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0unt?an Heading.
Look Around yon and Sing.
^Think not that the mercies lie wholly
either in tho past or future. Look a
round you. Even to th? suffering saint
tho present is flagrant with love, and
hff can sing in the house uf his pilgrim
" The hill of Zion yields
A thousand sncred sweets,
Before wo rcach tho heaveuly fields,
Or walk the goldeu streets."
In respect to euithly things, have you
not, day by day, food and raimont
This was St. Paul's standard of suffi
ciency and content. " What!?' said tin*
poor uged sajnt, with her crust of bread,
" what! all tbitfjand Christ besides 1"
And when opce set opon the task, the
ingenuity ofti grateful heart finds inun
ifold love-tokens, besides a bare subsis
tence; the alleviations of medical skill
in suffering, the affectionate attendance
?> of fritonds who aro near, the -prayeiful
ij .lomombrance of those far away, the
?>'welcome ministrations of fellow Chris
tians, who remember the words, " Sick,
arrfl ye visited mo."
These things, the gifts.of Jesus, and
Jesus himself besides! ^Forthe gtfspel
treasures you possess are not only the
title-deeds of a future inheretance, but
precious and present realities. You
daily feed on Christ by faith; you live
upon his dying love; you now lean up
on him and find rest; you look to him
and are comforted. Thus it was that
tne prophet Jeremiah, in his piteous
lamentations, broke out into praise:?
" His compassions fail not; ihey are
new every morning."
These fresh, unfailing mercies are
^ours. It was after the patriarch Ja
cob had seen in a vision the close con
nection betwixt heaven ond earth, that
ho made that vow of singular sobriety
and faith, "If God will be with me,
and will keep me in this way that I go,
and will give me bread to eat, and rai
ment to put on, so that I come again to
my father's house ii) peace; then shall
tho Lord be my God."
The Christian needs no more, if only
he have God for his friend, a sufficiency
for his wants, and a safe arrival at his
Father's fjiouse in peace.?Bickerstcth.
Fromthe American Messenger.
A ttaarter of an Hour with a Bad Book.
About twenty-five years ago I formed
n must imimutu acquaintance witli a
young mini of fino education anil cym
mantling talents, anil wo soon became
bosom friunds. Ono morning after
hcIiouI, at a street corner, he liumleil me
u book, which he said he coulil loan me
tor only ono quarter of an hour. We
blood ut that corner for a few moments,
while I looked at the obscene pictures
nnd read a few pages in that polluting
volumo. 1 handed it Imck to him and
never saw it again ; hut the poison took
Effect, " tliu sill left its mark." 1 cannot
erase the effect of the impure thoughts
" which in that quarter (if an hour that
vile book lodged in my heart, and which,
may God forgive me, 1 harbored iherr.
1 can ami do pray against tlie sin, and
irust by God's grace yet in conquer ii;
l>iit it is a thorn in my flesh, and Mill
causes me great bitterness and anguish.
Young men, as a lover of your souls, I
tell you in all siticutiiy thut there is no
thing which I would not willingly give
to have the veil of oblivion cast over the
scenes and the sentiments of thai cor
rupt volume, which slill haunt me like
fool spectres during my hours of piivate .
devotion, io the sanctuary, and at the
communion lahle. Oh, what sad work
* did that quarter of an hour make upon
"n human soul Young men, beware of
bad hooks, and beware also "f evil com
My early friend, after well nigh ac
complishing my ruin, became a dissolute
man, imbibed infidel sentiments, and at
last, as I greatly feared, died by his own
hand. " Let him that thinketh he stand
ulh, take heed lust he full." it. u. it.
How to hear the Gospel.
Rowland Hill paid a visit to an old
fiiond a few years before his death, who
?aid to him, ?? Mr. Hill, it is just thirty
fee years since 1 first heard you preach,
mid I remember your text and part of
your sermon. Von told us that some
people were veiy sqeamish about the
delivery of different ministers who
preached the same gospel. Von stiid,
" Suppose yon were attending to hoar
a will read, where you expected a leg
ncy left you, would you employ the
time in scrutinizing the manner iu which
tliu lawyer read it! No, you would
.,&4ot'; you would bo giving all ear to
h-*ar if anything was left lo you, and
h iw much it wus. Thut is the way I
would advise you to hear tliu gospel.'"
Good advice, well worth remember
ing sixty-five years.
A skeptical young man ono day con
versing with the celebrated Dr. I'arr,
observed that ho would believe nothing
whiolt ho could tint understand. "Then
young man,.yourcreed will betho shurt
Mt of any mutt's I know.''
It ii obsi-rved in worldly doings, thai
men'j fortunes are oflener made by their
tongues than by their virtues; and more
men's fortunes overthrown thereby, than
by their vices.?Sir Waller Raleigh.
Death, to a good man, is bul parsing
through a dark enlrv, out of one little
dusky too in of his Father's house inloan.
otiier that is fair and large, lightsome and
glorious, and divinely entertaining.
It is the great duly uf Christians topul
"IT anger. It unfits for duly. A little
jigging puts a clock out oI frame; so a
little passion the heart. A man cannot
wrestle with God and wrangle with his
Deigliout at the auntc tune.
Hurrah for Good Bargains!
