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KT Mr. C. PIERCE, No. 48, South Third it.,
Philadelphia, it-one of our moat obliging and
attentive Amenta.;
K. W. CARR, Third street, opposite the Ex
change, Philadelphia, is alao pur Agent Tor that
Dr. E. PARSONS, Glady Creek, Barbour Co.
hon kindly consontcd to act as Agent for the
Mirror. ?
I). M. AUVIL, Neatorville,Barbour co., Va.
6. CRESAP, Esq., Kingwood, Preston co., Va
Ioe CitEAM.?Wo were compliment
ed, a few evenings since, by Mrs. Watts
of this borough, with the present of a
bowl of rich and fragrant Ice Cream,
with appropriate trimmings, from her
long-established Saloon on High street,
whore more of the same sort may be
had during the season.
Tho Wheeling Times k Gazetto
furnishes a dotailed and highly inter
esting account of tho procedflings of
the M. E. Conference, recently in ses
sion in that city. It. is too lengthy for
onr columns. Rev. G. Martin is ap
pointed P. E. for this district, and T.
H. Monroe has the Morgantoivn Sta
^iion. The list of appointments will be
given in our next.
The Richmond Enquirer states
the democratic losses in the legislature
at three inthe Senate and 17 in the
House, and the gains at 3 in the Sen
ate and 22 in the llouso. The major
ity will thus be increased from 36 to
about 40 on joint ballot. The aggre
gate popular vote iB about 150,000.
Sugars bayo risen considerably in
price of late, in consequence, it is said,
of short crops occasioned by the drought
of last Summer; but we apprehend that
speculators are at tho bottom of it.
Dry Goods are down in price, be
cause of a greatly overstocked market.
.- <3no of our exchanges says:
^importers of foreign goods,-in-Ntnr
t'oXarc shipping home a portion of
Jffstocks us they can only sell them
m a loss greater than freight both ways
insurance, charges, kc. This is, in one
view, a; good thing, and we trust our
importations will be less hereafter.?
So long as foreign goods flow freely
into the country, money will flow freely
nnt nf it.
B?- An election was held in Wash'
ington City on the 4th inst. for ofliccn
of the municipal government, which,
after a close contest, resulted in the
success of tho entire Know Nothing
ticket, by a majority of between 300
and 400.
It was rumored in Washington that
B. B. French, the Commissioner of the
Public Buildings, was removed from
office because he voted the 'American'
' * "* *
A Liquob Kiot took place at Port
land, Maine, on tho 2d inst. It oric
' ?
mated m an attempt of some disorder
ly persons to break open a building in
?which Mayor Dow had stored a quantity
of liquor which he had purchased for
the City Agency. Two military com
panies were called out to suppress the
riot, and one person was killed and sev
eral wounded before ordor was restored.
A Wedding Parly Poitoned,?In
Scott county, Va., a wedding party of
25 or 80 persons, collected at the house
t>f Colonel Anderson, the father of the
bride, was seriously poisoned by easting
custards in which ancnic had been in
troduced by mistake for seasoning.?
Somo of the parly, including the bride,
?were not expectcd to recover.
es-it is reported in the Philadel
phia American thar (hero has been a
now and important discovery of Guano
in the North Pacific Ocean, which, on
being analysed, proves to be equal to
that of Peru; and it is farther stated
that the island or islands containing it
belong to tho United States.
The National Know Nothing
Vcntion mot in Philadelphia on tl
? jnst. Two hundred and ten deli
fire reported to he in attendance
every State and "Territory is ;
? ?-*?? ? ?"ft |
In Loudoun county, Va., full
has decided to grjnt no V
bpon thu^l
or iu?o."
I The showers of the last fow days are
exerting their influence upon vegeta
tion generally, ahd upon our River in
particular., Wo shall haive a "June
frcthet," without doubt, and perhaps, a '
steam-boat arrival.
US'The Patent Right business is 1
still being vigorously prosecuted by our j
citizens. Wo shall notice, at our ear
liest leisure, several valuable machines
recently patented.
| News from California, a week later,
was received by the steamer Promethe
us, at New Orleans, on the 4th inst.?
The following are the only items of
general interest:
All the gambling saloons in the city
of San Francisco lmd been closed.
Squatters claims to the extent of *
square leagues had been confirmed by Q
the Land Commissioner.
