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0untraij Heading.
From tlie Now York Observer.
Tllli BIBLE.
Swaltr It It thin honey and the htntynmb.
A clergyman who had labored sue
cessfully during many years in the ser
vicu of (ho Redeemer, was present on
une occasion at a roligiotia meeting,
field during a time of revival. The
meeting was opened by the recitation of
H vetse of Scripture l>y each person
present, in turn, and as there were fifty
or sixty individuals in the room, there
were so many verses repeated. On
tioming out the clergy man remarked, "1
was uever before sn impressed with the
wonderful variety of the Bible. Each
vorso to-day might have furnished the
thomefot a sermon; some ofthem could
not have been exhausted in many ser
mons? and yet how various, how di
versified in their character and sub
jects I"
"Yes,'1 replied tho friend to whom the
remark was addressed, "and hod you
been more acquainted with the history
anil state pf mind of the individuals
present, you might havo seen that, in
many cases, the passage repealed was
an index to ihe ropeater's Btateofmind.
?fiord, 1 believe; help thou mine belief;'
?flow emphatically was that ottered,
as ifitcame from the inmost soul ofihe
person who spokeit. 'Ask, and yejhull
lecieve,' caine from tho lips of anoth
L'r,who had probably experienced its
And why is it, wo are led to ask, that
lie liibleis so comparatively a dead let
loi'i a sealed book, to most of us who
profess to be Christians I It is not be
muse wo liavb u'V little Christian exptri
?ncel Only sn far as we have e* peri
meed, we can understand., The prom
sos of sanetiScation contained in tile Bi
(fts-are read by us with little interest,
fwe havo little aenso of sill and littlo
hirst after holiness. What does it avail
is to read. "Sin f Sill not have dominion
iver you," if wo ore dimly cuncioiis
>f the dominion of,tin, and feebly desi
ous of deliverance from it. Passages
lescribing the perfections and glory of
fehovali p'tss before our eyes like empty
vords, if our spiritual senses are not
>urged to discern their meaning. The
'lory of heaven may be set forth, but
ve are too much taken up with the
nbbish and lumber of oarth to regard
" Oh? what.nines of wealth aro thore
n the Bible, of which most of us know
lothing ! This is ono use and need of
Mictions; they mako the word of God
jrecious. A single text becomes mere
n us, in; hours of trial, than was the
vhole Bible before. We cling to it as
i drowning man clings to the plank
ivhich saves him from a winery grave.
kVe bear our wholo weight upon it
itrong enough to boar ua and not break.
Hear Bunyan:
"Ah, what did I now see in that bles
lod sixth of John 1 And him that com
ith unto me I will in no wise cast out ?'
3lytnany a pull hath my heait had with
|tttau fur that blessed sixth of John I?
A. word, 8 word to lean a weaiy soul
upon, that it might ti"t siolc forever!?
It was that I hunted fur!"
And prehaps we shall have to go
through some of Banyan's sorrowful ex
perience, before we shall learn to prize
the Bible as he did. H.
|? ? " ? ?V,"
Better than California Gold.
A young man left our office wlm is on
hid way from California to liia home in
.fuckson county Mn, which ho left in
1850 for (lie laud -of gold. IIo wished
to purchase a Pocket-Bible and Testa
ment, Hymn Book, Bunyan's Pilgrim,
Pike's Guide to Young Disciples, Kil
'o*s Cyclopedia of Biblical Literature,
ifcc.'H Our interest was at once excited
that one on his teturn from such a mis
sion should wish to make mc/i purchases.
' Wo inquired alter his success, when he
: mid us, while his face grew radient with
iho light which shines down from that
batter land, that .he bad succeeded in
finding gold, but be found something
more than all tho gold of those mines,
I'oforehs left them?he found hope in
Christ. While attending a Methodist
camp-meeting, he was convicted of sin,
nud gained a saving view of Christ. He
soon after joined aChuich, and is now
fully detm mined lo give himself and his
nil to the seivice of liodi With no or
dinary emotions we listened to llis sim
ple. eloquent narration, furnished him
with the books lie desired, took his name
a subscriber to the Watchman, and
sent him nit his way. May Heaven pre
nerve him, and make him a rich blessing
lo westeru Missouii.
Such incidents as this are well calcu
lated to (strengthen tho fiiiih of Christ
ians. Let us not forget California, and
tho absent ones who ate there wander
ing in scutch of things lhat peiisb. Let
us pray that healing walvismay be pour
I'd upon the occasions lor atrife which
now trouble our Zion, and that all may
ba united in the one great end of saving
souls. Of how little cunsequence are
,iill other objects, when; this is lost sight
??f. For this Cliri-it died, for this hit
churches are established, and nno to
those churchci and individuals who al
low aughl else to take its plane.
The Bible the Key to IheHeart.