Let thoy now buy trho nevttr bought be/ore,
And those who alwayn bought now buy thr more.
.1 LilKtililt STOCK
Than ever heretofore, may now be found at
Rogers & Fogle's Cheap Cash Store.
Large stock, low price*, and new styles,
Staples and fancies, piles cm piles,
The assortment large and quite complete,
With competition to compete.
Wo sell Cll KAI* poods fur CASH you know,
And that is why we sell so low. [It ial]
Our Fancy Goods we first will number,
And try your minds not tit enenmbur
With sundry things of stfiall dimension,
And which are not worth your attention ;
Therefore wc mention silks and satins,
Of which we have superior patterns,
Of every style and every fashion,
To suit Iho Mule ol'evorv nation :
The rod, the white, the black, the blue,
With pink and bulF, the changing, too,
Whose beauties cannot fail to win
A smile from those who cannot grin!
And some, no doubt, will laupli outright,
To see so rich, so great a sigiit.
The next in order you must know
Are goods of dress and calico.
We have all kinds and every brand,
That's manufactured in the land.
Next comes our Prints, Hats, Caps and lioots,
Which cannot fail we think to suit,
Preceding onwards in the race
Uefora your minds we next will place,
The Queenswares, a little Hardware, too,
A splendid stock, clean, nice and new?
In order that you may be able
To ornament vour dinner table.
We have good pepper, too, and spice,
Soap, alum, ginger, mace and rice,
Codec, sugar, tea and rope.
Come friends, we do sincerely hope
That every person large and small,
| Both young and old, low and tall,
Will give us an early call.
The Subscribers would by this method tender;
to their friends and customers their thanks for
the patronage we have received at your hands
during the past season. We feel deeply thank-1
ful for past favors, and hope to make ourselves
in no way unworthy of their continuance. Wc I
have not appeared before you to say what wo I
have done, can, or will do, but would simply |
point you to our career during the past season its
an index to the coming. Call and sue us, friends, i
as wc will be glad to see you whether you pur
chase or not. HOG K KS ?: FOGLK.
I P. S. All approved trade taken in exchange
for goods at cash prices.
| Alorgantown, Va., Sept. 23, 1S5-1.
! , 1 I
Commissioner's Sale of Valuable Land, |
Elza C. Lazier, ct al, Pl'fl's., i TN pursuance
vs. >J[ ofi Decree j
Ferguson Jenkins, et at,Dcf'ts.,) nf the Circuit
John Han way'a Ex'cr, } Court of Preston
vs. > County, render-1
Ferguson Jenkins, > ml in these cau
j sen, the undersigned, as Commissioner named in I
said Decree, will sell at the frout door of the j
Court House in Kingwoo'd,
On the loth day of November next,
(being the first day of the next quarterly term
of the County Court of said county,) three seve
ral TRACTS OF LAND, lying in said county, on j
the waters of Upper Sandy ; one tract containing j
12H acres,?one other tract containing 155 acres,
?and the remaining- tiact containing G4 acres. I
I shall sell the first named tract first, as direct
ed by said Decree, which tract is described in a |
deed from John Han way nnd wife and G. It. C.
Allen and wife to said Jenkins, dated Sth Septcm- j
her, 1S4U, on a crcdit ot' 3, b* and !) months, ta- j
king bond with good security from the purchaser,
bearing interest from the day of sale, for the )
purchase money. The remaining two tracts will
be sold on the same terms.
The titles ot said tracts of Land are considered
good, but, selling as commissioner, I shall only '
sell such title us i am authorized by virtue of
said decree. JOHN P. HYRNE,
September 9, 1 S.3-I. Commissioner, j
TUB undersigned, being desirous to remove,1
offers his Karm for sulo. Tho Farm is on I
Camp Run, Forks of Cheat, Monongalia county, j
containing about 170 ACHES, about 110 acres j
of which are enclosed with good Tenet?, and are. i
in a good state of cultivation, ami well improved
with a good comfortable FRAME-DWELLING
HOUSE and BAUN, with
othcrout-buildings. Six- .gStSfe
[ | SLA ty acres of good TIM UK It
r jj f and a number of lasting "j/w
$$8Springs, and plenty of.*?3&Ca?
COAL. There are a larco number of FRUIT!
TREES, bearing Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums, I
and Cherries ; fine (5 rope Vines, producing
abundantly. In short, everything to make it a i
comfortable home.
For further particulars call nn the subscriber j
on the premise?. LANSLOTT JOHN. |
August?, I.*'54.?tf.
i To Canvars for tho best and most saleable Hooks
fiublishod. They are written by the most popu-!
nr Authors r?t: the day, including ntnong others,1
' T. S. ARTHUR, of whoso last great work,
10,COO copies havo been sold within a month of
These Books are beautifully illustrated, (many
of them with finely eolored plates) and printed
and bound in tho best manner.
Agents will lind a pleasant and profitable em
ployment in their circulation. For particulars
address (pout paid)
J. W. BRADLEY, Publisher,
No. 4S North Fourth street, Philadelphia.