Thero was a prospect of an abundant
;rop throughout the agricultural por- *
ion of the State. "
The failure of Messrs. Page, Bacon
5 Co. is a total ono. Monetary affairs "i
?ere slowly improving. e(
on. - v
?=a- J.11B uovine race are decidedly
old fogies, opposed to innovations. |
The following is the third instance of I
the kind wo have heard of: j,
A. Bull and Locomotive.?One flay
last Week, as the express train came
near to Mainrille, Pa., a pugnacious
bull who was on the track showed fight
Jgainst the locomotive, but tlio "ironj
lorse" came off victor, running over
lis bovine antagonist with the cars ml [
cutting him into pieces.
The 'American' party hare recently
carried the elections in Ailnfle, North
Carolina, and Appalachian, Florida.
The number of denf/is in St. Lonis,
for the week ending on the 9th ult. ivaa
181. Of these 70 were from cholera. :
??*??? i
Witi-I Majorities. IFIoitmiy'l Nqiorttia, .
Allegheny l35sAi'L'omuc 117 *
Amelia 75SAlbeinarle 144 'J
Appomattox 2G7>.\Ly.i..1u;q
Elizabeth City
and county
i '*?lh
| kd ford
, iropke
> Buckingham
40i. Bra x ion
180SCliarles City
125 jlirren brier
125\Jaraes City
49m ing George
133/K iiimivhn
Uld of Wight
Kiii^r William
King & Queen
6UlJNe\v Kent
230^Norlojk county
69)Norl?lk city
i.ee ;
0ta?6? ?
I'niice y
I'au'^ ocV
wm ?
Shciw"J0&b 1
567 0hio
4"?Priuce#s Ai
P)Ridimoud '
? '(Richmoiij
53 I
$11 a
ftounlie?, ) J
Ml "Inrni mujr iligluly vary the
priorities in BoniB.of^lhe abort) Counties.
Tin foUowi"S ,i, cODiiljps remain lo'lw
hZHf8jgi^??<Lofian- % .
Alexander. 11. H?ll?,lay, Democrat, is e- 1
Foreign News.
Transmitted fur tile Baltimore Americans
SEVERE". PinuTiNTo .
New York, May 30.
The steamer Pacific arrived lioroi
tins niorning, uuannounced, at 7i o'cltfi,
tvitli Liverpool dates to Alav lfhh.
The siege of Sevastopol was I'/rfvi;
inchanged. An expedition itjr i
nen liad embarked at Kaim/l"J",
>ut to sen in the direction <>F ,'7
eturned without landing./1 3
>1 tho movement were k*
Largo reinforcemcr , 'I'?.11"'68
'ere expected at So/?1>o1 Wlthln ten
ays. J
The negotiat*1" betwccn Austr!a
ad the Wcst(/P0lvei'3 ,vcro un.clw"g
1, but betraf? Russia ana Austria
tey were/"'6 in^mato than ever.
Kusgi' ? uuuiiea uiv ueriiiuu ouiies.
governments that the Czar will only I
hoj/to the first two guarantees on con
iition of tlio perfect neutrality of Ger
France and England havo presented
m ultimatum to Sweden, which that
lower seems inclined to reject.
J'lie French exhibition had open
ut the corcmonies were rather dull,
Pianori the attempted assassin of J
Imperor had been executed.
JLULU JW1 l?i01.
Marshal Canrobert has rcsi;
minally on account of his
is succeeded by Gen. Pelissii
Previous to his resignatioi
reviewed the entire t'rencl
assured thorn that they ...
ter Sevastopol, cithor by
the window. SL .
A combat occurred <gr "'S')'0''
tho 24th between the R?1,3
French, which proved,#tde?Pe?.t0
iffair. The Russians#? ? (].'S
new rifle pita, and th0Y I
prevented them. T#:i(ll.el'Frenoh
troops were put lioMcoT^
A despatch of tf ^.^says
that the advnncew ? " J03 "? nP"
proaehing Scvajp c ^ S'1
slowly. tf
Lord Kocl?ffp.. .of,tbesame
j .MvllRfllJina nnvo (inn
day says:
ince of
r? vuu
ery tottieifft of th
ire is every appcar
"blishmont of a vei
)n the i
The B?"w ",**V4W w oui we on ino g
linlif m W-^ on ft? advanced c
8. /Pie allies left. Th? ?tfautV ~
? made a sortie on tho
allies left. The attack
lately repulsed with consid
g t truce was granted on the e-!