If I had a look of very complicate'
constrction, and tlioro was only one kf^
?j that' would unlock it, I should fool.vr.-/
""iurc that that key tvus made by on*J1#|
understood tho construction of that"? -
So when I fiud that notu ithstnndi'
the windings and mysteries of ir "
in the human heart, tho Bible,, ^ '{^
Bible only, is adapted to it tlw
and is able to penetrate it n>< j,
rucessoB, I am constrained 'i oenUsn.i
that the Bible was made
' .done knowoth the hearty ' n'
ren c." won."?A:n:rica,f
TT - 1' 1 :* sl<
General Advertizer.
We have supplied ourselves with all thi
materiuls uocffEaiy for doing fancy work
such as Gold and Silver Bronze, Red, Blui
and Green Ink?line glazed Paper of variou
hueii, &c., and we have the rnquisiie ski
anil experience to line ihem to advantage.
Orders for fancy Labels, &c. will be pruuip
ly attended to.
But clotheo Tor the living will be found a
Cheaper and more durable than at any other plact
in the County.
The undersigned have just returned from the
East, with a large and new aiiortment of Spring
and Summer CLOTHING, of every variety,
size, color and style, expressly made up for tliii
market. For style, finish, and workmanship,wo
challenge competition, and all Goods bought of
us are warranted to be as represented. Being
entirely confined to the Clothing business, wo
vouch to say that we cannot fail to please,having
paid much attention and care to the selection of
our stock. And we, with these pledgos upon our
part, solicit a share of the public patronage, if
honesty and fair dealing will possibly obtain it.
Our stock consists of
Mens1, Boys' and Youths' Clothing,
and also a largo assortment of
llats, Caps, Shirts, Collars,
Socks, Gloves, Handkorchiefs,
Cravats of all descriptions]
Boots & Shoes, Garters,
Suspenders, &c., &c.
We invite the attention of the public to our
stock before purchasing elsewhere.
N. B. Country Produce taken in exchange for
Goods, at the highest market prico. F. & Co.
;March 31, 185.'>.-3m
The Great Discovery!
J7?n rnanyyearsitfiaa been iho objoctof deep
' est Htutly with cliemiet. and others, to pro
duce a fluid that, applied to the hair, would
causo it to wave and curl equal iu beauty to the
natural curK1- '
THE KROLLERION is the only article e,v?r
offered to the world that will effect this most de
sirablo object. But three or Tour applications
are necessary to curl it as much os may be de
sired, and far any length of time, rromi the
many testimonials of those who have used it,
the subscriber does riot hesitate to warrant the
KaoLLERtoy to give satisfaction, and prove as
recommended in all cases.
The rccipe for making, with full direction!!
for use, will be seut on the receipt of onodollur
Dostnaid. The ingredieuts will not cost over
12 cents. Direct to 11. A. KREEMONT,
April 14,1850. Warren, Trumbell county,0.
Domestic Manufacturing.
"1TT0ULD give notice to ilieir former caitim
W era and the public generally, that they
continue to manufacture wool into Broad Cloths,
Cassimcres, Satinetts, Jeans, Tweeds, Flannel,
Blankets, See., on the shares or by the yard, on
reasonable terms, at GREENE FACTORY, two
miles below
Carmichaeltown, Greene County, Penn a..
They will also exchange Woollen Goods for
Wool, on fair terms.
Carding and Spinning done by the pound.?
Country Carding will be done in the best man
Persons coming from a distance can have their
wool carded to take home with them.
Country Produce taken for work.
DT Having secured the services of our old
Carder and Spinner, wo hope to be ablo to give
satisfaction, (which was more than we did last
scasou. Give us a call. J. & T. A. BARNES.
May 26, lS55-3m
AGENTS wanted SII every County of the Uni
ted States, to sell one of the most aaleable
books ever published, entitled,
"Thrilling Adventures among the Indians."
Comprising the most remarkable personal narra
tives or events in the early Indian Wars, as well
as of incidents in the recent Indian hostilities in
Mexico and Texas. By John ?ro*t/Lu L; D ,au
thor of " Pictorial History of the United States,
*f Pictorial History of the World," &c. &c. Il
lustrated with numerous engravings, fromdeiijP
by W. Crome, and other distinguished artist*A
This book contains over 500 octavo pag
bound in embossed morocco, full gilt back
is sold at tho low price of $1,75 per copy, j
Over 30,000 copies have been sold wif
-L_.? *..,1 ?hn b-jIa in at i 11 itirtrpnsinflM?
? null IHUU??l?u
Wo pay the large,t conimmion to ag
can bo supplied with i ipecimen cupy.
mail, poit-paiii, on lending us tho prl"
with tall particular! or the agency. J
J. W. BRADLEY, l'utf
43 North Fourth Street, J?
K. B.?On receipt of two doll|
[noat paid] a copy of the above toyl
py of the " Klreajde Angel," by.T,
May 5,1S55. SB
ALL PERSONS are forewar
chase or trade for V acre5i
Bounty Lull W?iT?ntBo.l^P]:of
issued to Rebecca B a rneU#_
net, dee'd., (a 8iw'e'"efy letter and
acres) under the act of 8wown) about
Am said Warrant Dent, Esq.,
i deposited in the PostOflW jjills, Pres
I tho 12th day of Jlfarchlfjyeii it is sup
: and was directed to mv
! ton county, Va., nndW^ gajj Warrant
posed to Hare beedjfchase/it having
I hereby give furw0 8ni(] Rebecca
belongs to mo byVjaVeat at tho Gen
been regularly asft^igguing of a pat
Barnet, and thafcljnd shall file an ap
eral Land Office. fce (with the neces
ent to a fraudujl;c&te,
plication in tU?<. HOFFMAN.
sary proof) to 'ril 11, 1865.
