. W. D. Eyster, Rev. B. Sed
wick, Rev. Moses Tichncll, Fairmont.
Tooth Ache Drop*, and Powders for cleansing
the teeth and preserving the gums arc kept con
stantly on hand.
June II, IS33. ?C0tf
DOCTOR yoursklf:
X tion, with One Hun
dred Engravings, show
ing Diseases and Malfor
mations of the Human
System in every shape &
form. To which is add
ed a Treatise on the Dis
eases of Females, being
of the highest import
ance to married people,
or -those contemplating
Let no lather In* shamed ' , a c ?pyAfj
the iESCPL \I\. ? , . i*c!i!!d. It i:.:y
. p ive. L< t in> y i:!?f wan ?<r wo- j
man enJft'nto if.e ?* o!ilij;:;:oi.s of married ?
life'.vfcfwx reading I'OCKE r^lISCULAl'ItS.
Let no one suller tag from a hacknied Cough, l'ain
in the Side, restless nig'its. uervoii* feelings, and !
the whole train of D*hpeptic spimatir r.., and giv-,
en up by their physician, be another moment
without consulting the jviSCULAPU'S. Have the
married, or those about to be married, any im
pediment, read this truly useful book, as it ha*
been the means of saving thousands of unfortu
nate creaturos from the very jau $ of death.
Any person sending TWENTY-FIVE Cents en
closed in a letter, v. ill receivc one copy of this
woik by mail, or five copies will be uent for $1.
Address (post paid) DR. \V>t. YOUNG,
No. 152 Spruce St. Philadelphia.
>tav 88,1S53. 19S ly
Clotliiiiff! Clothing!
WE liave just rpceivetl by Rice &
Brothers, Durbin's last lines, from Philadelphia
and Baltimore, the latest stock of ready made
Clothing for men and boys that was ever ottered
in this market.
We have also purchased out Messrs.* CARR,
SMITH & CO.'s ready niady clothing, and would
respectfully say to their customers, when they
are done purchasing "f them their other Goods",
please call on us for tlieir Ready made Clothing.
IE7* We have also in our employ Mr. P. R.
MITCHELL, to make up clothing to order. We
are therefore prepared to accommodate every
To I lie Lndics !
We have a nice assortment of Goods fur the
Men's, Women's and Children's Boots
and Shoes,
Men's and Women's Hals & Hounds,
<tcic<*Ri*wai(c- Hani w are,
Groceries. Salt, &c.
Plows nnd Plow Points, a largo stock.
Stones, Grates, Hot low-ware, ip;.
As we intend to sell as low as any one else,
and perhaps a little lower, don't forget to call
with your cash and approved trade.
April D, 1S53.
WE lm\eon hands, and for sale, very
cheap lor Cash,
True American Ploughs, at SG to SO 50
Patent Lever No. 5 do. at fG to U 50
Ohio Shaffer do. ut SO to G 50
Improved Drown do. at 80.50 to 7 00
Hillside Ploughs, 6b 00 Cash.
The. Castings mode at Durbannah Foundry,
and stocked by Lceroy K. Mull.
Plough Points.
One. hoist; and JJull points at cte. cash.
Levers and Crane's do. 25 to 37 do.
Hillside points 50 ct<?. cash.
True American do. .')3 to :i7 cash.
Improved lirown points, 33 lo 37 cash.
do do Landaides, each .00 cash
True American letter E do 18? cash,
Bull Landsid??s No. A, do 12$ casli'
Patent Lever Landsides, do 25
Urates, Slows, Hollow-ware, &c.
Wo intend to keep on hand always,
general aes'irtment Plows, Points, &e.
Remember the place to tlnd them?near J
the Court-House.
April 25, 1S53.
All Wiml, h'lliir. Hemp a [id other Carpets
for tale hv CARS, SMITH 6; Co. |
K'lcatu' to fiend Thiat
To sell Pictorial and useful works Tor
the Year
tttaxtep. iy evert sEcTiosorrni:
iV UNITED STATES, nctivo in J enterpnr- ;
ing men to engage in the saleofnomo orthe bent
Bonks published in the Country. To men of pood
addreoa, posscDoing a small capital of from $25 to
$100, such inducements will be offered as to en
able them to make from ?3 to $5 a day profit.