September 27, 1854. Onto
THE Subscriber respectfully informs the.
public thai In* intend* to carry on the
ubove business in Moigautown. His Shop
is iu the upper story ol M. Hayes's Tailor
A VARIETY OF CJL'NS, worth from 12
to 50 tlullorfi, constantly on hand.
n. s. cheer;
Morganlnwn, Sept. 2, 1S54.
norto-Western hotel.
rpilB undersigned would respectfully announce
JL to the public that he has leased the house
known as "the North-western Hotel," situated
in CLARKSBURH, Vn. The house and furni
ture arc now undergoing a general course of re
pair and renovation, which, when completed,
will render this one of the most pleasant houses
in the country. Tho Rooms aro large, airy and
conveniently arranged. A portion of the house
iu now ruudy for the accommodation of company,
and public patronage is respectfully solicited.?
No pains will be spared to render those who may
encourage this house comfortable, contented
and happy. SAMUEL WALICER,Proprietor,
Clarksburg, Vn., June I, JS/51.
P. S.?A limited number of Boarders can bo
accommodated with rooms.
isKY.nuM bio use,
ESP* Old lYiumls cordially roceivoil,
nnd kindJy odtortaiuciJ. Xcw uuftomor* noli
tiled. $1' liny SI, IS53.
?? OU|ppUSE,"
Oil the Tin iipikeSAVest of Court; House,
Jvikgw.^d, Va.
J. R. STONE has open? a I/ouso of entertain
ment at the above stand, where ho will ho happy
to accouinibijute Travellers, Jurors, &o. (Jin
lioiit.0 is nowHtnd convenient, stabling good, and
charges moderate. Aug. 19,1854.?Im#
Mnriiii's GenoloQ Ext. ol' Coffee,
aj?0) enrrrmu, for ?i? !>?
w i m
?It the '? Biff \\'indow.">
THE undersigned toko pleasure in announcing to their friends and customers, thai
they are now receiving their usual large and extensive variety of
They deem it unnecessary to enumerate articles. Suffice it to say, our stock is large and
?omplete, and will be sold very low. We suffer no house to sell'au article of the wine
quality lower than we do, therefore persons buying for cash need not be humbugged by
the name of Cush Stores. We will nell to g< oJ prompt paying customers on a credit as
low as lor cash down ; so call and satisfy yourselves that we ate in earnest in what we
eny. We would repeat that our stock this Full is very desirable, aud purchasers will do
well to examine before purchasing esewhere.
September 30. At the Old Stand of Carr, Smith & Co. and the Jiig Window,
A large assortment of Winter Ribbons just received at the Bi<r Window.
30: li September. CAUR, HAN WAY cjr CO.
A large assortment at the Big Window. CARR. IJ AN WAY ff CO.
Grev mixed, bluck, white and red, uud white Storking Yarn, just received and for sale
at the Big Window. CARR. 1IANWAY fy CO.
Tobacco ??Some mote of tbut 4 cent plug Tobacco, just received at lite
Biji Window. CARR, JIAN II'AY .jr CU.
September 30, 1854.
1:11,1; STVIiES,
Of llats, Caps, &c.
A new milt large assortment,
and for Sale, cheap for Cash, or the usua i
credit to punctual customers, ^
at the " Commercial Buildings.
the SUBSCRIBERS be? leave respect
fully to inform their old friends ^
new building, Hish street, where they are
prepared with a large stock ol
Hals, of every variety, style and
in occommodau all who are hallesis,o?^fea
of becoming so, with any loud, style
nriced HAT they may desire.
rrrHATS of any description made to
order oil theshortest notice.
Thankful for past patropage, we 'wpf.
strict attention to our business to receive
a continuance of ll^?r^C AMpl|EijL
Morgantowil, Sept. 9,1854. tf
M. Y. WIMiKV <fc CO.,
Commercial nuilciliig*.. Mormiitowii, * a.
Having purchased the entire stock
Drugs, Medicines, Books,
tobacco, &c,,
v W Tower & Co., propose to sell from ten
Monongalia and the adjoining c0" J"1' ,
O?1 JOHN A. HAYS wil attend to re
pairing Watches, Clocks, Jewelry ic. m
best manner and at reasonable rates.
Morgantown, \ a., June .9, lou-l.
generally tlmt we lave received the Urgent,
Utii.nia1.lo and cheapest ?ock
ever brought to this part ?f
our Clothing i? ofoiir oivii I'lanulJ^tur.., .
our assortment is complete. tsn.i- ni'Ovcr
and Boy's apparel. ^ veDKRL1CICHT fc Co.
Morgantown, Sept. 2'3, 1853. ^ ?*m*
Smith's Ales, Porter anil Brown Stout
Respectfully annuoncM to Ilia nu
ll merous customers and to the piiu
14 lie generally, lliat lie will com
mence' browing lor the????"">
?- both at PITTSItUltti fc? W ?J<M'
1ST. nbo.it the KIttST OK AUULM, ami wil
|,'o ready to Till orders for his
Keiinell, which will bo ready about the HUM
! OK OCTOI4K.lt,) about the tenth of that month.
| ID" The highest price paid for goodllart!), <??
peciallv that delivered early in the season.
| July'39,185-1. 2SD-3in
Wool Carding.
ri^HE Subscriber respectfully informs the
1 public that ho intends to carry on the
Carding business, at hi# Macb'lie pn? le
below Morgantowil, where he w ill do ihe
best of work and on the shortest
11,s prices will be S rents per lb. paid down
or 61 cents if booked.