;.ip forewarned not to puf
LL j5t So. 103,162, for 40 acres,
PftHnf^'usenberry, widow of Henry
DOUutj/ gupplement to No. 6,669
issued r the act of Sept. 28, I860,?
Dusenvas enclosed in a letter and de
fer *.4Fost Office at Morgantown, Va.,
A? f of March last, by William M.
"~Vid directed to ine at Bruceton
'county, Vn., and not having arri
losed to havo been lost or stolen.
Fvo farther notice that said Warrant
Jno by right of*pnrctiase, it having
\ rly asRigned by the said Rebecca Du
And that 1 havo (lied a caveat at tho
ind Office to prevent the issuing of a
a fraudulent claimant, and shall file
tion iu the Pension Offico (with the
iroof) to obtain a duplicate.
Mills, Va., April 11, 186.5.
Garden Seeds!
the Big Wihdoiv, Latulrelh'it ?k..
It, anil true to mtmr. (Jardrn Seeds,
"?j- b*
fo. 9, Cheap Side.
n's Travelling Bags and Hand Trank s
I and for sale by
Fresh Groceries.
We have juit received our usunl variety
of FiltRburg^oods; in laiger quuiititiestha,n
formerly; which we nnw otter on lerrnx to
suil nil iliufe h ho desire lo make purchuseh
in'our line. Our Stock consists 111 part as
N. 0. Sugar in hints, anil bbls.
N. 0. Molasses in barrels anil half barrels,
Clover seed, warranted clem ami nice,
Martin's genuine extract ol Coffee,
Coffee-mills anil looking glasses,
Tubs, buckets, zink wanh boarils, &c.
Nails, ml irons, ami hoop iron,
Green oil cloth*, window blinds,
floor oil cloths of various styles,
Table oil cloth covers of beautiinl patterns,
I.ippincott's celebrated Yankee axes,
Hall's patent leaver ploiv points,
Cotton yarn of every grade,
Carpet chain both white and colored.
Call at the I1IG WINDOW and try thfci
market, oelore uuyiug eise>vnere.
P.8. >\e exp.ct in a few days to i
our eastern purchases, which are now
made. n H /
March 24.1805.
Shaving and flair Dre.^S SalooI1i
Walnut Street, oj>p/e
GEO. CHA^ ' ProPrlplor
TAKES plenum "> ,h;
of town and vicinity1",1'" b" ?P"ned * Slm*'
tngand Hlir Dreif? Mo<\" "J.1-* r?om over
M. Haven' Tail/>ShoP? and * ?!?"? of
ihe public feeling confident with the
experienced *"',taul 1 have> and moderate
charm. to'ender general sat isfaction.
Morgjut^vn, April 17, 1855.
SURGERY, tyc.,
RESPECTFULLY tender their Professional
services to .the citizens uf Morgantown and sur
rounding: country.
QJ* OPFlCEin the brick building, south of thi
?ourt-House, otic door West of \V. T. Willed!
uaw Office. ffl>
Morcantown. March 10, 1855. J?a>
Morgantown Marble Wo
sheets. harrison "
Dealen is Foreign and Domestic
Manufacturers uf Monwnr
atones. Headstones, lj
Have established a Marble FactJ
gantown, anil are prepared I of
stones of every description, ??
notice ami most reasonable 'Wprovei
work will be done in the Iff best ol
style, as they employ nonewchase e
workmen. Persons wishi"
splendid article of the kill
give them a call. All ojj
ter or otherwise, piomptj
on Walnut street, nea;
Morgantown, Jan. f"
rpilH Partoeriliip oT, ,itly diuolved by
X nt Clinton Kurrujf claima a
mutual cotmunt. AI|r<IS<-*nt them, and-all
gainut >aid Srm widP?= payment wilhin
indebted are requjr*an? J whom Ihebu
April 21. MJ-" iln<1 Intellisencer will
10" Wlieeilr' t0 amount ol'$l.
""""O'los. dunnT
Havina1!3 his pnifen-ional services lo
speclfm*1'10 I"ace and suriouiidiug
the cit a? be found at the Depot at
coutar' 1101 prolessionallv engaged,
allele, April 2, 1885. I
fty-made Clothing! ,
? uf?variety lorSpringand
flear, just received and for sale at
? 31. C.\r?, Hiswat Si Co.
'ighs, Points, If Castings,
ery description, at manufacturer's pri
tvholesola anil retail,
la. IVn. 1L llurl.in,r
received and tor tale by
StfMay 19. Lizier & Fleming.
flO boxes Mould Candles,
Just received and Tor sale by
May 19. Lazier & Flcmi.no.