ID" The Booki published by us aro nil useful
in their character, extremely popular, and com
mnnd largo sales wherever they are ollbrcd.
l'or further particulars address, (postage paid)
KOUF.KT SKA US. Publish r.n,
181 William street, New York.
October S, 1353.
Removal from the old Stand and fresh
Stock of Goods at the New!
Mrs. BEAR.
HAS the pleasure of announcing to her old
customers and the public generally that she has
just received from Pittsburg and opened out in
tho room formerly occupied as the Post-Office,
on Front street, her spring assortment of
Fashionable Slotiticls and
I.udies' Dress Trimmings Ac.,
w hich she is now offering at very low prices. Her |
assortment embraces the very latest fashions,and j
is Nuchas cannot fail to please.
As heretofore all orders in this line will be at-;
tended to with promptitude, and executed in the j
liest style Having received the latest fashions j
for Ladies* Dresses, she is prepared toaccommo-1
date all tastes
flU" HONNKTS bleached and trimmed at i
short notice.
Morgantown, April, 27, 1853.
Capital $50,000, with power to incrca.se !
i: to $200,000.
rPHIS COM PAN V, having been duly j
J- organized, is now ready to rcceive j
applications ami issue Policies, and ofieri 1
to the citizens of Virginia tlie inducement |
of a Imme Company for the safe insurance j
of all kinds of Property, Mcrchaiuhzc. fyc.. j
at lair and eqitable rates;
The Directors assure the public that
this Company will be conducted with a i
view to permanency, ami on the strictest j
principles of equity, justice, and a close :
regard to economy and the safety ol'ilia j
President,?Jos. S. Carson,
Secretary,?C. S. Funk.
Actuary.?0. 15. Brksoke.
Directors;?Jos. S. Carson. Jas. P. Kit
ly, Wm. L. Clark. Jas. 14. Burges?, Lloyd j
Logan. John Kerr, N. \Y. Richardson.
QT'Ofiice on Piccadilla Street, near the
Valley Haul;, Winchester. Ya.
K. U. Carr. Agent) Morgantown. Ya.
.Vi'lC U.ll'TIST
Elook Depository,
No. 146, Baltimore street, near Calvert st.
milE pubfcriber has recently opened & Hook
J. and Stationery Store in this city; where
will be kipt constantly on hand a complete as
sortment of all the Baptist worka published in
this country : including the publications of the
American Haptist I'ubliciticn Society : Oould
i: Lincoln of Ho>tor.; I.cwie Colby, and ?.11.
Fletcher, of New VorJ.. Also the wo-1- .
the Ainericm Sunday School V I ... an.! the
American Tract Society. ' " ? ''.a v.Hh a great
varirty of Standr.r.*: Juvenile works of a
moral and rcii^ious character.
i V>* The Honks, * ( lint o<?t.Th
ern llaptist IV-hon:.on Society arc .tlao kept
for ; .1 !?: ui ihu establishment.
1 have alio on hand, . general assortment
1 or salo, wholesale ami retail, at tho lowest
ID-Orders from Virginia are respectfully
solicited. WM. S. CROWLEY.
Proprietor of the True Union,
No. 14t> Hultimoro St.
April 6, 1353. tf Baltimore, Md.
T\Ty' ^CCP constantly on hand a large and
t V well selected assortment of JlQLTISG
CLOTHS, of the very best quality, direct from
the Importer, which we will sell lower than
the same article can he had elsewhere in the
State. (Jood references can be given, as we
have been selling the same article for many ;
years. Orders shall receive careful and prompt I
attention. HOGG U BltADKN. I
August 13,1853. 20031
81,000 X YU/llt.
I V the UNITED STATES, active
and enterprising men, to engage in the I
^aleofsome of ih?; beat Bonks published
in the country. To men of good address,
possessing a small capital of from $25 to
8100, such inducements will be offered aa
to enable them to make from S3 to S10 a
day profit.