JPf tenth to allow the ltus
Jfbury their dead in front of tho
prtschakolT telegraphs as follows:
'allies on tho 5th and 6th were oc
ed in augmenting their batteries
re-inforoing their approaches a
st the central bastion.
ie French Government is under
I fn luiira J .1. ' 1
nouncing heavy rains in tho Crimea,
and the trenches of the allies are full
of water so as to cause a suspension of
Count Caronine, tho Austrian Com
mander-in-chiof, has proclaimed martial
law, in tho Principalities.
A new manifesto of the Czar orders
another levy of twelve men in every
thousand in tho seventeen western pro
vinces to be completed by tho end of
There are indications of a more inti
mate relationship between Austria and
Prussia, and the probability of an ar
med neutrality is becoming moro appa
rent. A conforence between the ro
jrosontatlves of these two powers is in
It is said that Sweden has ordered
in immediate enrollment of her militia.
The French Baltic squadron had ar
ivcd in the sea and the allied fleets
.ere pushing forward to tho Gulf of
Tho Monitcnr nublishi'"
resignation as follows:
My shattered health no longer allow
ing me to continue in chief command,
duty towards my sovorcign and country
compels me to ask the transfer of tho
command to Gen. Pellissier, who is a
skilful and experienced leader. j
The army which I leave him is in- 1
lact, onured to toil, full of ardor and '
confidence. I beseech tho Emperor '
;o leave mo a Boldier's place as Gener- a
?1 of Division. ,i
-The Minister of War replies and
gives Oanrobert the command of the
corps of General Pelissier.
A despatch from Canrobert dated
May 10, says: Wo continue our works
before the place. Various attempts to
smoke out tjio enemy by "stink pots",
aave perfectly succeeded. The troops
ire in excellent spirits, full of ardor-A
A New Austrian i'TO?y 18.
Vienna, Friday eve/Shange.?
?Affairs liavo ufiaeBtdR were for
Now Austrian provgon and Paris.,
warded yesterday tajnil give matcri
It is said that Affijrop powers sho'd
il support to tliajfia reject hor p>'?
;hoy aceopt any . -
losition. Tliero is heavy fi
Varna, JK at Sevastopol.
h,S ovcl'&n to Kertsoh 'ias not
^ left Maslacq for th^"r'mea.
Jiorlin, Friday, May V?Eight Ru
in merchantmen li;ijp',e0" captured
' Dannuiundo. AUpuvo' a flag of
ice was flying?can-' not known.
London, Satjtf>'y'?llltl?Ilig<mco
has been rcceivedwi' I"'0' bas been
restored in Ukrajr ?'un(^'
Telographio ?"'8cnce from Berlin
and Vienna fail'0 confirm the report!
that Nesselro#1113 resigned. Ho has
issued a new/cular? tho contents of
which are uf"own'
In Parlff011' 011 Friday evening,
Lord Pan*0 6tated 'J10 details of cer
tain propfr reforms in tho army, tlie
object So t,le consolidation of the
civil d??m<!nt of military affairs.
of dissensions in the British
CahjpP'n ground. Lord llussell is
5ai?fr^? ^practicable.
?Veen three and four thousand re
^liavo been obtained for the for
legion by British agents on tho
pinent, independent of some threo
usand Swiss.
Che Democratic movement in Great
tain is gaining ground.
'lie Queen condescended publicly to
;ow medals on tho nrivato mMiMw
WHO returned wounded from the Crim
ea. The distribution took place at the
Horse Guards.
Halifax, June 5.-?The Africa arrh*
id at half past 4 to-day, with dates to 1
too 26th. , a
The Vienna conferences are to be P
e-opened. i li
A secrot expedition is preparing in n
he Crimea. ' ? jj1
The seige is unchanged. I?!
Gen. Pclissier contemplates an at
tack on the Russians in the field.
The latest engagement before the
flag staff battery, the French destroy
ed the Kussian out works.
Tho Conferences, as reported, open
id on Mondeythe 28tL
On the 15th Count Buol had an in
:orvlew wltlriord \rwtnrorelana.
Count Bourguenri suggested that tho
nembers of the Conference meet again.