Brags Clocks,
A fine lot of superior Brass Clocks, 24 hoar
tod 8 day, warranted.
May 19.' Lazier & Flemiko.
No. 3, Cheap Side.
A large lot of Ready Made Clothing just re
ceived and for sale by A. HAYMOND.
May 20, 1855.
The undersigned having had some ex
perience in the business of the Pension
Office at Washington, begs leave to offer
himself as agent to procure the claims
of those who will be entitled to land un
der the law now before Congress. His
charges will be moderate. No charge
will be made to unsuccessful applicants.
Feb. 24, 1855.
Idurbannah foundry" ~
JAMES MM ON respectfully informs Itisctis
tumors and the public that ho has now on han
at his Foundry in Durbaunah,
Mill Castings, Stoves & Grates, ol
all kinds, Hollow wiire, Wa
gon Boxes',&c., Parker's
Water Wheel. &c.
Which he is selling at the lowest prices.
September 33,1854.
French Mcrinoes of best quality fur 50 eta.
peryord, at Rogers S: Foole's.
Deo. 16, 1854.
onnd ai the Canh Store of
Feb. 17, 1855. ROGERS & FOGLE.
SUPERFINE FLOUR,?a few barrels to
b had by calling at the Two Bin Red Doors.
TIMOTHY SEED, clear from olherSeed>,
ir ?alr bv ROGERS & FOGLE,
Feb. 17,1855.
f fine Lot of Jflould Candles,
For sale by LAZIER t FLEMING. -
April 1. XS65.
r optn,
1 Super
Spring at the "-yost'
A large stock of Garden i
Tea anil Coffee jnal recni
Alun a small quaintly ot/
Phiwpliale ul Lime Inr'naflADWICK.
March3d, 1855. Avery tight witti
1'. S. Money mattgi who are indebted
me, and I hope my Smallest trifle thank'
will call and pay.Yanxioua to close the
fully received. Brill lake ii an a nreut fa
standing nccour/ihem will call and ''lose
ror if those o/ey are unable lo f?
Ihem by noy v pM> 0.
/&ibicriber reapeotfallf'irorm" '["
^Public that he intei,cl#?"'!}? ?'2,
?M business in Morgan!#', SV S"?,P
"fii the upper slnry ot m UialJunt s
f ^'VARIETY of OU?^';u "um 1
to 50 dollars, connianlly*. k.. SHEAN.
Morgantown, Dec. 30 ^
Fehiclen used fur Toil
the very beit materials
HAVE^the best workmen?and oro
i ?tngjylic best intentions, with all the
operatmjBafbnd nttention to business that
skill, indufrs of?and have no hesitation in
they arjHhers and,all others that they can
sayingjfOood a job, in as quick time, and at
turn office as auy other Establishment of
as fajftYveen Decker's Creek and sundown;
the wvhether their competitors come from
no.nyuth, East or West!
Ndtjbrk will speak, or rather shine, for it
Jersons in want of a Carriage, Buggy,
w, or what not, are respoctfully invited
,^and examine pur Vehicles, shake them,
Mkeitiem ijVtheyiike#
jWork made to order, at short notice,
f repairing dono on reasonable terms,
tar Shops are situate at the mouth of Deck
i creek, South side, close by whero the
jkwater is intended to be.
Morgantown, Va. June 11, 1853. tf
^Sevastopol not Taken!
THE Allied powers and all other flourisl
ing of trumpets os to selling Chea
Goods, is not a circumstance to what th
subscriber# have just received from the Eas
to which they invite the special attention i
their friends and others. Among the Stnc
may be found a choice article of CIGARS
TOBACCO, SUGARS of almost every dei
cription. Prunes, Nuts of all kinda, Molai
ses, Coffee, Tea, Candies of a superior qnal
, ity. Suspenders, Silk Handkerchiefs, &e,
1 touether with almost an innumerable lot o
other small articles, which they pledge them
selves to sell advantageously' to the buyer
Give us a call, opposite the Courl-Housi
Square. R. L. & N. BERKSHIRE.
Nov. 4, 1854.
THE.undersigned, being desirous to remove
offers hit Farm for sale. The Farm ia 01
Camp Run, Forks of Cheat, Monongalia countv
containing about HO ACRES, about 110 acrei
of which are enclosed with good fence, and are
in a good state'.of cultivation, and well improved
with a good comfortable FRAME DWELLING
- 1 HOUSE and BARN, with
other out-buildings. Six- .j
ty acres of good TIMB BR ?
and a number of laating
'Springs, and plants oP-fr
COAL. There are a larne number of FRUIT
TREES, bearing Apples, Peaches, Pears, Plums,
and Cherries; also, fine Grape Vines, producing
abundantly. In ahort, everything to make it a
comfortable home.
For further particulars call on the aubacriber
on the premises. LANSLOTT JOHN.
August 7, 1:54.?tf.