(XT" Tho Uooks published by us aro ail
useful in their character, extremely pop
ular, and command largo sales wherever
they are offered.
For further particulars address, (postage
paid), LEAKY & GETZ,
Publishers of subscription Books,
No. 135North Second Street, Philadelphia.
September 3, 1853.
I\ is desirable that the business of the
late firm of McLaiic, Son & Scott should
be settled. Those of our friends having
accounts of lunger standing than five years
or less, are respectfully requested to note
the fact, and call soon to settle.
In the absence of those composing the
firm, Win. A. Gusoman is authorized to
make settlements.
August 6, 1853.
Corner of Front twd IVa/nut Streets,
teS Tlic eubbcribcrhaving refitted tho above
well known houae, would call the atten
tion or tlm travelling P"l>lic and others, who
am assured that thoy will find with him accom
modations which cannot be surpassed in North
ern Virginia. .
Hit table will always bo supplied with tlia
b0kt tho country can afford, and every atten
tion will be paid to render tho visits of thorn
who may favor him with a call coml'ortablo and
' J. W. SAER.
Of all sites, from 8 by 10 to 54 by 37, for aale,
ttholcailo and retail, by
June 4. E.W. TOWER k CO
Cheap Grocery
HAVING tonight otii Mr. jami3 fchiy>i
would inlorm the public that ti.ey Itf'T
guiltily un hand, (at lite old Stand oiijnflm'j
ilie Public Square in Morgnn'.ovii,) tn<* t?esi I
article* in their lints of luuinw. Tlwy
huve ju?t received from the East ?nd I'itto
burga fresh supply, 8iid have, amonp, other|
tilings, on Excellent article of SIWAU,
(brown, loaf, pulverized audcrushed), Coffee, |
Tea from .00 otf. to SI per It).), new Or-1
leans and Sup.ar Hou?e MoUsees, Golden
Syrup, a Fuperior article.
TOBACCO, Snuff, Cigar?, a grpat variety
and very best quality. CHEESE, Confec
tionery of every variety, nuts, IriiitB, &e.
Jewelry, &c. Star and dipped candles, port
monies, perfumery, and a great vuriety of
"no/^07!J,', too tedious to mention. Give
us a call.
April 23, 1853.
MAxiT.icTunr.ns or I
And nil other A'ohicles used for Toil
or Pleasure,
HAVE procured the very bent materials?
omployrd tho best workmen?and are
operating with tho bout intentions, with .ill the
skill, industry and attention to hu&incHs that
they .ire iiin/ters of? ngd have no hesitation in
saying to Farmers and all others that ther ran
turn out as good a job, in as quick time, and nt
nr. fair a pricn ns any other Katablishment of
the kind between Decker's Creek and sundown;
no matter w hether their competitors couie from
.North, South, Fast or West!
Our work will speak, or rather shine, for it- ,
self. Perron* in want of a Carriage, Buggy, j
Wagon, or what not, are respectfully invited '
to call and examine our Vehicles, shalie them, j
and take them if they like.
Work made to order, at short notice, J
and repairing done on reasonable terms.
Our Shops are situnto at the mouth of Deck- j
er's creek, South side, close by whero tho |
Slack water is intended to be.
Morgantown, Va. June 11, JS53. tf j
Let the People know
THAT K..W. TOWER i Co. keep con
stantly on hand the largest and best assort
ment "of School, Theological. Miscellaneous,
and Blank Koc-kf, ever ften in this ^cction of
country, (."a// end tee w and you trill be sure
to tuy. They have jus-t become
Agenls for the American Bible Society, |
And hare on hand & complete assortment of*
their choapamt beautiful family Bibles, to
Sell to the Rich and gire to the Poor!
They have, tlso, any quantity of Druifs, j
Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes, ?
Blacking, Lemon Syrup, Fancy
Soaps, Soap Powder, Ink,
Paint and Varnish Brush
es, Inc., See.
Alsn. the largest, cheaptst and best stock of j
in the market?Wholesale and Retail.