Clio French and English Ministers
ould not give a reply. It is under
tood if they assent that Buol will a
ain attempt to arrange the third
wuirane in juansas:-^?
LYNCH LAW.?The Rochester Dem
ocrat has the following account of ano
ther outrage in Kansas:
On the 17th inst., Mr. Phillips, a
lawyer, was decoyed to the banks of the
Missouri rivor, where he was suddenly
seized and forced into a skiff, and car-!
rieu across tho river into Missouri
thence he was taken seven fiiilcs to
Weston. i
An oiu warehouse stands jnst below
the town; he was taken there, his head
was shaved, his face blacked, ho was
tarred and feathered, and then ridden
upon a rail through the streets of Wes
ton, while music horrible and hideous
accompanied the procession.
Before the hotel they exhibited him;
and then a negro was compelled to sell
him to the lowest bidder, and they of
fered to him every insult in their pow
After detaining him several lioure
in this manner, repeatedly tolling him
:hat if he would not leave the territory
>r give them his promise in writing
hat he would leave, they would hang
lim. Ho having steadily and firmly
efusod, they lot him looso. His bro
her, who had como from Leavenworth
fter him; took him into a carriage and
lto in the afternoon startod for Leav
It seems that the offenco of Mr.
'hillips is that he is a freesoiler. And
i is pretended by the proslavery men
lat lie handed M'Croa the revolver
witii winch Malcolm Olarke was killed,
iliis is probably fulso, as responsible
men declare that Phillips did not at all
interfere in .tho matter. j
Exr.ommuniratinn Itrmniml.'-TlieBiah-1
np <il'13uffuli>, nfiur uiiitptijig all mill* hf
nigumiMils and tln-OHtH agniusi lh? Si.
Luuitf Catholic Chinch in tJmt city, ev*
in inclailing oxci.?ni 111 unicVtirii'i, tnYmce '
cwivHyuiiEt) .if the pr?|>eily i'ii him- i
lair, lias filially relented am] has with
Irawn Ilia curse. A pirachur has been 1
assigned t he to and rhey are'again in com
muniun. Bul liu did not get the deed;
Tho action of tha Legialaioie ofifiut
Statu, it i? thought, had something to do
in this result. I
Chicago, Juno 5.?Tho complexion
i tho returns throughout tho Stato in
nate tho success of the Prohibitory;
fiqaor Law. by a good majority.
A STffm 8u'nday ^??po(ch.
of a w*coivc(l the particulars
has Wij&'nary story, which
ncigfibjfuo little gossip in a
in wliich|an(Jt'10 o^ief actors
looked uelfy8 heretofore been
rospecta?0118 ?f the highest
ton teatifij' columns liavo of
ingenious that the most
snort of tht,vil1 often fall far
?hat truth ?> tm<' never was
h:w in the at0 evident
tout to reiiuk.11''1'0'1 wo are a"
?Hiv0 the incidents
Somo month
sisting of a gont!
or and liouselcec,,
ly in the city alio
gentleman was iir
ing and had not i
inn of life, while his
n oil educated, and.
She had borne her
lrcn, of whom they
ond, and tho husbai
ooked upon by tliei'
riendfl ns a )m
. family, con
lis wife, moth
living happi
led to. The
;, good look
;d the merid
salsp young
;d maimers.
[d: twonchil
hually very
?wife wero
i intimate
"-fi'J indeed
hero can he no doubt %icy wcr0
appy and but for nnoxliM 0f t\105c
ark phases of human chMr which
juiotimes startles the liio^ovU?
icy would have remained*
A short time since) the wim0 Imd
datives in Europe, exprcswWivo
i visit them, and the husbarfKways
illing to gratify her,* cngagcqftsiigo
r her, and sho departed. "Kng;
;nt smoothly enough for soimimi
tor sho had gone, but at len<?lu
Dther of the husband thought thltlu
icovered signs of too much famiisi
between her snn nnrltka
or. Sho was not willing to believeVi.e
evidence of lier senses lit first; for tic
housekeeper*' besides being no great
beauty, bad passed the hey-day of her
r?uth, having reached the matronly
ige of about forty-five. It was not
ong, however, before the mother's first
truused suspicions were fully confinn
!d, and she at oncc wrote a letter to
ler daughter-in-law, stating the facts
ml advising her immediate return.?
.'he wife was not willing to beliove in
er ^ husband's infidelity?and, under!