Just Received at Glass Arcade,
100 BOXES assorted Glass-Ware,
Which will be sold exactly at manufactu
rer's prices, with a small per centige added
to pay transportation. Merchants and con
sumers call and exsmin .
Also, 30 Boxes and packages of Pure
Frcsli Drugs, a splendid assortment of
fine Liquors in stote for sale. Terms
cash and trade, with 5 per cent off all bills
over 65. FRANK M. CHALFAN'T.
January 20, 1855.
Durkee's Chemical Yeast Powders.
USE THEM, and you will never foil to have
;ood light Bread, Cakes, &c. &c. They can bo
lad at the Sign of the Golden Mortar. July 8.
5r Chloride of Lime j Salts of Lemon, and Salts I
if Tartar, now on hand and for aalo at the New
Drug Store and Glass Arcade. July 8.
M-irtiit's Genuine Ext. of Coffee,
Also, COFFE-MILLS, for sale by
March 4. CARR, HAN WAY k Co";
How to Do Good and Make Money I
A NY industrious and intelligent man can do
i\. good and make money, by aelling the His
orical and other popular and saleable Books,
mbliihed by the subscriber. Our list includes
vorks of the best American Authors. Of T. S.
Arthur's works alone, the sales have exceeded
>00.000 volumes in the past year, and their sale
s still increasing. .
These Books are sold by Travelling Agents.?
Jach Agent occupying one or more counties,
nd having ezcluaive control of the aale in the
ection he may agree to convass. For further
articulars apply to
< ?' J. W.BRADLEY, Publisher,
48 North Fourth Street, Philadelphia
March 24, 1855.
Imerson's American Hair Restorative.
A sure and permanent cure for Baldness. It
amoves scurf and dandruff, Scrofulous Eruptions
nd feverish heat from the Scalp.
Prepared only by C. S. EMERSON. C. E.
ISHER & CO., Proprietors, No. 57 Superior St..
leveland,and sold by F.M. CHALFANT,
Sept. 30-3ra Sole agent forMorgantown.
iy Old friends cordially received j
id kindly entertained. New customers soli
ted. tf nay 31, 1853.
Summer dais.
Panama, Leghorn, and other Summer Hats,
st received and for sale at the Big YVin
>w, Cahr, Hanway & Co.
March 31,185S.
ist Received at tbe Big Window,
Brown and bleached Muslins* brown and
id colored Drillings, Tickiugs, Canton flan
Is, Velvet Trimmings, 4cc.
1)ruS'Variety Store.
Corner of .
?u i-Mailt St.
,NTOWN, va.
Jtl aurtincnt "4rgc and .plenum na
wl.ich la useful, lGLA8S-WAIt G,
comprising in paid decidedly cheap.
Wine and Jellv (art of variouistylel,
Cellery Glaaieat Ard, Lemonade and
and Uutter Stand?u Bowlsj Salvora
Salt dlaliea, Preaerfcl llolaaaoa Cana,
?id Lanterns, PaAtor cruiti, Ljmps
Lanterns, Side La ml Girandols, Hall
janil/e-alicki, DocaAmneye & globea,
?noleaalo and retailTi'laaka, Jtc., Sc.,
4LSO, iiraxs atid jl
lannia Castors fle-alicks, Brit
Spoons, Papjer]flTfa Cana,
ameletl CurlaiJ1""-En"
Pen Knives, jawV)mpp,
Ter Watches, Chain|.nnrt Sil'
varieties and styleBuck9 of a"
sand and one arliX?lht,u'
I> now complete. ThankfiL... . n*t.
ronage bestowed on me b?iv)e. P j
tl.o public generally, 1 pleillt"1""
keep in store Medicines of tin
importations, and sell at prmV11"L-n'ot
fail to please. Physician, at tfh ?
mouicineti can depend upon li?. ieT\
promptly filled on tho moat re**"
Having now on hand an cxtI?"V nr
Drugs and Medicines, I offer indf1
profession never before offered Mr ?
this vicinity, or smail cities west?
Dye Stuffs, Paints, Oils, VarniM
l/iiwlntv ftlnna. Arn tipuifloa th? . '
Window Glass, &c., besides the
Patent Medicines of the dny, alwa??j "
October 31, 1854. tf mi*
Seamen, Ac., of all War%
Widows and Minor Cliill
S. JI. KNIGHT, Attorney for G&v'tCil
CONTINUES to give prompt and peraqL
tention to the prosecution of Claims'!
ery description against the General Govern!
and particularly to those before the Tre_
Department, Pension and Bounty-Ldnd Burn
Patent and General Land Offices! and Boait
An experience of years, and h familiarity *_
the means of obtaining the earlitst and mosfji
vorable action on Claims, with hfi facilities fL
the dispatch of business, justify htm in assuring
his Correspondents, Claimants, ahd the Ptiblii
generally, that interests intrusted to his keeping
will not be neglectcd.