May 27. Uin .lOlir* llAlUtl^
Cure??!)!> F<iy ?'
Finnoll's Tetter Salve:
\ sure and certain cure for Telter, Ring
worm, and all other Diseases oi the bkm, to
| tA'oirer i Co., Morgantowil.
John V. Thurn, llranvi e.
Jamts Kelly, Ussville
June 3, 1804.
C \N* Obtain employment at the Furnace now
Of various stylos and finish, which will ho sold
.."fore, icry low for at ,fc.ta.de.
Wish* ,
lot or No. 1 IIUnltINT, Ibr.alo or eichauge
April 57, 1854.
Flsixwrnd Oil, ...
Just received uiul for sab b*
March 18. Uatiieu & 1* i.emino.
While IjfJMl?Ptiilmlo'phitt l'uic
* w. \
til tor mci/ ?f Law,
HAS resumed the practice of 1 he Law
in the counties of Monongalia, Ma
rion and Predion.
il. Dcni.No, Kscj.. ) ,,
Wm. \VAcNF.n,U;u]i'r.Hank.}
Tnos. E. Hajidi.eton, ) ? ...
Slznclvff & Ensev, $ Baltimore, Md.
'A. Jacobs, Kscj., ) ..
T.M.iSalLy, } dueling, 1?.
Smith, Mvftwv & Co., l Philadelphia
Sexton,SealS: Sweabingen,? Pa.
September, 11,1S52. 161-tf.
TTlliANKFUL for past favors, would most
X respectfully solicit a continuation of
the game, believing by strict attention to
business he can render entire satisfaction.
COT He will always be found, when not
professionally absent, at Frank. M. Chalfanl's
Drug Store, Main street, next door to the
Post Office.
Mofgantown, July 10, 185-1.
JOHN T. IUK? d .
No. 22 South Third St., PHILADELPHIA,
I'NIONTOWN, Fayette county, Pa.
BROWNSVILLE, Puyette county, Pa.
Drafts bought) sold ami coll cc ted.
Hank Notes and Coin Exchanged.
STOCKS, XQ'J'KS, and other securities, Bought
and Sold on Commission.
February IS, 1854.?ly.
Remuining in the Post Oflic at Morgan
town, A a. at the close of the quarter ending
Sept. ISM.
JB.?Abilon Barn hard, Dr. Bowman 2,
Win. C. Bim'en, Somut'l Britt, John Bough
er, Mi>s Martha Byerly, George Brakeiron,
Richard Burgess, Heirs* of Ebenezer Black
C.?Edward Cumpton, W. 1*. Canary,
Benjamin Cliesney.
I ?>.?]i. H. Dursey, jr., Euunv A. Davis,
I John T. Dick, Harriet Denny, Emma Daw
| .-on, George Dusenbcrry, Thomas Dunn, Dr.
| Thomas Dunn.
) E.?Peter Everlv.
| F.?Mrs. Sarah E. Fowler. Jacob Frede
I ricks. James Furrel, William Fisher 2, J'e
! ter Fisher.
| <*.?James Gallagher, A. S. Glenn, Sain
I uel Griffith, Miss Jane Gardner,
j ?A.M. Henry 2, Joseph Hartley, Jus.
llurvey. Mrs Mary lloblitzell. John Hock
ing, G??orge Henderson, Mips Eliza Hender
son. Mr. Hull, Esq . Mr. Holland.
8i.?Chailes M. Keen.
JL.?Isaac Luw.Mtihn Low.
ill.?Thomas Morau, Waller McBee, Eli
zubeth McShane, Rn?h. Martin, Jacob Min
nev. E. L. Morgan. Joseph Marshall, Burba
ry Molisco, Franklin Martin, Leonard Me
G ru w.
O.?John O'Connor, John C Oliver 2.
P.? Joseph H. Powell, Molly Prim.
R.?Eliza Richardson. Nancy Robins, Jus.
Read. G. Reed 2. William Rodolphn.
8.?J.miMt* Simons, Ephraim Shuck 2, Ca
tharine Stewart, BaileyShultz. Emma South,
Win. W. Stansbnry. Lueindu Sanders, Saniu
i Supp, John Smell, Elizabeth Stone, Joseph
M. Savage.
T,?J. E. Taylor, John Trobridge.
V.?Erriile Viquesney.
W.?Mary Way. B. Wilmeth, Virsinius
Wilson, John Workman, Hannah Wilkin#,
MutiIda Watson.
Persons calling for any of the above Let
ters, will please say they^are advertized, or
they may not get them.
October Jst. JAMES SHAY. P. M.
? Durkee's Clieinical Yeast Powders.
USB THEM, and you will never full to have
pond light Bread, Cakes, &c. &c. They nan be
had at the Sign of the Coldcn Mortar. July S.
Or Chloride of Lime; Salts of Lemon, ami Salts
of Tartar, now on hand and l'or sule at the New
Drug Store and Claud Arcade. July S.
For Cash or Trade only!
Fresh Arrival at the
Variety Store & CloHiing Emporium Xo, I
Iligh street, Morgan/own, I a.
GROCERIES, Hardware, Quocnswure, Class,
ware, Stoneware, Iron, Nails, Salt, Castings,
Hill uido, Ohio Shaver, Patent Lever and True
American Plough*, Plough Points and Landsides.