1C idea that fchprA mn?V hn enmo .v.,V
take in the matter,she addressed a note
to him, revealing what she had heard,
though expressing her disbelief in the
story. She wound up by expressing a
desire to return home, aud requesting
her husband to sendher money for that
purpose. No attention was paid to
her letter, and she then began to got
really alarmed; so raising what money
ihe couiu irom nor rrfemEJ'BtfC'fooK
sassago for home.
On board the vessel in which she
lafled, she met with a young man who
he had known from Childhood, and who
lad been a suiter for her hand previ
us to her marriage with her husband.
Ls she was alone ho assumed the pro- 1
jction of hflr. nnrl Hni-mw
paid uer every attention which a bro
ther would show to a sister. She ar
rivod at homo safely, and immediately
took her way to hor former residence,
when she was terribly shocked to learn
that her husband has sold off all his ef
fects and with his children was living
with the housekeeper. Filled with a"
gony she sought out hor mother-in-law
who had taken up her residence with
another son, and she learned that what
she hud heard was too true. Tim n!,l
lady informed her that her husband had
indeed taken up his abode with the
housekeeper, but that he had kept his
residence a profound secret. In a
state bordering upon frenzy, the un
fortunate woman was about to rush
forth in search of further information,
when singularly enough, her faithless
husband entered the room. He quail
ed before the glance of his injured wife
whom he-had thought Btill in England,
ind wheti bIio appealed to his feelings,
is a husband and a father, and asked to
snow why ho had thus deserted her, he
nerely replied that ho could not.help
limself? tliat ho would place no obsta
ile in her way to a divorce, and that
icr best course would be to marry the
oung man who had accompanied her
orne, (for she had informed him of the
articulars concerning the passage.?)
'o this she replied that she did not wish
) part from him, that ho was her hus
and and tho father of her children?
lat if ho had done wrong she was mi
ne to forgive him, to forget the past,
llf'tn fliinlr nrilv . ? 7T
rejoined tliat the thing was impossible;
that he would do all ho could for her in
a pecuniary view, but that he never
could live with her again, uml thus tho
interview ended.
Subsequently the husband procured
a hoarding house for hi^wife and call
ed occasionally to see lior, but to all
lier entreaties to'be allowed to seo her
children he turned a deaf ear. At
ongth, driven to desperation, slio de
ormined to follow Jiiin. uiul ns ho was
about loaving lier at the clo?o of one ol
hie visits, she put on her bonnet ant
informed him of her design, Ho ar-J
gucd, expostulated and threatened, but}
to no effect?go with him she wouldJ
For a longtimo ho walked up one street?
and down another, hut at Jongth when/
ho found it was impossible'to shako her
off, ho told her that if slio was deters
mined to go, she must, but that slielbi
would regret it. Sho replied that ehf hi
would'not Buffer Jgteafeir agony of
mind than, she hlready endured, &
shortly thereaft Js found herself in
the presence of Jttle ones, and the
destroyer of heA'ncss. The mee
ting between tltfest daughtor and
tlio mother feting in the ex
treme. For a ?nttho poor woman
forgot all her s I i" her joy at onc'o
moro bcholdii* children, but she
' was soon brouJ? sense of her con
dition by tlieldteepor, who com
manded the hV to drive her from
j tlio house. ? with indignation,
the wife rotM>y demanding the
knvs of tho Bibmont. 'The hus
)utid meanwl? apparently strick
311 dumb auM not which way to
turn, but at B'o fled tlio premises
.eaying tbo ijogothcr. After be
tvas gone, tBekeeper flew at her
former mis?1'1 the ferocity of a
tigress, andBier from the house.
It was b J<'llys after the above
scene, thntB^und again called
upon bis \w '10 ftien informed
luir that liJoght out and had a
conversatiiM t'10 yo,jng man who
had accomjPer hither from Eu
rope?tha?10 youhw man) wag
anxious toMer h'8 wife?that not
only was ?t'y attached to her,'
but that lBo"'y respcctablc and
abundant?0 provide for her; &
that if divorce herself and,
marry hi?'1011'1' have her chil
dren, annever troublo her I
more, ?icr-in-law and the rest j
of her ft?Te" as ber former lo- J
>-?Md their entreaties to)
vci "i4JLJ?BL7 T_,
those ofMpand, at length,
fearing If persisted in refusing
to do aJppd wished her to, he
would sBjildren from her, she
consentf^01'00,was obtained,
and 'tolpond time married.?