Pension, Bounty Land, Pateut, and Pub
lic Land Laws. 1
He has nearly ready for gratuitous distribution
1 among his business Correspondents, (and those
who may becomo such,) a neat pamphlet con
taining a synopsis of the existing Pension,Boun.
ty Land, Patent, and Public Land Laws, dowr
to the end of the lato Congress-tincluding the
Bounty Land iot of 3d Haitb, 1855,
under which all who have heretofore received
less than 160 acres are now entitled to addition
al land; said act grants also 160 acres to all Offi
cers, Non-commissioned officors, Chaplains, Sol
diers, Wagon Masters, Teamsters, and friendly
Indiana, of the army, including State Troops,
Volunteers,and Militia?and all Officers,Seamen,
Ordinary Seamen, Marines, Clerks* and Lands
men, of the Navy, not heretofore provided for,
who have served not less than fourteen dayi (un
less in battle) at any period since 1776; and to
the widows and minor children of all such per
sons entitled, and deceased.
This pamphlet contains "Forms of'Applica
tion" more lull and complete than any elsewhere
to be found j adapted to tli? wants of every class
of Claimants, under the act, with copious decis
ions and instructions of the Department, and
practical suggestions as to the course to be pur
sued in suspended or rejected caseB.
Parties not wishing to avail themselvra of the
facilities afforded by this Office in securing prompt
ind personal superintendence of their claims at
tlir Departments, can obtain copies of the above
jiamphlet by remitting thirty cents in postage
itampi. , ?' h *'*
Inducements to Correspondents.
Correspondents who prepare and forward ca
les for management by this Agency will be dealt
vith liberally; supplied with all necessary blanks
gratis, and kept constantly advised of the chang
is that from time to time occur in the execution
?f the law.
It is within the subscriber's power to direct his
Correspondents to the locality of very many per
ons entitled under the late act; and having ob
ained several thousand Land Warrants under
ormer laws, he is in possession of data that will
laterially assist in securing additional bounty.
Fees, below the usual rates?and contingent
pon the admission of Claims.
The highest cash prices given for Land War
ints, Revolutionary Scrip, and Illinois Land
atents. 8. M. KNIGHT.
March 31, 1855.-4t. Washington City.
! Clock & watcli: Repairing.
JOHN K. SHEAN has again returned 10
Morgantown, where he ia ready and
will allend promptly lu all work in his line,
ouch as repairing Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
&c. January 20, 1855.
ALL perrons knowing themselves to l<e
indebted tn the firm c>r Sin-ail & Rice, John
K. slieun, or Sheau & Runner, will nave costs
by calling immediately and settling their ar
counts, as we are determined to hate our
books settled up. All avcounls not piidjn
a short time will be handed over to officers
for collection. The books can be found at
J. K. Shean's old stand.
January 20, 1855.
Bonnet* .' Bonnets!
A large otock of S Ik (Sonnets just receiv
ed and for sale at the ik' Window. Also,
1 great variety of other siirinif Bonnets tu
trnve in n few days, together with Bounet
Silks, Ribbons, Siitcauets, wreaths, flowers,
splits, &?.. which will be mid low.
March 31. Carr, Hakwjt k Co.
Boots and Shoe*.
A large, very large stock of Boots and
Shoes, just received and will be sold low,
aery lowI All who want any goods in this
ine, should, by all that's cheap, not forget
he Big Window.
March 31. Cabe, Hanway & Co.
wtt.willey, ~
Attorney at Law,
m0r0ant0wn, TA.,
HAS resumed the practice of the Law
in the counties of Monongalia, Ma
ton and Freslon.
"w'jsfeh.,. Bank.} ili
t.&v;q"} *>?
Smith, Muimr &Co., > Philadelphia
St.xton,Seai.&Swca?inoo,< Pa.
September, 11, 1862. 161-tf.
tEADY MADE clothing,
seizing off at COST, fur Cash,
mirch 17,1s35. At HATMOND'a.
?lax?eed Oil,
Just received and for snip by
March 13. Lazier & Flemiko.
r Ulieuomiic Lotl
!?? triumphed overj
rt*s?inK puin. If i
art of the body, wtj
ml, anil not of a I
)eail Shot will triiiif
he sufferer from iiqf
hfse oesertioiu I
pertable citizens <
whore names can L
Store. Then trulj
styled the King of]
bottle. F"r sale, f
F. M. Ch<
and by Merdi\
October 14.
and Class Arcade.J
that no man can j
without largo profit
belief that in man J
good timo coming/
sea, calculated tof
tion, P. M. Chalfa
or trade oicluih
- ..iiiist
Ooldtn Mortar
00 by a knowledge
lit butinoai and lire
?Vith Ono Hundred En
Ings, showing Diseases
?Malformations of the
Tku System in every
h and form. To which i
Jded a Treatise on the i
gises of Females, being
Jie highest importance
Harried people, or those
?emplating marriage.?
ft no fhther be ashamed
irom an early grave.?
Tnan enter into the se*
Jed'life without reading
HIUS. Let no one suffer*
Kugh, Pain in the Side,
freelings, and the whole
litions, and given up by
Her moment without con*
IIS. Have the married,
lurried, any impediment,
?took, as it has been the
bds of unforttnate crea?