Ladies' dress goods, of almost every desirable
piiltorn, dress trimmings, white and fancy color.
| ud crapo shawls, and almost evorything the ladies
? may want, and very cheap, too.
Gentlemen's and Boys' wear for Spring and
Summer; black, blue and brown Sack, Frock
and Dress Coots; pant*, vests, drawers, cravats,
shirts uutl shirt collars, gloves, pocket and neck
handkerchiefs, hats, hoots and shoes, and every
article gentlemen may want to complete tlioir
wardrobe. We invite everybody to call, nx our
stuck is complete and we are determined to be
bccomi lo none.
We buy for cash | wo sell for cash; wo have
but one price, and will bell our good* at tho very
lowest figures. Wo cpn and will sell as low as
any house in town, ea
ft' attention to bio>i
will give lis friends 1
them. Our motto is
and ready pay.
Morgautown, June
While fjcnd,
Just received ar
March 7
iji west, north or south.
ijess and honorable dealing
flu are determined to have
Quick Sales, small profits
, ISO*).
11 for sale by
ISt'CII k PcEHlNfl.
At the Sign of tlic Golden Mortar, corner o
Diamond Alloy nnd Main street, has the freshest
and purest stock of Drugs and Mcdicines ever
found in Morgantown. For the truth of this he
refers you to all the Physicians who barn osaui
ined his stock. July 8, 1854.
Ii.shed 20 years ago by Dr. KINK KLIN, corn?r ol
Third nnd'lJnior streets, between Spruce &.Pine
Philadelphia, Pa.
I Arc apprised tlint Dr KINJCELIN* confines his
| practice ton particular branch of medicine, whieti
| cngnges Ins undivided attention. He cautions the
| unfortunate against the nbuso of mercury; thou
j Hands urn annually mercurialized nut of life.?
Recent affections are promptly extinguished.
[ In the treatment of a class of diseases hitherto
I neglected and imperfectly understood, has ena
I hied J)r 1CINKEL1N, (author of a work on Seljf
| PrcservitlioiijJ to prove that nine tenths of the
: causes ol nervous debility, local and constitution*
al weakness, mental and physical suffering, are
traccnblu to certain habits, forming the most sc
ored and yet deadly and fatal springs of domestic
misery and premature mortality.
There is an evil habit sometimes indulged in
by boys, In solitude, often growing up with them
to manhood, and which, if not reformed in tluo
time, not only begets serious obstacles to matri
monial happiness, but gives rise to a series or
protracted, insidious and devastating affections.
Few of those who give way to this pernicious
practico are aware of the consequences, until
they find the nervous system shattered, feel
strange and unaccountablo feelings, and vuguo
scars in the mind.
The unfortunate thus afTected becomes feeble,
is tillable to labor with nccustomcd vigor, or to
apply his mind to study; his step is tardy and
weak, he is dull, irresolute, and engages in his
sport with less energy than usual.
If he emancipate himseif before the practice
has done its worst, and euter matrimony, his mar
riage is unfruitful and his senBO tells him tlint it
is caused by his early follies. These are consider
ations which should awaken the attention of those
similarly situated.
Requires the fulfilment of several conditions, in
order that it may be really the cause of mutual
happiness. Could the veil which covers the origin
of domestic wretchedness be raised, and its true
source in every instance disclosed in how many
could it be traced to physical disqualifications and
their attendant disappointments I Apply then
while it is yet time, in order to have your unstrung
and relaxed organization rcbraccd, revivified uiid
Ho who places himself under Dr Kinkelin's treat
ment may religiously confide in his honor as a
gentleman, ami roly upon his assurance that the
secrots of Dr K.'s patients will novcr he disclosed.
Young man I let no false modesty deter you
from making' your case known to one who, from
education uud respectability, can certainly be
friend you.
Too many think they will conccal the secret in
their own heart*, nnd cure themselves. Alas! how
oil en is this a fatal delusion, uud how many a pro
mising young man, who might have been an orna
ment to society, has laded from the earth.
?Strictures of the urethra are rapidly removed
by iho-npplicatiun of n now therapeutical agent,
used only by Dr K. ?Weakness and constitutional
debility promptly cured, and J'ull vigor restored. '
Can have (by stating their cases explicitly, toge
| tliur with all their symptoms, por letter enclosing
a remittance) Dr Iv.'s medicine appropriated ac
? Forwarded to any part of the United States, and
i packed securc from damage or curiosity.
it e a i>:
I'-'Uth and .Manhood.
; A Vigor out Life, or a Premature Death! Kinkelin
j on Self Preservation, only '2,? Cents!
i It is a work eminently required, as ? means of
| reforming the vices of the age in which we live.
AI.SO, nature's (JUIDK,
i with liules for the Prolongation of Life, just from
the Press.
j A letter with a remittance of 25 cents, or the
? value in post stamps, addressed to '?Dr. ICINICK
I LI.V, Philadelphia, Pa.' will secure a copy of ei
ther of the above books by return of mail; or 12
' copies will be seut free of postage for ?1. llook
! sellers or Canvassers, Traveling Agents, &c. ?up
! [died wholesale at tiio publisher's prices, which
! admit of ;i largo protit.
j ID" AH Idlers must be post paid.