A!! who wish to purchase either a large or I
small lot of
*n i vi vi siBj
will do well to call and examine their unequal- |
leJ assortment. Prime N. 0. Sugar at from 5 j
toS centi, by the hocshesd. barrel or single |
pound. K. W. TOWEK & Co.,
C ?rimrrrla! Buildings, Morgantown, Va.
Juno 25, 1555.
have ju?: received, and n-e now open
11 irj, at the N. V. Crystt'. Ptlacc. ,
Our Summer, . ;;'?d Wirlir Coctls arc j
here ?..d a coming all the wiy from Philadel- '
phi a and Baltimore, and a few from New* York. ;
Come right along, friends and J'ciiow citizens, :
and all creation, aad look it about the cheap
est a.;i! prettiest stock of Coods this b:de ot
the World's Fair. Wo hute
Dry (.roods, Groceries,
Hardware, Qnev-swarc,
Shoes, Boots,
JIafs, Caps, Bonnets, tfc. fy:. j
We especially invite the L.IDIES to come. :
Wo have aome very nicc and cheo.i Goods for
you !
ID" Don't mind what others say about their (
Ready Made Clothing! We stand head there? ?
Nice Vests an low as 75 cents ; Linen Coats ah
low as 75 cents; Cloth, Tweed and Patinett :
Coats ar?i Pants lor men and boy?.. Just exam
ine them and you will buy. In ?? word, if you j
don't come and examine our stock of Good* I
you will be sorry toiuo day.
Costings, Pious, Ifc.
We still have a stock of Plows, Points, Coal
Stoves, Grates, &c., which we will sell at lees
ihan anv body can afford to make them !
We have also a good supply of Salt.
We have talked about enough?if you don't
want Cheap Goods we can't help it.
Come, old friends, whose accounts are due;
wo want you to call I Our terms arc tit months
to prompt payers?don't forget that, and for
cash down cheaper still.
Morgantown, August 22, 1853.
A Grazing Farm for Sale.
1 wish lo sell my Farm of 480 Acrcs,
situate on the Evansville pika, ll miles
front Morgantown. Of this tract 160 a
ores aro improved, and ubout 200 acres
are under fence. It is mostly sown in
f;rass. On the promises are two dwelling
louses, a log bam and several out-build
ings; also two youqg apple orchards and
other fruit treep. The wholo is well wa
tered, and the farming land in a good 6'.ato
of cultivation.
M) price is eight dollars per acre.?
The title is good, and possession will *be
given on the 1st of April next.
For a view of the premises, and other
particulars, call on the subscriber, living
thereon. "WM. MILLER.
August 24,1853. 21 Itf
AO Xego pure White Lead ;
2 Dbls. flaxseed Oil;
2 ?? Fish Oil;
2 ? Lard Oil;
2 " Sperm Oil;
1 " Copal Varnish ;
1 " Japan Varnish ;
1-2 ?? Vcnice Turpentine i
2 " Spirito Turpentine ;
1 ? VcnitianRedj
1 ? Spanish Whiting;
I ? do. Brown;
1 2 " Red Lead;
and every thing in tho DRUG line. Those
who are building will do well to call upon ua
before purchasing their Paints, Oils and Glau
elsewhere. K. W. TOWER & Co.
Commercial Buildings, Morgantown, Va.
Juno 4, 1853.
Just received from Pittsburg.
Cai\r, Smith & Co
<>I:inn! ttlattt)!!
IN tiny quantity and all sizes, from S by 10 !
to 21 fcv 37, t'o? <uleche<pby
June -ft, 1551. W,TOWER k Co.
DR. J. 13. MAHCHISr*
auFFEKirrc females.
ft elands prc
or Flooding: Paii\futt Suppressed and Jrrcp^
lir Menstruation^ &c., with all their accompa
nying ovili, (Cancer excepted,) no matter
how sevorn or how long standing.
Tho Catholicon far surpasses otho; remedial
in being more certain, leu expensive, and leav
ing the system in a bettor condition. Let all
interested call and obtain a pamphlet (rati)
containing ample proof, from tho mostrospec
table sources, of the beneficial result* of it*
use; together with letters from highly experi
enced Physiciani, who have used it in their
practice, and speak from their own observa
P. B. Peckiiam, M. D. Utica, .\\ V.
L.D. Eegmiso, M. P. Canandaigiia,Ii. Y.