Js of death.
b letter, will receive one
Jail, or five copies will be
liddrosi (post paid)
[pee street, Philadelphia,
or Flot
Menst i
or of
the Byi
ested i
er witl
1 eadinj
It stands pre
eminent Tor its
curative powers
in all the diseas
es for which it is
usually called
Fem a 1c
Ofthese are Pro
lapsus Uteri, or
falling of the
IVombi Fluor Al
bus, or Whites :
Chronic Inflam
mation and Ul
ceration of the
Wo7nb: Inciden
tal Hamorrhage,
Suppressed and Irregular.
th all their acconipanyine
ipted,) no matter how severg
far surpasses other remedies in
|n, less expensive, and leaving
iter condition. Let all inter
lin a pamphlet (raw) contain
the most respectable sour
ificial results of its ubo ; togeth
[from highly experienced Physi
used it in their practice, and
own observations.
' M. D. Utica, N. Y.
., M. D. Canandaigua, N. Y.
kl D Rochester, N. Y.
M D Syracuse, N Y.
(bar, M 0 Baltimore, Md.
M D "
M D City of New York.
M D Concord, N H.
(D, M I), Utica, N Y.
no, Glenn Springs, S C.
'bo Had gratis at the Store of
W. TOWER k Co., Agents,
md Booksellers, Morgantown, Ya
ly LOGAN & CARR, Fairmont,
Dr. WM. EYSTER, do
J. 8c. W. B. KERN, Middleburne,
Dr. T. C. HAWKINS, Wayne
burg, Penna, and by most ol'th
itsin the adjoining counties.
following letter:
SVILLE, Ysdkincounty,NC
November 28, 1853.
)r JSl^rchiiik i( ft
1l deem it my duty to exprcsi to you
Ibanka Tor your diacovery of the eel
male Medicine, (Catholicon.) My
111 more or less troubled with flood-1
1 or nine yean, and found nothing to
lif, until, by accident, I got a bottle
Jdicino, and found it just the thing
fccted like a charm, ana haa given her
Jr of a permanent character.
Bsh rospectfyour ob't serv't,
J) William J. Bolin.
MAitcmsi & Co. Proprietors,
fentral Depot, 304 Broadway, N. Y.
fl 1, 1854. tf
Cure?Ji'o Pay!
Hell's Tetter Salve:
I and certain cure for Tetter, Ring
ud all other Diseases of the Skin, ts
P. Tower If Co., Morgantoivn.
It/. Thorn, Granville.
I Kelly, Cassville.
M) 1854. lyr.
W. s. HAVEN,
Bokseller, Stationer, Printer,
BINDER, and Dealer in every descrip
.' ofPAPEH.?Corner of Market'and
fenod streets, Pittsburgh, Pa. July 23.
P'varioue atylea and finiah, which will bo aol
heretofore, very low for Caih, at the Arcad
July 8.
White Lead?Philadelphia Put
'kite Lead, lor tale by
June 17. CARft, HANWAY & Co.
Cotton 1'hih.
Juit received and for aaleat the Big Windo
Jan. 1, 1856. CARR, HANWAY * Co,
Salt, Salt.
40 Barrels Salt, just received and for a
March 21,1?55.
JI. Y. WIMJiY & CO.,
immerclil Bulldlngt, Morgan town, Va.
Hiring purchased the entire Hock of
Drugs, Medicines, Books,
E. W. Tower & Co., propose to ael) from tea
twelve and a half-per cent, lower than thoy
to been sold heretofore. Their terras aro
sh, or produce in exchange for goods. We re
ectfally solicflthe patronage of the citiiens o
anongaliaand the adjoining counties.
JOHN A. HAYS will attend to re
aring Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,&c. iu tne
5*t manner and at reasonable rales. *
MorgantotVn, Va., June W, 1864. '
i ? ;
Iflorcliant Tnilor
BP At the Old Stand,
Walnut St., opposite the Jail,
Morgantown, Va.
GOODS, Jtut Received.^]
The undersigned has the pleasure of announc
iff to his old customers and the public that ho
as just received the Latest Fashions for Gentlo
nen's apparel, as well aa an assortment of Una
Uoths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &c., which he in
iow ready to make up to order in the beat style.
Sept. 9.1854. M. HAYES.
Iron and Hardware Store.
rHE SUBSCRIBER would announce to the
public that he has just received at the
Commercial Buildings, Morgantown,Va., a Urge
,nd general assortment of
Consisting in part of Mill, Cross-cut Hand and
Tenon Saws; Broad, Hand, and chopping Axes p
Ratchets, Hammers, Adzes, Augurs, Braces and:
3itt?, Gouges, Chisels, Planes, Rules, Squares,,
Suages, Spirit and PlumJ> Levels j a great van
sty of Door and Window Fastenings; Till and
Chest Locks; Brass,custand wrought Butt and
Strap Hinges. A fine assortment of
Table tutlery;
Scissors, Shears, Razors, be.; Hand and Bench
Vices,Smith's Vices, Anvils, Bellows,Stocjt.and
Dies; Screw plate; Files, Rasps, English, Ger
man and American Steel; Guns, Gun-locks and
Gun-barrels; wall, paint, cloth and hair Brushes;
Brass and Bell-metal Kettles, together with a va
riety of other articles which he will sell WHOLE
SALER RETAIL, at prices which cannot fail
to please.