J March 15, Is.'; 1. j.yr
j j o cto i;" V6T;us h r. f. "
rjlHK FIFTIETH edition j
X with One Hundred Kii-[
gravings, showing Disease*
and .Malformations of tin- '
11 lima u System in every
I shape and form. To which
| is added a Treatise on the
Diseases of Females, being
of the highest importance
to married people, or those
contemplating marriage.?
Let no father be ashamed
to present a copy of tho .-"ESCULAPIUS to bis
child. It tuny save him from an oarly grave.?
Let no young man or woman outer into tho se
cret obligations of married lifo without reading
tho I'OC'KKT JKSCULAP1US. Let no one suffer
ing from a hacknied Cough, Pain in tho Side,
restless nights, nervous feelings, and tho whole
train of Dyspeptic sensations, und given up by
their physician, ho another moment without con
sulting the .'KSC'ULAPJUS. JIuve the married,
or tlioso about io be married, any impediment,
read this truly useful book, as it has been tint
means of saving thousands of unforttnatc croa*
turoa from tho vory jaws of death.
t ID" Any person sending T\VKNTTY-KIVK
OKNTS, enclosed in a letter, will receivo one
copy of this work by mail, or tivo copies will be
sent for One Dollar. Address (post paid)
DR. Will. YOUNG,
No. 152 Spruce street, Philadelphia
July 3, 185-1. meaw.'ly
Iron and liuidware Store,
fllllK SUUSCIUHKR would nnnounco to the
J, public that bo bus just received at the
Commercial Uuildings, Morgantown, Va.,alarge
and general assortment of
Consisting in part of Mill, Cross-cut Hand and
Tenon Saws; Rroad, Hand, and chopping Axes;
Hatchets, Hammers, Adzes, Augurs, Unices and
llitts, Gouges, Chisels, PIiuicb, RuIoh, Squares,
Guagos, Spirit anil Plumb Level* j a great vari
ety of Door nnd Window Fastenings; Till and
Chest Locks; Urass,cnsUnil wrought Jlutt and
Strap Hinges. A line assortment of
Tabic Cutlery;
Scissors, Shears, Razors,fcc.; Hand and flench
Vices,Smith'* Vices, Anvils, Hollows,Stock and
Dies; Screwplato; Files, Rasps, Knglish,Ger
man and American Steel; (Juns, Gun-locks and
(Juii-barrols; wall, point, cloth und hair Umbos;
Urnsb and Hell-motal Kettles, together with a va
riety of other articles which he will sell W1I0LK
SALKOR RKTA1L, at pricca which cannot fail
to pIcai'R.
As liu does business on tho " Ready Pay" syB
torn, he adds no extra per cant, for bad debts.
. ) lie will keep con
nnd \'ni o ?._> siantl" on hands a
(lllvi l'tfllw* C inri!u stock, com
; Inrge'stock, com
prising all the various sizes of Iron and Nails,
f liis own manufacture SDclofthebest quo Ijty.
K. II. OLli'IIAn I.
Morgantown, Dec. 10, 1S52.-? 175;:tl.
iivnry's Coiiiincniury
On the Holy Scriptures, in 6 volume*, large
octavo, for sale cheap. Knquiro nt this 01
rtc<*,. ? Otsowt -1.
-A.LL persons who have been accustomed
to get their grinding done at Rogers' Mill,
and ull otheis who are fond ol good flour,
uro respeeUully notified that the subscriber
lias taken the said Mill for a term of years,
ut a cash rent, and thus haB the exclusive
charge of the Mil!.
With the advantage of sundry improve
ments made in the Mill, together with strict
attention to business, and a toll-dish just
right and right 6ide up, he expects to com
pete succettfully with his brother Millers,
and ti? give general satisfaction.
He wuhes it particularly understood by
Farmers and others, that all who bring good
wheat may rely upon having good flour.
By The highest market price will be giv
en for Wheat. JAMES S. CRAIG.
October 27, 1S53. tf
HAVING located in this place for
tho purpose of practising iny Profes
sion, 1 respectfully tender iny services to the cit
izens of the town and surrounding country. He
ine a stranger here, 1 deem it butjustice to my
self to state that I have had & thorough Collegi
ate course of Medical instruction, have practised
under the supervision of some of the most dis
tinguished Physicians of Virginia, and have since'
been engaged in private practice. Satisfactory
testimonials,also, ns to quantitations, fcc., can
he seen at any timo by calling at my^fUce, which
is directly opposite the Court-House, and two
doors Weal of W. 'J'. Willey'a office.
Morgan town, Va.,I)ec. 10, 1853.
Assorted ?izc?, at tlic New Drug Store and
Glass Arcade j
Fish Oil, flaxseed Oil,
White Lead and Turpentine,
Japan and Copal Varnish,
Prussian Hluo, Umber, &c. fitc.
July S, lb'5'1.
Grazing Farm for Sale.
! wish to sell my Farm of 480 Acres,
situate on the Evunsville pike, 11 miles
from Morgantown. Of this iract 150 a
cres are improved, and about 200 acres
are under fence. It is mostly sown in
glass. On the premises are two dwelling
houses, a log barn and several outbuild
ings ; also two young apple orchards and
other fruit trees. The whole is well wa
tered, and the farming land in a good slate
of cultivation.