??I. 11. lllLi.s, M. P. Rochester, N". V.
P. V. Foote, M. D. Syracuse, N. V.
Prnfossor Pcrr&An, M. P. Baltimore, Md.
J. C. Ourics, M. P. "
W. W. Reese, M.D. City of New York.
\V. Prescott, M. D. Concord, N. II.
J. P. Newlawd,M. P., Utica,N.Y.
Rev.C. Beard, Glcr.n Spring*,S. C.
Pamphlets can be had gratis at our Store
E. W. TOWER kCo., Agenti,
Pruggistsand Booksellers, Morgautown, Va.
And sold bv LOGA?.' k CARR, Fairmont,
' Pr.WM. RYSTER, do
Pr.T.C. HAWKINS, Waynes
boro, Pa, and by inopt of the
leading Dru^gif to in the adjoining counties.
Letter addressed to care of Mr. Cvrtit Hatch,
at /iaivMna, Ohio.
To Pr. iMarciiiji :?I hare been ten years
troubled with Female Complaints?-prolapsta
uteri, and all the attending dilficulties; at time*
rendering my life must tni3?>r.iblo. I have had
the attendance of someofthe best physician",
with but little success; the most thev could do
was to relieve?a cure was out of the question.
For five months boforo commencing with your
tnodicine, 1 had not been able to perform any
?labor, could walk but a low steps at a time,
nnd scarcely went out ofdoors?ir. short,! was
completely prostrated, both in lodr and mind,
and expected to drag out tho rest of my days in
MJ.forir.g and misery. Hut, reading yoijr ad
vertisement, I wa3* induced to try your invalu
able infidicino callcd Uterino Catholicon, a.?
the last rcsott. I had not used it a week be
fore 1 felt liko another woman. By the uee of
three bottles I was enabled to perform all the
labor for sixin tho family with case, and could
walk any where in tho "neighborhood without
injury. Nothing but a sense of my duty to you
and to thn afflicted, has induced me to state
my case to tho public. 1 can safely rccom
mend the preparation to all thoso sufioringlilc
Ynvsclf. (Signed,) Mrs. Sarah A.Birnor.
Freedom, Portage Co., Ohio, Pec. 27, 1862.
ID".!. 15. MARCfll?! 5: Co.. Proprietors,
Central Pepot,30-1 BROAPWAY,New Y*r?.
July 10, IU53. JiOG?Sra.
Happiness and Competence,
WHY 18 IT !
Thtt we behold many fennlts, scarce lit the meridian ol
lilc broken id health and spirits with a conpUeatiou of
di>ct*c? and ailmenu, depriving ihem of the rower for tha
enjoyment of life at m as* when physical health, buoyancy
of spirits, and happy serenity of inuid.a/isiiig worn aeon*
dili.'ii of health, shsuld he predominant. , ,
Many of the cava of her su/Teriaits at first?pmaps
year* btfote, perti*;1* during gulhood, or th? first year* ol
oiairisg*?were in their ori; la so light u :o pass luaouci J,
and of couue rcglrcted.
Whin too late to be benefitted by oor knowledge, we look
lick a :.l rajuru.aud repel the full consetiutaces of our
k Whit >ronld wc uot often fire to peueis. in early life,
the k-iotvlcdtte we obtain in Alter years! Aud what uaj*
&jid ni?htsol anguish wc might not hsve.beeii spaieil, rt
the knowledge wtu timely joi.ri\?!d. It is
To beheld the sickness aad lufTeriwf tndnred by manr ?
wife for many yens, from csmes simple and controllable,
easily remedied?or better still,?uot incurred, ifevery
Posseued :!:e irf.-nhation contained in a little Tolume,
(hi thin the reach of all) which would sjuto to hcnelf
And to her hnsbsnd the constant toil and anaietr of mini
circnasilvilevolvinicjwriljiznlionisickuess ot the wife,
without civini; him the opportunity of jc.|uinu* that com*
peteuce which ha exertions aie entitled. and the posses*
?ion ol whicu would secara th? lappineas of lunuelf,
wife, and I'hildrtn.