The u#ng ^as that the chil
dren wK'ven np to her on the
mornii?ng the marriage, but
to Her Ble learned, upon mak
ing apffor them, that her faith
less fit! had started some hours
previoB distant city, accompa
nied Jusckeeper and her (the
I wife's* She also learned for
J tlio jM that the guilty couple
. had bffed some three months
befor J
Ierdine.?The following
1 letter from Kamiuah, in
I "lays past nothing has
If but the arrest of a young.
Iiii. She hail been mark
lies before, as her favorite
Id to be in the trenches.?
Iculatjid for some time, and
ll last was informed of the
Idered a stricter watch to
Ma thought it cb"u!d be only
Iyioh'i! attire. At 6 o'clock
ling ofthe 23th the woman
ersolf in front of our men
ivere at work. She was of
iestic stature, and seemed to
I works will) much attention.
1'iceived that she held a roll
?If open in which pmbablv
III the observations she could
[ colH me signi 01 our suiumra aou
oiMquickened her pace and en
f of ravine which is at the eft
lithe French trenches.
?as she reached that spot she
i commandant sent two Zou
suit and they soon ovettook
i hours after she was conduct
j rul Canrobeit. Her exarni
> not long, she constantly re'
?t was for the good uf her coun
i avenge the death uf her bus
liinofT, killed at the Alma that
I thus, and, moreover that she
Ijiei. She was then searched,
libers found in one of her pock
It book, containing seveial de
|>e elate of our butler ies the num
en employed, the number of
Kite batteries &c., and in anotli
|t a double barrelled pistol, and
ddressed to Prince Menchickoff.
lo visit, she was shut up in an
In I of the General's bend quar
ter the guard of two soldiers, un
a time as she can be sent to Main.'
Ten Mile Foot Race at Boston.
Ili'iiduy, the lSili; i(in gieat lout
|lween JiiIiii Urindeli, in Now
Hid Juhii M.Stelnon, took place
luimmn, on the Camliridije Tint
iik. There were 15,00.9 people
|t, and there was more excitement
?er before on this comse. Dia
ten miles. Race for $600 the
Ifioe. Gtiiidell-' appeared at 4
|kj Stetson fifteen minutes later.?
|iiaiter past 4 o'clock they started,
lime was us follows:?First mile,
'parties abreast. Second mile. 5:37;
loll one puce in advoticej bi/th look
.ilu KmIr piiiih liioli fur StnlHoo.
Cfd mile, 5:51; running nearly alike;
Kdell a low led ill advance. Fourth
H, fi;42: Sieidcin leads tiriudell I'm a
Bient 01 the mind, Grindell recovers
H pusses on the first quarter. Fifth
Rr, 5:53; Grindell ahead a few yards,
Kill mile, 5:39; Grindell coming ill
fcnly seconds:in advance; Stetson lo.
L ground, Grindell running freely.?
bventli mile, 5i43; Grindell gaining o
ir 100 yurd", Sietsuu slopping to di
??t himself of a shirt. Eighth mile,
55; .Stetson being thirty seconds later.
inlli mile, fi minutes; (sielsoii being
. ...? ..j'.. r.:. ..
Illiy lliiuu BBUHIIUO latri, i IIIr-HOC VA
leiiieni. Tenth mile, 5:49; Grindell
iming in finely; Steuun fifty-uno aac
ids behind, tirimlell made a speecli
jfore tstetaon'8 arrival,
It is computed that .50,000 of the tig
cultural population of England have
sen drawn off from that country and
ive gone to Utah.
Robbery and Threatened Murder.
Two men naraod Harvey Dollison
and Harvey Ryan, were committed to
the jail of this county last week on a
cliargo of robbery wiili ibreatened mur
der. The facts as we liav" heard them,
are briefly these, on Sunday night the
20th instant about ten or eleven o'clock
Dollison and Ryan callcd at the house
of Mr. John Rogers, near Newtown, ia*adfa
this county, and asked to stay all night. '
Their request wbs granted. They then
called fur something to eat, which tho
girl proceeded to prepare. While aha
was out they informed Mr. Rogera.(wlio
is quite old and feeble) that it was bis
muney they were after. Hb told them
! lie had very little about tbe house.?