My price is eight dollars per acre.?
The title is good, and possession will be
given on the 1st of April next.
For a view of the premise?, and othe
particulars, call on the subscriber, living
thereon. WM. MILLER.
August 24,1S33. 21 itf
it va a ins, ir.tcio^rs,
And till other Vohicles used fur Toil
or Pleasure,
HAVE procured the very best materials
employed tlic best workmen?and aro
operating with the bent intentions, with all the
skill, industry and attention to business that
thev are master* of?and have no hesitation in
saving to Farmers and all others that they can
turn out an good a job, in an quick time, nnd at
as lair :i price as any other Establishment of
the kind between Decker*- Croek and sundown;
no matter whether their competitors come from ?
North, .South, East or West!
Our work will ?pcak,or rather shine, for it
self. Person* in want of a Carriage, Buggy, :
Wagon, or what not, arc respectfully invited
to call and examine our Vehicles, shake them,
and take them if they like.
Work made to order, at short notice,
and repairing done on reasonable terms.
Our Shops arc situato at the mouth of Deck
er's creek, South side, close by where- the
Slackwater is intended to he.
Morgantown, Va. June 11, 1S53. tf
$a<!<!3e & Uariic**
HAS emnmcriccri business ut his Old,
Stuml iii GRANVILLE,,M?nonaulio|
aoiu.lv ii in I respectfully tiolieiiai lie orders of
his old Irieiids as well as new customers.
His long experience in busine^i*, ant) deter
munition to give general satisfaeiion will
enuble him to turn out work that cannot
be surpassed in this section of the United
All orders thankfully received and exe
cuted with neatness ami despatch.
Granville, May 28, 1S53. tf
rpiIOSB knowing themselves indebted to me
JL either by noto or book account, will please
call and settle, as I want money and my present
books closed. The firm hereafter will be known
IC7* I return my sincere thanks for past patron
age, and hope the new firm will merit a continu
ance nfthe sumo. J NO. K. S1IEAX.
February 2S, 1S04.
alwaysTn hand,
A large, fplendid and well selected Sleek of
Waichtm, CLOCKS, Jewelry,
AM) VAHIUTY goods,
which will be 6old at prices which cannot fail to
ID'OUU Stock of Groceries is now complete
to which we invito your particular attention,nnd
request that vou, before purchasing elsewhere,
will give us a call. KHKAX fit RUNNER.
Morgantown, March 4, 1854.
New Goods Again !
I hREIL'I fjl|y ,nf?rm our friends
and the jublic genera!
??fi#2asclitoly that we have JUST diJSttfiw
RECh El) from Pittsburg and Bultimoro a large
i a e ior stock of
Confcclioncrics, Foreign Fruits, Notions.
&c. Our stock has been carofully selected, and
embraces ?vcry variety usually kept in such es
tablishmeiits, and more too, nnd wo respectiully
ask all (bom u j,? want good articles to call and
at least examine our stock.
April 22,1S54. It. L. & X. BERKSHIRE,
Tobacco "Ud Segars.
Can I'd liuiiid al tlio New Drug Store anil G!a?
Arcnili,. K. M. CIIALPAKT.
J?l.v 8, 1804. .
JUST RECEIVED, per river,
2 bills, Mapcl's lirst-rale Llnsrcf! Oil,
l>v tlio nbw linu of Uakr, IUnway it Co.
lllllg. J%. O. llol.lKKCfl,
Just rec eived and for unli* ty*
March IS. JiAzir.ii fir Flejiino
. 't hill (iuod 'I'obafco?innui (,i
"?I CAKE,. UA.KWAY & Co.
BOOK tortheArruerr.
Coataining an '^""jvlry form of"
i'r"?denij'V?'"',?u7 ^Uh^u'ca for
self-abuse, ?r by ..mlftnl||l,r .tylc, avoid"
traded oy j?? , 01PCK| witn niivi?? ?; ?
ielf-abMC, or by wm1:?Vfnmilinr style, avoid
theirprevention.wrlttcini ^ everything
n? all medical tcclintcalit c>, mu /.U| an
that would offend tjl0 ?".r, t t0 Females, from
outline of complaint, inciden t . prac.
? KKj
above Ji?ca8"',? ?f?|,"i.'cvcrund Ague.
symptoms and cure Olntetrlcs P?.
Ttillmony 0/"* ?ritf""r {lUNTER'S MKll
author ol thi? ?or*'
1CAL MANUAL." The ^ ,jv(,rliic to
unlike the k'ttre?l..l??P"dMl#
cure the df?c'|Ic?l. in the United Stat".
of one of the best o ommcn(l him to thu
It affordb me Pl?MU.r . thn 0f malpractice, as a
unfortunate, or t j practitioner,in whoso
successful and p l)|C grcatcft
honor and integri y Longshore, M.D?
cenlidcnce. , "n ,pcnn. University t
From A. Wotiuard.iY Uro to add my
; Philadelphia.-It al,mi_v ?f the Au
testimony.to tlio proW"! Numerous ca
ittororthe'MCTKAtMj^o !(,m0 0.
sea of Disease of the Gcni ^ on(|or mJr ?0_
tliom of I"1B ?lauding. >" manifest in reJ
tice, in whl0'i V 1,1, insome case* where the
1 torlng to perfect j bcvol,J medical aid.