As he does business on the " Ready Pay" sys
ero, he adds no extra per cent, for bad debts.
T J AT *1 ) k?cP C0D"
Iron and flails.?
) large stock, com
prising all the various sizes of Iron and Nails,
f 'His own manufacture and of the best quality.
Morgantown, Dec. 16,1S52.?17o::tf.
- fnr?? u'Evtru fan
ily should have a Copy."
YEAR. A new edition,
revised & improved, just
BOOK for the Afflicted
ontaining an outline of the origin, progress,
reatment hridcure'of every form of disease com
racted by promiscuous sexual intercouse, by
elf-abuse, or by sexual excess, with advice for
heir prevention,written in a familiar style, a voici
ng air medical technicalities, or.d every thing
hat would offend the car of decency: with an
nitlim of complaints incident to Females, from
he result of some twenty year*' successful prac
,ice, exclusively devoted to the cure of diseases
>f a private nature.
To which is added receipts for the cure of the
ibove diseases, and a treatise on the causes,
symptoms and'eure of the Fever and Ague*
Testimony of the Professor of Obstetric* in Pa.
College, PhiladelphiaDr. HUNTER'S MED
ICAL MANUAL." The author of this work,
unlike the mnjority of those who advortise to
cure the diseases of whichittreats, is a graduate
of one of the best Colleges in the United States.,
It affords ine pleasure to recommend him to the
unfortunate, or to the victim of malpractice, as a
successful and experienced practitioner,in whose
honor and integrity they may place the greateFt.
confidence. Jos.S.LoncsHonc,M. D.
From A. Woodward, M. D. ofPenn. University,
Philadelphia.?It gives me pleasure to add'my
testimony to the professional ability of the Au
thor of the * Medical Manual.' Numerous ca
ses of Disease of the Genital Organs, some o~
them of long standing, have come under tny no"
tice, in ^jich his skill has been manifest in res
toring to*crfect health, in some cases where the
fatient has been considered beyond medical aid
n the treatment of Seminal weakness, or disar
rangement of the functions produced by self abuse
or excess of venery, I do not know his superior
in the profession. I have been acquainted with
the Author some thirty years, and deem it no
moro than justice to him as well as kindness to
the unfortunate victim of early indiscretion to re
commend him as one in whose professional skill
and integrity they may safely confide themselves.
Alfbed Woodward, M. D.
i This is, without exception, the most compre
1 hensive and intelligent work published on the
1 class of diseases on which it treats. Avoiding all
technical terms, it addresses itself t? the reason
of its roaders. It is free from all objectionable
matter, and no parent, however fastidious, can
object to placing it in the hands of hiasons. The
lUinur uas uoivibu u,mUj j--.-...
)t'tho various complaints treated of, and with too.
ittle breath to puff, and too liitle presumption to
impose, he has offered to tho world', at the: mere
ly nominal price of 25 cents, the fruit of some SO
years most successful practice."?Herald.
" No teacher or parent should be without the
knowledge imparted in this invaluable work. It
would save yenrs of pain, mortification and sor
row to the youth under their charge."?People's
A Presbyterian clergyman in Ohio, writing o
'Hunter's Medical Manual,' says: "Thousand!
upon thousands of our youth, by evil example
and influence of the passions, have beed led into
the habit of self-pollution, without realizing the
sin and fearfii! consequonces upon themselvei
and their posterity. The constitutions of thous
ands who are raising families have been enfee
bled, if not broken down, and they do not know
the cause or the cure. Any thing that can be
done so to enlighten and influence the public;
mind as to check and ultimately to romove this
wide-spread sourco of human wretchedness,
would confer tho greatest blessing next to the .
religion of Jesus Christ, on the present and comr.
ing generation. Intomperance in the use of in
toxicating drinks, though it has slain ^hous/ndi
upon thousands, in not a greater scoufge to tho
human raco. Accept my thanks on behalf of the
afflicted, and believe me your co-worker in the
good work you are actively engjged in.'fr
Ono copy (seourely onveloped) will be sent,
Oee of postage, to any part of the United Statea
fbr 26 cents, or six copies for $1. Address (post
paid)C06DEN & CO., Publishers, or Box 196,
JJjT Booksellers, Canvassers and Book Ageata
supplied on tho most liberal terms.
July 1,1854. ? [Aflr.fr Afw.ly]
Spring Goods,
Having just returned from the East, we
would inform our friends and customers that
we are now receiving and opening the large* t
ttoclc of Goods that we have ever had the
pleasure of exhibiting a*, our counter. To
enumerate would be a tedious task. All we
ask of our friend* is to give our slock aa ex
amination before purchasing.
March <1. CARK, HAKWAY ? CO.

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