| Tliey told him they knew he had plenty
of it, nnd that they would eilhor have it
?r take liis life. Again be informed
them that he hud very little money in
his possession, whereupon they struck
him over tbe head with a heavy club,
felling him to thi floor, where he remain
ed insensible for sometime, while tho
ruffians proceeded to search for the
thoiiey, but found only ten or twelva
dollars. Dollispn then wanted to kill
the old men outright, as well as the old
lady who was in bed, an unwilling wit
ness to all that transpired, having been
entirely helpless for years Ryan protest
ed against taking ilieir lives, end the two
fled the bouse. The next duy or two
they were both arretted near Uniunfown
in Fayette County, and brought to this
place for trial*
It is eaid that Mr. Rogers had loaned
nut several thousand dollars but a few
days befote the assault, which, n? doubt
was supposed by the robbers, still to be
ill his possession. Dollison has lately
been releasedfrom the Western Peniten
tiary, where he was sentenced by tbe
court of this county ayear or two since.
The above are said to be the facts of
this outrage. The public, however,
would do well to withhold any judg
ment until the whole matter is legally
investigated. All know how very widely
the truth frequently differs from com
mon rumor in such cases, as well as dan
ger of injustice to accused parties, by
forming opinions before the facts are le
galy ascertained.? Wayncilurg Mil.
Destructive Whirlwind in Michigan.
The town of Marathon, Lapeer coun
ty, Michigan, was visited with a destruc
tive tornado on Tuesday, the 15th in
stant, the day before the terrific torna
do which occurred at Chicago. In the
destructive course of the whirlwind
buildings wote unroofed and trees up
rooted. A widow Luthor's house was
demolished, and some of her furniture
carried off in the whirl. Her aon, a
young man of eighteen or twenty years
clung to a wild plum tree which was
wrenched off; ho was thrown down, with
his arm broken, and is seriously hurt.
The heaviest loss will be in the des
truction of the valuable pine and other
timber in its course. So great was the
force of the whirlwind that notbingcould
Withstand it. The air was literally fil
led with fence rails, limbs of trees,
boards, rafters, shingles, &c., which were
lifted to an immense height, the course
of the whirlwind was in a nearly east
direction, ranging from twenty rods to
a half mile in width, and muking a clean
sweep as it went. A bed was taken out
of Mrs. Luther's house, and sailed up
wards as naturally as though the feath
ers of which it was made had never been
plucked from the bodies to which they
had once belonged.
Near Crawfurd's is a small lake, a.
bout forty rods wide and fifty or sixty
long, the water of which was raised
higher than the tops of trees, leaving
the lake nearly dry. From thence it
passed through a forest, mowing its WBy
till it came to the town of Marathon.
The roofs of the buildings were raised
entire to height of twenty or thirty feet
when the whirl would break them up and
scatter the fragments in all directions.?
In some cases the fragments hare been
found two. miles from the place from
which they started.
Triumphs of Railroads.
According to the Louisville Journal,
that city is entirely run round by tho
recently constiucted railroads through
Ohio and Indiana. The Jorunal says:
"We know of no other ciiy in all this
vast Union that is just now suffering so
much injury from the effects of the su
perior entei prise of other communities
as Louisville. The construction of nu
merous railways in every direction,
North, East and Weot, while uone have
been built Souih, has had the effect tu
divert both travel and trade from her,
and no effott worthy of respect has been
made to counteract this tendency.?
Cincinnati has also been a sufferer from
the injurious influences of the net woik
of isilways that have been spread out
on the north; between that city and tho
lakes. But her citizens have had the
sagacity to perceive the evil,, and to ?
remedy it, propose to extend railroads
to iho South, which will give to Cincin
nati a decided advantage in competing
wiili Louisville for the trade in that di
A hee-hiving extraordinary carao off
in Houston, Texas, a few daysjsince.?
The swarm was passing over n train of
coitnn wagons, when tliey became con
fused liy the noise and descended, choos
ing as a settling place the hat of a wag
oner, on which they piled up after the
style of an old fashioned grenadier's
bearskin. The hat was then removed
to u wagon and conveyed six or eight
miles and the bees securely liivod 1
The New Y'uk Herald statu that the
liquor dealers have resolved to withdraw
all their advertisements from sundry
journals which are suspected or believ
ed tu bt) favorable to the Maine Law."

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