patient liasSiecnconBidc or duar
1? the treatment "^emiiial duccabj Belfabiisn
ra?gemontorthe(bnction^Po(^ Mj , .
or cjeess ol loner), acquainted with
in the profession. >' j llccra lt ??
the Author some tl rty jcar i, ^
! -'This i.,?Hl.o??<
hensive and intelligent D Avoiding ail
! class of diseases |? jla0|f the reason
technical term., it * M 0i,jcclionabl?
of i? readers. Vr'"t ho"e"er fastidious, can
matter, and no , . nluis nf his sons, 'I he
object to placing it in tl (|| lhc lrcallncnt
author has devoted man #f n|)d wil|, lou
of the various coinplamtsl' ?resumption to
little breath to p?0, mere
impose, lie lias olfer -d til'some 20
I, nominal pnee,0 So ???. Vl?,krald.
voars most buccesatul prauueu.
? No teaclior or parent Rhonldhcjvi^ou^^ ^
knowledge imparted "" ^' ["J^ication nnd sor
1 ;r"r/ou.rh unde^ their charge." People's
I -1 A?P,e.'i.yterian clergyman in Ohio,
. Hunter's ""' '"' " ' i'uo /by evil example
upon thousands or our youui, j lcJ ,j|lo
and inlluonce of thu pass10,1 rcaHziuff thu
bled, if not broken ca? bo
would confer the greatest Mewing?, ^
religion of Jesus Christ, on tliepr
ing generation, 'nleniperance in tlie ??
1 toxicatlng drinks, though " 8coiifge to the
up0" thousands, is not a great^ on l>oUlllf of0,u
5e? s J iu
good work you are actively enfcagid in
One copy (.ecurely e?wl.pjjd)
froe of postage, to .?](? AJj ,
paid) COSDIiN" "fit Co!, Publishers, or lios U,
^ttelLrs, Canvasser, and Booh Age""
!U,,,,^?th: most libera. ^
It stands pre
<3tninont lor its
curative power*
in nil thedis'ean
os for which it is
usually called
Fchi a 1 e
Of these are J'ro
lapsus Uteri, or
falling of thi
Womb} Fluor At*
but, or Whites:
motion and Ul
ceration of tht
IVomb: Inciden
tal Hemorrhage,
or Flooding: Painful, Suppressed and Irregular
Menstruation, &c., with all their accoinpnnyine
evils, (Canccr excepted,) no matter how scverg
or of how long standing.
The Catholicon far surpasses other remedies in
being more certain, le.ts expensive, and leaving
the system in a better condition. Let all inter
ested eall and obtain a pamphlet (hike) contain
ing ample proof, from the most rcspoctablo sour
ces, ol tho beneficial results of its use; togeth
er with letters from highly experienced Physi
cians, who have used it in their practice, and
speak from their own observations.
P. H. Pcckham, M. D. Utica, N. Y.
L. D. Fi.nMiSd, RI. D. Canandaigua,N\ Y.
M. H. Hii.ls, M D Rochester, N. Y.
I). Y. Foote, M I) Syracuse, N Y.
Professor Dunbar, M D Baltimore, Md.
J. C. Orricu, M D "
W. W. Reme, M D City of New York.
\V. Prcscott, M I) Concord, N II.
J. P. Newland, M D, Utica, N Y.
Ilev.C. S.Beahd, Glenn Springs, S C.
Pamphlets can be had gratis at t'io Store of
E. W. TOWER & Co., Agents,
Druggists und Uookatrllcru, Morgantown, Yd.
And sold by LOGAN CAIUt, Fairmont,
Dr. WM. EYSTER, do
J.&. W.H. KERN, Middleburnc,
Dr. T. C. HAWKINS, Waynes
burg, l'cnna, and by most of the
leading Druggists in the adjoining counties.
[?P*" Sew the I'dlInwinir letter :
HUNTSVILLE, Yadkin county, N C)
November 28, 1S?>3. j
| Dr John B. M-rcliisi:
Sir: I deem it my duty to express to you
my sincere thanks for your discovery of tho cel
ebrated Foinale Medicine, (Catholicon.) My
wife has been moro or less troubled with flood
ing for eight or nine years, and found nothing to
give nor relief, antil, bv uccidcnt, 1 got,? bottio
of your medicine, anil found it jmt the thing
wanted. It acted like a charm, anu has given her
entire relief of a permanent character.
With much respectfyour ob't serv't,
(Signed) William J. Bolix
J. H. Marciiisi fc Co. l'roprietuid,
Central l)<*pot, 301 Broadwuv, N. Y.
February 11, tS34. tf
ALL PERSONS indebted to tho late hrm of
Haymond & Pickciipaugh, and also tr. tlJf,
Estate of Nicholas Pickenpaughjdec'd. are here
by notified that tho Books, Accounts and Noten
due said Firm and Estate are now in my poiioes
fcion (as Executor of N.Pickenpaugh, dee'd) Ibr
collection and settlement, and all persona indebt
ed to aaid Firm or Estate are earnestly requ??u
ed to call and pay and settle their respective
debts, as the business is bound to bo cloaod ua
ai soon as practicable. '

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