By becoming in time posvesred of the knowledge, tha
waut of which has causcd Use sickness and poverty of
thousands. ,, , .
In riew of such consequences, no wife or mother u
ixcitublc if she neglect 10 avail herself of that know
ledge in lesptct to heiself. which would srare her mnch
iufferinjc, he the incaus of h^ppliiei* and prosperity tn her
aiubsuu. and confer u| oii Iter children lhat blevsiug aooro
tl; piicc?healthy bodies, with healthy minds. Iftat
inowledge is coutaiued in a litilo work entitled
TO2 raABMEB W?iaM"3
Private Medical Companion.
rnortisoa or Diitaic* or womeh.
Ont Ilundruh IdL'lon. IBmo., TP- W* 50 c<nU
(oh rise rare*, ixtba bmdmo, 81 00.)
First published in 1S47, and it is not
ronaltlcrlnc that EVERY FEMALE,
licre acquire n full knowledge of tlie
nature, character mid cauidoilier com
plalnta, with the vnrloui lymptoma, ana
Unit nearly
ihonld have been sold..
J? is impracticable to eontcy fully the rations sohlsMe
oreaied of, as they are of a uaiuia strictly, intended foe
?he married, or those contemplating jnamsfes, tut no
If male desirous ol enjoying health, and that beauty, cov
senueutupon health, which is so conducive io liarowa
happiness, and tlut of her hnsband, but either has or will
obtain it, as has nr will every hiubarid who has the lova
aud affection of his wife at heait, or that of hu own pe
cuniary improvement.
Hare been BERT ISY MAIL within th? last fcv
"caution to the public.
ue'not defrauded:
Buy no honk unlesi *'Dr. A. M. Maarlceao, 195
Liberty Street, S. 7." it on tho title pa**, and the
entry In the Cleric's OHco on the back of the title
pai'o: anil huv only of roipeoUsble and honoraWe
dtulura, or eond bv mall, aud addrea to Dr. A. M.
Mnurlc?ou, ua the-o lira tp-rioua and wrrtptltlow
lofrlogcmonU of copy.rigiit
' Wo ox' uiA for Ignorance, ivhon Ijjnoranco
la Mlaery fr> thoao wc hold n??r and
d?ar, nml when to dlapel our Ignoranoa
la within our uach.
To enable ewy one to decide upon the inilt
pt-uabl ntctuUy of posscMitig a copy, and that ?*
wlf?, nr motbtr ncod remain uninformed upon tlw
inatiy caiuea, which, eooner or later, are destined W
make fearful ravage* upou her health, unlem guarded
a.'Blmt. ?.id that no euniiderale and affoctlocaw
husband liurecau'e to upbraid hlnwlf with negiert
of the welfura of Ills wife?.\ pamphlet of thlrty-atx
Czot, wnt'uolug//^ r.tU-piic* and qf Cm
M, togethor with oxtracu from tho book, win l>?
Sunt /fiu of thtirQi t. any part of the Unit*, otitct,
by Addriuiinc, post-paid, aa herein.
When Knowledge Is Hisvpl"?*??*al
I'Hihln tu ho l^noi'Miit,
?3T On receipt of One Dollar %!l;
li??n. nsirn b'ndinz.) " TKH MaBKIED A *).MAl\'d
P 111 V ATI*. MEDICAL f CMP ANION" Js sect
t.l frj4) io any part of the Unitod 5tates. All lot.
i?m must he poftt.pald. and addrvaeed tt< Dr. A. M.
MAUl'.ICKAUJlox 1224, New York CM. Publish
ing ?"?Wpo, Nd. 1M Lihorty Street. N? w \ork
For said ly?Riddle ?; Bro., Marlincburg; W.
Chambers, Stannton; A.NcfT&Co., New Mar*
kct} J. H. Sievom, Warronton; J. H* Hatha
way, Norlork; C. C. Starling &Co., Harrison
burg; Z. Kuhcr, Wheeling; Gsinec fcRichei,
Potorsb?i:g; E. W* Toner Iz Co ,Mo?g?ato*n

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